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December 2014 Sex Show – Part 5

Woohoo - this is my 1,000th post!

 Mel had finished with her guy (or he had finished with her) and we had a quick break while the guys recovered and we waited for the others. One turned up and by the time the last guy arrived, Lisa was already riding up and down on the third guy’s cock. We let him fuck both Julia and Mel and by this point the first two guys seemed ready for more action so I offered myself to them and said they could spit roast me or DP me if they were up for it. I generally thought that most guys would always take the option of anal whenever they got the choice but possibly as they’d just done that, they wanted to spit roast me to fuck my mouth and cunt. When I said they could move round and switch ends as often as they wanted, they seemed surprised that I was happy to suck my own pussy juices and even when I pointed out that they’d just seen me eat Julia one of them said that surely it was different when it was my own juices. As a way of demonstrating my willingness to participate (but mostly as I just like showing off), I worked a couple of fingers deep into my pussy then withdrew then and licked them clean. I repeated this a few times and told the guys I’d happily eat my own cunt if I could reach it and they thought this was a good image and resumed fucking me. (As a side note, it’s probably a good thing I can’t eat myself or I’d never get anything done.)

I wanted Mel to get a final session in so convinced the guys fucking me to also take turns in Mel whenever the guy fucking her was inside Julia. Jen helped out with Mel by using a vibe on her clit and nipples, ensuring that Mel got to cum again. Lisa frigged her own clit as she rode the guy (who played with her breasts) and I made sure I enjoyed myself, even though I was now down to only having one cock in me half the time. I wasn’t really paying attention to the others, but did notice that the guy Lisa was riding seemed to have lasted an impressively long time given how energetically she was riding him. She did slow down a bit when she came, but then kept going until he came and I’m pleased to report that both the guys I was taking care of came in me (as opposed to either of them being in Mel when they finished). Mel and Julia’s guy had also finished by the time I was done and I moved onto the floor, buried my face in Mel’s pussy and lapped away at her as she lay whimpering on the bed.

I didn’t do this alone and let Julia, Lisa and Jen have a turn with Jen also taking a turn forcefully fingering Mel and telling her repeatedly to squirt (she peed a bit which isn’t quite the same thing, but none of us can squirt on demand). As Mel got closer to cumming, Jen knelt over her and emptied her bladder over Mel’s face (Jen had been drinking water again while we’d been fucking the guys) and once Mel came (Lisa got the honour of being the one eating Mel when this happened), we pulled Mel down from the bed and Julia, Lisa and I each had a turn standing over her and pushing out whatever pee we could.

The guys were impressed (or scared) at our desire to pleasure and debase ourselves and when I sat up on the bed with my legs spread and gently stroked myself the two newcomers asked if I wanted more. I told them I always wanted more and spread my pussy lips to let them examine and finger me. Julia decided to demonstrate how insatiable I was by burying her tongue in my pussy, which in turn left her ass and pussy exposed so the guy happily migrated to her rear and fondled her. I whined that I had wanted their cocks so we came to an agreement to have one each, and that she would eat me while she was fucked and we’d then switch position. The guy who was going to fuck me moved up to stand beside me and play with my breasts so I reached down and stroked his cock to prepare him and the guy who had been fucking Lisa got started on Julia. He didn’t seem to last as long this time – although I was somewhat distracted as Julia purposely got me close to cumming quickly then backed off a bit. I wondered if she was just going to tease me until she came but I didn’t have long to wait to find out this wasn’t going to be the case as she started rapidly lapping at my pussy, making me cum and then kitty kissed me. Lisa helped make sure that Julia got to cum (she knelt beside Julia and fondled her clit) and when we switched places so I was bent forwards with my head between Julia’s legs, I started off by kitty kissing her and then moved on to eating her. I was a bit more forceful and managed to get another two orgasms out of her (technically the second time Jules came was after I’d cum and the guy had finished fucking me, but I still made her cum twice so I was pleased with myself).

By this point, the guys didn’t seem to have the energy to fuck again and I have to admit that I was pretty spent too. Mel was sitting with a blanket wrapped around her to keep warm and Mike was gently fondling Lisa, but not really trying to make her cum, just passing on his enjoyment of the show. We thanked the guys for fucking us – they thanked Alistair for calling them and I dragged Lisa outside with me to show the guys to their cars. It was considerably colder outside by this point so my plan of laying Lisa on a car bonnet and playing with her was shelved and we hurried back inside to warm up under the lights.

Alistair was very impressed with our show (although said he was still a bit disappointed we hadn’t been able to put on a live sister-sister fuck session). I told him we’d try and get Sue up for a repeat and teased Julia about whether she’d get Alex her brother to join in so people could watch her as he filled her cunt with his cum. This piqued Alistair’s curiosity but Julia just said she didn’t do that anymore, to which Mel said that she did considerably worse things than that, but wouldn’t elaborate.

Our original plan had been to stop off at a club on the way home and make the most of our outfits, but we decided we’d had enough so went straight home. Ineta was a little surprised at our appearance (only a little though) but genuinely surprised when we told her everything we’d done and showed her some of the pictures Mike had taken. As we described our evening, Mike, Lisa and I caressed Ineta’s body and told her that she really deserved a reward for looking after MJ. She squirmed around a bit but allowed our hands to wander over her and by the time she had fingers buried in her pussy and tongues on her nipples she said that it looked as if we hadn’t finished for the night. We rapidly stripped her naked, Mike had a few licks at her pussy and then passed her over to us and I ate her. Julia helped roll Ineta onto her side and lapped at her ass and Lisa crawled up onto the sofa and tried to offer Ineta her pussy (it wasn’t a good position for this, but Ineta had a try and managed to get a few licks in). Julia, Lisa, Mike and I worked on Ineta – mostly eating and fingering her but Mike had a brief turn fucking her and we got her off quite easily. We offered her a second (and third, fourth & fifth) orgasm but she said she had to be up early the next day so we let her get dressed and went to see her off. Naturally she didn’t get out unscathed and while giving her a goodbye hug, Mike reached under her skirt to fondle her, then freed his cock to slide it back into her pussy and then semi-fucked her up against the front door. As he’d only cum once he told her he could easily finish off inside her but said he’d much rather eat her as he loved her little Latvian pussy (they aren’t really any different than other pussies). Ineta said he could do whatever he wanted so he knelt, pulled her panties down (and told her he was keeping them), pushed his head under her skirt and ate her. He then saw her out to her car and as she reached in to put her bag on the back seat he flipped her skirt up, pulled out his cock and pushed into her. Ineta’s car was parked out on the street and she dared him to fuck her, but when he started moving in her she realised that he probably would and pointed out someone might see them. Mike pulled out of her and assured her it was fine as he had to save his cum for Lisa but he told her if she wanted to either stay the night or come back on the Sunday that he was sure we could find ways to amuse her. Ineta said she really had to get home, although the idea of having 5 women (and Mike) pleasuring her was quite appealing.

Mike returned to the house and lit a fire. Mel had showered by this point and we sat around the fire going over the evening’s events and having a drink. Jen asked Mel what she had meant about the ‘considerably worse’ things that Julia had done. Julia protested but Mel said that she had put up with enough for one night and wanted revenge so she physically held Julia down while she told us in detail about her latest way of pleasuring Julia. I’m not going to repeat what was said as it’s worse than anything else I’ve written about (don’t worry, it doesn’t involve any children – we’d have reported them if it did!). While we were genuinely shocked at what they’d been up to, we assured Julia that it didn’t change how we thought about her and to prove it I crawled between her legs and briefly ate her (with Mel still sitting on top of her holding her down). In an attempt at revenge for Mel’s revenge, Julia told us that Mel had done the same things and Mel just shrugged at this and said that as Julia had enjoyed it so much, she felt that she should give it a try.

We retired to bed fairly soon after this – Mike remained downstairs with Lisa and spooned with her in front of the fire while complimenting her on the stamina she had shown throughout the night. They gently fucked while recounting each cock that had fucked her, each time she’d been eaten and each cock or pussy she’d had in her mouth. Mike teased her about how they could recount this story when he went down to visit Lisa with her family and asked what she thought her parents would think of their sweet, innocent, little girl taking part in an orgy, being eaten and fingered by other girls as part of a show and then fucked by a group strangers. Lisa said she was sure her parents would be fine with it and pushed back harder against Mike so he teased her about her sisters again and said she should help them experiment to see if they might be bi (Lisa’s family know she is bi but as far as we know, none of her siblings are). She told him that he wasn’t allowed to touch his sisters but was getting close to cumming so when he started to describe how she could help her older sister cum she ended up playing along and let him describe how Lisa could eat her sister out while he fucked her (Lisa – not her sister). After she’d cum, she admonished him for bring her sister into the session, but allowed him to keep moving inside her.

Lisa told him she wanted him to cum in her but didn’t think she could cum again that night so Mike slowed his movements and said he could wait until morning, then cum properly. She tried to encourage him to finish off, saying she wanted to fall asleep with his cum inside her so they compromised and she let him kitty kiss her. After about 10 minutes of this, Lisa said she might be willing to try and cum again so Mike crawled up her body and slipped back inside her. She wrapped her legs around him and they fucked for a while, then rolled over and Mike asked her to ride him the way she had ridden Alistair’s friend. She asked if he was jealous and he said that it looked like she’d really got into fucking him so Lisa teased him and said if he would get jealous then she’d fuck lots more guys in front of him in order to drive him crazy and get him to fuck her hard. Mike pulled her down on top of him and said if she wanted him to fuck her hard, he would. As they pumped against each other, he told her he’d never be jealous of other guys fucking her as long as she loved him and he still wanted her to enjoy herself as much as possible with as many people as possible. Lisa ground against his body and Mike kneaded her ass while pumping rapidly in and out of her pussy. They worked together to try and cum at the same time and just before she came Lisa told him that even though she’d had twenty cocks inside her that day, his was the only one she wanted in her that night. She laughed at her own attempt at being romantic and in reply Mike told her he’d been saving his second load of cum just for her. Lisa came and Mike pushed as deep into her as he could to shoot his cum into her. He told her he loved her, even if she wouldn’t let him fuck her sisters but he’d take the next best thing and watch her fuck me and my sister (and Jen).

Jen spent the night with Mel and they went straight to sleep without any more playing. I took Julia into Mike’s room and quizzed her over what Mel had told us, asking for more details and getting Julia to describe exactly what happened and how it felt. She said it sounded like I was curious and I told her I certainly wanted to know more, but didn’t want to try it myself. I made Julia cum while she was describing things and then let her pin me down and grind her thigh against my pussy while she told me what she would do to me. Once I’d coated her thigh with my juices (and cum in the process) we curled up together and I told her once again that I’d missed seeing her as we always had so much fun together. Julia said she still enjoyed being pushed by Mel, although wished Mel wasn’t quite so aggressive quite so often and said it had been fun to force Mel to do things (Mel usually isn’t on the receiving end and rarely cums more than once or twice in a day even if she and Julia are having an intense session).

On the Sunday morning we woke each other in the usual way – I went down on Julia, Jen did this to Mel (and used her fingers a fair bit to avoid licking her too much) and Mike went down on Lisa. These sessions progressed into more mutually satisfying sessions with Mike and Lisa fucking, Julia and I sharing some toys and Mel and Jen 69in (with Jen eating Mel properly as her own arousal increased). MJ was even kind enough to stay asleep until after Mel and Jen had finished and when the three of them went downstairs they found Mike and Lisa were still going at it in front of the fire. To be fair, we think Mel and Jen had started before Mike and Lisa and Mel tried to put them off by sitting and watching them as they fucked. Lisa has cum in front of her friends enough times that it didn’t bother her though so she just kept fucking Mike, telling him to cum in her again. He did as she asked and then suggested that Mel could lick Lisa clean (so she didn’t drip too much – although it’s somewhat too late for us to worry about having cum and pussy juice on our floor). Lisa said she wanted to keep Mike’s cum in her but accepted that Mel wouldn’t actually be licking a great amount out from inside her so sat over Mel’s face. Mike pulled Mel’s legs apart and buried his face in her pussy – being the only one of us who really likes the way Mel tastes, he tries to eat her whenever he can. Mel complained that she’d already cum twice with Jen but Mike just replied and said that Lisa had already cum twice too and it didn’t mean Mel couldn’t make her cum a third time. Lisa said that this wasn’t part of the deal, but didn’t try to pull away from Mel and remained in place until both she and Mel had cum – Lisa actually did a fairly good job in this respect as she came first and Mel didn’t switch to just kitty kissing her and kept licking away at full speed.

Mel was punished a little more that morning – Jen got to shower with her and have Mel eat her, then peed over Mel’s face and into her mouth as she came. In return, Jen reciprocated and ate Mel, getting her to pee as she came too. Mike fucked Lisa one more time and got Mel and Julia to take turns licking Lisa’s clit and sucking on her nipples as he fucked her. Lisa promised him that she would remain naked under her skirt on the way back to Uni and Mike promised her that as soon as he saw her again, he would spend as long as she wanted with his tongue or cock buried in her pussy and make her cum as many times as she wanted. I promised Julia that if she came back then I’d make her cum as many times as she wanted (knowing full well that this was a much more onerous promise – although Julia would be likely to do the same in return to me so I’d get something out of it). Mel told me that if I was feeling brave I could always go down and visit the two of them and that she would ‘take care of me’ for the weekend. I could guess that the ‘taking care of me’ might be quite tiring but was intrigued as to what giving myself to Mel for a weekend could be like. I told her that as long as we set some rules (like no pain), I might be up for a challenge and Mel’s demeanour visibly changed and I almost thought I could see her starting to make plans.

Mel was sent home in a short, tight skirt (she doesn’t do flippy skirts) and Julia was given permission to ensure Mel came at least twice before they arrived at their house. Julia had the discretion to choose the locations and methods of Mel’s orgasms but Mel made it clear that once they got indoors, she intended to get revenge on Julia and would make sure she came multiple times, via multiple methods that night. We couldn’t help but ask whether Julia would be subjected to their new method of arousal and Mel said that she would be. Julia blushed at this and Mel offered to call us so we could listen to Julia’s orgasms. Julia kept her end of the bargain, getting Mel off once on the train (she made Mel spread her legs and masturbate) and then fingered Mel in an alleyway not too far from their house. Mel also did as she’d promised and matched Julia with a number of guys on Tinder, arranging for them to pop over for quickies and between sessions, she used her new method on Julia, calling us up twice to let us listen in.

Mike actually got a bonus that weekend as Lisa decided to stay with us an extra night. I didn’t let her have him to herself though and spent the night with the two of them (I am his wife after all), but did let her get his cum both that night and on the Monday morning. Lisa seemed to appreciate the additional stimulation I was able to provide during the session and she played with me quite enthusiastically, letting me fuck her with a strap on and then sharing a double ended dildo with me and finally 69ing while Mike went to shower. Once Mike and I had said our goodbyes to Lisa, we headed off to work and Jen was left to take Lisa to the station. The two of them stopped off for a long coffee and chatted about the weekend with Lisa saying she wished she didn’t have to go and leave us. Jen commiserated with Lisa, saying that she hadn’t enjoyed being apart from me (and Mike) when she was still at Uni, but that it didn’t last too long and that Lisa should just enjoy her time with her friends as it wouldn’t be long until she graduated, could be with us properly (which was good) and had to start work (not so good). During their goodbye hug at the station, Jen slipped her hands under Lisa’s skirt and fondled her. Lisa asked if Mike had told her to do that and Jen said that he probably wanted her to, but that she wanted to touch Lisa one last time before she left. The touching became a bit more involved and Jen moved a hand round to the front of Lisa’s pussy and she stroked a finger back and forth across Lisa’s clit. As Lisa got closer to cumming, she just hugged Jen and buried her face in Jen’s shoulder while Jen whispered into Lisa’s ear how she used to force me to do things the way Mel does to Julia. Jen said that it might be nice to have a new toy to play with and how she might turn all her attention to Lisa, pushing her to do more daring things every time they met. It was only after Lisa had cum and boarded her train that Jen realised there wasn’t much more she could actually do to Lisa as Lisa was way ahead of where I was at her age. Not that things like that ever stop Jen who got Lisa to send a picture of her sitting with her legs spread and a finger in her pussy – that in itself isn’t much of a challenge, but Jen got Lisa to get someone else to take the picture for her and as payment for helping her out, Lisa got to choose how she thanked the person. She ended up taking the guy into the toilet and sucking him off. Lisa said he came quite quickly or she might have been tempted to let him fuck her as well, but either way we were very impressed with her commitment to ‘better’ herself and was told that we’d happily make her the centre of attention during her next visit as a reward.

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