Tuesday, 23 August 2016

A Christmas Present (December 2014) – Part 1

Mid-December 2014, Lis and Lucy came for their usual monthly visit with the aim of Mike impregnating Lis. Mike had withheld his cum for a couple of days (Jen and I had still fucked him, we just hadn’t allowed him to cum) so we knew he had a decent load of cum for Lis and he was eager to share it with her. I stayed at home to look after MJ, letting Mike and Jen go to the airport to meet Lis and Lucy. Jen kept Mike occupied on the journey out there, sitting in the passenger seat, stroking herself as Mike drove the car and occasionally reaching over to caress his crotch. When they met up, the traditional greeting was used (reaching under coats to fondle and caress) and Mike and Jen were pleased to discover that both Lis and Lucy had removed their panties on the plane (although neither of them had been brave enough to go through airport security without them on though). On the drive home Jen told Lis how Mike had been preparing for her visit and Lis said she was grateful and would gladly receive as much of Mike’s cum as he could give her. Not being satisfied with having one cute younger girl throwing herself at him he asked Lucy if he would be allowed to fuck her again and she said that he probably would, providing he behaved himself.

On arriving back at the house, Mike fondled Lis as we sat and chatted. She didn’t try to stop him and allowed him to kneel on the floor and kitty kiss her. He complimented her on how well her pussy was shaved and asked If Lucy was as smooth. She knew this was his not so subtle way of asking to see her pussy so she slid down in her chair and spread her legs for him. Mike quickly crawled over to her and Lis whined that he was neglecting her but he said he would be back. He asked Lucy if there was any chance of him being allowed to go down on her yet and she told him he had to wait a bit longer, but that he could touch her and kiss around her pussy as he’d done before. Mike took hold of Lucy’s legs and pulled her down further, pushed her legs apart and kissed his way up her thighs one at a time. I watched as he spread her lips and examined her pussy, ran his fingers up and down the outer and then the inner lips and tasted Lucy from his fingers. He nibbled on the little fold of skin at the top of her thigh once more before moving to return to Lis but by this point I had already taken his place and was kneeling up on the floor between Lis’ legs, kissing her and working two fingers in her pussy. Mike said it wasn’t fair as Lis was meant to be his but I pointed out that he had walked (or crawled) away from her so she was mine for the time being. He went to return to Lucy but Jen lifted her skirt and beckoned Lucy over and she quickly placed herself between Jen’s legs and started licking her.

Mike shuffled over behind Lucy and caressed her ass, then slid her top up and undid her bra so he could reach around and caress her breasts. Jen meanwhile had pulled her top up and was pulling on her own nipples and Lis and I were kissing deeply, my fingers still inside her and one of her legs between mine for me to grind against. Mike freed his cock and rubbed it back and forth against Lucy’s pussy and was just about to slide into her when she said he couldn’t fuck her yet as his first load had to be for Lis. She let him slide back and forth between her lips a little but that just frustrated him (while Mike is usually very good at holding back, we’d been teasing him for days and he really wanted to cum). He pulled his trousers off and moved around behind me, pulled my hips back, slipped his cock between my legs, reached around to spread my pussy and slid into me. I broke my kiss with Lis and told him Lis was already taking care of me but he knows more than well enough how to push my buttons and whispered to me that I’d much rather have him fuck me and Lis playing with me. He described how Lis could flick my clit with her tongue while he fucked me and then how she and I could 69 as he pumped into my cunt. It certainly felt good but the thing that sealed the deal was him describing how his cock would be soaked with my juices which would act as lube for when he fucked Lis and how I would be helping to get Lis pregnant. He knows that I love the idea of helping to make Lis’ baby so I allowed him to stay inside me. Lis toyed with my clit more but used her other hand to slow my fingering of her pussy and I ended up cumming first.

Mike and Lis were given the choice of using Jen’s bed to sleep (and fuck) in, but they opted to once again use the rug in front of the fire. Mike had already prepared the fire and we had blankets ready so I helped lay them out as Mike lit the fire and the candles and then retired to the sofa to quietly chat with Lucy and Jen while Mike and Lis got down to things on the rug. Despite being desperate to cum, Mike still wanted to pleasure Lis first and the three of us watched as he went down on her, kissed her and rubbed against her. When he finally slipped in to her pussy, we debated leaving them to it but Lucy said we should stay and watch and that she didn’t think Lis would mind.

Mike and Lis kissed for ages as they slowly moved against each other. A few times when he pulled most of the way out I saw the silhouette of his cock between them against the backdrop of the fire and watched as he slid it back into the depths of Lis’ little pussy. Lucy and Lis kissed a fair bit and Jen fondled Lucy’s breasts while I played with Lucy’s pussy. We could hear Mike and Lis whispering to each other but couldn’t make out what they were saying (although guessed relatively accurately as he was telling her how much he was going to cum in her). Lis rode him for a short while and Mike toyed with Lis’ clit as well as pulling her forwards to kiss and suck her nipples. Lis told him she was getting close to cumming and wanted him to fill her so she lay down against him and they moved a bit more energetically against each other. I’d either done a better job on Lis that I’d thought or she was just hornier than usual as she said she couldn’t hold back much longer and Mike had to speed up his movements to catch up with her. He ended up letting her cum while on top of him (so she could grind her clit against him) before rolling over and fucking her as she wrapped her legs around him. As he got close to cumming he asked if she would wear the socks for him next time and Lis told him she’d dress up however he wanted, socks, pleated skirt, cute panties, anything. Mike told Lis that if that was the case he wanted her to wear the Japanese outfit, but for now he was more than satisfied with being buried in her naked body and that he was about to cum. He pushed deep into her with each stroke and they alternated between kissing and talking about getting Lis pregnant.

Once Mike’s orgasm finished, Lis unwrapped her legs from around his body but he remained inside her. They kissed some more, pushed hard against each other and Mike told her he thought he’d cum a fair bit. Lis looked over towards Lucy, Jen and me and asked Lucy if it was time and Lucy nodded. Lis then turned back to Mike and said that it had felt wonderful, but that he might have wasted his cum as she was late for her last orgasm. Mike asked if she thought she was pregnant and she said that while it was very early, it was possible. Mike and Lis kissed some more and Jen asked Lucy for details. Lucy said Lis would explain and once Mike released her (from the kiss – he kept his cock buried in her) Lis said that she was usually very regular (which we knew) but she hadn’t had a period since her last visit and she certainly felt different.

All of us had discussed the consequences of Mike ‘donating sperm’ to Lis and both Jen and I had said we were happy for him to do this, but I still felt quite conflicted when Lis said she was pregnant. I was genuinely happy for her and Lucy (and Mike) but a much larger part of me than I had expected wished it was me that was pregnant. I knew that we (Mike and I) would be trying fairly soon so pushed the feelings down and moved over to give Lis a congratulatory kiss. I’m more than used to the fact that Mike, Jen and I have a ‘non-traditional’ relationship and it doesn’t usually seem at all strange to me, but it definitely felt odd kissing Lis and then Mike to congratulate them on the baby while Mike was still buried inside Lis.

We chatted some more and eventually Mike pulled out of Lis and she sat up (over a towel) so we could talk properly. I occasionally reached down to her pussy and smeared the cum leaking out of it over my fingers, then fingered it into my pussy or sucked my fingers clean. Mike asked why she hadn’t said anything straight away and Lis said that she had wanted to but knew how much he enjoyed fucking her while trying to get her pregnant (and she wanted to pretend they were doing this one last time as well before making it ‘real’ by telling us). Lis showed us the pregnancy test she had taken when she realised her period was late (and then admitted that she may have taken 3-4 more since then to make sure). We all knew that it was very early days (4 weeks at the absolute most – and only that long if the egg had been waiting and it had been the first fuck on the previous visit that had fertilised it!).

Mike said that as his work was now done he didn’t need to sleep with Lis any more so could concentrate on Lucy. Lis pouted at this so he assured her that he fully intended to spoon with her (Lis) for the whole night and would make her cum as many times as she wanted. Lis told him it was fine and that she had wanted to spend the night with her girls (Jen and me) and as a reward, he would be allowed to fuck Lucy. Mike told Lis he still liked the idea of having her dress up for him and she promised to do so. Jen and Lis chatted about pregnancy and Lis told us that she hadn’t had much nausea yet and while her sex drive hadn’t decreased, nor had it gone ballistic the way Jen’s had when she was pregnant with MJ. Of course, every woman (and pregnancy) is different so we warned Lucy that she might wake up one day to find Lis had turned into someone that made me look like I was frigid and that she’d better be prepared to satisfy her wife, but added that if Lis got too bad that the four of us could always take shifts and I was sure that between us we could quench whatever libido Lis developed.

We got ready for bed with Lucy deciding that she’d rather sleep in Mike’s bed with him instead of beside the fire (once the fire goes out the downstairs can get a bit cold). Lis, Jen and I slept in Jen’s bedroom and had a quiet session so we wouldn’t wake MJ. Mike and Lucy chatted for a while about Lucy becoming a Mum and Lucy thanking him for what he had done, then going down on him and giving his cock a good suck. This naturally led to Mike asking to eat Lucy who told him ‘not yet’ and planted herself on his cock so she could ride him while ‘letting’ him fondle her breasts, caress her ass and frig her clit. As Mike had already had quite a strong orgasm, they had a long session before he came. He made Lucy cum once as she rode him facing away from him (watching herself in a mirror with him caressing her breasts and frigging her clit) and the second time with Mike spooning her. The second time, Mike came and they worked to time their orgasms, getting quite close (Lucy cumming just a little before he did). She pushed back hard against him and told him to cum deep into her and try to give her as much cum as he’d given Lis. Mike kissed her neck and said he wished he could, at which point Lucy reminded him that while their visits were timed for Lis’ most fertile period, that she (Lucy) wasn’t entirely in the safe zone. Mike felt his cock jump inside her and asked if she was trying to get pregnant as well but Lucy assured him that it was unlikely, although if it happened it just meant she and Lis would be raising kids together. Mike pushed deeper into her and told her she was a little minx but he’d accept the challenge and fuck her ad many times as he could over the weekend. They fell asleep with Mike still inside her (he remained there even when he’d gone soft).

In the morning Mike woke first and moved down between Lucy’s legs, He kissed around her thighs, going as close to her pussy as he was permitted to and then spread her lips to examine her and catch her scent. Lucy woke up while he was doing this and Mike assured her he hadn’t been eating her but she said she knew as she had been partially awake for a while. Mike crawled up onto Lucy and pressed his cock against her mons, then asked if she wanted him to cum in her again. Lucy told him he could and he reached down to rub his cock back and forth against her pussy when she told him that he might not want to cum in her. He assumed she had just decided to be a bit more careful and that she didn’t really want to risk getting pregnant, but it turned out to be something far better. Lucy kissed him and said that given the circumstances he could have his Christmas present early if he wanted and that she would let him go down on her. Mike was ecstatic about this but tried to play it cool and kept rubbing his cock against Lucy’s pussy, nibbled on her earlobe and whispered to her that he liked the idea of cumming in her while it wasn’t entirely safe. Lucy gave him a little slap and told him that he was never happy but Mike told her earnestly that having made Lis pregnant and having the opportunity to do things (anything) with Lucy made him incredibly happy and if he was allowed to, he would spend the whole weekend buried between Lucy’s legs. Lucy knew that he really would try to spend that long eating her if he was allowed so she told him she wanted to enjoy time with Jen as well, but that she was ready to let him kitty kiss her and that she wanted to see if he was as good at it as Lis, Jen and I said he was.

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