Tuesday, 2 August 2016

December 2014 Sex Party – Part 9

I took over fondling Giles’ cock and he didn’t object when I moved around and lay with my back against him so I could slide it into my pussy. I gave Giles and Jen a full description of what Clare and I had got up to while we’d been gone and Clare blushed and covered her face a number of times. At one point she asked why she let us do those things to her so I told her that it was obvious – she liked it. Just as Jen and I had trained each other to be more daring and pushed each other to cum more often and in more exposed places, Clare seemed to be responding to the same treatment. We teased Giles some more about getting off on seeing his fiancé being fucked and cumming for other people and how if we carried on we could turn Clare into a complete fuck-slut who would do anything with anyone if it made her cum (like me!). Clare whimpered that she wasn’t like that so we went over the roster of the things she’d done that day – everyone at the party playing with her (and most of them making her cum), listing the cocks she’d had in her mouth, cunt and ass, the times she’d been fingered, the number of girls who’d eaten her and she eaten. Giving the guy we’d just fucked naked photos (I apologised about that as it goes against one of my rules and asked whether we should try and get them deleted but Giles said he quite liked the idea of the guy looking at them and cumming to the memory of Clare over and over). Even though we were teasing Clare, I really wasn’t trying to make her feel bad so as we went over all the things she’d done (or had done to her) I told her how I was amazed that she was doing so well and that I was genuinely proud that she could enjoy herself. I think we won the argument when Giles pointed out that Clare hadn’t complained and allowed Jen to crawl back between her legs to eat her (she was actually just kitty kissing her). Clare seemed genuinely shocked that she’d let this happen without even noticing but we assured her that we would take good care of her.

Clare fell asleep fairly quickly (Jen didn’t make her cum again) and Giles remained buried inside me, slowly fucking me. He was still adamant that he couldn’t cum again so to test him, Jen and I described how we could take him and Clare down to see Jen’s gang of friends and have them repeatedly fuck Clare for a whole weekend. Giles naturally wanted to know if there would be any girls there he’d like so Jen showed him some photos (mostly clothed, but some naked) of Abrahii, Susan, Abigail (and he knew Lisa). It turned out he actually knew his body and said that as much as he wanted to, he still didn’t think he could cum so we ended up slowing our movements and falling
asleep. He went soft inside me but I got him to remain still so he didn’t fall out.

I woke up on the Sunday morning when Jen went to pee and on her return she started kitty kissing Clare. I moved around to the other side of the bed and took one of Clare’s nipples, leaving Giles to fondle and suck the other and we had them nice and firm before Clare woke up. Her first words were ‘ah – not again’ but Giles told her to shut up and let us make her cum. Jen took her time and slowly brought Clare to orgasm, with Giles and I still working on Clare’s breasts and taking turns kissing her. I whispered to Clare that she was a lucky girl having found a guy who wanted her to enjoy herself so much and wasn’t jealous. As she came she kissed Giles hard, holding his head against hers and bucking her hips against Jen’s face. As soon as Clare finished cumming I moved over and climbed on top of Giles in a 69, taking his cock in my mouth and caressing his balls as he licked at my pussy. Jen climbed over Clare and 69ed with her – with Jen just kitty kissing Clare. I let Giles get me quite close to cumming before I moved around and rode him. He reached up to fondle my breasts and I gently stroked my clit as we humped against each other. I kept myself close to cumming but let him cum first and only then did I get myself off, cumming with his cock still hard inside me and his cum beginning to leak out around it.

I remained on top of him as I ordered room service. I wasn’t sure if they could hear the sounds of Jen mewing away beside us but didn’t really care as we were hoping to have a lot more fun. Once Jen came, Clare was given the task of licking Giles’ cum from my pussy and when the knock on the door came, Giles dashed into the bathroom while I pulled Clare’s legs apart and started stroking her pussy. Jen slipped on a babydoll nightdresse and answered the door, invited the guy in and indicated we wanted the breakfast on the desk. I kissed Clare, stroked her pussy and fondled her breasts, then looked over at the guy and asked if he wanted to help out. At first I thought he was going to bail as he looked at the door a few times but then said he just had to deliver another breakfast and he’d be back. Once he left Clare asked what we were going to do and I just gave her a look and asked what she thought was going to happen. I kept toying with her until the guy returned, at which point I quickly freed the guy’s cock from his trousers, smeared Clare’s juices over it and then applied a condom. I told him that Clare loved having a cock in her mouth and after removing his trousers, he straddled Clare’s chest and offered himself to her. I bent down and kissed Clare around his cock, then propped her head up with a pillow to make it easier for her to suck him. I then encouraged the guy to move down Clare’s body and hump his cock between her breasts (she isn’t really large enough to do a proper tit-fuck – especially when she’s lying on her back – but the guy didn’t seem to mind. Before he got into her I wanted a quick turn so I crawled between Clare’s legs to eat her and told the guy to fuck me, but only stayed like that for a brief period before switching places with Clare and letting him fuck her as she ate me.

The guy really got into it, holding Clare’s hips and guiding her back and forth in time with his strokes. I wanted to switch with Clare again but this was all part of her engagement present so restrained myself and called Jen over to take my place so I could play with Clare. I moved around beside Clare and stroked her ass while reaching under her to fondle her breasts, then reached up to wipe a finger along Jen’s pussy and used the juices as lube to slide it in to Clare’s ass. She audibly whimpered and I made a show of fingering her ass, using opposing strokes to the guy (in as he pulled out…) while also reaching under to play with Clare’s clit and occasionally stroke the guy’s balls. He said that she felt incredible and I agreed with him, describing how I loved having my fingers or tongue buried in her little cunt and eating her to orgasm. I told Clare to let us know when she was getting close to cumming so we could watch and she asked what I meant but was told to just follow my instructions and tell us. Jen was already mewing away when Clare said she was about to cum so she wasn’t too happy when I got Clare to roll over onto her back (it’s not nice having an orgasm interrupted, but Jen’s done that to me enough times that I didn’t feel guilty). The guy pushed back into Clare’s cunt and resumed pumping away inside her while reaching up to fondle Clare’s breasts. Jen helped out with this and I toyed with Clare’s clit. We all told her we wanted to see her cum and I encouraged her to make it good so the guy could feel her cunt contracting around his cock. The guy said he was close so I applied a bit more pressure to Clare’s clit and helped push her over the edge. She tried to cover her face but we didn’t let her and I told the guy to watch her closely. He’d been right about being close himself though and really didn’t last much longer, staring to cum himself while Clare was still cumming. For his last few strokes, he pushed hard into her and I told him to fill her with his cum.

Clare lay panting as we eased off on her. I told the guy to stay inside her for a minute and leant down to gently kiss at Clare’s clit. When the guy pulled out I got him to move around beside Clare and lean over her chest. I peeled the condom off and emptied the contents over Clare’s breasts, then massaged the cum in, also reaching up to the guy’s cock to give it a gentle squeeze and coax out the last few drops. He asked if Clare would suck him clean but I said not without a condom, then added that if the guy thought he could go again I’d happily clean him up and help get him started before unleashing him on Clare again. Clare whimpered at this, saying she couldn’t cum again. She quickly realised this was a mistake as we pretty much always take as a challenge and Jen crawled down between Clare’s legs to start kitty kissing her. Unfortunately the guy said he’d need a bit of time to recover and had to get back to work so we let him get dressed, but he watched what Jen was doing to Clare closely. I washed my hands then knelt to lap at Jen’s pussy before crawling over Clare’s face and teling her to eat me. I’d have been happy to let the guy watch as I came but I guess that as he’d cum he was satisfied and seemed more concerned about being caught so he ended up leaving.

Giles came out of the bathroom and watched as his fiancé lay between Jen and me – her breasts covered in cum (and the condom lying on them). As we had breakfast to eat I decided I could wait a few minutes before I came again so sat up and went to fetch a cloth to wash Clare down. Jen didn’t stop though and kept lapping at Clare’s pussy so after I’d cleaned the cum from Clare’s breasts I fetched some yoghurt and smeared it between Clare’s lips to add flavour for Jen and then guided Giles’ cock into the yoghurt so he could offer it to Clare. She sucked it clean while Giles fondled my breasts and I let him lick yoghurt from my nipples. We kept this up until Clare came, then settled down for breakfast, making use of various bits of fruit to masturbate with before handing them to someone else to eat. We were quite sticky by the time we finished breakfast so Jen took Clare off to the shower to clean up and I ended up 69ing with Giles (not as effective a way to get clean, but a good way to pass the time). Between sucks I told Giles of our plan for the day and convinced him to not cum just yet – as I’m not limited in the times I came cum I didn’t hold back though and let Giles eat me to orgasm as I vigorously humped against his face. I was still sucking him when Clare and Jen emerged from the bathroom so I led him into the shower by his cock, let him partially fuck me under the water and we then set about cleaning each other off.

By the time Giles and I finished, Clare and Jen were dried off and had almost finished their hair. It’s not unusual for us to remain naked until just before we head off so it was only at this point that Clare discovered that we hadn’t actually brought her clothes and had left them at the party. We told her that it was fine and all she had to do was walk back there in her coat and get them but she said it was way too risky to walk around like that in the daytime. She thought we were just teasing her and asked again for her clothes, only believing us when we emptied out our bags and showed her that we really didn’t have them. I suggested that we could get a taxi back to the house, but reminded her how taxi rides went when we were present and asked her if she thought it being daytime would stop us from fondling her. Clare realised that she would have to make the walk and asked if she could borrow some of our clothes. I told her she could have one thing – a pair of panties and she was very grateful until I handed them to her – they were Jen’s panties with an integrated clit vibe. Clare still thought these would be better than nothing so pulled them on, Jen slipped a dress on and we all put our coats on.

As we went downstairs, I pushed the button on the remote and started the vibe in Clare’s panties. I only had it on a low setting so it didn’t have an immediate effect, but as we walked further she admitted that it was beginning to stimulate her and she felt a bit wet. We obviously had to see exactly how wet she was getting so walked down the back of some houses and took turns sliding our fingers into the panties to check out her pussy. We were briefly interrupted by someone walking their dog and I asked Clare if she wanted me to ask the guy if he wanted to finger her as well but she said no. Before we set off again, we pulled the panties up firmly again, ensuring the vibe was nestled against her clit and then headed back to the house to retrieve Clare’s clothes.

Brett and Corey were there and clearly hadn’t done much tidying since the party had ended so we helped out a little. It wasn’t much more than a token effort though as even though we picked up Clare’s clothes, she wasn’t allowed to put them on and had to tidy up just wearing her panties. By this point Jen had knocked up the power on the vibe a notch and Clare was randomly being groped whenever someone went past her. That was the real reason we only did a little tidying as the groping soon descended into Corey and Brett spending more time fondling Clare with Giles, Jen and me helping out. Clare lost her panties, revealing a very wet looking pussy and Jen asked to have a turn eating Clare before the guys used her. I couldn’t let Jen take all of Clare’s juices so we ended up sharing them and getting Clare close to cumming, at which point we led her upstairs and plonked her on the bed. Jen placed herself over Clare’s face and the rest of us briefly fingered and caressed Clare before allowing Corey to have a turn eating her then sliding in to her. He fucked her and played with her clit while I kept Brett occupied – at first sucking his cock as he fingered and frigged me and then mounting him and having him fuck me. Jen told me not to be too greedy so I promised her I’d let Clare have his cum but still enjoyed riding him. Corey was warned that he couldn’t cum until Clare did but as she’d been stimulated by the vibe for so long and we’d all played with her, this wasn’t an issue and she actually came a fair bit before he did. Clare was sufficiently wet that her pussy was making wonderful squishing sounds as Corey fucked her so Jen and I added some saliva to the mix to keep things really wet. Jen and Giles kept playing with Clare’s nipples as Corey finished off and came into her. I told him to pump the cum as far in as he could and when he pulled out, we moved Clare over to the edge of the bed and I knelt to kitty kiss her while she finished pleasuring Jen.

By the time Jen came, I had a good mouthful of juices and cum and crawled up Clare’s body to kiss her. I pressed a thigh between her legs and we humped against each other as we kissed – at first I let most of the good flow into her mouth but we then rolled around a bit with our tongues lashing against each other and letting the mix of juices flow back and forth. I then pulled Clare upright and pulled my mouth away from hers slightly so we were still kissing with our tongues but letting the liquid run out down our chins and drip on our bodies. We then humped against each other again, spreading the liquid over our bodies as we pressed together.

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