Friday, 4 November 2016

Christmas 2014 – Part 4

Mum said she wanted to talk to Jen, Sue and me and I told her I wanted Mike there as well. Mike went into the living room with Mum while nursing MJ and I went to fetch Jen and then Sue. Sue was dressed by the time I got to her room and was shaking so we had a quick hug and kiss (not sexual, more for comfort) and a minute or so after Sue and I returned to the living room Jen appeared, looking quite sheepish. Mum hadn’t said a work to Mike while I’d been gone and this continued for another couple of minutes. Saying the silence was uncomfortable would be a massive understatement and it was eventually Mum who spoke up and asked what was going on. I told her that I knew that Sue and Jen had slept together and Sue explained that shad had been curious and asked Jen to let her experiment with and it was only due to Jen that she had realised she was bi (that’s a slightly sanitised version of what happened). Mum asked if I was really OK with Jen sleeping with my sister and asked Mike what he thought about the mother of his child having an affair with Sue. At this point I piped up and said it wasn’t an affair, that they hadn’t hidden anything and that she loved Jen, Mike and me. Mum looked back at Mike and he looked at me before he said that he loved Sue as well and wouldn’t do anything to hurt her.

Mum picked up on what he meant and asked how much he loved her. I said that I knew Mike and Sue slept together and they had my blessing as I wanted to see Sue happy and knew both Mike and Jen would look after her. Mum asked me again if I was really fine with my husband and wife (legally Jen isn’t my wife, but Mum knows that’s how we view things) having affairs with Sue. We explained again that it wasn’t an affair, that I knew what they got up to and that it had been going on for a while. At this point Mum asked sharply just how long it had been going on which caught me off guard at first and I just said years. She asked again but more specifically about how long Mike had been sleeping with Sue for. I didn’t quite get what she meant but Sue said that she was 19 when she and Mike first did things and I realised that Mum had probably been worried that Mike had been fucking her from when I first met him and Sue was only 15. I echoed this and said that I wouldn’t have let anyone do things with Sue when she was that young – this seemed to placate Mum a bit, although she was still far from happy.

Mum asked if Josie (Sue’s girlfriend) knew about her sleeping with Mike and Jen and Sue said she did. Mum asked if Josie was fine with it as well and Sue said she didn’t mind. Mum asked if they slept with Josie as well and Sue nodded. I realised that I was coming out of this quite well, but that was mostly due to lack of volunteering information and I knew it wasn’t fair for Sue to take all the heat so I told Mum that Josie and I did things together too. Mum sat and seemed to be processing what we’d told her then asked if there was anything else she needed to know about. I said that was everything (we obviously weren’t going to tell her about Sue and me fucking each other) and she said she needed some time to think. I told her we’d take MJ out for another walk and we quickly bundled up. Before we left I went back and told Mum that I loved Sue and trusted Mike and Jen completely which is why I was happy to let them be with Sue as I knew they would never hurt her. Mum said that sounded sweet, but that it was still very unconventional and she just couldn’t get her head around it at that point. I told her I hoped it wasn’t going to spoil Christmas and she just asked me to give her some time.

We stayed out for a while, stopping off at a local pub for a drink and to discuss the situation. Not that there was really anything we could do – Mum now knew that Mike and Jen were fucking my sister. As a way of lightening the mood we listed out the various other things we’ve done over the years and wondered if she knew we participated in group fuck sessions, that I’d been fucked on stage in front of a crowd, that I let people take photos of me and had fucked (probably) hundreds of guys and girls, that Sue and I had both been group fucked by Jen’s Uni friends, that we actually have multiple sets of friends we regularly screw, that Mike has a girlfriend, Jen and I consider Lucy and Lis our girlfriends, that I’d let Jen’s brother fuck me – and of course that Sue and I fuck – if it would put Mike and Jen doing things with Sue in perspective. We decided it definitely would, but not a *helpful* perspective so we might be better off keeping the full truth from her. The one thing we knew we did have to address was the fact that Lis was pregnant with Mike’s child. It was still very early on and Lis didn’t want anyone else knowing yet so we’d leave that for another day, although it would probably be better if it was relatively soon.

On getting back to the house we sat down again with Mum and she started asking a few questions but then said that she didn’t want to know. She accepted that we were all old enough to be responsible for what we were doing but she said she’d prefer it if we didn’t do things with Sue while at home. Mike said he understood and that he would spend the night with Jen and MJ in the spare room (away from Sue’s room). Mum thanked him and said that for the time being she just wanted to enjoy the rest of our visit so we started talking about MJ (babies are always a good distraction) and the atmosphere thawed a little. At bedtime Mike and Jen made it quite obvious that they were in the spare room and while Sue was a little disappointed that she didn’t get her second night with Mike, she seemed happy enough to let me take his place (although we kept a couple of large t-shirts by the bed in case Mum decided to come up and see one or both of us so we could pretend we were just lying in bed chatting about things and not fucking each other).

Naturally, we did actually discuss what had happened that day and how we thought things would go in future. Sue joked that Mum knowing about (some of) what we got up to would make it easier when it was time for Mike to get her pregnant. I told her that wasn’t funny and she leant up on one arm and said that she meant it – when it was time for her to have a baby that she wanted Mike to be the father. We had semi-discussed this around the time we were deciding what it meant if Mike got Lis or Lucy pregnant but the discussion hadn’t been that involved. Sue asked if I would mind if he got her pregnant and said that we’d let him do it for Lis. I actually didn’t mind and knew Mike would love the idea so told Sue that we’d have to talk about it properly all together, but as long as he got me pregnant first, then she had my blessing to have my husband knock her up. Sue kissed me thank you and then teased me, saying that she could always just stop taking the pill and have Mike fuck her without knowing she was fertile – or that she could even tell him, dress up in her nicest schoolgirl uniform and plead with him to fill her with his cum and get her pregnant. I told her that I was pretty sure Mike would be able to resist her charms (in as far as getting her pregnant before I allowed it) and Sue promised she’d behave herself. We snuggled up and I told her that I was actually hoping to get pregnant sometime in the upcoming year – I just wanted to enjoy myself a little more first before having to calm down and stop taking the pill. Sue told me that she’d help ‘take care of me’ during the time I was getting (and being) pregnant, knowing that just as the previous time it would mean I wouldn’t be sleeping with any guys other than Mike and not even any girls who were doing things with other guys.

Sue told me to stay where I was and keep facing the window and she climbed out of bed. I asked what she was doing but she told me to just wait a minute and she would see. When she told me to turn around I saw that she had a short pleated, red tartan skirt on, long white socks and a white blouse (no bra). She lifted the front of the skirt to reveal some white panties and said she thought Mike might have liked this outfit, but she now wouldn’t get a chance to wear it for him – until she visited us anyway. She teased me and asked if I thought it might be enough to make him get her pregnant and I told her it was probably a good start but if she did I would kill them both. She pranced about some more and asked if she was being a bad girl and said that maybe I should punish her. I sat up on the edge of the bed and Sue walked closer to me, straddled on of my legs and lowered herself so she could rub her crotch against my leg. She told me she had been bad and wanted to be spanked so I asked ‘really?’ and she said she had been expecting Jen to do that to her at some point but felt it was only proper I have a turn. I told her she was incredibly naughty and got her to bend forward over my knee. I lifted the back of her skirt, ran my hand over her ass and gave her a light slap. She told me she’d been naughtier than that so I slapped her a bit harder and she said it was more like it so I did it a few more times. I reached my other hand between us and pushing it down to her crotch so I could rub around her mons and clit, spanked her some more and then pulled her panties down slightly so half her ass was exposed. I slapped her again, caressing her ass between slaps and started rubbing her clit harder.

We pulled Sue’s panties down to reveal her full ass and I moved my fingers so I was touching her clit directly, then slapped and stroked her ass, occasionally stopping to slide a couple of fingers into her pussy – and kept doing this while telling her if she was going to be a naughty little sister that I’d punish her. Admittedly as far as punishment goes, it was hardly effective as she was really enjoying herself, but I wasn’t slapping her anywhere near as hard as I do with Jen (who enjoys a fair amount of pain). Even so, Sue’s ass was still a nice pink colour and felt quite warm to the touch. Sue told me she was getting close so I concentrated on her clit a bit more but carried gently slapping her – right up until the point when she came. I used a trick I’d learned with Jen and as Sue’s orgasm started, I gave her ass a much firmer slap, using the full flat of my hand and then rubbed her ass cheeks. This caused Sue to let out a yelp and she then went back to moaning she was cumming. I frigged her through her orgasm, giving her a few more gentler slaps and then caressing it as she calmed down.

To make up for the hard slap I spent a little while kissing Sue’s ass cheeks and kitty kissing her pussy. She told me she intended to give me a spanking at some point as revenge and I asked that she be gentle but if she wanted to be the other woman in my life who punished me (Jen being the first) that I’d let her. We curled up again, me spooning against Sue’s back and her ass still felt warm as it pressed against my crotch. We went back to discussing Mum finding out about us and I reached around and curled a couple of fingers into Sue’s pussy and told her that at least with Mike and Jen on the other side of the house, Mum didn’t have anything to worry about – and as I moved my fingers around inside Sue I added ‘at least that’s what she thinks…’. Sue said it was my turn to cum so I asked what she had in mind and she said she wanted to fuck me. This was acceptable to me so I helped her fasten the harness of the strap-on and made sure it was nice and tight. Sue didn’t want the internal vibe on and I teased her about being a lightweight but she wouldn’t take the bait. I asked what position she wanted me in and said I’d like to ride her at least or a bit, but she told me she wanted to fuck my ass. This surprised me a bit and I got her to turn the vibe off and asked why she wanted to do so many different things. Sue sat beside me and said that it was just as she had said the other day – now that the two of us had decided to do things properly, she wanted to be an equal partner to Mike and Jen and have everything. She said that there was another reason and had decided on another Christmas present for Mike and Jen – she intended to film our session and send it to them.

I asked Sue what she had done with my little sister and Sue asked if I wanted the ‘old’ Sue back. As she did this she slipped a hand between my legs and toyed with my pussy so I told her that the new Sue certainly had some benefits and pointed out it was a long time since I’d been able to look at her as my innocent little sister anyway. I let Sue lead the session and put a few pillows halfway down the bed to lift my ass in the air. She set up her phone on the windowsill and pointed it at us, then grabbed my phone and moved her chair over to film us from the other side. She said that she would ask Josie to edit a video together from the two shots and I briefly wondered if that was a good idea, but realised that Josie already knows (and has witnessed that) Sue and I do things together and that Sue was presumably going to tell Josie everything we’d done anyway. Sue squirted a good dose of tingle gel onto the vibe, rubbed some over and into my ass and wiped her hands clean on my nipples and pussy. I lay with my ass raised in the air and watched as Sue sank the vibe into me. She pushed in a bit further with each stroke and once she was most of the way in started using longer strokes. Not being content with just fucking my ass, Sue also fingered and frigged me, using both her hands to do this and I’ll admit that it felt quite good. I asked if she’d done this with Josie and she said this was the first time using this particular position, but that Josie might get to experience it if she did a good job editing the video. Sue kept up a steady pace, fucking my ass with the strap on, fingering my pussy and frigging my clit. She asked if I wanted her to cum in my ass and I told her if she could, that I’d want her to fill my cunt with her cum just as I wanted to do to her. I was told to look at her again as I came and it was a bit easier as she was further away but as the waves of pleasure emanated from my pussy, ass and clit I still looked away a few times.

When Sue pulled out of me she knelt and licked at my pussy, kitty kissing me for about five minutes before pulling away. She told me to stay where I was as she unfastened the harness and put in on the floor, then climbed over me and asked if she was being a good little sister now. I told her she was still definitely naughty, but that I liked her that way and we kissed for a minute or so before breaking off to turn off the phones. I told Sue if she was going to get to spank me that I’d get to fuck her ass next time and she said that she was already looking forward to the visit. I asked how much of the things we intended to do to each other she would want to do at a sex show and Sue said she thought we should have a few private sessions first, but after that she’d help me put on a show that people would remember.

I couldn’t let the ass fucking go unrewarded and for some reason I just couldn’t get enough of Sue’s pussy. I crawled down between her legs and told her to just let me enjoy her for a while. On a whim I asked her to put the long white socks back on and once I got started on her, I ended up spending the best part of an hour between her legs. I made her cum once and then kitty kissed her for a while, got her close to cumming again and spent quite a while teasing her, enjoying hearing her whimpers and pleads to cum, until finally giving her the orgasm she wanted. I made no effort to wipe her juices from my face and told her I loved having them cover me and filling my nose with her scent. We kissed a bit more and she offered to make me cum again but it was quite late by this point and we both had to travel the next day so I said we should probably get some sleep and that I’d wake her in the morning.

Unusually, Sue woke up first and it was she who woke me. I must have been sleeping quite heavily as it took me a while to realise who it was licking me but once I did I greeted her with a ‘Morning sis’ and let her carry on. I reciprocated and once I’d eaten her to orgasm we decided to take a chance and shower together – hoping that Mum wouldn’t realise and give her yet more to process. We didn’t fool around too much in the shower and mostly just washed each other, but at one point Sue did ask me to give her a few licks so I knelt and did as she asked. I wasn’t too surprised when I felt her start to pee so I let her fill my mouth and I stood and pressed my mouth against hers, pushing most of the liquid into her mouth and kissing her until it had disappeared. I told her she really was an insatiable little slut and that we had taught her well. Sue then helped wash my hair again as I hadn’t contained all the pee in my mouth when I’d been eating her.

Mum seemed determined to ignore the revelations of the previous day and breakfast was quite upbeat. She knew that Jen and I were heading to Jen’s parent’s place, Sue was heading to Josie’s parent’s house and that Mike had to go back home for work (he was actually visiting Lisa’s parent’s place but we weren’t telling her that). Even though Sue’s train was a little later than ours, we decided to all head into town together so that she wasn’t left alone with Mum to face further quizzing (or recriminations) over our sleeping arrangements. This meant we had a chance to catch up and for Mike and Jen to get a brief description of what Sue and I had done the previous night (we didn’t tell them about the video – that was to be a surprise) and Jen said she was jealous and wanted Sue to dress up for a spanking. Sue said she’d add it to the list for her next visit (the list was getting quite long by this point and Mike suggested she might have to come for longer than just a weekend). We had hoped to find a suitable place where Sue could play with Mike and Jen but in the end had to settle for a changing room in a shop where Jen could at least get a goodbye mini-session with Sue. As a compromise, Jen coated her fingers in Sue’s juices before leaving the changing room so Mike at least got a taste of her and he managed to give her a brief fondle under her coat at the station before he boarded his train. Jen, MJ and I set off a short while after and Sue hung around and drank coffee before heading off to meet up with Josie. As expected, Sue told Josie everything that had happened and Josie prepared the video, but it was a little while before Mike and Jen got to see it.


  1. Sorry you got caught. Now just have to find a way to let mum enjoy also and it won't be awkward.

    1. I assume you're joking - but on a serious note I think I'd find it 'wrong' in doing things with a parent (I'm obviously fine with fucking my sister). I think it's because we're so protective of MJ and we all believe that none of us should ever do anything sexual with her when, even she is old enough.

  2. Oh, wow. She found out. I see this is dated a while ago. How has she taken things since? Has she found out anything else? ?