Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Christmas 2014 – Part 5

Onto the entries involving Mike's visit to Lisa now...

Lisa met Mike at the station and they kissed hello with Mike’s hands immediately sliding into Lisa’s coat to check she didn’t have panties on. He found her pussy under her skirt and stroked her through her tights, confirming to himself that she didn’t have any panties on under them and Lisa told him she hadn’t shaved herself and wanted him to do it so she would be as smooth as possible for him. He told her she should have got one of her sisters to do it and for the usual slap. He had decided to stay at a hotel as he was quite nervous about meeting Lisa’s parents, knowing that they still didn’t full approve of their daughter dating someone so much older than them, who was married, and had a baby with another woman (who admittedly was his wife’s girlfriend, but even so…). It wasn’t a real first meeting as he had spoken to them over Skype a few times (Lisa thought it would be safer to introduce him this way) but it was the first in person meeting. Lisa’s parents also seemed happy with him staying at a hotel and they accepted the fact that Lisa would be with him there so this was the first place they headed to drop off his stuff.

Technically it was the second place as they stopped off at a chemist to buy some supplies and on arriving at the hotel, Mike stripped Lisa off, lay her on the bed and prepared some hot water. He lay a hot flannel on her mons and pressed it against her lips. She only had a light stubble, but Mike was very thorough, heating up some gel, lathering her up and shaving her carefully with a hot blade. He rinsed her clean and quickly checked his work with his tongue, then retrieved the cooling gel from the mini-fridge and rubbed it into her skin. Once this had been absorbed, he wiped her with a warm cloth and started kitty kissing her. Lisa asked him to fuck her and he said he would once he’d eaten her but he wanted to taste her first. She continued and said she really wanted to feel him inside her and Mike told her he hadn’t cum for over a day so intended to pump lots of cum into her, hence why he wanted to eat her first. Lisa was pleased that he had saved herself for him (he hadn’t told her what had happened yet) so lay back and told him to go ahead, but not to take too long and Mike went back to work. As requested, he didn’t tease her and just enjoyed licking her, made her cum, then climbed over her and slid into her. Lisa said she was still sensitive so he didn’t move for a while and said he could kitty kiss her but she wanted him to remain inside her as they kissed.

Mike owned up to not having saved his cum for Lisa entirely by choice and told her that Mum had found out about Jen and him fucking Sue. Lisa was a little less impressed at this point but knew he could have cum in Jen so he didn’t entirely lose the brownie points and she told him that she would make up for having to wait more than a day between him cumming (it was hardly a hardship for him). As they started moving against each other he told her that she would be in the next round of revelations for Mum (along with Lis being pregnant with his child) and Lisa asked how they were going to tell her. He said that it would be quite simple – Jen and I have girlfriends in Lucy and Lis respectively so it’s only fair for him to be allowed someone. The fact he chose a much younger model was up to him and it just happened to be a bonus that she was willing to fuck everyone (including Sue and Josie). Lisa told him that he had to give her all the details of the things Sue and I had got up to and Mike asked if she was finally coming around to the idea of fucking her sisters (or indeed her brother). Lisa just replied with an ‘eeewww, no’ but Mike noticed that she didn’t slap him, which was the usual response when he broke the rule of not bringing her sisters in to the conversation (in a sexual context).

They fucked for quite a while, in various positions and after they had both cum, Mike remained inside her for a while and he asked if she thought it would make the introductions easier if she could feel his cum leaking out of her pussy and soaking her tights. Lisa said that things might be awkward enough but let him talk her in to putting her tights on without cleaning up and as they walked back to her house she complained that the crotch of her tights was soaked. When they arrived, the conversation wasn’t as awkward as Mike had expected – he made sure to be very respectful to Lisa’s parents but even Mike found it odd that her father wasn’t a great older than him and there was only a few years difference in age between him and Lisa’s mother (she’d had Lisa at a relatively young age). Lisa had to sit carefully so she didn’t leave a wet patch on her skirt or the chair but she managed this and after a while they said their goodbyes and went out for a walk together.

Lisa showed him around where she had grown up but it was a bit too cold to stay out for long so they headed back to her place and she showed him around the rest of the house. Lisa shared a room with her older sister (but neither of them lived at home anymore – or in Lisa’s case at least not in term time). As neither of her sisters were around, Mike convinced Lisa to let him have a quick play with her on her older sister’s bed – they didn’t fuck, just kissed, fondled each other and a brief session of Mike licking Lisa. She kept her tights off as she showed him her younger sister’s bedroom and didn’t put up any resistance when he asked to play with her on the bed in there. This time he made it as far as sliding into her, but neither of them wanted to risk actually fucking and having her parents overhear. Once back in Lisa’s room he asked her if she thought her sister masturbated yet and Lisa said she didn’t know so Mike didn’t press the matter further but Lisa knows him well enough to realise he was up to something and said she still didn’t intend to fuck her little sister – then added she didn’t intend to let him fuck her either and then said the same went for her older sister. Mike assured her that while he would love to see her buried in her sister’s pussies eating them out, he wasn’t thinking about that (until he said it) and that if she wanted to have time to get ready for dinner then they should head back to the hotel.

They said their goodbye’s to Lisa’s family and arranged when they would be over for lunch the next day and Mike carried Lisa’s bag to the hotel. She showered and Mike climbed in to join her but he mostly just washed her down with just a little fondling. Lisa put on a new dress that Mike hadn’t seen before that left most of her back exposed (certainly more than enough for it to be obvious she didn’t have a bra on) and had a cut up the side that came to above her waist. This made it easy for Mike to slide a hand into the dress and he asked how it was actually meant to be worn. Lisa explained that she should really be wearing some nude panties, but assumed he would prefer it if she was naked under the dress and Mike said it was definitely much better that way.

Over dinner there was very little teasing, but when they went for drinks afterwards, Mike repeatedly slipped his hand into Lisa’s dress and stroked her ass, then when they were sitting down he reached between her legs and stroked up and down her pussy until she complained that she might end up leaving a damp spot on the dress as she felt so wet. Lisa was aware that she was in her home town and potentially might see some people she knew, but the place they were at was a bit more expensive so as the evening went on and she became steadily more aroused, she took a few more chances and allowed Mike to fondle her more openly. When he dared her to remove the belt around her dress she was a little hesitant but then pulled it off and rolled it up into her purse. This meant that the dress could now much more easily flip open if she wasn’t careful when walking and of course made it much easier for Mike to slip a hand in and play with her. Mike was well aware that a couple of people had noticed what they were doing and he dared Lisa to get one of them to fondle her. She said that she wanted him to play with her but went along with it and approached a guy at the bar, probably in his mid-late 20’s.

She told him she had seen him watching her and he said that she’d been putting on a nice show. Lisa let him buy her a drink and they moved to the end of the bar and around the corner. She repeatedly brushed up against the guy and told him that she was going home with Mike, but that the guy could touch her if he wanted. He hesitantly slid his hand into her dress and caressed her ass, then reached between her legs and commented on how smooth she felt. Lisa was sufficiently aroused and drunk that she sat on a stool facing the guy and pushed the front of her dress to one side and spread her legs a little. The place was only dimly lit so the guy moved a little closer, then slid a hand up her thighs and stroked her pussy. Lisa told him it felt nice and encouraged him to continue. He pushed his fingers between her lips and got a good way inside her before she told him that while she was leaving with Mike, she could enjoy herself a bit first and told him to stay where he was. The guy held on to her thigh and asked her to wait a moment and pushed his fingers deeper into her and told her she felt wonderful. Lisa promised she’d be back and stood up, returned to Mike and asked if she should do anything more with the guy. Mike told her to enjoy herself as much as she could so Lisa asked for a condom, returned to the guy and led him by the hand towards the bathroom.

They entered the ladies bathroom and went to the staff furthest from the door. Not wanting to ruin her new dress, Lisa slipped it off and draped it over the door then told the guy she wanted to see his cock. He quickly pulled it out and she handed him the condom. As soon as he had it on, she leant forwards against the wall and told him to fuck her. He did as she asked, his hands roaming over her body as he pumped in and out of her and he didn’t even stop when they heard someone come in to the bathroom (although he did slow down and be quiet). Lisa knew that whoever else was in the room would see her dress hanging over the door and she half expected to be asked if she was okay but after she used the bathroom and washed her hands, the girl left and the guy immediately sped up his movements and told Lisa he was going to cum. If it had been me in her position I would have made sure the guy played with my clit (or I frigged myself) but Lisa was happy to let him just fuck her and keep her aroused for her session with Mike. The guy came and pushed hard into her, pulling her back against him and holding her really firmly. Lisa wiggled her ass back and forth and asked the guy if she had been good. He told her she was incredible and Lisa let him give her his number (she wouldn’t give him her number though). He left first and Lisa slipped her dress back on and then wiped her pussy with warm water to freshen up before returning to Mike. He was a bit surprised she hadn’t cum but she told him she was saving it for him and not long after the two of them returned to the hotel.

Lisa carefully removed her dress before they started doing anything and at Mike’s request she put on a pair of opaque tights so he could nuzzle and lick her pussy through them. This lasted less time than usual for Mike and he peeled them off to get direct access to her cunt and ass and as he licked her he told her how Sue and I had eaten each other’s asses. Lisa said she’d happily let the two of us make her cum and Mike told her he was sure that could be arranged, but for now she was his. He slowly brought her to orgasm – not really teasing her, just taking his time and when Lisa finally came she was quite loud (Mike may have encouraged this). He kitty kissed her for a while before spooning up behind her and Lisa asked him if he would fuck her up against the window. Mike said he’d happily fuck her in front of her whole town (the hotel wasn’t as well positioned as the one we’d stayed in in York, but had a reasonable view) and Lisa pressed her front up against the window, looking out as Mike steadily fucked and frigged her. The glass was too cold for Lisa to remain up against for the whole session so they returned to the bed and Lisa spent a while riding Mike. As she got close to cumming Mike asked her if they got a chance, if she’d fuck him in one of her sister’s beds and Lisa agreed – providing her sister wasn’t there at the time. He told her that she spoiled all his fun, but kept fucking her and as Lisa actually came he suggested looking to see if her younger sister (who still lived at home) and any obvious sex toys they could use. Once Lisa finished cumming she asked Mike if his aim was to get her juices into her younger sister or his cum. Mike said that both ideas were appealing, but that he’d refrain from cumming in Lisa’s pussy if she’d agree to look for a dildo or vibe and Lisa just answered with an ‘hmmmh’.

On the Sunday morning, they had a relaxed breakfast in bed with Lisa answering the door in a nightdress that did nothing to hide her figure, breasts, pussy or ass. The two of them played with champagne, strawberries and cream with Mike eating strawberries out of her and dribbling champagne onto her nipples to suck clean. Lisa sucked Mike with a mouthful of champagne and dribbled cream over his cock to suck off of it. They had a long shower together and Lisa warned him that her dad intended to have a ‘talk’ with Mike. He assured her he would be respectful and not tell her dad how much he enjoyed eating and fucking one of his daughters and Lisa told him to be serious. He promised Lisa he would try to explain to her dad how he felt about her, that he wasn’t just using her for fun and that he had no intention of hurting her. Lisa spent about five minutes trying to get Mike to tell her how he felt about her and he teased her by skirting around the issue and saying that she meant a lot, that she was special, etc. but not saying the actual words. Only after he’d dried her off, carried her over the bed and lay on top of her did he say that he’d explain to her dad that he loved her and didn’t want to ever lose her. Just as is the case with Sue, Mike saying that to Lisa works miracles and she instantly forgave him for the teasing and said they probably had a little time left and that she could always put some opaque tights on if he wanted. Mike did indeed want this and they spent about 15 minutes with him kissing and caressing her thighs and crotch through the tights. By the time he finished, Lisa wanted him to fuck her again but he pointed out they needed to get going as it was finally time for him to meet her sisters in person and if they were late it probably wouldn’t take too much for her dad to realise (roughly) why they’d been delayed, which could make ‘the talk’ even more awkward.

As with Lisa’s parents, Mike had talked to her sisters over Skype before but this was his first time actually meeting them. Lisa’s older sister had her boyfriend with her and seemed equally wary of Mike’s motives with Lisa as her parents had been. He got on reasonably well with her younger sister and the day was mostly fine, with the exception of when Lisa’s father invited him to have a pint and they had the chat. Even then, it wasn’t actually too bad, Mike did his best to assure him that he did actually love Lisa and that he hoped to stay with her. When her father asked about Mike amassing a harem of women (he’s only got three – or four if you count Sue, or six if Lis and Lucy are included – and Josie, Abrahii… - but Lisa’s parent’s don’t know about any of the others) and Mike pointed out that it was all three of him, Jen and me who included Sue in our family and that she spent time with all of us (his way of delicately saying we all fuck her). Her father seemed to get the message and moved on to not wanting Lisa to have any opportunities taken away from her. Mike had a good answer for this and told him how she had considered changing university to move up and be with them, but they had decided it would be better for her to finish off where she was so her studies weren’t interrupted. This seemed to win Mike points as it showed he at least cared about her future a little bit and while her father made it clear he didn’t really approve of the relationship, he loved his daughter and wanted her to be happy.

Mike had dinner with the family that night and he and Lisa then went back to the hotel where he gave Lisa a full update on the conversation with her father. Lisa was relieved that he seemed to have accepted Mike (to some extent anyway) and she said he might even be allowed to stay at her place the next time he visited. Mike pointed out that this might limit the fun they could have, then added that it might make things even more interesting if he visited at t time her older sister and boyfriend were present (as Lisa shared a bedroom with her older sister). Lisa acted surprised and said she had assumed Mike would want to fuck her younger sister and Mike said that he thought her older sister was more attractive (than her younger one), but if Lisa really wanted to, he’d happily watch as she screwed her younger sister. This warranted (and he received) the usual slap and they wrestled on the bed for a bit. The wrestling turned in to grinding and humping and they removed each other’s clothes so they could do things properly. Between them they imagined what it would be like if she and Mike were at Lisa’s house, with Lisa’s older sister and her boyfriend in the bed opposite them. They imagined fucking, letting the others watch and then encouraging them to join in. At first, this involved the boyfriend fondling and fucking Lisa, him taking her pussy while she sucked Mike. So she wasn’t left out, Mike ate her older sister and then he and her boyfriend ended up DPing her and as Lisa’s sister lay there with Mike’s cum dripping from her pussy, Lisa started to lick her clean with this developing into the two of them 69ing.

By the time Lisa came, she had fucked her sister’s boyfriend (in the fantasy) and was being eaten clean by her sister. Mike kept fucking her and fingered Lisa’s ass (in reality), describing how the boyfriend was back inside her and was helping to make her cum. Lisa played along and told both of them to fuck her and after Mike came in her she asked if he had enjoyed fucking her sister. Mike said it had been fun, but that she obviously didn’t taste as good as Lisa did (whereas if I was eating a fantasy pussy, it would taste wonderful like Emily’s). Lisa told him she was glad and Mike asked if she had enjoyed eating his cum out of her sister and being eaten in return. Lisa admitted that it had added something to the session, but was still adamant that she wasn’t going to do anything with her sisters (or brother) and Mike said that was fine – he just enjoyed the fantasy. They spooned for a while – at first with Mike just curled up against her but as he got hard again he pushed back into her pussy and they gently humped against each other. Mike said he still liked the idea of fucking Lisa with one of her sisters’ sex toys (if either of them had any) and Lisa eventually agreed that if they had a chance, they could look and she would consider letting him use it on her. Mike asked who’s vibe she would prefer to use and Lisa couldn’t decide but as per their previous discussion thought it would be unlikely her older sister would have brought any toys with her (even if she had any). As such, they settled on raiding her younger sister’s room the next day and Mike moved down the bed, ate Lisa to another orgasm and then spooned with her again as they drifted off to sleep.

Mike ate Lisa awake in the morning and they ordered breakfast again. Lisa answered the door in her sexy nightdress again and it was the same guy who had delivered breakfast the day before. As Mike lay on the bed watching, Lisa flirted with the guy (who was obviously eyeing her up) and told him how much fun she intended to have with the strawberries and cream. The guy asked what she was going to do so Lisa looked over at Mike who nodded at her and she picked up a strawberry, sipped it in the cream and then lifted her nightdress to rub the strawberry back and forth along her pussy. Lisa then ate the strawberry and finished the display by rubbing her fingers along her pussy and sucking them clean. She told the guy he could stay and help if he wanted and he certainly looked interested but said he needed to deliver more food. Lisa said it was a shame and went to show him out, following the guy around the corner and to the door. In a moment of brilliance (in my opinion) she asked him for a final bit of help before he left, saying she needed to remove her nightdress but didn’t want to get it stained (while pointing out that her fingers were covered in strawberry juice and cream). She asked the guy to help and held her arms up and he approached her, asked if she was serious and then lifted the hem of her nighdress. Lisa told him to go ahead and kept her arms raised as he lifted it up and over her head, at which point she dropped her messy hand back to her pussy and stroked herself. The guy asked if there was anything else and she said that Mike liked it when her nipples were hard and would help if he could stroke them. The guy reached up and gently stroked Lisa’s breasts and she said it felt nice, then turned around and pressed her ass up against him and asked him to stroke them more. He reached around her and cupped her breasts, then massaged them, stroking and gently pulling on her nips as she toyed with her pussy and ground her ass against his crotch. She commented that she could feel him getting hard and said he could help her properly if he wanted but this seemed to remind the guy that he didn’t have time. He did say that he wished he could stay longer and Lisa said there was always the following morning. She let him watch her suck her fingers clean and showed him out, then returned to Mike in the bed.

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