Saturday, 15 October 2016

December 2014 Sex Show – Part 4

Ineta came round to babysit MJ and we promised her ‘payment’ on our return. She knew full well where we were going and gave her opinion on our outfits. Jen had a cute white dress on (she’d opted for this instead of the one we’d selected for her), Julia and I had our see through nightdresses, Mel had her black strap/mesh outfit and Lisa her schoolgirl kit. Ineta said she couldn’t decide which one of us she’d want more so I told her she could have us all if she had the energy. She said she liked the sound of that but it might depend on how late we got back.

We stopped off on the way to the warehouse for a few drinks. In Lisa’s case to bolster her bravery, for Jen’s to stock up on liquid, for Julia and I to enjoy the attention and for Mel to be shown off (not completely – we were in a ‘normal’ bar so Mel, Julia and I had to keep our coats on, but had them open so we could be seen). We arrived at the warehouse in plenty of time and saw that Alistair had put out the usual bed but this time there was a second ‘area’ with a mattress, pillows and blankets. He said that as there were four girls, we might need a bit more space and I reminded him that Jen wouldn’t be doing anything with any of the audience (which to his credit, he had remembered). This time he’d found 14 people to come and watch and I told him he could always go for more for our next show as I’d happily perform in front of a stadium of people (and then briefly got lost in the fantasy of fucking, playing with myself and generally cumming in front of thousands of pairs of eyes).

Our audience arrived and were all present by a couple of minutes past the hour. As usual the audience were all wearing masks and masks had been provided for us ‘performers’ to wear. I asked Jen if she was up for being seen and she agreed to forgo the mask. Lisa was a bit more nervous about this but went along with it and Mel wasn’t given a choice (Julia didn’t care who saw her). We all headed out to the bed, introduced ourselves and told the guys that they’d be allowed to play with Lisa, Mel, Julia and me but weren’t allowed to touch Jen. We said we’d take requests (of things to do to/with each other) or that they could just sit and watch and Mike suggested we go for a wander and let the guys get a bit ‘hands on’ with us before we actually started doing things.

Lisa and Mel went to the people on one side of the bed while Julia and I took the other side and then swapped round. We let each of the guys fondle us in whatever way they wanted – some of them just ran their hands over our bodies, a couple asked for us to sit on their laps, some spent most of their time fondling our breasts and a couple got their fingers on and then into our pussies. We spent about 15 minutes doing this (about a minute per guy) but as there were only 4 of us and 14 of them it was obvious by the end that they were getting restless so we went back to the bed and started playing with each other. Mike and Jen joined us at this point and we fingered, ate, humped and fucked each other. Each of us had a turn at being ganged up and brought to orgasm, as well as the girls all cumming at various other times as well. Mike had turns inside each of us (both cunts and mouths) and we sucked him in pairs on a couple of occasions. Jen stood over Mel and masturbated while peeing onto Mel’s face, then directed the stream over Mel’s breasts and finally sat over Mel’s face, continuing to pee as Mel ate her. Unfortunately Jen’s supply of pee ran out before she actually came, but she still enjoyed it as she bent forwards to 69 with Mel and got her to pee as Jen ate her.

We had pulled and torn at each other’s clothes as we’d played and the nightdresses and Jen’s dress were pretty much in tatters by this point so we ditched them. Mel kept her bondage outfit on and we decided that Lisa should be more naked so we pulled off her clothes but left her socks on (it was obvious some of the guys liked her look). We played with each other a bit more frantically and Mike backed off to let us enjoy each other fully. We had fingers, tongues and toys probing everywhere and Julia, Lisa and I peed and squirted over whoever was in the way at the time (Jen often tried to *get* in the way when one of us did this). Mel spanked Jen and Julia but we made sure they could get their revenge and they both got a turn spanking Mel, after which we used a double ended dildo bent round from Mel’s cunt to her ass and pumped the ends in and out of her. This seemed like a good time to open up the floor to our audience and as soon as we offered, a number of them immediately came over to the bed. I thought I recognised a few from previous shows, but the masks made this somewhat difficult and I really didn’t care who they were as part of the attraction (for me anyway) was being watched and fucked by complete strangers. One of the guys wanted to have a turn with the dildo in Mel so we handed it over to him and left her whimpering as he fucked her with it. I heard him tell her how he was going to fill her with his cock as soon as he’d finished with the dildo and I reminded him that he was meant to fuck all of us, but then got distracted by multiple other pairs of hands that were fondling me.

Julia and Lisa moved over to the other ‘bed’, leaving Mel and me with about half the guys. I saw that one of them was standing on the other side of the bed and had his cock in Mel’s mouth so I thought I should catch up with her and told the guys to get suited up. As the last few of them put condoms on, I knelt and took them in my mouth, switching back and forth between cocks every few seconds and occasionally getting two of the guys close enough together that I could get two cocks in my mouth at once. I let them fuck my mouth, rub and slap their cocks against my face (one in particular wanted to do this) and then knelt up so I could rub them between my breasts. The atmosphere was becoming increasingly frenzied and I climbed up onto the bed, spread my legs and rubbed myself, saying I wanted to feel all of them inside me. I squirted a generous helping of lube up into my cunt and held myself open – a guy went straight in and I pushed back against him as we fucked, then told him to have a turn with Mel. We got into a pattern with the guys lined up and going around the bed, having a turn fucking me, fucking me, Mel sucking them then me sucking them. I reached over and played with Mel’s clit and occasionally (between sucking cocks) pulled her face to mine and messily kissed her.

Not being sure how many times the guys would be able to cum I called out that we should switch beds and shooed our crop of guys over to Lisa and Julia, then received their guys. I quickly buried my face in Mel’s cunt and ate her as the new group of guys came over to our bed but lay back and welcomed the new cocks as soon as they arrived. I’d already cum once with the first lot of guys and had got quite close to a second orgasm so came twice more. I made sure that Mel came as well and hearing her whimpering as she said she couldn’t take any more made me just want to see her cum again. One of the guys asked me to pee on his as he fucked me and I did my best to oblige but I’d already pretty much emptied my bladder earlier on. He asked the same thing of Mel (and we later found out he’d asked Lisa and Julia to do this). I didn’t see this bit, but while the guy was waiting to get back into my cunt (there was a queue of 3 people between my mouth and cunt), Mike asked him if he’d like Jen to pee on him. He eagerly said yes and Mike told him the same rule applied – he wasn’t allowed to touch Jen, but she would happily stand over him and pee on him if he lay on the floor.

Jen had been drinking water since retiring from the fray so while she wasn’t fully recharged, she was in a better state than the rest of us to do this. The guy lay on the floor with his cock in his hand and Jen stood over his crotch. She looked at his face as she masturbated and sprayed her pee over his body – generally aiming for his cock, but it’s not easy to aim while frigging yourself. He asked her to pee on his face and she stepped forward so she was standing over his chest and let out a stronger stream, hitting the guy in the face. He opened his mouth and licked as she looked down to see him frantically stroking his cock. Jen told him to say when he was getting close and she stepped back a bit and partially crouched down. When the guy told her he was about to cum, she peed once more, this time aiming properly and spraying his crotch with her pee. The guy came as she did this and she watched the condom fill with his cum. Jen felt a wonderful thrill – while she is gay, she loves the power she has over men and the fact that this guy shared her particular fetish meant she enjoyed it even more. As a treat, she got a chair and put it beside where the guy was lying, spread her legs wide and masturbated more, emptying the remaining contents of her bladder over him as she came.

The rest of the guys came in us, some in our mouths and some in our cunts. Julia and Lisa had two guys at their area that took a fair bit longer than the others while Mel and I only had one of them. I climbed on top of Mel in a 69 and buried my face in her pussy, then told the guy to fuck me hard. Mel lapped at my clit as the guy fucked me and after a couple of minutes we switched round so he was in Mel. I really wanted him to cum in me so made sure he knew to switch back if he got too close (I don’t even pretend not to be greedy anymore), but he lasted out his session with Mel and was in me anyway when he finally came.

I felt quite tired by this point but wanted to help out with Lisa and Julia so crawled off the bed, told the guys they could keep playing with Mel, and made my way over to the other bed. I played with Lisa’s and Julia’s clits and breasts, kissed them and fondled the guy’s cocks as they fucked the girls. I briefly rode Julia’s face – humping back and forth and spreading my juices over her, then kissing and licking her face clean. The guys didn’t take too much longer to cum and as soon as they were finished I grabbed a double ended dildo (not the same one that had been in Mel’s ass), buried one end in Lisa’s pussy, mounted the other end and started humping against her. I told her I wanted to see how well she could keep up with me and that it would decide on who would win Mike’s cum. I pulled on Lisa’s legs and pushed against the dildo until our pussies touched, then humped back and forth, grinding my clit against her. Lisa has seen me in my ‘frantic’ mode a number of times and did a fairly good job of copying me, helping to pull us together and humping back against me. I told her to cum for the guys and let them watch as she displayed herself. I warned Lisa it would be the usual rules (we’d keep going until we both came) and she reached down to toy with my clit. I told her she was cheating, but let her continue and the added stimulation meant I came first. I kept to the rules though and allowed her to keep humping against me (I still moved, just not as much as I had been) and once she came we lay back with the dildo still buried between us and allowed the guys who’d been watching us to stroke and play with our bodies.

On the main bed, there was an even better show going on. Jen had Mel and Julia lying on their backs with their legs spread and she had been preparing them for a double fisting. To get them ready for this, Jen had got some of the guys to help out and had been using the horse dildo on them – Julia first and then Mel. The dildo is a realistic representation of a horse cock and while Julia is used to taking things that size, Mel isn’t so it took a bit more time to get her pussy accustomed to it. Jen then lubed up both her hands and worked them in to Mel and Julia – concentrating on one of them at a time as she didn’t want to actually hurt either of them and this also allowed them to get accustomed to being stretched. Once she was inside them both, she pumped her arms in and out – not pulling her hand out (that’s generally the bit that hurts), just moving back and forth inside them a bit. She switched between using alternating strokes (in on one and out on the other) and pushing in and out of them at the same time while the guys were encouraged to fondle the girls. A couple of the guys got up on the bed and offered their cocks for sucking (which were accepted) and others helped out by holding vibes against Mel and Julia’s clits and nipples. Jen continued to fist them both until they came – Mel came first and Jen ordered her to pee as she came then kept her hand in Mel while she finished off Julia who also had to pee (not that either of them had much liquid left, but it was enough to spray a bit).

While Mel and Julia were being fisted, I bent forwards against the bed and let one of the guys take me from behind. It felt good but it didn’t take him as long to cum as I’d expected (given he’d cum not long ago) so I ended up kneeling on the floor in front of Mike and sucking his bare cock and the audience were asked whether they wanted to see him cum over Mel’s face or into her cunt and have Julia eat it out of her. They were split over this so as a compromise we had Mike fuck Mel and empty his cum into her so they could watch it leak out and have Jules lick her clean while Lisa, I and Mike (once he lost his erection) peed over Mel’s face (not quite the same sort of ‘facial’ but it did the job. Mike was able to pound away in Mel for a fair while before he came in her due to her being somewhat looser after having Jen’s hand inside her and by the time he and then Julia had finished with her, she was limp.

 I encouraged the guys who were still up for more action to fondle Lisa and she took one of them in her mouth and let another one enjoy her pussy (and although the guy certainly seemed to enjoy being inside her he didn’t seem to want to cum again). Things certainly seemed to be winding down but we were fondled and groped for a while longer and asked to play with each other in a few more positions. The guy that Jen had peed on wanted her to pee on his face again, which she did, but only briefly as she hadn’t drunk much more water (or rather it hadn’t had time to make it through to her bladder). As a finishing act, we were asked to all lie on the bed beside each other and masturbate ourselves in our favourite manner. Mike said that was actually quite interesting as he watched me frigging myself with one hand while reaching around under my leg to finger my pussy, Jen playing with her clit while massaging her breasts, Julia fingering both her pussy and ass, Lisa mostly frigging her clit and occasionally fingering herself and Mel frigging herself while keeping three fingers in her pussy, but not moving them too much. At first we were just meant to be putting on a display, but it was soon decided that as we were masturbating, we may as well do it properly and give the guys a proper show and cum for them one last time. As a way of helping out, Mike moved down the line and ate each of us – but only briefly – as we were meant to be getting ourselves off. As we neared our orgasms, the guys were given one last chance to get their hands on us.

As we came, Mike suggested to Alistair that Mel could see our guests out and she was allowed to put shoes on before leading them outside to their cars and allowing them a final fondle of her. She was quite cold on returning so we helped to warm her up and I encouraged Alistair to come over and join us. He did nothing to stop me as I rubbed his crotch and pulled on his trousers and when I offered to let him sample us he eagerly accepted. Lisa actually usurped me and knelt to suck him (she did at least put a condom on to his cock first) and I moaned at her, saying I wanted his cock but she said she’d have to share him. Alistair said that if we were up for more, he could always call a few friends and I told him to go ahead, saying that Mel would take as many more guys as he could get. Mel objected to this but was told she was our whore for the night and if we wanted a hundred more guys to fuck her, then she’d have a hundred more cocks inside her. Fortunately for her (although unfortunately for Julia and me as we’d both have enjoyed experiencing that many guys wanting us), Alistair only called up 4 people. It took about 20 minutes for the first couple of them to turn up and by that point Alistair had already cum, having spent time in each of Julia’s, Mel’s, Lisa’s and my cunts and mouths, giving us a running commentary on how we felt in comparison to each other and how enthusiastic we were being.

I’d asked Alistair not to tell us the names of any of the guys he’d invited along (as I’ve said before, I love the idea of being fucked by strangers) and when the first two arrived I moved over to greet them and told them I hoped they were ready for some fun as we wanted then to fuck us long and hard. They certainly looked horny enough and their hands roamed over my body before I’d even made contact with their crotches. As I felt fingers curling up into my pussy I told them the only rules were that they weren’t allowed to hurt us, they had to use protection and that Jen was off limits (indicating to them who Jen was). They asked if they could do anything to us and I said as long as it didn’t hurt, then yes. I felt a hand roaming over my ass and figured that was what the guy meant so told him if he wanted our asses that he could take them and then told them to follow me. I led them over to the bed and told Mel to roll over, got Lisa and Julia to spread Mel’s ass cheeks and squirted a dollop of lube onto Mel’s ass before using a couple of fingers to work it into her. One of the guys pulled out his cock straight away and I had to remind him to put a condom on but this took him no time and he eagerly pushed forwards against Mel’s ass so I helped guide him in and caressed his balls as he pumped back and forth.

I got Lisa to sit up on the bed in front of Mel and order Mel to eat her, then offered myself and Julia to the other guy, saying he could have whatever hole on us he wanted. He seemed quite keen on taking my ass so I bent forwards across the bed and presented myself to him, but he wanted me on my back. I obliged and lay down, watched him prepare himself (he smeared the lube over his cock and then wiped some over my ass). He lifted my legs up and held them apart and I felt him press his cock against my ass and slide in, only taking a few strokes to get most of the way in. He then told me to hold my legs apart and firmly massaged my breasts, smearing the remainder of the lube over my right one as he did so and pumped in and out with a steady stroke. Julia didn’t want to be left out so stood beside the guy, letting him occasionally fondle her and she then took a vibe and pushed it into my pussy and fucked me with it. This all felt quite nice but I wasn’t getting any clitoral stimulation so I knew I wasn’t likely to cum with things the way they were so I started frigging myself. I offered to eat Jules and she tried sitting over my face, but the guy wanted to keep fondling my breasts which made it difficult for her to keep using the vibe in me. I happily took over, frigging my clit with one hand and fucking myself with the vibe with the other hand while messily slurping away at Julia’s pussy as she humped against my face. I tried to announce that I was going to cum again, but Julia was clearly getting into things as well and was eagerly grinding against my mouth. I sucked on her clit whenever I could and just enjoyed myself, feeling my orgasm build and then pulse through me. I eased off on my clit, switching to just gently stroking it, but kept pumping the vibe into my pussy in time with the guy’s movements in my ass. I’d hoped to get Julia off before he came (to give him something to watch), but he got there first and I felt him slow him movements in me, then stop. I stopped playing with myself, moved my hands up and grabbed Julia’s thighs. While holding her in place I lashed at her pussy and clit with my tongue until she came (and then kept going for a bit until she was moaning loudly for me to stop).


  1. Are there more stories of you and your sexy sister coming soon? I've whacked off dozens of times to your stories and the ones with her are by far the best.

    1. We made up for Sue's missed visit over Christmas - that's the next set of entries (quite a few actually, although only the first few parts include Sue).

  2. I can't wait.....

    --horny American dude