Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Christmas 2014 – Part 6

Mike was very impressed and Lisa said she fully intended to keep up with Sue’s developments. Mike told her (again) that she didn’t have to behave like that if she didn’t want to but she pointed out how hard his cock was and he admitted that seeing her enjoy herself so openly was incredibly arousing and she said she wasn’t a little girl her had to protect. Mike explained that wasn’t what he had meant, and given the things he’d seen her do with her friends (let alone with Jen or me), he knew she wasn’t an innocent little girl (and that it wouldn’t be anywhere near as much fun if she was) and if she wanted to fuck the room service, that he was all for it as long as she had fun. They played with breakfast (with Lisa cumming again), showered and headed over to Lisa’s house. Her parents were in, along with her younger sister so they went up to Lisa’s room and looked through some of her old photos, some on her computer and some she had printed out. When her younger sister headed out to see her friends, Mike asked Lisa if she was still willing to go snooping. Lisa sighed but said yes and after checking that her parents were still in the living room, they crept into her younger sister’s room and Mike kept watch while Lisa looked through the drawers. At first, she didn’t find anything but she then looked in the wardrobe and in a box of photos at the bottom, she found a bright pink, plastic vibrator. It certainly wasn’t high quality, but buzzed when turned on and Mike said that if Lisa was still up for it that he wanted to use it on her.

Lisa agreed, but said they should go back to her room (to reduce the chance of being caught). Lisa sat on her bed and spread her legs while Mike knelt on the floor in front of her. He got Lisa to have a quick lick of the vibe and then turned it on and rubbed it around her clit. Lisa said it felt quite nice, but it was obviously a fairly cheap vibe and Mike suggested they should replace it with one of our better ones (we really like the silicone coated ones as the texture is much more realistic). Lisa lay back and Mike ran the head of the vibe up and down her slit, then asked if she was ready to be fucked with her little sister’s juices. Lisa told him to go ahead and he slid it into her, lapping at her clit as he fucked her with the vibe. He asked Lisa if he was allowed to fuck her at the same time and Lisa said he just wanted his cum on the vibe. Mike didn’t deny this but told her it was her choice and he could just coat it in her juices if she wanted. Lisa said there didn’t seem to be any point in holding back, just that he would have to be quiet so her parent’s didn’t hear. She stood up and leant against her desk, Mike slipped into her and he used the vibe on her clit as they fucked. As is often the case with me, Lisa got braver as she got more aroused and ended up pulling her top and bra off so Mike could also use the vibe on her nipples. He wanted to feel her cum around him and had to help steady her as she came – he then came inside her and asked if he could give the vibe a final coating of their juices. Lisa agreed so when Mike pulled out she held her pussy shut and moved back over to the bed. Lisa lay down and Mike slid the vibe (now turned off) back inside her and slowly fucked her with it, mixing his cum and her juices together inside her.

Lisa put her bra and top back on and walked back to her sister’s room while holding the vibe in her pussy. She carefully put it back in the box of photos and asked Mike if he was happy – which he was. Not that being happy has ever stopped Mike from wanting to do more so he dared Lisa to put on a pair of her sister’s panties. She fetched a light pink pair from the drawer and held them up, asking if they were what Mike had in mind. He told her they were perfect and offered to put them on, kneeling in front of Lisa to let her step into them. He pulled them up her legs and ensured they were snug against her ass and crotch, then nuzzled her. He kept doing this for a few minutes, only using his lips and not his tongue so that it was only the mix of juices from Lisa’s pussy getting the material damp. Mike decided he wanted to do a little bit more and reminded Lisa she had said they could fool around on her sister’s bed. Lisa warned him again that they would need to be quiet, but as her sister’s room was above the dining room she decided to take the chance. Mike stood and let Lisa free his cock. He was already fairly hard but she took him in her mouth and gave him a quick suck, then lay back, spread her legs and told him again to be quiet. Mike pulled the crotch of the panties to the side, pressed his cock against Lisa’s pussy and slid into her. He gently fucked her and described how if her sister came home and discovered them, that Lisa would have to pull her over her face and eat her to make her an accomplice. They changed position so Lisa was riding Mike and she said she thought he preferred her older sister and Mike said that was the case, but he’d happily watch her make either of them cum. They changed position again so Lisa was kneeling on all fours with Mike behind her and he kept moving slowly, but also reached around to frig Lisa through the panties. She told him she was getting close and he said he wanted to feel her cum and cream into the panties. Lisa told him he was terrible, but kept going anyway and once she’d cum, she allowed him to rub the crotch against and into her pussy for a little while before she removed the panties and placed them back in the drawer, a couple down from the top of the pile so they would be dry by the time her sister got to them.

As they left the room, Mike said it was time for the next stage and Lisa asked what more they could do. He grabbed a pair of her sister’s panties from her laundry hamper and said they were for use later on. They also grabbed a pair of her older sister’s panties from her bag and Mike explained that it meant Lisa would be able to cum while inhaling their scents that night. Lisa asked what else he intended to ‘make’ her do (while Mike was obviously leading things, Lisa was hardly resisting) and Mike grabbed her sister’s toothbrush from the bag and asked if she’d dare use it. Lisa said it would be strange to use it and wouldn’t be like kissing her but Mike ran the brush up Lisa’s thigh and said it was a different set of lips he thought she should use it on. Lisa knows full well what we do with toothbrushes – it just demonstrated that her mind wasn’t yet at our level – and she asked if he was serious. Mike nudged her legs apart and ran the back of the head up and down her lips and asked if she thought he was just joking. He pressed a little harder and the head slipped a little way between her lips and Lisa bit her lip. She spread her legs wider and he warned her if they did this with one toothbrush that they’d have to go to the bathroom and do the same with her little sister’s toothbrush and Lisa said she had expected him to say that. Mike spread her lips and pushed the head the whole way in, then worked the brush in further and gently moved it back and forth. He sucked on her clit as he did this and then got Lisa to slowly fuck herself with the brush (more for effect that anything else – a toothbrush is better when used with the head sticking out). As they put the brush back, Lisa said she couldn’t believe she’d done that but she didn’t object when Mike said they needed to even things up and went to the bathroom, selected her little sister’s toothbrush and rubbed it over her pussy. She stopped and asked if he wanted to push it into her but Mike told her to go ahead so she sat on the toilet and worked the head in, the once again slowly fucked herself with it. Mike knelt and sucked on her clit again, rapidly flicking his tongue back and forth. He thinks he could have got her to cum but they heard her parents downstairs and Lisa told him to stop. She pulled the brush out and returned it to the holder and they grabbed a book of photos from her room and went downstairs to show her parents what they had been looking at (or pretending to look at).

They had dinner with the family and went out for drink with her sisters and the boyfriend. Her older sister still seemed to be a little cool towards him but was at least making an effort to socialise and her younger sister didn’t seem to mind the age gap too much and was as friendly as before. A few times during the night Mike whispered to Lisa how her sisters would be eating her juices that night and Lisa blushed a bit and told him to be quiet. When they said their goodbyes and Mike returned to the hotel with Lisa, he said it would now be only fair for her to taste both her sisters so she agreed that if he could get them to slide her toothbrush into their pussies, that she would use it. As much as Mike would have loved to see this happen, he had to content himself with Lisa having her sisters scents from their panties and after teasing her for a fair while with his mouth and fingers, he got her to smell each of the panties and describe the scent. She let him have a smell as well and they both agreed that it was her younger sister who had the more arousing scent. Mike asked if this meant Lisa would prefer to eat her younger sister if she was forced to choose one of them and Lisa said she can’t imagine how that situation would arise, but agreed with him that if she tasted the way she smelt that she would be the better choice. They fucked and humped for another 10 minutes until Lisa was moaning that she wanted to cum and was readily taking deep sniffs from the panties whenever Mike offered them to her. He whispered to her that he wanted to see her eat her sisters and she told him they’d never let her do that (which Mike took as progress as she hadn’t said she didn’t want to and it was now down to them not wanting to). He told her that she had their juices right in front of her and all she had to do was kiss the panties. Lisa let him rub the crotch against her mouth and when he asked her to open her lips she did and took the material between her lips. Mike fucked her harder and asked if she would taste her sisters properly and was delighted when Lisa pushed more of the material into her mouth and sucked on it. He knew she was very close and kept moving as he told her to think about her sisters brushing their teeth and how her juices were coating the inside of their mouths and sliding down their throats. He offered Lisa the other set of panties and she started sucking on them – he told her those were her little sister’s panties and asked if she liked the way she tasted. List nodded yes and moaned as she came and Mike grabbed her older sister panties and sucked on them as he finished off and came in Lisa.

Mike rolled off of Lisa and she remained quiet for a bit. When he asked her if she had enjoyed her first proper session with her sisters she visibly blushed and he said he had never imagined they were going to go that far. He thought Lisa looked a bit worried and he asked if she was okay and had minded the game – she said she didn’t but that she wasn’t intending to ever do anything with either of her sisters. Mike sat up and told her that he loved it when she was adventurous and that he wanted to see her enjoy herself in as many different ways sa possible but reiterated that he didn’t want her to do anything she didn’t want to or wasn’t comfortable doing (unless of course it was pushing herself a bit to broaden her boundaries). Lisa said that she hadn’t minded playing along with the fantasy and admitted that she had cum pretty hard but that it had to stay as a fantasy. Mike said he was fine with that and said if she didn’t want to redo the fantasy they wouldn’t but Lisa said she didn’t mind doing it again. That gave Mike the opening he wanted and he pushed her down on to the bed and warned her if she said it was okay that he would keep getting her to fantasise about her sisters until she wanted to fuck them. Lisa was adamant that she wouldn’t change her mind and stupidly challenged him (which both Jen and I later told her was a bad idea) so Mike told her that she would cum many times while thinking of her sisters. He also asked if she had liked having their panties to masturbate with and she blushed again and said it had felt very naughty so he teased her about this and said they should repeat it. Lisa pointed out that she wouldn’t often get access to her sisters’ panties, but was willing to smell (and at Mike’s prompting, she added ‘taste’) them. When he also teased her about her cumming to the thought of her sisters eating her juices she said again that it just seemed so naughty and if he insisted, she might let him use their toothbrushes on her again.

Mike hadn’t cum too much in Lisa as it hadn’t been long since their previous fuck so he kissed his way down to her pussy, spending longer at her breasts than he usually would, and kitty kissed her. Between licks he said that just because she didn’t want to do things with her sisters, she could still always fool around with their boyfriends – either helping her older sister out to satisfy his one or letting and guys that fancied her younger sister fuck her in order to keep her sister from having to sleep with them and keep her relatively innocent. Lisa wasn’t sure either of her sisters would thank her for sleeping with their boyfriends but said she could always get her older sister’s boyfriend to join in unknowingly if they could dig out his toothbrush. Mike grinned and told Lisa she really was naughty and she said she had no problem enjoying herself with people other than her sisters, either for his or her own benefit. He rewarded her with a long cunnilingus session and by the time he finished Lisa was covered in sweat and panting. She had called out her sister’s names a few times, pretending it was them who were eating her as encouragement for Mike and had ordered her older sister’s boyfriend to fuck her and fill her with cum. Mike told Lisa that he wondered what had actually happened to the sweet little girl he’d first met (we know what happened – us and Jen’s Uni friends). Lisa gave him her innocent look and told him she could always dress up for him if he wanted and that she had something suitable with her. Mike asked if it was her uniform and she nodded so he said she didn’t have to if she was too tired and Lisa retorted by saying there wasn’t much point if he wasn’t up for fucking her again as he’d already cum twice.

Mike said he could probably manage if she tempted him enough so Lisa made him turn around while she pulled out one of her actual school uniforms and got dressed. When Mike turned around she had her hair tied back in a ponytail, knee high blue socks, her pleated blue skirt and white blouse with pullover. Lisa lifted the front of her skirt to show him her plain white panties, saying they were ones she actually wore at school and Mike sat admiring the view with his cock standing to attention. Lisa said it looked like he might manage a bit more and crawled up onto the bed, straddled him and rubbed her crotch against his cock. After teasing him for a bit, Lisa sat back on the bed, pulled her knees up and spread her legs to show off the crotch of her panties. She stroked herself, then pulled the crotch to the side to reveal her pussy and fingered herself. She told Mike to stroke his cock and they sat watching each other masturbate. She moved forwards and took over stroking his cock, then took him in her mouth again and sucked him until Mike said he needed to eat her under her skirt. Lisa asked ‘need?’ and Mike said yes and pulled her round so she was over him in a 69. He lifted her skirt, pulled her panties aside and lapped at her as she sucked him, then Lisa said she wanted him inside her and crawled forwards.

They tried to get him inside her with her panties on, but as she was facing away from him it was a bit too awkward a position so she ended up sliding her panties down and getting back into position. Mike slid into her much more easily and Lisa then leant forwards, pulling Mike’s cock down and she rode up and down the length of it, telling Mike to watch as she swallowed him with each stroke. Mike caressed her ass as they fucked and told her that her sweet and innocent personality didn’t seem that innocent, but that he wasn’t complaining. Lisa rode Mike in this position for a while, then turned around, mounted him again and asked him to fuck her hard. She reached down between them to play with her clit as Mike pumped into her but stopped frigging herself to let him fuck her to orgasm. This took a little longer, but Mike was in no hurry to cum and enjoyed the extra stimulation. He told Lisa he loved her outfit and asked her to bring it up when they returned to our house and Lisa said she had planned on doing so. He also asked if she had any more of her school panties and she grinned and said she was sure she could find a few if he would reward her for them. Mike said she’d get as many ‘rewards’ as she wanted from us all and Lisa told him she was looking forward to it, but that she needed to cum now. Mike sped up his movements a bit more, thrusting into her as far as he could with each stroke and told Lisa he wanted to empty any cum he had left deep into her. She came before he did and he kept going at the same intensity, telling her he was getting closer and enjoying the expressions on her face as she took the continued sensations. Mike came and had to stop moving very quickly afterwards as his orgasm felt very sharp. He remained inside Lisa and she gently moved on him but he couldn’t fuck her anymore and they just kissed. Lisa removed her uniform before they went to sleep (actually Mike was the one to remove it, carefully peeling off each item of clothing and caressing her before removing the next bit), although he kept her socks on as they slept and Mike promised he’d play with her thighs in the morning.

On the Tuesday morning, he did as he said, kitty kissing her awake and kissing up and down each thigh, right down to her knees. He asked if she wanted to cum before or after breakfast and Lisa said she wanted him to make her cum now so he did. They ordered room service again, getting another small bottle of champagne as well as the strawberries and cream (and actual food). They continued fooling around while waiting for breakfast to arrive and when there was a knock on the door, Lisa jumped up, slipped on her skirt and pulled her blouse on but didn’t button it. She did hold the front closed as she opened the door, but once she realised it was the same guy as the previous days, she let go and let it fall open. He rolled the trolled in and Lisa thanked him for his help the previous day. He said he was glad to help and Mike watched as she unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor then shrugged her blouse off so she was standing there in just her socks. The guy looked over to Mike, who was under the covers and Lisa dipped her fingers in the cream and wiped it over her pussy and nipples. She smeared a strawberry across each of the islands of cream and offered it to the guy – Mike commented that she tasted wonderful but the guy still hesitated so Lisa sucked on the strawberry, slid it over her pussy a few more times and then ate it.

Lisa asked for more help getting her nipples hard and the guy said it was odd with Mike being there (he referred to Mike as ‘that guy’) so Lisa pulled the guy around the corner towards the door and said he’d done such a good job before that she wanted his help again. He reached up to her breasts and stroked them and she instantly turned around and pressed her ass against him. His hands returned to her breasts but she pulled one down to her crotch and pushed his fingers between her legs. As his fingers explored her pussy she moaned how good it felt and reached back between them to rub the bulge in his trousers. She clumsily freed his cock and felt it against her ass, pressing between her cheeks with the head feeling very warm against her lower back. She wriggled back against him, then told him to wait a second as she popped into the bathroom and returned with a condom. The guy asked if she was serious but by this point Lisa already had the condom open was rolling it on to his cock. She then stood up, turned away from him and pressed her ass against him again, rubbing slowly up and down as he played with her breasts and pussy. She told him to fuck her cunt, loudly enough that Mike could hear and as the guy pushed in to her she told him how wonderful his cock felt inside her. She tried to move in time with his thrusts, pushing back against him as he fucked her. She made sure he knew to keep fondling her nipples and to play with her clit and even told him not to cum until she had. The guy didn’t stand much of a chance and told her he was getting close after just a couple of minutes so she stopped moving and got him to frig her clit more until she was close, then humped against him again and told him to keep fondling her. She had to slow her movements once more so he didn’t cum too soon but the next time they fucked she was close enough that she knew she’d be able to cum. She pressed his fingers against her clit and helped him keep a steady rhythm, even when he sped up his thrusts into her. Lisa announced loudly that she was cumming and wanted to feel his cock deep inside her and the guy came pretty soon after her (she thinks she was probably still cumming when he came). He pushed into her hard a good number of times, then pulled her against him as he thrust into her one last time and their bodies met with a firm slap. When the guy pulled out, Lisa caressed his cock and said he could use the bathroom to clean up and followed him in there. He pulled the condom off and Lisa washed his cock clean (putting that flannel to the side) and thanked him once more. Before he left, she took another strawberry, dipped it in the cream and made a show of spreading her lips and rubbing the strawberry along her pussy and even pushing it a reasonable way into her. This time when she offered it to him, he took it and Lisa watched as the guy ate it and she felt her pussy tingle,

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