Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Christmas 2014 – Part 11

Jen came with us and we told him that she was off limits, but that if he wanted she could strip so he could see her. Jen sighed when I said that, but nonetheless started peeling off her clothes before the guy had even said he wanted her to be naked (it was a fair assumption though). He asked what we had done with Lori and I told him that was between us, but that he had a fair bit to live up to if he was going to match her. I sat up on the bed and let him finger me and play with my breasts. His cock was soon freed and once he put a condom on it I knelt and sucked him then stood and bent forwards to let him slide into me. I could feel his stomach press against my ass as we fucked and he reached around to fondle my breasts. Jen got him to play with my clit and then handed him a vibe to help out – I think this was the point where he realised I wasn’t just a horny girl but really was a nympho and he told me he wanted to fuck me properly.

By ‘properly’ he wanted me on my back and he adjusted the bed to be at the right height so he could stand and pump away in me. I held my legs up and apart and Jen then helped out by standing near my head and holding my legs. The guy held the vibe on my clit and occasionally rubbed it over my nipples. Jen kept telling him to make sure I came first and that he could then fuck me as hard as he wanted. I could still feel his stomach slapping against my body, but his cock felt a fair bit deeper in this position. I didn’t think it would be fair to try and hold back so just let myself enjoy the situation and thought about how many cocks I could have inside me that year. I moaned loudly again as I came, telling the guy how good it felt and how I wanted him to fuck me. He did as I asked and sped up his movements – I had half expected him to just hammer away but he still used reasonably long and steady strokes and fondled my breasts. I told him over and over that I wanted him to cum in me, to push as deep into my cunt as he could and to enjoy it. He did, and he did. He came and told me I was ‘fucking amazing’ and when he pulled out I noticed that the condom looked pretty full of cum.

While he cleaned up, I got Jen to prepare me for the other guy (assuming he would be joining us) and she kitty kissed me. The guy really liked watching that but we had to remind him not to touch Jen as I saw him reaching for her ass. He wanted a close-up view of what she was doing to me so we let him watch as Jen fingered and licked me. I imagined going downstairs and letting everyone else in the shop all have me at the same time with them all fucking and fingering me at once and cum being pumped into and over my body. This was mostly to help get myself quickly prepared and it worked well. I knew it wasn’t actually going to happen like that, but I followed the guy downstairs in my heightened state of arousal, still imagining them all pouncing on me. The guy was asked if I really let him screw me and he said I had. The second guy was still finishing off a tattoo so I sat on the stairs again and waited. Jen followed me down, this time she had remained naked and she received a number of compliments as well. I knew I was getting carried away, but I can’t resist an audience so I spread my legs and stroked myself, then got Jen to stand over me and lifted my head to her pussy and started licking her. This went down extremely well and resulted in the shaved head guy asking Lori to finish off his work so he could join us.

As we went back up to the room, he was given the same warning about Jen being off limits but I said that she and I would happily play with each other for him to watch if he wanted. I lay on my back and let Jen climb over me and she spread her lips to let him see as I licked her. He fondled my pussy and breasts and spent a while caressing my ass and I then felt his cock rubbing up against me and sliding in to me. He pumped away in me and played with my clit and it was all going well until Jen nearly slipped off the bed. The guy helped to grab her and helped her down so we changed position with Jen lying on the bed, me standing and eating her and the guy behind me fucking me. I was loving this and wanted to make sure Jen was having as good a time as I was so I looked up and mouthed ‘one squirt’ while holding up a finger. Jen grinned back at me and I attacked her pussy with my tongue. She didn’t mew as much this time but I could tell from her breathing when she was getting close and prepared myself. As she came, I felt a large squirt of pee enter my mouth and I instantly swallowed it while continuing to eat her. I kept this up until she had finished cumming and then pulled back and looked round to ask the guy if he had enjoyed the show. He said he had and I asked if he wanted to try a different position. I was given the choice so I told him to get on the bed so I could ride his cock – taking the opportunity to stroke and suck him a little before I mounted him. He reached up and played with my breasts and occasionally stroked my clit but as I was grinding it against his body I didn’t really need him to do this. As my orgasm approached, I leant forwards to get even better contact and humped back and forth – as my orgasm started I told him to fuck me hard and felt him pound away in me, in a way quite similar to Mike does when we finish like that. His hands gripped my ass firmly and he kept thrusting into me until well after I’d finished cumming. My pussy felt quite sensitive (I’d done a fair bit that day) and I moaned and panted about how strong it felt (maybe putting it on a bit, but not much). He told me he was getting close so I looked straight at him and told him to empty his cum into my cunt and that I wanted to drink every last drop he had. He seemed to stay at the verge of cumming for a while but when he did, he let out a loud ‘oh fuck, yesss’ and pushed into me even harder a few times. I did my best to contract my pussy around his cock but was too tired so just gently rode him. When I pulled myself off I climbed down and took his cock in my hand to admire my work. He hadn’t cum as much as the beardy guy, but there was more than enough to squish around in the condom so I took the head in my mouth and swirled my tongue around in circles.

Jen got dressed but I followed the guy downstairs carrying my clothes and pulled on my tights and coat while standing in the shop. I left my coat unfastened and Lori asked if I wanted them to sign me to show they’d had me. I said I didn’t want a tattoo but she said it was only ink and would wear off in a few days so I told her to be my guest and offered her a breast. Lori said she’d prefer to sign my pussy so I told her she was almost as bad as I was and slipped my tights and coat off. I climbed up into a chair between two other customers and she told me to spread my legs, so I did, putting my legs over the arms of the chair. Lori took a fine brush and in blank ink signed her name, then handed the brush to the beardy guy who signed ‘Ian’ and finally the shaved head guy who I learned was Kevin (he didn’t look like a Kevin). I was given a mirror to have a proper look with and then got Lori to turn me to each side so I could ask the opinion of the other customers (they both approved). Lori said it would take a little while for the ink to dry so I asked her to cut my tights and once she had put a hole in then, I tore at the crotch until there was a much larger hole and  I pulled the tights on – being careful not to drag the material over my mons. I showed off my new look which left my pussy completely exposed, along with a fair portion of my ass and I slipped my coat back on. I thanked them all for the fun (and Jen thanked Lori) and we were told we could come back anytime and that they’d even do some free work on us if we wanted.

Jen and I wandered out and went to find Mike and Lisa. We went for a coffee and discreetly relayed what had happened. I wasn’t as discreet when I showed Mike how I was dressed under my coat and a guy sitting near us certainly got a look at my breasts and possibly noticed my pussy showing. I told Mike that it would be sensible for us to go home as my cunt was still tingling and I knew I wanted more. Jen agreed that I was probably getting close to the dangerous stage where I take far more chances so we finished up and wandered home, with me unbuttoning the bottom half of my coat whenever I thought there were few enough people around. Halfway home I considered wandering back to Alistair’s shop with the aim of walking in and planting myself on the sybian, irrespective of who was there but I let Mike lead me home and as soon as we were indoors, he stripped me naked, lay me on the sofa and ate me until I came. This was followed by Lisa using a vibe and an egg on me, then Jen eating me and them Lisa 69ing with me while Mike fucked me. I got to cum each time and made Lisa cum when we 69ed and the multiple orgasms was enough to satisfy me (for the time being anyway).

Over dinner that night, I started making a list of the things I wanted to do before I started trying to get pregnant. As keen as I was to have a baby, I wanted to have a little more fun first and the idea was to see at what point in the year I would be ready to calm down and limit myself to just having sex with Mike (and Jen, Lisa, Lis, Lucy and Josie – and any other woman who wasn’t sleeping with guys). We added a number of things to the list (and you’ll get to read about them in future entries so I’m not going to spoil the surprise – although there wasn’t a great deal that was really new).

On the Sunday morning I had an idea and after our usual session I called Andy from work and asked him if he was available to do some more work on the paper we were co-authoring. He pointed out it was a Sunday but I said I thought it was important and could really do with his input. Jen told me off as he was with his girlfriend at the time but she half-agrees with me that as I was sleeping with him before he started dating her that I have at least a semi-claim on his cock. Andy managed to get her to agree to him spending a couple of hours on the paper and I took Lisa in to work with me as an added bonus for him. Lisa and I got there first and I showed her round while we waited. Andy looked somewhat confused when he arrived and saw Lisa there and echoed back what I had said to him, saying he thought I had wanted his ‘input’ (stressing the word). I told him not to worry and introduced Lisa to him. I said that she was a special friend of mine and asked how special (Andy knew that I dated other people) and I lifted my skirt to show him that as usual I was naked and I asked Lisa if she could think of a way we could demonstrate to him just how ‘special’ she was to me.

Lisa slipped her hand between my legs and started playing with me so I kissed her and explained to Andy that she was actually Mike’s girlfriend. This confused Andy a bit as he knew about Jen but didn’t seem to be able to get his head around the fact that Mike had a separate girlfriend. I pointed out to Andy that I had been fucking him for ages so it was only fair that Mike got to have someone else and after unzipping Lisa’s skirt and helping it past her hips, I moved over to Andy and said I wanted to give him the chance to watch me play with Lisa (he’s always wanted to see Jen and I together). I unzipped his trousers and reached in to stroke his cock and he looked a bit nervous – I told him to relax and that it was only fair Lisa got to see him seeing as she was now half naked. I freed his cock and asked Lisa to take care of him for a moment, handed his cock to her and watched as she stroked him then bent down and took the head in her mouth. Andy swore (in a good way) and I knelt behind Lisa and lapped at her pussy. Andy said he wanted to see properly so I asked if he was brave enough to do things where we were (still in our lab) or if we should go upstairs. He seemed to consider staying in the lab, but there was always the chance that one of our colleagues would decide to come in to get something finished off so we grabbed Lisa’s skirt and headed upstairs to the unused classroom that Andy and I usually play in.

On arriving, we unlocked the door, entered and locked it behind us. I quickly fished Andy’s cock out again and as I stroked him I warned him that he’d not only get to see Lisa and I playing together, but that he’d get to be inside us both, cum in one of us and then see the other eat his cum out of whoever he came in. He stood with his cock in his hand as I got Lisa to climb up on a bench and I started to stroke and finger her. She soon lost her top so I could play with her breasts as well and Andy came to help with this. His fingers joined mine in and on Lisa’s pussy and we teased her a fair bit. I asked Andy if he wanted to try fucking her and he eagerly took his place between her legs, rubbed his cock against her pussy and slid into her. It was only when he was inside he asked if he needed a condom and we told him that it was fine (as long as he hadn’t cheated on his girlfriend with anyone else) and that he could fill us with his cum. I decided to pull rank and told him I wanted his first load of cum, but that I’d share it with Lisa and I toyed with Lisa’s clit as Andy fucked her. This, coupled with the previous teasing helped to drive Lisa towards her orgasm and I got Andy to closely watch the expression on Lisa’s face as she came. She said this was embarrassing but I told her it was incredibly sexy and that I wanted to make sure Andy was properly ready to cum in me.

Unusually, I was the one with the most clothes on (technically Andy still had his trousers on, but they were pulled down) so I asked if he would help to undress me. He likes doing this and I stood, helpfully moving my arms or wriggling my hips as he unzipped, unbuttoned and pulled on my clothes until I was naked. I climbed up on a bench and got Lisa to lie over me in a 69 position – I kitty kissed her while she ate and fingered me and Andy moved from end to end watching what we were doing to each other. I felt his fingers om my thighs and pussy and watched as he explored Lisa’s pussy and spread her lips to get a better view of my tongue as I licked her. I asked Andy if he was ready to cum yet and he moved back down between my legs, slid into me and started moving. I got Lisa to sit up so Andy could see me licking her but she insisted on playing with my clit and I wasn’t going to refuse. I decided I wasn’t going to wait for Andy to cum and moaned into Lisa’s pussy as my orgasm approached – I pulled away a little a couple of times to tell them how good it felt, how close I was and how I was looking forward to Andy filling me with cum. I moaned more as I came and after a couple more minutes Andy came in me. Once he pulled out, I reached down to my pussy to gather up some cum as it leaked out, then got Andy to move around and watch as I smeared his cum over Lisa’s pussy and pushed some up into her. Lisa climbed off of me and started licking me clean and I told Andy if he was hard enough that he could slide into Lisa. He gave it a try but his cock had already started to go limp – he still rubbed up against her pussy and ass though and Lisa rubbed back against him. I told Andy to keep his cock out and we’d have another treat for him, but I was interrupted by Lisa moving up to kiss me and letting Andy watch as she dribbled his cum from her mouth into mine. I took a fair amount of it and we kissed. Lisa swallowed the cum she still had in her mouth but I demonstrated that I still had it in my mouth and indicated for Lisa to get back up on the bench. It took a bit of gesturing but she got the message and I pushed her legs up so her pussy was pointing to the ceiling, spread her lips and let the contents of my mouth dribble out into her waiting cunt. I then pushed the liquid in as far as I could with my tongue and let her lie down flat again, asking Andy if he liked having filled two girls with his cum.

The extra treat we had for him was Lisa and I both sucking on his cock at the same time. Andy really liked this and we got him hard enough that he could slide into either Lisa or I to coat his cock with our juices and his cum, which we then licked off. After a number of rounds of this, and another demonstration of Lisa and I playing with each other, he said he thought he could go again. I got him to briefly fuck me, just to get a good coating of my juices, then I sat up on a bench for Lisa to eat me while Andy fucked her from behind. I reminded Andy of his duty to make Lisa cum (and I hoe his girlfriend appreciated the training I’d been giving him in this area) and he eagerly reached around to fondle her breasts and pussy. I moved closer to the edge of the desk to make it easier for Lisa to eat me and described to Andy everything she was doing. This time I held back and concentrated on boring things – still enjoying the stimulation but wanting to watch Andy and Lisa cum before I did. Thoughts of relative reaction rates was enough to keep me from cumming but I engaged more from time to time, giving Andy a bit more information and encouraging him to get Lisa off and then pump his cum deep into her. I told him when I felt Lisa panting into my pussy and got him to frig her clit until she actually came, then just watched as he pumped in and out. He pressed in firmly as he came and used shorter strokes and I told him he’d done a good job and as a reward he could watch Lisa finish me off.

I lay back and spread my lips, Andy pulled out of Lisa and moved alongside her to watch and I told him to keep his cock out so I could suck it clean. It didn’t take long for Lisa to make me cum and I then encouraged her to kiss Andy while I climbed down and took his cock in my mouth, gently sucking it clean. We finished with Lisa climbing back up onto the bench and Andy and I exploring her pussy to see how much he’d cum in her. Sadly we couldn’t find much evidence but he did have a few licks of her pussy and I let him watch as I speared her ass with my tongue, eliciting a series of whimpers from her. He had a final play with her body and we promised him he could have her again the next time she visited. We all got dressed and walked out of the building – I suggested to Andy that he go home and spend an hour going down on his girlfriend. He looked a bit sheepish when I mentioned her and said he’d think about it so we encouraged him a bit more, saying how if he ate her to a number of orgasms she would be very happy – and if he convinced her to play with women that Lisa and I would join them (this was unlikely but we knew Andy liked the image).

Lisa and I headed home and we had a quiet evening in. We had hoped to have Ineta round again for a final session before Lisa had to leave. We also finally talked about Amber, who Lisa had been dating but had split up with due to an argument over Lisa not spending Christmas with her. Lisa had offered to visit her for New Year but that wasn’t enough for Amber and she said that Lisa loved Mike more than she loved her (which was probably true at the beginning but as Lisa has come around to the idea of being able to ‘properly’ and ‘fully’ love more than one person I think it evened out a lot more). They’d had similar issues before while discussing where they would live after graduation (planning ahead a bit). Lisa had immediately said she wanted to come up and live with us (and that she wanted Amber to come along) but Amber wanted to go elsewhere. When they had discussed this, Mike had tried to be supportive and told her if she wanted to spend a few years elsewhere (either with Amber or for any other reasons) that he would understand (although he’d miss her). Lisa told us that she really didn’t want to lose Amber, but didn’t know if it was already too late. We told her to just talk to her, be honest and ensue that she knew how much she meant to Lisa.

As it was Lisa’s last night with us, she got to sleep with Mike. He spooned with her and told her he loved how adventurous she’d become but he wanted to make sure (again) she was doing things because she enjoyed them and not to try and impress us. Lisa said she’d had a wonderful holiday and had enjoyed every moment so Mike took the opportunity to tease her about her wanting to fuck her sisters. She gave him a light slap, but allowed him to rub the second set of panties over her face as he fucked her and he got her to describe how she would eat them both out then have them fight to eat his cum out of her. Mike and Lisa both enjoyed the scent (especially from her younger sister’s panties) and as Lisa got close to cumming, he got her to suck on the crotches of both panties and got her to imagine her little sister lying on her bed, pleasuring herself with her vibe and working his cum and Lisa’s juices into her cunt. Lisa came and told Mike he was terrible, but kept letting out little moans as he caressed her. He reminded her that he’d said he would make her want to fuck them in real life and Lisa said ‘never’ but Mike claims it wasn’t anywhere near as emphatic as it had been before.

On the Monday morning, Mike gave Lisa a thorough licking, but didn’t make her cum like that, saving her orgasm for when he fucked her. Naturally I had a quick turn with her before I said my goodbyes and headed off to work and Jen had a final shower (and associated play) with Lisa before Mike took Lisa to the station and then went into work himself. I had lunch with Andy and quizzed him to see if he’d taken our advice with his girlfriend. I was disappointed to hear that he hadn’t (although probably not as disappointed as she would have been if she’d known what we were suggesting) and took him for another training session when we finished eating lunch. I ‘forced’ him to eat me to orgasm before letting him fuck me and had to be careful how I sat down afterwards as it felt like his cum slowly leaked out of me for quite a while.

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