Thursday, 6 October 2016

December 2014 Sex Show – Part 2

When Mike pulled away, Mel reached back to her pussy but only stroked herself once or twice before stopping so Mike set Lisa on her once more and even though Mel was trying to hide just how close she was (so it would be Lisa who made her cum), we’ve known Mel for long enough that we can read her orgasm signs quite well. Mike made sure Lisa didn’t push Mel over the edge while he teased her about resisting and pointed out that it was futile – if she was that horny then she should just give in and fuck herself while they watched. Mel asked if he’d like that and he said he would and told her that she had to remember that she was their little slut for the weekend. This time when Lisa pulled away, Mel reached down and stroked herself and when Lisa told her to do it properly she also used her other hand and slid a couple of fingers into herself. Lisa reached over and stroked Mike’s cock while using her other hand on her own pussy and she told Mel to finger her ass as well. Mel followed Lisa’s instructions and pumped in and out of both holes while frigging herself. Mike’s only regret was that as they’d got Mel so close to orgasm, it took hardly any time for her to cum. As Mel’s orgasm ended Mike asked Lisa if she wanted to kitty kiss Mel or if he should do it. Lisa said she didn’t mind as long as Mike did things to her as well so she knelt on all fours and kissed around Mel’s pussy while Mike knelt behind Lisa and lapped at her pussy.

Lisa asked Mike to fuck her but he still needed a couple more minutes to recover from his previous orgasm. As soon as he was hard enough he pushed into her and started moving and then pushed harder when Lisa asked him to. He told Lisa if she wanted him to fuck her properly then she’d have to eat Mel properly. Lisa didn’t say anything but started licking Mel in a way that Mike could visibly see. Mike told Lisa she was a good girl and when mel whined that she couldn’t take cumming again she was told to behave. Mike gave Lisa a good fucking with long, steady strokes as he caressed her back and ass. He asked Lisa if she wanted him to cum in her again and she nodded and murmured a yes without pulling away from Mel. Lisa humped back against him and Mike watched Mel’s face as she got used to the stimulation on her now quite sensitive pussy. Mike enjoyed the view of his cock repeatedly sliding between Lisa’s lips and the sight of them grasping at him as he pulled out. He noticed Mel cupping one of her breasts quire firmly and asked her if she could cum again. She said she would if Lisa kept licking her like that and Mike got Mel to beg Lisa to make her cum. This time when Mel got close, Mike pulled Lisa away and the two of them rolled over and inched their way up the bed with Mike still inside Lisa. He told Mel she could fuck herself again if she wanted or wait until morning. They hadn’t got Mel quite as close this time so she told Mike to fuck himself but he pointed out he didn’t have to as he had Lisa to do that.

Mike spooned with Lisa while reaching around to play with her clit. Lisa reached over to stroke Mel’s pussy and fondle her breasts a couple of times, but it was more to annoy Mel than to try and actually make her cum. Mike told Lisa he’d get Mel off in the morning, then play with her (Lisa) properly and Lisa said she didn’t care as long as she felt him inside her again. As Lisa’s orgasm built Mike started asking her if she was ready to put on a good show for everyone the following night. She said she was a bit nervous about it, but that she wanted to go through with it. Mike asked her how many cocks she wanted to have inside her and she said she’d keep up with Julia and me and try to take all of them. Mike pointed out that both Julia and I have significantly more practice than she did but she was adamant she wouldn’t lose and Mike told her that he loved the fact she wanted to push herself and explore just how far she could go. He teased her about whether she’d copy me fully and end up fucking her sisters but this just caused Lisa to give Mike a half-hearted slap as they had agreed that her sister was off limits (to both of them). Mike teased her more for the rest of the session, saying how he was going to eat and fuck her in front of the audience, how she would have to pee over Jen’s face and into her mouth as she came, how she’d have a dozen guys inside her in the space of an hour and how they’d all see her cum multiple times. Lisa was close to cumming by this point and said she didn’t care as long as he would fuck her afterwards. Mike promised he’d always fuck her – and then that he’d always eat her more and they moved against each other silently (or at least without talking) until Lisa came. Mike kept moving in her until her orgasm ended and told her he was still a little way off. He said he’d happily fuck her until he came or he could save his cum for their morning session. Lisa left the choice up to him so he said he’d wait, but continued ot gently fuck her as she drifted off to sleep.

Jen, Julia and I had a much gentler session in Jen’s room with less teasing. Julia gave Jen a little treat by squirting a tiny amount of pee into Jen’s mouth while they were 69ing and as a way of explanation she said if she was expected to put on a watersports show the following night then she may as well practice. When Jen squirts, she generally wants to go all out so she didn’t do anything to Jules in return (other than eat her a bit more). Julia and I then scissored for a while but had to be gentle so we didn’t make too much noise and wake MJ. As Julia and I fucked, Jen and I said how we had mixed feelings about MJ going into her own room. It would be good to be able to have sex without having to worry about being so quiet, but we both worried that we’d miss her. Jen toyed with our clits and pointed out she could use the magic wand on us if MJ hadn’t been there and I told Jen how it’d be easier for us to spank her again as well with MJ gone. Jen licked at our clits and got Julia off, who then proceeded to lick me while using the double ended dildo to fuck me. I told Julia I’d missed her as I came and she said we were always welcome to visit them and she was sure Mel would include me in their games – I said I wasn’t sure if that was a curse or a blessing and Julia said that it really depended on the mood that Mel was in at the time as she could make her do some pretty extreme things. I asked her to elaborate but she just said ‘maybe later’ and started flicking her tongue back and forth across my clit in a way she knows I like then gently sucked on my clit and swirled her tongue around it in the way she knows I like even more. Julia kept this up, sliding a good length of the dildo in and out of me as she worked on my clit until I came, then easing off and kitty kissing me for a couple of minutes.

I panted my thanks to Julia and pulled her up for a kiss. She settled down between Jen and me and as we snuggled up, Jen asked her what sort of things Mel had been making her do. Julia groaned and said she thought she had distracted me (which she had, but unfortunately Jen had overheard the comment). It took a bit of badgering to get her to tell us but once she realised that we weren’t going to give her any peace until she gave us all the details she relented and made us swear not to tell anyone. Julia described how Mel had put some effort into arranging a get together of a number of her (Julia’s) childhood friends. More specifically, they were Julia’s brother’s childhood friends – and as long-term readers may recall that they were much more than just ‘friends’ with Julia. Mel hadn’t managed to get hold of the entire group (although the group had changed over the years as people had come and gone so there was no definitive group), but those she had got to turn up had all agreed to turn up by themselves (meaning those that were in relationships ditched their partners). Julia didn’t know anything about this – she just knew Mel was taking her somewhere for a weekend break so was surprised to see the group of people Mel had arranged, including her brother Alex. Within minutes of turning up at the cottage, Mel started pulling Julia’s clothes off and Julia started protesting, saying she couldn’t be naked in front of Alex but she knew it was futile as a couple of the others had already started to help strip her.

Mel told Julia it was pointless being shy as she’d fucked everyone present dozens (if not hundreds) of times while growing up, although they were already past the ‘shy’ point as the hands that had helped undress her were now exploring her body. A couple of the guys pulled their cocks out and pushed them into Julia’s hands. She asked if she was meant to fuck everyone and Mel said that was the aim, but that she really wanted to recreate the orgies of Julia’s younger years and that Julia wouldn’t be the only one they would be sleeping with. Julia felt someone rubbing against her ass and automatically bent forwards a bit to let him slide into her. It took a few attempts but she felt the cock enter her. She was guided over to the sofa and one of the girls made a comment about it having been so long since she’d done things with a girl. Mel told her that Julia would do anything they wanted and stripped off herself, then took the girl who’d made the comment aside and started to make out with her.

The group paired off (or tripled and quadrupled off in some cases) and people started playing in earnest. Julia couldn’t tell us too much about what happened as she was distracted with her own session. Mel called out to her that she didn’t need to worry about protection as she’d asked people to get a check-up and Julia realised that not only was she going to get fucked by her old friends again but she was going to become their little cum-bucket again. That thought appealed to her as much at that point as it did to me lying bed beside her as she described things to us. I was obviously very aroused by the story which meant it was only natural for me to ask lots of questions and as I masturbated I tried to gather as much information as I could – both to help arouse myself and to report back here.

While everyone was present to enjoy each other, Julia was nominally the centre of attention and over the course of the weekend she did end up sleeping with everyone present. Even the girls who had turned up with the provision that they only wanted to sleep with the guys ended up giving in (with a bit of help from alcohol) and Julia got to eat and be eaten by each one of them and she had every guy fuck her cunt and mouth, taking a load in each hole. When I asked if she meant ‘every’ guy, she said yes and I asked if that had included Alex and she nodded and said ‘twice’. We pushed her for more details but she wouldn’t give us any more other than telling us she rode him and he fucked her the following day, cumming in her each time. She made us swear not to tell anyone (although her Uni friends all know she used to do things with her brother and his friends when she was younger so it’s not really a big secret). Both Jen and I teased her about the weekend – I told her how jealous I was and how I’d have loved it if someone had arranged that for me (in the hope Jen might take the hint and do it as a birthday present for me – although I didn’t do things with either my childhood or Uni friends so it would have to be her group of Uni friends).

Julia’s description – as brief as it was – was more than enough to get me feeling horny again. Jen said she didn’t need to cum but Jules was as ready to fuck as ever so she and I humped against each other while kissing, fingering and caressing. As we got closer to cumming I begged her to describe more of the weekend and she told me how she had fucked and eaten her friends, described how some of the girls had re-learned how to eat pussy (using her as the target) and finally, how it had felt to have Alex’s cock back inside her. She said she’d cum both times he’d fucked her and admitted it had felt good. I described what I intended to do with Lisa over Christmas and asked if she was going to fuck him again – she said not, but admitted it was an appealing idea, although would be difficult to arrange without his girlfriend finding out. Julia made a comment about how convenient it would be if Sue had dated Alex as we could then fuck in whatever combination we wanted – I agreed with her that it would be fun (but didn’t mention the fact that I think Sue could do a lot better than Alex). I could easily have made Julia cum at any point near the end of the session but wanted to tease her just a little so whenever she got too close I eased off and let her calm down. I let her finger me until I came, gave her a few more kisses and then crawled down between her legs to finish her off. Given the things that Julia and I went through together (with Jen pushing me and Mel pushing Julia), I feel quite close to her and I really enjoy burying my face between her legs so it was much more appealing to make her cum with my mouth. It only took a couple of minutes, even with me holding back, but was enough to enjoy sliding my tongue between her lips and enjoy her taste. Once she’d cum I crawled back up beside her, told her she’d better be rested for our show the next night and curled up against her as she snuggled up to Jen.

Mike made a bathroom trip in the middle of the night and on returning to bed he crawled under the covers, pulled Mel’s legs apart and started to eat her. He wasn’t specifically trying to wake her up, but also wasn’t being particularly delicate so she came to quite quickly and asked what he was doing. He told her it had been a while since he’d eaten a hairy pussy so wanted to try it one more time. He ate her messily, slurping up her juices and lapping his own saliva into her then letting it dribble back out as he fingered her. He climbed up over her a few times, pushed into her and fucked her while letting her taste herself from his face, but returned to eating her each time. He spent a while playing with her and she certainly seemed to be getting aroused, but he didn’t push her right to the brink of cumming before stopping so she didn’t whine as much. He promised to finish her off in the morning then moved around behind Lisa (who had woken up by this point) and slid into her, using Mel’s juices as additional lube. Lisa said he felt quite hard and pushed back against him so he offered to make her cum. She said she was too tired but allowed him to keep moving inside her and spread her legs when he reached down to play with her clit. Lisa murmured that it felt nice and Mike considered giving her another orgasm but ended up just continuing to gently fuck and frig her until she drifted off to sleep again. Mike moved in her a while longer, enjoying the soft feeling of her pussy around his cock and he got himself to the verge of cumming a number of times before easing off and falling asleep himself.

On the Saturday morning, he once again went down on Mel, got her close to cumming and then pulled away. He ate and fucked Lisa, allowing her to cum and then fucked Mel. He started off on top of her, then moved around to spoon with her so Lisa could play with Mel’s clit. Mel asked if he was going to just tease her and Mike told her that was indeed the case, but that she’d be allowed to cum plenty later on. As Mike and Lisa took Mel close to cumming three times he asked her what she had intended to do to Julia at the sex show. Mel said she intended to get Julia to suck the guys, let them fuck her, put on a watersports display with Jen and use whatever toys we took along. Mike said that all sounded fine and was certainly in line with what he expected me and Lisa to be doing and told Mel he hoped she realised that she’d be doing exactly the same things. He teased her about having multiple guys fuck her in the way he’d done with Lisa but promised her that she’d also be eaten by Jen, Lisa, Julia and me so the guys would all get to see her cum lots of times too.

In Jen’s room, I woke Julia up by going down on her and Jen took MJ out so we could enjoy ourselves a bit more energetically. We scissored again, but this time humped against each other faster and harder while rubbing our own and each other’s clits. I fetched the body wand and we shared a dildo and let the wand finish us off. We played by our usual rules (which are dangerous when using the body wand as it’s quite powerful) with the agreement that we would stay in position until we’d both cum. I usually win at this as Julia normally cums first and then has to put up with the intense feelings of clitoral stimulation after having just cum. As we lay facing each other, our legs intertwined, pressing against each other and feeling the dildo moving slightly inside us I teased Jules about her fuck-weekend again. I told her not to worry and that we wouldn’t tell anyone but that if Alex intended to visit her in future that I wanted an invite so I could help out. As an incentive I promised to bring Lisa and Josie along and told her I’d fuck Lisa at the same time then we’d suck his cum from her cunt together. Julia said I was cheating and trying to make her cum faster but I pointed out that I liked the soind of my idea as well and could feel my own orgasm building. Julia did a good job of holding on but still couldn’t match me – I didn’t make her suffer though and as soon as she started to cum I stopped holding back and allowed the wonderful vibrations to carry me over the edge. We lay back for a minute with the dildo still buried between us but I asked her to climb over me so she pulled herself free and crawled over me in a 69. We spent a good 10 minutes kitty kissing each other and I then told her I missed getting to play with her – and the rest of the gang.

Mike, Mel and Lisa were already downstairs with Jen by the time Julia and I went down. There was a fire going so we could all remain naked (plus the central heating was on). We all took turns toying with Mel over breakfast, not as intensely as Mike and Lisa had done, but enough to keep her sufficiently aroused that her nipples remained firm. After breakfast Jen and Julia sat on either side of Mel and sucked on her breasts while Mike alternatively licked and fucked her. We made our plans for the day while this happened and Mike said we’d need a new outfit for Mel to reflect her altered role in the upcoming show. By the time Mel had been taken to the edge of cumming another two times (it might have been three – we aren’t sure), her resolve was breaking and she begged to be allowed to cum. Mike told her she’d cum in good time, but that it was time to stop hiding her pussy. I was tagged in and took Mike’s place between Mel’s legs, using some strawberry yoghurt to help mask the flavour (I still don’t like the way Mel tastes) while he boiled some water and fetched the shaving equipment. In a minor act of defiance Mel asked Mike why he thought she would let him shave her but he told her if she wasn’t shaved then people wouldn’t be able to see her cunt properly as she was fingered, eaten, fucked frigged and otherwise made to display herself.

Mel didn’t argue and let Julia and I hold her legs wide apart as Mike rinsed out a cloth with hot water and lay it over her mons while pressing it against her lips. He repeated this a number of times then pulled the shaving gel from the water, squirted some into his hand and carefully worked it in to her skin, going right up to the edge of her lips. After warming the blade, Mike worked on small areas at a time, having to rinse the blade more frequently than he was used to as none of us have had pussy hair that long for quite a while. Mel’s bald pussy was slowly revealed and once Mike had rinsed her clean and given her a brief lick to check for missed hairs he rubbed an ice cube over her mons and lips to help the skin, then got Julia and I to spread her lips and he rubbed the ice cube up and down her inner lips and around her clit. This wasn’t a surprise to Mel but she still squirmed a lot as he did it and then noticeably relaxed when he replaced the ice cube with his tongue. Mike showed considerable restraint and only ate her for a couple of minutes before handing her over to Julia and for about the next hour, Mel was constantly stimulated with each of us taking turns, keeping her close to cumming but still not allowing her to orgasm.

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