Monday, 31 October 2016

Christmas 2014 – Part 3

That night it was to be my turn to spend the night with Sue. We were both looking forward to this immensely but didn’t want to neglect Mike or Jen so they were both given a chance to play with her before we headed off to our respective bedrooms. Mike finally got to unload his cum in her, fucking her as she bent forwards over her desk as he reminded her how we had found naked photos of Sue all those years ago (which was a bit catalyst in getting her involved in our games). After Mike had cum, he and Jen stayed around for a little while to watch us transfer some of it to my pussy. Just as planned, I licked and sucked at Sue, letting as much of his cum trickle into my mouth as I could. I then kissed her and pushed the goop into her mouth and I then lay on the bed with my ass raised, spread my lips and let Sue trickle the liquid (that was now a mix of Mike’s cum, Sue’s juices and Sue’s and my saliva) into my pussy. She used her tongue to push it right into me, then licked at me and said she was looking forward to eating it out of me again. At this point Mike and Jen headed over to the spare room with MJ and Sue and I climbed into bed to start our own session properly.

Sue kissed and stroked around my neck, which I absolutely love. She told me I wasn’t allowed to touch myself or hump against anything as she did this, but this was rather unfair as I could feel her grinding her pussy against my thigh. She told me that Jen had challenged her to make me cum without touching my pussy and I told her it would take a while, but all she had to do was to keep stroking my neck gently and we’d get there. Sue said that she wanted to do that at some point, but that it would take too long and that Mike had given her a way to speed things up. She got me to roll onto my side and I watched as she turned around behind me and lay down. She spread my ass cheeks and I felt her tongue brush over my ass. I moaned at this contact and told her it felt nice and her tongue pressed harder against my ass and speared me. It took about 10 minutes (I was facing the clock so I know it actually took from 10:43 until 10:52), but Sue successfully managed to give me an orgasm by just playing with my ass. It wasn’t as deep as a neck stroking orgasm usually is, but still felt really good and the fact that Sue was willing to make me cum like that actually felt quite sweet.

It was definitely my turn to pleasure her and I asked what she wanted me to do to her. She told me how Jen had wanted to fuck her and I liked the idea of being inside her so we pulled out the strap-on and Sue helped fasten it around my waist. I added a tiny amount of tingle gel to the vibe and got Sue to lie on her back with her legs spread. She held herself open as I slid into her. Once all the way in, I lay on her and we kissed as I pumped in and out. I have a fantasy of me having a real cock (not that I want to be a guy, I just wish I could occasionally have a cock so I know what it feels like to be inside someone) and as we fucked I told Sue how I wished it was my cock inside her, how I wanted to feel her cunt wrapped around me, sucking me, gripping me and how I would pump jet after jet of cum into her. She liked the sound of that as well and we kept fucking for a while. Sue wanted a turn riding me and as she ground back and forth against the harness, she pressed the internal vibe against my clit on purpose. She said she wanted to watch me cum and told me to keep looking at her – this is actually an incredibly difficult thing to do, but is also something we find incredibly intimate as looking someone directly in the eyes while having an orgasm feels both revealing and vulnerable. I asked Sue if she was going to cum and she said she’d cum afterwards as she knew I’d be able to take having the vibe stimulate me after I’d cum and I warned her that it might end up getting too intense for me and if it did I’d have to remove the strap on (but I promised I’d make her cum another way). As sue continued to hump against me and kept telling me to look at her she told me that she wanted me to fuck her to an orgasm and that she wouldn’t let me stop even if I complained the vibe felt too intense on my clit. A couple of times she leant forwards and we kissed but she mostly sat up and watched me. As I got closer to cumming, she leant forwards and held my wrists on either side of my head, gave me a few kisses and told me not to break eye contact. I could feel my orgasm steadily building and concentrated on gazing directly into Sue’s eyes. As I came I rather cheesily said ‘I want you’ and (just as cheesily) she replied ‘you’ve got me’. I wanted to kiss her but Sue kept her head just out of reach, watching my face and eyes. I’m very used to people seeing me cum, but that’s rather different and as my orgasm faded I asked Sue if she’d got what she wanted.

Sue told me I’d looked incredible and I said that she’d have to let me watch her in the same way – she agreed to do this, but asked me to fuck her from behind first. She climbed off of me, knelt up on the bed and let me move around behind her. I slid back in easily and pumped in and out of her while reaching around to frig her clit, occasionally reaching up to stroke and caress her nipples. Sue asked me to describe me cumming in her so we went back to pretending I had a real cock, what I could feel and how I was about to pump jet after jet of hot cum deep into her cunt. As Sue’s orgasm approached she got me to push her forwards so I was lying on top of her in her favourite position and with me fucking and frigging her, she came. I told her I was cumming and filling her with cum, fucking her until her orgasm finished. When I slowed down, she asked me to easy off on frigging her but to keep fucking her for a minute so I did so and she said she was pretending I was fuckign my cum deeper into her.

I finally pulled out and unfastened the harness. We turned off the vibes and Sue offered me the vibe that had been inside her so I licked it clean like a lollipop. She buried her face in the harness and licked at the internal vibe (it’s a little textured pad), then tossed the harness aside and said I deserved to cum again for having fucker her so well. I happily obliged her, pushing a pillow under my ass to help out and spread my legs to allow her access. Sue stuck her face in my pussy and licked me straight through to an orgasm (I was already partway there from the continued stimulation of the vibe). She then crawled up over me and I told her that she now deserved to cum again but Sue said we should probably get some sleep. I knew this was sensible but still teased her saying if she wanted to catch up to my level of horniness that she shouldn’t turn down any chance to cum. We kissed for a bit and Sue said she thought she was doing a good job of catching up with me and if I wanted to 69 with her that she’d let me make her cum again. It was certainly tempting and we nearly decided to have another round but we ended up discussing how long we thought we could spend fucking each other in a single session without getting bored. We thought it would be an interesting experiment but one that should be done another time, when we could spend as long as we wanted without worrying about being interrupted – although decided we shouldn’t wait too long to try it as we should do it while eating each other was still relatively new.

Mike and Jen had to wait a bit to start their games as MJ woke up and took a while to settle. Jen told Mike about the challenge she had given Sue (to give me an ass licking orgasm) and Mike asked Jen if she wanted the same treatment. While Jen enjoys this, it doesn’t seem to do quite as much for her as it does for me but she told Mike he could do it if he wanted. About five minutes later she was mewing away as Mike rimmed and speared her. He cheated a bit and gently stroked her clit as well, but that was because he wanted to get her nice and wet. His plan worked and when he moved on to eating her pussy he was rewarded with a good volume of her juices. Mike did the best he could to lick and suck all of these out of her, getting Jen off in the process and then kitty kissing her to gather up and remaining liquid. Jen told him she was getting tired but said he could spoon in her if he wanted. Mike moved up behind her, slid inside and wrapped his arms around her, slowly moving while the two of them discussed what they thought Sue and I were up to.

Mike gave Jen her usual licking on the Friday morning and semi-fucked her but once again saved his cum for Sue. Sue and I woke and had a relaxed 69 (deferred from the previous evening), followed by a fairly decent kitty kissing session where we once again examined each other’s pussies (inside and out). I stole a few licks of Sue’s ass (more than just a few, but not as many as she’d had of mine) and said that as we’d come this far we should try and make sure there was nothing we’d done with other people that we didn’t do with each other. Sue said she should pee into my mouth and I reminded her we’d already done that, although admittedly not quite in the same way that we’ve done with Jen. When Mike and Jen came over to shower, Jen really liked this idea and got both of us to shower with her while Mike looked after MJ. During the shower, Sue and I took turns kneeling and licking each other, then Jen had a turn and got us to each squirt a little pee over her face and into her mouth. Jen then licked at me more but handed over to Sue to finish things off and asked Sue if she would give me the full treatment. Sue said she would and Jen told me not to hold back as I came so I did as I was told and enjoyed Sue’s tongue, then peed as hard as I could as I came, covering Sue’s face and filling her mouth.

Just as she’d done with Jen, Sue stood up and kissed me, letting a little of the pee into my mouth, then showed me how much she had left, swallowed it and kissed me again. It was becoming a theme of the visit but I told Sue once again that she was a horny little slut and she just replied by saying it was her turn. I knelt and copied what she had done to me, receiving the stream of pee as she came. I stood, kissed her, let her see me swallow the mouthful I had and then kissed her again before turning to Jen to asked if she had liked the show. Jen was frantically frigging herself (having clearly enjoyed the show very much) so I pulled away from Sue and quickly knelt to eat Jen. I knew that Jen would probably have preferred Sue to take this role as she gets eaten by me pretty much every day, but Jen is mine and I wanted her. Jen pulled her hand away and reached over for Sue so she could kiss her and I lapped at Jen’s clit. I hadn’t expected it to take long as I’d recognised how close Jen looked and I once again received a stream of pee that I filled my mouth with and let spill out to run down over my body. Instead of standing and sharing this with Jen, I pulled Sue to me and pushed my
tongue into her mouth, letting her take half the contents of my mouth with it. I pulled away and we turned to Jen, let her see us both swallow and the kissed again.

Once we had cleaned ourselves off we returned to Sue’s room and told Mike what we’d done, then left him to shower with an impressive looking erection while we got dressed. He joined us downstairs for breakfast and I quietly informed him that Sue was currently wearing the cum soaked panties (which we referred to as ‘the item’ so we could talk in front of Mum and Gerald). This meant that Sue was our target for the morning and we all fondled her whenever we got the opportunity. After lunch Mum said she was going out and asked if she wanted us to take MJ with her (by which she meant she wanted a chance to look after the baby). Not that we don’t love her absolutely but this meant we could all play properly. With the place to ourselves, we all went up to my room and quickly got started, basically repeating the group session we’d had with us all playing with each other. There were a few differences and in order to prove that Sue had met Jen’s challenge to lick my ass, I had to do this to Sue. I got her to kneel up on the bed and pushed my face between her cheeks, dragging my tongue over and swirling my around her ass until she was whimpering. I speared her a number of times and Jen crawled under Sue to lap at her pussy. Mike moved between sliding into my pussy, Jen’s pussy and Sue’s mouth and told Sue if she liked what was being done to her that he’d repeat it that night. Sue told him she wanted to be fucked that night so he promised her he’d eat her ass and cunt then fuck her, possibly get me to come along and eat her clean of his cum and then he’d eat her again.

Jen and I licked at Sue until she came and as she sucked Mike he said he thought it was unfair she had drunk Jen’s and my pee but not his. Jen said that when he could pee as he came, then he’d get his wish but it was his own fault for being male. We played a fair bit more and each had a turn being ganged up on again (we ignored the earlier session with Sue). Always wanting to please Mike, Sue said she was willing to drink a bit of his pee which gave him the challenge of having to lose his erection while Sue, Jen and I kept playing with each other. Now Mike has a fairly strong will when it comes to things like this but we didn’t help matters by exaggerating how we were touching or kissing – he still managed it though and after a few minutes was sitting with a semi-limp cock and Sue crawled off the bed and knelt in front of him. I suggested we should do it in the bathroom but Mike thought he had good enough bladder control that we decided to take the chance. Sue took hold of his cock and in a cutesy voice asked ‘can I have a drink onii-chan?’. We saw his cock start to stiffen and Sue asked if that was too much. Mike nodded and thought about the economic ramifications of European policy (or something similarly dull) until his cock stopped getting harder and partially deflated again. He told Sue now I we watched as she gently wrapped her lips around his cock. Mike had to tell her ‘no tongue’ as she had automatically started to lick him and he asked if she was ready then pushed. We saw Sue swallow and she held up a finger so Mike would stop. Sue stood and showed us her mouth, kissed Mike, Jen and me and then swallowed. She then challenged Mike to see how much more he could give her – I was a bit surprised by this as pee is usually Jen’s think but Sue knelt once more and wrapped her mouth around his cock and we saw her swallow again. This time though Mike’s erection quickly grew and Sue started bobbing her head up and down. He managed a few smaller squirts of pee even with his cock erect but had to concede that Sue had won.

We played a little more after that  but knew we had to get cleaned up before Mum came home as the whole room reeked of sex and we were all coated it each other’s juices. To speed things up we decided to use both bathrooms. Jen wanted to shower with Sue again (we could guess why) so Mike and I showered in the bathroom by my room and Sue and Jen wandered over to the main bathroom. Mike spent a fair amount of time inside me in as we showered (not actually fucking – water really isn’t a good lubricant), mostly just enjoying the warmth as he repeatedly soaped up my body and rubbed me down. Jen had been sufficiently aroused by Sue’s display that she asked for another pee session. Sue obliged her and they licked and drank each other once more, this time letting more of the pee run out of their mouths and rubbing it in to each other’s bodies as they kissed. Jen got Sue to promise to get Josie to join them in a pee game and said she couldn’t wait for the summer when they could do things outside and soak each other while lying down. They talked about how they could lie out in the garden and bury their faces in each other’s pussies, having juices smeared over their bodies and soaking each other.

They enjoyed the shower immensely and even after cumming, got each other worked up quite a bit once more. They dried each other off with a fair bit more fondling and Sue promised Jen that she would do whatever she wanted in their next session. Jen told Sue she was happy to do anything as long as she got to make Sue cum and they kissed up against the door. Both naked and with hands on each other, they opened the bathroom door to head back to the bedroom, only to find Mum heading tin to her bedroom. Sue yelped and grabbed a towel and Jen froze for a moment and then moved back into the bathroom to cover herself up. They scurried out past Mum without saying anything, Jen went into the spare room and closed the door while Sue went downstairs, along to our part of the house and up to her room.

Mike and I were pretty much dressed when Sue burst in. Before we could say anything, she told us what had happened and we both stopped. We had known that something like this might happen at some point and had agreed that we had wanted to tell Mum about our ‘situation’, but having it actually happen was another matter altogether. We followed Sue into her room so we could talk while she got dressed. Sue explained in more detail what had happened and how she thought it must have been obvious to Mum that she hadn’t just been in the bathroom with Jen. I asked Sue if it was time to be honest with Mum and she said that she didn’t think we had much of a choice but she was worried (as was I) what would happen. I decided to test the waters and headed downstairs with Mike to get MJ. Pretending that we didn’t know anything, I went in to the kitchen where Mum was and said ‘hi’. She looked up at me and said she had something to tell me. I continued the innocent act (although I don’t know how convincing I was) and she told me she had caught Jen and Sue fooling around together, naked. It turned out that she hadn’t just seen them when they opened the door but had heard them kissing and playing with each other for a minute or so beforehand.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Christmas 2014 – Part 2

Mike asked Sue if he could stay inside her and they rolled back onto their sides and kept spooning. He remained inside her until he got hard again then started moving gently. Sue said she isn’t sure if she can cum again so Mike said he just wants to enjoy being in her. They fell asleep with him buried inside her, their bodies gently moving against each other while discussing plans for the next few days and Sue’s next visit. Sue wished she could have made it for the sex show as she liked the idea of twenty cocks being inside her. She knows me well enough that I had wished to have twenty loads of cum in and over me but tells Mike she is content with just his cum in her. Sue said that it felt nice with Mike telling her he loved her as she came and he tells her that she knows he has always loved her from the point he adopted her as a little sister – it’s just that now the way he loves her is slightly different. Sue told him she wished he had been her first and they fleshed out the fantasy of Sue’s first time a bit (we worked on it more since then).

Jen and I had put MJ down to sleep and then crawled into bed together. I got a similar teasing from Jen as Sue had from Mike in relation to my session with Sue but as expected it just seemed to fuel Jen’s desire and she wanted to 69 with me in the same way I’d done with Sue. It was a little odd fucking in the room next to Mum and Gerald as I’m used to sleeping in my own room where we have some privacy. This didn’t stop us though and at Jen’s request I imagined that she was Sue and took out my forbidden desires (Jen’s phrase) on her. Jen loved having had both of us eat her to orgasm that night but as she was in a playful mood I told her that I wanted to eat her (without pretending she was Sue) to an orgasm as well and we had a second 69 session (this position is fairly quiet but very pleasurable).

I woke first in the morning and started going down on Jen but MJ woke up and wanted to be fed. As Jen was no longer breast feeding I could have taken care of this but she still likes feeding him so I told her I’d go freshen up and come back to take the baby. Jen gave me a knowing look as I left the room and as she was already suspecting I wouldn’t be heading straight to the shower I thought I may as well do something to warrant the suspicion. I entered Sue’s room without knocking – causing her to jump a little as Mike was between her legs working on her pussy. I slid my robe off and crouched over her face, then lowered myself to her mouth to meet her tongue. A few minutes later Mike moved up behind me and slipped into me, fucking me while Sue lapped at my clit. This felt nice but I asked him if Sue could be the one to make me cum this time and he happily went back to eating her, but got me to turn around to face him so he could watch my expressions as she worked on me. Mike made Sue cum and watched as she finished me off, sitting with his cock in his hand gently stroking himself. As soon as I dismounted Sue, he slid into her and as she wrapped her legs around him I asked who’s idea the socks had been (she hadn’t taken them off the previous night). Mike said that it was my slutty little sister who had insisted on wearing them and pointed out the white panties and broken bra.

As I watched Mike and Sue fuck, I slipped the white panties on and stroked myself through them, pressing the material between my lips and telling Sue that I wanted her to wear them at some point. As often happens with us, ideas are developed and it was decided that as soon as they finished fucking, Sue would put the panties on and we would rub the crotch into her pussy so it got a coating of both her juices and Mike’s cum. Later on Jen would then wear them to add her juices to the mix and we would see what sort of state we could get them into by the time we left after Christmas. I convinced Mike switch to spooning with Sue (it didn’t take much) so I could lie in front of her and we could kiss. I spent some time sucking on Sue’s nipples and a little time licking at her clit as Mike slid in and out. Sue said she was getting close and as I’d got to cum the way I wanted I gave her the option of whether she wanted just Mike to get her off or if I could help out. She said I could keep doing what I was doing so I did and soon felt Sue’s hands on my head, pressing me against her pussy. I felt her shudder as she came and she told Mike to cum and felt him speed up his movements. Mike told us he wasn’t far off and once Sue’s orgasm ended I pulled back a little to watch as he fucked her. I saw him bury his cock deep inside her and he told her he was cumming.

When he pulled out I watched as a little cum trickled out of her and almost forgot about the panties until Mike reminded me. He got me to lie on my back and he pushed the crotch as deep between my lips as he could, then slid the panties down my legs and moved to put them on Sue. I asked if I could have one kiss of her pussy first, promising not to lick up his cum and Mike said I could, providing Sue agreed and I asked properly. Sue agreed with this and said I needed to make a good job of asking so I knelt up, looked at them both and said “before you cover it up, can I please have one kiss of my little sister’s cute pussy”. They thought this was sufficient so Sue spread her legs, I spread her lips and kissed around her clit. I also licked her a little, but tried to avoid the leaking cum. Mike then pulled the panties up Sue’s legs, ensured they were snug against her pussy and spent a while massaging her crotch to get as much moisture onto the panties as he could.

I said that I should go shower and get back to Jen but before I left Sue told Mike to rub himself up against my pussy. Unfortunately he wasn’t hard enough to get into me but he got a good enough coating of my juices and as I stepped out the door Sue jumped up and said she had forgotten to do something. She followed me into the bathroom and pushed my toothbrush into her pussy. I told her she didn’t need to play that game as I’d eat her as much as she wanted but she took her toothbrush and pushed it into my pussy and said it wasn’t an ‘either or’ situation and she fully expected me to eat her on demand as well. Standing naked in the bathroom, each other’s toothbrushes buried in our pussies, we shared a quick kiss. I’m quite confident that things could have easily developed into us playing with each other again but I said I should shower and Sue told me to send Jen over as soon as possible so she could shower with her.

As I showered myself down – reluctantly washing Sue’s and Jen’s juices from my body, Sue returned to her room and played with Mike’s cock some more. She dressed up for him again, this time putting on her school skirt as well and spent a good 10 minutes sucking his cock. She got him hard again but the aim wasn’t to make him cum, just prepare him for more action later on in the day. As a reward for being so good, he was allowed a quick session of eating her under her skirt, but only until Jen turned up and Sue could make good on her promise to shower with her. Mike waited in Sue’s room, looking through the clothes she had brought with her as Sue and Jen showered. Jen quite liked the toothbrush idea so they added Jen’s juices to both Sue’s and my toothbrushes and Sue briefly fucked Jen’s – and then Mike’s just for good measure. In the shower they fingered and ate each other, with each of them cumming while the other one ate them. Jen wanted Sue to cum first so she could feel Sue’s pee running down over her face and body and Sue gladly obliged – leaning back against the wall for support and emptying her bladder into Jen’s waiting mouth as she came. Jen then stood and rubbed Sue’s pee over her face, breasts and body while Sue ate her and Jen asked if she could really let go, to be answered by a muffled ‘mmff’ from Sue who didn’t break contact with Jen’s pussy. Jen asked Sue if she would finger her as well and Sue slipped a couple of fingers into Jen, then reached up with her other hand and rubbed her thumb back and forth across Jen’s asshole. Jen apologised for not having done this to Sue but Sue shrugged and tried to say ‘maybe next time’, but was determined not to pull away from Jen’s pussy so couldn’t get the message across. Jen mewed her way to her orgasm and peed as hard as she could as she came. She looked down and loved the sight of Sue as some of the pee squirted out of her mouth and over her face. Sue ate, fingered and rubbed Jen until her orgasm ended, then stood up and kissed Jen, allowing some pee to flow into Jen’s mouth. Sue then pulled back, showed Jen that she still had a fair amount of pee in her mouth, closed her mouth to swallow this and opened it again to show Jen the results.

Jen told Sue she didn’t have to do that but Sue asked Jen if she had enjoyed watching it and Jen admitted it had made her shudder. Jen also volunteered that she had swallowed a fair amount of Sue’s pee too and Sue told her off, saying that next time Jen had to share a little bit of it first. Jen told Sue she was amazing and that it was clear she was related to me. As they finished showering and drying each other off Sue thanked Jen and explained if it hadn’t been for Jen helping to ‘turn’ her, that she would quite possibly never have realised she could enjoy being with a girl and would then never have dated Josie – or experimented with me for that matter. Sue returned to her room and had to fend off Mike who wanted another little play with her before he showered. It wasn’t really all his fault as she wandered around naked and bent over repeatedly, exposing her pussy and ass to him. Mike knelt behind her and lapped at her pussy – just to check if she was clean – and then slipped into her. Mike fucked and frigged Lisa until she was close to cumming, then pulled out and said he needed to go shower. Admittedly this was a dangerous tactic as he knew that she could easily get either Jen or me to make her cum, but he asked her to behave and at least wait until he returned – which she agreed to.

Mike didn’t do anything more to her and once he was showered and dressed, he and Sue came down and had breakfast with the rest of us. After breakfast Sue handed the panties we had ‘prepared’ to Jen and told her to put them on. As soon as Jen did this, Sue rubbed the crotch material into Jen’s pussy and on seeing this, Mike reached up under Jen’s top to fondle her nipples. It was only a brief session but was enough to get Jen’s nipples hard again and Sue thought she could feel the warmth of Jen’s pussy through the panties so it seemed to work well enough. We didn’t really have any plans that day and just went into town to wander around and enjoy the Christmas ambiance. I had arranged to meet up with a couple of my old school friends to show off MJ but we headed home early in the afternoon to take advantage of the fact the Mum was going to be out of the house. We put MJ down for her afternoon nap (which took a bit longer than we’d hoped) and then all fell onto my bed. Mike said he wanted to taste and fuck us all and within minutes we were all naked with tongues and fingers randomly probing, licking and stroking whoever was closest. Each of us had a turn being ganged up on by the others. When we did Mike he had one of us on his face, one riding him and one licking his cock (or mostly the clit of whoever was riding him). When it was one of us girls who was the target, she had to eat or such someone while the other two of us lapped at her pussy and ass or have Mike in their pussy while the other girl lapped at her ass. It all felt wonderful and we spent much longer in our own little world of passion than we had intended. The girls all got to cum at least three times (we made sure that we’d been given at least one orgasm by each of the others) – Mike held back so he could cum more that night, but there were a few times he got very close and had to pull away.

Before we showered, we wiped our pussies off with the pair of panties and pushed a fair part of them into each of us in turn. Sue and Jen went to get cleaned up first and unsurprisingly had another watersports session – this time with both of them sharing their spoils with each other. Mike and I showered together afterwards and we were all sitting downstairs by the time Mum reappeared (with Sue wearing the panties again). Mike went to help her bring in the remaining food from the car (as usual she had bought way too much) and for the rest of the evening we sat around chatting and bringing Mum up to date on (the sanitised version of) our lives. At bedtime, Mike and I went to the spare room with Jen pretending that she was going to sleep in my room, but in practice she headed straight into Sue’s room with her. Now that they had as much time as they wanted, Jen could spend ages playing with Sue’s nipples, kissing, stroking, sucking and riding them (Jen sat over Sue’s chest and subbed her pussy back and forth across Sue’s nips). Sue isn’t in to playing with nipples as much as Jen is (although Sue’s nipples are much more sensitive than mine so she certainly enjoys Jen’s nipple fetish) but she still reciprocated and played with Jen’s nips – more firmly, the way Jen likes it. The two of them scissored for a bit, then humped against each other’s thighs as they kissed. Jen told Sue she intended to fuck her properly at least once before she left but she didn’t want to interrupt the session to get the strap-on so they just carried on grinding against each other with a bit of finger play added in to help out.

Mike and I had a much gentler session. He went down on me (as he always does – it’s just as well I like it really) and we then spooned. He told me about his idea to get some really high resolution pictures of Sue’s pussy and I liked the idea of getting pictures of it in various states of arousal. Naturally, I told him that if we were doing Sue then we’d have to do Jen and me and hopefully Lis and Lucy. Mike loved the idea of making them cum in front of others but pointed out we’d need multiple sessions if we wanted the creampie shots for everyone. I suggested that Sue and I could possibly help negotiate a lower price by providing other services for the photographer and Mike said that would make me a whore but I told him I was referring to other photo shoots (I’m not against fucking the photographer – just not for monetary gain). Mike kept moving in me and toying with my clit while we discussed all this and only after we had finished chatting did he let me cum. He asked if he could hold back to save his cum for Sue and I agreed on the condition I was allowed to share the next load he emptied in to her. Given the way I suggested sharing it, I knew Mike wouldn’t object and him not cumming had the added benefit of him remaining hard so he could keep fucking me while I drifted off to sleep.

On Christmas morning I was given an extra-special licking with Mike taking about 30 minutes to make me cum. I kept fearing that MJ would wake up and interrupt us so he would have to stop – although if that had happened I would have probably taken MJ over to Jen and asked her to look after her until I came. She remained asleep though and I got to cum with an anal vibe pressed up against my ass and Mike’s tongue on and in my pussy. I really wanted to go and see what Jen and Sue were up to (and possibly join them) but we’d slept relatively late and I could hear that Mum was already up to start preparing lunch so we got up as well and went downstairs to join her. When Sue and Jen came downstairs, Sue slipped the now very stained panties to me and told me it was my turn to wear them. They were already damp – presumably with their juices and I popped into the living room to slide them on and let Mike rub the material into my pussy. Sue took a turn doing this too and we kissed deeply as she did this even though Mum was only a couple of rooms away. I thought it would be fun to be a bit more daring so slipped my hand under Sue’s skirt and started to finger her, then brought my fingers to my mouth and sucked them clean. Never being one to stop at the sensible spot, I pushed Sue back against the wall and told her to spread her legs. As soon as she did this I lifted her skirt, dropped to my knees and buried my tongue in her pussy. I could hear Mum talking to Jen in the kitchen and concentrated on her voice to listen for her leaving that room, but as I heard Sue’s breathing getting more ragged I admit I didn’t concentrate on Mum’s whereabouts quite so much. Sue reached down and held my head against her pussy and I smiled as I licked her, knowing she was enjoying this as much (hopefully even more) than I was. She wasn’t at the verge of cumming, but was a fair way along when there was a knock at the door and I heard Mum call for someone to answer it.

I pulled away from Sue and wiped my face clean with my hand and skipped to the door. As I’d expected, it was Gerald and I greeted him with a big hug and wished him Merry Christmas. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and put the hand I’d just wiped my face with on the back of his neck, smearing as much of Sue’s juices over him as I could. Gerald headed in to the kitchen and I went to see how Sue was doing. She still looked visibly aroused so I decided to play a bit and grabbed her, then pulled her into the hall. As I pushed her into the kitchen I tickled her a bit to give her an excuse for looking flustered and she gave Gerald a Christmas kiss. I tickled her a bit more, causing her to squirm around and slap my hands so I just wrapped my arms around her and held her tight saying that as my little sister it was my duty to torment her.

We helped out in the kitchen with various tasks and had a few drinks as we did so. Whenever I got the opportunity I slipped a hand under Sue’s or Jen’s skirt and fondled them. Jen played along with this – distracting Gerald and Mum so I could play with Sue and after a while Sue started teasing me back. At one point when Mum and Gerald popped out to the his car to fetch some decorations, Sue told me I was taking too big a risk, but pushed me against the cupboards and knelt to lick me (pulling the cum soaked panties aside). She didn’t have long enough to make much headway with me, but it still felt nice.

Once lunch was underway, Mum said we could let her and Gerald take care of the rest and she encouraged us to take MJ out for a walk. We knew things might be a bit difficult with a buggy in tow but couldn’t resist heading to the local woods so we had some privacy and could have a little play. Mike and Jen insisted that Sue and I have another turn at licking each other and they then each had a turn of doing the same thing to us. Mike got the three of us to lean forwards against a tree and he slid into us, gave a few pumps and then moved on to the next one, having a few turns in each of us. It was a bit too cold out to be comfortable or we would have spent longer (and probably cum), but we headed back in no less a state of arousal than we’d left in.

We all calmed down over lunch and by the time we’d finished eating, all had food babies so didn’t have the energy to do anything. We complimented Mum on the meal and said how full and tired we were and she told us she would look after MJ if we wanted to go get a nap and it was the one time I didn’t think that this gave us an opportunity to fuck. Just because I wasn’t planning on doing anything didn’t mean Mike wasn’t though and he made use of his near endless desire to eat pussy, getting Sue, Jen and I to lie on the bed and then gently lapping at us, moving between us every few minutes. He was being quite gentle – not quite kitty kissing, but also not spending long enough on any one of us for there to be much danger of us cumming. I reminded him that if he came in Sue that half the cum was mine but he said he hadn’t planned on fucking her until she was feeling a bit more energetic. Sue asked how I intended to take my half so I told her it would be the obvious way, I’d eat some out of her, kiss her to transfer it to her mouth and have her lick it into me. Sue thought that this sounded like a good idea and told Mike he could fuck her straight away if he wanted but we decided to wait a bit longer, got dressed and headed downstairs to see Mum and Gerald. Just before we left, Sue handed us each an envelope and said that it was an extra present. She had given us each five vouchers that we could redeem to get her to do anything we wanted. I started to say that they could be quite a dangerous present but couldn’t think of anything really bad that we would actually ask her to do that she hadn’t done already. Mike and Jen threatened to both use their vouchers to have Sue make me cum for a day and when I said that I’d have to agree to that as well they pointed out that I was hardly likely to object and I had to concede the issue. Sue told us that we could take as long as we wanted to use them – she just wanted us to know that she was ours (as well as Josie’s of course).

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Christmas 2014 – Part 1

Due to the multiple people we had to visit (mostly due to the complexity of our relationships), we knew that the Christmas ‘break’ was going to be anything other than relaxing. It turned out to be rather more disruptive than we’d expected – but we’ll get to that in time. This entry will effectively be a story with a number of different parts – each with a slightly different cast (although a fair bit of overlap).

Our first visit was to my home where we were going for Christmas. We were all eagerly looking forward to this as it meant we’d get to see Sue and Mike and Jen would get to witness us having another session of sisterly lesbianism. I think even at this time, Sue and I were past the point of pretending that we were only doing things together for the sake of Mike and Jen and we fully intended to enjoy our time with each other as much as possible (while of course letting Mike and Jen have time with Sue as well).

The four of us (don’t forget MJ) headed to mu Mum’s house on December 23rd, the day after Lisa had headed off to her home. Sue was already there when we arrived but unfortunately Josie wasn’t with her as she’d been told in no uncertain terms by her family that they expected her at home for Christmas. Ideally Sue had wanted Josie to be with her, but she was going to Josie’s just after Christmas anyway so they only had a few days apart – and Sue knew she would be sufficiently ‘distracted’ in the intervening period. Josie had agreed to let Sue do things with us again, even though their usual agreement was that Sue only got to play with us when Josie was around to witness it (and join in). Josie expected Sue and I to put on an extended session for her the next time we all got together but we hardly considered that a hardship and had readily agreed to it.

As expected, Mum started cooing over MJ as soon as we arrived, saying how much she’d grown, how she looked even more like Jen and commenting endlessly on how she was developing. I’m as happy as the next person to spend ages fawning over MJ as we all love her absolutely, but on this occasion I took advantage of the distraction she caused and excused myself to get my things unpacked in my room. I asked Sue if she wanted to help and she followed me up the stairs to our bedrooms and carried Jen’s suitcase up. Once in my room we put the suitcases down and gave each other a slightly awkward hug. We faced each other and I asked Sue if she still wanted to do things, at which she grinned and kissed me. The kiss quickly became very passionate, with our tongues pressing into each other’s mouths and Sue’s hands slid under my skirt onto my bare ass. As she needed my cheeks she commented on my lack of panties so I slid a hand under the front of her skirt and lifted my fingers to her crotch to be greeted with the wonderful feeling of her shaved pussy and I told her how we were so alike. I didn’t wait and slipped a finger between her lips and we kissed some more. We knew we probably didn’t have time to have a full session but nonetheless I pushed Sue back onto my bed, knelt on the floor, pulled her legs apart and started licking up and down the length of her pussy. She moaned gently as I ate her and we moved around so she was lying on the bed with me joining her on it. I was still aware of how long we’d been gone, but really wanted her so turned around and straddled her in a 69 position. Sue quickly flipped my skirt up, pulled my crotch to her face and started eating me in return. A couple of minutes later, we were interrupted by Mum calling up the stairs to see if we wanted something to drink. I’d probably only have needed a few more minutes to cum – and I could have quite easily got an orgasm out of Sue before we went down, but we pulled away from each other and giggling like little girls headed into the bathroom to wipe our faces clean of each other’s juices. We shared one more kiss and just before we left I grabbed Sue’s toothbrush from the pot on the windowsill and rubbed it back and forth between my pussy lips, then spread myself and gently pushed the head right inside me. Sue asked what I was doing and I told her that just in case she decided not to do anything else with me, that at least now she’d have to taste my juices once more. Sue kissed me and told me she was going to eat me for as long as I could take and on the way downstairs she warned me that my toothbrush would be getting the same treatment before I used it. As we headed into the living room we carried on the conversation and I told her she should probably do the same with Mike and Jen’s as they’d appreciate it and Sue said she’d make sure to be very thorough. (It’s amazing the conversations you can have with ‘normal’ people around as they’re never able to guess what you’re really talking about).

Mum told us that she had made up the spare room as well and we could use it if we want. She’d gotten used to the fact that Mike, Jen and I would quite happily share a bed but she said she thought with MJ as well that we might want the extra space. This suited us quite well as it meant that we could enjoy ourselves properly in Sue and my bedrooms without worrying about waking the baby – although with the one downside that one of us would have to sit out of each session to look after her. Mike went and fetched Jen’s suitcase from my room and took it over to the spare room – later commenting to me that it didn’t look like I’d unpacked much. I just told him I’d got distracted and when he asked ‘how much’ I told him ‘slightly less than 70% distracted’, which he got and told me I was meant to behave until he and Jen could watch.

We headed up to bed fairly early after dinner, feigning being tired from the journey. Jen came up to the part of the house with Sue’s and my bedrooms (bringing MJ with her) and as we freshened ourselves up Mike, Jen and I openly debated in front of Sue who should get to fuck her first. Sue asked if she had a say in this and we told her no at first, then asked who she wanted. She stroked Mike’s chest and said that it was tradition that her onii-chan should get to play with her first, but then moved over to me and said that it would also be nice to finish things off with me. Jen said she didn’t mind being left out so Sue moved around behind her and wrapped her arms around Jen’s wait then said that it would be interesting when they were in the shower together whether Jen wanted to be left out or not and Sue pushed her fingers between Jen’s lips and whispered that she’d take as much as Jen could give her. I asked nobody in particular when we had turned my sister into such a little slut and Sue answered immediately by saying it probably had something to do with Mike and I letting her come in and watch as we fucked and how things developed from there.

Mike stripped me of my remaining clothes, then moved over to Sue and did the same to her. He freed his cock and rubbed it back and forth against her ass, then pushed it down and between her legs. Sue pushed back against him and I thought they were going to get started but Mike said that it seemed a pity for our earlier session to be held off any longer and suggested I be the one to give Sue her first orgasm of the night. Neither of us were opposed to this and we headed straight into Sue’s room with Jen carrying MJ (who was fortunately asleep). As we were already naked, things went faster than before – we kissed briefly but our hands were already exploring each other as we did this and when we each tried to push the other down onto the bed we just fell back into the 69 position we’d been in earlier. Sue seemed to want me just as much as I wanted her and our tongues probed each other’s cunts, lashed over clits and lapped up and down the lengths of our slits. Mike ended up holding MJ so Jen could play with herself as our unabashed desire for each other was apparently just as arousing for our spectators as it was for us. I gripped Sue’s ass and held her pussy tight against my mouth while using my tongue to pull her juices from inside her. My face was covered with her juices, my mouth filled with her taste, my nose with her scent. My breathing was getting ragged and I could feel Sue panting into my pussy. I didn’t want this to end, but at the same time couldn’t hold back and just kept licking Sue over and over. She came before I did and I heard her moan but then she immediately went back to eating me. I ate her through her orgasm and eased off a little – not quite to the level of kitty kissing but enough that I wasn’t attacking her as I’d just been doing. As my orgasm built, I licked her faster again, pushing my mouth into her pussy and trying to bury myself in her. I came and it felt wonderful – not just the usual ‘I had an orgasm’ wonderful, but a really good orgasm that pulsed through my crotch and half my body.

I kept eating Sue but as my orgasm ended and she eased off I backed off as well. I shakily said how incredible it had felt and Sue made a comment about me almost having made her cum a second time. She was lying beside me on the bed on her side with her pussy right by my head and I reached over to stroke her and said I’d be happy to finish her off but Mike and Jen reminded us that Sue was a shared resource and that they both wanted a turn with her. It was only at this point that I paid enough attention to Jen to notice that she was sitting fingering herself so I sarcastically asked if she had enjoyed watching us. She told us it was one of the hottest things she’d seen and Mike asked Sue if she thought a second orgasm would tire her out or if she thought she’d be able to manage a bit more afterwards.

Sue said she could probably be convinced to enjoy herself a bit more so Mike told Jen to have a turn and he’d have Sue that night. Jen scurried over to the bed and knelt beside Sue. Jen stroked Sue’s body and knelt to kiss her. Sue slipped her hand between Jen’s legs and said that she seemed as wet as ever, at which point Jen moved her head down to play with Sue’s breasts. I pushed Sue’s legs apart and stroked my fingers up and down her pussy, then slipped one finger into her and moved it around in circles, trying to touch every part of her. Jen decided she couldn’t wait any longer and straddled Sue’s face, letting out her usual little mewing sounds as Sue’s tongue slipped between Jen’s lips. I didn’t want to waste any more time either and grabbed a couple of pillows and told Sue to lift her ass so I could slide them under her. I lay on my stomach and positioned myself between Sue’s legs, asked Jen if she wanted to watch me eat my little sister again and pushed my mouth into Sue’s pussy. We had our session without saying anything else – although Mike enjoyed the sounds of us licking and sucking at each other’s pussies, Jen’s increasing mewing sounds and Sue’s occasional panting (when the sounds weren’t being muffled by Jen’s pussy). As the session progressed, I could see Sue’s upper body flushing red so I knew she was getting close to cumming and I eased off a bit to let Jen catch up. I can read Jen’s arousal levels quite easily (the intensity of the mewing also helps!) so kept Sue close to cumming, gently toying with her pussy lips, occasionally flicking my tongue over her clit, swirling it across and around her ass and pushing into her to taste her juices. I carried on like this until Jen came, then swirled my tongue around Sue’s clit repeatedly until I felt her buck against my face. I once again ate her through her orgasm, gave her a few more firm licks and then eased off to kitty kiss her for a few minutes.

When Jen climbed off of Sue’s face, I asked for a minute with my sister, crawled up her body, kissed her deeply (she kissed me back – it wasn’t one way) and told her I wished we’d done things properly much sooner. Sue agreed and said we’d wasted so much time. Mike came over to join us and Jen took MJ from him. Mike asked us if we’d ever thought about experimenting with each other when we were younger – he knows we didn’t but we played along and tried to come up with ways the two of us could have ended up in bed together (mostly centred around Sue coming to ask me for advice, us masturbating together and then proceeding on to doing more). We actually came up with a whole fantasy around Sue’s first time (and first orgasm) being with Mike and me but I’ll leave that for another entry as it could be quite long.

As Mum almost never comes up the stairs to the part of the house that Sue and I shared so we felt it was safe for Mike to spend the night in Sue’s room while Jen and I slept in the spare room (beside Mum’s room). Mike gave Sue a little time to recover from her sessions with me and Jen but he teased her mercilessly about how much she seemed to have enjoyed fucking me. He made it clear he wasn’t complaining and that he hoped the two of us would be as keen to enjoy each other for a long time and Sue reminded him that at the very least we had to do things at least once more to show Josie but that she was fairly sure that he’d get to see us fuck many more times. Mike slipped into Sue and spooned with her as they chatted and this progressed to them gently moving against each other. They chatted about a few more things and Mike let slip that Lis was pregnant (Sue knew about the plan for Mike to give Lis and Lucy a baby). She teased him about having children with multiple women and told him that she might have to be the next one. Mike told her he’d gladly fill her with his cum as often as she wanted but warned her that if anyone were to get pregnant before I did that I might be ‘upset’ by it. Sue assured him she wanted to wait a bit longer before having children anyway, but that she liked the sound of having his cum in her and she pushed back harder against him.

Mike pulled a little way out of Sue and said that he didn’t want to cum in her until he’d eaten her. She whined a bit at this and said she wanted him to fuck her so he asked her if she thought she’d be able to fuck, then have him eat her then fuck again. Sue craned her neck around to kiss him and said if it was for her onii-chan then she could cum as many times as he wanted. Mike kissed her back and told her he was glad as her cunt felt incredible and he wanted to feel her cum around him. They changed position so he was on top of her and between kissed Sue said she could dress up for him if he liked. Mike said that she was fine the way she was and it would be a pity to interrupt their session so they just kissed and fucked. Sue rode Mike for a while, allowing him to play with her clit but as she got closer to cumming she lay on top of him and asked him to fuck her hard. Mike gripped her ass and pumped into her as fast and hard as he could – glad that Sue’s room wasn’t anywhere near our parent’s room. Sue panted in his ear and told him how close she was getting, then moaned ‘onii-chan’ as she came. Mike had to concentrate hard to keep himself from cumming but he managed this and kept slowly moving in Sue for a few minutes before rolling over, pulling out and moving down between her legs.

Sue warned him she needed a bit of time but Mike promised her he’d be gentle and started kitty kissing her. He would occasionally stop to comment on the way her pussy looked, smelt and tasted, which embarrassed Sue a bit, but she knows he adores her (and her pussy). Mike asked Sue if she would be willing to have some more pictures taken and she said she would so Mike said he’d arrange a session. Sue had thought he had meant him taking the pictures himself but Mike explained he wanted to get the highest quality pictures of her pussy that he could, showing it in its natural state as well as when fully aroused and wet. Sue said it was only fair if she got equivalent pictures of his cock inside her and they decided that the set should be completed with a shot of his cum leaking from her pussy. Mike said that he wanted to get a full size wall mural of her pussy and then added that while they while they were at it, we should get some close up shots of Sue and I eating each other, with our tongues buried in each other’s cunts.

Mike had interspersed the conversation with sessions of kitty kissing, getting gradually more forceful until Sue was squirming around under his tongue and gasping. He told her he wanted to taste her as she came and buried his tongue in her, not breaking contact with her pussy until she came (actually not for a few minutes afterwards as he went back to kitty kissing her). Sue was covered in a light sweat by this point and said that she’d cum a bit harder than she’d expected. Mike told her that if she was tired then they didn’t have to fuck, but pressed his cock up against her body and said it would be a pity though as he’d been looking forward to cumming in her hot little snatch. Sue reached down to stroke his cock and told him that she hadn’t said she couldn’t do more, she just wanted a few minutes to recover again. She wiped her hand on her pussy and used her juices to stroke him, then said that as he’d got such a good look at her she should do the same. She asked him to sit on her chair, threw a pillow on the floor in front of him and knelt on it. Sue traced her fingers up and down Mike’s cock, kissed up and down the length and then knelt up to suck on the head. Mike warned her to be careful as he was quite aroused so Sue teased him and said that she thought he was meant to be good at holding back. Between sessions of sucking him, she fetched some long white socks, white panties and a white bra and put them on, then tied her hair up in bunches with ribbons, teasing him about how he couldn’t resist his onee-chan. Once fully dressed, Sue gave his cock a thorough suck, took him the whole way into her mouth (Sue can deep throat fairly well) and rubbed his cock between her breasts.

Sue asked if Mike thought he could resist cumming if she really tried and he said he thought he could, although it might be difficult with her looking like that. Sue took the challenge and they arranged ‘I want to fuck you’ as the safe word. She sucked his cock more, this time faster and with more pressure and alternated this with stroking him using long rapid strokes. Mike held out quite well but when Sue coupled the stimulation with her giving him a cute look and asking if he had enjoyed watching his onee-chan eating her sister’s pussy he had to tell her he wanted to fuck her. Mike lifted Sue onto the bed, pulled her bra off (promising to replace it), peeled her panties off and buried his mouth in her pussy again. She said she wanted to fuck but Mike said he now needed a minute to gather himself and tongued her pussy and ass while he calmed down. It wasn’t long before he was inside her and Sue wrapped her white sock clad legs around him as they fucked. She rode him again for a while and they then spooned so Mike could caress her body as they fucked. Sue said she wanted his cock deep inside her and Mike told her he wanted to fill her with cum. Sue said she was getting close and Mike rolled her over onto her front so he was lying on top of her with his full weight. This is Sue’s favourite position and Mike pushed into her as deep as he could with each stroke, feeling her pushing back against him. Sue told Mike how close she was and he toyed with her clit so she was on the brink of cumming. He waited until he was about to cum then stroked her just a little harder and whispered to her that he loved her and wanted to feel her cum for him. A couple of waves into Sue’s orgasm Mike started cumming in her and told her he was giving her his cum. They pushed against each other so he was as far inside her as he could be and remained like that even after they had finished cumming.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

December 2014 Sex Show – Part 5

Woohoo - this is my 1,000th post!

 Mel had finished with her guy (or he had finished with her) and we had a quick break while the guys recovered and we waited for the others. One turned up and by the time the last guy arrived, Lisa was already riding up and down on the third guy’s cock. We let him fuck both Julia and Mel and by this point the first two guys seemed ready for more action so I offered myself to them and said they could spit roast me or DP me if they were up for it. I generally thought that most guys would always take the option of anal whenever they got the choice but possibly as they’d just done that, they wanted to spit roast me to fuck my mouth and cunt. When I said they could move round and switch ends as often as they wanted, they seemed surprised that I was happy to suck my own pussy juices and even when I pointed out that they’d just seen me eat Julia one of them said that surely it was different when it was my own juices. As a way of demonstrating my willingness to participate (but mostly as I just like showing off), I worked a couple of fingers deep into my pussy then withdrew then and licked them clean. I repeated this a few times and told the guys I’d happily eat my own cunt if I could reach it and they thought this was a good image and resumed fucking me. (As a side note, it’s probably a good thing I can’t eat myself or I’d never get anything done.)

I wanted Mel to get a final session in so convinced the guys fucking me to also take turns in Mel whenever the guy fucking her was inside Julia. Jen helped out with Mel by using a vibe on her clit and nipples, ensuring that Mel got to cum again. Lisa frigged her own clit as she rode the guy (who played with her breasts) and I made sure I enjoyed myself, even though I was now down to only having one cock in me half the time. I wasn’t really paying attention to the others, but did notice that the guy Lisa was riding seemed to have lasted an impressively long time given how energetically she was riding him. She did slow down a bit when she came, but then kept going until he came and I’m pleased to report that both the guys I was taking care of came in me (as opposed to either of them being in Mel when they finished). Mel and Julia’s guy had also finished by the time I was done and I moved onto the floor, buried my face in Mel’s pussy and lapped away at her as she lay whimpering on the bed.

I didn’t do this alone and let Julia, Lisa and Jen have a turn with Jen also taking a turn forcefully fingering Mel and telling her repeatedly to squirt (she peed a bit which isn’t quite the same thing, but none of us can squirt on demand). As Mel got closer to cumming, Jen knelt over her and emptied her bladder over Mel’s face (Jen had been drinking water again while we’d been fucking the guys) and once Mel came (Lisa got the honour of being the one eating Mel when this happened), we pulled Mel down from the bed and Julia, Lisa and I each had a turn standing over her and pushing out whatever pee we could.

The guys were impressed (or scared) at our desire to pleasure and debase ourselves and when I sat up on the bed with my legs spread and gently stroked myself the two newcomers asked if I wanted more. I told them I always wanted more and spread my pussy lips to let them examine and finger me. Julia decided to demonstrate how insatiable I was by burying her tongue in my pussy, which in turn left her ass and pussy exposed so the guy happily migrated to her rear and fondled her. I whined that I had wanted their cocks so we came to an agreement to have one each, and that she would eat me while she was fucked and we’d then switch position. The guy who was going to fuck me moved up to stand beside me and play with my breasts so I reached down and stroked his cock to prepare him and the guy who had been fucking Lisa got started on Julia. He didn’t seem to last as long this time – although I was somewhat distracted as Julia purposely got me close to cumming quickly then backed off a bit. I wondered if she was just going to tease me until she came but I didn’t have long to wait to find out this wasn’t going to be the case as she started rapidly lapping at my pussy, making me cum and then kitty kissed me. Lisa helped make sure that Julia got to cum (she knelt beside Julia and fondled her clit) and when we switched places so I was bent forwards with my head between Julia’s legs, I started off by kitty kissing her and then moved on to eating her. I was a bit more forceful and managed to get another two orgasms out of her (technically the second time Jules came was after I’d cum and the guy had finished fucking me, but I still made her cum twice so I was pleased with myself).

By this point, the guys didn’t seem to have the energy to fuck again and I have to admit that I was pretty spent too. Mel was sitting with a blanket wrapped around her to keep warm and Mike was gently fondling Lisa, but not really trying to make her cum, just passing on his enjoyment of the show. We thanked the guys for fucking us – they thanked Alistair for calling them and I dragged Lisa outside with me to show the guys to their cars. It was considerably colder outside by this point so my plan of laying Lisa on a car bonnet and playing with her was shelved and we hurried back inside to warm up under the lights.

Alistair was very impressed with our show (although said he was still a bit disappointed we hadn’t been able to put on a live sister-sister fuck session). I told him we’d try and get Sue up for a repeat and teased Julia about whether she’d get Alex her brother to join in so people could watch her as he filled her cunt with his cum. This piqued Alistair’s curiosity but Julia just said she didn’t do that anymore, to which Mel said that she did considerably worse things than that, but wouldn’t elaborate.

Our original plan had been to stop off at a club on the way home and make the most of our outfits, but we decided we’d had enough so went straight home. Ineta was a little surprised at our appearance (only a little though) but genuinely surprised when we told her everything we’d done and showed her some of the pictures Mike had taken. As we described our evening, Mike, Lisa and I caressed Ineta’s body and told her that she really deserved a reward for looking after MJ. She squirmed around a bit but allowed our hands to wander over her and by the time she had fingers buried in her pussy and tongues on her nipples she said that it looked as if we hadn’t finished for the night. We rapidly stripped her naked, Mike had a few licks at her pussy and then passed her over to us and I ate her. Julia helped roll Ineta onto her side and lapped at her ass and Lisa crawled up onto the sofa and tried to offer Ineta her pussy (it wasn’t a good position for this, but Ineta had a try and managed to get a few licks in). Julia, Lisa, Mike and I worked on Ineta – mostly eating and fingering her but Mike had a brief turn fucking her and we got her off quite easily. We offered her a second (and third, fourth & fifth) orgasm but she said she had to be up early the next day so we let her get dressed and went to see her off. Naturally she didn’t get out unscathed and while giving her a goodbye hug, Mike reached under her skirt to fondle her, then freed his cock to slide it back into her pussy and then semi-fucked her up against the front door. As he’d only cum once he told her he could easily finish off inside her but said he’d much rather eat her as he loved her little Latvian pussy (they aren’t really any different than other pussies). Ineta said he could do whatever he wanted so he knelt, pulled her panties down (and told her he was keeping them), pushed his head under her skirt and ate her. He then saw her out to her car and as she reached in to put her bag on the back seat he flipped her skirt up, pulled out his cock and pushed into her. Ineta’s car was parked out on the street and she dared him to fuck her, but when he started moving in her she realised that he probably would and pointed out someone might see them. Mike pulled out of her and assured her it was fine as he had to save his cum for Lisa but he told her if she wanted to either stay the night or come back on the Sunday that he was sure we could find ways to amuse her. Ineta said she really had to get home, although the idea of having 5 women (and Mike) pleasuring her was quite appealing.

Mike returned to the house and lit a fire. Mel had showered by this point and we sat around the fire going over the evening’s events and having a drink. Jen asked Mel what she had meant about the ‘considerably worse’ things that Julia had done. Julia protested but Mel said that she had put up with enough for one night and wanted revenge so she physically held Julia down while she told us in detail about her latest way of pleasuring Julia. I’m not going to repeat what was said as it’s worse than anything else I’ve written about (don’t worry, it doesn’t involve any children – we’d have reported them if it did!). While we were genuinely shocked at what they’d been up to, we assured Julia that it didn’t change how we thought about her and to prove it I crawled between her legs and briefly ate her (with Mel still sitting on top of her holding her down). In an attempt at revenge for Mel’s revenge, Julia told us that Mel had done the same things and Mel just shrugged at this and said that as Julia had enjoyed it so much, she felt that she should give it a try.

We retired to bed fairly soon after this – Mike remained downstairs with Lisa and spooned with her in front of the fire while complimenting her on the stamina she had shown throughout the night. They gently fucked while recounting each cock that had fucked her, each time she’d been eaten and each cock or pussy she’d had in her mouth. Mike teased her about how they could recount this story when he went down to visit Lisa with her family and asked what she thought her parents would think of their sweet, innocent, little girl taking part in an orgy, being eaten and fingered by other girls as part of a show and then fucked by a group strangers. Lisa said she was sure her parents would be fine with it and pushed back harder against Mike so he teased her about her sisters again and said she should help them experiment to see if they might be bi (Lisa’s family know she is bi but as far as we know, none of her siblings are). She told him that he wasn’t allowed to touch his sisters but was getting close to cumming so when he started to describe how she could help her older sister cum she ended up playing along and let him describe how Lisa could eat her sister out while he fucked her (Lisa – not her sister). After she’d cum, she admonished him for bring her sister into the session, but allowed him to keep moving inside her.

Lisa told him she wanted him to cum in her but didn’t think she could cum again that night so Mike slowed his movements and said he could wait until morning, then cum properly. She tried to encourage him to finish off, saying she wanted to fall asleep with his cum inside her so they compromised and she let him kitty kiss her. After about 10 minutes of this, Lisa said she might be willing to try and cum again so Mike crawled up her body and slipped back inside her. She wrapped her legs around him and they fucked for a while, then rolled over and Mike asked her to ride him the way she had ridden Alistair’s friend. She asked if he was jealous and he said that it looked like she’d really got into fucking him so Lisa teased him and said if he would get jealous then she’d fuck lots more guys in front of him in order to drive him crazy and get him to fuck her hard. Mike pulled her down on top of him and said if she wanted him to fuck her hard, he would. As they pumped against each other, he told her he’d never be jealous of other guys fucking her as long as she loved him and he still wanted her to enjoy herself as much as possible with as many people as possible. Lisa ground against his body and Mike kneaded her ass while pumping rapidly in and out of her pussy. They worked together to try and cum at the same time and just before she came Lisa told him that even though she’d had twenty cocks inside her that day, his was the only one she wanted in her that night. She laughed at her own attempt at being romantic and in reply Mike told her he’d been saving his second load of cum just for her. Lisa came and Mike pushed as deep into her as he could to shoot his cum into her. He told her he loved her, even if she wouldn’t let him fuck her sisters but he’d take the next best thing and watch her fuck me and my sister (and Jen).

Jen spent the night with Mel and they went straight to sleep without any more playing. I took Julia into Mike’s room and quizzed her over what Mel had told us, asking for more details and getting Julia to describe exactly what happened and how it felt. She said it sounded like I was curious and I told her I certainly wanted to know more, but didn’t want to try it myself. I made Julia cum while she was describing things and then let her pin me down and grind her thigh against my pussy while she told me what she would do to me. Once I’d coated her thigh with my juices (and cum in the process) we curled up together and I told her once again that I’d missed seeing her as we always had so much fun together. Julia said she still enjoyed being pushed by Mel, although wished Mel wasn’t quite so aggressive quite so often and said it had been fun to force Mel to do things (Mel usually isn’t on the receiving end and rarely cums more than once or twice in a day even if she and Julia are having an intense session).

On the Sunday morning we woke each other in the usual way – I went down on Julia, Jen did this to Mel (and used her fingers a fair bit to avoid licking her too much) and Mike went down on Lisa. These sessions progressed into more mutually satisfying sessions with Mike and Lisa fucking, Julia and I sharing some toys and Mel and Jen 69in (with Jen eating Mel properly as her own arousal increased). MJ was even kind enough to stay asleep until after Mel and Jen had finished and when the three of them went downstairs they found Mike and Lisa were still going at it in front of the fire. To be fair, we think Mel and Jen had started before Mike and Lisa and Mel tried to put them off by sitting and watching them as they fucked. Lisa has cum in front of her friends enough times that it didn’t bother her though so she just kept fucking Mike, telling him to cum in her again. He did as she asked and then suggested that Mel could lick Lisa clean (so she didn’t drip too much – although it’s somewhat too late for us to worry about having cum and pussy juice on our floor). Lisa said she wanted to keep Mike’s cum in her but accepted that Mel wouldn’t actually be licking a great amount out from inside her so sat over Mel’s face. Mike pulled Mel’s legs apart and buried his face in her pussy – being the only one of us who really likes the way Mel tastes, he tries to eat her whenever he can. Mel complained that she’d already cum twice with Jen but Mike just replied and said that Lisa had already cum twice too and it didn’t mean Mel couldn’t make her cum a third time. Lisa said that this wasn’t part of the deal, but didn’t try to pull away from Mel and remained in place until both she and Mel had cum – Lisa actually did a fairly good job in this respect as she came first and Mel didn’t switch to just kitty kissing her and kept licking away at full speed.

Mel was punished a little more that morning – Jen got to shower with her and have Mel eat her, then peed over Mel’s face and into her mouth as she came. In return, Jen reciprocated and ate Mel, getting her to pee as she came too. Mike fucked Lisa one more time and got Mel and Julia to take turns licking Lisa’s clit and sucking on her nipples as he fucked her. Lisa promised him that she would remain naked under her skirt on the way back to Uni and Mike promised her that as soon as he saw her again, he would spend as long as she wanted with his tongue or cock buried in her pussy and make her cum as many times as she wanted. I promised Julia that if she came back then I’d make her cum as many times as she wanted (knowing full well that this was a much more onerous promise – although Julia would be likely to do the same in return to me so I’d get something out of it). Mel told me that if I was feeling brave I could always go down and visit the two of them and that she would ‘take care of me’ for the weekend. I could guess that the ‘taking care of me’ might be quite tiring but was intrigued as to what giving myself to Mel for a weekend could be like. I told her that as long as we set some rules (like no pain), I might be up for a challenge and Mel’s demeanour visibly changed and I almost thought I could see her starting to make plans.

Mel was sent home in a short, tight skirt (she doesn’t do flippy skirts) and Julia was given permission to ensure Mel came at least twice before they arrived at their house. Julia had the discretion to choose the locations and methods of Mel’s orgasms but Mel made it clear that once they got indoors, she intended to get revenge on Julia and would make sure she came multiple times, via multiple methods that night. We couldn’t help but ask whether Julia would be subjected to their new method of arousal and Mel said that she would be. Julia blushed at this and Mel offered to call us so we could listen to Julia’s orgasms. Julia kept her end of the bargain, getting Mel off once on the train (she made Mel spread her legs and masturbate) and then fingered Mel in an alleyway not too far from their house. Mel also did as she’d promised and matched Julia with a number of guys on Tinder, arranging for them to pop over for quickies and between sessions, she used her new method on Julia, calling us up twice to let us listen in.

Mike actually got a bonus that weekend as Lisa decided to stay with us an extra night. I didn’t let her have him to herself though and spent the night with the two of them (I am his wife after all), but did let her get his cum both that night and on the Monday morning. Lisa seemed to appreciate the additional stimulation I was able to provide during the session and she played with me quite enthusiastically, letting me fuck her with a strap on and then sharing a double ended dildo with me and finally 69ing while Mike went to shower. Once Mike and I had said our goodbyes to Lisa, we headed off to work and Jen was left to take Lisa to the station. The two of them stopped off for a long coffee and chatted about the weekend with Lisa saying she wished she didn’t have to go and leave us. Jen commiserated with Lisa, saying that she hadn’t enjoyed being apart from me (and Mike) when she was still at Uni, but that it didn’t last too long and that Lisa should just enjoy her time with her friends as it wouldn’t be long until she graduated, could be with us properly (which was good) and had to start work (not so good). During their goodbye hug at the station, Jen slipped her hands under Lisa’s skirt and fondled her. Lisa asked if Mike had told her to do that and Jen said that he probably wanted her to, but that she wanted to touch Lisa one last time before she left. The touching became a bit more involved and Jen moved a hand round to the front of Lisa’s pussy and she stroked a finger back and forth across Lisa’s clit. As Lisa got closer to cumming, she just hugged Jen and buried her face in Jen’s shoulder while Jen whispered into Lisa’s ear how she used to force me to do things the way Mel does to Julia. Jen said that it might be nice to have a new toy to play with and how she might turn all her attention to Lisa, pushing her to do more daring things every time they met. It was only after Lisa had cum and boarded her train that Jen realised there wasn’t much more she could actually do to Lisa as Lisa was way ahead of where I was at her age. Not that things like that ever stop Jen who got Lisa to send a picture of her sitting with her legs spread and a finger in her pussy – that in itself isn’t much of a challenge, but Jen got Lisa to get someone else to take the picture for her and as payment for helping her out, Lisa got to choose how she thanked the person. She ended up taking the guy into the toilet and sucking him off. Lisa said he came quite quickly or she might have been tempted to let him fuck her as well, but either way we were very impressed with her commitment to ‘better’ herself and was told that we’d happily make her the centre of attention during her next visit as a reward.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

December 2014 Sex Show – Part 4

Ineta came round to babysit MJ and we promised her ‘payment’ on our return. She knew full well where we were going and gave her opinion on our outfits. Jen had a cute white dress on (she’d opted for this instead of the one we’d selected for her), Julia and I had our see through nightdresses, Mel had her black strap/mesh outfit and Lisa her schoolgirl kit. Ineta said she couldn’t decide which one of us she’d want more so I told her she could have us all if she had the energy. She said she liked the sound of that but it might depend on how late we got back.

We stopped off on the way to the warehouse for a few drinks. In Lisa’s case to bolster her bravery, for Jen’s to stock up on liquid, for Julia and I to enjoy the attention and for Mel to be shown off (not completely – we were in a ‘normal’ bar so Mel, Julia and I had to keep our coats on, but had them open so we could be seen). We arrived at the warehouse in plenty of time and saw that Alistair had put out the usual bed but this time there was a second ‘area’ with a mattress, pillows and blankets. He said that as there were four girls, we might need a bit more space and I reminded him that Jen wouldn’t be doing anything with any of the audience (which to his credit, he had remembered). This time he’d found 14 people to come and watch and I told him he could always go for more for our next show as I’d happily perform in front of a stadium of people (and then briefly got lost in the fantasy of fucking, playing with myself and generally cumming in front of thousands of pairs of eyes).

Our audience arrived and were all present by a couple of minutes past the hour. As usual the audience were all wearing masks and masks had been provided for us ‘performers’ to wear. I asked Jen if she was up for being seen and she agreed to forgo the mask. Lisa was a bit more nervous about this but went along with it and Mel wasn’t given a choice (Julia didn’t care who saw her). We all headed out to the bed, introduced ourselves and told the guys that they’d be allowed to play with Lisa, Mel, Julia and me but weren’t allowed to touch Jen. We said we’d take requests (of things to do to/with each other) or that they could just sit and watch and Mike suggested we go for a wander and let the guys get a bit ‘hands on’ with us before we actually started doing things.

Lisa and Mel went to the people on one side of the bed while Julia and I took the other side and then swapped round. We let each of the guys fondle us in whatever way they wanted – some of them just ran their hands over our bodies, a couple asked for us to sit on their laps, some spent most of their time fondling our breasts and a couple got their fingers on and then into our pussies. We spent about 15 minutes doing this (about a minute per guy) but as there were only 4 of us and 14 of them it was obvious by the end that they were getting restless so we went back to the bed and started playing with each other. Mike and Jen joined us at this point and we fingered, ate, humped and fucked each other. Each of us had a turn at being ganged up and brought to orgasm, as well as the girls all cumming at various other times as well. Mike had turns inside each of us (both cunts and mouths) and we sucked him in pairs on a couple of occasions. Jen stood over Mel and masturbated while peeing onto Mel’s face, then directed the stream over Mel’s breasts and finally sat over Mel’s face, continuing to pee as Mel ate her. Unfortunately Jen’s supply of pee ran out before she actually came, but she still enjoyed it as she bent forwards to 69 with Mel and got her to pee as Jen ate her.

We had pulled and torn at each other’s clothes as we’d played and the nightdresses and Jen’s dress were pretty much in tatters by this point so we ditched them. Mel kept her bondage outfit on and we decided that Lisa should be more naked so we pulled off her clothes but left her socks on (it was obvious some of the guys liked her look). We played with each other a bit more frantically and Mike backed off to let us enjoy each other fully. We had fingers, tongues and toys probing everywhere and Julia, Lisa and I peed and squirted over whoever was in the way at the time (Jen often tried to *get* in the way when one of us did this). Mel spanked Jen and Julia but we made sure they could get their revenge and they both got a turn spanking Mel, after which we used a double ended dildo bent round from Mel’s cunt to her ass and pumped the ends in and out of her. This seemed like a good time to open up the floor to our audience and as soon as we offered, a number of them immediately came over to the bed. I thought I recognised a few from previous shows, but the masks made this somewhat difficult and I really didn’t care who they were as part of the attraction (for me anyway) was being watched and fucked by complete strangers. One of the guys wanted to have a turn with the dildo in Mel so we handed it over to him and left her whimpering as he fucked her with it. I heard him tell her how he was going to fill her with his cock as soon as he’d finished with the dildo and I reminded him that he was meant to fuck all of us, but then got distracted by multiple other pairs of hands that were fondling me.

Julia and Lisa moved over to the other ‘bed’, leaving Mel and me with about half the guys. I saw that one of them was standing on the other side of the bed and had his cock in Mel’s mouth so I thought I should catch up with her and told the guys to get suited up. As the last few of them put condoms on, I knelt and took them in my mouth, switching back and forth between cocks every few seconds and occasionally getting two of the guys close enough together that I could get two cocks in my mouth at once. I let them fuck my mouth, rub and slap their cocks against my face (one in particular wanted to do this) and then knelt up so I could rub them between my breasts. The atmosphere was becoming increasingly frenzied and I climbed up onto the bed, spread my legs and rubbed myself, saying I wanted to feel all of them inside me. I squirted a generous helping of lube up into my cunt and held myself open – a guy went straight in and I pushed back against him as we fucked, then told him to have a turn with Mel. We got into a pattern with the guys lined up and going around the bed, having a turn fucking me, fucking me, Mel sucking them then me sucking them. I reached over and played with Mel’s clit and occasionally (between sucking cocks) pulled her face to mine and messily kissed her.

Not being sure how many times the guys would be able to cum I called out that we should switch beds and shooed our crop of guys over to Lisa and Julia, then received their guys. I quickly buried my face in Mel’s cunt and ate her as the new group of guys came over to our bed but lay back and welcomed the new cocks as soon as they arrived. I’d already cum once with the first lot of guys and had got quite close to a second orgasm so came twice more. I made sure that Mel came as well and hearing her whimpering as she said she couldn’t take any more made me just want to see her cum again. One of the guys asked me to pee on his as he fucked me and I did my best to oblige but I’d already pretty much emptied my bladder earlier on. He asked the same thing of Mel (and we later found out he’d asked Lisa and Julia to do this). I didn’t see this bit, but while the guy was waiting to get back into my cunt (there was a queue of 3 people between my mouth and cunt), Mike asked him if he’d like Jen to pee on him. He eagerly said yes and Mike told him the same rule applied – he wasn’t allowed to touch Jen, but she would happily stand over him and pee on him if he lay on the floor.

Jen had been drinking water since retiring from the fray so while she wasn’t fully recharged, she was in a better state than the rest of us to do this. The guy lay on the floor with his cock in his hand and Jen stood over his crotch. She looked at his face as she masturbated and sprayed her pee over his body – generally aiming for his cock, but it’s not easy to aim while frigging yourself. He asked her to pee on his face and she stepped forward so she was standing over his chest and let out a stronger stream, hitting the guy in the face. He opened his mouth and licked as she looked down to see him frantically stroking his cock. Jen told him to say when he was getting close and she stepped back a bit and partially crouched down. When the guy told her he was about to cum, she peed once more, this time aiming properly and spraying his crotch with her pee. The guy came as she did this and she watched the condom fill with his cum. Jen felt a wonderful thrill – while she is gay, she loves the power she has over men and the fact that this guy shared her particular fetish meant she enjoyed it even more. As a treat, she got a chair and put it beside where the guy was lying, spread her legs wide and masturbated more, emptying the remaining contents of her bladder over him as she came.

The rest of the guys came in us, some in our mouths and some in our cunts. Julia and Lisa had two guys at their area that took a fair bit longer than the others while Mel and I only had one of them. I climbed on top of Mel in a 69 and buried my face in her pussy, then told the guy to fuck me hard. Mel lapped at my clit as the guy fucked me and after a couple of minutes we switched round so he was in Mel. I really wanted him to cum in me so made sure he knew to switch back if he got too close (I don’t even pretend not to be greedy anymore), but he lasted out his session with Mel and was in me anyway when he finally came.

I felt quite tired by this point but wanted to help out with Lisa and Julia so crawled off the bed, told the guys they could keep playing with Mel, and made my way over to the other bed. I played with Lisa’s and Julia’s clits and breasts, kissed them and fondled the guy’s cocks as they fucked the girls. I briefly rode Julia’s face – humping back and forth and spreading my juices over her, then kissing and licking her face clean. The guys didn’t take too much longer to cum and as soon as they were finished I grabbed a double ended dildo (not the same one that had been in Mel’s ass), buried one end in Lisa’s pussy, mounted the other end and started humping against her. I told her I wanted to see how well she could keep up with me and that it would decide on who would win Mike’s cum. I pulled on Lisa’s legs and pushed against the dildo until our pussies touched, then humped back and forth, grinding my clit against her. Lisa has seen me in my ‘frantic’ mode a number of times and did a fairly good job of copying me, helping to pull us together and humping back against me. I told her to cum for the guys and let them watch as she displayed herself. I warned Lisa it would be the usual rules (we’d keep going until we both came) and she reached down to toy with my clit. I told her she was cheating, but let her continue and the added stimulation meant I came first. I kept to the rules though and allowed her to keep humping against me (I still moved, just not as much as I had been) and once she came we lay back with the dildo still buried between us and allowed the guys who’d been watching us to stroke and play with our bodies.

On the main bed, there was an even better show going on. Jen had Mel and Julia lying on their backs with their legs spread and she had been preparing them for a double fisting. To get them ready for this, Jen had got some of the guys to help out and had been using the horse dildo on them – Julia first and then Mel. The dildo is a realistic representation of a horse cock and while Julia is used to taking things that size, Mel isn’t so it took a bit more time to get her pussy accustomed to it. Jen then lubed up both her hands and worked them in to Mel and Julia – concentrating on one of them at a time as she didn’t want to actually hurt either of them and this also allowed them to get accustomed to being stretched. Once she was inside them both, she pumped her arms in and out – not pulling her hand out (that’s generally the bit that hurts), just moving back and forth inside them a bit. She switched between using alternating strokes (in on one and out on the other) and pushing in and out of them at the same time while the guys were encouraged to fondle the girls. A couple of the guys got up on the bed and offered their cocks for sucking (which were accepted) and others helped out by holding vibes against Mel and Julia’s clits and nipples. Jen continued to fist them both until they came – Mel came first and Jen ordered her to pee as she came then kept her hand in Mel while she finished off Julia who also had to pee (not that either of them had much liquid left, but it was enough to spray a bit).

While Mel and Julia were being fisted, I bent forwards against the bed and let one of the guys take me from behind. It felt good but it didn’t take him as long to cum as I’d expected (given he’d cum not long ago) so I ended up kneeling on the floor in front of Mike and sucking his bare cock and the audience were asked whether they wanted to see him cum over Mel’s face or into her cunt and have Julia eat it out of her. They were split over this so as a compromise we had Mike fuck Mel and empty his cum into her so they could watch it leak out and have Jules lick her clean while Lisa, I and Mike (once he lost his erection) peed over Mel’s face (not quite the same sort of ‘facial’ but it did the job. Mike was able to pound away in Mel for a fair while before he came in her due to her being somewhat looser after having Jen’s hand inside her and by the time he and then Julia had finished with her, she was limp.

 I encouraged the guys who were still up for more action to fondle Lisa and she took one of them in her mouth and let another one enjoy her pussy (and although the guy certainly seemed to enjoy being inside her he didn’t seem to want to cum again). Things certainly seemed to be winding down but we were fondled and groped for a while longer and asked to play with each other in a few more positions. The guy that Jen had peed on wanted her to pee on his face again, which she did, but only briefly as she hadn’t drunk much more water (or rather it hadn’t had time to make it through to her bladder). As a finishing act, we were asked to all lie on the bed beside each other and masturbate ourselves in our favourite manner. Mike said that was actually quite interesting as he watched me frigging myself with one hand while reaching around under my leg to finger my pussy, Jen playing with her clit while massaging her breasts, Julia fingering both her pussy and ass, Lisa mostly frigging her clit and occasionally fingering herself and Mel frigging herself while keeping three fingers in her pussy, but not moving them too much. At first we were just meant to be putting on a display, but it was soon decided that as we were masturbating, we may as well do it properly and give the guys a proper show and cum for them one last time. As a way of helping out, Mike moved down the line and ate each of us – but only briefly – as we were meant to be getting ourselves off. As we neared our orgasms, the guys were given one last chance to get their hands on us.

As we came, Mike suggested to Alistair that Mel could see our guests out and she was allowed to put shoes on before leading them outside to their cars and allowing them a final fondle of her. She was quite cold on returning so we helped to warm her up and I encouraged Alistair to come over and join us. He did nothing to stop me as I rubbed his crotch and pulled on his trousers and when I offered to let him sample us he eagerly accepted. Lisa actually usurped me and knelt to suck him (she did at least put a condom on to his cock first) and I moaned at her, saying I wanted his cock but she said she’d have to share him. Alistair said that if we were up for more, he could always call a few friends and I told him to go ahead, saying that Mel would take as many more guys as he could get. Mel objected to this but was told she was our whore for the night and if we wanted a hundred more guys to fuck her, then she’d have a hundred more cocks inside her. Fortunately for her (although unfortunately for Julia and me as we’d both have enjoyed experiencing that many guys wanting us), Alistair only called up 4 people. It took about 20 minutes for the first couple of them to turn up and by that point Alistair had already cum, having spent time in each of Julia’s, Mel’s, Lisa’s and my cunts and mouths, giving us a running commentary on how we felt in comparison to each other and how enthusiastic we were being.

I’d asked Alistair not to tell us the names of any of the guys he’d invited along (as I’ve said before, I love the idea of being fucked by strangers) and when the first two arrived I moved over to greet them and told them I hoped they were ready for some fun as we wanted then to fuck us long and hard. They certainly looked horny enough and their hands roamed over my body before I’d even made contact with their crotches. As I felt fingers curling up into my pussy I told them the only rules were that they weren’t allowed to hurt us, they had to use protection and that Jen was off limits (indicating to them who Jen was). They asked if they could do anything to us and I said as long as it didn’t hurt, then yes. I felt a hand roaming over my ass and figured that was what the guy meant so told him if he wanted our asses that he could take them and then told them to follow me. I led them over to the bed and told Mel to roll over, got Lisa and Julia to spread Mel’s ass cheeks and squirted a dollop of lube onto Mel’s ass before using a couple of fingers to work it into her. One of the guys pulled out his cock straight away and I had to remind him to put a condom on but this took him no time and he eagerly pushed forwards against Mel’s ass so I helped guide him in and caressed his balls as he pumped back and forth.

I got Lisa to sit up on the bed in front of Mel and order Mel to eat her, then offered myself and Julia to the other guy, saying he could have whatever hole on us he wanted. He seemed quite keen on taking my ass so I bent forwards across the bed and presented myself to him, but he wanted me on my back. I obliged and lay down, watched him prepare himself (he smeared the lube over his cock and then wiped some over my ass). He lifted my legs up and held them apart and I felt him press his cock against my ass and slide in, only taking a few strokes to get most of the way in. He then told me to hold my legs apart and firmly massaged my breasts, smearing the remainder of the lube over my right one as he did so and pumped in and out with a steady stroke. Julia didn’t want to be left out so stood beside the guy, letting him occasionally fondle her and she then took a vibe and pushed it into my pussy and fucked me with it. This all felt quite nice but I wasn’t getting any clitoral stimulation so I knew I wasn’t likely to cum with things the way they were so I started frigging myself. I offered to eat Jules and she tried sitting over my face, but the guy wanted to keep fondling my breasts which made it difficult for her to keep using the vibe in me. I happily took over, frigging my clit with one hand and fucking myself with the vibe with the other hand while messily slurping away at Julia’s pussy as she humped against my face. I tried to announce that I was going to cum again, but Julia was clearly getting into things as well and was eagerly grinding against my mouth. I sucked on her clit whenever I could and just enjoyed myself, feeling my orgasm build and then pulse through me. I eased off on my clit, switching to just gently stroking it, but kept pumping the vibe into my pussy in time with the guy’s movements in my ass. I’d hoped to get Julia off before he came (to give him something to watch), but he got there first and I felt him slow him movements in me, then stop. I stopped playing with myself, moved my hands up and grabbed Julia’s thighs. While holding her in place I lashed at her pussy and clit with my tongue until she came (and then kept going for a bit until she was moaning loudly for me to stop).