Thursday, 1 September 2016

A Christmas Present (December 2014) – Part 2

Mike was torn between diving in and burying his face in Lucy’s pussy or taking a few minutes to prepare – giving them both a chance to visit the bathroom, have a drink and a bite to eat and then settling down for an extended session. Lucy said she didn’t mind and suggested they do both, letting Mike have a turn with her straight away and tasting what she was like just after waking up (Lucy loves the way Lis tastes first thing), then having a break and refreshments before letting him have a ‘proper’ go with her. Mike kissed her, told her he thought she was wonderful and promised to do his best. He kissed his way down Lucy’s body, suckling on each of her nipples on the way past, tickling her belly button with his tongue and leaving a trail of kisses down to her mons. He kissed around her thighs, across her mons and right up to her pussy – going only just a little further in than he’d been allowed to the previous night and avoiding her lips. Lucy spread her legs wider to allow him access and told him he didn’t need to tease her but Mike still spent a few more minutes kissing around her lips, just occasionally grazing them with his lips as he moved from kissing one side of her pussy to the other.

He spread Lucy’s lips again and told her that her pussy was beautiful then got her to push a couple of pillows down which he helped slide under her ass to put her in a better position to eat. Lucy enjoyed the last brief period before Mike eating her by asking him how much he’d wanted to do this and he told her (as she knew) that it was at least as big a turn on for him as getting to have sex with her. Lucy covered her pussy with a hand and asked if he’d be disappointed if she changed her mind and he warned her that she’d better not as he couldn’t wait any longer. She slowly stroked herself and pushed a couple of fingers into her pussy, commenting on how wet she was and asked if he’d help to clean her up. As he settled down between her legs he pointed out that he was hoping to make her much wetter with what he was about to do, but then added that he intended to taste a good portion of her juices so it might even out. He kissed up each thigh and around her pussy and mons once more before kissing up the length of her slit. He did this a few more times then spread her lips and kissed around her inner lips – not using his tongue yet though. Lucy squirmed around under him in anticipation and Mike finally added his tongue to the mix, lightly licking from the bottom of her pussy, swirling around her inner lips and then up to her clit. Lucy murmured that it felt nice so he told her he was just getting started and licked a bit harder. He licked and sucked every part of her pussy, pulling her lips into his mouth, sliding his tongue as far into her as he could, sucking and licking her clit, both slowly and rapidly and swirling his tongue over her ass. Mike occasionally broke contact with Lucy’s pussy to kiss and nibble on her thighs as well as reaching up to cup her breasts. Lucy tried to hold him against her pussy a few times but he asked to take things a bit slower so he could enjoy his first time there properly. She whined a bit and said she wanted to cum so he didn’t tease her too much, but made sure he didn’t push her towards her orgasm too quickly either. When Lucy let out a plaintive ‘pleaasseee’ he concentrated a bit more on her clit and was glad that he’d slept with her a few times so he had some idea of how she reacted as she got close to cumming. This allowed him to take her to orgasm at a fairly steady pace, eat her through her orgasm and then switch to kitty kissing before the sensations became too intense. Lucy relaxed back into the bed and stroked his head, saying that he wasn’t bad at it and he could do it again. Mike briefly pulled away to say they’d have a proper session after breakfast and Lucy let out a little laugh, saying that if what they’d just done wasn’t a proper session then what was?

Mike kissed his way back up Lucy’s body and told her she’d have to wait and see. She shied away from his kiss at first as his face was covered with her juices so Mike told her that she didn’t seem adverse to burying her mouth in Jen’s pussy. Lucy said it was different as that was someone else’s juices so Mike told her she tasted every bit as good as Jen and that he’d seen her taste herself enough times that she didn’t need to keep up the ‘good girl’ act. They kissed and Mike slid his cock into Lucy. She commented on how hard he felt and he told her he’d fuck her at the end of their next session if she wanted him to, then changed it to say ‘if she’d let him’. Lucy said if he bought her breakfast then he could fuck her so he led her downstairs and prepared a light breakfast that they ate together.

Lis, Jen and I woke up a little later than Mike and Lucy had so we were really only just getting started on our morning session when we heard them head downstairs. At the time I assumed it was just because Lucy had only allowed Mike a morning fuck (not knowing he was now allowed to eat her). Both Lis and I had cum and Jen and I were lying either side of Lis, playing with her breasts, kissing her and fondling her pussy when we heard Mike and Lucy come back upstairs. I half expected them to come in and see what we were up to but they didn’t make an appearance and we still had to take care of Jen so we didn’t spend too much time thinking about them.

Lucy and Mike both had a quick bathroom break and Lucy said that she assumed Mike wouldn’t mind her having just peed given he lived with Jen. They started off kissing properly with Mike grinding against Lucy as he described to her how he was used to eating Jen as she peed and how he loved the way she enjoyed doing this (Mike isn’t into watersports himself – he just likes seeing Jen cum). Lucy and Jen have done the same thing enough times now that Lucy doesn’t find it too odd either. Mike slipped his cock into Lucy and they slowly humped against each other for a while. He told her that he really wanted to taste her properly and she said she thought it was a little strange that he was so into eating pussy when most guys wanted to just fuck. Mike assured her he wanted to fuck her as well and reiterated that he loved giving pleasure to girls and it made it feel all the better for him when he then came afterwards. Lucy asked if he was going to get started so he kissed her one last time on the lips, kissed his way down her body, stopping briefly at her nipples and then kissed down her stomach to her crotch. As he’d done earlier, he kissed around her pussy first before starting to eat her and swirled his tongue around, over and in her pussy.

Mike took his time and teased Lucy more than he’d done before – taking her close to cumming twice and backing off before licking her through her first orgasm of the session. He held on to Lucy’s legs as she came so she didn’t pull away and he switched to kitty kissing as her orgasm faded. Once Lucy relaxed and he was sure she knew he was going to be gentle for a while he reached up and their fingers entwined. He slowly kissed and nibbled at her pussy as her breathing steadied and she told him how nice it felt. Mike refrained from making any comment as he was focussed on the desire to get her off twice without his mouth breaking contact with her pussy (or at least her crotch as he was still occasionally flicking his tongue over her ass and gently spearing her). Lucy seemed to relax more as he continued eating her and made a few more noises – she isn’t generally that loud when having sex but now seems to be a lot more comfortable around us and at least utters moans and sighs which Mike loved hearing. He pulled her lips apart and explored inside her with his tongue but kept returning to her clit so she stayed well stimulated. This time he didn’t take her as close to cumming while teasing her, but kept her aroused for longer until she was breathing heavily. He reached up to hold hands with her again before he pushed her over the edge and she humped back against his face as she came. Mike pictured how her face looked as she came and swirled his tongue around her pussy and clit. As her orgasm faded he gave her a few more firm licks and she moaned again so he decided to see if she could cum again and resumed eating her properly. Lucy let out a gasp and a moan and started cumming again. This was more than Mike had hoped for (realistically anyway) so he ate her through the orgasm and eased off back to kitty kissing.

He stayed between her legs for another five minutes or so, only kissing and licking her pussy very gently and occasionally flicking his tongue over her ass. She flinched a number of times when he did this, but from the sounds she was making he guessed she was enjoying it. After a final lick of her cunt he pulled away and wiped the juices from his face, kissed her mons and crawled up her body. Lucy gave him a smile and said that it had been good so Mike pouted and said he’d been aiming for a bit more than just ‘good’. She kissed him and said that seeing as he’d given her multiple orgasms she might upgrade the assessment. Mike said that he was surprised he’d got the second orgasm out of her at the end and Lucy kissed him and said that he’d actually got a third orgasm. Mike said he meant the second orgasm the second time she’d cum and Lucy told him that she’d actually cum three times at the end or four times in total that session – once at the beginning, then a second time after the kitty kissing and licking, then the third and fourth time just after the second. It’s difficult to explain just how pleased Mike was with this and he asked if it meant he’d be allowed to eat Lucy again sometime. Lucy told him that they both knew once she let him eat her that it would continue – just like him being allowed to have sex with her.

Mike took that as a cue and slid down a little so his cock was pressed against the entrance to her pussy, then moved up to slide in to her. Lucy let him in but said she needed a bit of a break before they did anything properly but he could spoon with her if he wanted. Mike told her it wouldn’t be any fun cumming in her if she didn’t cum as well so he would wait. Lucy made a comment about him always being the gentleman and he asked if that really applied to someone who’d just spent the best part of an hour buried between her legs and then wanted to fill her cunt with his cum. Lucy agreed that if he put it like that, then he might not be quite as much of a gentleman, but at least he was making sure she enjoyed herself.

They kissed a while longer before coming downstairs to see Lis, Lucy and me and Lis asked Lucy if she had given Mike his present. Lis had already told Jen and me that Lucy had been considering letting Mike eat her and we’d guessed that’s what they’d been doing. From the state Mike’s cock was in, it was also clear that he hadn’t cum yet so I asked if he’d managed to exhaust Lucy. It was Lucy who told us he’d given her a proper multiple orgasm (at which point I told Mike he’d have to do the same to me that night – sadly I can’t get these on demand though). I offered Mike to Lis but as Jen and I had already taken care of her just a little bit earlier, she declined, although told him he might be needed later on and that she didn’t want him to tire out his tongue on Lucy so Mike promised her he’d keep enough energy to eat her as much as she wanted. I’d had enough of waiting by this point and told him to lie back so I could plant myself on his cock. As we fucked I told him he felt nice and hard and that he must be really turned on from eating Lucy – he agreed with this but said he’d hold back as he wanted to cum in her later on as she might also be able to get pregnant. I told him that I was the next one who’d be getting a baby and Lis assured me that Lucy was on the borderline of her safe period, although there was a small chance that something could happen. I trust Lis’ statistical analysis enough that I felt slightly reassured but I still humped against Mike quite fast in the hope I could convince him to cum in me instead of Lucy. Sadly, Mike is still very adept at holding back and Lis ended up helping out but getting me to turn around so she could lick my clit as I rode Mike so I didn’t stand a chance.

After this, Mike showered with Lis and semi-fucked her as they washed each other down. Jen showered with Lucy and I went in after them. The rest of the day was relatively quiet (in terms of sex) – we wandered around the shops and made plans for Lis’ baby (both Lis and Lucy wanted Mike to be involved with things. Only once while we were out did we fool around when we used a dressing room and instead of just checking out the clothes Lis wanted to try on, Jen and I stripped her, pressed her up against the wall and toyed with her until she came. In our defence, Lis should have known better than to enter a changing room with us as we’ve fucked in them many times before and she didn’t exactly put up a struggle and allowed us to play with her. Lis came with Jen and I each stroking one of her nipples, my fingers in her pussy and my thumb pressed against her ass and Jen’s other hand working Lis’ clit. She let out a few gasps that were possibly a little louder than was sensible given or surroundings, but nothing came of this and I knelt to kitty kiss her while Jen gathered up Lis’ clothes so she could get dressed again.

On returning home, Mike asked for another chance to go down on Lucy and she allowed him the ‘privilege’ of eating her. Always one to push his luck, Mike asked if she’d wear some long socks for him and with a sigh, she agreed. Once Mike had fetched the socks (he went for long white ones), slid them on to Lucy’s legs and settled down between them, Lis reminded him that she’d promised to wear whatever he wanted and I thought it was quite amusing that he had two self-declared lesbians almost (but not quite) fighting for his attention. Jen told Mike not to be too greedy as she wanted a turn with Lucy later on that night so he promised to be gentle and buried his mouth in Lucy’s pussy. I have to admit, while Lis (after Jen of course) is my favourite girl, Lucy looked incredibly sexy as Mike worked on her – she joined in the conversation from time to time and then went quiet for periods of time, visibly enjoying what Mike was doing to her. He spent a good part of an hour licking her but didn’t push her too close to cumming for most of that period – it was only near the end that Lucy seemed to be very close and that only lasted for five minutes or so before she came (at which point we all stopped talking and watched her throughout her orgasm. I had been slowly stroking myself for a fair part of the session and Jen toyed with herself a bit in the run up to and through Lucy’s orgasm, saying that she intended to have an even better session with Lucy that night. Mike tried to give Lucy another multiple orgasm but had to back off and just kitty kiss her when she said she couldn’t cum again.


  1. Does Mike have any toys? I know you guys have quite a few for the females but doesn't sound like there are any for the guys besides rings. I know a lot of guys say I just prefer to have sex but that's a bullshit argument because if it were true then why waste the time with diodes and vibes? I think after all he's done for you ladies you Tyson Foods together and get if you take the eggs and maybe a fleshlight. The newer quickshot is really good.

    1. For some reason I still can't reply as me - but I have to approve the comments so you know it's me.

      Mike has tried (and quite liked) the fleshlight but still prefers actually being inside one of us. We've used it on him a few times to tease him and he has used it (on low power) while eating us so he's ready to fuck us and cum really quickly after we've cum (when we don't have time for an extended session).

      We even looked in to having custom ones made but the DIY kits seemed a bit sketchy and not too reliable so we decided not to risk it.

  2. How do you remember so much detail from two years ago?! I hope the pregnancy went well, but i guess I'll have to wait and see!

    1. When the blog first started I was writing up entries from even longer ago and we had to put things together from memory. Once I realised I intended to keep writing it, we started making notes and I have Mike and Jen (and occasionally Sue) help out and fact check things to see if I've remembered correctly. I'm sure the details aren't always exactly correct but I don't try to exaggerate things and what I write is certainly in the spirit of how things happened.

  3. You should still get him a few Tenga eggs. Check them out. It would allow him to "play" in areas he normally can't because of the mess but these take care of that problem and feel amazing. They are fun because it does for the guy what remote eggs do for the girl. The fleshlight I agree is nice but a bit involved while the "quickshot" model and eggs are perfect when away from home. Esp. The eggs. It would allow one of you ladies to tease and make him cum in public if you so choose which is very naughty.

  4. Ok I haven't issued a challenge in a while so here are two.
    1. Go from nothing to orgasm in under 60 seconds
    2. Without the use of hookup sites/apps, clubs, (or sex shops) meet someone for the first time and fuck them in under 5 minutes.
    3. Choose one female and go two full weeks without an orgasm or sexual contact of any kind.

    The third may seem a bit rough but when that person can orgasm again....look out!!
    Good luck.

    1. #1 is fairly easy (with a sybian anyway :) - it all depends on what you mean by 'nothing' though. I'd be at least a little aroused by the thought of the challenge so would have 'started' already, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it if you mean 'without being played with beforehand'.

      #2 will be a bit more of a challenge as you've eliminated all the places it would be easy. I'm going to exclude delivery guys as well and we don't have any trips planned where I could find someone staying by themselves in a hotel and knock on their door for 'help'. We'll have a think about this

      #3 No - don't be stupid! I'm sure Jen or Lisa 'could' do this, but I wouldn't want them to suffer (I don't include myself in the list of people who could cope!)