Sunday, 23 October 2016

Christmas 2014 – Part 1

Due to the multiple people we had to visit (mostly due to the complexity of our relationships), we knew that the Christmas ‘break’ was going to be anything other than relaxing. It turned out to be rather more disruptive than we’d expected – but we’ll get to that in time. This entry will effectively be a story with a number of different parts – each with a slightly different cast (although a fair bit of overlap).

Our first visit was to my home where we were going for Christmas. We were all eagerly looking forward to this as it meant we’d get to see Sue and Mike and Jen would get to witness us having another session of sisterly lesbianism. I think even at this time, Sue and I were past the point of pretending that we were only doing things together for the sake of Mike and Jen and we fully intended to enjoy our time with each other as much as possible (while of course letting Mike and Jen have time with Sue as well).

The four of us (don’t forget MJ) headed to mu Mum’s house on December 23rd, the day after Lisa had headed off to her home. Sue was already there when we arrived but unfortunately Josie wasn’t with her as she’d been told in no uncertain terms by her family that they expected her at home for Christmas. Ideally Sue had wanted Josie to be with her, but she was going to Josie’s just after Christmas anyway so they only had a few days apart – and Sue knew she would be sufficiently ‘distracted’ in the intervening period. Josie had agreed to let Sue do things with us again, even though their usual agreement was that Sue only got to play with us when Josie was around to witness it (and join in). Josie expected Sue and I to put on an extended session for her the next time we all got together but we hardly considered that a hardship and had readily agreed to it.

As expected, Mum started cooing over MJ as soon as we arrived, saying how much she’d grown, how she looked even more like Jen and commenting endlessly on how she was developing. I’m as happy as the next person to spend ages fawning over MJ as we all love her absolutely, but on this occasion I took advantage of the distraction she caused and excused myself to get my things unpacked in my room. I asked Sue if she wanted to help and she followed me up the stairs to our bedrooms and carried Jen’s suitcase up. Once in my room we put the suitcases down and gave each other a slightly awkward hug. We faced each other and I asked Sue if she still wanted to do things, at which she grinned and kissed me. The kiss quickly became very passionate, with our tongues pressing into each other’s mouths and Sue’s hands slid under my skirt onto my bare ass. As she needed my cheeks she commented on my lack of panties so I slid a hand under the front of her skirt and lifted my fingers to her crotch to be greeted with the wonderful feeling of her shaved pussy and I told her how we were so alike. I didn’t wait and slipped a finger between her lips and we kissed some more. We knew we probably didn’t have time to have a full session but nonetheless I pushed Sue back onto my bed, knelt on the floor, pulled her legs apart and started licking up and down the length of her pussy. She moaned gently as I ate her and we moved around so she was lying on the bed with me joining her on it. I was still aware of how long we’d been gone, but really wanted her so turned around and straddled her in a 69 position. Sue quickly flipped my skirt up, pulled my crotch to her face and started eating me in return. A couple of minutes later, we were interrupted by Mum calling up the stairs to see if we wanted something to drink. I’d probably only have needed a few more minutes to cum – and I could have quite easily got an orgasm out of Sue before we went down, but we pulled away from each other and giggling like little girls headed into the bathroom to wipe our faces clean of each other’s juices. We shared one more kiss and just before we left I grabbed Sue’s toothbrush from the pot on the windowsill and rubbed it back and forth between my pussy lips, then spread myself and gently pushed the head right inside me. Sue asked what I was doing and I told her that just in case she decided not to do anything else with me, that at least now she’d have to taste my juices once more. Sue kissed me and told me she was going to eat me for as long as I could take and on the way downstairs she warned me that my toothbrush would be getting the same treatment before I used it. As we headed into the living room we carried on the conversation and I told her she should probably do the same with Mike and Jen’s as they’d appreciate it and Sue said she’d make sure to be very thorough. (It’s amazing the conversations you can have with ‘normal’ people around as they’re never able to guess what you’re really talking about).

Mum told us that she had made up the spare room as well and we could use it if we want. She’d gotten used to the fact that Mike, Jen and I would quite happily share a bed but she said she thought with MJ as well that we might want the extra space. This suited us quite well as it meant that we could enjoy ourselves properly in Sue and my bedrooms without worrying about waking the baby – although with the one downside that one of us would have to sit out of each session to look after her. Mike went and fetched Jen’s suitcase from my room and took it over to the spare room – later commenting to me that it didn’t look like I’d unpacked much. I just told him I’d got distracted and when he asked ‘how much’ I told him ‘slightly less than 70% distracted’, which he got and told me I was meant to behave until he and Jen could watch.

We headed up to bed fairly early after dinner, feigning being tired from the journey. Jen came up to the part of the house with Sue’s and my bedrooms (bringing MJ with her) and as we freshened ourselves up Mike, Jen and I openly debated in front of Sue who should get to fuck her first. Sue asked if she had a say in this and we told her no at first, then asked who she wanted. She stroked Mike’s chest and said that it was tradition that her onii-chan should get to play with her first, but then moved over to me and said that it would also be nice to finish things off with me. Jen said she didn’t mind being left out so Sue moved around behind her and wrapped her arms around Jen’s wait then said that it would be interesting when they were in the shower together whether Jen wanted to be left out or not and Sue pushed her fingers between Jen’s lips and whispered that she’d take as much as Jen could give her. I asked nobody in particular when we had turned my sister into such a little slut and Sue answered immediately by saying it probably had something to do with Mike and I letting her come in and watch as we fucked and how things developed from there.

Mike stripped me of my remaining clothes, then moved over to Sue and did the same to her. He freed his cock and rubbed it back and forth against her ass, then pushed it down and between her legs. Sue pushed back against him and I thought they were going to get started but Mike said that it seemed a pity for our earlier session to be held off any longer and suggested I be the one to give Sue her first orgasm of the night. Neither of us were opposed to this and we headed straight into Sue’s room with Jen carrying MJ (who was fortunately asleep). As we were already naked, things went faster than before – we kissed briefly but our hands were already exploring each other as we did this and when we each tried to push the other down onto the bed we just fell back into the 69 position we’d been in earlier. Sue seemed to want me just as much as I wanted her and our tongues probed each other’s cunts, lashed over clits and lapped up and down the lengths of our slits. Mike ended up holding MJ so Jen could play with herself as our unabashed desire for each other was apparently just as arousing for our spectators as it was for us. I gripped Sue’s ass and held her pussy tight against my mouth while using my tongue to pull her juices from inside her. My face was covered with her juices, my mouth filled with her taste, my nose with her scent. My breathing was getting ragged and I could feel Sue panting into my pussy. I didn’t want this to end, but at the same time couldn’t hold back and just kept licking Sue over and over. She came before I did and I heard her moan but then she immediately went back to eating me. I ate her through her orgasm and eased off a little – not quite to the level of kitty kissing but enough that I wasn’t attacking her as I’d just been doing. As my orgasm built, I licked her faster again, pushing my mouth into her pussy and trying to bury myself in her. I came and it felt wonderful – not just the usual ‘I had an orgasm’ wonderful, but a really good orgasm that pulsed through my crotch and half my body.

I kept eating Sue but as my orgasm ended and she eased off I backed off as well. I shakily said how incredible it had felt and Sue made a comment about me almost having made her cum a second time. She was lying beside me on the bed on her side with her pussy right by my head and I reached over to stroke her and said I’d be happy to finish her off but Mike and Jen reminded us that Sue was a shared resource and that they both wanted a turn with her. It was only at this point that I paid enough attention to Jen to notice that she was sitting fingering herself so I sarcastically asked if she had enjoyed watching us. She told us it was one of the hottest things she’d seen and Mike asked Sue if she thought a second orgasm would tire her out or if she thought she’d be able to manage a bit more afterwards.

Sue said she could probably be convinced to enjoy herself a bit more so Mike told Jen to have a turn and he’d have Sue that night. Jen scurried over to the bed and knelt beside Sue. Jen stroked Sue’s body and knelt to kiss her. Sue slipped her hand between Jen’s legs and said that she seemed as wet as ever, at which point Jen moved her head down to play with Sue’s breasts. I pushed Sue’s legs apart and stroked my fingers up and down her pussy, then slipped one finger into her and moved it around in circles, trying to touch every part of her. Jen decided she couldn’t wait any longer and straddled Sue’s face, letting out her usual little mewing sounds as Sue’s tongue slipped between Jen’s lips. I didn’t want to waste any more time either and grabbed a couple of pillows and told Sue to lift her ass so I could slide them under her. I lay on my stomach and positioned myself between Sue’s legs, asked Jen if she wanted to watch me eat my little sister again and pushed my mouth into Sue’s pussy. We had our session without saying anything else – although Mike enjoyed the sounds of us licking and sucking at each other’s pussies, Jen’s increasing mewing sounds and Sue’s occasional panting (when the sounds weren’t being muffled by Jen’s pussy). As the session progressed, I could see Sue’s upper body flushing red so I knew she was getting close to cumming and I eased off a bit to let Jen catch up. I can read Jen’s arousal levels quite easily (the intensity of the mewing also helps!) so kept Sue close to cumming, gently toying with her pussy lips, occasionally flicking my tongue over her clit, swirling it across and around her ass and pushing into her to taste her juices. I carried on like this until Jen came, then swirled my tongue around Sue’s clit repeatedly until I felt her buck against my face. I once again ate her through her orgasm, gave her a few more firm licks and then eased off to kitty kiss her for a few minutes.

When Jen climbed off of Sue’s face, I asked for a minute with my sister, crawled up her body, kissed her deeply (she kissed me back – it wasn’t one way) and told her I wished we’d done things properly much sooner. Sue agreed and said we’d wasted so much time. Mike came over to join us and Jen took MJ from him. Mike asked us if we’d ever thought about experimenting with each other when we were younger – he knows we didn’t but we played along and tried to come up with ways the two of us could have ended up in bed together (mostly centred around Sue coming to ask me for advice, us masturbating together and then proceeding on to doing more). We actually came up with a whole fantasy around Sue’s first time (and first orgasm) being with Mike and me but I’ll leave that for another entry as it could be quite long.

As Mum almost never comes up the stairs to the part of the house that Sue and I shared so we felt it was safe for Mike to spend the night in Sue’s room while Jen and I slept in the spare room (beside Mum’s room). Mike gave Sue a little time to recover from her sessions with me and Jen but he teased her mercilessly about how much she seemed to have enjoyed fucking me. He made it clear he wasn’t complaining and that he hoped the two of us would be as keen to enjoy each other for a long time and Sue reminded him that at the very least we had to do things at least once more to show Josie but that she was fairly sure that he’d get to see us fuck many more times. Mike slipped into Sue and spooned with her as they chatted and this progressed to them gently moving against each other. They chatted about a few more things and Mike let slip that Lis was pregnant (Sue knew about the plan for Mike to give Lis and Lucy a baby). She teased him about having children with multiple women and told him that she might have to be the next one. Mike told her he’d gladly fill her with his cum as often as she wanted but warned her that if anyone were to get pregnant before I did that I might be ‘upset’ by it. Sue assured him she wanted to wait a bit longer before having children anyway, but that she liked the sound of having his cum in her and she pushed back harder against him.

Mike pulled a little way out of Sue and said that he didn’t want to cum in her until he’d eaten her. She whined a bit at this and said she wanted him to fuck her so he asked her if she thought she’d be able to fuck, then have him eat her then fuck again. Sue craned her neck around to kiss him and said if it was for her onii-chan then she could cum as many times as he wanted. Mike kissed her back and told her he was glad as her cunt felt incredible and he wanted to feel her cum around him. They changed position so he was on top of her and between kissed Sue said she could dress up for him if he liked. Mike said that she was fine the way she was and it would be a pity to interrupt their session so they just kissed and fucked. Sue rode Mike for a while, allowing him to play with her clit but as she got closer to cumming she lay on top of him and asked him to fuck her hard. Mike gripped her ass and pumped into her as fast and hard as he could – glad that Sue’s room wasn’t anywhere near our parent’s room. Sue panted in his ear and told him how close she was getting, then moaned ‘onii-chan’ as she came. Mike had to concentrate hard to keep himself from cumming but he managed this and kept slowly moving in Sue for a few minutes before rolling over, pulling out and moving down between her legs.

Sue warned him she needed a bit of time but Mike promised her he’d be gentle and started kitty kissing her. He would occasionally stop to comment on the way her pussy looked, smelt and tasted, which embarrassed Sue a bit, but she knows he adores her (and her pussy). Mike asked Sue if she would be willing to have some more pictures taken and she said she would so Mike said he’d arrange a session. Sue had thought he had meant him taking the pictures himself but Mike explained he wanted to get the highest quality pictures of her pussy that he could, showing it in its natural state as well as when fully aroused and wet. Sue said it was only fair if she got equivalent pictures of his cock inside her and they decided that the set should be completed with a shot of his cum leaking from her pussy. Mike said that he wanted to get a full size wall mural of her pussy and then added that while they while they were at it, we should get some close up shots of Sue and I eating each other, with our tongues buried in each other’s cunts.

Mike had interspersed the conversation with sessions of kitty kissing, getting gradually more forceful until Sue was squirming around under his tongue and gasping. He told her he wanted to taste her as she came and buried his tongue in her, not breaking contact with her pussy until she came (actually not for a few minutes afterwards as he went back to kitty kissing her). Sue was covered in a light sweat by this point and said that she’d cum a bit harder than she’d expected. Mike told her that if she was tired then they didn’t have to fuck, but pressed his cock up against her body and said it would be a pity though as he’d been looking forward to cumming in her hot little snatch. Sue reached down to stroke his cock and told him that she hadn’t said she couldn’t do more, she just wanted a few minutes to recover again. She wiped her hand on her pussy and used her juices to stroke him, then said that as he’d got such a good look at her she should do the same. She asked him to sit on her chair, threw a pillow on the floor in front of him and knelt on it. Sue traced her fingers up and down Mike’s cock, kissed up and down the length and then knelt up to suck on the head. Mike warned her to be careful as he was quite aroused so Sue teased him and said that she thought he was meant to be good at holding back. Between sessions of sucking him, she fetched some long white socks, white panties and a white bra and put them on, then tied her hair up in bunches with ribbons, teasing him about how he couldn’t resist his onee-chan. Once fully dressed, Sue gave his cock a thorough suck, took him the whole way into her mouth (Sue can deep throat fairly well) and rubbed his cock between her breasts.

Sue asked if Mike thought he could resist cumming if she really tried and he said he thought he could, although it might be difficult with her looking like that. Sue took the challenge and they arranged ‘I want to fuck you’ as the safe word. She sucked his cock more, this time faster and with more pressure and alternated this with stroking him using long rapid strokes. Mike held out quite well but when Sue coupled the stimulation with her giving him a cute look and asking if he had enjoyed watching his onee-chan eating her sister’s pussy he had to tell her he wanted to fuck her. Mike lifted Sue onto the bed, pulled her bra off (promising to replace it), peeled her panties off and buried his mouth in her pussy again. She said she wanted to fuck but Mike said he now needed a minute to gather himself and tongued her pussy and ass while he calmed down. It wasn’t long before he was inside her and Sue wrapped her white sock clad legs around him as they fucked. She rode him again for a while and they then spooned so Mike could caress her body as they fucked. Sue said she wanted his cock deep inside her and Mike told her he wanted to fill her with cum. Sue said she was getting close and Mike rolled her over onto her front so he was lying on top of her with his full weight. This is Sue’s favourite position and Mike pushed into her as deep as he could with each stroke, feeling her pushing back against him. Sue told Mike how close she was and he toyed with her clit so she was on the brink of cumming. He waited until he was about to cum then stroked her just a little harder and whispered to her that he loved her and wanted to feel her cum for him. A couple of waves into Sue’s orgasm Mike started cumming in her and told her he was giving her his cum. They pushed against each other so he was as far inside her as he could be and remained like that even after they had finished cumming.


  1. On the well-known International Hard-on Scale, with 0 Erections being the worst rating and 5 Hard-ons being the Best Rating possible, Installment #1 receives a rating of 4.8 raging Hard-ons. Cum has spurted, the keyboard needs cleaning. It would be a perfect 5 if you could somehow, someway include a picture or two with faces hidden.

    1. We're glad you enjoyed it - both Sue and I suspected that this might be a popular entry :)