Wednesday, 10 August 2016

December 2014 Sex Party – Part 10

Giles and Brett tossed a coin to see who would fuck her next and Giles won. As I hadn’t cum yet I ended up 69ing with Clare as she was fucked, making it quite easy to ensure she came again. I caressed Giles’ balls to try and encourage him to cum more (I know it doesn’t work like that and was well aware that as he’d already cum that day that he probably wouldn’t be contributing much). Clare moaned that it wasn’t fair she was being singled out like this so I told her that I knew many people who would love to be in the position she was (mostly me, Julia and Susan, but to some extent Sue as well) and that she should just enjoy herself. Jen encouraged Clare to eat me quite forcefully as ‘revenge’ and Clare went along with this, licking all around my cunt, sucking hard on my lips and clit and pushing her tongue up inside me. Given what I’ve been subjected to over the years though it didn’t feel too intense for me to enjoy so I just told her to keep going and make me cum. Giles held out until we made Clare cum and then came in her. I’d also cum by this point but kept 69ing with Clare for a couple of minutes – sucking whatever I could out of her pussy before turning around and humping against her again while messily sharing her juices and Giles’s cum in a kiss (letting it leak out over our bodies again).

As Clare had been a good girl we decided to give her a rest before she took Brett but she still wasn’t allowed to cover up and had to sit naked, with her legs spread as we had a coffee and chatted. Jen and I were also naked so I don’t think we weren’t really picking on Clare at this point, but we’re quite a bit more used to exposing ourselves and Clare still seemed to feel a bit self-conscious. Jen toyed with Clare’s nips for a while and then got Brett to hand her one of the empty beer bottles. Clare tried to shy away from this but was told to behave herself and act like a good little slut. Jen and I pushed the bottle into our pussies first and everyone then spat on the bottle to provide lubrication before Clare’s lips were held apart and the neck of the bottle was pushed into her. I usually use bottles with a straight neck to masturbate (as I can then pump it in and out quite hard and let the wide part of the bottle slap against my clit) but this bottle had a tapered neck so we took our time and slowly pumped the bottle deeper and deeper into Clare until she had  fair amount of the neck inside her and her lips were stretched wide around it (we were being careful to not hurt her and not going any deeper than needed for her to say she felt really full. Everyone had a turn licking and sucking Clare’s clit as we did this and a few people kissed her and toyed with her breasts. I made sure that Brett was ready to fuck her and helped lube up his cock by letting him slide into me again. I wondered about letting him cum in me and have Clare eat his cum out of me (or me standing over her and letting it drip over her body) but decided to stick with the original plan.

Brett was given the responsibility of making sure Clare came again and we moved back up to the bedroom so they could fuck in comfort. Corey asked if Clare would suck him at the same time and was told she would (she wasn’t given the choice) so we propped her head up a bit on some pillows and watched as Corey took her mouth and Brett took her pussy. I made use of the bottle we’d been using on her and sat masturbating with it but Giles ended up taking over and fucked me with it while fondling my breasts at the same time. It was somewhat of a half-hearted attempt – at least as far as his attention was concerned anyway as he was intently watching as the other guys fucked his fiancé. He clearly enjoyed watching this as he was hard again and let me stroke him despite having cum not long beforehand. Jen teased Clare’s nipples and stroked her inner thighs, telling her that we all wanted to see her cum again and that she’d get a special reward afterwards. At first Brett stroked Clare’s clit but Corey ended up taking over this role and I watched as his fingered brushed over Brett’s cock a few times. If this had been Jen’s group of friends I wouldn’t have been at all surprised but the men amongst the York party group seem to be surprisingly homophobic (not overtly so, more home-averse in the sense that none of them seem to be keen on any male-male contact). We cheated a little and used the vibe on Clare’s clit and nipples, but it was fingers and cock that actually made her cum.

Corey enjoyed Clare’s mouth but wasn’t sure he could cum again yet – Brett enjoyed Clare’s wet pussy and had no trouble cumming, with his cum starting to leak from her as soon as he pulled out. I immediately crawled down between Clare’s legs to take up my cum-collection duty and once again shared this with Clare, orally and then over our bodies. Both she and I had a good coating of cum, pussy juice and saliva by this point and Giles helped me massage this in to Clare’s body, pussy and mouth. Jen said it wasn’t fair to make her walk home like that so took her up to the shower but called the rest of us up to watch them. I guessed that Jen was going to get Clare to eat her and pee over her as she came but Jen went in a slightly different direction and told Clare she was going to let everyone watch as Clare peed herself. It obviously wasn’t quite as straightforward as that and we got to play with Clare yet again, using razor handles, toothbrushes, a carrot (after a quick trip to the kitchen) and another beer bottle. At one point Jen had the carrot buried in her ass and the bottle in her pussy and had to stand and masturbate herself with both items. When she got closer to cumming we thought it would be hotter to watch her use just her fingers and once again she did as she was told and stood fingering herself. We did have to tell her twice before she used her other hand to finger her ass, but she did it and Jen stood behind Clare, reaching around to play with Clare’s nips and whispering in Clare’s ear how hot she looked. We could all pretty much hear what Jen was whispering to Clare as we were standing right by the shower and Jen repeatedly told Clare how she had to pee herself as hard as she could when she came, how it would feel wonderful and how everyone was watching her and would see her wetting herself and enjoying it. Clare whimpered some more but her fingers kept strumming against her clit and moving in her ass. We saw Clare push her ass back against Jen as she came and a spray of pee erupt from her pussy around her hand. It splashed on the sides of the shower and ran down her legs and was soon joined by another stream as Jen humped against Clare’s ass and emptied her own bladder.

As Clare’s orgasm ended, Jen helped Clare lean back against the wall, knelt in front of her, got Clare to spread her legs and buried her face in Clare’s pussy. She swirled her tongue around the lips and then between them, licking Clare much more forcefully than was really fair considering she’d just cum. She switched to kitty kissing Clare then stood and kissed her square on the lips and pulled her out of the shower. Clare pointed out that they hadn’t showered and Jen replied by saying it would be a waste of time given we hadn’t finished with her. I was quite impressed with Jen (but then remembered how much she used to push me to cum when I visited her at Uni).

Clare let us lead her back into the bedroom and she was pushed down onto the bed. I was told to get one of the guys ready as Jen went back to lapping at Clare’s pussy, cleaning her off and preparing her to be fucked again. I’d been toying with all three of the guys in the bathroom as we’d watched and Corey certainly seemed to be ready to play again so I asked if he’d be up for another fuck with Clare. He was but I couldn’t let her have him without at least a little sample for myself again so I bend forwards and leant on the bed to let him slide into me, then moved out of the way to let him get at Clare. Jen told him to lie on his back so Clare could mount him. I thought this was just so she would be the one who was doing the work (and not just lying there passively allowing us to do things to her) but Jen had more in mind than just that. I had to straddle Corey’s face and he was told to eat me then Jen told me to lean forwards and instructed Clare to copy her. I felt Clare’s breath on my ass, then felt her tongue swirl over it so I looked back to see Jen crouching down behind Clare, presumably doing the same thing to her. Clare didn’t seem too bothered by both having her ass licked and licking mine in front of others but I assumed this was due to little Sara’s influence. It certainly felt good and I told Corey and Clare that I could happily stay in that position for a very long time (providing they kept licking me). Jen still wasn’t finished though and I heard her asking Giles and Brett who was ready.

As Brett remained in my line of sight, I guess it was Giles so looked back to see him positioning himself behind Clare. Giles gripped Clare’s hips to hold her steady and pressed against her ass. She pulled back at first but let him slowly push into her, working a little deeper with each stroke until he was far enough in that he told her to start moving again and she went back to riding Corey’s cock. I don’t know if I was imagining it but it felt like she was copy Giles’ rhythm as I felt her push her tongue against my ass harder and pretty much in time with his thrusts into her ass. I wasn’t complaining as it felt good and (to me at least) meant that Clare was really going with things. As Brett was near me I got him to come closer and sit on the bed so I could take his cock in my mouth, but I only got to suck him for a short while before Jen said that it should be Clare who sucked him. I reluctantly let him go and felt Clare’s tongue pull away from my ass. Brett pushed his cock towards Clare’s mouth and she took him in and sucked him. Jen sat on the bed beside the pile of bodies fucking and licking each other so she could reach between Clare and Corey and fondle Clare’s breasts.

Clare lasted much longer this time, but she had been pretty well fucked that morning and I was impressed she was still going at all. Corey said he was getting close so Jen told him to go ahead and cum in Clare, but that he had to stay inside her. Giles wasn’t sure he could cum again but was willing to give it a try (he doesn’t get Clare’s ass that often so seemed to want to make the most of it). Brett was also fairly sure he wasn’t going to cum again so Jen and I helped out by telling him how Clare would be his fuck buddy, on call day or night to pleasure him, anywhere he wanted. He pulled out of Clare’s mouth for a couple of minutes to stroke himself and Clare went back to swirling her tongue around my ass. Corey came in Clare’s pussy while Brett was doing this and Giles fucked Clare’s ass a bit harder (but still gently enough so it didn’t hurt) and not long after Brett pushed back into Clare’s mouth Giles came. Just as with Corey, Giles had to remain inside Clare and Brett pushed in and out of Clare’s mouth until he moaned and said he was about to cum as well. I went to climb off of Corey’s face and Jen told me I had to stay there until I came. I told her that I had already cum a while ago (around the time Corey came as he was licking me quite rapidly) so was allowed to dismount and I stood beside Jen admiring the scene of Clare sandwiched between three guys (and once again feeling a bit jealous).

The guys were told to all pull out of Clare at the same time and on Jen’s mark they did so. Clare let out a squeal as they did this and she was rolled off of Corey and dumped on the bed beside him. Jen asked Giles how he liked seeing his fiancé having three guys cum in her at the same time (or almost the same time) and he said he thought it was incredible. Clare was exhausted by this point and just remained on her back, her legs spread slightly and her body covered in a sheen of sweat (and pussy juice, pee and boy-cum). Corey wiped his cock across Clare’s face and then let me gently suck him. As I did this, Jen smeared some of her own juices over Clare’s face, breasts and pussy (so she wasn’t left out of the marking ceremony) and Giles took a couple of photos of Clare. We gathered up Clare’s clothes and put them in a bag – although we’d come back to the house specifically to retrieve her clothes, we hadn’t said that she would be wearing them) and after giving Clare a little longer to recover said that it was time to set off. She was somewhat upset about having to get home with just her coat on so we gave her the option of paying for a taxi for her and Giles, but with the provision that she wouldn’t be allowed to do her coat up and if any part of her became visible during the journey that she wasn’t allowed to cover up – or having her walk home but being allowed to fasten the coat. She opted for the second choice so Jen and I set off with her and Giles, walking part of the way with them until we had to head off to the hotel. I opened my coat to let Giles fondle me as I kissed him goodbye and told him if he brought Clare to visit that we’d make her cum as many times as he wanted, with as many guys as he wanted. By the time I got to say goodbye to Clare, Jen had already opened Clare’s coat so she could kiss her and feel their bodies rubbing together. I also pressed up against Clare as we kissed goodbye and I told her how impressed I was that the sweet little girl we once knew could let go and enjoy everything. Clare once again said it was our fault and I told her to embrace that – if she let us (and others) ‘force’ her to do things, to cum, to perform whatever explicit, lewd acts we could imagine, that she could abdicate responsibility, say that she was just doing what she was told and take pleasure from letting her body be used and admired. Clare blushed at this and said she wasn’t really used to being that open yet so I stood back from her a little (checked that nobody else could see) and indicated to my still exposed front. I told her that if we could do it without getting arrested that I would now happily sit up on the wall behind me, let her eat and finger me, let Jen do the same and let Giles fuck me. It was only due to Jen and Mike pushing my limits for years that I’d learned to become that open and while I’m sure I would have still enjoyed cumming, I doubted that I’d have the ability to cum as many times or the adventurous spirit in finding new ways to enjoy myself.

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