Tuesday, 11 October 2016

December 2014 Sex Show – Part 3

The rest of us showered while Mel was being played with and it was left to Mike to shower with her (as he was the one most able to stop her from masturbating and cumming in the shower). Mike took some tingle gel in with him to lube up his cock so he could fuck her. They had a frank conversation about how she liked being on the receiving end of things for a change and Mel said she preferred making Julia (and others) do things, but that it was interesting and he wasn’t going to break her. When Mel said this, Mike pulled out of her cunt, squirted more lube onto his cock and pressed against her ass. He knew full well that anal is nothing new for Mel (either giving or receiving) so he wasn’t surprised when she pushed back and said it would take more than that. Once he was inside, Mike fucker her ass at a steady pace while fondling her breasts with one hand and alternating between frigging her clit and fingering her pussy with his other hand. He asked if she wanted everyone at the show to see her fucked like that and Mel said she didn’t care and that it was me who enjoyed being watched not her. He asked if she wanted to cum and she said yes, so he didn’t let her, but promised her it wouldn’t be long before she could.

It was too cold out to be completely naked under our coats so we all wore semi-decent outfits, skirts with tights underneath (for warmth) but no panties (for more fun) and tops. Jen went without a bra as even after breastfeeding she didn’t really need one but the rest of us (not including Mike!) wore them. We headed straight into town on the bus as we knew parking would be impossible so close to Christmas. I took advantage of the number of people on the bus and casually rubbed up against a guy standing behind me. At first he moved back a little but as more people got on I pushed back against him again and rocked back and forth against his crotch with the movement of the bus. I was sure I could feel something happening to his cock when he pulled away but I didn’t intend to let him escape and pushed my ass back against him in a more obvious way. This time I moved against him at my own pace (irrespective of how the bus was moving) and he didn’t really push back, but didn’t try to pull away again. I could now feel his cock pressing against my ass and was trying to lift myself high enough so the bulge went under my skirt and I could feel it through just my tights. That didn’t work out though so I had to content myself with nestling his cock between my ass cheeks and imagining him cumming, feeling the moisture seep through his trousers and my tights and coating my ass.

I looked back and gave the guy a quick wink as we left the bus and as I walked arm in arm with Julia and Jen I told them what I’d managed to do. Mike had hoped to fondle someone (one of us) on the bus but he’d had to hold the buggy so wasn’t able to enjoy himself but made up for this by making plans with Mel as to what the rest of us would be made to do at the show (just because Mel had to follow instructions, it didn’t mean she wasn’t going to enjoy showing Julia off at the same time). Jen took MJ off for a walk and the rest of us headed to Alistair’s sex shop. I told him we thought it might be a good idea to look out some items for use later on that night and he was fine with that and as usual told us that we could keep things if we wanted. This is always a tempting offer, but I’ve always avoided being paid for sex (or displaying myself) as while the idea of actually whoring myself out is deliciously appealing, I try to avoid doing illegal things. I indicated the sybian and made my usual joke about demonstrating it at the party if we could take it home with us (it’s one of the few things I’d be prepared to go against the previous statement for if it meant I could have it) and Alistair gave his usual response of me just having to put on three or four shows for him and I could take the sybian home.

Mike greeted Julia (it had been a while since he had seen her) and Mike informed him that Mel would be playing a more active part in the proceedings, along with Lisa. Alistair thought that Lisa would be very popular (due to her age as a genuine student) and Mike said that Lisa should go with the sweet and innocent look for the party. It was decided that Mel should play to her particular strengths and after leading Mel over to the outfits, Mike and Lisa looked through and selected a few things that they thought might look suitable and Mike got Mel to remove her boots, then asked Lisa to help Mel strip so she could model for them. Mel knew full well the sort of things we’d done in this very shop but she still looked over at the door and asked what would happen if someone came in. Mike just stated matter-of-factly that they’d see her naked – unless of course she’d already put on an outfit. He also indicated over to me and pointed out that Mel might not be the first thing that caught the eye of any other potential customer as I had fetched the set of sybian attachments that Alistair keeps for us and was in the process of setting up the machine.

Mike and Lisa slowly undressed Mel and Mike spent a while stroking and sucking her nipples to get them hard again. Lisa was a step ahead and was already fondling Mel under her skirt but this became much easier when she unzipped the skirt and pulled it down over Mel’s hips, letting it slide to the floor. Mel was now just wearing her tights with Lisa’s fingers pressing the material between the lips of Mel’s pussy and Mike’s tongue and fingers working on Mel’s nips. She moaned that this wasn’t fair and it didn’t help when Mike knelt, pulled Mel’s tights down and pushed his face into her pussy. Lisa helped pull Mel’s tights down and Mike kept his mouth on Mel’s pussy as Lisa got Mel to lift her feet to remove her shoes and the tights. Mike then handed Mel a black latex outfit to try on. It had a high neck and covered her whole body, apart from holes to expose her breasts, pussy and ass (so it was more like anti-clothes). I was sitting on the sybian by this point and called over that Mel could borrow a pair of Jen’s boots to go with the outfit but Mike didn’t think it was the right one and Mel was told to take it off.

As Mel pulled the top part of the outfit off, a guy walked in to the shop and paused as he saw the sight of me humping back and forth on the sybian and Mel half naked. Alistair welcomed the new customer and invited him in, telling him not to worry about us as we were just testing things out. I wasn’t actually exposed as I hadn’t removed any clothes and had just wanted to enjoy the sybian. I felt this should be corrected though so told Julia it was her turn and pulled at her skirt. Julia let me unzip it and stepped out of it, at which point I stood up and let her take my place on the sybian while I slipped my own skirt off. Julia commented on just how good it felt and I gently stroked myself through my tights as she rode it. I called over to the guy and said he could come closer and watch us if he liked and he eagerly walked over. I pulled Julia’s top up and over her head, leaving her with just her bra and tights on. I told the guy that this was the most incredible machine and if he had a girlfriend or wife that he should buy her one and that she would be forever grateful to him. (I neglected to mention that the one downside might be that she would never want to have sex with him again as he’d never be able to compare to the sybian.)

Julia said it wasn’t fair that I still had my top on and I asked the guy if he’d help pull my top off. He asked ‘really’ and I told him to go ahead. He pushed the top up and as I raised my arms to let him pull it over my head, Julia pulled down my tights a little and slipped her fingers between my lips. As Julia’s fingers curled up into my pussy the guy pulled the top off and freed my head. I told Jules that it felt good and she said she bet the sybian felt better. I agreed with her and quickly pulled my tights off, told her to shift and planted myself back on the sybian. Julia moaned a bit but I assured her it wouldn’t take long for me to cum and as a way of placating her I pulled her towards me and nuzzled her pussy with my mouth. It didn’t take much to get the guy to help remove her tights and I told him he could fondle her while I licked her. My tongue brushed against his finger as he reached into her pussy from between her ass cheeks and I felt her bra fall on to my head as she finished undressing. I was getting close to cumming and moaned into her pussy, then sat back and allowed myself to enjoy the orgasm while watching the guy’s hands running over Julia’s breasts and cunt. I sat back a bit more to pull my clit away from the vibrating pad and told Julia it was her turn.

Julia told the guy fondling her that he could play with me and almost pulled me off of the sybian. I didn’t want to stand up so just knelt in front of her and leant forwards to kiss her, then felt the guy pull at my bra and open it. He then knelt behind me and I parted my legs to let his hand slide between my ass cheeks to my pussy and he cupped my breasts with his other hand. Julia was quite vocal and kept saying how good the sybian felt and how she was going to cum really quickly. I pulled away from her to watch as she came and she cupped one of her breasts, pressing it firmly against her body as she moaned and panted then lifted herself off of the device. I quickly turned it off and bent forwards to lick our juices from the pad and the guy playing with me made use of my new position and spread my ass cheeks. At this point, Mike asked the guy if he wanted to fuck me and the guy apparently looked up startled, as if he’d been caught. Mike told him he could have me if he wanted and indicated to Mel, who was standing in her new outfit, saying she could take part too.

Mel’s new outfit was a series of black straps wrapped around her body, linked by a strap going up her front and back. As with her previous outfit, her breasts, pussy and ass were exposed (although less so) and Mike pushed Mel towards the guy who reached up and stroked Mel’s pussy. Mike told him he could be a bit more forceful with Mel and I watched as he pushed a couple of fingers straight into her. Fortunately Mel was fairly wet from all the teasing and his fingers were covered with my juices anyway and with just a little more encouragement he started pumping them in and out of Mel much faster than he’d been doing with me. Alistair told us we could use the area out back so I stood up and led the guy and Mel to what used to be a little office, only to discover it was now a room with a padded bench along one side. I sent the guy back out to buy some condoms and told Mel I thought the outfit suited her. By the time the guy returned, I had Mel up against the wall with fingers buried in her pussy and was telling her it was about time she got to cum. The guy didn’t waste any time and I felt his cock press against my ass cheeks (I did look round to check he’d put a condom on) and I felt him slide into me. I frigged Mel as the guy fucked me, then pushed her down onto the bench so I could lean forwards and eat her. I wanted to see her be fucked so told the guy to finish off in her and he eagerly pushed into Mel. I helped hold her legs apart and toyed with her breasts and clit to ensure she would cum as well. The morning’s teasing had clearly had an effect on her as she thrust back against the guy and told him to fuck her harder. He obliged and as I frigged her, she came. The guy said he was close and I considered swapping places with Mel so I could enjoy his final thrusts, but thought Mel should ‘enjoy’ things as much as possible so kept frigging her as the guy pumped away.

It didn’t take him too long to finish off and when he pulled out it looked like there was a large volume of cum in the condom and I couldn’t resist fondling his cock and feel the cum squish around. I complimented him on the volume he’d produced and told him I wished he’d been able to cum in me so I could walk around town with it leaking down my legs. He asked if I’d really have wanted that and told him if I knew he was free of any diseases then I’d already be pouring his cum into my cunt and over my body instead of just talking about it. I knelt and buried my face in Mel’s pussy and licked at her until she whimpered (Mel’s whimpers are actually quite cute – and are probably the only thing about her that could be described in that way). The guy wanted some tissues to clean off with so I went back to the main part of the shop and grabbed Mel’s top, noticing that Lisa was now using the sybian and that she had another guy watching her. Mel said the guy couldn’t use her top but I ignored her and peeled the condom off, letting the cum pour over the top and then thoroughly wiping his cock and balls clean with it. He thanked us and I directed him to the bathroom so he could wash his hands (I went as well and sat on the toilet peeing with him watching). On the way back to the main part of the shop I collected Mel and we all headed out to watch Lisa cum with Julia kneeling behind her and fondling Lisa’s breasts.

The new customer looked somewhat surprised when Mel and I appeared – although it might have been due to the guy who was with us. I told Mel it was her turn to experience the sybian and pushed her down onto it. She said it was too soon for her to cum again but I told her that she’d have no trouble cumming and turned it up a notch. She immediately swore and lifted herself up but I pushed her down and asked for help to hold her on the device. It’s actually quite disturbing how easily people will do things that are clearly wrong as both the guys moved in to help hold her down and when the guy who we’d just fucked started fondling Mel’s breasts, the new guy joined in. Mel moaned and swore that it was too intense but after all the things she’s done to the rest of us this didn’t garner much sympathy (and the guys didn’t seem to care) so she was held in place until she came. She let out a series of loud ‘aaahhhhs’ as she came and actually drooled a bit. I did at least make sure they released her as a sybian immediately after cumming really is too much to take.

Mel wasn’t out of the woods yet though and I encouraged the new customer to come out back and fuck Mel. At first he just asked if I was being serious but I indicated to the other guy and said he’d already had her (to which he nodded). The first guy even handed a condom to the new guy and once we’d pulled Mel up, I helped carry her back to the bench in the room and ate her once more while the guy rolled the condom on to his cock. I turned and gave his cock a very wet suck, coating the condom with my saliva and allowing it to drip down my chin, then spread Mel’s lips and told him to enjoy her. At first I just watched as he fucked her but made sure to get a turn myself and when it was Mel’s go again I got her to stand with her legs spread  and bend forwards against the bench so I could kneel under her and lap at her clit while the guy fucked her. I had really wanted to make her cum again but the guy came faster than I’d expected (I had assumed that given the opportunity he would have taken his time and enjoyed himself more). I watched as he pulled out and told him to stay where he was while I fetched Mel’s skirt and used it to wipe the guy’s cock clean. She asked what she was meant to wear and I told her we’d figure something out but for now she could try on a few more outfits.

On returning to the shop, we found Julia sitting on the sybian again, saying how great it was. I heartily agreed but told her not to be careful not to desensitise herself (Mike did that once when I used the bodywand on his cock for an hour and he couldn’t get hard for ages afterwards). We let Julia finish enjoying herself while we tried a few more outfits on Mel and also looked for suitable items for the rest of us. As Lisa was going down the schoolgirl route, we had plenty of things at home to dress her and Julia and I opted for translucent negligees that were only just long enough to cover our asses (assuming we didn’t sit, bend or crouch). We took a couple of outfits for Jen – one cute and one closer to Mel’s, along with some bondage items. Lisa jokingly held a large black strap-on cock against her crotch and at this point another customer walked in. As was the case with the first two, he looked somewhat surprised to find a group of semi-clad (but effectively naked) girls and Mike walked behind Lisa and whispered to her that she could practice showing herself off as a warm up for that night. She hesitated a bit so Mike dared her, which was enough to encourage her to walk up to the guy, with the cock still held against her pussy and ask him if she thought it suited her. It was a rather awkward question and he eyed her up and down as she stood there. I went over to ‘help’ Lisa and ran my hand up and down the cock, commenting on how good it felt. I kissed Lisa on the lips and pressed myself against the cock, then knelt down and took the end in my mouth. I sucked around the head while pumping my hands up and down along the shaft, then asked Lisa to let go so I could slide it into my pussy while still crouching down. With the end in me I pulled Lisa towards me and buried my face in her cunt, gave her a good licking and then looked up at the guy. The bulge in his trousers was obvious but when I tried to run a hand up his leg he moved away. I told him he could have any of us if he wanted and he looked round (visibly spending more time eyeing up Lisa), said ‘no’ and hurried out of the shop.

Before we left we got Mel to sit on the sybian for a brief period (not long enough for her to cum but enough to stimulate her again) and then bent her over a chair while Lisa tried out the strap-on with some tingle gel as lube, giving Mel a deep fuck from behind and getting pretty much the whole length of the cock into her. Julia and I rubbed the cock over our pussies before handing it to Alistair to add to the pile of items for the show and enjoyed the tingling but Mel had got much more of the gel than we had so when Mike offered to eat her she accepted. She climbed up onto the counter without complaining and allowed him to lap at her pussy while Alistair fondled her breasts but she clearly hadn’t been thinking straight as he pulled away before she came. She was given the option of masturbating to finish herself off and her hands immediately went to her pussy but as she got close to cumming, we pulled her down and told her she’d have to wait until that night to cum. Mel was stripped of her outfit and we asked if we could borrow a few things so Mel wouldn’t be naked. She left the shop with her tights on, a faux leather miniskirt that barely covered her ass and a tight tank top.

We met up with Jen who complained we’d taken so long but understood when we explained the fun we’d had. I promised Jen she’d have the chance to enjoy herself that night (and as Jen doesn’t need to cum as many times as I do she wasn’t really bothered). We headed home a bit later to rest before the party with Mike taking the opportunity to have a gentle session with Lisa. They fucked for quite a while (with neither of them cumming) and discussed his Christmas visit where he’d meet her family. Mike was quite nervous about this as they knew her parents didn’t approve of Lisa dating someone in Mike’s position (they knew about Jen and me and thought he was just trying to construct a harem).

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