Wednesday, 27 July 2016

December 2014 Sex Party – Part 8

Clare was dared to keep her coat unbuttoned for the walk with Jen and I doing likewise – just holding the front shut whenever we walked past people. I went into the hotel first, along with Giles and Jen and Clare followed a few minutes later. We met up in the room and immediately stripped off (removed out coats). Giles was hard again but when I said how we could use him he said he felt way too sensitive to fuck. He did however let Clare and me kneel and kiss around his cock for a few minutes and following this Jen briefly lapped at Clare’s pussy to keep her aroused enough for the next stage. For this, Clare and I donned the hotel bathrobes, grabbed a few things from our bag of toys and I led her to a random room. We knocked on the door and after a minute or so a guy opened it. I asked him if Sara was there and he looked confused, then I apologised and said that I’d hooked up with her the previous night and wondered if she wanted to play some more. I don’t know if he was playing along or just stating the truth but he said it was just him there so I pulled on the tie on my bathrobe, letting it fall open and then tugged on the tie on Clare’s. She instinctively grabbed at her robe as it fell open but then dropped her hands to her side and let me slide a hand into her robe and caress her breasts. I told the guy it was a pity that Sara wasn’t there as I had been telling Clare about her and wanted Sara’s help in making Clare cum (the woman wasn’t called Sara, I just used that name instead of her real one).

The guy seemed much more awake by this point and closely watched as my hands roamed over Clare’s body, fondling her breasts and bringing her nipples back to attention and then dipping down between Clare’s legs and caressing her pussy. I pointed out to the guy how we’d even shaved Clare especially for Sara and then so I didn’t miss out on exposing myself, spread my pussy lips and showed him that I was equally well shaven. I had been hoping the guy was going to invite us in but as he hadn’t done so yet I pushed things forward by asking if he wanted to take Sara’s place and help me make Clare cum. I made it halfway through the sentence explaining that if he didn’t I’d just have to take her back to our room and fuck her myself when he stood aside and told us to come in. I half skipped past him, pulling Clare by the hand and stood beside the bed. Clare slid her robe off so I copied her (whispering ‘good girl’ to her as I did so) and asked the guy if he wanted to see us play with each other first before he helped out. He said he did so Clare and I stood, kissing and fondling each other, our hands roaming over each other’s bodies, dipping between ass cheeks and fingers sliding over and into pussies. I told the guy that Clare had just got engaged and that this was her bachelorette party so I wanted her to have a final night of fun before she was shackled down (not that it looked like Giles wanted to stop her enjoying herself). I pulled Clare onto the bed and positioned my cunt against hers, humping her and grinding against her. The guy pulled his cock out and slowly stroked himself so I teased Clare about wanting to get him inside her and watch as he fucked her tight little pussy.

I got the guy to come and have a closer look, reaching down to spread both our cunts for him, then pushed Clare down and crawled around to 69 with her. Between licks I told the guy to pace himself as I wanted to feel his cock inside me as well as Clare. I made a show of eating Clare out and decided that as this was her celebration night that we may as well continue doing things properly so I ate her until she was panting that she was going to cum and then buried my face in her cunt and pushed her over the edge. The guy looked a bit disappointed and said he thought he was meant to fuck her so I assured him that he was and that I wanted us to make Clare cum multiple times. I reached down and dug a condom out of my robe pocket, handed it to the guy and told him to get suited up. Once he had it on I slid over and wrapped my mouth around his cock, then called Clare to come help. She joined me and the guy started stroking and caressing our bodies. Ever impatient, I turned around and presented my cunt to him and pushed back against his cock as he pressed against my opening. I eagerly humped back and forth against him but then pulled away and told him to fuck Clare. He lay on top of her and I helped guide him in but after a minute or so I got them to change position so I could lap at her clit as they fucked. The guy said he loved what we were doing and that it felt great so I warned him to keep fucking Clare until she came and reminded him that he also had to make me cum, but told him he could either go down on me, use a toy on me or finger me if he wasn’t up for fucking me. He said something about us being unreal but slowed his thrusts a little (presumably to last longer) and Clare was soon whimpering that she was going to cum again but wasn’t sure she could take it. In the end she did take it but pushed me away almost as soon as she started to cum so it was just the guy fucking her that carried her through her orgasm. I quickly squirmed up the bed so I could play with Clare’s breasts and felt the guy reach up to my pussy to fondle me while he finished off in Clare.

Once the guy came and pulled out of Clare, I got up and asked him to unlock his phone. I took a picture of Clare lying with her legs slightly spread before she realised what I was doing and then convinced her to stop hiding behind her hands and got her to pose with her legs drawn up and spread and her hands cumming her breasts. It only seemed fair to give the guy a couple of photos of me as well so I sat and slowly masturbated and let him take a few shots, but I had no intention of letting him forget that he had to make me cum as well so I got him to put the phone down and fingering me again. I pulled out a dental dam and asked if he wanted to eat me – to be fair, he gave it a try but he clearly wasn’t that in to it (and I’m used to being eaten by people who have lots of practice) so we went back to the fingering and I told Clare to find something suitable for him to use on me. She suggested a few things but none of them appealed (the toiletries were either too big and oddly shaped or too small) so in the end I suggested the remote control. Clare rolled a condom over it and I rubbed it back and forth between her pussy lips to add a bit of lube and then worked it between my lips, allowing myself time to stretch around it and then passing it to the guy to fuck me with. I made sure he knew not to be too rough and to stroke my clit at the same time, then lay back, spread my legs wide and enjoyed the feeling. The texture of the buttons through the condom felt good and I reached out to take Clare’s hand and squeezed it as my pleasure built. As my orgasm built we chatted with the guy and asked him if he’d ever done anything like this before. He said he’d never even had a threesome, let alone with random girls that had turned up in the middle of the night. He asked Clare if she was really engaged and she told him she was (but omitted the fact that her fiancé was also in the hotel) and I told him that the plan was to make her enjoy her last bit of freedom as much as possible. I moaned loudly in the final build up and Clare leant forwards to lap at my clit, allowing me to slide my hand over her ass and dip between her cheeks to hunt out her pussy once more. I described what I could feel as I came, how the bumps on the remote slid back and forth between my lips, how Clare’s tongue felt on my clit and how I was going to cum for them both. I had what felt like a really good orgasm – it wasn’t spectacularly strong, long or deep but it felt very satisfying.

We let the guy get a couple more shots of me with the remote still buried in me and Clare licking me, then I got Clare to sit over my face and let him get another picture. After this we put our robes on, said our goodbyes, and headed out to go back to our room. I stopped Clare on one of the landings, pressed her up against the bannister and leant forwards to kiss her. We only had our robes lightly tied so it was easy for me to slide my hands inside her robe and push the front open, then kneel and bury my mouth back in her pussy. Clare looked around to check nobody could see us (I’d already looked), then held on to my head as I pushed my tongue between her lips again and again. We heard someone enter the stairwell a few floors above and Clare quickly pulled her robe closed so I indicated that mine was still only lightly tied and that it had fallen slightly open while I’d been eating her. We had to go upstairs and all I said was ‘I dare you’, at which point Clare just sighed and dropped her hands to her sides. I’d actually been daring her to just lightly tie it again so whoever was coming down might catch a small glimpse of her but as Clare was being much more daring than I’d intended, I quickly pulled on the tie of my robe and led Clare upstairs by the hand. Now it’s not as if we were fully exposed – the heavy robes still mostly fell shut, but as was clear from our reflections in the mirrors, we were obviously naked under the robes and as we walked, the material moved enough to open up the full height of the robe and display our pussies and cleavages. We walked past a guy coming downstairs and nodded hello at him. I thought back to the time I’d fooled around with a group of students in the stairwell at Jen’s Uni and as the guy passed us I quickly slid my hand into Clare’s robe and onto her ass, pushing the material out of the way with my arm. She jumped a little but I buried my fingers between her cheeks and hooked the tips into her pussy. I looked back to see the guy looking up at us so I wiggled my fingers around some more. The guy watched us but kept walking and once it was obvious he wasn’t going to be any fun I withdrew my fingers and sucked them clean before taking Clare’s hand again and continuing our walk.

We made it back to the room without further incident (although I contemplated sitting on the stairs and asking Clare to kneel and make me cum). I was quite surprised to find Jen sitting in the shower playing with herself and Giles sitting on the toilet with his cock in his hand watching her. There was a fan of pee in front of Jen in the shower and we found out she had been edging for a while – keeping herself close to cumming and occasionally squirting out a small amount of pee as she stroked herself. Jen was very glad to see Clare back and instructed her to get into the shower as well. I’m sure Clare knew what was likely to happen but she followed Jen’s instructions and knelt to eat Jen (who stood up). Clare kept licking as Jen’s mewing increased and Jen then let go, releasing everything she had left and emptying her bladder over Clare’s face.

Clare just kept licking until Jen said she was done and then told me to take her place. I wasn’t sure if she wanted me to lick or be licked so Jen clarified that Clare would take care of me. I pointed out she’d already helped me cum, but swapped places with Jen anyway as I can (pretty much) always cum again no matter what. I bent down to kiss Clare, then stood over her and let her position herself to eat me. At Jen’s instruction Clare used some conditioned to lube her finger and pumped it in and out of my ass. I could see Giles still stroking himself and told him if he was able to cum that I expected him to save it for me. As often happens when I’m doing things in York I imagined what my Uni friends would think if they could see me and I pictured doing this back in the halls in my first year with the whole corridor watching. This helped speed things up and I warned Clare I was going to cum. Jen told me to pee so I did and looked down to watch as the liquid ran over Clare’s face and down her body.

I was allowed to shower my legs off before Jen joined Clare in the shower again to kiss and lick her face, breasts, thighs and pussy. Jen is at least fair in such things and insisted that as she had peed over Clare that Clare should get to pee over her. Clare said she couldn’t cum again but we’d heard that enough times from her to know it wasn’t true so Jen kept eating her. I fetched an anal vibe which Jen slid into Clare’s ass and then swirled her tongue around Clare’s pussy and clit. I went back and joined them, kissing Clare, fondling her breasts and moving the vibe around in her ass while trying to empty out any remaining pee I had over the kneeling Jen. I whispered to Clare to give up and let Giles see her surrender to her lust as she covered Jen with her pee like the dirty little slut she was. Clare whined that it wasn’t her fault and that we were making her do things so I kissed her deeply, told her we just wanted her to enjoy herself and told her to cum and soak Jen. Clare whimpered some more but did as instructed, cumming and peeing over Jen as she did so. Jen eagerly sucked on Clare’s cunt, letting some of the piss slide down her throat and the rest run over her face and body as she rapidly fingered herself. When Jen stood up and kissed Clare, Clare even kissed her back and I watched as a stream of pee trickled from their mouths down their bodies. We shared a three way kiss as we showered ourselves clean and then fell into bed with Clare complaining she’d never been as tired.

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