Monday, 19 December 2016

January 2015 Sex Party – Part 3

Simone told him he could fuck her in the ass if he wanted and Mike told her that it was very tempting as her ass was cute, but he really liked the idea of cumming deep into her cunt. Simone told him that he was the naughty one and they rolled over so she could ride him for a bit. Mike told her that they could always ask for someone to fuck her ass and DP her – Simone seemed to consider this but said it was too awkward and she liked the way he was moving in her. Mike then suggested that Sara and Jen could team up to work on her at the next party and if she wanted to be really dirty, she could have Sara licking at her ass while Jen ate her. Simone said that this sounded nice so Mike told her if they did it in the shower that she could pee over Jen as she came. Again, Simone wrinkled her nose at this (although Jen’s fetish is no secret and known by everyone at the parties) and Mike told her not to discount things that she might enjoy, reminding her that just a year ago she was much shyer and probably wouldn’t have let him fuck her as quickly. Mike was going to describe how much Jen loved eating someone and having them pee on her but didn’t want to disrupt the session they were having (seeing as Simone didn’t seem entirely convinced). He went back to more general dirty talk and they described to each other how his cum would pump deep into her cunt and fill her as she came around his hard cock.  

Simone moaned and told Mike she was going to cum if they kept going. This surprised Mike a bit as he hadn’t been playing with her clit at all and he asked if she could always cum just by fucking. She said she could if she was given enough time and that she was glad he hadn’t cum too quickly. This was another boost to his ego and he told her again that her wish was his command and he’d fuck her until she came for him. They rolled over so Mike was on top and Simone wrapped her legs around him again. She told him to keep going the way he was and Mike carried on with long steady strokes, pushing firmly into her as they exchanged more dirty talk. Simone let out little whimpered ‘ooh’ sounds as her orgasm built and Mike got her to keep telling him how close she was (although he was pretty much able to guess as he could feel her arching her back underneath him). Simone said ‘now, now, now’ and moaned a bit more – Mike resisted the urge to speed up and carried on fucking her at the same pace, willing himself to cum in her. He didn’t manage it before she finished cumming, but she let him carry on moving in her and kissed him until he moaned into her mouth and then broke contact to tell her he was cumming in her. Mike pushed as deep as he could and was pleased to feel Simone push back against him – he remained inside her and whispered to her that she was indeed a naughty girl, but that he liked her and would happily eat her anytime she wanted. He even fetched her bra and top from the landing where she had pulled them off earlier and helped to dress her (although this was more of a thinly veiled excuse to fondle her more than actually help out).

Mike went downstairs with Simone to get another drink and he bumped into Jen and found out she’d managed to play with another couple of girls (mostly eating them). Mike said he was jealous, but was then even more jealous when Jen told him that one of the girls had been Emily (they hadn’t been sure if Em would be coming to the party). Mike quickly finished his drink, dashed to the bathroom and then headed off to find Emily. Unfortunately for him, she was in the middle of being fucked by Joris but this meant Mike had a chance to fondle Joris’ partner Nora. As another girl with large breasts (who is proud of them in the same way Vicky is), she seemed to expect Mike to want to play with them. It’s not that Mike doesn’t like breasts – he just prefers legs and pussy – so he fondled and kissed them for a while, but had his fingers in Nora’s pussy from very early on in the proceedings. Mike admits (now, not at the time to Nora) that he was only half paying attention and while he wanted to get between Nora’s legs, he didn’t want to end up missing Emily finishing with Joris and having someone else steal her away (for newer readers, Emily has the most amazing tasting pussy and given Mike’s obsession with eating pussy, it meant Emily was pretty much his dream girl).

Mike decided to take the chance and got Nora to lie back – she didn’t want to take her skirt off, but it was only a short one that he could easily push up out of the way and he positioned himself between her legs and admired her pussy. She had a good patch of hair on her mons, but her lips were bald and Mike spread them and gently blew air over her pussy (which she said tickled). He stroked up and down her pussy and used a couple of fingers inside her while flicking his tongue over her clit. He was well aware that she would have boy-cum inside her and was trying to get her wet enough with her own juices to help mask the taste (he doesn’t really care about eating other guys’ cum from a pussy now, but still prefers the ‘native’ taste). After a couple of minutes he started eating Nora properly but as he was trying to be quick, he didn’t tease her and just worked on her steadily, continually pushing her towards her orgasm. He noticed that Joris and Emily had finished but he takes sufficient pride in his pussy eating skills that he didn’t try to hurry things along (too much) and kept working on Nora until she came. Mike thinks she might have actually squirted – just a little bit, but enough that he felt a small flood of juices as she came, that from taste he knew wasn’t pee. Nora certainly seemed to have enjoyed the attention and asked him if he wanted to fuck her – he thanked her for the offer and told her he’d already cum a number of times but if she’d let him he’d love to be inside her at the next party. Just as the people there knew about Jen’s fetish, they also know about Mike’s (or the girls do anyway) so she wasn’t too surprised and she wandered off with Joris to straighten herself up, leaving Mike to move in on his real target – Emily.

Mike and Emily greeted each other and he gave her a big kiss to let her taste Nora’s juices from his face. Emily was still lying naked on the bed and Mike slid a hand up her thigh and stroked her wet pussy. He asked how much of the moisture was due to her and how much was cum she had milked from guys. Em told him she’d only fucked three guys and that three people had eaten her so it must be mostly her juices. Mike volunteered to be the fourth person to eat her and she told him that she was feeling a bit tender (Jen had apparently made her cum twice) and asked if he could wait. Mike tried to give his puppy dog look and told Emily she couldn’t deny him access to her wonderful nectar so she told him if she didn’t feel up to letting him eat her by the end of the party that they could meet up the next day and she would have a fresh batch waiting for him. This cheered Mike up immensely and he walked downstairs with Emily (with her remaining naked) to get another drink. Mike fondled Vicky while he chatted to Emily and she ended up helping out by sucking on one of Vicky’s nipples and letting beer dribble out of her mouth over Vicky’s breasts. Mike convinced Emily to let him insert the neck of his beer bottle into her pussy – not to actually fuck her with it, just to flavour it and after finishing the beer, he convinced Vicky to sit up on the counter and let him use the bottle on her. Emily continued to help out and alternated with Mike, either stroking Vicky’s clit or pumping the bottle in and out. They had no trouble getting Vicky off and she didn’t seem to mind at all that a number of people were watching (and had quite a good view as her legs were spread wide to allow both Mike and Emily access). Both Mike and Emily had a few licks at Vicky’s post-orgasmic pussy and Mike asked Em if she was ready to let him eat her yet but she said they would have to take a rain check and she would pencil him in for the next day.

Mike finished off the evening by playing with Caroline again – it wasn’t so much that he actually wanted to fuck, he just wanted to feel a nice warm and wet pussy around his cock. Caroline was feeling quite tired, but still wanted to pay Mike back for her earlier orgasm so let him spoon with her. He suggested that they could make her the target for the night and he could be the first to eat and fuck her before everyone else having a go but she said she really didn’t have the energy left for that. Sadly neither Mike nor anyone else suggested anyone else as the target so once again the party went without any of the girls having everyone make them cum (if I’d been there I would have happily volunteered – or at the very least suggested that Jen should be made to cum by all the girls present). Irrespective of this, Mike enjoyed his time in Caroline and told her he still wanted to cum in her at the next party but that he would make sure to eat her beforehand as an added incentive. Caroline allowed him a few licks at her pussy before she got dressed and she knelt and gave his cock a thorough sucking to clean off her juices. Mike gratefully received this, but then bent her over, pulled her panties aside and pushed back into her cunt, telling her that he wanted her juices on his cock so Jen could suck them off later on. Caroline was surprised that Jen (or Mike) would still be up for doing things after the party and he invited her back to the hotel, promising that he and Jen wold spend as long eating and playing with her as she wanted. Caroline said it sounded nice, but had to decline as she was too tired. She did push back against Mike a number of times though and he semi-fucked her once more and threatened to make her cum as ‘punishment’ for refusing him (he didn’t though).

As things wound down Mike managed to have a final quick fondle of Hannah and even got his cock inside her. He and Jen then left with little Sara and headed back to the hotel while trading stories of who they had managed to pair off with (and how) during the party. Jen was very pleased as she had managed to play with every girl present (to some extent or the other). Sara had done things with most of the girls and had also had a number of the guys (each of them had fucked her). They went straight up to the hotel room and stripped off. Mike was in two minds about asking Sara to let him shower her down as he liked the idea that she was covered in various girls’ pussy juices, but also liked the idea of removing and boy-cum from her pussy. Jen ended up making the decision and said that she wanted to shower with Sara – for reasons that Sara was well aware of. Jen promised reparations and the two girls showered together and took turns eating each other while being peed on. This was slightly different than usual as neither Jen nor Sara waited until they were cumming before they peed, but Jen really enjoyed it anyway.

Mike spent a while kitty kissing and licking Sara – starting off very gently but working up to all out eating. As Sara got more aroused she called in her debt from Jen for the shower and they changed position so Mike was on his back, Sara sitting over his face leaning forwards and Jen lying on top of Mike lapping at Sara’s ass. Jen commented that Mike felt quite hard and ground her pussy against his cock. Mike said it wasn’t his fault as he loved the way Sara’s lips felt in his mouth (and Jen humping against him helped). Jen took hold of his cock and slid it into her pussy, then said she would try and make him cum. As she rimmed and speared Sara, Jen humped and ground against Mike – her own mewing sounds becoming more evident as the session progressed. Mike certainly enjoyed the sensation and says he could have cum in Jen if he’d allowed himself to do so, but wanted to save whatever cum he had left for the following day so he held back. Sara didn’t hold back though and with the double stimulation she came reasonably quickly. She remained over Mike’s face for a while, letting him kitty kiss her. Jen’s mewing became more insistent and Sara climbed off of Mike’s face and moved around behind her – Jen told Sara she didn’t have to do anything but Sara loves giving anal play as much as receiving it and eagerly lapped at Jen’s ass. Jen kissed Mike as she came and then rolled off of him, leaving his cock standing erect and shining with her juices.

Even though she’d just cum, Sara let Mike spoon with her as they fell asleep – although they actually chatted for quite a while as they slowly moved against each other. Mike asked Sara if she minded him going to see Emily the next day (technically it was later that day by this point) and Sara told him to go ahead. She had actually hooked up with Em a few more times and was considering getting back together with her. Both Mike and Jen warned Sara to be careful (Emily had cheated on Sara twice and they’d had a bad break up) but Sara explained it would be different this time as she wasn’t intending on ‘dating’ Emily in the same way as before. Sara was now quite entwined with Clare and Giles, so Emily would be someone she ‘dated’ but not exclusively. Mike asked if Sara wanted Em to join in the threesome with Clare and Giles and Sara said she didn’t mind if that happened occasionally but she wanted to keep them relatively separate and that Em was happy with that. Mike expressed his jealously that Giles would still get to eat Emily frequently and asked how Clare felt about introducing another girl into the relationship – Sara hadn’t really discussed this with them, but this was part of the reason she wanted to keep her relationship with Emily separate. They decided that as Jen had already had a turn with Emily at the party and Sara was okay with it that Mike could invite Em round to the hotel while Sara was there – he would play with Emily and Sara would stay with Jen.

On the Sunday morning, Jen was the one to eat Sara awake and Mike texted Emily to ask if she was still willing to let him have a private session with her (and letting her know that Sara and Jen would be present). Once Sara and Jen had finished, Sara let Mike spoon with her again and they ordered room service. Jen answered the door while wearing a dressing down (but left it untied so half of her front was exposed). It was a girl who had brought the food up and Jen decided to see if she would say anything (Jen would have been more than happy to play with the girl if she had expressed any interest, but other than a couple of glances at Jen’s exposed body there was no comment made). Mike used some of the food on Sara and both he and Jen ended up eating a fair portion of their breakfast off or our of Sara (using her breasts, stomach, pussy and ass). Emily texted back during breakfast and said she could come along whenever Mike wanted so he told her he was ready for her as soon as she could arrive. In the meantime, Sara and Jen went into the shower to clean Sara off and made use of the location in a similar way to the previous nigh - the only difference being that as they now had more time and energy they did things ‘properly’ taking turns eating each other to orgasm and with the person cumming peeing as they orgasmed.

Mike also showered to freshen up and while they waited for Emily to arrive, Sara asked Jen why Mike was the only guy who she allowed to fuck her given she obviously enjoyed having a cock inside her (based on her orgasm the night before). Jen thought that Sara had understood this and said that she identified as gay and didn’t like the idea of doing things with guys, but that she didn’t look at Mike as a guy, just someone she loved. Sara said she sort of understood as she used to think of herself as gay (we were part of the group that helped convince her she was bi) and that she did get the difference between doing things just for pleasure and doing things with someone you actually care about or love. While Sara will fuck guys, she is still ‘mostly’ gay and says she feels more comfortable doing things with women, but for the guys she really cares about (including Mike and Giles), it feels more like being with a woman (meaning she feels more comfortable). Mike only felt slightly insulted by having two women saying they thought of him as a girl, but Jen pointed out that as he likes eating pussy so much he could probably get by if he had a sex change (and was a lesbian).

When Emily arrived, she hugged and shared a long kiss with each of them (Jen says that the kiss with Sara seemed to be quite passionate, but she was feeling quite protective of Sara and didn’t want to see Emily hurt her again). Sara was quickly stripped and Mike asked her if she wanted to do anything in particular in return for letting him play with her. She told him she didn’t mind what they did, but it would be nice to fuck as well as have him eat her (she had said a few times that she sometimes it is a frustrating having everyone always want to eat her – that to me definitely counts as a first world problem). Mike said he’d be happy to fuck her and would spend as long as she wanted inside her – but that he hoped to spend a fair time eating her first. Emily sighed and told him to go ahead, but then kissed him and told him he could always eat her. Mike reminded her she hadn’t said that the previous night and when she complained she had been tired he backed her up against the window, knelt and lapped at her pussy.

Emily said the glass was hold on her back so Mike turned her around and pressed her breasts up against the window, then for good measure, slid his cock into her and briefly fucked her. This didn’t last for long though as he really wanted her pussy so they moved over to the bed where he got Jen to arranged a few pillows and he lay Emily down. Jen didn’t see the point in wasting an opportunity so she helped out by kissing Emily, letting Emily suck on her breasts, playing with Em’s breasts and then sitting over Emily’s face to be licked. Sara also kissed and played with Emily and also got Em to finger her. When Sara had a turn sitting over Emily’s face, Em commented that she could smell strawberry and Sara blushed when Jen explained how we had been eating strawberries out of her cunt for breakfast, Mike added that they had also been licking yoghurt and syrup off of Sara’s ass and Emily commented on how much of an ass-junkie Sara had always been. Sara told them all that they were always mean to her, but the chastising lost its effect somewhat when she whimpered as Emily spread Sara’s cheeks and flicked her tongue over Sara’s ass. Mike gave Emily a little of the same treatment, but his real focus was her pussy and he spent about an hour eating her. Emily came for the first time after about 20 minutes and Mike then kitty kissed her for a while before eating her again. Jen and Sara fooled around on the bed next to them, humping, fingering and kissing for a while, occasionally directing their attention to Emily or offering Mike another pussy to lick. Emily came for the second time about 30 minutes after her first orgasm and this time it seemed to be stronger. Mike went back to kitty kissing her for another 10 minutes before pulling away and admiring the state of Emily’s pussy. The whole area was flushed pink and wet with her juices and Mike’s saliva. She allowed him to take a picture to show me and then let him feed her some of her own juices from his fingers. Emily will quite readily taste her own juices (while kissing someone who has just eaten her or sucking a guy she’d just fucked) but Jen in particular is still amazed that Emily can ever get anything done as Jen says if she had Emily’s pussy, she would spend most of the day fingering herself and licking the juices from her own fingers.

Mike thanked Emily once more and directed her attention to his cock. He told her if she was up for cumming again that he was more than ready to fuck her. Emily said she wanted to see him inside Sara first and as Jen pushed Sara’s legs open Emily asked if they had any long socks with them (she knows this is one of Mike’s and to some extent Jen’s, fetishes). Jen produced pairs of white, black and blue socks and asked Emily which she would prefer. Mike wanted the blue ones but Emily thought the white ones made Sara look cuter and to add to the effect, Sara’s hair was quickly tied into pigtails. The changes only heightened Mike’s willingness to bury his cock in Sara’s pussy and following Emily’s directions, he fucked her with him on top, spooned with her and then let Sara ride him. Jen and Emily played with Sara, frigging and fondling her with a bit of ass play as well. Emily challenged Mike to fuck Sara without cumming in her and he said that this wasn’t an issue, although the session may well help with the volume of cum he’d be able to pump into Emily afterwards. Emily instructed Mike and Sara to switch back to spooning and Emily lapped at Sara’s clit while Jen played with Sara’s nipples and kissed her. As Sara’s orgasm built, she told them how amazing it felt and in return Mike told her how glad he was that she had allowed him inside her all those years ago (Mike was the one who took Sara’s heterosexual virginity). He asked if she remembered their first time and how he hadn’t been allowed to cum in her as Emily had wanted to lick her to orgasm while he was in her. Sara replied by saying of course she could remember – it was the first time she’d had a cock inside her – and then added that she remembered him making a fair mess in her when he fucked her for the second time and came in her.

Mike was quite tempted to just cum in Sara, but also wanted to keep his word to Emily and fuck her so he held back even as Sara came. He pressed as deep into her as he could get and felt Emily’s licking ease off as Sara’s orgasm ended. Mike kissed Sara and told her she felt as soft as ever and he wished he could cum multiple times so he could have filled her as well. Sara told him he’d done a good enough job of fucking her even without him cumming but admitted that it might have been nice to feel his cum in her. Emily reminded them that he had already promised his cum to her and Mike assured her that he was now doubly primed and would fuck her until she came and pump as much cum as he could deep into her. Emily liked that idea and asked Sara to move so they could get started. Sara shimmied over and curled up with Jen and Emily backed on to Mike’s cock. Jen and Sara asked if Emily wanted any additional stimulation but Em said she was happy to just let Mike fuck her this time. Mike asked if she had any preferences for positions and she told him to surprise her so they carried on spooning for a while with Mike caressing her breasts and clit. Mike asked Emily why she had got Sara to dress up and Emily asked if Mike thought Sara looked cute like that. Naturally he did (Mike is a sucker for cute) and Emily said she loved seeing Sara looking as sweet and innocent as she was when they first met. Both Mike and Jen agreed that the look suited Sara and Mike told Emily that he thought she could wear ‘cute’ well too. Emily said she didn’t want to stop to put anything on but Sara said that she would help out and slipped the long blue socks onto Emily’s legs while she was still spooning with Mike.

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