Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Christmas 2014 – Part 9

Even after Lisa had eased off it was obvious that Jen still wasn’t going to last much longer and I considered getting Lisa to make Jen cum, then for me to eat Lisa, but I decided that as she was showing such promise that I shouldn’t be greedy and let her have the guy. I told Lisa to make Jen cum and then told the guy to finish fucking Lisa while I took jen’s place and pulled Lisa’s face to my pussy. I quickly checked out the window to see if anyone (who might report us) was watching, then pulled my top and bra off to expose my breasts. Jen leant over and kissed me and I told the guy to rub his thumb around Lisa’s ass. He did this and even pushed the end of his thumb into her, then asked if he could fuck her ass. It didn’t seem fair to Lisa to allow him to do this so I told him to be satisfied with her cunt and lay back to enjoy what Lisa and Jen were doing to me. Sadly for Lisa, while the guy was at least taking his time, he didn’t provide her with much additional stimulation so while Lisa ate me and made me cum, the guy just ended up cumming in her without Lisa cumming. Fortunately Jen was more than willing to take care of Lisa and pulled her up onto the seat, buried her fingers in Lisa’s pussy and ass and got me to frig her. We told the guy to watch Lisa as she came and Lisa blushed quite a bit at this, but to her credit, she allowed her pleasure to show on her face fairly well and narrated as her orgasm built and she came.

Jen, Lisa and I remained in our state of undress for the journey home and it was only when we arrived that we remembered we would need to at least appear respectable for our babysitter. Jen removed her torn tights and we straightened ourselves up then went in. MJ was sleeping happily and the babysitter had just been sitting up watching movies. She was too young to go out drinking so was just heading home to spend New Year with her family. We all gave her a hug on the way out, thanking her and telling her we’d happily use her services again – when we closed the door, Jen said that she would happily provide some services to the girl and I told her off for preying on younger women. I pointed out that Mike was old enough to be her father but Jen said she didn’t care and she was quite sure if she could ever convince the babysitter to join us that none of us would turn down the opportunity. I said that in my case that wasn’t fair as I’d fuck anything and agreed that Mike probably wouldn’t be able to resist her and that we could probably teach her a fair bit about enjoying herself.

We had about 30 minutes before midnight so lit a fire and poured a few drinks. We still hadn’t decided on exactly what we were going to do, but knew that we intended to be as close to each other as possible. We spent the remaining time teasing, kissing and playing with each other, debating whether we could manage a four-way orgasm at the stroke of midnight. Deeming this impractical (although appealing) we just settled for fucking in various positions. For midnight itself, we ended up with me riding Mike, Lisa sitting over Mike’s face and Jen standing with me licking her pussy and Lisa fondling and kissing her ass. Mike played with my clit so I got to cum as well and I received his first load of the year, then allowed Jen and Lisa to lick me clean. With Mike suffering the disadvantage of being a man, he couldn’t cum again, but we thought that we should all get a chance to make each other cum and Mike felt he should also get a chance to eat me to orgasm so we spent the next hour ensuring that each of us had made everyone (barring Mike) cum. Mum called halfway through the session to wish us a happy New Year and I chatted to her while Lisa ate me. Jen called her parents and tried to have a conversation with Mike desperately trying to make her cum and he won – we don’t think they knew that she was actually cumming, but they did ask how much she’d had to drink and to be careful. Lisa was next and when she eventually got through to her parents she had Jen licking her and Mike buried inside her. She only had a brief conversation with them, not wanting to risk letting Mike and Jen make her cum, but Mike pumped away inside her quite energetically and I knelt and masturbated mere inches from the phone as she chatted. When Lisa hung up, she pulled me to her face and did a good job of eating me which I thought was a nice touch, although would have been more impressed if she’d licked me between saying things to her parents. We also tried to call Sue but couldn’t get through to her so just texted and said we wished she was with us so we could all make her (and Josie) cum. We got a reply from Josie, saying she was expecting payment for having loaned Sue to us and I replied promising her that she would get to see as much as she wanted and cum as many times as she wanted.

We were woken up the following morning by MJ so Lisa took her downstairs to feed her, leaving Mike, Jen and me to play. It was a very lethargic session at first – only when we got more turned on did things become a bit more energetic and we finished off (after Jen and I had already cum once each) with Mike fucking Jen and both of them eating me. Mike came in Jen and I told them both that this was definitely the year that I wanted to have a baby. This wasn’t really news to either of them and Jen thought it would be good for Mini-Jen to have a sibling – even though she would technically have  a half-sibling when Mini-Lis appeared later in the year anyway. Jen then went to take over from Lisa so she could join us but Lisa was happy where she was and wanted to finish off. Lisa did come up after a little while and was rewarded with Mike and I both licking her, and after she came, him fucking her while I lapped at her clit. Mike suggested that we record the session and send it to her older sister so she could see that we were taking care of Lisa and I suggested that it might be time for Lisa to use the second pairs of her sisters’ panties but we decided to wait until Jen was with us so we could all witness it (and participate). As Lisa had her second orgasm of the morning, Mike whispered into her ear how he was sure her sisters would be happy to help out and got her to imagine it was her older sister licking her while her younger sister sat watching and masturbating. After she came, Lisa reached back and gave Mike’s ass a very light slap for teasing her but we then distracted her more with Mike kissing her and me sucking on her nipples while gently stroking her pussy and ass.

We didn’t do much else on the 1st, but on the 2nd we invited Ineta round for dinner and ended up giving her a proper new year’s greeting. This happened after dinner – we sat and chatted and Jen gently kissed Ineta’s neck, then slid a hand up under her top to caress her breasts. Ineta said it seemed strange to do this while Mike, Lisa and I were just sitting there talking to her so I spread my legs to indicate that I was (as always) naked under my skirt and Mike pulled on Lisa’s top until she removed it, along with her bra. Jen had continued to caress Ineta while we were doing this and Ineta said that it was still a bit strange, but she allowed Jen to continue and about 5 minutes later, Jen had Ineta’s top and bra off and was working on her now exposed breasts and nipples. I was trying to behave myself and just watch, but couldn’t help gently stroking myself and Mike roped me in to playing with Lisa’s nips as well. Jen mounted Ineta and they kissed a lot while grinding against each other and they eventually just stripped off and humped properly on the sofa. Jen tried to convince Ineta that she should agree to visit at least twice a week throughout the year and that she would personally ensure Ineta was satisfied. Of course, Mike has been known to take care of Ineta while at work as well as at home and I’m more than happy to play with her whenever she visits so if she visited twice a week, we could probably give her at least five orgasms a week between us.

MJ interrupted our session again but Mike went to settle her down and play with her, leaving me to ‘play with’ Lisa in a much more interesting way. The two of us stripped off our remaining clothes and I suggested we all gang up on Ineta. Lisa was game for this so we got Ineta and Jen to move down from the sofa onto the rug by the fire and we all caressed, kissed, ate and fingered her, trying as best we could to all be stimulating her at the same time (apart from when we were switching positions). As Mike wasn’t involved, I asked him to fetch the strap-on and he returned from upstairs with it a few minutes later, helped me attach it and I took a turn fucking Ineta. Instead of trying to get her off multiple times, we just teased her until she was begging to cum, keeping her close for around 30 minutes and then briefly fucking her with a wine bottle. By this point she was sufficiently desperate to cum that when we let her get her hands on the bottle, she eagerly fucked herself with it and kept telling us she wanted to cum. Of course, we didn’t make it that easy and let her get herself close but then held her hands to stop her and took over with all of us playing with her once more. Jen used the bottle in Ineta’s pussy, pumping and twisting it, Lisa frigged Ineta’s clit and kissed one of her nipples while I took the other nip and alternated between sucking on this and kissing Ineta. It was a somewhat underwhelming orgasm given the time we’d put into preparing her (but that often happens) – she didn’t complain about it and I’m not saying she didn’t enjoy herself, I’d just hoped for more. Jen felt the same way and intended to do something about it, settling down to kitty kiss Ineta and spending quite a while between her legs. Ineta is quite familiar with kitty kissing so it took her a little while to realise that Jen was going further with it and I pushed Lisa over to sit over Ineta’s face. Lisa said that as Jen was doing the work, she should get the reward and Ineta told Jen to turn round so they could 69. We watched the two of them licking at each other and remained relatively quiet – the only sounds being the fire and the occasional slurping noise. It was a nice moment so I decided to capture it and started recording then settled back and just waited until Ineta made some moaning sounds. Jen ate Ineta through her orgasm and it looked like she was still putting in a fair effort on Ineta’s pussy (although she says she switched to kitty kissing) while Ineta kept eating Jen until she came. The two of them kitty kissed for a few minutes more and when they surfaced for air, Mike said that he really wanted to have a turn with them once they had recovered.

Ineta said she had cum enough, but that she’d let Mike fuck her if he wanted – he really isn’t in to just using a woman to masturbate and said he’d only want to do things with her if he could make her cum as well so she asked for a bit of a break to recover and we sat around chatting. Well, not quite as neither Lisa nor I had cum so while Mike transferred the video I’d taken to the computer and put it up on the TV, Lisa and I sat gently masturbating. As we watched the replay of Jen and Ineta, I challenged Lisa to see who could cum first. Ineta said it was really embarrassing to see herself like that (she was mostly hidden under Jen, but for anyone who had seen her naked, it was clearly her body and hair) and I promised we would delete the video if she wanted or that we could give her a copy to ‘use’ if she would prefer. Two of my fingers swirled over my clit while others moved inside me and I pictured various scenarios to help drive my orgasm forwards. I came before Lisa and as a penalty she was stopped from masturbating, but only for a couple of minutes until the video ended, at which point I was given my prize of being allowed to make Lisa cum (you might notice that our prizes and penalties often vary randomly between being allowed to cum or not cum).

Ineta was given the task of kitty kissing Lisa (just to keep her in practice) and Mike recorded a close up shot of Ineta’s face with her tongue sliding around and between Lisa’s lips. Once again Ineta said it was embarrassing, but told us as long as we didn’t show it to anyone else that we could keep it. We actually got the rules relaxed a bit by showing her some of the videos of us with Lis and Lucy and Ineta agreed that they could see her naked if they wanted to. Mike toyed with Ineta more as she lapped at Lisa and then knelt behind her to slide his cock into her pussy. He slowly moved in and out, using long strokes so just the tip of his head was in, then pushing the whole way in so he was pressed hard up against her ass. Jen and I helped out by fondling Ineta’s breasts and clit and stroking her back and ass. She told us that she would be exhausted in the morning, but that we could keep going so we continued to fondle her with Mike keeping up his slow, long strokes. I was expecting him to speed up as Ineta became more aroused but he kept going at the same pace even when she was moaning into Lisa’s pussy that she was getting close. In hindsight, I noticed a slight change in the way he was moving around the time Ineta came, but not at the time as he kept going and I asked if he intended to fuck her to a second orgasm. She said she really didn’t think she could cum again and it was only then that Mike said he had already cum – just after she did. Ineta didn’t believe him at first as he really hadn’t been moving that quickly but he told her he had just been enjoying her pussy and watching what she was doing – he later told the rest of us that he had been imagining a number of other things as well but I was still impressed he’d cum with so little physical stimulation.

We convinced Ineta to sleep over that night – she stayed with Jen and I but Mike got to have another turn eating her in the morning before she left. We had invited her to come with us to our usual sex shop but she said she had to get some things done around the house. That didn’t deter the rest of us though and after all of the girls getting a fresh shave (Mike did me, I did Lisa and Lisa did Jen), we bundled up and headed out. Alistair was pleased to see us and asked after Jen (who had taken MJ off elsewhere) but as he isn’t allowed to do anything with her anyway he didn’t seem too upset at her absence. Lisa and I went to try on some of his more revealing outfits and returned to the front of the store to chat with him and a few minutes later a guy wandered in. I asked Alistair if Lisa and I could try out for part time jobs – Alistair didn’t get my meaning at first so I asked if we could go and offer to help the customer and he told us yes.

Lisa and I sauntered over to the guy and asked if he needed any help – he eyed us both up, taking in the view of our bodies that our outfits did very little to hide (I had a sheer nightdress on that only came to midway down my ass and Lisa had a t-shirt that came to the top of her thighs, but was riddled with holes and tears so she had one breasts fully exposed, bits of the other one showing, a fair part of her ass and enough of her pussy, depending on how she was standing. The guy seemed a bit embarrassed at first so we told him it didn’t matter what he was looking for, we’d be happy to provide any advice we could. I stood behind Lisa and reached around to cup her breasts, then fondled them. The guy said he was looking for a film so I asked what kind and started listing various fetishes. For the ones we could easily demonstrate, I used Lisa as my model and asked if he was in to breasts (as I fondled them), legs (reaching down to caress Lisa’s thighs), pussy (lifting her t-shirt and stroking her), ass (turning her around and lifting her t-shirt, then caressing her ass)… We went through a number more options, involving Lisa and I kissing and stroking each other, me kneeling and licking her, Lisa fingering me, then using toys on me and me spanking Lisa a few times.

While moving around for our demonstrations, I had ‘accidentally’ rubbed up against the guy a few times – at first he moved away but then stayed still and by the time I pressed my ass directly up against his crotch and rubbed against him he was pressing back (not too much, but he definitely humped against me). We then dragged him over towards the sybian and I asked Alistair for our attachments. He handed them to Mike, who gave them to me and within a minute I was sitting on the sybian with it sending wonderful pulses of stimulation through my body. Lisa stood beside the guy, pressed up against him and wrapped her arm around his waist so she could feel his cock pressing against her forearm. I watched as she pulled her arm back and started stroking the bulge in his trousers with her hand and I lifted my outfit up to reveal my body properly. As I felt my orgasm building, I reached up and helped Lisa stroke him, then quickly lifted myself off of the sybian just before I was about to cum.

I told Lisa it was her turn for some fun, but not to cum so we could enjoy ourselves more and as she took my place I knelt beside the guy so my face was at crotch height and I took over stroking him, using both my hands and also rubbing my face against the bulge. I reached over to pull on Lisa’s top and she got the idea and removed it completely. Not wanting to be outdone I pulled my outfit off and nuzzled up against his bulge even more enthusiastically. I looked up and told him if he had some condoms that we could go out back and finish this off and he asked how much it would be. I acted as if I was offended and told him we weren’t prostitutes, we just wanted to have some fun and if he played along, he could get to fuck us both. We got him to buy a pack of the more expensive condoms that feel much nicer, for both parties – and we led him out to what used to be the back office, but was now kitted out for trying on clothes (for those less adventurous) or trying other things for people like us.

As soon as we were in the room I asked Lisa if she wanted to see his cock and she nodded so we knelt and pulled his trousers down, freed his cock and admired it a bit. (It wasn’t anything particularly special – a reasonable size but not huge – but the guy seemed to enjoy us examining it). I got Lisa to roll a condom on and we started stroking and kissing it. We kissed and sucked him together, then each had a turn. I then sat up on the bench, spread my legs and told Lisa to eat me. She crawled over and did as I asked and the guy asked if he could fuck her. I nodded and watched as he pushed into her. I made a show of lifting my breasts up and licking each of my nipples and told the guy not to cum too quickly as I wanted him. He said he’d wait as he wanted to fuck me and play with my titties (I don’t recall anyone calling them by that name before!). I let Lisa enjoy him for a bit longer before saying it was time to switch and as we pulled over another bench unit, I whispered to Lisa that as she had the cab driver that this guy was mine. I lay on my back across the little bench and let Lisa climb over my face as the guy pushed into me. He fondled my breasts for pretty much the whole time he fucked me and as he liked them so much, I let him just play with them and I reached down to take care of my clit. Lisa humped back and forth across my face and I could hear her moaning quite loudly, clearly putting on a good show. I occasionally rubbed my nose u against her ass, but mostly just concentrated on licking her pussy and clit. As I couldn’t see the guy to tell how close he was getting, I didn’t hold back and frigged myself until I was on the verge of cumming. Initially I had intended to try and keep myself there and cum as soon as he came, but I misjudged it slightly and could feel that my orgasm was starting to break so just gently circled my clit with one finger and came.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Christmas 2014 – Part 8

I told Jen I’d be back in a moment and ushered Chris out of the room. In his room I asked if he had enjoyed the show and he said it had felt wonderful. I gave his cock a final suck and went back to Jen, cleaned her off with the flannel and untied her. She admitted to having had a pretty good orgasm and I told her that her brother certainly wouldn’t be looking at her the same way after hearing all the things she had told me to do to her. Jen blushed a bit at this and I told her I still thought it was a good idea to let him in on things properly but Jen wanted to stick with things the way they were.

We spent a bit of time with Chris and Leanne that day, a bit of time with Jen’s parents and then Jen and I took MJ for a walk by ourselves. I’ve seen a fair bit of Jen’s home town before so we just wandered and I suggested we see if we could get the buggy out along the dirt tracks that Jen used to walk along. She said that she didn’t need to play with herself (recognising I was steering her towards the woods where she used to masturbate and pee) but when I told her I’d look after MJ, she said it might be nice to have another go, for old times’ sake. MJ actually seemed to like the bumpy terrain and slept happily and we made it far enough into the woods that Jen found one of her old spots and hiked her skirt up. She sat on a log and started toying with her clit, occasionally letting out little squirts of pee. I wanted to help so carefully bent forwards and glued my mouth to her pussy, letting her pee into it, then kissing me to share her liquid. As Jen got closer to cumming, I moved around behind her and supported her so she could lean back and spread her legs more. As she came, she peed as hard as she could, with the liquid spraying her thighs as her fingers moved back and forth frigging her clit. Before she cleaned herself up I moved around and kitty kissed her for a minute, then shared another proper kiss with her.

Jen thought I might enjoy copying her and I’m rarely one to turn down the opportunity to cum so I slipped my skirt off, sat on the log and repeated what Jen had done. By the time I came, Jen had my top pulled up and my breasts exposed. I was leaning back on her as she had done with me and she tweaked my nipples as I worked a couple of fingers in my pussy and rubbed my clit with my thumb while I used a couple of fingers from my other hand in my ass. Even though the air was quite cold and the position meant that as I peed, it mostly just splashed over my hand and ran down my ass, it still felt wonderful to cum outside (one of my favourite places) and I kept gently stroking myself for a little while after I’d cum. It was only at that point that Jen told me there was someone watching and I looked up to see a guy, probably in his 40s-50s, with a dog. We don’t know how long he’d been watching us for, but there didn’t seem much point in hiding so I just removed my hands to expose my crotch and carefully sucked the fingers I’d been using in my pussy. I towelled off my pussy and thighs and walked over to the guy. He said that I shouldn’t be doing things like that outside and I told him we hadn’t thought anyone was around and if we’d offended him then I was sorry. I was still naked from the waist down and shivered a bit, but added that if he had enjoyed the show, then I could always do a bit more or he could join in if he wanted. I think he might have at least considered the offer, but I guess it was a bit too strange for most people and he told me to get dressed and go home. I did as he said and on the way back I told Jen I wished I’d known he was watching me as I came as it would have felt even better and I would have tried to put on a more visual show for him.

Sadly Chris had to spend the night with Leanne (she seemed to think that he admired my breasts), but she had to go to work the following day so Jen and I went round to the place Chris was living to see him. Naturally with Jen there we couldn’t do anything, but it was easy enough for her to engineer an excuse to pop out to the shops to get something for MJ. I made a show of offering to go with her but she said she would be fine as she knew the area. As soon as she had left, I dropped my skirt and told Chris we didn’t have long, but if he was up for it I wanted him inside me. He didn’t take much convincing and we quickly moved into the bedroom, stripped off and fucked on his bed. I teased him about how much he had enjoyed seeing Jen naked and cumming and he said it was my idea – although admitted he hadn’t objected. I briefly sat over his face and made him eat me, then once we’d gone back to fucking I asked if he would like to watch Jen and me eating, fingering and humping Leanne. He loved this idea and I told him I’d happily bury my face in her pussy (although found out she wasn’t shaved, which made the idea a little less appealing). I knew Jen wouldn’t be back until I called her to say we’d finished, but Chris didn’t know that so he wanted to hurry things along. He did at least hold back long enough to ensure I came and I then let him finish off with me riding him as he reached up to play with my breasts. I milked as much cum from him as I could and was pleased to see it drip out of my pussy when I pulled myself up off his cock. I rubbed this over my breasts, then rubbed his cock against them and gave it a few kisses before we got dressed. I snuck a text to Jen so I knew she would be on her way back and while we waited, I let Chris fondle my breasts, then finger me and I ended up with his cock back in my mouth. Now if things had proceeded to the point of one or both of us cumming, I’d have been happy with that, but I was expecting to be interrupted and when Jen knocked on the door, Chris jumped up and I told him he’d have to answer it while I straightened myself out. It was amusing watching him try to stuff his hard cock back into his trousers, zip them up and walk to the door, then hide the bulge as he let Jen in.

Sadly Chris couldn’t sleep over at Jen’s parent’s place that night either as he was also back at work the following day. Jen and I managed by ourselves though with another quiet session in her bed and one later in the night when she went downstairs to feed MJ. I went down with her and once MJ had gone back to sleep, I pushed Jen’s robe up her legs and told her I wanted to see her cum in the living room. Jen was a bit nervous that we might be discovered, but allowed me to play with her. It progressed a bit further than I’d expected and we ended up using a little bit of yoghurt on each other – not a great amount, just drizzling some over each other’s pussies, and licking each other clean. We each managed to cum, put the yoghurt back in the fridge and took MJ back upstairs to bed, then slept fairly late the following morning. Much later than usual actually and we even missed out on our morning session as we had to get ready and off to the airport for our journey back home and to meet up with Mike and Lisa. Fortunately Jen’s dad gave us a lift and he said it had been wonderful to see us, that he was sorry Mike couldn’t have made it (he seems to have accepted that Mike is the father of Jen’s child, even if he is my husband) and even commented that Jen’s brother seemed to have enjoyed catching up with us. I suggested that Chris could always come up to visit us and felt Jen pinch me but I continued anyway and said how it would be nice to have him with us for a while. We later discovered that she had actually pinched hard enough to leave a mark but said if I wanted, then Chris could visit and I could do whatever I wanted with him.
The final part of the story is with us all (including Lisa) back at home for the New Year. We had considered staying with other people, but as Mike had been at Lisa’s place and Jen and I at her parents’ place, it would have meant us being apart so ‘home’ seemed like the best place. Mike and Lisa got back first so the place was nice and warm with a fire going by the time we arrived. Jen and I hugged Lisa and she took MJ from Jen, wanting a hug. Mike fondled both Jen and me as we hugged hello, but he didn’t try to do anything more and I told Lisa that if Mike wasn’t going to fondle me, then she would have to take care of me instead. In a mock-obedient style, she knelt and lifted my skirt, then licked me and I told her that if she tried hard enough she might get some of Jen’s brother’s cum out of me (although it had been over a day since I’d last fucked him so I assumed most of it had either leaked out or soaked in). Lisa made a comment about all of us being obsessed with our siblings and Mike told us that Lisa had made some progress. We all sat by the fire and shared the events of our visits – Lisa already knew pretty much everything that had happened between Sue and me but we brought her up to date on my games with Chris and Jen and I found out what she had done with her sister’s vibe and her sisters’ panties. I warned her that it could only escalate but Lisa was still adamant that nothing would ever actually happen with her sisters and she didn’t mind Mike fantasising about them. We debated swapping siblings, with Jen and I more than happy to introduce Lisa’s sisters to the joys of being with another woman (and me being happy to take care of her brother as well) while Lisa then joined me in servicing Jen’s brother. Sue obviously came into the conversation and I said that I was more than happy for anyone to have her, as long as I got to have a turn as well.

Lisa wanted to sleep with Mike that night but as she’d had him for the past few days we compromised and said Lisa could actually sleep with him, but I got to have a session with him while Jen played with Lisa. As much as I’d enjoyed fucking Chris, I enjoyed the familiar feeling of Mike’s cock sliding into me (after he’d eaten me of course) and we settled in to a nice rhythm, humping against each other, kissing and describing in more detail the things we’d done over the past few days. Mike suggested how my being caught in the woods could have escalated with us being discovered by a dog walkers club and me having to buy their silence by being used by all of them. In the fantasy I let about 5 guys line up and use me, each of them fucking me on the log and emptying their loads into my pussy while I stroked or sucked the others to keep them ready. Back in reality, we fucked and played and once I came, Mike came in me – I told him I had been expecting him to save his cum for Lisa, but he said it was only right that he help to flush me out and he was sure he’d manage to cum in Lisa in the morning. I appreciated this as while I don’t mind sharing Mike (given what I get in return), I still sometimes think that he is *my* husband so want to have first dibs on him (and his cum) – especially on the rare occasions when we’re apart.

Jen made good use of her time with Lisa, getting her to eat her and share a dildo so they could gently hump against each other. Jen teased Lisa about having sucked on her sisters’ panties but this just left her open to Lisa retorting about Jen being covered with her brother’s cum. They ended up agreeing that they were both poor, downtrodden and subjugated by us and that they really deserved better – then proceeded to 69 until they both came. Jen spent the rest of the time suckling on Lisa’s nips and occasionally gently pinching them to try and educate Lisa on the merits of a little pain. Lisa wasn’t convinced by this but reciprocated and teased Jen’s nips until they were an angry pink colour – needless to say Jen enjoyed the sensation a lot more than Lisa did, but Lisa was released when I appeared and said that she could have Mike back. I then spent a while sucking on Jen’s warm nipples to stimulate them a bit more before falling asleep, tired from our journey. Mike managed to get hard enough to spoon with Lisa – not to fuck her, just to be inside her, she had to wait until the following morning for him to make her cum again.

We had spent a while trying to decide what we wanted to do for New Year itself. We considered getting a babysitter and all going out – preferably somewhere ‘interesting’ and had even considered asking Alistair to gather an audience so we could put on another show. The idea of being group fucked as the new year arrived certainly appealed to me, and Lisa said she would participate, but it would have left Jen out unless we could find some women who wanted to participate as well. I also considered inviting people round for a more refined party but in the end we decided to get a babysitter for the early part of the evening so we could go out for dinner and a few drinks, but be home in plenty of time for midnight and see the year in while trying to make each other cum.

Ineta (Mike’s work colleague and our usual babysitter) wasn’t available so we had to ask one of the neighbours’ daughters. She seemed like a sensible girl and Jen had chatted to her a number of times while she’d been at home with MJ so we felt safe enough with her. We went out and had a nice Japanese meal, then on to a dimly lit bar we knew for some drinks and sat at a corner table where we could fool around a little without drawing too much attention. As usual, our games escalated and instead of just allowing ourselves to be fondled, the dares moved on to see who could reveal the most. Being the exhibitionist I was up for this and after shifting to the back corner of the table, I unzipped my skirt and slid it down my legs. As it was cold out, I had opaque tights on, but the previous fondling meant that the crotch had already been pulled down a bit so with a little more effort, I worked the tights down past my thighs and then slipped them off completely, handing them to Lisa to put with my skirt. I then sat with my legs spread wide, facing out to the whole bar with only the table and shadows keeping everyone from seeing how exposed I was. I imagined that they could all see me and after watching me stroke myself, Jen handed me one of her lipstick vibes. These are quite useful when you need to be discreet as they are fairly quiet – however they are also fairly weak and I told Jen that I could use something a bit more impressive as the bar was fairly loud.

Jen fished around in her bag and presented me with a small silicone coated vibe. I told her that this was more like it, turned it on and pressed it against my pussy. The sensation of masturbating with so many people around is one I love and wished I could have mounted the bar and let them watch properly. I came with this thought going through my mind, imagining who I would let fuck me after I’d cum until I ended up a sticky mess of cum for all to see. I gripped Jen’s hand as my orgasm built and I told her I was getting close. She whispered to me that she knew and I felt her other hand on my thigh, gently stroking me as she told me to cum for her. At that point I would have probably cum no matter what (unless someone physically pulled the vibe away from me and stopped me from masturbating) and I pressed myself into the seat as I felt my orgasm start. I leant over and kissed Jen, then pulled away, turned to Lisa, pulled her to me and kissed her. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and slid a hand up her legs to her crotch. Her tights were pulled partially down as well so I easily worked my fingers onto and then into her pussy and fingered her far less discreetly than I had previously. Lisa kissed me back and as my orgasm faded I turned to Jen and kissed her again, then moved the vibe away from my clit but kept running it up and down my lips and occasionally dipping it inside my pussy.

Now that I’d cum, Lisa was challenged to have a go. I had expected to switch places with her and fully intended to keep my skirt off, but Lisa just sat forwards slightly and told Mike to unzip her skirt. He did this and she slid it down, then wiggled her way out of her tights. I took one of Lisa’s legs and lay it over mine, enjoying the feeling of warmth from her skin. I caressed her inner thigh – being careful not to tickle her – and Mike reached down to her pussy and stroked her. I pointed out that it would be much easier if they used the vibe but Lisa said she wanted to start with fingers so I slid my hand up her leg and joined in. I think a few people may have suspected that we were fondling her – although I don’t think they knew that she and I were naked from the waist down. Due to the way we were angled, it was difficult for me to fondle Lisa without at least partially turning to face her, which must have looked a little strange to other people, especially when she turned to kiss Mike and I was still staring at them. Things became much easier when I slid the vibe up her leg and nestled the tip against her clit. I could then turn back and chat to Jen while Mike kissed and fingered Lisa. She sat and took the stimulation, only squirming around a bit, but probably no more that would be expected for someone being kissed. When Lisa came, she pushed the vibe away and I nearly dropped it but managed to grab it just in time and fished it out from between her legs to return it to Jen. Mike fingered and frigged Lisa a little more and she turned to me to ask how I’d done and I told her I was impressed.

We considered switching places so Jen could have a turn (she was near the edge of the booth so wasn’t sufficiently well hidden) but I thought we could come up with something more inventive. We headed out of the club, with Lisa and I popping in to the bathroom to put our tights back on first, and got a black cab to head home. Jen, Lisa and I sat facing forwards with Mike sitting facing us and Jen wasn’t surprised when I pulled on her leg and slid a hand up under her skirt. I got Lisa to lift Jen’s other leg up and we both caressed her through her tights. As we were on the way home, I used my keys to snag Jen’s tights at the crotch, worked the hole a little larger, then got Lisa to help rip it much larger, completely exposing her pussy and ass (and a good portion of her thighs). The cab driver asked what we were up to and I told him if he could find somewhere relatively quiet to pull over that he was welcome to watch and I slid a couple of fingers into Jen’s pussy then withdrew them and got Jen to suck them clean. I got Lisa to kneel on the floor and eat Jen while I pulled Jen’s top up and sucked on her breasts. The driver asked Mike if we were normally like this and Mike told him that we sometimes just got carried away, but that it always made a good show. He asked the driver again to pull over somewhere and a few minutes later, we pulled into a side street and the driver put the light on in the back of the cab.

Not being one to miss an opportunity, I pulled my tights off and tossed them to Mike so I could sit with my legs spread and fondle myself while kissing and caressing Jen. We encouraged the driver to come join us and even told him he could keep the meter running. He seemed a bit suspicious of us at first but climbed into the back and with just a little encouragement, rubbed his hands over Lisa’s ass (she was still kneeling and eating Jen). I let the driver finger me while Mike pulled Lisa’s tights down and when I told him he could fuck both Lisa and me if he wanted, his suspicions seemed to have been overtaken by his horniness. He let me unzip his trousers and free his cock. I rolled on a condom, took his cock in my mouth and then told him to start on Lisa. Jen was mewing away by this point so I told Lisa to slow down and I just watched as the guy knelt behind Lisa, rubbed against her pussy and pushed in. Being an older guy, he didn’t just hammer away but used a steady pace to fuck her and certainly seemed to be enjoying it. I didn’t want Lisa to have all the fun so I knelt on the floor as well and told the guy I wanted to feel him inside me as well. He moved over and easily slid into me and I told him how good it felt having someone else’s cunt juice acting as a lubricant.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Christmas 2014 – Part 7

Once the guy left, Lisa went back to the bed and Mike asked if his cock wasn’t enough to keep her satisfied. Lisa pouted and said he was the one who told her to enjoy herself and Mike pulled back the covers to reveal how much he had enjoyed seeing her tease the guy and hearing her cum (he hadn’t been able to see Lisa being fucked as she’d been around the corner from the bed). Lisa gently stroked his cock with her foot and Mike told her it felt nice (he doesn’t have a foot fetish but enjoyed the way the material of her sock felt). They partook of breakfast, making use of the rest of the strawberries and cream and Mike suggested they could prepare a meal for his sisters sometime, with a special topping for some of the food. Lisa slapped Mike and he complained, saying that he thought she had said he could tempt her into fucking her sisters and Lisa pointed out she had said he could bring her sisters into their fantasies but she hadn’t said he wouldn’t be slapped for doing it. Mike thought it was a worthwhile sacrifice (Lisa wasn’t slapping him painfully, just for effect) and as payback he got Lisa to have another suck on each of her sisters’ panties as they fucked. They then showered and went back to her house to pick up the things she would be taking up to our home for New Year.

Lisa’s father told him to take care of his daughter and Mike promised he would do so. He got a goodbye hug from Lisa’s little sister and a semi-hug from her older sister. Unfortunately they didn’t manage to get a chance to fool around together, but once they were on the way back home Lisa told Mike that she had managed to get access to all three toothbrushes (both her sisters’ and the boyfriend’s) and showed him that she had managed to change both sets of panties over with new used pairs. The only thing Lisa hadn’t managed was to use her younger sister’s vibe again (which Mike was a little disappointed over as he’d emptied his cum into Lisa at the hotel with the hope of her coating the vibe with it later on). All things considered though, Mike was still very surprised at how adventurous Lisa had been but she said as Sue and I were so keen to actually do things with each other, just pretending to do things with her sisters didn’t really seem like such a big deal. Mike told her that it just left her brother and Lisa told him there was no way she could imagine fucking him, but she knew what my plans were with Jen’s brother – and equally knew that Mike wasn’t likely to give up on teasing her about playing with her siblings.

The third ‘act’ of our Christmas story relates to Jen, MJ and I visiting Jen’s family. We did this at the same time Mike was off visiting Lisa (with Jen’s family thinking that Mike had to go back into work as they didn’t know about Lisa). Jen knew full well that – assuming he was still interested in me – I intended to make use of the visit to reacquaint myself with her brother and after she’d got to enjoy seeing Sue and me playing with each other, she couldn’t really complain.

We arrived mid-afternoon and Jen’s dad picked us up from the station. We had the usual chatter on the way back to her parents’ place and once we arrived her parents spent a while admiring MJ. Jen’s brother Chris and his girlfriend Leanne were there and Leanne also seemed quite taken with MJ. Jen’s parents offered to look after MJ and said that us ‘young people’ should go out for a drink together so the four of us headed off and spent a couple of hours chatting. Leanne seemed quite nice and a couple of times when we had a moment alone, Jen told me to be careful. I assured her I wasn’t going to force or trick her brother into doing anything and even told her if she wanted that I would back off completely. Jen said that it wouldn’t be fair to do that so I told her I was sure I could assure his silence and a bit later on, Jen went off to the bathroom with Leanne, leaving me my moment to strike with Chris.

I told him that I thought Leanne was nice and he agreed and I next told him it was a pity as I’d been hoping to have a little more fun with him. He asked what I’d had in mind and I said it depended if he (or she) had been with anyone else since they got tested. He pointed out that he’d been with me when I last visited and I told him if I’d been the only one then we could have had a lot of fun. I lifted one leg and let it fall to the side, then slid my skirt up my thigh just enough to let him see up to my pussy. I told him I’d shaved especially for my visit and had hoped he could eat me and fuck me, then pointed out that if he came in me his cum would end up on Jen when I fucked her. Chris said I was a tease and I told him he knew me better than that and all he had to do was sleep at home by himself and we could have some fun.

It was quite amusing watch him come up with multiple reasons why he’d be staying at his parents’ place that night – wanting to catch up with Jen, spend time with his little niece, that there would be too many people in the house if we were all there… It was actually MJ who won the case for him as at one point when Chris disappeared to the bathroom I pointed out to Leanne that MJ might end up getting Chris feeling broody enough that he would want to have one of his own. By the time we headed back, she had agreed that she would spend the night at her parents’ place as well and we’d all meet up the next day. Jen and I walked back holding hands and she whispered to me that I was terrible and I just whispered back that she didn’t seem to think that when I had my tongue buried in Sue’s pussy.

When Jen and I went to bed, I had her quickly shave me and we fooled around a bit. Once her parents were in their room I slipped on a dressing gown and crept over the hallway to Chris’ room. I entered without knocking and he sat up with a start but relaxed when he saw it was me. After carefully closing the door, I slipped the gown off and crawled up onto his bed and told him I’d been looking forward to this. When I pulled the covers back I could see he already had an erection so I pulled his shorts down and took his cock straight into my mouth. He pushed on the back of my head so I pulled back and told him to be patient, then proceeded to suck him for a few minutes. I’d decided if I was going to play a part in him being unfaithful that I should at least help to train him so told him I wanted him to eat me. We switched placed and I spread my legs, then (in a whisper) gave him detailed instructions on how to lick me. It’s not that he hadn’t eaten pussy before, but he wasn’t as enthusiastic about it as Mike (very few people are) and I liked the idea of my experience benefitting Leanne. I told him I was going to cum and he said it wasn’t fair but I promised him I could cum again and that he’d get to cum in or on me – his choice. As he lapped at me and my orgasm built, I told him how I would fuck Jen later on and how his cum would end up over or in her. I could see he was grinding his cock against the bed as I described this and enjoyed my own little fantasy, then got him to ease off but carry on kitty kissing me for a couple of minutes after I’d cum.

We kissed and I felt him press against me and I told him he felt nice and hard. He pushed into me and I told him to take his time – I wanted to enjoy the feeling of him inside me and recover a bit so I could cum around him. He spent a few minutes playing with my breasts so I pulled myself off of his cock and moved down so I could stroke his cock with them. He really liked this so I told him I had a special treat for him, but he’d have to wait until he came to find out what it was. By the time I was ready to cum again, both his cock and my breasts were covered in a mix of my saliva and I’d tasted at least a bit of pre-cum from him (Mike never produces pre-cum, although some of the other guys I fool around with do). I pointed out that doing things on the bed might be a bit too noisy so we moved over to the window and I stood with my back to the wall, spread my legs and pulled his cock into my waiting cunt. He pushed all the way in and we started to fuck. It felt really good but I wasn’t getting any clitoral stimulation so after a few minutes we changed around and he took me from behind and toyed with my clit and breasts as we fucked. As much as I would have liked to cum again, I wasn’t too surprised when he told me he couldn’t hold back any longer. I pressed back hard against him and told him to empty his cum into me – he wrapped his arms around me and told me it felt amazing, then moaned in my ear as he came. I flexed and squeezed myself as much as I could, then told him to wait a moment while I got ready.

When Chris pulled out, I held my pussy shut and got him to sit on the edge of the bed. I knelt and gave the head of his cock a few little kisses, then told him to rub his cock over my breasts, especially the nipples. He knows that Jen loves my breasts even more than he does and I told him how I’d get her to suck them clean of his cum. I let him press my breasts around his cock and I drooled on it a little as he rubbed back and forth between them and described how Jen would be eating his cum out of me in a matter of minutes and how I’d ensure to let it dribble out over her body and breasts. This had the desired effect on him and he asked if I could wait around a little longer and we could do things again. I told him I had a better idea and if his parents went out as early as they usually did the next day, that I’d come and get him and he could watch me eat Jen and fuck me as I did it. We’ve done this before (with her blindfolded so as far as Chris knew, she didn’t know he was there) and I told him he would need to be able to fuck me silently if he wanted to cum without Jen realising. He was more than up for this so told me to go and play with Jen. As I was still holding my pussy shut to keep his cum in, I got him to drape my gown over my shoulders and he then opened his door and walked me across the hallway and opened Jen’s door for me. Jen pretended to be asleep and once Chris had shut the door I climbed into bed, straddled Jen and let his cum leak out onto her breasts.

I lay on top of Jen and smeared his cum between our bodies. She occasionally made a comment about yukky boy cum, but as I rubbed my pussy against hers, she pressed back and I told her she should really learn to enjoy herself properly and do things with guys. Out of all our friends, Jen is now pretty much the only ‘true’ lesbian as discounting Mike, she doesn’t do things with any guys (and as she rationalises, Mike isn’t a guy, he is someone she loves and trusts – she sees him as a female). Even as a lesbian, Jen doesn’t mind getting boy-cum on in her (even from other guys – as long as we know they’re safe – although if we didn’t know that I wouldn’t let them cum on or in me). I reached down and spread my lips, telling Jen I wanted her to concentrate and feel as her brother’s cum leaked out of me and ran over her pussy. As her parents were in the next room, we couldn’t do anything too energetic, and once most of the cum had leaked out, we moved around and had a quiet 69 session. She licked me quite thoroughly so I did the same in return, cleaning all the cum from her pussy We both came and then snuggled up and I warned her that I’d already arranged a morning session. I gave her the choice and said she could always take MJ for a walk if she didn’t want Chris to see her but Jen said we may as well do things properly so I told her we could always do things ‘properly properly’ and left it hanging. She told me she wasn’t going to fuck him and I said I knew that, but that it might be better if everything wasn’t a secret. Jen asked if we hadn’t had enough drama for one holiday so I told her it was fine and I’d blindfold her again so she could feign ignorance, but as I lay beside her I sucked on her nipples and ran my fingers up and down her pussy. I told her how much Chris seemed to like the sight of her naked body and how I’d love for her to be able to see as his cock slid between my lips and into me. I got her to imagine the power she’d have over him, how he would watch every move she made, watch as I fingered and ate her, as she fingered herself… I continued to interject descriptions as I sucked on her nipples and toyed with her clit more until she was on the brink of cumming. Jen quietly moaned that she knew what I was doing and I told her it was hardly a secret. She was supressing her usual mewing sounds so her parents wouldn’t hear us but was breathing heavily as I whispered to her that it would make things so much easier if I could fuck her brother in front of her. Jen told me to do whatever I wanted so I asked if she meant that and she said she didn’t mind so I allowed her to cum and kissed her as I felt her body shake.

Once Jen stopped panting, I asked if she was really up for letting Chris see her naked (decisions made on the brink of orgasm aren’t considered legally binding in our household – although we will occasionally extract promises from each other this way). Jen said she was a bit nervous about it and that it wasn’t quite the same as with Sue and I as she didn’t want to actually do anything with him. I pointed out that when we first did things with Sue, it was only Mike who was interested in playing with her and at that point we didn’t have any idea that I’d end up fucking her too. Jen reiterated that she didn’t intend to do anything with him and I said that was fine and Mike would probably prefer that she remained untouched by other men anyway. I said that to intentionally wind Jen up – as I said, she doesn’t look at Mike as a man, just someone she loves and the feminist in her rails a bit at the thought of her being ‘his’ in any way. At the same time, she knows full well that she is, and that she is mine and that we are hers. We spent a while discussing how we wanted to do things and I teased Jen more about how much easier things would be – how in the summer we could all go for a walk in the woods and Chris could fuck me while she sat on one of her old logs, masturbated and let him watch her pee. Jen said she’d be mortified if he ever saw her do that but I pointed out that he would have his cock buried in me at the time so he’d probably let her away without teasing her. We still hadn’t decided on exactly what we were going to do in the morning but needed some sleep so I told Jen to think about it and that she could decide if and how we would proceed.

I woke her the usual way, by eating her, but made sure not to let her cum. She told me she was still willing to let Chris see her, but that she thought it would be better if he didn’t know she knew. I told her I was a bit disappointed about this as I’d been looking forward to fucking him in front of her and having him see her cum properly, but if that’s what she wanted then that’s how we’d do it. Jen got up and fed MJ and we had a brief chat with her parents who (as hoped) were heading out. I dashed back upstairs and told Chris that I’d be getting Jen naked soon, had a quick fondle of his cock and let him finger me, then went back into Jen’s room to prepare. Unfortunately it took a little longer than hoped for MJ to go back to sleep, but as soon as she was back in her crib, I tied Jen to the bed, blindfolded her and had a quick lick of her pussy. Speaking reasonably loud, I told her I’d be back with a cold flannel (and at a much lower volume, added ‘and with Chris). I dived into Chris’ room to tell him I was ready and reminded him to be quiet, picked up the flannel and led him back into Jen’s room where I proceeded to dip cold water onto Jen’s nipples, lips (on her mouth) and pussy lips. This of course gave me an excellent excuse to spread Jen’s lips and let Chris have a good look at her and I then proceeded to caress Jen’s whole body, sucking on her nipples, fingering and licking her pussy, grinding my cunt against her mouth (being careful not to dislodge the blindfold) and even sharing a double ended dildo with her.

Chris watched intently as I fondled his sister, unaware that she knew he was standing there, with his cock in his hand stroking himself (technically Jen didn’t know he was wanking, but she had assumed he would be). I didn’t let him do all the work and whenever I was close enough I reached over to him and stroked his cock, sometimes making a show of smearing Jen’s pussy juice over it and sometimes sucking it clean. A couple of times I indicated to him to slow down and that I wanted him to save his cum for my pussy – he reached between my legs and fingered me and indicated he would wait, but also stood beside Jen and stroked his cock with it a matter of inches from her breasts and then from her face. Jen later told me she was aware when he was close to her face as she could hear his hand moving and feel the breeze as he pumped his cock. She was actually wondering how she would react if he ended up cumming over her face (at least the part not covered by the blindfold) as it would then be rather difficult for her to continue faking ignorance as to what was going on. In a way, I did want Chris to cum over Jen as then we would have to drop the act and we might be able to enjoy ourselves properly. However, I respected Jen’s wishes and gave Chris a stern finger waggling. I asked Jen if she wanted to cum and she said she did so I got her to tell me what she wanted me to do. She knew full well I was just trying to get her to be lewd in front of Chris.

Jen is good at lewd though and she played along, telling me to lick her cunt and rim her ass. I naturally did everything she asked, licking inside her, concentrating on her clit, sucking on her lips and fingering her. Chris moved around behind me to watch and I spread my lips to get him to slide into me. He started pumping away and I heard a few slaps as his body hit mine, but we mostly managed to fuck relatively silently (and Jen was moaning and mewing away enough that it was believable that she couldn’t hear us). She told me she was getting close so I eased off, keeping her nicely aroused and in a state that I thought Chris would love. He was already toying with my clit and it felt really nice but I turned round a few times and mouthed at him to slow down to make sure I could cum as well as I wanted to enjoy the situation properly. I waited until I came before pushing Jen over the edge and as she came, Chris pushed into me harder and faster, then pulled me against him and remained still. I looked round and gave him a little nod, then went back to kitty kissing Jen. When Chris pulled out, I reached back to my pussy and smeared his cum over my hands, then reached up to massage Jen’s breasts, then gathered another batch of cum and smeared it over Jen’s pussy.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Christmas 2014 – Part 6

Mike was very impressed and Lisa said she fully intended to keep up with Sue’s developments. Mike told her (again) that she didn’t have to behave like that if she didn’t want to but she pointed out how hard his cock was and he admitted that seeing her enjoy herself so openly was incredibly arousing and she said she wasn’t a little girl her had to protect. Mike explained that wasn’t what he had meant, and given the things he’d seen her do with her friends (let alone with Jen or me), he knew she wasn’t an innocent little girl (and that it wouldn’t be anywhere near as much fun if she was) and if she wanted to fuck the room service, that he was all for it as long as she had fun. They played with breakfast (with Lisa cumming again), showered and headed over to Lisa’s house. Her parents were in, along with her younger sister so they went up to Lisa’s room and looked through some of her old photos, some on her computer and some she had printed out. When her younger sister headed out to see her friends, Mike asked Lisa if she was still willing to go snooping. Lisa sighed but said yes and after checking that her parents were still in the living room, they crept into her younger sister’s room and Mike kept watch while Lisa looked through the drawers. At first, she didn’t find anything but she then looked in the wardrobe and in a box of photos at the bottom, she found a bright pink, plastic vibrator. It certainly wasn’t high quality, but buzzed when turned on and Mike said that if Lisa was still up for it that he wanted to use it on her.

Lisa agreed, but said they should go back to her room (to reduce the chance of being caught). Lisa sat on her bed and spread her legs while Mike knelt on the floor in front of her. He got Lisa to have a quick lick of the vibe and then turned it on and rubbed it around her clit. Lisa said it felt quite nice, but it was obviously a fairly cheap vibe and Mike suggested they should replace it with one of our better ones (we really like the silicone coated ones as the texture is much more realistic). Lisa lay back and Mike ran the head of the vibe up and down her slit, then asked if she was ready to be fucked with her little sister’s juices. Lisa told him to go ahead and he slid it into her, lapping at her clit as he fucked her with the vibe. He asked Lisa if he was allowed to fuck her at the same time and Lisa said he just wanted his cum on the vibe. Mike didn’t deny this but told her it was her choice and he could just coat it in her juices if she wanted. Lisa said there didn’t seem to be any point in holding back, just that he would have to be quiet so her parent’s didn’t hear. She stood up and leant against her desk, Mike slipped into her and he used the vibe on her clit as they fucked. As is often the case with me, Lisa got braver as she got more aroused and ended up pulling her top and bra off so Mike could also use the vibe on her nipples. He wanted to feel her cum around him and had to help steady her as she came – he then came inside her and asked if he could give the vibe a final coating of their juices. Lisa agreed so when Mike pulled out she held her pussy shut and moved back over to the bed. Lisa lay down and Mike slid the vibe (now turned off) back inside her and slowly fucked her with it, mixing his cum and her juices together inside her.

Lisa put her bra and top back on and walked back to her sister’s room while holding the vibe in her pussy. She carefully put it back in the box of photos and asked Mike if he was happy – which he was. Not that being happy has ever stopped Mike from wanting to do more so he dared Lisa to put on a pair of her sister’s panties. She fetched a light pink pair from the drawer and held them up, asking if they were what Mike had in mind. He told her they were perfect and offered to put them on, kneeling in front of Lisa to let her step into them. He pulled them up her legs and ensured they were snug against her ass and crotch, then nuzzled her. He kept doing this for a few minutes, only using his lips and not his tongue so that it was only the mix of juices from Lisa’s pussy getting the material damp. Mike decided he wanted to do a little bit more and reminded Lisa she had said they could fool around on her sister’s bed. Lisa warned him again that they would need to be quiet, but as her sister’s room was above the dining room she decided to take the chance. Mike stood and let Lisa free his cock. He was already fairly hard but she took him in her mouth and gave him a quick suck, then lay back, spread her legs and told him again to be quiet. Mike pulled the crotch of the panties to the side, pressed his cock against Lisa’s pussy and slid into her. He gently fucked her and described how if her sister came home and discovered them, that Lisa would have to pull her over her face and eat her to make her an accomplice. They changed position so Lisa was riding Mike and she said she thought he preferred her older sister and Mike said that was the case, but he’d happily watch her make either of them cum. They changed position again so Lisa was kneeling on all fours with Mike behind her and he kept moving slowly, but also reached around to frig Lisa through the panties. She told him she was getting close and he said he wanted to feel her cum and cream into the panties. Lisa told him he was terrible, but kept going anyway and once she’d cum, she allowed him to rub the crotch against and into her pussy for a little while before she removed the panties and placed them back in the drawer, a couple down from the top of the pile so they would be dry by the time her sister got to them.

As they left the room, Mike said it was time for the next stage and Lisa asked what more they could do. He grabbed a pair of her sister’s panties from her laundry hamper and said they were for use later on. They also grabbed a pair of her older sister’s panties from her bag and Mike explained that it meant Lisa would be able to cum while inhaling their scents that night. Lisa asked what else he intended to ‘make’ her do (while Mike was obviously leading things, Lisa was hardly resisting) and Mike grabbed her sister’s toothbrush from the bag and asked if she’d dare use it. Lisa said it would be strange to use it and wouldn’t be like kissing her but Mike ran the brush up Lisa’s thigh and said it was a different set of lips he thought she should use it on. Lisa knows full well what we do with toothbrushes – it just demonstrated that her mind wasn’t yet at our level – and she asked if he was serious. Mike nudged her legs apart and ran the back of the head up and down her lips and asked if she thought he was just joking. He pressed a little harder and the head slipped a little way between her lips and Lisa bit her lip. She spread her legs wider and he warned her if they did this with one toothbrush that they’d have to go to the bathroom and do the same with her little sister’s toothbrush and Lisa said she had expected him to say that. Mike spread her lips and pushed the head the whole way in, then worked the brush in further and gently moved it back and forth. He sucked on her clit as he did this and then got Lisa to slowly fuck herself with the brush (more for effect that anything else – a toothbrush is better when used with the head sticking out). As they put the brush back, Lisa said she couldn’t believe she’d done that but she didn’t object when Mike said they needed to even things up and went to the bathroom, selected her little sister’s toothbrush and rubbed it over her pussy. She stopped and asked if he wanted to push it into her but Mike told her to go ahead so she sat on the toilet and worked the head in, the once again slowly fucked herself with it. Mike knelt and sucked on her clit again, rapidly flicking his tongue back and forth. He thinks he could have got her to cum but they heard her parents downstairs and Lisa told him to stop. She pulled the brush out and returned it to the holder and they grabbed a book of photos from her room and went downstairs to show her parents what they had been looking at (or pretending to look at).

They had dinner with the family and went out for drink with her sisters and the boyfriend. Her older sister still seemed to be a little cool towards him but was at least making an effort to socialise and her younger sister didn’t seem to mind the age gap too much and was as friendly as before. A few times during the night Mike whispered to Lisa how her sisters would be eating her juices that night and Lisa blushed a bit and told him to be quiet. When they said their goodbyes and Mike returned to the hotel with Lisa, he said it would now be only fair for her to taste both her sisters so she agreed that if he could get them to slide her toothbrush into their pussies, that she would use it. As much as Mike would have loved to see this happen, he had to content himself with Lisa having her sisters scents from their panties and after teasing her for a fair while with his mouth and fingers, he got her to smell each of the panties and describe the scent. She let him have a smell as well and they both agreed that it was her younger sister who had the more arousing scent. Mike asked if this meant Lisa would prefer to eat her younger sister if she was forced to choose one of them and Lisa said she can’t imagine how that situation would arise, but agreed with him that if she tasted the way she smelt that she would be the better choice. They fucked and humped for another 10 minutes until Lisa was moaning that she wanted to cum and was readily taking deep sniffs from the panties whenever Mike offered them to her. He whispered to her that he wanted to see her eat her sisters and she told him they’d never let her do that (which Mike took as progress as she hadn’t said she didn’t want to and it was now down to them not wanting to). He told her that she had their juices right in front of her and all she had to do was kiss the panties. Lisa let him rub the crotch against her mouth and when he asked her to open her lips she did and took the material between her lips. Mike fucked her harder and asked if she would taste her sisters properly and was delighted when Lisa pushed more of the material into her mouth and sucked on it. He knew she was very close and kept moving as he told her to think about her sisters brushing their teeth and how her juices were coating the inside of their mouths and sliding down their throats. He offered Lisa the other set of panties and she started sucking on them – he told her those were her little sister’s panties and asked if she liked the way she tasted. List nodded yes and moaned as she came and Mike grabbed her older sister panties and sucked on them as he finished off and came in Lisa.

Mike rolled off of Lisa and she remained quiet for a bit. When he asked her if she had enjoyed her first proper session with her sisters she visibly blushed and he said he had never imagined they were going to go that far. He thought Lisa looked a bit worried and he asked if she was okay and had minded the game – she said she didn’t but that she wasn’t intending to ever do anything with either of her sisters. Mike sat up and told her that he loved it when she was adventurous and that he wanted to see her enjoy herself in as many different ways sa possible but reiterated that he didn’t want her to do anything she didn’t want to or wasn’t comfortable doing (unless of course it was pushing herself a bit to broaden her boundaries). Lisa said that she hadn’t minded playing along with the fantasy and admitted that she had cum pretty hard but that it had to stay as a fantasy. Mike said he was fine with that and said if she didn’t want to redo the fantasy they wouldn’t but Lisa said she didn’t mind doing it again. That gave Mike the opening he wanted and he pushed her down on to the bed and warned her if she said it was okay that he would keep getting her to fantasise about her sisters until she wanted to fuck them. Lisa was adamant that she wouldn’t change her mind and stupidly challenged him (which both Jen and I later told her was a bad idea) so Mike told her that she would cum many times while thinking of her sisters. He also asked if she had liked having their panties to masturbate with and she blushed again and said it had felt very naughty so he teased her about this and said they should repeat it. Lisa pointed out that she wouldn’t often get access to her sisters’ panties, but was willing to smell (and at Mike’s prompting, she added ‘taste’) them. When he also teased her about her cumming to the thought of her sisters eating her juices she said again that it just seemed so naughty and if he insisted, she might let him use their toothbrushes on her again.

Mike hadn’t cum too much in Lisa as it hadn’t been long since their previous fuck so he kissed his way down to her pussy, spending longer at her breasts than he usually would, and kitty kissed her. Between licks he said that just because she didn’t want to do things with her sisters, she could still always fool around with their boyfriends – either helping her older sister out to satisfy his one or letting and guys that fancied her younger sister fuck her in order to keep her sister from having to sleep with them and keep her relatively innocent. Lisa wasn’t sure either of her sisters would thank her for sleeping with their boyfriends but said she could always get her older sister’s boyfriend to join in unknowingly if they could dig out his toothbrush. Mike grinned and told Lisa she really was naughty and she said she had no problem enjoying herself with people other than her sisters, either for his or her own benefit. He rewarded her with a long cunnilingus session and by the time he finished Lisa was covered in sweat and panting. She had called out her sister’s names a few times, pretending it was them who were eating her as encouragement for Mike and had ordered her older sister’s boyfriend to fuck her and fill her with cum. Mike told Lisa that he wondered what had actually happened to the sweet little girl he’d first met (we know what happened – us and Jen’s Uni friends). Lisa gave him her innocent look and told him she could always dress up for him if he wanted and that she had something suitable with her. Mike asked if it was her uniform and she nodded so he said she didn’t have to if she was too tired and Lisa retorted by saying there wasn’t much point if he wasn’t up for fucking her again as he’d already cum twice.

Mike said he could probably manage if she tempted him enough so Lisa made him turn around while she pulled out one of her actual school uniforms and got dressed. When Mike turned around she had her hair tied back in a ponytail, knee high blue socks, her pleated blue skirt and white blouse with pullover. Lisa lifted the front of her skirt to show him her plain white panties, saying they were ones she actually wore at school and Mike sat admiring the view with his cock standing to attention. Lisa said it looked like he might manage a bit more and crawled up onto the bed, straddled him and rubbed her crotch against his cock. After teasing him for a bit, Lisa sat back on the bed, pulled her knees up and spread her legs to show off the crotch of her panties. She stroked herself, then pulled the crotch to the side to reveal her pussy and fingered herself. She told Mike to stroke his cock and they sat watching each other masturbate. She moved forwards and took over stroking his cock, then took him in her mouth again and sucked him until Mike said he needed to eat her under her skirt. Lisa asked ‘need?’ and Mike said yes and pulled her round so she was over him in a 69. He lifted her skirt, pulled her panties aside and lapped at her as she sucked him, then Lisa said she wanted him inside her and crawled forwards.

They tried to get him inside her with her panties on, but as she was facing away from him it was a bit too awkward a position so she ended up sliding her panties down and getting back into position. Mike slid into her much more easily and Lisa then leant forwards, pulling Mike’s cock down and she rode up and down the length of it, telling Mike to watch as she swallowed him with each stroke. Mike caressed her ass as they fucked and told her that her sweet and innocent personality didn’t seem that innocent, but that he wasn’t complaining. Lisa rode Mike in this position for a while, then turned around, mounted him again and asked him to fuck her hard. She reached down between them to play with her clit as Mike pumped into her but stopped frigging herself to let him fuck her to orgasm. This took a little longer, but Mike was in no hurry to cum and enjoyed the extra stimulation. He told Lisa he loved her outfit and asked her to bring it up when they returned to our house and Lisa said she had planned on doing so. He also asked if she had any more of her school panties and she grinned and said she was sure she could find a few if he would reward her for them. Mike said she’d get as many ‘rewards’ as she wanted from us all and Lisa told him she was looking forward to it, but that she needed to cum now. Mike sped up his movements a bit more, thrusting into her as far as he could with each stroke and told Lisa he wanted to empty any cum he had left deep into her. She came before he did and he kept going at the same intensity, telling her he was getting closer and enjoying the expressions on her face as she took the continued sensations. Mike came and had to stop moving very quickly afterwards as his orgasm felt very sharp. He remained inside Lisa and she gently moved on him but he couldn’t fuck her anymore and they just kissed. Lisa removed her uniform before they went to sleep (actually Mike was the one to remove it, carefully peeling off each item of clothing and caressing her before removing the next bit), although he kept her socks on as they slept and Mike promised he’d play with her thighs in the morning.

On the Tuesday morning, he did as he said, kitty kissing her awake and kissing up and down each thigh, right down to her knees. He asked if she wanted to cum before or after breakfast and Lisa said she wanted him to make her cum now so he did. They ordered room service again, getting another small bottle of champagne as well as the strawberries and cream (and actual food). They continued fooling around while waiting for breakfast to arrive and when there was a knock on the door, Lisa jumped up, slipped on her skirt and pulled her blouse on but didn’t button it. She did hold the front closed as she opened the door, but once she realised it was the same guy as the previous days, she let go and let it fall open. He rolled the trolled in and Lisa thanked him for his help the previous day. He said he was glad to help and Mike watched as she unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor then shrugged her blouse off so she was standing there in just her socks. The guy looked over to Mike, who was under the covers and Lisa dipped her fingers in the cream and wiped it over her pussy and nipples. She smeared a strawberry across each of the islands of cream and offered it to the guy – Mike commented that she tasted wonderful but the guy still hesitated so Lisa sucked on the strawberry, slid it over her pussy a few more times and then ate it.

Lisa asked for more help getting her nipples hard and the guy said it was odd with Mike being there (he referred to Mike as ‘that guy’) so Lisa pulled the guy around the corner towards the door and said he’d done such a good job before that she wanted his help again. He reached up to her breasts and stroked them and she instantly turned around and pressed her ass against him. His hands returned to her breasts but she pulled one down to her crotch and pushed his fingers between her legs. As his fingers explored her pussy she moaned how good it felt and reached back between them to rub the bulge in his trousers. She clumsily freed his cock and felt it against her ass, pressing between her cheeks with the head feeling very warm against her lower back. She wriggled back against him, then told him to wait a second as she popped into the bathroom and returned with a condom. The guy asked if she was serious but by this point Lisa already had the condom open was rolling it on to his cock. She then stood up, turned away from him and pressed her ass against him again, rubbing slowly up and down as he played with her breasts and pussy. She told him to fuck her cunt, loudly enough that Mike could hear and as the guy pushed in to her she told him how wonderful his cock felt inside her. She tried to move in time with his thrusts, pushing back against him as he fucked her. She made sure he knew to keep fondling her nipples and to play with her clit and even told him not to cum until she had. The guy didn’t stand much of a chance and told her he was getting close after just a couple of minutes so she stopped moving and got him to frig her clit more until she was close, then humped against him again and told him to keep fondling her. She had to slow her movements once more so he didn’t cum too soon but the next time they fucked she was close enough that she knew she’d be able to cum. She pressed his fingers against her clit and helped him keep a steady rhythm, even when he sped up his thrusts into her. Lisa announced loudly that she was cumming and wanted to feel his cock deep inside her and the guy came pretty soon after her (she thinks she was probably still cumming when he came). He pushed into her hard a good number of times, then pulled her against him as he thrust into her one last time and their bodies met with a firm slap. When the guy pulled out, Lisa caressed his cock and said he could use the bathroom to clean up and followed him in there. He pulled the condom off and Lisa washed his cock clean (putting that flannel to the side) and thanked him once more. Before he left, she took another strawberry, dipped it in the cream and made a show of spreading her lips and rubbing the strawberry along her pussy and even pushing it a reasonable way into her. This time when she offered it to him, he took it and Lisa watched as the guy ate it and she felt her pussy tingle,

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Christmas 2014 – Part 5

Onto the entries involving Mike's visit to Lisa now...

Lisa met Mike at the station and they kissed hello with Mike’s hands immediately sliding into Lisa’s coat to check she didn’t have panties on. He found her pussy under her skirt and stroked her through her tights, confirming to himself that she didn’t have any panties on under them and Lisa told him she hadn’t shaved herself and wanted him to do it so she would be as smooth as possible for him. He told her she should have got one of her sisters to do it and for the usual slap. He had decided to stay at a hotel as he was quite nervous about meeting Lisa’s parents, knowing that they still didn’t full approve of their daughter dating someone so much older than them, who was married, and had a baby with another woman (who admittedly was his wife’s girlfriend, but even so…). It wasn’t a real first meeting as he had spoken to them over Skype a few times (Lisa thought it would be safer to introduce him this way) but it was the first in person meeting. Lisa’s parents also seemed happy with him staying at a hotel and they accepted the fact that Lisa would be with him there so this was the first place they headed to drop off his stuff.

Technically it was the second place as they stopped off at a chemist to buy some supplies and on arriving at the hotel, Mike stripped Lisa off, lay her on the bed and prepared some hot water. He lay a hot flannel on her mons and pressed it against her lips. She only had a light stubble, but Mike was very thorough, heating up some gel, lathering her up and shaving her carefully with a hot blade. He rinsed her clean and quickly checked his work with his tongue, then retrieved the cooling gel from the mini-fridge and rubbed it into her skin. Once this had been absorbed, he wiped her with a warm cloth and started kitty kissing her. Lisa asked him to fuck her and he said he would once he’d eaten her but he wanted to taste her first. She continued and said she really wanted to feel him inside her and Mike told her he hadn’t cum for over a day so intended to pump lots of cum into her, hence why he wanted to eat her first. Lisa was pleased that he had saved herself for him (he hadn’t told her what had happened yet) so lay back and told him to go ahead, but not to take too long and Mike went back to work. As requested, he didn’t tease her and just enjoyed licking her, made her cum, then climbed over her and slid into her. Lisa said she was still sensitive so he didn’t move for a while and said he could kitty kiss her but she wanted him to remain inside her as they kissed.

Mike owned up to not having saved his cum for Lisa entirely by choice and told her that Mum had found out about Jen and him fucking Sue. Lisa was a little less impressed at this point but knew he could have cum in Jen so he didn’t entirely lose the brownie points and she told him that she would make up for having to wait more than a day between him cumming (it was hardly a hardship for him). As they started moving against each other he told her that she would be in the next round of revelations for Mum (along with Lis being pregnant with his child) and Lisa asked how they were going to tell her. He said that it would be quite simple – Jen and I have girlfriends in Lucy and Lis respectively so it’s only fair for him to be allowed someone. The fact he chose a much younger model was up to him and it just happened to be a bonus that she was willing to fuck everyone (including Sue and Josie). Lisa told him that he had to give her all the details of the things Sue and I had got up to and Mike asked if she was finally coming around to the idea of fucking her sisters (or indeed her brother). Lisa just replied with an ‘eeewww, no’ but Mike noticed that she didn’t slap him, which was the usual response when he broke the rule of not bringing her sisters in to the conversation (in a sexual context).

They fucked for quite a while, in various positions and after they had both cum, Mike remained inside her for a while and he asked if she thought it would make the introductions easier if she could feel his cum leaking out of her pussy and soaking her tights. Lisa said that things might be awkward enough but let him talk her in to putting her tights on without cleaning up and as they walked back to her house she complained that the crotch of her tights was soaked. When they arrived, the conversation wasn’t as awkward as Mike had expected – he made sure to be very respectful to Lisa’s parents but even Mike found it odd that her father wasn’t a great older than him and there was only a few years difference in age between him and Lisa’s mother (she’d had Lisa at a relatively young age). Lisa had to sit carefully so she didn’t leave a wet patch on her skirt or the chair but she managed this and after a while they said their goodbyes and went out for a walk together.

Lisa showed him around where she had grown up but it was a bit too cold to stay out for long so they headed back to her place and she showed him around the rest of the house. Lisa shared a room with her older sister (but neither of them lived at home anymore – or in Lisa’s case at least not in term time). As neither of her sisters were around, Mike convinced Lisa to let him have a quick play with her on her older sister’s bed – they didn’t fuck, just kissed, fondled each other and a brief session of Mike licking Lisa. She kept her tights off as she showed him her younger sister’s bedroom and didn’t put up any resistance when he asked to play with her on the bed in there. This time he made it as far as sliding into her, but neither of them wanted to risk actually fucking and having her parents overhear. Once back in Lisa’s room he asked her if she thought her sister masturbated yet and Lisa said she didn’t know so Mike didn’t press the matter further but Lisa knows him well enough to realise he was up to something and said she still didn’t intend to fuck her little sister – then added she didn’t intend to let him fuck her either and then said the same went for her older sister. Mike assured her that while he would love to see her buried in her sister’s pussies eating them out, he wasn’t thinking about that (until he said it) and that if she wanted to have time to get ready for dinner then they should head back to the hotel.

They said their goodbye’s to Lisa’s family and arranged when they would be over for lunch the next day and Mike carried Lisa’s bag to the hotel. She showered and Mike climbed in to join her but he mostly just washed her down with just a little fondling. Lisa put on a new dress that Mike hadn’t seen before that left most of her back exposed (certainly more than enough for it to be obvious she didn’t have a bra on) and had a cut up the side that came to above her waist. This made it easy for Mike to slide a hand into the dress and he asked how it was actually meant to be worn. Lisa explained that she should really be wearing some nude panties, but assumed he would prefer it if she was naked under the dress and Mike said it was definitely much better that way.

Over dinner there was very little teasing, but when they went for drinks afterwards, Mike repeatedly slipped his hand into Lisa’s dress and stroked her ass, then when they were sitting down he reached between her legs and stroked up and down her pussy until she complained that she might end up leaving a damp spot on the dress as she felt so wet. Lisa was aware that she was in her home town and potentially might see some people she knew, but the place they were at was a bit more expensive so as the evening went on and she became steadily more aroused, she took a few more chances and allowed Mike to fondle her more openly. When he dared her to remove the belt around her dress she was a little hesitant but then pulled it off and rolled it up into her purse. This meant that the dress could now much more easily flip open if she wasn’t careful when walking and of course made it much easier for Mike to slip a hand in and play with her. Mike was well aware that a couple of people had noticed what they were doing and he dared Lisa to get one of them to fondle her. She said that she wanted him to play with her but went along with it and approached a guy at the bar, probably in his mid-late 20’s.

She told him she had seen him watching her and he said that she’d been putting on a nice show. Lisa let him buy her a drink and they moved to the end of the bar and around the corner. She repeatedly brushed up against the guy and told him that she was going home with Mike, but that the guy could touch her if he wanted. He hesitantly slid his hand into her dress and caressed her ass, then reached between her legs and commented on how smooth she felt. Lisa was sufficiently aroused and drunk that she sat on a stool facing the guy and pushed the front of her dress to one side and spread her legs a little. The place was only dimly lit so the guy moved a little closer, then slid a hand up her thighs and stroked her pussy. Lisa told him it felt nice and encouraged him to continue. He pushed his fingers between her lips and got a good way inside her before she told him that while she was leaving with Mike, she could enjoy herself a bit first and told him to stay where he was. The guy held on to her thigh and asked her to wait a moment and pushed his fingers deeper into her and told her she felt wonderful. Lisa promised she’d be back and stood up, returned to Mike and asked if she should do anything more with the guy. Mike told her to enjoy herself as much as she could so Lisa asked for a condom, returned to the guy and led him by the hand towards the bathroom.

They entered the ladies bathroom and went to the staff furthest from the door. Not wanting to ruin her new dress, Lisa slipped it off and draped it over the door then told the guy she wanted to see his cock. He quickly pulled it out and she handed him the condom. As soon as he had it on, she leant forwards against the wall and told him to fuck her. He did as she asked, his hands roaming over her body as he pumped in and out of her and he didn’t even stop when they heard someone come in to the bathroom (although he did slow down and be quiet). Lisa knew that whoever else was in the room would see her dress hanging over the door and she half expected to be asked if she was okay but after she used the bathroom and washed her hands, the girl left and the guy immediately sped up his movements and told Lisa he was going to cum. If it had been me in her position I would have made sure the guy played with my clit (or I frigged myself) but Lisa was happy to let him just fuck her and keep her aroused for her session with Mike. The guy came and pushed hard into her, pulling her back against him and holding her really firmly. Lisa wiggled her ass back and forth and asked the guy if she had been good. He told her she was incredible and Lisa let him give her his number (she wouldn’t give him her number though). He left first and Lisa slipped her dress back on and then wiped her pussy with warm water to freshen up before returning to Mike. He was a bit surprised she hadn’t cum but she told him she was saving it for him and not long after the two of them returned to the hotel.

Lisa carefully removed her dress before they started doing anything and at Mike’s request she put on a pair of opaque tights so he could nuzzle and lick her pussy through them. This lasted less time than usual for Mike and he peeled them off to get direct access to her cunt and ass and as he licked her he told her how Sue and I had eaten each other’s asses. Lisa said she’d happily let the two of us make her cum and Mike told her he was sure that could be arranged, but for now she was his. He slowly brought her to orgasm – not really teasing her, just taking his time and when Lisa finally came she was quite loud (Mike may have encouraged this). He kitty kissed her for a while before spooning up behind her and Lisa asked him if he would fuck her up against the window. Mike said he’d happily fuck her in front of her whole town (the hotel wasn’t as well positioned as the one we’d stayed in in York, but had a reasonable view) and Lisa pressed her front up against the window, looking out as Mike steadily fucked and frigged her. The glass was too cold for Lisa to remain up against for the whole session so they returned to the bed and Lisa spent a while riding Mike. As she got close to cumming Mike asked her if they got a chance, if she’d fuck him in one of her sister’s beds and Lisa agreed – providing her sister wasn’t there at the time. He told her that she spoiled all his fun, but kept fucking her and as Lisa actually came he suggested looking to see if her younger sister (who still lived at home) and any obvious sex toys they could use. Once Lisa finished cumming she asked Mike if his aim was to get her juices into her younger sister or his cum. Mike said that both ideas were appealing, but that he’d refrain from cumming in Lisa’s pussy if she’d agree to look for a dildo or vibe and Lisa just answered with an ‘hmmmh’.

On the Sunday morning, they had a relaxed breakfast in bed with Lisa answering the door in a nightdress that did nothing to hide her figure, breasts, pussy or ass. The two of them played with champagne, strawberries and cream with Mike eating strawberries out of her and dribbling champagne onto her nipples to suck clean. Lisa sucked Mike with a mouthful of champagne and dribbled cream over his cock to suck off of it. They had a long shower together and Lisa warned him that her dad intended to have a ‘talk’ with Mike. He assured her he would be respectful and not tell her dad how much he enjoyed eating and fucking one of his daughters and Lisa told him to be serious. He promised Lisa he would try to explain to her dad how he felt about her, that he wasn’t just using her for fun and that he had no intention of hurting her. Lisa spent about five minutes trying to get Mike to tell her how he felt about her and he teased her by skirting around the issue and saying that she meant a lot, that she was special, etc. but not saying the actual words. Only after he’d dried her off, carried her over the bed and lay on top of her did he say that he’d explain to her dad that he loved her and didn’t want to ever lose her. Just as is the case with Sue, Mike saying that to Lisa works miracles and she instantly forgave him for the teasing and said they probably had a little time left and that she could always put some opaque tights on if he wanted. Mike did indeed want this and they spent about 15 minutes with him kissing and caressing her thighs and crotch through the tights. By the time he finished, Lisa wanted him to fuck her again but he pointed out they needed to get going as it was finally time for him to meet her sisters in person and if they were late it probably wouldn’t take too much for her dad to realise (roughly) why they’d been delayed, which could make ‘the talk’ even more awkward.

As with Lisa’s parents, Mike had talked to her sisters over Skype before but this was his first time actually meeting them. Lisa’s older sister had her boyfriend with her and seemed equally wary of Mike’s motives with Lisa as her parents had been. He got on reasonably well with her younger sister and the day was mostly fine, with the exception of when Lisa’s father invited him to have a pint and they had the chat. Even then, it wasn’t actually too bad, Mike did his best to assure him that he did actually love Lisa and that he hoped to stay with her. When her father asked about Mike amassing a harem of women (he’s only got three – or four if you count Sue, or six if Lis and Lucy are included – and Josie, Abrahii… - but Lisa’s parent’s don’t know about any of the others) and Mike pointed out that it was all three of him, Jen and me who included Sue in our family and that she spent time with all of us (his way of delicately saying we all fuck her). Her father seemed to get the message and moved on to not wanting Lisa to have any opportunities taken away from her. Mike had a good answer for this and told him how she had considered changing university to move up and be with them, but they had decided it would be better for her to finish off where she was so her studies weren’t interrupted. This seemed to win Mike points as it showed he at least cared about her future a little bit and while her father made it clear he didn’t really approve of the relationship, he loved his daughter and wanted her to be happy.

Mike had dinner with the family that night and he and Lisa then went back to the hotel where he gave Lisa a full update on the conversation with her father. Lisa was relieved that he seemed to have accepted Mike (to some extent anyway) and she said he might even be allowed to stay at her place the next time he visited. Mike pointed out that this might limit the fun they could have, then added that it might make things even more interesting if he visited at t time her older sister and boyfriend were present (as Lisa shared a bedroom with her older sister). Lisa acted surprised and said she had assumed Mike would want to fuck her younger sister and Mike said that he thought her older sister was more attractive (than her younger one), but if Lisa really wanted to, he’d happily watch as she screwed her younger sister. This warranted (and he received) the usual slap and they wrestled on the bed for a bit. The wrestling turned in to grinding and humping and they removed each other’s clothes so they could do things properly. Between them they imagined what it would be like if she and Mike were at Lisa’s house, with Lisa’s older sister and her boyfriend in the bed opposite them. They imagined fucking, letting the others watch and then encouraging them to join in. At first, this involved the boyfriend fondling and fucking Lisa, him taking her pussy while she sucked Mike. So she wasn’t left out, Mike ate her older sister and then he and her boyfriend ended up DPing her and as Lisa’s sister lay there with Mike’s cum dripping from her pussy, Lisa started to lick her clean with this developing into the two of them 69ing.

By the time Lisa came, she had fucked her sister’s boyfriend (in the fantasy) and was being eaten clean by her sister. Mike kept fucking her and fingered Lisa’s ass (in reality), describing how the boyfriend was back inside her and was helping to make her cum. Lisa played along and told both of them to fuck her and after Mike came in her she asked if he had enjoyed fucking her sister. Mike said it had been fun, but that she obviously didn’t taste as good as Lisa did (whereas if I was eating a fantasy pussy, it would taste wonderful like Emily’s). Lisa told him she was glad and Mike asked if she had enjoyed eating his cum out of her sister and being eaten in return. Lisa admitted that it had added something to the session, but was still adamant that she wasn’t going to do anything with her sisters (or brother) and Mike said that was fine – he just enjoyed the fantasy. They spooned for a while – at first with Mike just curled up against her but as he got hard again he pushed back into her pussy and they gently humped against each other. Mike said he still liked the idea of fucking Lisa with one of her sisters’ sex toys (if either of them had any) and Lisa eventually agreed that if they had a chance, they could look and she would consider letting him use it on her. Mike asked who’s vibe she would prefer to use and Lisa couldn’t decide but as per their previous discussion thought it would be unlikely her older sister would have brought any toys with her (even if she had any). As such, they settled on raiding her younger sister’s room the next day and Mike moved down the bed, ate Lisa to another orgasm and then spooned with her again as they drifted off to sleep.

Mike ate Lisa awake in the morning and they ordered breakfast again. Lisa answered the door in her sexy nightdress again and it was the same guy who had delivered breakfast the day before. As Mike lay on the bed watching, Lisa flirted with the guy (who was obviously eyeing her up) and told him how much fun she intended to have with the strawberries and cream. The guy asked what she was going to do so Lisa looked over at Mike who nodded at her and she picked up a strawberry, sipped it in the cream and then lifted her nightdress to rub the strawberry back and forth along her pussy. Lisa then ate the strawberry and finished the display by rubbing her fingers along her pussy and sucking them clean. She told the guy he could stay and help if he wanted and he certainly looked interested but said he needed to deliver more food. Lisa said it was a shame and went to show him out, following the guy around the corner and to the door. In a moment of brilliance (in my opinion) she asked him for a final bit of help before he left, saying she needed to remove her nightdress but didn’t want to get it stained (while pointing out that her fingers were covered in strawberry juice and cream). She asked the guy to help and held her arms up and he approached her, asked if she was serious and then lifted the hem of her nighdress. Lisa told him to go ahead and kept her arms raised as he lifted it up and over her head, at which point she dropped her messy hand back to her pussy and stroked herself. The guy asked if there was anything else and she said that Mike liked it when her nipples were hard and would help if he could stroke them. The guy reached up and gently stroked Lisa’s breasts and she said it felt nice, then turned around and pressed her ass up against him and asked him to stroke them more. He reached around her and cupped her breasts, then massaged them, stroking and gently pulling on her nips as she toyed with her pussy and ground her ass against his crotch. She commented that she could feel him getting hard and said he could help her properly if he wanted but this seemed to remind the guy that he didn’t have time. He did say that he wished he could stay longer and Lisa said there was always the following morning. She let him watch her suck her fingers clean and showed him out, then returned to Mike in the bed.