Wednesday, 20 July 2016

December 2014 Sex Party – Part 7

Bennett pulled out and I felt a little cum dribble out down my leg but I remained between Laura’s legs and briefly kitty kissed her (it’s pretty much always appreciated if you help a girl slowly come down from her orgasm – and as a bonus, kitty kissing is by far the best way we’ve found of getting someone ready to cum again). When I surfaced I found that Clare had been moved to the dining table and was apparently demonstrating her skills at eating pussy. I found out that this had been Sara’s idea and it was Emily who had been volunteered to be the recipient of Clare’s attention. Now most (if not all) of the women present had probably already done things with Clare at some point in the past year, but this was about her being the centre of attention. It was also somewhat about Sara embarrassing Emily as while she (and everyone else present at the party) clearly didn’t mind doing things with other people around, Emily wasn’t an exhibitionist. It’s one thing to fuck with other people casually watching you, but something a bit different when everyone (or most people) are actively watching. Both Clare and Emily were completely naked, Clare on her back and Em sitting over her face being eaten. People were cheering Clare on and reaching over to fondle her breasts and stroke her pussy. Emily may not have got off on being the centre of attention in the way I do, but she was clearly being affected by what Clare was doing to her. I couldn’t resist taking advantage of Clare’s position and rubbed the neck of the wine bottle I’d used up and down her cunt, spread her lips and pushed it into her. She didn’t react and kept eating Emily so I made a show of fucking her with the bottle, getting people to help spread her lips and then passing the bottle on (still inside Clare) to let others have a go.

As Emily got closer to cumming, people also fondled her breasts but more people concentrated on Clare, both on her breasts and clit, with the bottle still being used to fuck her. I once again felt jealous of her but it was her engagement celebration (even if it had been forced on her) so I just played my part and stroked her when I got a chance. Clare either came or the stimulation got too much for her as she pushed us away from her pussy. We gave it a minute or so and Laura then bent and gently licked at Clare. Clare moved as if to push Laura away but Laura took Clare’s hand, entwined fingers with her and carried on gently licking. Clare tightened her grip but allowed Laura to continue and not long after this, Emily came (openly gasping and thrusting against Clare’s face) and then climbed down from the table with some help. I wanted to kiss Clare but I’m not the only one who thinks Em tastes amazing and Jen got there first. Sara had a turn and Gareth wanted Clare to suck him so I kissed Clare and his cock at the same time, tasting the tail end of Emily’s juices.

Laura steadily ate Clare until she came but we decided she could take more so I took Laura’s place and kitty kissed Clare until she stopped squirming around, then kissed her more until she started squirming around again and on until she came. Emily took my place and pretty much repeated the same thing until Clare came again. As each of us had our turns between Clare’s legs, Giles fucked us from behind. I suggested that Clare out have to eat his cum out of whoever he came in and warned him not to cum if he didn’t think he could get hard again (he hadn’t been inside all the girls yet). Paul was desperate to fuck Clare (I’m convinced he’s fancied her since they first met – which seeing as it was at a party was also when they first fucked) but Clare said she felt too sensitive to do anything more for a while and needed a drink. A couple of people helped her out and poured beer over her head and upper body – although that wasn’t quite what she had meant. She went to the kitchen to dry off and Jen helped out, using Clare’s skirt and top as towels. Clare asked if Jen was just doing that so she couldn’t wear them on the way home, to which Jen replied ‘maybe – maybe it’s just so you have to spend the rest of the party naked’.

As the evening wore on I got to have a turn with Simone (who was drunk enough by this point to let me play with her), and got to fuck Michael and Craig. Clare ended up having a threesome with Corey (in her ass) and Paul (in her cunt). I thought this was too good a chance to miss and convinced Bennett to join then, kneeling beside them on the bed and offering Clare his cock, which she took in her mouth and sucked as three pairs of hands fondled her and three cocks pumped into her body. Unfortunately Bennett wasn’t up for cumming again, but both Corey and Paul emptied their loads into her (although by that point in the evening they weren’t likely to be producing much cum). I tried to have a session with Miyako and at first she only agreed to let me go down on her but Jen ended up joining us and once we’d ganged up on Miyako, she ended up relenting and letting first Jen, then me sit over her face to be licked and fingered.

The party started to wind down but before anyone left we checked that everyone had had a turn making Clare cum. We realised that Giles hadn’t fucked her and initially were going to let them off (it’s not as if they don’t get to play with each other), but we decided that they should show us how much they loved each other and were herded upstairs. Laura, Sara, and I helped to get Giles hard and Jen said that as she wasn’t going to fuck him, she’d at least lend some of her juices, fingered herself and smeared them over Clare’s pussy. Even though Clare had been fucking for much of the night, she was still quite wet with a mix of her own juices, saliva of various people who’d eaten her and (of course) multiple loads of boy-cum. She mounted Giles’ cock and rode him as we warned them they weren’t allowed to stop until Clare came one last time. Sara decided to help out and knelt behind Clare, spread her ass cheeks and swirled her tongue around Clare’s ass. As much as Sara loves doing this, she doesn’t do it at the parties (not often anyway – and not in front of a full audience) but Clare is used to Sara doing this and didn’t seem realise the difference in the situation. As Clare’s orgasm approached, Jen whispered to me that she wanted to soak Clare with her pee. I told Jen I couldn’t see Clare agreeing to that (not with people watching anyway) but knew that Jen was going to ask anyway. Giles’ cock and Sara’s tongue were working on Clare and she moaned that she wasn’t sure she had the energy to cum again. Stopping wasn’t allowed though and we got Kiyomi to kneel beside them and play with Clare’s clit (at which point Giles reached over to fondle Kiyomi’s pussy so Laura suggested Kiyomi sit over Giles’ face and let him eat her. Kiyomi wasn’t really in the mood to cum again, but she was more compliant than Miyako and did as instructed. Laura took Kiyomi’s place beside Clare and Giles to play with Clare’s clit and she also had a few sneaky fondles of Kiyomi’s breasts. Clare came for everyone and when she stopped moving she was encouraged to keep riding Giles to try and make him cum. Giles said he couldn’t, but Laura kissed around his chest, Sara caressed his balls, Kiyomi remained on his face and (with further encouragement) Clare resuming humping his cock. It didn’t look like Giles produced any cum (or at least nothing leaked out when Clare stood up), but they did get him to cum one last time.

I tried to get Miyako and Kiyomi to agree to come visit us over the holidays and they said (individually) that they would think about it. I doubted they would actually do it (we don’t know them that well) but my mind was already racing ahead to what Alistair would say if I told him I had two young Japanese girls willing to join in one of the sex shows and how he’d probably be able to get much more than the usual 10-12 guys showing up to fuck us. Of course, neither Kiyomi or Miyako would be likely to want to let lots of guys fuck them so I’d have to step in and take the majority of them. As those thoughts went through my mind my pussy tingled and I realised that while I’d had a good evening, I wanted more. I considered asking Bennett if I could spend the night with him but in the end went with the standard ‘two are better than one’ and quietly told Giles I wanted him and Clare to come back to the hotel with us. He warned me he couldn’t cum again so I told him we would all pleasure Clare some more and that he’d get to fuck me in the morning as I ate Clare (and that he could then watch as Jen fucked Clare). This was enough to convince him and we went to fetch our coats.

It was clear that Clare was a bit tired but she agreed to come with us and in order to ensure she was in the mood to play when we got back I felt she required a bit more stimulation. Jen and I hid Clare’s clothes and told her we had them in our bag so she’d have to wear just her coat. She objected at first but as neither Jen nor I were wearing anything under our coats she agreed. We got a taxi back to the hotel with me sitting in the front and Clare, Giles and Jen in the back. I told the driver I was feeling warm and asked him if he minded if I opened my coat. He must have thought it was a strange request as he looked over at me, but as I was already holding the front open, he  quickly realised I was naked under it and said he didn’t have any problem at all. I looked back at Jen to let her see I was exposed and nodded towards Clare. Jen slid her hand up Jen’s thigh and pulled on her leg. Clare resisted at first but Giles tugged on her other leg and Jen unbuttoned Clare’s coat and slid her hand in to fondle Clare’s breasts. I played with one of my breasts as I looked back at them and told Giles to fondle Clare properly so he slid his hand up to her pussy. I told Clare not to resist and just enjoy herself and she said ‘fuck it’ and let them pull her legs apart.

I told the driver he might want to pull over and a minute or so later we turned into a side street and he turned around to look back at Clare. Jen bent forwards to suck on one of Clare’s nipples and slid her hand up to join Giles’ and fondle Clare’s pussy. I pulled the hand of the driver over to my crotch and rubbed his fingers against my cunt until I felt him push them against me. I considered seeing if I could get the guy to fuck me but we weren’t in a secluded enough street (although if it hadn’t been as cold the thought of lying on the hood of the car and letting him go at me with the risk of being caught was quite appealing). As a compromise I fished a condom out of my bag and asked the guy if he wanted me to blow him. He accepted the offer (although didn’t seem to believe it at first) so I fished out his cock, rolled the condom on and took him in my mouth. He carried on watching Clare being fondled in the mirror. I wanted the guy to keep fondling me but he couldn’t reach my pussy so I had to do with him stroking my back and ass. I told Jen not to let Clare cum yet as I had other plans and then went back to sucking the guy while stroking him. It didn’t take too long to make him cum and we left him with the condom still on his cock (we did pay for the ride though).

It wasn’t far to the hotel which is why we’d decided to walk the last little bit but we took a detour to get some food and help us sober up (we weren’t massively drunk, but also were no longer young enough that it wouldn’t hurt the next morning).Going for food was also part of my plan for more fun as while we queued I pulled Clare to me and kissed her. That got some comments about us being lesbians from a group of guys behind us which I responded to by stating that we were bi, not gay and I’d prove it. Admittedly they didn’t ask for proof of this but I went ahead with my plan and reached up into Clare’s coat and fondled her. As I did this I unbuttoned from the bottom of her coat until the guys could see me stroking her pussy and then brought my fingers to my mouth and sucked them clean. They said that me doing that just showed I was a lesbo, at which point I undid the only button holding my coat and moved towards them. I pulled one of their hands to my crotch and rubbed against it then let another of them fondle my breasts. I told Jen to order for us and as she and Giles got the food I let the guys fondle me and then pulled Clare closer so they could have a turn with her as well. As we were in a semi-public spot we had to remain relatively covered up but I’m quite sure anyone around us could figure out that the guys were fondling us (but unless they were at the right angle to us I don’t think they’d have known we were naked under our coats).

When Giles returned with our chips, I took one, checked it wasn’t too hot and rubbed it back and forth along my pussy lips then offered it to Clare. She looked a little surprised that I was going to display this much so to kick things off I rubbed the chip around her pussy then popped it into my mouth. I told Clare it was her turn and she took one, rubbed it against me and ate it. I leant forwards and kissed Clare, then whispered to her that she was turning into a hot little slut and added that I thought Giles loved her behaving like that. I pushed my fingers back between Clare’s pussy lips and felt my nipples press up against her cold skin. Both our sets of nips were firm, either from the cold or the stimulation but either way it felt nice as they rubbed together and I was desperately trying to think of a safe way to further engage with the guys. I liked the idea of going to an alleyway and letting them use us, but as we only had Giles with us I couldn’t think of a way (as fit as Jen is and as good as our knowledge of self-defence has got, I was under no illusion that we’d be able to resist if things went bad). We managed to do a little bit more though by moving a bit away from the take-away so I could kneel and bury my face in Clare’s pussy and give her a fairly decent licking (nowhere near enough to make her cum, but enough for her to enjoy it). I then sat on a low wall and spread my legs to let her have a turn at me and it didn’t take much to encourage the guys to reach under Clare’s coat and fondle her pussy and ass as she did this. By this point I was horny enough to throw caution (somewhat) to the wind and told the guys that they could fuck Clare in that position if they wanted and once they’d done with her we’d switch places and they could do me. It’s probably for the best that none of them were brave (or drunk) enough to go through with this as I quite like not being arrested so after a brief bit more fondling by the guys, we left them and made our way back to the hotel by well-lit streets.

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