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A Christmas Present (December 2014) – Part 4

Apologies for the absence - a longer entry to makeup for it.

On the Sunday morning, Mike went down on Lis and ate her awake, enjoying the time between her legs. He had no trouble making her cum and happily kitty kissed her afterwards until she said she wanted to fuck. This time they spooned for most of the session (with a couple of other positions in the middle) as Lis wanted him to hold her against him. She craned her neck round so they could kiss as she came and Mike carried on slowly moving in her while she recovered. She asked if he was going to cum and he told her ‘all in good time’ and they discussed how he could give her multiple orgasms in the way he’d done to Lucy. Sadly, this wasn’t something Lis could give him an answer to, but was happy to let him fuck her to another orgasm (once she’d had a chance to recover a bit). This time Mike did cum in her and then remained in her while stroking her stomach and asking her to describe what pregnancy symptoms she’d been experiencing so far.

In Jen’s room, Lucy woke first and went down on Jen to wake her. At first Jen assumed it was me eating her but once she saw me still sleeping she lay back and enjoyed Lucy’s attention. Jen’s mewing woke me up and for a little while I lay watching her getting more excited, gently stroking myself as I did so. I ended up sliding over to be beside Jen so I could play with her breasts. As Jen’s legs were spread to allow Lucy access to her pussy, I humped against one of them and asked Jen to describe what Lucy was doing. Between her mews, Jen told me how Lucy was licking her, where her tongue was probing, how she was sucking her clit and how it all felt. I told Lucy to hurry up as I wanted her to do me next, then decided not to be so greedy (I’m working on this) and thought I should help out our guest.

I kissed Jen goodbye and got out of bed, moved down to the end, flipped up the covers and buried my face between Lucy’s ass cheeks. At this point Lucy was lying flat on the bed so I couldn’t get to her pussy that well and just lapped at her ass, but when I pulled on Lucy’s hips she adjusted her position and knelt up so I could kneel down and lap at her pussy properly. After licking and fingering her for a couple of minutes I decided I should make proper use of the access I had and went to fetch a couple of toys. I lubed up one of our nice silicone coated vibes with tingle gel and worked it into Lucy’s pussy, then slid a small anal vibe into her ass. I placed apadded stool at the end of the bed so I could lie on my back with my ass on the stool and my head and shoulders on the bed then pulled Lucy’s crotch down to my mouth and lapped at her clit. I had put both the vibes onto a slow setting so they wouldn’t provide too much stimulation and I took my time and kissed and licked around Lucy’s mons and lips as well as teasing her clit. I could hear Jen’s mewing continuing and then growing in intensity and hoped we didn’t wake MJ. Fortunately MJ slept through until long after Jen had cum (Lucy kept kitty kissing Jen) and when MJ did finally wake, Jen said she would take care of the baby and leave Lucy and I to finish our morning session.

Lucy was already well along the path to cumming and I was ready for some attention. At first we just 69ed, but Lucy then told me she wanted to fuck me and I was told to lie back and let her slide the vibes that had been inside her into my holes. I suggested we be a bit more adventurous and break out the double dildos and Lucy enthusiastically agreed. She actually did most of the work, selecting two of the long ones, covering the ends with lube and pushing them into both my cunt and ass. She then climbed onto the bed, knelt on all fours facing away from me and lifted the end of the dildo protruding from y ass and pushed it into her cunt. She asked me to take care of the other one so I lifted it and pressed the end against her ass as she pushed back and watched it slide between her cheeks. Lucy rocked back and forth and the dildos in our asses mostly stayed put, meaning they slid in and out of each other’s pussies. Given I was in a better position to play with her, I reached forwards and toyed with Lucy’s clit and occasionally took hold of the dildo in her ass and pumped it in and out to fuck her properly. As we fucked, we chatted about how Lucy had been such a dark horse – so well behaved at Uni (in comparison to the rest of the gang there anyway) but really just as much of a slut who enjoyed cumming. Naturally Lucy blamed this on Jen, Lis and me and I was more than happy to take credit and told her she should show off her new found freedom the next time she visited her Uni friends. As we fucked I described how Lisa would happily eat her in front of everyone and how I was sure Susan and Abrahii would join in and that Mel and Julia would probably come back if they knew they’d get to fuck her. We then moved on to discussing the guys with me asking her which ones she thought would be the most desperate to bury their cocks in her and whether she wanted them to cum over her or in her. Lucy is still mostly gay so this didn’t appeal to her quite as much but she said she was a bit tempted to fuck James as he seemed quite sweet but as he is also mostly gay, she wasn’t sure if she could make him cum. I reminded her that Abrahii had been ‘training’ James to appreciate a woman’s pussy for a number of years now and that I couldn’t imagine he’d be able to keep himself from cumming if he found his cock in any of her holes.

Lucy was very close to cumming and asked me to play with her clit so I did so as she humped back and forth on the dildos. She came and I wished I’d been able to see her face (unfortunately the mirror wasn’t at the end of the bed as I’d moved it when I’d put the stool there) so I just had to imagine her expression. I started to toy with my own clit but Lucy told me to do it properly and that I had to fuck myself the way she’d just done so we slowly turned around with the aim of getting her on her back and me kneeling up with the dildos still in us. We didn’t quite manage this and the dildo in my pussy slipped out so we stopped to reinsert it. Next, the dildo from Lucy’s pussy fell out and audibly slapped against her thigh so we got into position with me kneeling on all fours beofore reinserting them and Lucy told me to ride her until I came. I made a comment about her really being a little slut which resulted in her slapping my ass, rapidly pumping the dildo in and out of my ass and telling me I was hardly one to talk. I pointed out that I wasn’t complaining and Lucy said she could always bring her police uniform along next time and I’d find out how she used the truncheon (we know, she and Lis have told us). Lucy frigged my clit as I fucked her and I said I liked the sound of that, but Jen would probably prefer being punished more. When I looked back I saw that Lucy was frigging herself and I asked what on earth had happened to her as she seemed far hornier than usual – but that once again I wasn’t complaining. Lucy said she just wanted to cum so I promised her that if I came first I’d made sure she was taken care of and continued humping against the dildos while occasionally looking under my body at the view of the dildos shared between us. I repeatedly pushed back against Lucy, feeling the dildo in my pussy sliding in and out and the one in my ass mostly remaining still. Lucy’s fingers rapidly frigged my clit and I told her I was getting close – she said she wasn’t there yet and I told her not to worry and that I’d keep going. I moaned into the duvet as I came – not that I was being really loud, I just couldn’t be bothered to move it out of the way. Lucy eased off frigging me but as promised I kept riding her – fucking us both with the dildos as she carried on frigging herself. I tried looking back to watch her but this made it more difficult to keep a steady rhythm so I just concentrated on humping and listened as Lucy told me she was getting close and then came.

I felt Lucy place her hand on my ass to slow my movements and I slowed down, but didn’t stop, instead switching to longer strokes, getting as much of the dildo into my pussy (and Lucy’s) as I could, then pulling a good way out. I didn’t do this for long and pulled myself away so the dildo’s slipped out of our cunts, then turned around and crawled up over Lucy’s body so we could kiss. We each still had a long dildo trailing from our asses and I asked Lucy how she liked having a tail. She giggled at this and I told her we could always go buy her a proper tail if she liked it but Lucy said she couldn’t imagine wearing it out anywhere the way I’d done. We kissed for a few more minutes before separating and removing the dildo’s from each other’s asses. I pulled the mirror back to the end of the bed and we both lay on our backs with our legs up and examined the ‘damge’ that had been done. Neither of us do anal frequently enough that we had gaping assholes, but it was quite obvious we’d just had something of a reasonable size u pthere. I teased Lucy more about doing things with the gang from her Uni and asked what she thought they would think of her if they could see her like this. Lucy said she didn’t really care what they thought. I told her that was a lie but she was adamant so I dared her to stay where she was with her legs drawn up and spread and I grabbed my phone. I took a few pictures and even got her to slide a couple of fingers into her pussy then suck them clean (with more pictures being taken) and it wasn’t until I started listing who I was going to send them to that her façade started to break. To her credit, she let me list most of the members of the gang (past and present) and said she didn’t care them seeing her like that and it was only when I said I’d add some of her ‘normal’ (meaning non sex-crazed) friends that she told me not to send it. Of course, I didn’t sent the pics to anyone (although did keep them) and Lucy later said that she knew I wouldn’t have sent them, even to the gang (or at least she had been counting on me not sending them).

Lucy and I joined Jen downstairs and Mike and Lis surfaced a little later (Lis was still just wearing the long socks but put her bunches back in). Lucy found the look quite alluring as well and fondled Lis in the kitchen so I joined in and whispered a description of what Jen, Lucy and I had got up to the previous night and that morning. Lis said she wasn’t surprised and that she had warned us Lucy was really a dirty little girl and as punishment for this, Lucy smeared yoghurt over Lis’ breasts and pussy for she and I to lick off. Mike wanted in on this as well, but was told to give the girls a chance (he did point out that Lucy can play with Lis whenever she wants but was still told to back off). I felt a little bit sorry for him as I knew how much he wanted to play with both Lis and Lucy at the same time so I took pity on him and said he could always play with me. He wiped some of the yoghurt over my pussy and knelt behind me to lick me and once I was clean he slid into me to fuck and frig me while watching what we were doing to Lis. Mike made me cum before we got Lis off and I took MJ from Jen to let her take my place playing with Lis. Mike repeated what he’d done to me, eating and then fucking Jen, although Lis came before Jen did and Mike backed off and offered Lucy the chance to finish Jen off. Jen thanked Mike for this and event knelt and gave his cock a quick kiss, saying she would reward him later on – he did ask if he could play with her while she played with Jen but Lucy said she had something else in mind and he should wait patiently. Fortunately Mike is well versed at this so sat and watched until Jen came.

I went and showered with Lis and Jen showered with Lucy. Jen made use of her time with Lucy to pee over her and in return she knelt and lapped at Lucy’s pussy while Lucy emptied the remainder of her bladder into Jen’s mouth. Jen stood and pulled Lucy tight against her, pushed her tongue into Lucy’s mouth and let the contents flow along with her tongue while frigging Lucy’s clit. Lucy kissed Jen back as the pee slowly dribbled out down their chins. Lucy flinched as Jen slid a finger into her ass and told Jen she needed to save an orgasm for later as she was going to do things with Mike once more. Jen took this as a challenge and toyed with Lucy even more, taking her close to cumming and giving Lucy one of her cute looks as she asked if she really wanted to hold back. Lucy told Jen that as long as she prepared her to fuck again that she could make her cum and Jen pushed Lucy over the edge with her fingers, promising to kitty kiss her afterwards and that she’d be more than ready for another fuck.

Mike was left to shower alone (but there wasn’t much hot water left by that point so he had to be quick anyway) and as he did this Jen lay on the bed with Lucy, gently kitty kissing her while Lis and I dried off and sat chatting. We mostly left Jen and Lucy to it, although our hands occasionally wandered over their bodies, caressing, teasing and stroking them. Lis fingered Jen from behind and commented on how it seemed odd that she still felt so tight after having pushed a baby out. Lis asked if we still planned on being naked most of the time as MJ grew up and we told her how we didn’t mind her seeing us naked, but intended to make sure she didn’t see us fucking. Lis and Lucy generally don’t wander around their house naked so this wasn’t gong to be such an issue for them – but of course they were also at a disadvantage as there were only two of them so they wouldn’t have the third person to take care of the baby while the other two played.

Mike reappeared from the shower at around this time and approved of the sight on the bed. Lis called him over and stroked his cock, then smeared some of Jen’s juices over it and took it in her mouth. He told her that he’d happily cum for her if she wantedand she said that sounded good, but she had a better place for him to cum. Mike pushed her back on the bed and buried his face between her legs – Lis allowed him to eat her for a couple of minutes then pushed him away and said he needed to give them a minute to get ready. Mike complained that she looked more than ready as she was but he was ushered out of the room and Lis asked Lucy if she was set. Jen had done a fairly good job on Lucy who was more than up for another round and Jen and I watched as both Lis and Lucy slid into school uniforms. I asked what their plan was and they said it was just another thank you to Mike for giving them a baby. Lis told me they were going to get Mike to cum in Lucy with the thought that he might get her pregnant as she knew he loved that idea, but assured me that by this point in Lucy’s cycle it was now incredibly unlikely anything would happen. Jen and I were ushered out of the room (although they said we could come and watch if we wanted) and Mike was sent up to receive his prize. On the way past I gave his cock a gentle stroke and told him to enjoy himself but to save some cum for me as I’d want him later on that day. Mike said he’d do what he could and assured me I’d get to cum one way or the other, then headed into Jen’s bedroom.

Mike loved the view that greeted him. Lis and Lucy were both sitting on the bed, their legs folded under them coyly, showing off the long socks (Lis had white ones and Lucy blue ones), their short pleated skirts riding high on their legs, but not quite showing anything off, their hair in bunches and sweet innocent looks on their faces. He asked what he was allowed to do with them and was told ‘anything’ so he sat on the bed beside them and kissed each of them while caressing their legs. He kept his hands out from under their skirts for a while until they were all lying down and they had removed his towel to free his cock. He moved his attention between them, kissing them both and watching as they kissed each other. Both Lis and Lucy stroked his cock and took turns kissing, licking and sucking it, then they both kissed around it.

Mike wanted to have a turn playing with them so they lay beside each other and let him move back and forth between them. He spread their legs and kissed his way up their thighs to their panties (they had the same simple white panties on with a small bow on the front). He nuzzled each of their crotches through the panties then pulled the material to the side to nibble on their lips. Once their panties were removed he spent a couple of minutes eating each of them and then asked them to 69. He participated in this by lying behind each of them in turn and spooning with them as they ate each other. He said it would be nice to have them both cum around him like that, but wanted to be the one to actually get them off so they agreed to let him go back to eating them. The girls weren’t entirely passive though and had another joint suck of his cock before lying back and spreading themselves for him. As he ate them, Lis said that I had agreed that Mike could cum in Lucy one more time and he told her he hoped he could cum a fair bit into her. Lucy got into this and as her orgasm built, she described how she wanted him to fill her with cum so she could have a baby at the same time as Lis. Lis and Lucy kissed as Lucy came and Mike kitty kissed her for a couple of minutes before moving over between Lis’ legs and telling her it was her turn. It didn’t take too long to make Lis cum and Mike spent another couple of minutes swirling his tongue around her pussy, occasionally grazing her clit and helping to get her started for the next round.

They lay and chatted while caressing each other and spent a little time playing with Lis and Lucy’s breasts (up until that point their blouses had remained fastened). Lis teased Mike about how much he was enjoying himself and he said it wasn’t his fault given the way they looked and tasted. Lucy conceded that Mike was fairly good at cunnilingus – although not as good as Lis so he told her he’d work on it and started immediately by ‘practicing’ his kitty kissing on her. He didn’t neglect Lis and made sure to give her some attention as well (although he admits he spent longer on Lucy, but as it was still the first weekend of being allowed to eat Lucy, Lis probably understood). Once again, the girls weren’t being completely passive and played with each other as well as Mike until they were ready to move on to the main event and told him they wanted to fuck.

Things started off with Lis and Lucy lying on the bed and Mike taking turns with each of them. This progressed to having them kneel up and him taking each of them from behind, then another session with the two girls 69ing with Mike having turns in each of them. By this point they were both topless, but had kept the socks and skirts on (at Mike’s request). Mike sat at the edge of the bed and Lucy rode him while Lis knelt and lapped at her clit and they switched round to give Lis a turn being fucked. He spent a couple of minutes eating them again before lying on his back so they could ride him and sit over his face and Mike swirled his tongue around their cunts and asses. During one of the times they were switching positions he asked if him being allowed to do anything would include anal and Lucy bent forward across the bed, spread her cheeks and told him that as long as he was gentle, he could go ahead. As tempted as Mike was, he just lent forwards and gave her ass another lick before telling her he was happy burying his cock in her pussy and pumping her full of cum. Lis told him to go ahead and lay in front of Lucy so she could be eaten while Mike slid into Lucy but position only lasted for a couple of minutes before Lis asked Mike if he wanted to try and get all three of them to cum at the same time.

I’m aware that not everyone has enjoyed the experience of a threesome, but I hope you’ll appreciate that it can be difficult enough to get orgasms to coincide (even roughly) with just two people having sex. Getting three people to cum together on demand is incredibly difficult and takes quite a bit of luck, practice or judgement. Even when Mike, Jen and I all do things together, we don’t usually try to cum at the same time (although this is made easier by the fact that Mike will almost always cum last so we can keep using his cock). Lis and Lucy obviously know each other’s timing quite well and Mike was gaining experience with each of them separately but he was well aware of the challenge that Lis was presenting. Not that this made him any less willing to want to try and the thought of emptying his cum into Lucy while having Lis cum into his mouth. They all agreed to give it a go, but not to worry too much about achieving the magical simultaneous triple orgasm and Mike suggested the girls could just keep cumming continually until he came but Lucy warned him he might not manage to give her another multiple orgasm.

Lis mounted his cock and rode him while he ate Lucy and they switched back and forth a few times. Whoever he was eating occasionally helped out by frigging whoever he was fucking and it turned out not to be too difficult to get both Lis and Lucy feeling like they were fairly close to cumming. Mike was in absolute heaven with sock clad legs and a wet shaved pussy for him to eat and an equally wet and hot pussy on his cock. He held out for a fair while until both Lis and Lucy said they really wanted to cum then fucked Lis to the brink of cumming before switching around again so she was sitting over his face. He got her to give a running commentary as to how close she was and he eased off or lapped at her pussy and clit harder and faster as appropriate to keep her close but without letting her cum. Lis frigged Lucy as she rode Mike’s cock, with him thrusting back against her movements and pushing as deep as he could into her (it’s not really the best position for depth). Lucy told Mike as her own orgasm approached and she helped him along by telling him how she wanted his cum in her to get her pregnant as well. They didn’t manage to all cum together as Mike thought Lucy was a bit closer than she actually was and he pushed Lis over the edge first, licking along the length of her pussy and clit as she humped against his face. Mike had been close and was going to let himself cum but he held back until Lucy came and it then took a little while longer for him to get back to the point of cumming (he thinks only about 30 seconds or so, but this meant he came as Lucy’s orgasm was finishing and after Lis had cum). He pushed into Lucy and imagined his cum filling her cunt and pictured the image of both Lis and Lucy lying naked with his babies inside them as he came. Mike isn’t really in to pregnant porn, but doesn’t find pregnant women unappealing either – the thought of Lis and Lucy being pregnant with *his* children though was very appealing so as he thought there was still a tiny chance that Lucy might get pregnant meant he enjoyed the session immensely (it was only later on that night I told him that Lis had said it was almost certainly safe).

Mike kitty kissed Lis some more then when she climbed off of him, Lucy bent forwards and kissed him, tasting her wife’s juices from his face and slowly sliding back and forth on his cock. Mike nibbled on Lucy’s ear and told her if she wasn’t pregnant yet that he was putting dibs on being the one to give her a baby. Lucy said if it hadn’t worked that time that he’d have to wait, but she thought it would be a good idea for their (Lis and Lucy’s) children to have the same father and in the meantime he’d have to put up with just having sex when it was safe for her and eating her the rest of the time. Mike was more than pleased with that arrangement and when Lucy dismounted, he had a brief session kitty kissing her before moving back to Lis and toying with her pussy one last time.

Both the girls knew that if they let him, he would keep them there with him for the whole day (or possibly days), and while they had enjoyed the session they knew they needed to get ready to head home. Mike knew this too but that didn’t stop him from fondling them as they packed and things didn’t get any easier when Jen and I (in shifts so the other one could look after MJ) joined them. At various points, both Lis and Lucy ended up back on the bed, both individually and together, with Mike, Jen or I teasing them. Mike got as far as pressing his cock firmly against Lucy’s ass to test if she was really going to let him fuck her there and she didn’t object but Mike said he wanted to enjoy it properly so he’d wait until their next visit.

Mike, Jen and I each had a goodbye nuzzle of Lis and Lucy’s pussies, gave them a fondle and a long kiss. It was unfortunate they’d had to get an earlier train than usual (but it was a lot cheaper) but we at least had time to grab a bite to eat. We dared them to go back with just their coats on but they refused to do this and challenged Jen and I to do the same. Jen didn’t go along with this but I wasn’t going to be denied my fun so headed into town with just a mid-thigh length coat and shoes on. As we sat having lunch I unbuttoned the bottom part of the coat and sat with my legs slightly spread, watching as guys tried to casually look up my coat and on a couple of occasions I spread my legs wider for them and let them see my pussy.

I went to the bathroom with Lis and ended up fondling her in a stall. As we did this I pulled at her clothes and removed my coat, whispering to her that I wanted to be naked with her one more time before she left. Stupidly, she fell for this (although it was also true) and we kissed while fondling each other. We didn’t have time to get each other off but the real plan was to get Lis aroused and when she went to get dressed I held on to her clothes and said she wasn’t allowed them back. Lis couldn’t object too loudly as there were other people in the bathroom so we came to a compromise where she could choose one item of clothing. She opted for her top and once we were ‘dressed’, we returned to the others and I handed Lis’ skirt to Jen. Lucy was sensible (or boring) and wouldn’t go to the bathroom with Jen, but did let all of us give her a goodbye fondle under her skirt while at the station waiting for her train. I tried to get Lis to give me her top as well and she wavered, to the point of saying she would remove it if I left my coat unfastened. As much as the idea of doing that appealed to me (although that’s not really surprising as the idea of being completely naked in a busy place appeals even more), I didn’t want to get arrested so had to decline her trade. We did get a picture of her in the bathroom on the train though to prove that she hadn’t slipped on another skirt and as a ‘reward’ for following through on her forced semi-nudity, Lucy was asked to spend an hour playing with Lis that night.

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