Saturday, 19 November 2016

Christmas 2014 – Part 7

Once the guy left, Lisa went back to the bed and Mike asked if his cock wasn’t enough to keep her satisfied. Lisa pouted and said he was the one who told her to enjoy herself and Mike pulled back the covers to reveal how much he had enjoyed seeing her tease the guy and hearing her cum (he hadn’t been able to see Lisa being fucked as she’d been around the corner from the bed). Lisa gently stroked his cock with her foot and Mike told her it felt nice (he doesn’t have a foot fetish but enjoyed the way the material of her sock felt). They partook of breakfast, making use of the rest of the strawberries and cream and Mike suggested they could prepare a meal for his sisters sometime, with a special topping for some of the food. Lisa slapped Mike and he complained, saying that he thought she had said he could tempt her into fucking her sisters and Lisa pointed out she had said he could bring her sisters into their fantasies but she hadn’t said he wouldn’t be slapped for doing it. Mike thought it was a worthwhile sacrifice (Lisa wasn’t slapping him painfully, just for effect) and as payback he got Lisa to have another suck on each of her sisters’ panties as they fucked. They then showered and went back to her house to pick up the things she would be taking up to our home for New Year.

Lisa’s father told him to take care of his daughter and Mike promised he would do so. He got a goodbye hug from Lisa’s little sister and a semi-hug from her older sister. Unfortunately they didn’t manage to get a chance to fool around together, but once they were on the way back home Lisa told Mike that she had managed to get access to all three toothbrushes (both her sisters’ and the boyfriend’s) and showed him that she had managed to change both sets of panties over with new used pairs. The only thing Lisa hadn’t managed was to use her younger sister’s vibe again (which Mike was a little disappointed over as he’d emptied his cum into Lisa at the hotel with the hope of her coating the vibe with it later on). All things considered though, Mike was still very surprised at how adventurous Lisa had been but she said as Sue and I were so keen to actually do things with each other, just pretending to do things with her sisters didn’t really seem like such a big deal. Mike told her that it just left her brother and Lisa told him there was no way she could imagine fucking him, but she knew what my plans were with Jen’s brother – and equally knew that Mike wasn’t likely to give up on teasing her about playing with her siblings.

The third ‘act’ of our Christmas story relates to Jen, MJ and I visiting Jen’s family. We did this at the same time Mike was off visiting Lisa (with Jen’s family thinking that Mike had to go back into work as they didn’t know about Lisa). Jen knew full well that – assuming he was still interested in me – I intended to make use of the visit to reacquaint myself with her brother and after she’d got to enjoy seeing Sue and me playing with each other, she couldn’t really complain.

We arrived mid-afternoon and Jen’s dad picked us up from the station. We had the usual chatter on the way back to her parents’ place and once we arrived her parents spent a while admiring MJ. Jen’s brother Chris and his girlfriend Leanne were there and Leanne also seemed quite taken with MJ. Jen’s parents offered to look after MJ and said that us ‘young people’ should go out for a drink together so the four of us headed off and spent a couple of hours chatting. Leanne seemed quite nice and a couple of times when we had a moment alone, Jen told me to be careful. I assured her I wasn’t going to force or trick her brother into doing anything and even told her if she wanted that I would back off completely. Jen said that it wouldn’t be fair to do that so I told her I was sure I could assure his silence and a bit later on, Jen went off to the bathroom with Leanne, leaving me my moment to strike with Chris.

I told him that I thought Leanne was nice and he agreed and I next told him it was a pity as I’d been hoping to have a little more fun with him. He asked what I’d had in mind and I said it depended if he (or she) had been with anyone else since they got tested. He pointed out that he’d been with me when I last visited and I told him if I’d been the only one then we could have had a lot of fun. I lifted one leg and let it fall to the side, then slid my skirt up my thigh just enough to let him see up to my pussy. I told him I’d shaved especially for my visit and had hoped he could eat me and fuck me, then pointed out that if he came in me his cum would end up on Jen when I fucked her. Chris said I was a tease and I told him he knew me better than that and all he had to do was sleep at home by himself and we could have some fun.

It was quite amusing watch him come up with multiple reasons why he’d be staying at his parents’ place that night – wanting to catch up with Jen, spend time with his little niece, that there would be too many people in the house if we were all there… It was actually MJ who won the case for him as at one point when Chris disappeared to the bathroom I pointed out to Leanne that MJ might end up getting Chris feeling broody enough that he would want to have one of his own. By the time we headed back, she had agreed that she would spend the night at her parents’ place as well and we’d all meet up the next day. Jen and I walked back holding hands and she whispered to me that I was terrible and I just whispered back that she didn’t seem to think that when I had my tongue buried in Sue’s pussy.

When Jen and I went to bed, I had her quickly shave me and we fooled around a bit. Once her parents were in their room I slipped on a dressing gown and crept over the hallway to Chris’ room. I entered without knocking and he sat up with a start but relaxed when he saw it was me. After carefully closing the door, I slipped the gown off and crawled up onto his bed and told him I’d been looking forward to this. When I pulled the covers back I could see he already had an erection so I pulled his shorts down and took his cock straight into my mouth. He pushed on the back of my head so I pulled back and told him to be patient, then proceeded to suck him for a few minutes. I’d decided if I was going to play a part in him being unfaithful that I should at least help to train him so told him I wanted him to eat me. We switched placed and I spread my legs, then (in a whisper) gave him detailed instructions on how to lick me. It’s not that he hadn’t eaten pussy before, but he wasn’t as enthusiastic about it as Mike (very few people are) and I liked the idea of my experience benefitting Leanne. I told him I was going to cum and he said it wasn’t fair but I promised him I could cum again and that he’d get to cum in or on me – his choice. As he lapped at me and my orgasm built, I told him how I would fuck Jen later on and how his cum would end up over or in her. I could see he was grinding his cock against the bed as I described this and enjoyed my own little fantasy, then got him to ease off but carry on kitty kissing me for a couple of minutes after I’d cum.

We kissed and I felt him press against me and I told him he felt nice and hard. He pushed into me and I told him to take his time – I wanted to enjoy the feeling of him inside me and recover a bit so I could cum around him. He spent a few minutes playing with my breasts so I pulled myself off of his cock and moved down so I could stroke his cock with them. He really liked this so I told him I had a special treat for him, but he’d have to wait until he came to find out what it was. By the time I was ready to cum again, both his cock and my breasts were covered in a mix of my saliva and I’d tasted at least a bit of pre-cum from him (Mike never produces pre-cum, although some of the other guys I fool around with do). I pointed out that doing things on the bed might be a bit too noisy so we moved over to the window and I stood with my back to the wall, spread my legs and pulled his cock into my waiting cunt. He pushed all the way in and we started to fuck. It felt really good but I wasn’t getting any clitoral stimulation so after a few minutes we changed around and he took me from behind and toyed with my clit and breasts as we fucked. As much as I would have liked to cum again, I wasn’t too surprised when he told me he couldn’t hold back any longer. I pressed back hard against him and told him to empty his cum into me – he wrapped his arms around me and told me it felt amazing, then moaned in my ear as he came. I flexed and squeezed myself as much as I could, then told him to wait a moment while I got ready.

When Chris pulled out, I held my pussy shut and got him to sit on the edge of the bed. I knelt and gave the head of his cock a few little kisses, then told him to rub his cock over my breasts, especially the nipples. He knows that Jen loves my breasts even more than he does and I told him how I’d get her to suck them clean of his cum. I let him press my breasts around his cock and I drooled on it a little as he rubbed back and forth between them and described how Jen would be eating his cum out of me in a matter of minutes and how I’d ensure to let it dribble out over her body and breasts. This had the desired effect on him and he asked if I could wait around a little longer and we could do things again. I told him I had a better idea and if his parents went out as early as they usually did the next day, that I’d come and get him and he could watch me eat Jen and fuck me as I did it. We’ve done this before (with her blindfolded so as far as Chris knew, she didn’t know he was there) and I told him he would need to be able to fuck me silently if he wanted to cum without Jen realising. He was more than up for this so told me to go and play with Jen. As I was still holding my pussy shut to keep his cum in, I got him to drape my gown over my shoulders and he then opened his door and walked me across the hallway and opened Jen’s door for me. Jen pretended to be asleep and once Chris had shut the door I climbed into bed, straddled Jen and let his cum leak out onto her breasts.

I lay on top of Jen and smeared his cum between our bodies. She occasionally made a comment about yukky boy cum, but as I rubbed my pussy against hers, she pressed back and I told her she should really learn to enjoy herself properly and do things with guys. Out of all our friends, Jen is now pretty much the only ‘true’ lesbian as discounting Mike, she doesn’t do things with any guys (and as she rationalises, Mike isn’t a guy, he is someone she loves and trusts – she sees him as a female). Even as a lesbian, Jen doesn’t mind getting boy-cum on in her (even from other guys – as long as we know they’re safe – although if we didn’t know that I wouldn’t let them cum on or in me). I reached down and spread my lips, telling Jen I wanted her to concentrate and feel as her brother’s cum leaked out of me and ran over her pussy. As her parents were in the next room, we couldn’t do anything too energetic, and once most of the cum had leaked out, we moved around and had a quiet 69 session. She licked me quite thoroughly so I did the same in return, cleaning all the cum from her pussy We both came and then snuggled up and I warned her that I’d already arranged a morning session. I gave her the choice and said she could always take MJ for a walk if she didn’t want Chris to see her but Jen said we may as well do things properly so I told her we could always do things ‘properly properly’ and left it hanging. She told me she wasn’t going to fuck him and I said I knew that, but that it might be better if everything wasn’t a secret. Jen asked if we hadn’t had enough drama for one holiday so I told her it was fine and I’d blindfold her again so she could feign ignorance, but as I lay beside her I sucked on her nipples and ran my fingers up and down her pussy. I told her how much Chris seemed to like the sight of her naked body and how I’d love for her to be able to see as his cock slid between my lips and into me. I got her to imagine the power she’d have over him, how he would watch every move she made, watch as I fingered and ate her, as she fingered herself… I continued to interject descriptions as I sucked on her nipples and toyed with her clit more until she was on the brink of cumming. Jen quietly moaned that she knew what I was doing and I told her it was hardly a secret. She was supressing her usual mewing sounds so her parents wouldn’t hear us but was breathing heavily as I whispered to her that it would make things so much easier if I could fuck her brother in front of her. Jen told me to do whatever I wanted so I asked if she meant that and she said she didn’t mind so I allowed her to cum and kissed her as I felt her body shake.

Once Jen stopped panting, I asked if she was really up for letting Chris see her naked (decisions made on the brink of orgasm aren’t considered legally binding in our household – although we will occasionally extract promises from each other this way). Jen said she was a bit nervous about it and that it wasn’t quite the same as with Sue and I as she didn’t want to actually do anything with him. I pointed out that when we first did things with Sue, it was only Mike who was interested in playing with her and at that point we didn’t have any idea that I’d end up fucking her too. Jen reiterated that she didn’t intend to do anything with him and I said that was fine and Mike would probably prefer that she remained untouched by other men anyway. I said that to intentionally wind Jen up – as I said, she doesn’t look at Mike as a man, just someone she loves and the feminist in her rails a bit at the thought of her being ‘his’ in any way. At the same time, she knows full well that she is, and that she is mine and that we are hers. We spent a while discussing how we wanted to do things and I teased Jen more about how much easier things would be – how in the summer we could all go for a walk in the woods and Chris could fuck me while she sat on one of her old logs, masturbated and let him watch her pee. Jen said she’d be mortified if he ever saw her do that but I pointed out that he would have his cock buried in me at the time so he’d probably let her away without teasing her. We still hadn’t decided on exactly what we were going to do in the morning but needed some sleep so I told Jen to think about it and that she could decide if and how we would proceed.

I woke her the usual way, by eating her, but made sure not to let her cum. She told me she was still willing to let Chris see her, but that she thought it would be better if he didn’t know she knew. I told her I was a bit disappointed about this as I’d been looking forward to fucking him in front of her and having him see her cum properly, but if that’s what she wanted then that’s how we’d do it. Jen got up and fed MJ and we had a brief chat with her parents who (as hoped) were heading out. I dashed back upstairs and told Chris that I’d be getting Jen naked soon, had a quick fondle of his cock and let him finger me, then went back into Jen’s room to prepare. Unfortunately it took a little longer than hoped for MJ to go back to sleep, but as soon as she was back in her crib, I tied Jen to the bed, blindfolded her and had a quick lick of her pussy. Speaking reasonably loud, I told her I’d be back with a cold flannel (and at a much lower volume, added ‘and with Chris). I dived into Chris’ room to tell him I was ready and reminded him to be quiet, picked up the flannel and led him back into Jen’s room where I proceeded to dip cold water onto Jen’s nipples, lips (on her mouth) and pussy lips. This of course gave me an excellent excuse to spread Jen’s lips and let Chris have a good look at her and I then proceeded to caress Jen’s whole body, sucking on her nipples, fingering and licking her pussy, grinding my cunt against her mouth (being careful not to dislodge the blindfold) and even sharing a double ended dildo with her.

Chris watched intently as I fondled his sister, unaware that she knew he was standing there, with his cock in his hand stroking himself (technically Jen didn’t know he was wanking, but she had assumed he would be). I didn’t let him do all the work and whenever I was close enough I reached over to him and stroked his cock, sometimes making a show of smearing Jen’s pussy juice over it and sometimes sucking it clean. A couple of times I indicated to him to slow down and that I wanted him to save his cum for my pussy – he reached between my legs and fingered me and indicated he would wait, but also stood beside Jen and stroked his cock with it a matter of inches from her breasts and then from her face. Jen later told me she was aware when he was close to her face as she could hear his hand moving and feel the breeze as he pumped his cock. She was actually wondering how she would react if he ended up cumming over her face (at least the part not covered by the blindfold) as it would then be rather difficult for her to continue faking ignorance as to what was going on. In a way, I did want Chris to cum over Jen as then we would have to drop the act and we might be able to enjoy ourselves properly. However, I respected Jen’s wishes and gave Chris a stern finger waggling. I asked Jen if she wanted to cum and she said she did so I got her to tell me what she wanted me to do. She knew full well I was just trying to get her to be lewd in front of Chris.

Jen is good at lewd though and she played along, telling me to lick her cunt and rim her ass. I naturally did everything she asked, licking inside her, concentrating on her clit, sucking on her lips and fingering her. Chris moved around behind me to watch and I spread my lips to get him to slide into me. He started pumping away and I heard a few slaps as his body hit mine, but we mostly managed to fuck relatively silently (and Jen was moaning and mewing away enough that it was believable that she couldn’t hear us). She told me she was getting close so I eased off, keeping her nicely aroused and in a state that I thought Chris would love. He was already toying with my clit and it felt really nice but I turned round a few times and mouthed at him to slow down to make sure I could cum as well as I wanted to enjoy the situation properly. I waited until I came before pushing Jen over the edge and as she came, Chris pushed into me harder and faster, then pulled me against him and remained still. I looked round and gave him a little nod, then went back to kitty kissing Jen. When Chris pulled out, I reached back to my pussy and smeared his cum over my hands, then reached up to massage Jen’s breasts, then gathered another batch of cum and smeared it over Jen’s pussy.

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