Tuesday, 16 August 2016

December 2014 Sex Party – Part 11

We said our goodbyes and went back to the hotel. On the way past the room I’d visited with Clare I decided to knock and gently held the front of my coat shut while waiting for the guy to answer (in case he’d left and someone else answered). I was in luck as it was the same guy so I pulled my coat open and asked him if he was interested in a quick session before he left. He asked where the other girl (Clare) was and I told him we’d made her cum so many times she couldn’t play for a while. He then asked if Jen was going to take her place but I told him Jen was mine and was gay, so he could fuck me but wasn’t allowed to touch Jen. We were still standing in the hallway with me gently stroking my pussy and I slid my coat off my shoulders and let it fall to the floor so I was naked (other than my shoes). The guy looked around and said we might get caught but I said I didn’t care and if he wasn’t going to invite us in that I wanted him to fuck me where I was standing. He told us to come in so we did and I removed Jen’s coat, leaving her naked as well.

Jen sat up on the desk, spread her legs and toyed with her nips and clit. I went and stood up against the window and held out a condom, telling the guy to get suited up as I wanted to feel him back inside me. I could see him watching Jen and despite her being naked (and masturbating for him) he seemed a bit nervous about stripping off in front of her. I was impatient though (plus we didn’t have too much time) so I knelt in front of him and tugged at his trousers until his cock sprung free. I really wanted to take his bare cock in my mouth (and then my cunt), but paused and rolled the condom on first before enveloping him in my mouth. He held the back of my head and guided me back and forth so I wrapped a hand around his cock to stop him from pushing too deep into my mouth (I still can’t deep-throat). Out of the corner of my eye I could see that Jen was enjoying herself and wanted to enjoy the feeling of the guy inside me so I pulled back and told him it was time to fuck. I got Jen to scooch forwards so she was sitting at the edge of the desk and this allowed me to bend forwards and go down on her, leaving my ass sticking out and making it nice and easy for the guy to push into me. Jen told him he should fondle me breasts clit and ass and I felt his hands roam over my body. He asked if he could fuck my ass and I considered letting him go ahead, but wasn’t really in the mood for that so told him he could finger my ass if he wanted but I wanted his cock inside my cunt.

He pumped away inside me like this for a while longer as I ate Jen but I really wanted to be fucked up against the window to satisfy my exhibitionist side so told Jen to finish fucking herself and told the guy I wanted to move. We started off with my back to the window, him holding up one of my legs and fucking me but soon changed round so I was facing the window, with my breasts pressed up against the glass and him fucking me from behind. It wasn’t as easy for him to move in this position but did make it easier for him to stroke my clit. We fucked with one of his hands squeezing one of my breasts and his palm rubbing my nipple and his other hand frigging me (and occasionally pushing his fingers into my mouth for me to suck clean). Jen kept telling him to fuck and frig me, to make me cum, to fill me with his cum, to get his cock as deep into my cunt as he could… and the guy reacted well to the dirty talk. He asked me a number of times if I liked what he was doing and I encouraged him to ask properly until he was asking if I liked having his cock fucking my cunt. I concentrated on looking out the window at individual people and imagining they could hear my replies as I told him what felt good and what I wanted him to do to me. I told him (and everyone in York) that I was getting close to cumming and Jen gave him more tips on how to frig me (although he’d pretty much got the hang of what I liked by this point). I pushed my ass out a bit to let him move a bit more freely and told him to get as deep into me as he could. I started cumming and moaned loudly, describing how good his cock felt and how I wanted more. I told him to fuck me as hard and fast as he wanted and to give me his cum and felt him speed up – looking back on it I’m quite impressed as it seems like he had been holding back a bit as he fucked me for a reasonable time before he came. He pushed into me hard as he came, telling me to take his cock and I pushed back in time with his thrusts so he felt really deep. He remained inside me, with us pushing hard against each other and I let him stay there until he relaxed, at which point we pulled apart and I gave his cock a few gentle kissed and thanked him.

Jen had been edging while we’d fucked – she had got reasonably close to cumming when I’d been eating her and had just taken herself to the brink of orgasm but not allowed herself to cum. Jen was mewing away and certainly looked aroused. I moved over towards her and asked if she wanted me to finish her off but she told me she wanted to cum properly. I guessed she meant ‘by peeing’ and asked if she was in the best place but she said ‘just a little’ and told me to kneel about a foot away from her. I had a wonderful view of her fingers flying back and forth across her clit, dipping between her lips and smearing her juices over her already soaked cunt. Jen’s legs were spread wide and the guy could see everything as well, commenting on how hot she looked and sounded. Even from my kneeling position I could see that Jen’s nips looked very pink and that she was pinching them very firmly (as much as she loves this, she hadn’t been doing it that often while breast feeding). Jen mewing increased in volume and I told her to cum as hard as she wanted – aware that this might end up causing a bit of a mess if she got carried away, but wanted her to enjoy herself (and it wasn’t our room so I didn’t mind too much). With an ‘uunnggg’ Jen started to cum and she let out a stream of pee. A bit of it went over my head but by the time I thrust myself up it was already splashing on my face and body and then stopped. A second jet squirted form her pussy and hit me square and she then asked me to eat her so I quickly crawled forwards and buried my tongue between her lips and licked around her pussy and over her clit. I was waiting for another squirt to erupt but she held back (in that sense at least – verbally she was being very loud) and I lapped at her pussy until she eased back onto the desk and thanked me.

The guy was standing with his cock in his hand and it looked like he would have been able to go again if I’d offered but we really needed to get back to our room and ready to leave. I couldn’t resist giving Jen a final treat though and after helping her down from the desk I told her to kneel and have a drink. She told me I was a dirty so I replied by saying that it was her fetish, pulled her mouth to my pussy and let out a slow stream of pee. It wasn’t a huge amount and when I stopped, Jen pulled back to show that she had it in her mouth, let a little leak out down her body, then swallowed the rest while rubbing the liquid that had dribbled out over her breasts and pussy. We pulled our coats on, thanked the guy and we left to head back to our room. Jen said she had really enjoyed herself and thanked me for the bonus drink and I admitted that I’d enjoyed letting the guy watch us do that to each other.

As new were now a little damp, it was a bit too cold out to only wear our coats so we slipped on long socks and vest tops (leaving the important areas available for fun on the train), signed out of the hotel and headed off to the station. The train was fairly quiet at first but as we’d just had a play we didn’t want to do anything else immediately and by the time we were ready, more people had got on. This didn’t stop us teasing each other via text and we worked our way up to the fantasy of us lying back on the seats facing each other, a long double ended dildo shared between us, guys standing around me cumming over me, girls around Jen with her licking them or them peeing on her and Jen and I constantly cumming and spraying each other. While we (sadly) couldn’t actually live this fantasy out, it was enough to get us in the mood to play and we wandered through a few carriages to try and find somewhere sufficiently secluded that we could at least play a bit. Unfortunately we couldn’t find anywhere so we sat down opposite a guy in his 20’s, with me directly opposite him and Jen beside me. After a couple of minutes I pulled one leg up and placed my ankle on the other thigh and let my leg fall to the side. I concentrated on my phone so the guy could see I wasn’t paying any attention to him but carried on the text conversation with Jen and let her discreetly determine how much he was looking at my exposed pussy. She reported that he was staring quite a bit and had covered his crotch with his jacket. I occasionally flexed my leg, trying to spread my pussy a bit more and really wanting my lips to separate so I could have my inner pussy exposed to him. This wasn’t working though and even when I leant over to Jen to whisper something to her I couldn’t get my lips to part.

The train was still too busy for me to properly play with myself but as I had a willing audience I didn’t want to disappoint him (because it was nothing to do with me enjoying the attention – honest!) I let my hand fall to my leg, slid it up under my coat to my pussy and slid my fingers up and down my lips before gently pushing the tips between my lips and gently pulling one side open as if I was gently scratching an itch. I only did this for a few seconds but boy did it feel good and before I got too carried away I withdrew my fingers and sucked them clean of my juices. I had confirmed that my pussy was as wet as I’d thought and could feel it tingling. Jen texted me and said that the guy had watched everything I done so I stretched a little and pulled my leg wider apart for about 20 seconds and replied to Jen saying that I needed to cum. I had been thinking of going to the bathroom to masturbate but Jen suggested something much better and told me to snuggle up against her so she could stroke my neck. My long-term readers will know that my neck is very sensitive and I can cum just from having it stroked – it isn’t something that works on me quickly, but we had a fair amount of time before we arrived home and the even idea of cumming in a busy train carriage was enough to make my pussy pulse with anticipation.

We slid over so Jen was sitting by the window with me lying up against her. I tried to position myself so my pussy would still be visible to the guy opposite but not for anyone else (at least not directly) but couldn’t find a natural looking way of doing this so gave up. Jen and I shared a quick kiss and I whispered to her to be gentle and that I’d try not to take too long but she said I could take all the time I wanted. I nestled my head against her chest and she rested a hand on my neck and started to gently stroke me. At first I went back to the fantasy we’d been sharing of us masturbating in full view of everyone with multiple guys cumming over me and this certainly helped things along. My pussy felt incredibly wet – almost as wet as Jen had gotten during her pregnancy. Sadly I can’t get that wet, but I did feel a couple of drops of moisture run down between my ass cheeks and I relished the idea of being wet enough that I could leave a damp patch on my skirt. As the stroking continued I could feel my desire slowly building and let out a few low ‘mmmm’s of pleasure to let Jen know how much I was enjoying what she was doing. The only bad thing about cumming like this is just how slowly it builds – but in turn that is exactly the reason that Jen likes doing it to me as she loves teasing. Jen says it was after about 20 minutes that I started squirming around a bit and she had to whisper to me to stay still. I was desperate to cum by this point and had to restrain myself from either spreading my legs to give the guy a really good look at my sopping pussy (and I really wouldn’t have cared who else saw) or going even further and playing with myself. It’s only because I know how good it feels to let the orgasm come just from the neck stroking (and possibly the desire to not be arrested) that I held back and just enjoyed Jen’s fingers. I spent what seemed like an eternity just on the edge of cumming – if I’d touched myself or had anything to hump against I knew I could have cum pretty much instantly but I was leaving this to Jen so I just squeezed my thighs together and gave Jen’s leg a gentle squeeze as a hint that I couldn’t take much more. Fortunately she didn’t try to stop me from cumming and carried on gently stroking. I felt the pressure build and couldn’t resist raising one of my legs slightly and dropping the other to the floor as a shudder went through my body.

The best thing about cumming like this is that the payoff is well worth the wait. I usually end up having a really deep – possibly whole body – orgasm. Instead of feeling the pleasure mostly in my pussy as in a ‘normal’ orgasm, I could feel the sensations pulsing from my pussy, my neck and even my nipples (and my nips aren’t usually that sensitive). I concentrated on not squirming around, moaning or shuddering so as to try and disguise the fact I was cumming and gripped Jen’s leg more firmly (although she said she could easily tell I was cumming). She kept up the steady, gently stroking as my orgasm pulsed through me and slowly faded and I relaxed my leg back down onto the seat and let out a few long, slow breaths. I felt much calmer and very satisfied so remained snuggled up against Jen for a while before sitting up and kissing her as token of thanks. We chatted for a bit and then went back to our text conversation so we could talk properly and I couldn’t resist sitting with my pussy on display to the guy opposite once more. A bit later on in the journey a few other people near us left the train so I sat for a while with my legs splayed wide and my feet up on the seat crossed at the ankles. I continued to pretend to be oblivious to the fact that I was displaying myself to the guy and reached down a couple more times to idly stroke myself, sucking my fingers clean each time. The third time I did this I stroked my fingers up and down my pussy a few more times, slipped a couple of fingers deeper into myself and then brought them out and circled my clit. I texted Jen that it felt good (slowly as I only had my left hand to type with) and said I wanted more. She suggested a bag search so I stood up and pulled my bag down, then placed it on the floor and bent over to rummage in it. Naturally I had oriented myself so my ass was pointing towards the guy and while my coat was long enough to easily cover my crotch when I was standing or walking, in this position it pulled up a fair way and left most of my ass exposed. I pulled a couple of things out, turning to Jen to hand each one to her individually then bending over again to get the next, then again to do the bag up. All I was waiting for was for the guy to make a comment and I would have displayed myself properly to him, let him touch or play with me or let him take me to the bathroom and fuck me. He seemed to be content just watching though (or was too nervous to do anything more) – we’re quite sure that he was happy with the view as he kept his lap covered the entire time and a couple of times when he adjusted his jacket Jen reported that he still had an obvious bulge.

I couldn’t keep displaying myself for the whole journey as more people got on at the next stop and my guy got off the stop before we did so I took the opportunity to write up notes for the weekend (with Jen’s help) and that was enough to keep me feeling horny. Ineta was still at the house when we arrived (she had been keeping Mike company for the weekend). I said a quick hello and had a cuddle with MJ before passing her to Jen then went to greet Ineta and thank her for looking after my husband. I slipped off my coat to reveal my mostly naked state (just socks and my vest top). Ineta asked if I’d been dressed like that for the whole journey home and I confirmed that I had (and that Jen was dressed in a similar manner). I gave Ineta a big hug and slid my hands over her ass, giving it a good knead as I did so. I kissed her firmly and then kissed down to her neck and up to her ear so I could whisper to her that she knew what the payment for a weekend of Mike eating her was. As I did this I worked my hands under her skirt and into her panties, pushing my fingers down between her ass cheeks until I found her pussy. I told her I’d been thinking about fucking her for the whole journey home and that I needed her to satisfy me, but I’d make sure she enjoyed herself just as much in return. Ineta knew us well enough by this point that she didn’t bother arguing and let me lead her upstairs to the bedroom.

As I knew Ineta would have been repeatedly and thoroughly eaten by Mike over the weekend I didn’t spend too long going down on her (but let her lick me as she might have been missing pussy). We humped against each other, scissored, shared a dildo and frigged each other. I did end up kitty kissing her after we’d both cum and I got her to tell me what she had done with Mike (mostly him eating her as I’d assumed, but he’d also made her cum outside a couple of times which I was quite impressed with as they’d had MJ with them in her pram). In return, I gave Ineta a brief summary of some of the things Jen and I had done over the weekend and told her she was more than welcome to join us for one of the parties (we’d invited her before and she didn’t seem to be entirely opposed to the idea) and once I we finished chatting Ineta got dressed and we went downstairs where she had a brief chat with Jen and left (with Mike giving her a long goodbye kiss and fondle).

I told Jen that she should have taken a turn with Ineta but Jen said she was all fucked out and didn’t need to cum again. Of course that only lasted for so long and she let Mike and I take care of her that night but I was the one he ended up cumming in and he even stayed hard long enough for us to spoon for a while afterwards. Mike was impressed at what we’d got Clare to do and said he wished he’d been there to contribute to the number of orgasms she had. When his cock slid out of me I got my phone and showed him some of the pictures of Clare. I’d hoped they would make him hard enough to at least get back inside me and preferably go another round, but he’d done a fair bit with Ineta before Jen and I had got back home. To his credit though, he picked up on the fact I wanted to cum again and after teasing me about it (just the usual about me being an insatiable slut who only wanted to spend her life cumming), he offered to go down on me. He spent about 20 minutes licking and teasing me before allowing me to cum and I was then greeted with the feeling of his cock pressed up against my ass so I spread my lips and helped guide him into my pussy. He still wasn’t in the mood to fuck but did slowly slide in and out of me, with me pressing back hard against him to get him as deep into me as possible. I was then woken in the morning with him going down on me, but instead of staying between my legs until I came, he moved up, slid into me and we fucked. I ended up on my back with my legs pushed up either side of my head and Mike using long deep strokes while I toyed with my clit (not firmly enough to count as frigging, but enough to help things along). After we had cum, I kept my pussy raised to the sky for a few minutes and let Mike kitty kiss me. He said I tasted very wet (with my own juices) and that he couldn’t really taste his cum but when I stood up we discovered that it must have just been deep inside me as a reasonably amount dribbled out down my legs.

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