Saturday, 1 October 2016

December 2014 Sex Show – Part 1

The week before Christmas I was making good on my deal with Alistair (the sex shop owner) to put on another show. We had hoped that Sue and Josie would join us, but unfortunately they ended up having a large project at work that needed to be finished so they couldn’t make it. Sue had even convinced Josie to join in the show (although Josie hadn’t quite decided if she would let any of the guys fuck her) so it was a bit disappointing, but Mel and Julia stepped in to take their place (and failing that we would have shipped Susan up as she’d have been more than happy to have a group of strangers fuck her).

Lisa was also joining us for the weekend, but hadn’t been able to get an early flight so we had a few hours with Mel and Jules before she arrived. We met Mel and Jules at the station and had our usual ‘hello’ kisses with Julia, reaching into her coat to fondle her pussy. She reciprocated and caressed both Jen and me under our skirts and Mike greeted Mel as we did this. Mel is still the dominant one in the relationship with Jules and we quickly discovered that Julia hadn’t made the journey just without panties on but that Mel had made her remove her skirt before they had boarded the train and had then toyed with Jules at every opportunity she’d got. As it was a Friday, the train had been quite busy and on the walk home we discovered that Mel had been a bit more forceful with Jules than we would have been and she’d been fingered a couple of times when a few people surrounding them were clearly aware of what was happening. It had presumably been even more obvious due to the fact that Julia has died her hair bright pink again (and I mean *bright* pink), so she kind of drew attention to herself anyway even without the fondling – it did make our playing with each other at the station more interesting though as we had to be even more careful while fooling around.

Mike scolded Mel for the way she had treated Julia on the train and said it wasn’t worth getting arrested but Mel told him she’d do whatever she wanted with Julia. Mike told Mel he intended to do whatever he wanted with her and reached up under her skirt and pushed his hand down the back of her panties. The street we were walking down wasn’t too busy, but there were other people around and Mel told him he wouldn’t dare to do anything to her, but that’s a stupid thing to say to Mike and he slid his whole hand into her panties, slipped his fingers between her ass cheeks and pushed the tips up between her lips and into her pussy. Mike pushed down with his wrist to try and push the panties down which didn’t entirely work out so he pushed a bit harder until Mel said they were digging in to her stomach. We moved over to the side of the street and Mike reached up under the front of Mel’s skirt, took hold of her tights and tore at the material until her panties were pretty much fully exposed, then pulled at the front of her panties while pushing the back down. There was a satisfying rip and after another couple of tugs, the panties gave way on one side and left Mel’s crotch exposed. This made it much easier for Mike to play with her and he did so for the remained of the journey home, but a bit more discreetly as he slipped his hand into her coat and then lifted her skirt.

When we got home, Mike guided Mel into the house like a bowling ball (two fingers in her pussy and his thumb in her ass) and told her that she deserved to be punished for being mean to Julia. Mel asked him what he was going to do and he proceeded to strip her, pushed her onto the sofa and knelt in front of her to eat her. Unfortunately for him, Mel had grown out her pussy hair – it wasn’t really long, but covered her mons and lips and he really prefers shaved lips so he can get good contact with the skin. It didn’t stop him from burying his face in her pussy though and giving her a thorough licking, occasionally stopping and commenting on how he thought she should be shaved. He continued eating her until she came, then kitty kissed her for a couple of minutes before pulling his cock out, pulling her forwards on the sofa so she was mostly lying down with her ass out over the edge and rubbed his cock up and down the length of her wet pussy.

Jen and I had taken turns playing with Julia during this time who was desperate to cum after the teasing during the journey, but as my overriding memory of Julia is that of her being teased along with me, we weren’t in any hurry to actually make her cum. Of course she moaned about this, but knew if she misbehaved that we might end up torturing her for a lot longer. We fingered and licked her and made sure that she reciprocated. As Mel came, Julia complained that she should be the first one to be cumming but she was told to wait her turn and we’d make sure she got the orgasm she wanted. When Mike started to rub against Mel’s cunt, Jen climbed over Mel’s face and told her to eat her while I took MJ and told Jules to help Mike out and make sure that Mel came again. Jules did as instructed and frigged Mel’s clit while Mike fucked Mel. It was obvious from Jen’s expression that Mel wasn’t holding back and was giving Jen a good licking and as Mike pumped into Mel with long hard strokes.

Jen came and I challenged her to remain sitting over Mel’s face. She took the dare and Mike said he’d ensure she stayed in place, then he asked me to fetch a few things from the bedroom for later use. I took MJ up with me and looked out the items he’d asked for and on returning to the living room I was pleased to see that Jen was where I’d left her and Mel was clearly getting close to cumming again as she was squirming around as Mike and Julia fucked and frigged her. I took MJ to the kitchen for Mel’s orgasm as she often swears quite a bit when she cums. Mike fucked her the whole way through her orgasm then pulled out and buried his face in her pussy. He gave her an energetic kitty kissing (not quite eating her, but harder than ‘normal’ kitty kissing. He then stood and asked Julia if she would clean him off and she obliged by kneeling and sucking Mel’s juices from his cock. He said that he hoped to be able to play with Lisa on the way back from the airport and if he got the opportunity he was now more than ready to cum in her – although acknowledged that he’d probably have to wait as the airport is usually busy on a Friday evening.

It was getting close to the time he needed to set off and told Mel to put on the pair of long socks I’d brought down. She asked why and he said she was coming with him to get Lisa. Mel doesn’t usually let other people tell her what to do, but she played along and only objected when Mike told her she wasn’t allowed to wear anything else (other than a coat of course). He told Mel that he thought it was time she had a weekend of being someone’s bitch instead of her just getting to boss Julia around. Mel asked what he had in mind and he told her she would cum as many times as we wanted and that we’d do whatever we wanted to her. As a demonstration, Mike pulled her legs apart and told Julia to eat her, then got Jen and me to have a turn eating her. She was still fairly sensitive after having cum twice (while Mel dishes out many orgasms to other people, she isn’t as used to cumming multiple times). Jen knelt beside Mel and whispered to her that they intended to use her all weekend and Mel asked if Julia had helped to plan this. Jen said it only seemed fair given how Mel usually treats Jules and when Mel said Julia would pay for this Jules pointed out that there wasn’t much more Mel could make her do.

Mike and I pulled Mel up and ushered her towards the front door. She was given a coat to wear that left a fair bit of skin exposed between the top of the socks and the coat, but provided enough coverage that nothing would be visible when she was standing in the airport. Mike and Mel set off in the car and as Mike pulled out of the driveway he told Mel that she had to undo her coat and spread it open. She asked whether it was sensible to be naked and he told her she’d just need to look out and cover herself up if she thought anyone could see too much. This meant that as they drove through town Mel had to flip the coat over herself a number of times, but for the part of the journey on the motorway she remained exposed for much longer periods. A couple of times, Mike pulled alongside a lorry and got Mel to remain exposed and finger herself while looking up at the driver in the cab. Mike handed her a dildo to use the second time and told her to keep using it until they got to the airport (which she did).

Once they had parked, Mike got out and went round to Mel’s side of the car. He got her to lower one leg to the floor and face outwards, then knelt and gave her clit a good suck. Mel told him she was getting close and he pulled away from her and said she’d have to wait to cum again (given Mel does things like that to Jules all the time, she wasn’t too surprised). She was a bit surprised however when Mike pulled out one of Jen’s chains and attached it to Mel’s clit. Fortunately for Mel, Mike isn’t as mean as she is so he didn’t overtighten it and once it was firmly attached he got Mel to present her nipples to him so he could attach the other ends of the chain. As the airport would be busy, Mel was allowed to do up the buttons on her coat, but she had to ensure that the chain was looped out between the buttons so Mike could easily take hold of it. He led her through the car park by the chain and occasionally gave a little tug on the top part to tweak her nipples. As they waited for Lisa’s flight Mike told Mel that it was her job to keep Lisa aroused on the journey home and if she did a good job of this that she’d be rewarded.

They greeted Lisa and took her aside so Mike could have a brief fondle of her. When Mel kissed Lisa hello, Mike got Lisa to tug on the chain a few times and once they were back at the car Mel had to open her coat and let Lisa see the chain properly. Mel sat in the back seat and Lisa allowed Mike to remove her skirt, then moved in to sit beside Mel. After trying out a few positions, Lisa ended up on her back with Mel over her face and Mike lapped at Lisa’s pussy. They had to be quite careful as there were other people in the car park so Mike didn’t get the chance to slide his cock into Lisa and partially fuck her. The girls remained in the back seat with just a large blanket covering them and Mel took her responsibility seriously, almost continually toying with Lisa and keeping her as close to cumming as she could. At one point, the two of them managed to get into a (cramped) 69 position and ate each other while Mike drove along. Mike reminded Mel that Lisa wasn’t allowed to cum but told Lisa she could make Mel cum as many times as she wanted. Unfortunately for Mike, Lisa isn’t overly keen on the way Mel tastes either (not many people are) and she ‘suggested’ that it might be better if she just teased Mel. Mike wasn’t overly bothered so told Lisa to do whatever she wanted to Mel and the girls returned to sitting positions and went back to fondling each other. The chain fell off of Mel’s clit and Lisa couldn’t get it back on so they ended up removing it completely and Mike told Lisa to use some of the toys he’d brought on Mel. Lisa tried a few but spent the most time with a vibrating egg, running it back and forth across Mel’s nipples and then sucking on them while using the egg on Mel’s pussy and clit. Mel said she was getting close again and told Lisa to make her cum but Mike reminded Mel that she was the one who had to do what she was told and that she’d take whatever she got.

On arriving at home, Mel and Lisa had to make the journey into the house with just the blanket to cover them up. On entering the house they found Jen had drifted off to sleep while settling MJ down for the night and that Julia and I had spent almost the entire time since Mike had left playing with each other. We’d had a fairly long edging session, fingering, licking and using toys before finally cumming while 69ing and had then kitty kissed for a long time before starting to push each other again. I think we’d only have needed another 5-10 minutes before we would have cum again (although could have probably cum much quicker if we’d tried). Mike brought Lisa up to speed on our plan to use Mel (we hadn’t originally planned on doing this, but as with many things we do we just went with it as it seemed like fun). I asked Julia if she wanted to fuck Mel or have us do it for her and she said she wanted to see Mel fucked properly. I asked Julia to be more specific as ‘properly’ can mean a number of different things for us and she said she wanted to see all of Mel’s holes being filled. That was easy enough to do and I fetched our good strap-on vibe and one of the strap-on dildos. Lisa agreed to take Mel’s cunt but as Mike didn’t want her to cum yet (he’d had a few more licks of her but wanted to enjoy her properly later on), she didn’t have the internal vibe inserted into the harness. Jen took the strap-on dildo and lubed it up in preparation and Mike stripped to reveal his cock, which was unsurprisingly already hard.

Lisa lay on the rug and let Mel mount her. Jen knelt behind Mel, pressed the dildo against Mel’s ass and slowly pumped it in, getting deeper with each stroke. As Jen did this, Mike knelt up over Lisa’s head and offered Mel his cock. She took it in her mouth and sucked him as the girls fucked Mel’s other holes and Julia stood watching. I knelt and reached under Mel to frig her clit a couple of times but Julia said it would be better if Mel had to cum ‘naturally’ (we all knew that Mel usually can’t cum without clitoral stimulation – Jules was just trying to make things last longer). Julia got a good number of photos of Mel being triple fucked and told us that Mel had made her do the real thing often enough (with three guys) that it was time Mel had to do it. (For clarification, while Mel is very dominant and ‘abuses’ Julia quite a bit, Jules is as much of a sex addict as I am and enjoys the vast majority of the things she is ‘forced’ to do.) We knew most of the things that Mel and Jules got up to and how Mel often used Tinder and other dating apps to invite guys round to fuck Julia (either individually or as a group when she could find willing participants). Recently Mel had also been offering Julia’s services on Grindr (a gay dating app) so that if there were any bi guys they could enjoy Julia with their partners. This had included sessions with two bi guys fucking Julia as well as ones where only one of the guys was gay. In the latter case, she had the gay guys fuck her ass or her mouth with the bi one taking her cunt and on a couple of occasions she’d had the bi guy fuck her while the gay guy fucked the bi guy’s ass. The guys apparently loved the latter arrangement but that wasn’t surprising as we know that Susan and Abrahii often do that with James and Richard.

The foursome on the floor was heating up with Lisa massaging Mel’s breasts and rubbing tingle gel into her nipples. Mike occasionally pulled out from Mel’s mouth and slipped into Jen, Julia or me so that Mel could suck him clean of our juices. A couple of times Julia took Mike’s place and either stood facing Mel so Mel had to lift her head up to lick Julia, or kneel forwards in front of her and be eaten from behind. When we decided it was time for Mel to cum, Mike gave Lisa some pointers on how to thrust up in time with Mel’s movements to fuck her properly. Jen reached around and helped fondle Mel’s nipples and Mike thrust his cock in and out of Mel’s mouth. He didn’t push too deep as Mel can’t do deep-throat, but he pumped in and out at a good speed and if he wasn’t so practiced at holding back I imagine he could have cum fairly easily. He felt Mel hum and pant around his cock as her orgasm built and I let Jen take over frigging Mel’s clit to finish her off. She came and let out a series of ‘fuck, fuck, fuck’ sounds, somewhat muffled by Mike’s cock but still fairly distinguishable. Julia told them to keep fucking Mel and they did – ideally Jules wanted Mel to be fucked to another orgasm but as I’ve already said, she isn’t used to that. To Mel’s credit, she took the stimulation fairly well and allowed them to keep pumping into, frigging and fondling her but once it became obvious she wasn’t going to cum again Julia told them to pull out and leave her to recover.

Julia got a few more pictures of Mel as she lay there. Mike spooned with Mel briefly and got Mel to suck him clean and once Lisa had removed the strap-on, he slid into her and got Mel to suck him once more so she’d eaten all of our juices from his cock. He then went down on Lisa while Mel repaid Jen and also serviced Julia and me (remember that our session had been interrupted so we were more than happy to let Mel get us off). By the time we’d all cum (apart from Lisa who Mike was still saving for later), Mel said she was getting tired and we agreed that it was probably time to head upstairs. Jen, Julia and I went into Jen’s room, leaving Mike, Lisa and Mel in Mike’s room. Lisa was quite eager to cum by this point but Mike wanted to tease her just a little longer. He spooned with Lisa while getting Mel to gently lap at her clit but when it was time to actually make her cum, Mel was dismissed and Lisa rode Mike with the two of them kissing messily as they quickly pumped against each other. Mike wasn’t pounding into her the way he sometimes does but as they were moving too quickly for Lisa to be able to also grind against him, it took longer for her to cum than they had intended. Mike didn’t mind this too much but Lisa was now desperate and told him she needed to cum – then added that she wanted to feel him cum in her as well. Mike teased her about this and said it was wonderful to see her so keen to feel her own orgasm. Lisa told him it was his fault for teasing her for so long and Mike whispered that it was the whole point and he wanted to feel her cum around him. They fucked some more and he whispered to her how he wanted to fill her with cum. Lisa kept telling him to fuck her and told him she was getting close and they came pretty much together.

Lisa remained on Mike as they kissed until he asked her to sit over Mel and let her eat her clean. Lisa said she wanted to keep Mike’s cum in her so they compromised and got Mel to kitty kiss Lisa, only eating the cum that leaked out while Mike kitty kissed Mel. Of course, he ended up doing more than kitty kissing her and half-ate her once more. He didn’t try to make her cum, just made sure she was nicely aroused and told her that she could fuck herself if she wanted to cum again, but that this was the only way she would cum that night. Mel is quite stubborn and said she’d just go to sleep so Mike had another go at licking her and got her closer to cumming. Mel told him he was a bastard and still refused to play with herself so Lisa had a turn. She fingered, frigged and lapped at Mel’s pussy while both she and Mike watched Mel’s face closely. While Lisa isn’t as practiced at keeping someone close to cumming as the rest of us (mostly because she’s younger – she’s probably more experienced than I was at her age), she did a fairly good job and got Mel to the point of whining about wanting to cum. That was Lisa’s cue to back off and Mike was pleased when Mel slid a hand down to her pussy and started rubbing herself. She noticed Mike’s amusement and pulled her hand away so Mike buried his face between Mel’s legs again and licked her until she was on the verge of cumming.


  1. Any more adventures with your sister coming soon?

    1. I forgot to reply to this - just wait until Christmas 2014 (next series of entries). Sue and I refamiliarised ourselves with each other over the holiday :)