Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Christmas 2014 – Part 9

Even after Lisa had eased off it was obvious that Jen still wasn’t going to last much longer and I considered getting Lisa to make Jen cum, then for me to eat Lisa, but I decided that as she was showing such promise that I shouldn’t be greedy and let her have the guy. I told Lisa to make Jen cum and then told the guy to finish fucking Lisa while I took jen’s place and pulled Lisa’s face to my pussy. I quickly checked out the window to see if anyone (who might report us) was watching, then pulled my top and bra off to expose my breasts. Jen leant over and kissed me and I told the guy to rub his thumb around Lisa’s ass. He did this and even pushed the end of his thumb into her, then asked if he could fuck her ass. It didn’t seem fair to Lisa to allow him to do this so I told him to be satisfied with her cunt and lay back to enjoy what Lisa and Jen were doing to me. Sadly for Lisa, while the guy was at least taking his time, he didn’t provide her with much additional stimulation so while Lisa ate me and made me cum, the guy just ended up cumming in her without Lisa cumming. Fortunately Jen was more than willing to take care of Lisa and pulled her up onto the seat, buried her fingers in Lisa’s pussy and ass and got me to frig her. We told the guy to watch Lisa as she came and Lisa blushed quite a bit at this, but to her credit, she allowed her pleasure to show on her face fairly well and narrated as her orgasm built and she came.

Jen, Lisa and I remained in our state of undress for the journey home and it was only when we arrived that we remembered we would need to at least appear respectable for our babysitter. Jen removed her torn tights and we straightened ourselves up then went in. MJ was sleeping happily and the babysitter had just been sitting up watching movies. She was too young to go out drinking so was just heading home to spend New Year with her family. We all gave her a hug on the way out, thanking her and telling her we’d happily use her services again – when we closed the door, Jen said that she would happily provide some services to the girl and I told her off for preying on younger women. I pointed out that Mike was old enough to be her father but Jen said she didn’t care and she was quite sure if she could ever convince the babysitter to join us that none of us would turn down the opportunity. I said that in my case that wasn’t fair as I’d fuck anything and agreed that Mike probably wouldn’t be able to resist her and that we could probably teach her a fair bit about enjoying herself.

We had about 30 minutes before midnight so lit a fire and poured a few drinks. We still hadn’t decided on exactly what we were going to do, but knew that we intended to be as close to each other as possible. We spent the remaining time teasing, kissing and playing with each other, debating whether we could manage a four-way orgasm at the stroke of midnight. Deeming this impractical (although appealing) we just settled for fucking in various positions. For midnight itself, we ended up with me riding Mike, Lisa sitting over Mike’s face and Jen standing with me licking her pussy and Lisa fondling and kissing her ass. Mike played with my clit so I got to cum as well and I received his first load of the year, then allowed Jen and Lisa to lick me clean. With Mike suffering the disadvantage of being a man, he couldn’t cum again, but we thought that we should all get a chance to make each other cum and Mike felt he should also get a chance to eat me to orgasm so we spent the next hour ensuring that each of us had made everyone (barring Mike) cum. Mum called halfway through the session to wish us a happy New Year and I chatted to her while Lisa ate me. Jen called her parents and tried to have a conversation with Mike desperately trying to make her cum and he won – we don’t think they knew that she was actually cumming, but they did ask how much she’d had to drink and to be careful. Lisa was next and when she eventually got through to her parents she had Jen licking her and Mike buried inside her. She only had a brief conversation with them, not wanting to risk letting Mike and Jen make her cum, but Mike pumped away inside her quite energetically and I knelt and masturbated mere inches from the phone as she chatted. When Lisa hung up, she pulled me to her face and did a good job of eating me which I thought was a nice touch, although would have been more impressed if she’d licked me between saying things to her parents. We also tried to call Sue but couldn’t get through to her so just texted and said we wished she was with us so we could all make her (and Josie) cum. We got a reply from Josie, saying she was expecting payment for having loaned Sue to us and I replied promising her that she would get to see as much as she wanted and cum as many times as she wanted.

We were woken up the following morning by MJ so Lisa took her downstairs to feed her, leaving Mike, Jen and me to play. It was a very lethargic session at first – only when we got more turned on did things become a bit more energetic and we finished off (after Jen and I had already cum once each) with Mike fucking Jen and both of them eating me. Mike came in Jen and I told them both that this was definitely the year that I wanted to have a baby. This wasn’t really news to either of them and Jen thought it would be good for Mini-Jen to have a sibling – even though she would technically have  a half-sibling when Mini-Lis appeared later in the year anyway. Jen then went to take over from Lisa so she could join us but Lisa was happy where she was and wanted to finish off. Lisa did come up after a little while and was rewarded with Mike and I both licking her, and after she came, him fucking her while I lapped at her clit. Mike suggested that we record the session and send it to her older sister so she could see that we were taking care of Lisa and I suggested that it might be time for Lisa to use the second pairs of her sisters’ panties but we decided to wait until Jen was with us so we could all witness it (and participate). As Lisa had her second orgasm of the morning, Mike whispered into her ear how he was sure her sisters would be happy to help out and got her to imagine it was her older sister licking her while her younger sister sat watching and masturbating. After she came, Lisa reached back and gave Mike’s ass a very light slap for teasing her but we then distracted her more with Mike kissing her and me sucking on her nipples while gently stroking her pussy and ass.

We didn’t do much else on the 1st, but on the 2nd we invited Ineta round for dinner and ended up giving her a proper new year’s greeting. This happened after dinner – we sat and chatted and Jen gently kissed Ineta’s neck, then slid a hand up under her top to caress her breasts. Ineta said it seemed strange to do this while Mike, Lisa and I were just sitting there talking to her so I spread my legs to indicate that I was (as always) naked under my skirt and Mike pulled on Lisa’s top until she removed it, along with her bra. Jen had continued to caress Ineta while we were doing this and Ineta said that it was still a bit strange, but she allowed Jen to continue and about 5 minutes later, Jen had Ineta’s top and bra off and was working on her now exposed breasts and nipples. I was trying to behave myself and just watch, but couldn’t help gently stroking myself and Mike roped me in to playing with Lisa’s nips as well. Jen mounted Ineta and they kissed a lot while grinding against each other and they eventually just stripped off and humped properly on the sofa. Jen tried to convince Ineta that she should agree to visit at least twice a week throughout the year and that she would personally ensure Ineta was satisfied. Of course, Mike has been known to take care of Ineta while at work as well as at home and I’m more than happy to play with her whenever she visits so if she visited twice a week, we could probably give her at least five orgasms a week between us.

MJ interrupted our session again but Mike went to settle her down and play with her, leaving me to ‘play with’ Lisa in a much more interesting way. The two of us stripped off our remaining clothes and I suggested we all gang up on Ineta. Lisa was game for this so we got Ineta and Jen to move down from the sofa onto the rug by the fire and we all caressed, kissed, ate and fingered her, trying as best we could to all be stimulating her at the same time (apart from when we were switching positions). As Mike wasn’t involved, I asked him to fetch the strap-on and he returned from upstairs with it a few minutes later, helped me attach it and I took a turn fucking Ineta. Instead of trying to get her off multiple times, we just teased her until she was begging to cum, keeping her close for around 30 minutes and then briefly fucking her with a wine bottle. By this point she was sufficiently desperate to cum that when we let her get her hands on the bottle, she eagerly fucked herself with it and kept telling us she wanted to cum. Of course, we didn’t make it that easy and let her get herself close but then held her hands to stop her and took over with all of us playing with her once more. Jen used the bottle in Ineta’s pussy, pumping and twisting it, Lisa frigged Ineta’s clit and kissed one of her nipples while I took the other nip and alternated between sucking on this and kissing Ineta. It was a somewhat underwhelming orgasm given the time we’d put into preparing her (but that often happens) – she didn’t complain about it and I’m not saying she didn’t enjoy herself, I’d just hoped for more. Jen felt the same way and intended to do something about it, settling down to kitty kiss Ineta and spending quite a while between her legs. Ineta is quite familiar with kitty kissing so it took her a little while to realise that Jen was going further with it and I pushed Lisa over to sit over Ineta’s face. Lisa said that as Jen was doing the work, she should get the reward and Ineta told Jen to turn round so they could 69. We watched the two of them licking at each other and remained relatively quiet – the only sounds being the fire and the occasional slurping noise. It was a nice moment so I decided to capture it and started recording then settled back and just waited until Ineta made some moaning sounds. Jen ate Ineta through her orgasm and it looked like she was still putting in a fair effort on Ineta’s pussy (although she says she switched to kitty kissing) while Ineta kept eating Jen until she came. The two of them kitty kissed for a few minutes more and when they surfaced for air, Mike said that he really wanted to have a turn with them once they had recovered.

Ineta said she had cum enough, but that she’d let Mike fuck her if he wanted – he really isn’t in to just using a woman to masturbate and said he’d only want to do things with her if he could make her cum as well so she asked for a bit of a break to recover and we sat around chatting. Well, not quite as neither Lisa nor I had cum so while Mike transferred the video I’d taken to the computer and put it up on the TV, Lisa and I sat gently masturbating. As we watched the replay of Jen and Ineta, I challenged Lisa to see who could cum first. Ineta said it was really embarrassing to see herself like that (she was mostly hidden under Jen, but for anyone who had seen her naked, it was clearly her body and hair) and I promised we would delete the video if she wanted or that we could give her a copy to ‘use’ if she would prefer. Two of my fingers swirled over my clit while others moved inside me and I pictured various scenarios to help drive my orgasm forwards. I came before Lisa and as a penalty she was stopped from masturbating, but only for a couple of minutes until the video ended, at which point I was given my prize of being allowed to make Lisa cum (you might notice that our prizes and penalties often vary randomly between being allowed to cum or not cum).

Ineta was given the task of kitty kissing Lisa (just to keep her in practice) and Mike recorded a close up shot of Ineta’s face with her tongue sliding around and between Lisa’s lips. Once again Ineta said it was embarrassing, but told us as long as we didn’t show it to anyone else that we could keep it. We actually got the rules relaxed a bit by showing her some of the videos of us with Lis and Lucy and Ineta agreed that they could see her naked if they wanted to. Mike toyed with Ineta more as she lapped at Lisa and then knelt behind her to slide his cock into her pussy. He slowly moved in and out, using long strokes so just the tip of his head was in, then pushing the whole way in so he was pressed hard up against her ass. Jen and I helped out by fondling Ineta’s breasts and clit and stroking her back and ass. She told us that she would be exhausted in the morning, but that we could keep going so we continued to fondle her with Mike keeping up his slow, long strokes. I was expecting him to speed up as Ineta became more aroused but he kept going at the same pace even when she was moaning into Lisa’s pussy that she was getting close. In hindsight, I noticed a slight change in the way he was moving around the time Ineta came, but not at the time as he kept going and I asked if he intended to fuck her to a second orgasm. She said she really didn’t think she could cum again and it was only then that Mike said he had already cum – just after she did. Ineta didn’t believe him at first as he really hadn’t been moving that quickly but he told her he had just been enjoying her pussy and watching what she was doing – he later told the rest of us that he had been imagining a number of other things as well but I was still impressed he’d cum with so little physical stimulation.

We convinced Ineta to sleep over that night – she stayed with Jen and I but Mike got to have another turn eating her in the morning before she left. We had invited her to come with us to our usual sex shop but she said she had to get some things done around the house. That didn’t deter the rest of us though and after all of the girls getting a fresh shave (Mike did me, I did Lisa and Lisa did Jen), we bundled up and headed out. Alistair was pleased to see us and asked after Jen (who had taken MJ off elsewhere) but as he isn’t allowed to do anything with her anyway he didn’t seem too upset at her absence. Lisa and I went to try on some of his more revealing outfits and returned to the front of the store to chat with him and a few minutes later a guy wandered in. I asked Alistair if Lisa and I could try out for part time jobs – Alistair didn’t get my meaning at first so I asked if we could go and offer to help the customer and he told us yes.

Lisa and I sauntered over to the guy and asked if he needed any help – he eyed us both up, taking in the view of our bodies that our outfits did very little to hide (I had a sheer nightdress on that only came to midway down my ass and Lisa had a t-shirt that came to the top of her thighs, but was riddled with holes and tears so she had one breasts fully exposed, bits of the other one showing, a fair part of her ass and enough of her pussy, depending on how she was standing. The guy seemed a bit embarrassed at first so we told him it didn’t matter what he was looking for, we’d be happy to provide any advice we could. I stood behind Lisa and reached around to cup her breasts, then fondled them. The guy said he was looking for a film so I asked what kind and started listing various fetishes. For the ones we could easily demonstrate, I used Lisa as my model and asked if he was in to breasts (as I fondled them), legs (reaching down to caress Lisa’s thighs), pussy (lifting her t-shirt and stroking her), ass (turning her around and lifting her t-shirt, then caressing her ass)… We went through a number more options, involving Lisa and I kissing and stroking each other, me kneeling and licking her, Lisa fingering me, then using toys on me and me spanking Lisa a few times.

While moving around for our demonstrations, I had ‘accidentally’ rubbed up against the guy a few times – at first he moved away but then stayed still and by the time I pressed my ass directly up against his crotch and rubbed against him he was pressing back (not too much, but he definitely humped against me). We then dragged him over towards the sybian and I asked Alistair for our attachments. He handed them to Mike, who gave them to me and within a minute I was sitting on the sybian with it sending wonderful pulses of stimulation through my body. Lisa stood beside the guy, pressed up against him and wrapped her arm around his waist so she could feel his cock pressing against her forearm. I watched as she pulled her arm back and started stroking the bulge in his trousers with her hand and I lifted my outfit up to reveal my body properly. As I felt my orgasm building, I reached up and helped Lisa stroke him, then quickly lifted myself off of the sybian just before I was about to cum.

I told Lisa it was her turn for some fun, but not to cum so we could enjoy ourselves more and as she took my place I knelt beside the guy so my face was at crotch height and I took over stroking him, using both my hands and also rubbing my face against the bulge. I reached over to pull on Lisa’s top and she got the idea and removed it completely. Not wanting to be outdone I pulled my outfit off and nuzzled up against his bulge even more enthusiastically. I looked up and told him if he had some condoms that we could go out back and finish this off and he asked how much it would be. I acted as if I was offended and told him we weren’t prostitutes, we just wanted to have some fun and if he played along, he could get to fuck us both. We got him to buy a pack of the more expensive condoms that feel much nicer, for both parties – and we led him out to what used to be the back office, but was now kitted out for trying on clothes (for those less adventurous) or trying other things for people like us.

As soon as we were in the room I asked Lisa if she wanted to see his cock and she nodded so we knelt and pulled his trousers down, freed his cock and admired it a bit. (It wasn’t anything particularly special – a reasonable size but not huge – but the guy seemed to enjoy us examining it). I got Lisa to roll a condom on and we started stroking and kissing it. We kissed and sucked him together, then each had a turn. I then sat up on the bench, spread my legs and told Lisa to eat me. She crawled over and did as I asked and the guy asked if he could fuck her. I nodded and watched as he pushed into her. I made a show of lifting my breasts up and licking each of my nipples and told the guy not to cum too quickly as I wanted him. He said he’d wait as he wanted to fuck me and play with my titties (I don’t recall anyone calling them by that name before!). I let Lisa enjoy him for a bit longer before saying it was time to switch and as we pulled over another bench unit, I whispered to Lisa that as she had the cab driver that this guy was mine. I lay on my back across the little bench and let Lisa climb over my face as the guy pushed into me. He fondled my breasts for pretty much the whole time he fucked me and as he liked them so much, I let him just play with them and I reached down to take care of my clit. Lisa humped back and forth across my face and I could hear her moaning quite loudly, clearly putting on a good show. I occasionally rubbed my nose u against her ass, but mostly just concentrated on licking her pussy and clit. As I couldn’t see the guy to tell how close he was getting, I didn’t hold back and frigged myself until I was on the verge of cumming. Initially I had intended to try and keep myself there and cum as soon as he came, but I misjudged it slightly and could feel that my orgasm was starting to break so just gently circled my clit with one finger and came.

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