Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Christmas 2014 – Part 2

Mike asked Sue if he could stay inside her and they rolled back onto their sides and kept spooning. He remained inside her until he got hard again then started moving gently. Sue said she isn’t sure if she can cum again so Mike said he just wants to enjoy being in her. They fell asleep with him buried inside her, their bodies gently moving against each other while discussing plans for the next few days and Sue’s next visit. Sue wished she could have made it for the sex show as she liked the idea of twenty cocks being inside her. She knows me well enough that I had wished to have twenty loads of cum in and over me but tells Mike she is content with just his cum in her. Sue said that it felt nice with Mike telling her he loved her as she came and he tells her that she knows he has always loved her from the point he adopted her as a little sister – it’s just that now the way he loves her is slightly different. Sue told him she wished he had been her first and they fleshed out the fantasy of Sue’s first time a bit (we worked on it more since then).

Jen and I had put MJ down to sleep and then crawled into bed together. I got a similar teasing from Jen as Sue had from Mike in relation to my session with Sue but as expected it just seemed to fuel Jen’s desire and she wanted to 69 with me in the same way I’d done with Sue. It was a little odd fucking in the room next to Mum and Gerald as I’m used to sleeping in my own room where we have some privacy. This didn’t stop us though and at Jen’s request I imagined that she was Sue and took out my forbidden desires (Jen’s phrase) on her. Jen loved having had both of us eat her to orgasm that night but as she was in a playful mood I told her that I wanted to eat her (without pretending she was Sue) to an orgasm as well and we had a second 69 session (this position is fairly quiet but very pleasurable).

I woke first in the morning and started going down on Jen but MJ woke up and wanted to be fed. As Jen was no longer breast feeding I could have taken care of this but she still likes feeding him so I told her I’d go freshen up and come back to take the baby. Jen gave me a knowing look as I left the room and as she was already suspecting I wouldn’t be heading straight to the shower I thought I may as well do something to warrant the suspicion. I entered Sue’s room without knocking – causing her to jump a little as Mike was between her legs working on her pussy. I slid my robe off and crouched over her face, then lowered myself to her mouth to meet her tongue. A few minutes later Mike moved up behind me and slipped into me, fucking me while Sue lapped at my clit. This felt nice but I asked him if Sue could be the one to make me cum this time and he happily went back to eating her, but got me to turn around to face him so he could watch my expressions as she worked on me. Mike made Sue cum and watched as she finished me off, sitting with his cock in his hand gently stroking himself. As soon as I dismounted Sue, he slid into her and as she wrapped her legs around him I asked who’s idea the socks had been (she hadn’t taken them off the previous night). Mike said that it was my slutty little sister who had insisted on wearing them and pointed out the white panties and broken bra.

As I watched Mike and Sue fuck, I slipped the white panties on and stroked myself through them, pressing the material between my lips and telling Sue that I wanted her to wear them at some point. As often happens with us, ideas are developed and it was decided that as soon as they finished fucking, Sue would put the panties on and we would rub the crotch into her pussy so it got a coating of both her juices and Mike’s cum. Later on Jen would then wear them to add her juices to the mix and we would see what sort of state we could get them into by the time we left after Christmas. I convinced Mike switch to spooning with Sue (it didn’t take much) so I could lie in front of her and we could kiss. I spent some time sucking on Sue’s nipples and a little time licking at her clit as Mike slid in and out. Sue said she was getting close and as I’d got to cum the way I wanted I gave her the option of whether she wanted just Mike to get her off or if I could help out. She said I could keep doing what I was doing so I did and soon felt Sue’s hands on my head, pressing me against her pussy. I felt her shudder as she came and she told Mike to cum and felt him speed up his movements. Mike told us he wasn’t far off and once Sue’s orgasm ended I pulled back a little to watch as he fucked her. I saw him bury his cock deep inside her and he told her he was cumming.

When he pulled out I watched as a little cum trickled out of her and almost forgot about the panties until Mike reminded me. He got me to lie on my back and he pushed the crotch as deep between my lips as he could, then slid the panties down my legs and moved to put them on Sue. I asked if I could have one kiss of her pussy first, promising not to lick up his cum and Mike said I could, providing Sue agreed and I asked properly. Sue agreed with this and said I needed to make a good job of asking so I knelt up, looked at them both and said “before you cover it up, can I please have one kiss of my little sister’s cute pussy”. They thought this was sufficient so Sue spread her legs, I spread her lips and kissed around her clit. I also licked her a little, but tried to avoid the leaking cum. Mike then pulled the panties up Sue’s legs, ensured they were snug against her pussy and spent a while massaging her crotch to get as much moisture onto the panties as he could.

I said that I should go shower and get back to Jen but before I left Sue told Mike to rub himself up against my pussy. Unfortunately he wasn’t hard enough to get into me but he got a good enough coating of my juices and as I stepped out the door Sue jumped up and said she had forgotten to do something. She followed me into the bathroom and pushed my toothbrush into her pussy. I told her she didn’t need to play that game as I’d eat her as much as she wanted but she took her toothbrush and pushed it into my pussy and said it wasn’t an ‘either or’ situation and she fully expected me to eat her on demand as well. Standing naked in the bathroom, each other’s toothbrushes buried in our pussies, we shared a quick kiss. I’m quite confident that things could have easily developed into us playing with each other again but I said I should shower and Sue told me to send Jen over as soon as possible so she could shower with her.

As I showered myself down – reluctantly washing Sue’s and Jen’s juices from my body, Sue returned to her room and played with Mike’s cock some more. She dressed up for him again, this time putting on her school skirt as well and spent a good 10 minutes sucking his cock. She got him hard again but the aim wasn’t to make him cum, just prepare him for more action later on in the day. As a reward for being so good, he was allowed a quick session of eating her under her skirt, but only until Jen turned up and Sue could make good on her promise to shower with her. Mike waited in Sue’s room, looking through the clothes she had brought with her as Sue and Jen showered. Jen quite liked the toothbrush idea so they added Jen’s juices to both Sue’s and my toothbrushes and Sue briefly fucked Jen’s – and then Mike’s just for good measure. In the shower they fingered and ate each other, with each of them cumming while the other one ate them. Jen wanted Sue to cum first so she could feel Sue’s pee running down over her face and body and Sue gladly obliged – leaning back against the wall for support and emptying her bladder into Jen’s waiting mouth as she came. Jen then stood and rubbed Sue’s pee over her face, breasts and body while Sue ate her and Jen asked if she could really let go, to be answered by a muffled ‘mmff’ from Sue who didn’t break contact with Jen’s pussy. Jen asked Sue if she would finger her as well and Sue slipped a couple of fingers into Jen, then reached up with her other hand and rubbed her thumb back and forth across Jen’s asshole. Jen apologised for not having done this to Sue but Sue shrugged and tried to say ‘maybe next time’, but was determined not to pull away from Jen’s pussy so couldn’t get the message across. Jen mewed her way to her orgasm and peed as hard as she could as she came. She looked down and loved the sight of Sue as some of the pee squirted out of her mouth and over her face. Sue ate, fingered and rubbed Jen until her orgasm ended, then stood up and kissed Jen, allowing some pee to flow into Jen’s mouth. Sue then pulled back, showed Jen that she still had a fair amount of pee in her mouth, closed her mouth to swallow this and opened it again to show Jen the results.

Jen told Sue she didn’t have to do that but Sue asked Jen if she had enjoyed watching it and Jen admitted it had made her shudder. Jen also volunteered that she had swallowed a fair amount of Sue’s pee too and Sue told her off, saying that next time Jen had to share a little bit of it first. Jen told Sue she was amazing and that it was clear she was related to me. As they finished showering and drying each other off Sue thanked Jen and explained if it hadn’t been for Jen helping to ‘turn’ her, that she would quite possibly never have realised she could enjoy being with a girl and would then never have dated Josie – or experimented with me for that matter. Sue returned to her room and had to fend off Mike who wanted another little play with her before he showered. It wasn’t really all his fault as she wandered around naked and bent over repeatedly, exposing her pussy and ass to him. Mike knelt behind her and lapped at her pussy – just to check if she was clean – and then slipped into her. Mike fucked and frigged Lisa until she was close to cumming, then pulled out and said he needed to go shower. Admittedly this was a dangerous tactic as he knew that she could easily get either Jen or me to make her cum, but he asked her to behave and at least wait until he returned – which she agreed to.

Mike didn’t do anything more to her and once he was showered and dressed, he and Sue came down and had breakfast with the rest of us. After breakfast Sue handed the panties we had ‘prepared’ to Jen and told her to put them on. As soon as Jen did this, Sue rubbed the crotch material into Jen’s pussy and on seeing this, Mike reached up under Jen’s top to fondle her nipples. It was only a brief session but was enough to get Jen’s nipples hard again and Sue thought she could feel the warmth of Jen’s pussy through the panties so it seemed to work well enough. We didn’t really have any plans that day and just went into town to wander around and enjoy the Christmas ambiance. I had arranged to meet up with a couple of my old school friends to show off MJ but we headed home early in the afternoon to take advantage of the fact the Mum was going to be out of the house. We put MJ down for her afternoon nap (which took a bit longer than we’d hoped) and then all fell onto my bed. Mike said he wanted to taste and fuck us all and within minutes we were all naked with tongues and fingers randomly probing, licking and stroking whoever was closest. Each of us had a turn being ganged up on by the others. When we did Mike he had one of us on his face, one riding him and one licking his cock (or mostly the clit of whoever was riding him). When it was one of us girls who was the target, she had to eat or such someone while the other two of us lapped at her pussy and ass or have Mike in their pussy while the other girl lapped at her ass. It all felt wonderful and we spent much longer in our own little world of passion than we had intended. The girls all got to cum at least three times (we made sure that we’d been given at least one orgasm by each of the others) – Mike held back so he could cum more that night, but there were a few times he got very close and had to pull away.

Before we showered, we wiped our pussies off with the pair of panties and pushed a fair part of them into each of us in turn. Sue and Jen went to get cleaned up first and unsurprisingly had another watersports session – this time with both of them sharing their spoils with each other. Mike and I showered together afterwards and we were all sitting downstairs by the time Mum reappeared (with Sue wearing the panties again). Mike went to help her bring in the remaining food from the car (as usual she had bought way too much) and for the rest of the evening we sat around chatting and bringing Mum up to date on (the sanitised version of) our lives. At bedtime, Mike and I went to the spare room with Jen pretending that she was going to sleep in my room, but in practice she headed straight into Sue’s room with her. Now that they had as much time as they wanted, Jen could spend ages playing with Sue’s nipples, kissing, stroking, sucking and riding them (Jen sat over Sue’s chest and subbed her pussy back and forth across Sue’s nips). Sue isn’t in to playing with nipples as much as Jen is (although Sue’s nipples are much more sensitive than mine so she certainly enjoys Jen’s nipple fetish) but she still reciprocated and played with Jen’s nips – more firmly, the way Jen likes it. The two of them scissored for a bit, then humped against each other’s thighs as they kissed. Jen told Sue she intended to fuck her properly at least once before she left but she didn’t want to interrupt the session to get the strap-on so they just carried on grinding against each other with a bit of finger play added in to help out.

Mike and I had a much gentler session. He went down on me (as he always does – it’s just as well I like it really) and we then spooned. He told me about his idea to get some really high resolution pictures of Sue’s pussy and I liked the idea of getting pictures of it in various states of arousal. Naturally, I told him that if we were doing Sue then we’d have to do Jen and me and hopefully Lis and Lucy. Mike loved the idea of making them cum in front of others but pointed out we’d need multiple sessions if we wanted the creampie shots for everyone. I suggested that Sue and I could possibly help negotiate a lower price by providing other services for the photographer and Mike said that would make me a whore but I told him I was referring to other photo shoots (I’m not against fucking the photographer – just not for monetary gain). Mike kept moving in me and toying with my clit while we discussed all this and only after we had finished chatting did he let me cum. He asked if he could hold back to save his cum for Sue and I agreed on the condition I was allowed to share the next load he emptied in to her. Given the way I suggested sharing it, I knew Mike wouldn’t object and him not cumming had the added benefit of him remaining hard so he could keep fucking me while I drifted off to sleep.

On Christmas morning I was given an extra-special licking with Mike taking about 30 minutes to make me cum. I kept fearing that MJ would wake up and interrupt us so he would have to stop – although if that had happened I would have probably taken MJ over to Jen and asked her to look after her until I came. She remained asleep though and I got to cum with an anal vibe pressed up against my ass and Mike’s tongue on and in my pussy. I really wanted to go and see what Jen and Sue were up to (and possibly join them) but we’d slept relatively late and I could hear that Mum was already up to start preparing lunch so we got up as well and went downstairs to join her. When Sue and Jen came downstairs, Sue slipped the now very stained panties to me and told me it was my turn to wear them. They were already damp – presumably with their juices and I popped into the living room to slide them on and let Mike rub the material into my pussy. Sue took a turn doing this too and we kissed deeply as she did this even though Mum was only a couple of rooms away. I thought it would be fun to be a bit more daring so slipped my hand under Sue’s skirt and started to finger her, then brought my fingers to my mouth and sucked them clean. Never being one to stop at the sensible spot, I pushed Sue back against the wall and told her to spread her legs. As soon as she did this I lifted her skirt, dropped to my knees and buried my tongue in her pussy. I could hear Mum talking to Jen in the kitchen and concentrated on her voice to listen for her leaving that room, but as I heard Sue’s breathing getting more ragged I admit I didn’t concentrate on Mum’s whereabouts quite so much. Sue reached down and held my head against her pussy and I smiled as I licked her, knowing she was enjoying this as much (hopefully even more) than I was. She wasn’t at the verge of cumming, but was a fair way along when there was a knock at the door and I heard Mum call for someone to answer it.

I pulled away from Sue and wiped my face clean with my hand and skipped to the door. As I’d expected, it was Gerald and I greeted him with a big hug and wished him Merry Christmas. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and put the hand I’d just wiped my face with on the back of his neck, smearing as much of Sue’s juices over him as I could. Gerald headed in to the kitchen and I went to see how Sue was doing. She still looked visibly aroused so I decided to play a bit and grabbed her, then pulled her into the hall. As I pushed her into the kitchen I tickled her a bit to give her an excuse for looking flustered and she gave Gerald a Christmas kiss. I tickled her a bit more, causing her to squirm around and slap my hands so I just wrapped my arms around her and held her tight saying that as my little sister it was my duty to torment her.

We helped out in the kitchen with various tasks and had a few drinks as we did so. Whenever I got the opportunity I slipped a hand under Sue’s or Jen’s skirt and fondled them. Jen played along with this – distracting Gerald and Mum so I could play with Sue and after a while Sue started teasing me back. At one point when Mum and Gerald popped out to the his car to fetch some decorations, Sue told me I was taking too big a risk, but pushed me against the cupboards and knelt to lick me (pulling the cum soaked panties aside). She didn’t have long enough to make much headway with me, but it still felt nice.

Once lunch was underway, Mum said we could let her and Gerald take care of the rest and she encouraged us to take MJ out for a walk. We knew things might be a bit difficult with a buggy in tow but couldn’t resist heading to the local woods so we had some privacy and could have a little play. Mike and Jen insisted that Sue and I have another turn at licking each other and they then each had a turn of doing the same thing to us. Mike got the three of us to lean forwards against a tree and he slid into us, gave a few pumps and then moved on to the next one, having a few turns in each of us. It was a bit too cold out to be comfortable or we would have spent longer (and probably cum), but we headed back in no less a state of arousal than we’d left in.

We all calmed down over lunch and by the time we’d finished eating, all had food babies so didn’t have the energy to do anything. We complimented Mum on the meal and said how full and tired we were and she told us she would look after MJ if we wanted to go get a nap and it was the one time I didn’t think that this gave us an opportunity to fuck. Just because I wasn’t planning on doing anything didn’t mean Mike wasn’t though and he made use of his near endless desire to eat pussy, getting Sue, Jen and I to lie on the bed and then gently lapping at us, moving between us every few minutes. He was being quite gentle – not quite kitty kissing, but also not spending long enough on any one of us for there to be much danger of us cumming. I reminded him that if he came in Sue that half the cum was mine but he said he hadn’t planned on fucking her until she was feeling a bit more energetic. Sue asked how I intended to take my half so I told her it would be the obvious way, I’d eat some out of her, kiss her to transfer it to her mouth and have her lick it into me. Sue thought that this sounded like a good idea and told Mike he could fuck her straight away if he wanted but we decided to wait a bit longer, got dressed and headed downstairs to see Mum and Gerald. Just before we left, Sue handed us each an envelope and said that it was an extra present. She had given us each five vouchers that we could redeem to get her to do anything we wanted. I started to say that they could be quite a dangerous present but couldn’t think of anything really bad that we would actually ask her to do that she hadn’t done already. Mike and Jen threatened to both use their vouchers to have Sue make me cum for a day and when I said that I’d have to agree to that as well they pointed out that I was hardly likely to object and I had to concede the issue. Sue told us that we could take as long as we wanted to use them – she just wanted us to know that she was ours (as well as Josie’s of course).

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