Thursday, 15 December 2016

January 2015 Sex Party – Part 2

Oscar and Sara met Vicky, Mika and Jen in town and in further preparation for the party, they had invited Clare and Giles along so Oscar would know a few other people. They had a discreet conversation in a café and Sara explained to Oscar how she frequently joined in with Clare and Giles and how Clare had come to love being played with by girls (to be fair it was mostly by Sara). Even though Oscar had been partially indoctrinated into our little world, he still found it a bit strange being told he could fuck Clare while Giles was sitting next to her (and likewise that Sara intended to let Giles play with her). Vicky didn’t push things and mention anything about fucking Giles, but she made some comments about playing with Clare – possibly at the same time as Sara did, and Oscar certainly liked the sound of that. As we have ‘trained’ Clare to some extent (in as far as pushing her to cum more times than she could before), Jen asked Clare if she had some time before the party to give Oscar a preview of what he could be getting. Clare made a comment about having expected things to be a bit quieter as I wasn’t there but Mike pointed out that it was Jen and him who were the ones who used to push me to do things, and my current nature was probably just a product of their work.

Jen pushed again and Clare gave in (not wishing to boast, but we have broken her in quite well). Oscar was excited to see another girl-girl session with a new girl (Clare) and after lunch, we headed back to Clare’s room, all piled in and Jen set about playing with Clare. Clare isn’t as much of an exhibitionist as I am and felt a bit self-conscious with the rest of the group just watching them so Sara dragged (it didn’t take much) Vicky over to the bed and they both helped Jen out in toying with Clare. Mike, Giles and Oscar sat and watched as all the girls stripped off and Clare took turns with each of Jen, Vicky and Sara sitting over her face while the others played with Clare’s pussy and breasts. Oscar chatted with Giles and asked if Sara joined Clare and him often and Giles confirmed she did. The girls kept playing with each other for a while, but when Jen said she was going to try and hold back for the party, the others decided in turn that they would do the same (Sara was the last one to decide on this, somewhat reluctantly from what Mike said – although even when Clare told Sara that she’d happily make her cum if she wanted, Sara stuck to her decision and said she’d wait as well.

Jen suggested to Clare to ask Oscar to have a little play with her – so she did. Jen and Sara moved out of the way with Jen standing by Mike so he could gently fondle her and Sara sitting on Giles’ lap to let him caress her. Vicky remained with Clare and encouraged Oscar to finger Clare’s pussy, fondle her breasts and then slide his cock into Clare (both her pussy and mouth). Vicky sucked Oscar’s cock clean after he’d been inside Clare but he was only allowed a brief play with her before Vicky told him he’d had enough and would have to wait until the party to fuck her properly. They chatted a while longer as people got dressed and Mike stole a few licks from Clare and Sara’s cunts (which made it significantly harder for them to put their clothes on) before people arranged to meet up for some food before the party and headed their separate ways for the afternoon.

Back at the hotel, Mike and Jen had a nap, but of course they stripped off before getting into bed. Jen allowed Mike to indulge himself and kitty kiss her and in return for ‘letting’ him do this to her, he also had to spend some time worshipping her breasts. Mike was naturally quite hard by the time they got round to actually sleeping so he was able to slip into Jen and spoon with her while they dozed. He had gone soft by the time he woke up but made up for this by kitty kissing Jen awake. Once awake, she let him carry on while she listed all the girls she intended to play with at the party. Mike pretty much seconded her list and told her he would happily take each one of them after Jen had finished with them (not hiding the fact that it meant she would have licked any surplus cum out of them so they would be ‘fresh’ for him to eat). Jen squeezed his head between her thighs but Mike responded by eating her properly and Jen released him. Mike and Jen showered together, got dressed and headed out to meet up for an early dinner with Clare, Giles, Sara, Oscar and Vicky. As usual before the parties, they had a light meal, stopped off for a drink and then headed off to the house.

They arrived reasonably early and only the people who lived in the house were there already. This didn’t stop them though and Vicky led Clare upstairs, beaconing Oscar to follow them (which he eagerly did). Sara and Jen popped up a few minutes later to see how things were going and came back to report that Clare was kneeling on the bed sucking Oscar while Vicky was kneeling behind Clare, lapping at her pussy. Sara had briefly butted in (pun intended) and made use of Clare’s position to steal a few licks of her ass, but she allowed Vicky to go back to toying with Clare’s pussy afterwards. As Sara was the only girl downstairs (who would do things with guys), she was getting attention from Mike, Giles and Brett. Sara allowed Mike to go down on her while she alternated between sucking Giles and Brett. Corey turned up in the middle of this, along with Kiyomi and Miyako (who had made up after a falling out). Mike asked Sara if she minded him leaving and she told him to go ahead as she knows about his Japanese fetish – although to be fair, most of the guys and many of the girls seem to be attracted to our little Japanese girls. Corey was more than happy to take his place with Sara – even though by the time he got to her, Brett had already moved from Sara’s mouth to her pussy (fucking her instead of eating her as Mike had been doing) but Sara eagerly took Corey in her mouth and started sucking him.

Mike took the opportunity and led both the Japanese girls upstairs. Jen thought it was only fair that she should get to join in with them as she hadn’t seen any action yet and while Mike wanted to have two oriental pussies to himself, he couldn’t deny Jen’s request. Mike started off playing with Kiyomi while Jen took Miyako – as they gradually undressed, Mike and Jen switched partners a few times and occasionally asked Kiyomi and Miyako to kiss and fondle each other. They did as requested while pretending to be embarrassed but weren’t given long to play with each other at any one time as both Mike and Jen wanted to have them. It was only when all four of them were naked and had been 69ing and fucking that Kiyomi and Miyako were pushed back together again and encouraged to eat and finger each other. They didn’t hesitate and got stuck in to a 69, even allowing Mike to move round and slide into each of them in turn. Mike would have loved to watch them make each other cum (and then fuck them), but they already had an audience and he knew that the Japanese girls would be in high demand so he and Jen went back to playing with them. Mike ate Miyako to orgasm, briefly kitty kissed her and then slid into her. He asked her if she could cum again and she gave him a little ‘hai’ so he started to fuck her. Meanwhile, Jen and Kiyomi were getting along well with Jen on top of Kiyomi in a 69, humping against her face while licking around and in Kiyomi’s little pussy. The two of them finished off before Mike got Miyako even close to cumming again and Jen wandered off to chat with Melissa and get a drink.

As Mike fucked Miyako, he teased her about how everyone was watching them and could see his cock violating her pussy. She blushed at this and said she was embarrassed, but we think she quite enjoys showing herself off (not as much as I do). Other people certainly enjoyed watching them and Mike saw Paul toying with Caroline and later in the session caught sight of Sara and told Miyako that he thought Sara might want a turn with her once they had finished. As Miyako was on top, Mike half expected one of the other guys to suggest a DP session (Mike would have agreed just for the image of both Miyako’s holes being fucked). He got to keep her to himself though and as she ground against him more feverishly, they kissed and he asked if he could empty his cum into her. She gave him another little ‘hai’ and said something else in Japanese that was beyond his understanding. Mike quietly whispered to her how much he wanted to feel her cum around him and she half-moaned, half-hummed into his ear as her orgasm built. As she started to cum he stopped holding back and felt his own orgasm quickly build and erupt into her. He told her he was cumming and she kept saying ‘iie’ (Japanese for ‘no’, which can mean ‘yes’). They kissed deeply with tongues pressing into each other’s mouths and rolled over so Mike was on top. He used a few long strokes and told her he wanted her to keep his cum deep inside her. When he asked if she had cum again she nodded and kept saying ‘hai’ in a breathless voice and Mike was quite pleased with his work.

When Mike pulled out of Miyako and sat up, she closed her legs and reached out to get her clothes. Mike decided to test our theory of her secretly enjoying exhibiting herself (because let’s face it, everyone at the party must have at least a little bit of exhibitionist tendencies). He told her that everyone thought she looked beautiful and that she shouldn’t cover herself up and gently tugged on the top she had in her hand. She allowed him to take it away from her and he gently pushed her back down onto the bed and caressed her breasts. Mike spread her arms to expose her top and asked for someone to spread he legs. Miyako let out a weak ‘iie’ but Mike whispered to her that everyone wanted to see her beautiful cunt and that it was a pity to hide it away. A few of the guys started caressing her and Mike whispered to her again, telling her to enjoy having everyone see her amazing body. As hands and fingers made their way to her breasts and pussy, Mike moved back and watched as Neil, Paul and Craig joined her on the bed and toyed with her. Mike was a little surprised that none of them seemed at all bothered by his cum leaking from her pussy (despite the frequent girl-girl action at the parties, there is little to no guy-guy action, although Corey has come out as bi).

Mike left Miyako to the other guys and went to get a drink, picking up Caroline on the way. He figured that as Paul had already been fondling her that she might be ready to play and he was right. She was a little surprised that he wanted to do things with her so soon after cumming, but she also knows that he loves eating pussy so as soon as Mike had rehydrated, she sat up on the counter in the kitchen, spread her legs and let him finger her while they kissed and he sucked on her breasts. Mike briefly ate her up on the counter but they moved into the living room and onto a sofa to do this properly. Caroline sat with her ass at the edge of the cushion and her feet up either side of her while Mike knelt on the floor and ate her. He took his time and got her fairly close to cumming, then backed off and chatted to her while stroking and fingering her. Caroline didn’t seem to mind the teasing, nor did she object when Mike let both Vicky and then Jen have brief turns at eating her – on the condition neither of them made Caroline cum. This treat was reserved for Mike and as he’d done most of the work it seemed fair. He asked Caroline if she was ready to cum and she told him she’d been ready for the last two times he’d got her close. Mike lowered his mouth to her pussy and swirled his tongue around and inside her as well as over her clit. This time he didn’t break contact until well after she came (having switched to kitty kissing her as her orgasm faded). Caroline thanked him and said she had needed that orgasm, then asked what he wanted in return. Mike told her she could repay him another time and she pouted at him and said it was only fair she repay him. In response he told her that she could fuck Oscar as he was new and the more women he got to play with, the more likely he was to come back. Caroline still wanted at least a little play with Mike’s cock so he sat back on the sofa and let her mount him. They semi-fucked for a few minutes and Mike told her he could easily cum in her but he wanted to save his next orgasm until later in the party. Caroline made a comment about it sucking to be a guy and not being able to cum many times and he reminded her that she only used to cum a couple of times when she first started coming to the parties.

Once Caroline had pulled herself off Mike’s cock, he led her over to Oscar and introduced them, told Oscar she liked being eaten and then fucked and left them to it. Mike then went to find Jen and discovered that she’d already had a session with Simone and was now chatting with Hannah, trying to get her into bed. While Hannah does things with girls at the parties, she usually (but not always) takes a little convincing to get things started. It was much easier with Mike there as well and Hannah kissed Jen while Mike stood behind her and fondled her breasts and pussy while rubbing his cock against her ass, through her skirt. Jen took over playing with Hannah’s breasts and she twisted her head round to kiss Mike. He freed his cock, lifted her skirt and slid his cock between her legs so he could rub back and forth. Jen knelt down and pushed her head under Hannah’s skirt. At first she mostly licked the head of Mike’s cock but she then pushed her head forwards and licked around Hannah’s mons. Mike pulled back so he wasn’t thrusting his cock the whole way through Hannah’s legs. Allowing Jen to make contact with Hannah’s pussy and start to eat her properly. Hannah moaned that she wanted him as well and Mike bargained with her, saying that she was really Jen’s conquest but he’d help out a bit longer if she wanted, in return for her finishing off with just Jen.

Hannah agreed to this (although it was quite clear that she was now more than ready to fuck Jen) and they moved onto the bed. Mike lay behind Hannah and slid into her while Jen lapped at Hannah’s clit. Jen quickly moved around and pressed her pussy to Hannah’s face who started licking and fingering Jen without any further encouragement. Mike told Hannah how incredibly hot she was, how he loved watching her eat Jen’s pussy and how he could happily cum in her but that Jen would probably kill him if he polluted her with his cum (Jen wouldn’t have minded, but she did want Hannah to herself as part of her aim to convert all women into lesbians). As Mike pulled out and felt Jen immediately push her head between Hannah’s legs to eat her properly, he considered asking Hannah if he could fuck her ass but as he could see she was properly stuck into Jen he restrained himself and just told her he wanted a taste of her pussy later on when Jen had finished with her.

By this point Mike was ready to fuck properly and went to find someone else who was in a similar state. He happened on Simone as she came out of the bathroom and as he hadn’t done things with her too many times, propositioned her. She told him she had just peed so he might want to wait a bit but Mike assured her that he didn’t mind as long as she was okay with it and he would make sure she was nice and wet before he entered her. Simone told him she didn’t mind at all and she liked being naughty (once again – pretty much a given for anyone at the party) and she let him press her up against the wall, kneel and lift her skirt so he could kiss her pussy. Mike asked Simone to remove her top and he looked up to watch as she slid it over her head and undid her bra to reveal her breasts. As a reward he pushed her legs apart and licked deeper between her lips. She held his head against her pussy and said it felt good and Mike stood up, lifted her and carried her into one of the bedrooms. Neil was already fucking Kiyomi on the bed but there was enough space so Mike lay Simone down, spread her legs and buried his tongue in her pussy again. As she was responding so well, he swirled it around her ass a few times, causing her to shudder, but not push him away. Unusually for Mike, he crawled back up Simone’s body and asked her if she could cum twice for him. She told him she was happy to give it a try and he said he’d eat her, then fuck her. Simone told him he could fuck her even if she couldn’t cum again and Mike thanked her (although he doesn’t like cumming in someone who isn’t cumming – or at the very least, hasn’t just cum).

Before Mike moved back down between Simone’s legs, Mike asked what she liked and she said he seemed to be doing a good job on his own and to just keep doing it. Mike said he wanted to hear her ask him to eat her so she quietly told him to eat her snatch. When he pressed his cock against her and said he liked hearing her talk dirty, she whispered in his ear again and said she wanted him to lick her little cunny. Mike rubbed his cock against her pussy and asked if she could be dirtier – she asked him to lick her twat and he pushed into her and said she was getting better and she finally told him to tongue her cunt and suck on her clit. Mike pumped back and forth in her a few times, kissed her and told her that her wish was his command. He moved back down to her pussy, briefly stopping to suck on her nipples and pushed his face into her cunt. Simone moaned and cooed as he worked on her, clearly appreciating and enjoying what he was doing. Mike experimented a fair bit, sucking on her lips, sliding his tongue into her, fingering her while lapping at her clit and occasionally paying attention to her ass, rimming and spearing her. As Simone’s orgasm built, she caressed her breasts, cupping and kneading them and gently pulling on her nipples. Mike says that she wasn’t really loud when she came but that she sounded very expressive and he loved it.

Mike ate Simone through her orgasm and kitty kissed her for a few minutes with the hope of preparing her to be fucked. Once she realised he wasn’t eating her, she relaxed and enjoyed the gentle attention and complimented him on the technique. Mike thinks it was less than five minutes after Simone came that she told him he could fuck her (although he kind of gets lost while eating pussy so he admits it could have been longer). He asked if she thought she could cum again and she told him she definitely wanted to, it would just depend on whether he could copy what he’d done with his mouth while using his cock. Mike crawled up her body once more and easily slid into her. Simone said he felt really hard and they started moving against each other. Mike went to kiss her and she tried to wipe her juices from his face so he teased her and said he thought she was meant to be a naughty girl and it would be a pity to waste her juices as she tasted so good. Simone wrinkled her nose at him, but kissed him anyway and made a show of licking her juices from his chin where she hadn’t wiped. Simone wrapped her legs around him and pushed on his ass, telling him to get deep inside her. Mike happily obliged, using long strokes most of the time but occasionally switching to rapid thrusts. As they fucked, Mike asked how many other women Simone had fucked that night. At first she acted coy but then told him she’d also played with Vicky and a couple of other guys. Mike was pleased to discover that he was the first one to make her cum (or at that point, try to cum) twice that night. As they humped against each other they exchanged whispered dirty talk with Mike telling Simone he loved the way her little cunt looked and tasted and how he thought it was cute when she squirmed and whimpered when he licked at her ass.

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