Monday, 31 October 2016

Christmas 2014 – Part 3

That night it was to be my turn to spend the night with Sue. We were both looking forward to this immensely but didn’t want to neglect Mike or Jen so they were both given a chance to play with her before we headed off to our respective bedrooms. Mike finally got to unload his cum in her, fucking her as she bent forwards over her desk as he reminded her how we had found naked photos of Sue all those years ago (which was a bit catalyst in getting her involved in our games). After Mike had cum, he and Jen stayed around for a little while to watch us transfer some of it to my pussy. Just as planned, I licked and sucked at Sue, letting as much of his cum trickle into my mouth as I could. I then kissed her and pushed the goop into her mouth and I then lay on the bed with my ass raised, spread my lips and let Sue trickle the liquid (that was now a mix of Mike’s cum, Sue’s juices and Sue’s and my saliva) into my pussy. She used her tongue to push it right into me, then licked at me and said she was looking forward to eating it out of me again. At this point Mike and Jen headed over to the spare room with MJ and Sue and I climbed into bed to start our own session properly.

Sue kissed and stroked around my neck, which I absolutely love. She told me I wasn’t allowed to touch myself or hump against anything as she did this, but this was rather unfair as I could feel her grinding her pussy against my thigh. She told me that Jen had challenged her to make me cum without touching my pussy and I told her it would take a while, but all she had to do was to keep stroking my neck gently and we’d get there. Sue said that she wanted to do that at some point, but that it would take too long and that Mike had given her a way to speed things up. She got me to roll onto my side and I watched as she turned around behind me and lay down. She spread my ass cheeks and I felt her tongue brush over my ass. I moaned at this contact and told her it felt nice and her tongue pressed harder against my ass and speared me. It took about 10 minutes (I was facing the clock so I know it actually took from 10:43 until 10:52), but Sue successfully managed to give me an orgasm by just playing with my ass. It wasn’t as deep as a neck stroking orgasm usually is, but still felt really good and the fact that Sue was willing to make me cum like that actually felt quite sweet.

It was definitely my turn to pleasure her and I asked what she wanted me to do to her. She told me how Jen had wanted to fuck her and I liked the idea of being inside her so we pulled out the strap-on and Sue helped fasten it around my waist. I added a tiny amount of tingle gel to the vibe and got Sue to lie on her back with her legs spread. She held herself open as I slid into her. Once all the way in, I lay on her and we kissed as I pumped in and out. I have a fantasy of me having a real cock (not that I want to be a guy, I just wish I could occasionally have a cock so I know what it feels like to be inside someone) and as we fucked I told Sue how I wished it was my cock inside her, how I wanted to feel her cunt wrapped around me, sucking me, gripping me and how I would pump jet after jet of cum into her. She liked the sound of that as well and we kept fucking for a while. Sue wanted a turn riding me and as she ground back and forth against the harness, she pressed the internal vibe against my clit on purpose. She said she wanted to watch me cum and told me to keep looking at her – this is actually an incredibly difficult thing to do, but is also something we find incredibly intimate as looking someone directly in the eyes while having an orgasm feels both revealing and vulnerable. I asked Sue if she was going to cum and she said she’d cum afterwards as she knew I’d be able to take having the vibe stimulate me after I’d cum and I warned her that it might end up getting too intense for me and if it did I’d have to remove the strap on (but I promised I’d make her cum another way). As sue continued to hump against me and kept telling me to look at her she told me that she wanted me to fuck her to an orgasm and that she wouldn’t let me stop even if I complained the vibe felt too intense on my clit. A couple of times she leant forwards and we kissed but she mostly sat up and watched me. As I got closer to cumming, she leant forwards and held my wrists on either side of my head, gave me a few kisses and told me not to break eye contact. I could feel my orgasm steadily building and concentrated on gazing directly into Sue’s eyes. As I came I rather cheesily said ‘I want you’ and (just as cheesily) she replied ‘you’ve got me’. I wanted to kiss her but Sue kept her head just out of reach, watching my face and eyes. I’m very used to people seeing me cum, but that’s rather different and as my orgasm faded I asked Sue if she’d got what she wanted.

Sue told me I’d looked incredible and I said that she’d have to let me watch her in the same way – she agreed to do this, but asked me to fuck her from behind first. She climbed off of me, knelt up on the bed and let me move around behind her. I slid back in easily and pumped in and out of her while reaching around to frig her clit, occasionally reaching up to stroke and caress her nipples. Sue asked me to describe me cumming in her so we went back to pretending I had a real cock, what I could feel and how I was about to pump jet after jet of hot cum deep into her cunt. As Sue’s orgasm approached she got me to push her forwards so I was lying on top of her in her favourite position and with me fucking and frigging her, she came. I told her I was cumming and filling her with cum, fucking her until her orgasm finished. When I slowed down, she asked me to easy off on frigging her but to keep fucking her for a minute so I did so and she said she was pretending I was fuckign my cum deeper into her.

I finally pulled out and unfastened the harness. We turned off the vibes and Sue offered me the vibe that had been inside her so I licked it clean like a lollipop. She buried her face in the harness and licked at the internal vibe (it’s a little textured pad), then tossed the harness aside and said I deserved to cum again for having fucker her so well. I happily obliged her, pushing a pillow under my ass to help out and spread my legs to allow her access. Sue stuck her face in my pussy and licked me straight through to an orgasm (I was already partway there from the continued stimulation of the vibe). She then crawled up over me and I told her that she now deserved to cum again but Sue said we should probably get some sleep. I knew this was sensible but still teased her saying if she wanted to catch up to my level of horniness that she shouldn’t turn down any chance to cum. We kissed for a bit and Sue said she thought she was doing a good job of catching up with me and if I wanted to 69 with her that she’d let me make her cum again. It was certainly tempting and we nearly decided to have another round but we ended up discussing how long we thought we could spend fucking each other in a single session without getting bored. We thought it would be an interesting experiment but one that should be done another time, when we could spend as long as we wanted without worrying about being interrupted – although decided we shouldn’t wait too long to try it as we should do it while eating each other was still relatively new.

Mike and Jen had to wait a bit to start their games as MJ woke up and took a while to settle. Jen told Mike about the challenge she had given Sue (to give me an ass licking orgasm) and Mike asked Jen if she wanted the same treatment. While Jen enjoys this, it doesn’t seem to do quite as much for her as it does for me but she told Mike he could do it if he wanted. About five minutes later she was mewing away as Mike rimmed and speared her. He cheated a bit and gently stroked her clit as well, but that was because he wanted to get her nice and wet. His plan worked and when he moved on to eating her pussy he was rewarded with a good volume of her juices. Mike did the best he could to lick and suck all of these out of her, getting Jen off in the process and then kitty kissing her to gather up and remaining liquid. Jen told him she was getting tired but said he could spoon in her if he wanted. Mike moved up behind her, slid inside and wrapped his arms around her, slowly moving while the two of them discussed what they thought Sue and I were up to.

Mike gave Jen her usual licking on the Friday morning and semi-fucked her but once again saved his cum for Sue. Sue and I woke and had a relaxed 69 (deferred from the previous evening), followed by a fairly decent kitty kissing session where we once again examined each other’s pussies (inside and out). I stole a few licks of Sue’s ass (more than just a few, but not as many as she’d had of mine) and said that as we’d come this far we should try and make sure there was nothing we’d done with other people that we didn’t do with each other. Sue said she should pee into my mouth and I reminded her we’d already done that, although admittedly not quite in the same way that we’ve done with Jen. When Mike and Jen came over to shower, Jen really liked this idea and got both of us to shower with her while Mike looked after MJ. During the shower, Sue and I took turns kneeling and licking each other, then Jen had a turn and got us to each squirt a little pee over her face and into her mouth. Jen then licked at me more but handed over to Sue to finish things off and asked Sue if she would give me the full treatment. Sue said she would and Jen told me not to hold back as I came so I did as I was told and enjoyed Sue’s tongue, then peed as hard as I could as I came, covering Sue’s face and filling her mouth.

Just as she’d done with Jen, Sue stood up and kissed me, letting a little of the pee into my mouth, then showed me how much she had left, swallowed it and kissed me again. It was becoming a theme of the visit but I told Sue once again that she was a horny little slut and she just replied by saying it was her turn. I knelt and copied what she had done to me, receiving the stream of pee as she came. I stood, kissed her, let her see me swallow the mouthful I had and then kissed her again before turning to Jen to asked if she had liked the show. Jen was frantically frigging herself (having clearly enjoyed the show very much) so I pulled away from Sue and quickly knelt to eat Jen. I knew that Jen would probably have preferred Sue to take this role as she gets eaten by me pretty much every day, but Jen is mine and I wanted her. Jen pulled her hand away and reached over for Sue so she could kiss her and I lapped at Jen’s clit. I hadn’t expected it to take long as I’d recognised how close Jen looked and I once again received a stream of pee that I filled my mouth with and let spill out to run down over my body. Instead of standing and sharing this with Jen, I pulled Sue to me and pushed my
tongue into her mouth, letting her take half the contents of my mouth with it. I pulled away and we turned to Jen, let her see us both swallow and the kissed again.

Once we had cleaned ourselves off we returned to Sue’s room and told Mike what we’d done, then left him to shower with an impressive looking erection while we got dressed. He joined us downstairs for breakfast and I quietly informed him that Sue was currently wearing the cum soaked panties (which we referred to as ‘the item’ so we could talk in front of Mum and Gerald). This meant that Sue was our target for the morning and we all fondled her whenever we got the opportunity. After lunch Mum said she was going out and asked if she wanted us to take MJ with her (by which she meant she wanted a chance to look after the baby). Not that we don’t love her absolutely but this meant we could all play properly. With the place to ourselves, we all went up to my room and quickly got started, basically repeating the group session we’d had with us all playing with each other. There were a few differences and in order to prove that Sue had met Jen’s challenge to lick my ass, I had to do this to Sue. I got her to kneel up on the bed and pushed my face between her cheeks, dragging my tongue over and swirling my around her ass until she was whimpering. I speared her a number of times and Jen crawled under Sue to lap at her pussy. Mike moved between sliding into my pussy, Jen’s pussy and Sue’s mouth and told Sue if she liked what was being done to her that he’d repeat it that night. Sue told him she wanted to be fucked that night so he promised her he’d eat her ass and cunt then fuck her, possibly get me to come along and eat her clean of his cum and then he’d eat her again.

Jen and I licked at Sue until she came and as she sucked Mike he said he thought it was unfair she had drunk Jen’s and my pee but not his. Jen said that when he could pee as he came, then he’d get his wish but it was his own fault for being male. We played a fair bit more and each had a turn being ganged up on again (we ignored the earlier session with Sue). Always wanting to please Mike, Sue said she was willing to drink a bit of his pee which gave him the challenge of having to lose his erection while Sue, Jen and I kept playing with each other. Now Mike has a fairly strong will when it comes to things like this but we didn’t help matters by exaggerating how we were touching or kissing – he still managed it though and after a few minutes was sitting with a semi-limp cock and Sue crawled off the bed and knelt in front of him. I suggested we should do it in the bathroom but Mike thought he had good enough bladder control that we decided to take the chance. Sue took hold of his cock and in a cutesy voice asked ‘can I have a drink onii-chan?’. We saw his cock start to stiffen and Sue asked if that was too much. Mike nodded and thought about the economic ramifications of European policy (or something similarly dull) until his cock stopped getting harder and partially deflated again. He told Sue now I we watched as she gently wrapped her lips around his cock. Mike had to tell her ‘no tongue’ as she had automatically started to lick him and he asked if she was ready then pushed. We saw Sue swallow and she held up a finger so Mike would stop. Sue stood and showed us her mouth, kissed Mike, Jen and me and then swallowed. She then challenged Mike to see how much more he could give her – I was a bit surprised by this as pee is usually Jen’s think but Sue knelt once more and wrapped her mouth around his cock and we saw her swallow again. This time though Mike’s erection quickly grew and Sue started bobbing her head up and down. He managed a few smaller squirts of pee even with his cock erect but had to concede that Sue had won.

We played a little more after that  but knew we had to get cleaned up before Mum came home as the whole room reeked of sex and we were all coated it each other’s juices. To speed things up we decided to use both bathrooms. Jen wanted to shower with Sue again (we could guess why) so Mike and I showered in the bathroom by my room and Sue and Jen wandered over to the main bathroom. Mike spent a fair amount of time inside me in as we showered (not actually fucking – water really isn’t a good lubricant), mostly just enjoying the warmth as he repeatedly soaped up my body and rubbed me down. Jen had been sufficiently aroused by Sue’s display that she asked for another pee session. Sue obliged her and they licked and drank each other once more, this time letting more of the pee run out of their mouths and rubbing it in to each other’s bodies as they kissed. Jen got Sue to promise to get Josie to join them in a pee game and said she couldn’t wait for the summer when they could do things outside and soak each other while lying down. They talked about how they could lie out in the garden and bury their faces in each other’s pussies, having juices smeared over their bodies and soaking each other.

They enjoyed the shower immensely and even after cumming, got each other worked up quite a bit once more. They dried each other off with a fair bit more fondling and Sue promised Jen that she would do whatever she wanted in their next session. Jen told Sue she was happy to do anything as long as she got to make Sue cum and they kissed up against the door. Both naked and with hands on each other, they opened the bathroom door to head back to the bedroom, only to find Mum heading tin to her bedroom. Sue yelped and grabbed a towel and Jen froze for a moment and then moved back into the bathroom to cover herself up. They scurried out past Mum without saying anything, Jen went into the spare room and closed the door while Sue went downstairs, along to our part of the house and up to her room.

Mike and I were pretty much dressed when Sue burst in. Before we could say anything, she told us what had happened and we both stopped. We had known that something like this might happen at some point and had agreed that we had wanted to tell Mum about our ‘situation’, but having it actually happen was another matter altogether. We followed Sue into her room so we could talk while she got dressed. Sue explained in more detail what had happened and how she thought it must have been obvious to Mum that she hadn’t just been in the bathroom with Jen. I asked Sue if it was time to be honest with Mum and she said that she didn’t think we had much of a choice but she was worried (as was I) what would happen. I decided to test the waters and headed downstairs with Mike to get MJ. Pretending that we didn’t know anything, I went in to the kitchen where Mum was and said ‘hi’. She looked up at me and said she had something to tell me. I continued the innocent act (although I don’t know how convincing I was) and she told me she had caught Jen and Sue fooling around together, naked. It turned out that she hadn’t just seen them when they opened the door but had heard them kissing and playing with each other for a minute or so beforehand.

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