Thursday, 24 November 2016

Christmas 2014 – Part 8

I told Jen I’d be back in a moment and ushered Chris out of the room. In his room I asked if he had enjoyed the show and he said it had felt wonderful. I gave his cock a final suck and went back to Jen, cleaned her off with the flannel and untied her. She admitted to having had a pretty good orgasm and I told her that her brother certainly wouldn’t be looking at her the same way after hearing all the things she had told me to do to her. Jen blushed a bit at this and I told her I still thought it was a good idea to let him in on things properly but Jen wanted to stick with things the way they were.

We spent a bit of time with Chris and Leanne that day, a bit of time with Jen’s parents and then Jen and I took MJ for a walk by ourselves. I’ve seen a fair bit of Jen’s home town before so we just wandered and I suggested we see if we could get the buggy out along the dirt tracks that Jen used to walk along. She said that she didn’t need to play with herself (recognising I was steering her towards the woods where she used to masturbate and pee) but when I told her I’d look after MJ, she said it might be nice to have another go, for old times’ sake. MJ actually seemed to like the bumpy terrain and slept happily and we made it far enough into the woods that Jen found one of her old spots and hiked her skirt up. She sat on a log and started toying with her clit, occasionally letting out little squirts of pee. I wanted to help so carefully bent forwards and glued my mouth to her pussy, letting her pee into it, then kissing me to share her liquid. As Jen got closer to cumming, I moved around behind her and supported her so she could lean back and spread her legs more. As she came, she peed as hard as she could, with the liquid spraying her thighs as her fingers moved back and forth frigging her clit. Before she cleaned herself up I moved around and kitty kissed her for a minute, then shared another proper kiss with her.

Jen thought I might enjoy copying her and I’m rarely one to turn down the opportunity to cum so I slipped my skirt off, sat on the log and repeated what Jen had done. By the time I came, Jen had my top pulled up and my breasts exposed. I was leaning back on her as she had done with me and she tweaked my nipples as I worked a couple of fingers in my pussy and rubbed my clit with my thumb while I used a couple of fingers from my other hand in my ass. Even though the air was quite cold and the position meant that as I peed, it mostly just splashed over my hand and ran down my ass, it still felt wonderful to cum outside (one of my favourite places) and I kept gently stroking myself for a little while after I’d cum. It was only at that point that Jen told me there was someone watching and I looked up to see a guy, probably in his 40s-50s, with a dog. We don’t know how long he’d been watching us for, but there didn’t seem much point in hiding so I just removed my hands to expose my crotch and carefully sucked the fingers I’d been using in my pussy. I towelled off my pussy and thighs and walked over to the guy. He said that I shouldn’t be doing things like that outside and I told him we hadn’t thought anyone was around and if we’d offended him then I was sorry. I was still naked from the waist down and shivered a bit, but added that if he had enjoyed the show, then I could always do a bit more or he could join in if he wanted. I think he might have at least considered the offer, but I guess it was a bit too strange for most people and he told me to get dressed and go home. I did as he said and on the way back I told Jen I wished I’d known he was watching me as I came as it would have felt even better and I would have tried to put on a more visual show for him.

Sadly Chris had to spend the night with Leanne (she seemed to think that he admired my breasts), but she had to go to work the following day so Jen and I went round to the place Chris was living to see him. Naturally with Jen there we couldn’t do anything, but it was easy enough for her to engineer an excuse to pop out to the shops to get something for MJ. I made a show of offering to go with her but she said she would be fine as she knew the area. As soon as she had left, I dropped my skirt and told Chris we didn’t have long, but if he was up for it I wanted him inside me. He didn’t take much convincing and we quickly moved into the bedroom, stripped off and fucked on his bed. I teased him about how much he had enjoyed seeing Jen naked and cumming and he said it was my idea – although admitted he hadn’t objected. I briefly sat over his face and made him eat me, then once we’d gone back to fucking I asked if he would like to watch Jen and me eating, fingering and humping Leanne. He loved this idea and I told him I’d happily bury my face in her pussy (although found out she wasn’t shaved, which made the idea a little less appealing). I knew Jen wouldn’t be back until I called her to say we’d finished, but Chris didn’t know that so he wanted to hurry things along. He did at least hold back long enough to ensure I came and I then let him finish off with me riding him as he reached up to play with my breasts. I milked as much cum from him as I could and was pleased to see it drip out of my pussy when I pulled myself up off his cock. I rubbed this over my breasts, then rubbed his cock against them and gave it a few kisses before we got dressed. I snuck a text to Jen so I knew she would be on her way back and while we waited, I let Chris fondle my breasts, then finger me and I ended up with his cock back in my mouth. Now if things had proceeded to the point of one or both of us cumming, I’d have been happy with that, but I was expecting to be interrupted and when Jen knocked on the door, Chris jumped up and I told him he’d have to answer it while I straightened myself out. It was amusing watching him try to stuff his hard cock back into his trousers, zip them up and walk to the door, then hide the bulge as he let Jen in.

Sadly Chris couldn’t sleep over at Jen’s parent’s place that night either as he was also back at work the following day. Jen and I managed by ourselves though with another quiet session in her bed and one later in the night when she went downstairs to feed MJ. I went down with her and once MJ had gone back to sleep, I pushed Jen’s robe up her legs and told her I wanted to see her cum in the living room. Jen was a bit nervous that we might be discovered, but allowed me to play with her. It progressed a bit further than I’d expected and we ended up using a little bit of yoghurt on each other – not a great amount, just drizzling some over each other’s pussies, and licking each other clean. We each managed to cum, put the yoghurt back in the fridge and took MJ back upstairs to bed, then slept fairly late the following morning. Much later than usual actually and we even missed out on our morning session as we had to get ready and off to the airport for our journey back home and to meet up with Mike and Lisa. Fortunately Jen’s dad gave us a lift and he said it had been wonderful to see us, that he was sorry Mike couldn’t have made it (he seems to have accepted that Mike is the father of Jen’s child, even if he is my husband) and even commented that Jen’s brother seemed to have enjoyed catching up with us. I suggested that Chris could always come up to visit us and felt Jen pinch me but I continued anyway and said how it would be nice to have him with us for a while. We later discovered that she had actually pinched hard enough to leave a mark but said if I wanted, then Chris could visit and I could do whatever I wanted with him.
The final part of the story is with us all (including Lisa) back at home for the New Year. We had considered staying with other people, but as Mike had been at Lisa’s place and Jen and I at her parents’ place, it would have meant us being apart so ‘home’ seemed like the best place. Mike and Lisa got back first so the place was nice and warm with a fire going by the time we arrived. Jen and I hugged Lisa and she took MJ from Jen, wanting a hug. Mike fondled both Jen and me as we hugged hello, but he didn’t try to do anything more and I told Lisa that if Mike wasn’t going to fondle me, then she would have to take care of me instead. In a mock-obedient style, she knelt and lifted my skirt, then licked me and I told her that if she tried hard enough she might get some of Jen’s brother’s cum out of me (although it had been over a day since I’d last fucked him so I assumed most of it had either leaked out or soaked in). Lisa made a comment about all of us being obsessed with our siblings and Mike told us that Lisa had made some progress. We all sat by the fire and shared the events of our visits – Lisa already knew pretty much everything that had happened between Sue and me but we brought her up to date on my games with Chris and Jen and I found out what she had done with her sister’s vibe and her sisters’ panties. I warned her that it could only escalate but Lisa was still adamant that nothing would ever actually happen with her sisters and she didn’t mind Mike fantasising about them. We debated swapping siblings, with Jen and I more than happy to introduce Lisa’s sisters to the joys of being with another woman (and me being happy to take care of her brother as well) while Lisa then joined me in servicing Jen’s brother. Sue obviously came into the conversation and I said that I was more than happy for anyone to have her, as long as I got to have a turn as well.

Lisa wanted to sleep with Mike that night but as she’d had him for the past few days we compromised and said Lisa could actually sleep with him, but I got to have a session with him while Jen played with Lisa. As much as I’d enjoyed fucking Chris, I enjoyed the familiar feeling of Mike’s cock sliding into me (after he’d eaten me of course) and we settled in to a nice rhythm, humping against each other, kissing and describing in more detail the things we’d done over the past few days. Mike suggested how my being caught in the woods could have escalated with us being discovered by a dog walkers club and me having to buy their silence by being used by all of them. In the fantasy I let about 5 guys line up and use me, each of them fucking me on the log and emptying their loads into my pussy while I stroked or sucked the others to keep them ready. Back in reality, we fucked and played and once I came, Mike came in me – I told him I had been expecting him to save his cum for Lisa, but he said it was only right that he help to flush me out and he was sure he’d manage to cum in Lisa in the morning. I appreciated this as while I don’t mind sharing Mike (given what I get in return), I still sometimes think that he is *my* husband so want to have first dibs on him (and his cum) – especially on the rare occasions when we’re apart.

Jen made good use of her time with Lisa, getting her to eat her and share a dildo so they could gently hump against each other. Jen teased Lisa about having sucked on her sisters’ panties but this just left her open to Lisa retorting about Jen being covered with her brother’s cum. They ended up agreeing that they were both poor, downtrodden and subjugated by us and that they really deserved better – then proceeded to 69 until they both came. Jen spent the rest of the time suckling on Lisa’s nips and occasionally gently pinching them to try and educate Lisa on the merits of a little pain. Lisa wasn’t convinced by this but reciprocated and teased Jen’s nips until they were an angry pink colour – needless to say Jen enjoyed the sensation a lot more than Lisa did, but Lisa was released when I appeared and said that she could have Mike back. I then spent a while sucking on Jen’s warm nipples to stimulate them a bit more before falling asleep, tired from our journey. Mike managed to get hard enough to spoon with Lisa – not to fuck her, just to be inside her, she had to wait until the following morning for him to make her cum again.

We had spent a while trying to decide what we wanted to do for New Year itself. We considered getting a babysitter and all going out – preferably somewhere ‘interesting’ and had even considered asking Alistair to gather an audience so we could put on another show. The idea of being group fucked as the new year arrived certainly appealed to me, and Lisa said she would participate, but it would have left Jen out unless we could find some women who wanted to participate as well. I also considered inviting people round for a more refined party but in the end we decided to get a babysitter for the early part of the evening so we could go out for dinner and a few drinks, but be home in plenty of time for midnight and see the year in while trying to make each other cum.

Ineta (Mike’s work colleague and our usual babysitter) wasn’t available so we had to ask one of the neighbours’ daughters. She seemed like a sensible girl and Jen had chatted to her a number of times while she’d been at home with MJ so we felt safe enough with her. We went out and had a nice Japanese meal, then on to a dimly lit bar we knew for some drinks and sat at a corner table where we could fool around a little without drawing too much attention. As usual, our games escalated and instead of just allowing ourselves to be fondled, the dares moved on to see who could reveal the most. Being the exhibitionist I was up for this and after shifting to the back corner of the table, I unzipped my skirt and slid it down my legs. As it was cold out, I had opaque tights on, but the previous fondling meant that the crotch had already been pulled down a bit so with a little more effort, I worked the tights down past my thighs and then slipped them off completely, handing them to Lisa to put with my skirt. I then sat with my legs spread wide, facing out to the whole bar with only the table and shadows keeping everyone from seeing how exposed I was. I imagined that they could all see me and after watching me stroke myself, Jen handed me one of her lipstick vibes. These are quite useful when you need to be discreet as they are fairly quiet – however they are also fairly weak and I told Jen that I could use something a bit more impressive as the bar was fairly loud.

Jen fished around in her bag and presented me with a small silicone coated vibe. I told her that this was more like it, turned it on and pressed it against my pussy. The sensation of masturbating with so many people around is one I love and wished I could have mounted the bar and let them watch properly. I came with this thought going through my mind, imagining who I would let fuck me after I’d cum until I ended up a sticky mess of cum for all to see. I gripped Jen’s hand as my orgasm built and I told her I was getting close. She whispered to me that she knew and I felt her other hand on my thigh, gently stroking me as she told me to cum for her. At that point I would have probably cum no matter what (unless someone physically pulled the vibe away from me and stopped me from masturbating) and I pressed myself into the seat as I felt my orgasm start. I leant over and kissed Jen, then pulled away, turned to Lisa, pulled her to me and kissed her. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and slid a hand up her legs to her crotch. Her tights were pulled partially down as well so I easily worked my fingers onto and then into her pussy and fingered her far less discreetly than I had previously. Lisa kissed me back and as my orgasm faded I turned to Jen and kissed her again, then moved the vibe away from my clit but kept running it up and down my lips and occasionally dipping it inside my pussy.

Now that I’d cum, Lisa was challenged to have a go. I had expected to switch places with her and fully intended to keep my skirt off, but Lisa just sat forwards slightly and told Mike to unzip her skirt. He did this and she slid it down, then wiggled her way out of her tights. I took one of Lisa’s legs and lay it over mine, enjoying the feeling of warmth from her skin. I caressed her inner thigh – being careful not to tickle her – and Mike reached down to her pussy and stroked her. I pointed out that it would be much easier if they used the vibe but Lisa said she wanted to start with fingers so I slid my hand up her leg and joined in. I think a few people may have suspected that we were fondling her – although I don’t think they knew that she and I were naked from the waist down. Due to the way we were angled, it was difficult for me to fondle Lisa without at least partially turning to face her, which must have looked a little strange to other people, especially when she turned to kiss Mike and I was still staring at them. Things became much easier when I slid the vibe up her leg and nestled the tip against her clit. I could then turn back and chat to Jen while Mike kissed and fingered Lisa. She sat and took the stimulation, only squirming around a bit, but probably no more that would be expected for someone being kissed. When Lisa came, she pushed the vibe away and I nearly dropped it but managed to grab it just in time and fished it out from between her legs to return it to Jen. Mike fingered and frigged Lisa a little more and she turned to me to ask how I’d done and I told her I was impressed.

We considered switching places so Jen could have a turn (she was near the edge of the booth so wasn’t sufficiently well hidden) but I thought we could come up with something more inventive. We headed out of the club, with Lisa and I popping in to the bathroom to put our tights back on first, and got a black cab to head home. Jen, Lisa and I sat facing forwards with Mike sitting facing us and Jen wasn’t surprised when I pulled on her leg and slid a hand up under her skirt. I got Lisa to lift Jen’s other leg up and we both caressed her through her tights. As we were on the way home, I used my keys to snag Jen’s tights at the crotch, worked the hole a little larger, then got Lisa to help rip it much larger, completely exposing her pussy and ass (and a good portion of her thighs). The cab driver asked what we were up to and I told him if he could find somewhere relatively quiet to pull over that he was welcome to watch and I slid a couple of fingers into Jen’s pussy then withdrew them and got Jen to suck them clean. I got Lisa to kneel on the floor and eat Jen while I pulled Jen’s top up and sucked on her breasts. The driver asked Mike if we were normally like this and Mike told him that we sometimes just got carried away, but that it always made a good show. He asked the driver again to pull over somewhere and a few minutes later, we pulled into a side street and the driver put the light on in the back of the cab.

Not being one to miss an opportunity, I pulled my tights off and tossed them to Mike so I could sit with my legs spread and fondle myself while kissing and caressing Jen. We encouraged the driver to come join us and even told him he could keep the meter running. He seemed a bit suspicious of us at first but climbed into the back and with just a little encouragement, rubbed his hands over Lisa’s ass (she was still kneeling and eating Jen). I let the driver finger me while Mike pulled Lisa’s tights down and when I told him he could fuck both Lisa and me if he wanted, his suspicions seemed to have been overtaken by his horniness. He let me unzip his trousers and free his cock. I rolled on a condom, took his cock in my mouth and then told him to start on Lisa. Jen was mewing away by this point so I told Lisa to slow down and I just watched as the guy knelt behind Lisa, rubbed against her pussy and pushed in. Being an older guy, he didn’t just hammer away but used a steady pace to fuck her and certainly seemed to be enjoying it. I didn’t want Lisa to have all the fun so I knelt on the floor as well and told the guy I wanted to feel him inside me as well. He moved over and easily slid into me and I told him how good it felt having someone else’s cunt juice acting as a lubricant.

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