Tuesday, 6 September 2016

A Christmas Present (December 2014) – Part 3

Once Lucy had been released from the ravages of Mike’s tongue, we set about deciding on what to have for dinner. As we hadn’t done the pizza dare for a while (or our variation of it) I suggested we get a take-away instead of cooking, but only if Lis and Lucy would play along as well. Lucy was hesitant at first but when Lis said she was game Lucy agreed so we decided on what to get and placed the order. We had a fair wait (the perils of ordering take-away on a Saturday night) so Lis and Mike fed MJ and got her down to bed while at the same time Jen and I selected some outfits for us to wear. Needless to say, none of them covered up much and Lis, Jen and I went without panties altogether (and even Lucy’s were very lacy, without a solid crotch panel so even her pussy was fairly visible). We debated having Mike answer the door so Lis, Lucy, Jen and I could be ‘busy’ but decided it would be better if Mike stayed out of the way and one of us answered. Lucy was the natural choice as she wasn’t *actually* half naked (although as I’ve said, she was hardly covered as her bra was similar to her panties so her breasts were also pretty much fully exposed). She objected at first but when we reminded her of the plan she agreed that having the delivery guy see her like that would be the least of her worries.

When the doorbell rang I peeked out the window and thought I recognised the guy. We pushed Lucy down the hall and she nervously answered the door while Lis and Jen sat on the sofa and I moved between them, licking and fingering them in turn. We heard Lucy invite the guy in and warn him that ‘her friends’ were busy in the living room but he could go in if he wasn’t going to be offended. The guy strode in and stood watching us, then Jen told Lucy to get back to work and held her lips apart. Lucy knelt beside me and starting eating Jen and I looked round to the guy and told him I could do with some attention – if he was interested. As expected, he was interested and I felt his hand on my ass. He also stroked Lucy’s ass but she told him (fairly kindly) that she was gay and it was me who wanted him. The guy apologised and stroked my ass some more and I then felt his fingers rubbing around my pussy, slide between my lips and pump in and out of me. I murmured that it felt good, but that his cock might feel a lot better and told him where he could find a condom (we always keep stashes of one or two in a number of places so they are on hand but without making it look too obvious by having a whole pile in one place). I watched the guy slide the condom on, wiped some juices from Lis’ pussy onto the condom and resumed eating Lis while sticking my ass out to present my pussy to him.

I felt him rub his cock along my pussy lips, then between my ass cheeks. He asked if he could take my ass and I told him maybe another time and that I wanted to feel him in my cunt. He didn’t seem too bothered by this and slipped in to me, then made a comment about how wet I felt. I stoked his ego a bit and told him it was because of the way he’d been fingering me and rubbing his hard cock around my pussy and felt him push in deeper. I wanted to enjoy the session so told him to play with my breasts and clit and that if he made me cum before he did that he could come back and fuck me again sometime (I nearly said ‘anytime’ but decided it would be best to reward him a little at a time). He reached around and fondled my breasts through my top at first but then pushed it up and freed my breasts so he could grope them directly. I humped back against him and after me prompting him again he also reached around to play with my clit. I made sure to put on a good show with what I was doing with Lis and moved my head out of the way a few times so he could watch as I fingered her. I grinned up at Lis as I did this and mouthed at her that she had to cum, then dived in to her pussy one last time and lapped at her until she pushed herself harder against my face and had the orgasm I was trying to give her.

I was getting fairly close by this point so encouraged my delivery guy to frig me a bit more and pulled Lis’ pussy lips apart to give him a better view but still occasionally lapped gently at her. Jen’s mewing was increasing in volume and I told the guy to try and get me off at the same time as her. In the end, I came a little before Jen did, but that meant that the guy could watch Jen cum and hammer away inside me so he came just a little bit after she did. He pushed hard into me and I pushed back against him while doing my best to squeeze myself around his cock (this isn’t always as easy just after cumming) to try and milk his cum from his cock. I then turned around and took him in my mouth, sucking my juices from the condom. I then stroked Lucy through her panties, rubbing the crotch of them against her pussy and between her lips a few times before pulling them down and handing them to the guy to use to clean himself off as he removed the condom. He gingerly wiped his cock with them so I helped out and wrapped them around it properly and giving him a good (but gentle) rub to clean his cum up, then handed the panties back to Lucy. Unsurprisingly she didn’t put them back on but also didn’t try to cover up the fact that her pussy was now bare. I thanked the guy for helping me cum – he thanked us for the show (and for letting him fuck me) and we paid him for the meal before sending him on his way. I kept my promise and gave him my number, saying he could call me anytime he wanted for another fuck, but added the provision that I wanted him to be desperate to cum and that we’d fuck properly as many times as he could manage.

With the guy gone, Mike came down to join us and we ate dinner in our semi-clad state in front of the fire. Mike spooned with Lucy for a while and was going to cum in her again but I convinced him he should really save his cum for Lis. That didn’t stop him from fucking and frigging Lucy so she came again and Jen told him off as she didn’t want Lucy to be too tired to do anything with her. Lucy assured Jen that she would cope and then asked me who I’d be spending the night with. I really wanted to go with Mike and Lis, but as I’d had the previous night with Lis it seemed fairer to go with Jen and Lucy (and I figured I’d get to play with Lis on the Sunday before she left anyway). Mike gave Lucy one last little kitty kissing session before we all headed upstairs with Jen. Lucy and me heading into Jen’s room and Mike taking Lis into his room.

Lis asked Mike what he wanted her to wear and he said he didn’t mind and would fuck her naked but Lis seemed to want to play so wandered into Jen’s room and looked through the wardrobe. In the end she went with one of our older outfits – a red pleated tartan skirt with long white socks and a white blouse. She even put her hair up in bunches for him and I was quite tempted to follow her back into Mike’s room, but it would have been rude to interrupt what I’d started with Lucy and Jen so let her go but did look longingly after her. Fortunately Jen and Lucy were enough to keep me distracted so I didn’t have time to miss Lis and as Jen fucked Lucy (with our ejaculating strap on), Lucy used some toys, her fingers and her tongue on me. Jen ‘came’ in Lucy with some edible cum mix, then licked the cum out of her as Lucy finished off making me cum. As Jen hadn’t cum as many times as we had that day (and because she finally had a proper session with ‘her’ Lucy, she was feeling quite horny and eagerly accepted the advances of both Lucy and me. We couldn’t make too much noise as MJ was asleep in the cot beside us but now that Jen had stopped breastfeeding she wanted us to treat her a bit rougher. We sucked firmly on Jen’s nips and then bit them – not hard enough to draw blood, but certainly much harder than I know I could take. We each gave Jen’s thighs some firm bites, working our way closer to her pussy. Lucy got there first on her turn and gently bit Jen’s pussy lips. For my turn, we flipped Jen over and I bit her ass and Lucy joined in with this. We gave her a few firm slaps, pulling the covers up to muffle the noise and Lucy and I each used two fingers on Jen at the same time to finger her while taking turns firmly frigging her and tweaking her nipples. Jen mewed into a pillow. As Jen started to cum, I pinched one of her nipples harder and she pressed my hand firmly against her breast. I could feel her body making little jerking movements as she came and we carried on firmly fingering her, with all four of our fingers pumping in and out of Jen’s cunt until she lifted her head from the pillow and panted ‘enough’.

I suggested that Lucy could help Jen calm down so Jen rolled onto her back and let Lucy kitty kiss her and I took the opportunity to climb over Jen’s face as I remembered how she used to give me really good lickings after a spankings. It wasn’t quite how I’d remembered it, but felt quite nice and would have definitely felt much better in a matter of minutes if MJ hadn’t woken up. We generally don’t fuck in front of her (when she’s awake) anyway, but as Jen as enjoying her time with Lucy, I sacrificed my enjoyment and dismounted Jen’s face so I could go and comfort MJ, lifting her from her cot and taking her downstairs for a cuddle on the sofa. I peeked in at Mike and Lis on the way past who were still going at it and as I walked downstairs I wondered if she would still want to fuck Mike as the baby grew inside her.

When Lis had returned in the tartan skirt and bunches, Mike told her that she looked incredibly sexy and he hoped she had the energy to cum a few more times for him. Lis wrapped a hand around his cock and bent over to suck him, then told him that as long as he fucked her and came in her again, he could do whatever he wanted. He pulled her onto the bed, across his knee and caressed her ass under the skirt, sliding his fingers between her lips and up into her pussy. Lis reached back to stroke his cock (although the angle was a bit awkward) and Mike told her he wanted to examine her little cunt. He pulled her over him in a 69 position but didn’t start eating her and just used his fingers to stroke and spread her lips. Lis stroked and sucked on his cock. Mike couldn’t keep his mouth away from Lis’ pussy for long and pushed it between her lips, tasting the juices he’d been stimulating in her. The licking turned into eating and after making contact, he worked on her without pulling away once until she came and he had kitty kissed her back to normal. Lis had continued to suck and stroke Mike throughout this and she commented on the colour his cock had turned and whether it meant he had enjoyed what she’d done. Mike rolled Lis off of him and climbed over her, pressing his cock against her crotch and kissing her deeply, then telling her that her mouth felt wonderful and if he hadn’t wanted to cum deep inside her pussy, he would have gladly emptied his cum down her throat. Between kissed, he teased Lis and asked whether a lesbian would prefer to have a guy cum in her pussy or mouth and Lis told him that just like Jen, she didn’t consider him a man, just someone she loved. Mike pretended that she had wounded his pride, but told her he loved her too and that now she had his baby inside her that he hoped both Lis and Lucy would be a part of our lives for ever.

Lis wrapped her legs around him and told him to push into her. As they started to fuck she asked if he really thought he could keep four women satisfied but Mike pointed out that Lis, Lucy, Jen and I would all be helping to keep each other satisfied and he would eat or fuck whichever of us wanted him at any given time. Lis hissed that she wanted him and they rolled over so she could ride him, allowing Mike to caress her legs and play with her clit. She leant forwards and they kissed some more as Mike caressed her ass and he asked her to keep the socks on overnight so he could stroke them as he kissed her thighs in the morning. Lis agreed and said it was a good trade. Lis asked how close he was and Mike said he could last a bit longer and she humped against him faster. Lis ground her clit against Mike’s body and told him to warn her when he got close and they carried on fucking. Instead of Mike being the one to keep Lis close to cumming (but not actually letting her cum), Lis took care of this herself. She switched between grinding against him and riding him, her thrusts growing more intense and passionate as the session developed, but she held her desire in check just enough to stop herself from cumming. Mike encouraged this as he loved seeing her enjoying herself so much and getting so worked up so he held back as well and just enjoyed the velvety feel of Lis’ hot, wet pussy around his cock. Lis eventually panted to him that she wanted to cum and between kisses Mike teased her and said that he thought they should keep going for another 20 minutes before cumming. Lis told him to shut up and cum in her cunt so Mike pulled her against him and pumped away. Lis wanted to remain in control though and sat up so she could grind against him again, moaning almost continually and telling him how close she was getting. As Mike had also been holding back for a fair while he had no trouble getting to the point where he could cum and held back just long enough for Lis to reach her orgasm (he actually came slightly before she did, but was still cumming when her orgasm started).

Lis humped against Mike until he couldn’t take it anymore and he once again pulled her down against him. She continued to grind against him, although only gently and they kissed while panting into each other’s mouths. As Mike caught his breath, he took Lis’ face in his hands, gave her a little kiss and said ‘Fuck, you’re good’. Lis beamed one of her cute smiles at him and told him he wasn’t bad either. They kissed some more and Lis asked him if he’d still want to fuck her when she had a huge bump and Mike reminded her that he had happily eaten, fingered and fucked Jen throughout her pregnancy and that he expected Lis to be  just as alluring and irresistible no matter how big she got. He teased her about her now being one of ‘his’ girls and how he wouldn’t let her go, then nibbled on her neck and told her he intended to repeatedly fuck her wife (Lucy) as well. Lis said that was fine as long as she could fuck his wife (me) and then added that she also wanted access to Jen. They made a verbal contract assigning each other full access to their respective partners and Mike told Lis he hoped her libido would go into overdrive the way Jen’s had during her pregnancy.

By this point Mike had slipped out of Lis so she took the opportunity to remove her blouse and skirt (but left the socks on). She suggested that they spoon while falling asleep but Mike was too soft for this so Lis sat with her legs spread and pouted while stroking herself, saying that she was sad she wasn’t sexy enough to keep Mike hard. Let’s just say the sight of Lis in bunches, with a cute look on her face and long white socks on, toying with her pussy as his cum leaked from it was more than enough to get Mike interested again and when she bent forwards and took a good length of his cock in her mouth, it cemented the deal. Once Lis had given him a good sucking, he offered to kitty kiss her but she said she was tired, he lay behind her and slid easily into her pussy. They moved against each other while Mike kissed her neck and shoulders and caressed her stomach, asking her to promise to look after his child. Lis assured him that she had stopped drinking coffee and alcohol and cur right back on the meth (teasing him). She pointed out that it was still really early and Mike said he understood and the discussed what they would do if things didn’t work out. Lis said she would want to keep trying and Mike promised her as much of his cum as he could produce.

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