Monday, 11 July 2016

December 2014 Sex Party – Part 6

I helped them fuck – kissing them both while fondling Caroline’s breasts, frigging her clit (when I could reach between them) and kissing them both. I encouraged Craig to take things slowly (ensuring Caroline would have enough time to cum) but also led him on by telling him how I’d suck his cock clean and then eat his cum out of Caroline. He liked this idea and asked if we’d kiss and swap his cum between our mouths, which I liked the sound of even more (not so much for having his cum in my mouth, just the idea of being slutty with it). Caroline was getting close to cumming by this point and agreed so I concentrated on frigging her and told Craig to empty his cum deep into her tight little cunt. I felt a hand on my ass and looked round to see Brett standing with his cock in his hand as he fondled me. I pushed back against his fingers and knelt up on all fours to offer myself to him and allowing him to slide his fingers between my cheeks and down to my pussy. I could feel how wet I felt as his fingers dipped in to me and he asked if I’d fucked anyone yet. I told him I hadn’t (ignoring my sessions earlier in the day) and that it was all my juices but I’d be happy to let him add to my wetness. Brett pushed into me just a little before Caroline came and I had a close up view as she kissed Craig. He pulled away as his own orgasm neared so I kissed Caroline and assured her I’d be gentle as I ate her. Craig came in her as planned and kissed her a little more before pulling out and offering me his cock. I eagerly sucked on it while trying to avoid putting any pressure on the head and then asked him if he wanted me to eat Caroline clean. Craig said yes so I got Brett to pull out of me to let me get between Caroline’s legs and he pushed back into me as I spread her lips and lapped at her cunt. I could taste Craig’s cum as it trickled out of her and I carried on licking until I had a mouthful of her juices, his cum and my saliva. I slowly crawled up her body (allowing Brett time to shimmy up after me and stay inside me) then lowered my mouth to Caroline’s and kissed her. She wasn’t at all shy about parting her lips and I felt her tongue slide along my lips. I slowly opened my mouth and let the mixture of juices trickle into her mouth, then opened it fully and sought out her tongue with mine. It was an incredibly wet kiss and I could feel some of the liquid leaking out so I licked at her face a few times. Caroline used her tongue to push the juices back into my mouth a few times and I nestled my thigh against her pussy, allowing her to hump against me and feeling the warm, wet sensation as I covered myself with even more cum and pussy juice. Brett said he was getting close so I broke the kiss to ask Caroline if she would eat me clean once Brett came. She nodded so I told Brett to cum whenever he wanted (he had been toying with my clit, but not consistently enough to get me off). I felt him pump into me a bit faster and moan as he came. I pushed back hard against his cock, telling him to cum deep inside me and when he pulled out I reached back to hold my pussy lips together, crawled around 180 degrees and planted myself on Caroline’s face.

I wasn’t selfish and once again buried my face in Caroline’s pussy but as I could now see there were a couple of people watching us (and Hannah and Giles using the end of the bed to play), I spread Caroline’s lips and tried to give them a good view as I fingered her. I humped back and forth against Caroline’s face, trying to make it obvious that I didn’t just want to be cleaned but that I wanted (or needed) to cum. I figured she’d got the message as she was doing a good job of licking at my clit and I knew Jen would be pleased that we’d (we in the sense of the whole group, not just Jen and I) had helped turn another girl to being bi. I went back to licking Caroline but kept fingering her as well and as she wasn’t complaining I assumed she liked what I was doing so I set about making her cum. I was a bit ahead of her but by the time I came I could fee her squirming around under me so just carried on until Caroline announced she was cumming again. I kpept my mouth glued ot her pussy but switched to kitty kissing her, easing off slowly at first then gently lapping at her for a minute or so before turning around and kissing her then thanking her for my orgasm.

Giles and Hannah were still fucking – he was taking her from behind and my greed got the better of me so I asked if they minded me helping out. Giles told me to go ahead so I pushed my mouth against Hannah’s pussy and lapped at her clit, occasionally licking up and down the exposed length of Giles’s cock as he pumped in and out of her. Giles still came before Hannah did but he remained in her and moved a little and this, coupled with my licking was enough to finish her off. When Giles pulled out I asked if we could kiss him clean and reached down to caress Hannah’s pussy. He offered us his cock and Hannah and I both licked at the shaft until I asked Hannah if she wanted me to eat her and share his cum. She wasn’t as keen on the cum-sharing part but allowed me to briefly eat her. I didn’t swallow the cum and looked around for someone to share it with when Kiyomi wandered into the room with Paul. I quickly went over to her (before either Paul or anybody else could nab her) and planted a kiss on her lips. She kissed me back gingerly at first but allowed me to push my tongue between her lips and as I did this the cum leaked from my mouth, running down our chins and dripping onto our bodies. I was still topless while Kiyomi just had a bra on so I massaged the cum into her breasts as we kissed and then tugged at her skirt until I got it past her hips and she let it slide to the ground. I knelt, told her I was glad she hadn’t put her panties back on and pushed my tongue between her little lips. I had just started to eat her properly when we heard people downstairs calling us.

I was a little disappointed that my session had been interrupted but when Sara called up that we all had to hear an announcement I realised it was for Clare and Giles so I made Kiyomi promise that we’d finish things off later on and took her by the hand. She reached for her skirt but I grabbed it and said she should go down naked (it’s not as if it’s than unusual for people to wander around naked at the parties) but she insisted on at least holding the skirt over her crotch (but oddly enough didn’t seem that bothered about her breasts being exposed). Once everyone had made it downstairs, Sara announced that Clare and Giles wanted their attention – Clare stood up and told everyone that she and Giles were engaged and received a round of applause. I still had an arm around Kiyomi with my hand occasionally dropping to caress her ass and I leant over to Laura and suggested that as a ‘reward’ that Clare should get to be the fuck bunny for the party. Laura eagerly suggested this out loud and many people agreed so I added that Giles should get a chance to be inside every girl’s cunt and mouth (also adding ‘apart from the lesbians’ when I caught a look from Jen).

Ever eager to start things off, I pulled Kiyomi with me and went to Giles, knelt and freed his cock and took him in my mouth. I reassured him that he wouldn’t have to actually cum 20 times but he should at least get to partially fuck us all. I couldn’t resist suggesting that in contrast that Clare should have to cum every time she was fucked or eaten as we knew her orgasmic capacity was somewhat greater. Clare started to protest, but Sara and Laura were already stripping Clare naked and I watched (with some jealousy as Bennett stood in front of Clare with his cock in his hand and Clare was told to kneel and suck him. Giles, Kiyomi and I moved away to find somewhere suitable to continue but before I left I told Bennett that I expected him to fuck Clare to orgasm and he promised me he would – as a final parting shot I told him I expected him to fuck me to orgasm as well later on and he said he’d do what he could, depending on how long Clare lasted for.

I had originally intended to just use a sofa to fuck on but we led Giles upstairs so we could be more comfortable on a bed and as Kiyomi planed herself on his cock, I teased Giles about how his fiancé was going to be gang-banged all night. He said he was fine with that so I planted myself over his face and he licked at me while I reached forwards and frigged Kiyomi. I swapped places with her after a couple of minutes and encouraged Giles to make her cum as I rode him. I’m quite sure I could have got him to cum in me if I’d tried, but I also knew he couldn’t cum more than a few times in a row and wanted him to enjoy his night so I held back. He got Kiyomi off admirably and she looked both cute and vulnerable as she sat over his face cumming – she got to have a quick suck of his cock before we released him and I pulled her to me and said it was now time for us to finish playing. She said she couldn’t cum again so quickly but I told her we both knew that wasn’t true, told her I’d be gentle (at first anyway) and asked her to climb over me in a 69. Obedient as ever, she did as I asked and I pulled her little shaven pussy (she was completely bald this time) to my mouth and swirled my tongue around her pussy, across her mons, up and down her inner lips, inside her and over her clit. She shuddered and moaned when I finally made it to her clit and we continued lapping at each other. I came before she did and she eased off after I came so I asked her to keep going and try to copy what I was doing to her. She did quite a good job at this and I teased her a bit by flicking my tongue over her ass – she couldn’t easily do this to me as she was on top but it felt lick she was at least trying so I rewarded her by circling her clit and flicking my tongue back and forth across it rapidly (the way Lis does). I actually felt her shudder as she came and she whined into my pussy making her even more irresistible so I plunged my tongue into her cunt over and over and then kitty kissed her.

By the time we got downstairs Bennett had finished with Clare and she was bent over the sofa being fucked by Neil. She’d apparently already had a couple of guys in her mouth and I was impressed that she had embraced the fuck-toy role so well. It was too soon for Bennett to fuck again but he was happy to let me sit beside him and fondle his cock. I kissed and licked it clean of Clare’s juices as we chatted (sometimes talking with my mouth full). Bennett reached around to finger me, which I encouraged and said he could do it as much as he wanted, but it wasn’t a substitute for his cock and I fully expected him to bury it inside me later on. I fingered myself as Bennett played with my breasts and nipples and was feeling much hornier than I felt I should have been so when Bennett reached back down to my pussy to finger me I asked him to use a bottle and fuck me. He downed his beer and rubbed the neck of the bottle along my slit, then worked the head into me and started slowly pumping away. This felt good, but I wanted something deeper so looked around and saw a wine bottle. I asked someone to pass it to me and Caroline did so but it was still half full so I asked if she would empty the wine out (into something that someone could drink from) and give it back. Caroline did this and I offered to use the beer bottle on her but she was in recovery mode so I just sucked my juices from it and put it aside as Bennett worked the wine bottle into me. I was lying flat on my back, half on the sofa with my feet on the floor and legs spread and Bennett switched between sucking on my nipples and half kneeling on the sofa so I could suck him, all the time pumping the wine bottle in and out of my cunt. I saw a couple of people watching and gave them a smile, but was more concerned with cumming so told Bennett how to angle the bottle so it felt best. I kept telling him I wanted him to fuck me as soon as I came and his cock certainly felt much harder by this point (when I wasn’t sucking him I could feel him grinding against my side). He told me to be patient, but that’s not my strongest suit when I’m horny and I helped things along by gently stroking my clit – not much, just a single stroke in time with the thrusts of the bottle. As I came I just rapidly repeated ‘fuck me, fuck me, fuck me’ over and over.

Even though Bennett has known me for a while, I think even he was surprised when I continued to insist he fuck me as my orgasm ended. I knelt and took a good length of his cock in my mouth, messily sucked on it and then knelt up to whisper in his ear that I needed his big black cock inside me, filling me and making me cum again. He bent me over the arm of the sofa and pushed into me from behind – as he did this, Laura told me not to monopolise him but I told her I had every right to have him fuck me and that I intended to enjoy every minute of it. Laura bent down and kissed me, then lifted her skirt and said I may as well make use of the position I was in. I could see that he pussy was wet and asked who’s cum it was – she pretended she couldn’t remember (and it wasn’t as if it made much difference) so when she sat on the sofa in front of me and spread her legs wide, I just let her pull my face to her cunt and started eating her. We ended up adjusting the position a little with her lying down on her back and putting a few cushions under her ass to give me a better angle and then pretty much remained like that with me eating her and Bennett fucking and frigging me. I came quite quickly and it was a sufficiently strong orgasm that I had to get him to stop playing with my clit, but I wasn’t going to deny the chance of having him cum in me so told him to keep fucking away. In turn, I kept working on Laura and could soon taste her juices in place of the boy-cum that had been inside her. Bennett came in me but remained hard enough to stay inside me, occasionally thrusting deep into me and encouraging me to get Laura off. I was more than happy to do this and lapped at her clit with long strokes, each one eliciting a ‘uunnh’ from her until she pulled my head hard against her crotch and came.

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