Friday, 23 December 2016

January 2015 Sex Party – Part 4

Mike changed position and mounted Em then asked her to wrap her legs around him. They fucked like this for a while and then rolled over so Emily could ride his cock and grind against him. Mike toyed with her clit a bit but then took hold of her ass and fucked her hard for a while until Emily said she thought she could cum. Mike had been waiting to hear that and eased off, rolling Emily over and fucking her at a slower pace for a while, before kneeling up and pulling her legs up in the air so he could get deep into her. He kept up a steady pace, pushing as far into her as he could with each stroke and occasionally pressing forwards (squashing her legs between them) so they could kiss. Emily told him to stop teasing her and if he pulled back again that she wouldn’t let him eat her anymore. Mike promised to be good and gently stroked her clit as they fucked – not properly frigging her, just applying enough pressure to help things along a bit. Mike made good on his promise not to back off, but he still teased Emily and as she got closer to cumming he stroked her clit much more lightly and just relied on the fucking to keep her stimulated. Only when she let out a plaintive request to cum did he lean forwards and fuck her to orgasm. Emily kissed him and wrapped her legs around him, whimpering between kissed. Mike pushed harder into her, but keeping roughly the same pace as before. He whispered to Emily that he was about to spoil the way her cunt tasted and she told him to cum. He pumped in again and again, moaning as he filled her, then pressed in deep and remained still as the two of them kissed.

When Mike pulled out and rolled over to lie beside Emily, Jen moved down between Em’s legs and kitty kissed her as Mike’s cum oozed out (despite not wanting to fuck any guys, Jen likes the taste of boy-cum more than I do). Mike also got an unexpected bonus (depending on how you look at it) as Sara straddled him, took hold of his cock and guided him in to her pussy. Mike gasped due to the intensity of the feeling but Sara said she wanted to feel him inside her so he let her slide down the whole way and then held her in place. Sara kissed Mike, let out a little giggle and told him she now had his cum in her as well. Mike’s cock twitched at the combination of Sara’s cunt around his cock, the way she looked and the giggle and he told her he wished he could fuck her properly. Sara dared him to try and he moved a little, but said his cock still felt too sensitive after fucking Emily. Sara wasn’t willing to give up though and gently humped against him – enough to stimulate him but not too much that it was too intense (she got this wrong a few times and he had to slow her movements). Jen made a comment about Mike not being able to stay hard after fucking and how men were generally inferior (she may love him, but it doesn’t stop her from teasing him) and Mike took this as a challenge and told Jen that if it was ‘his little lesbian’ (his pet name for Sara), that he might well be able to cum again.

Mike’s movements picked up speed and Sara eagerly humped back against him. Sara asked if she really felt that good and Mike told her she always felt good and he loved being inside her. Emily moved around behind Sara and spread her ass cheeks but Sara said she wanted to concentrate on Mike and see if she could get him to cum. Mike said he felt honoured that she would turn down an ass licking for him and Sara told him she could always get Emily to do it for her later on if she wanted (and then leaned close to Mike and whispered to him that she’d have Emily’s tongue buried in her ass later that night). Sara asked Mike if he wanted to take control so they rolled over and she wrapped her legs around him again. Mike caressed her skin and the socks and they fucked against each other with Sara occasionally reaching down to apply some pressure to her clit. Mike told her to cum and that he would follow and Sara steadily stroked her clit and encouraged him to fill her with cum. Sara came and Mike came in her – probably not producing much cum, but certainly experiencing the pulsing sensation as his balls tried to pump whatever he had left into her.

When Mike pulled out of Sara, Jen took hold of his cock and told him he now had to fuck her. Mike told her he would if he could, but he doubted his cock would be of much use for a while. Jen said she wasn’t sure about that and took him in her mouth, then moved around to lie over him in a 69.mIke was still catching his breath but made a fair effort to lick Jen as she gently sucked his cock clean of Sara’s juices. Her tongue couldn’t stop him from going limp but Jen didn’t mind as she just suggested everyone head into the shower to freshen up. It was a rather tight squeeze with four of them but Jen only wanted them all to be in there briefly as she crouched down on the floor of the shower and told them to all let loose. Three streams of piss splashed over Jen’s body and face. Mike watched as she rubbed the liquid into her skin and turned her face to receive the full flow of each stream. Unfortunately for Jen, the shower didn’t last too long but she made up for this by burying her face between Emily’s and Sara’s legs and licking them clean, then sucking Mike’s cock once more. Jen then stood up and asked them to make her cum one more time. Mike asked who should eat Jen and Sara volunteered. Sara knelt and sucked on Jen’s clit while Mike and Emily licked and sucked on Jen’s breasts, kissed her lips and caressed her ass. Jen mewed her way to her orgasm and announced to Sara that she was about to cum, then squirted out a jet of pee as hard as she could while her orgasm took her. Mike and Emily each pushed a finger into Jen’s ass and Sara just kept licking until Jen finished.

Jen panted her thanks and the four of them awkwardly washed each other down (the awkwardness being due to the tight space) before they dried each other off and returned to the bed. Emily teased Mike about not being able to fuck her again and she fondled his cock but he said he couldn’t cum again just yet. He did retaliate and pin Emily down, then forcefully eat her. Emily half-heartedly said she couldn’t cum either, but Mike proved her wrong and carried on kitty kissing her afterwards before passing her over to Jen. The four of them remained in bed until well after lunch – Mike didn’t cum again but Jen, Sara and Emily all did and they ended up having to have another shower to freshen up before heading out to get some food. They went straight to the station after lunch and as Jen hugged Emily goodbye, she told her not to do anything to hurt Sara again. Emily quietly replied and said she didn’t want to hurt Sara and Jen thought that for a moment, Em looked quite sad so she kissed Em on the lips and told her ‘good’, then pulled her close and whispered that they could all continue to enjoy each other properly. This elicited a smile from Emily, which was punctuated by a squeak when Jen slid her hand up under Emily’s skirt and dragged her finger along Emily’s pussy, pushing it firmly between her lips.

As I said at the beginning, my weekend ‘alone’ wasn’t that lonely as Ineta came over to visit on the Friday night and once we had MJ down to sleep, we went into the other room (taking the baby monitor) and made good use of a number of our collection of toys. Ineta was in a frisky mood and was willing to try out all the toys I suggested to her. We shared dildos and humped against each other, managed to get two double dildos into our holes (pussy to pussy and ass to ass and she even tried out some of Jen’s nipple clamps and let me use the leather paddle on her (I wasn’t as forceful as I am when spanking Jen). We returned to Jen’s room once we had finished fucking so we could keep an eye on MJ and chatted for a while as we dozed off. In the morning I managed to wake Ineta by eating her, but we didn’t get to finish as MJ woke up and interrupted us. I let Ineta feed MJ while I prepared breakfast for us and she commented on how it would be nice to have a baby of her own. She knows that Mike has got Lis pregnant and she teased me, saying she could always ask him to knock her up if she couldn’t find a guy she wanted to settle down with. I threatened her with a spatula, saying that I was the next one he was going to fertilise and over breakfast we chatted about my plans to get pregnant and what sort of changes it would bring to our lives.

We showered to freshen up and I texted Andy to tell him I was ready to get more work done on our paper whenever he was ready (just in case his girlfriend saw the text). He turned up at the house about an hour later – Ineta and I were sitting watching TV with MJ by this point – and I ushered him in and introduced him to Ineta. He seemed quite taken with her (she does have quite striking Eastern European looks) and after initially jumping when I slid my hand up under her top, Ineta relaxed and let me fondle her in front of Andy as our way of demonstrating that she would be participating fully in our games. At least that was what we had planned, but MJ wanted more attention so Ineta and I had to take turns holding her while the other one played with Andy (Andy also had a turn holding MJ so he could watch Ineta and me play with each other). In the end I decided to give our neighbour’s daughter a call and fortunately she was in and willing to take MJ for a walk for an hour so Andy and I could concentrate on our paper (we had to get dressed and spread some papers out on the table to make this look more convincing).

Wanting to make the most of our time, we moved straight to the bedroom and quickly removed our clothes. Andy enjoyed his second session with two girls (the last one being with Lisa and me) and we made sure we both got to make good use of his cock, riding him and having him fuck us. He fingered and ate us both and we sucked him individually and together. In a brief lull between playing, I got Andy to identify which picture on the wall was of my pussy (he got that right) and which was of Lisa’s (he got that one wrong, but I corrected him and told him it was Jen’s). I then lay on top of Ineta and got Andy to slide his cock between our cunts – he liked the way this felt, but said enjoyed it even more when he slid into one of us, pumped away for a little bit then entered the other one of us. I let Andy fuck Ineta to orgasm – helping out by first stroking her clit as they fucked and then getting them to change position so she was riding him, allowing me to lick her clit as he moved in her. To add to his enjoyment, I pulled the large mirror over so he and Ineta were facing it and could watch themselves as I knelt and licked at them until Ineta came. She said she found this rather embarrassing (but it didn’t seem to stop her from cumming) and as soon as she was released from Andy’s cock, I mounted him and told him to just hold off for long enough for me to catch up as I frigged myself. Ineta recovered fairly quickly and reached over to help out (it almost always feels better having someone else touch you – providing they know what they are doing) and I concentrated on the impending load of cum about to fill me as Andy pumped away. When I felt my own orgasm getting close, I told him to stop holding back and he asked to change position. I accommodated his request and ended up on all fours with him behind me. Ineta could easily reach under me to frig my clit and she partially slid under me so she could also suck on my handing breasts. Andy came a bit before I did, but he remained pressed deep inside me until I came and when he pulled out I stayed kneeling up to let both him and Ineta watch as his cum dribbled out of my pussy – some running down my thighs and the rest dripping onto the bed.

Ineta and I licked Andy’s cock clean together and she allowed him to finger his cum out of me and push it into her pussy. We sat and chatted for a little while and I masturbated myself and gently toyed with Ineta until she gave in and 69ed with me, putting on a show for Andy. This had the desired effect and he got hard enough to fuck again so we allowed him to join in with Ineta and I taking turns kneeling and eating each other and Andy fucking the one going the eating from behind. As much as I liked the idea of having a second load of cum in me (1knowing it would be significantly smaller than the first load), I decided it would be too selfish to insist he came in me so we just took turns being eaten and being fucked. I still hoped I was going to be the one he came in but I assume that Andy liked the idea of actually cumming in each of us and he was indeed pumping away in Ineta when he said he was about to cum. She told him to go ahead and as soon as he pulled out Ineta and I resumed our 69 and finished each other off (I came first but she kept licking me until she also came).

Both Ineta and I went to the front door naked to see Andy off. I made him promise to do more work on the paper with me at work on the Monday and said if he was good, he might even get to watch me work on it myself as well. Once Andy had left I told Ineta about the disused lab that Andy and I play in and she said it sounded fun so I offered to take her there. Ineta briefly hid and I threw on a dressing gown when our babysitter returned with MJ – I thanked her profusely and arranged for her to take MJ for another walk the following day so I could pop in to work. Ineta and I then wandered in to town together (with MJ of course) and looked around for a while before heading home. I had wanted to visit our friendly shop and ride the sybian, but it wouldn’t have been fair to dump MJ on Ineta while I went to enjoy myself (and we  try not to take MJ into the shop).

Ineta agreed to stay over again that night and was going to go home to get another change of clothes but I told her she could use whatever she wanted of Jen’s or my clothes. To ensure she didn’t leave, I may have also hidden her clothes and just given her a skimpy nightdress to wear. She took this quite well and didn’t even argue when I said we should order pizza and answer the door in our barely covered state. While we waited for the food to arrive, we decided on what we would show the guy and ended up tossing a coin to see who would be played with. I won the toss and decided I wanted Ineta to play with me so when the guy arrived, I invited him in, took him to the kitchen and sat up on the counter with my legs spread while Ineta kissed, fingered and fondled me. I whispered to her to eat me and scooched forwards so my ass was at the edge of the counter. She knelt and buried her tongue in my pussy (giving the guy a good view of her ass) and ate me as I counted out the money. I told the guy he could touch us if he wanted and he did caress Ineta’s ass and very briefly stroke her pussy, but he said he shouldn’t and didn’t do any more than this. Just before the guy left I took a slice of pizza from the box, blew on it (I’ve made that mistake before) and wiped it along my pussy before taking a big bite. I told the guy I intended to eat the rest of my share flavoured with Ineta’s cunt juice and he didn’t pull away as I pressed my hand up against his crotch. I asked if he was sure he didn’t want to play and lifted my nightdress (not that it had been hiding much) and he did reach up to my breasts but pulled away again so we let him leave without tempting him further.

I didn’t quite flavour all of the pizza with Ineta’s juices, but we each wiped some of it over each other before eating it (both pussy and breasts). This left us in a very greasy state by the time we’d finished so we had to shower and wash each other down thoroughly before heading off to bed. I shared the fantasy of how our first time with Sue (my little sister) could have gone as well as telling her how the first few times actually did go and Ineta pulled down the picture of Sue’s pussy from the wall and compared it to my actual pussy. She said she couldn’t see many similarities and I agreed with her and let her see some of the other pictures and videos of Sue (some of them of Sue and me). Ineta said that Sue’s orgasm face looked vaguely similar to mine (I don’t agree) and that our breasts were obviously of a similar size (although my nipples are larger and Sue’s are more sensitive).

By this point in the proceedings, things had become quite heated (since Sue and I had crossed the final line and eaten each other, thoughts of doing things with her tended to get me even hornier than usual) and Ineta and I were fingering and humping each other. I teased Ineta about enjoying the idea of me fucking my little sister and asked her how she would like to have her brothers playing with her. At first she turned her nose up at this idea but I didn’t let go and told her how she could just watch while I took them both at once – letting them fuck my cunt, mouth and ass and filling me with their cum. I told Ineta how I would then pounce on her and force her to eat the cum out of me while I spat cum into her cunt and ate her to orgasm while her brothers watched and then how they would take my place and fuck her as she lay in her post-orgasmic state, emptying load after load of cum into her. Throughout the description, she protested that she didn’t want to fuck her brothers, but she let me keep describing it and playing with her. I used our ejaculating vibe in her and after repeatedly telling her to imagine it was one of her brothers’ cocks fucking her, I got her to press the button to make it ‘cum’ in her as she came. As she lay there, she told me I was awful, but still allowed me to kitty kiss her as the cum oozed from her pussy. In the end she agreed that I could have her brothers double team me if I wanted – she just wouldn’t be involved. She did describe how they would both fuck me while she played with me and went into a fair bit of detail, describing how their cocks would plunge into me, fill my cunt and ass and fuck me until I came then cum in me. As we snuggled up afterwards I told Ineta she could fuck Sue whenever she wanted and that we’d let her compare our bodies and tastes if she wanted.

We managed to have a session on the Sunday morning before MJ woke up – I ate Ineta awake and she then went down on me. We went out for an early brunch (technically breakfast) and by the time we returned we just had time to get a few things together before the neighbour turned up to take MJ. Ineta and I headed straight into Uni and I took her to my building. I briefly showed her my lab and as there was nobody else there I got her to sit up on my desk with her legs spread so I could eat her. I couldn’t let her beat me in exhibiting herself though so I pulled a vibe from my bag and lay on one of the desks in the middle of the room, pulled my skirt right up and repeatedly plunged the vibe into my pussy. I started off also frigging my clit, but then decided to go further and pulled my top up, freed me breasts from my bra and played with myself with my body almost fully exposed. I only half-straightened my clothes before leading Ineta upstairs to the other lab and as soon as we were inside I stripped completely and told her I wanted to fuck properly.

Ineta said she’d never be brave enough to do this at her work and I told her I knew that she and Mike had fucked there. She explained that she meant stripping naked and that whenever they played, she kept her clothes on so she could quickly cover herself up if they were interrupted (I don’t know how she expected Mike to quickly put his cock away or if she’d even thought of that). She wasn’t as reserved while at *my* work though (and it being a Sunday presumably helped) and she let me unbutton her dress and then slide her underwear off. I got Ineta to sit on a bench near the window and bent down to eat her. She said the bench felt cold so we swapped places and I lay on my back with a leg dangling over the side to give Ineta access to my cunt and she made good use of this, first fingering me, then using a vibe. She soon joined me on the bench so we could 69 and we also used the vibe on each other – passing it back and forth. As we played I told Ineta how Andy and I would fuck up here and how I’d gone back to my desk with my pussy tingling and feeling very wet and a couple of times with his cum dribbling out of me and down my legs. Ineta asked how I got any work done and I explained that I work hard most of the time and just get any to help me relax when I get too horny and distracted. It seemed to work quite well and we had actually got a paper out of the sessions and were working on another one (although admittedly the paper had very little to do with our sexual activities).

We broke contact and I asked Ineta if she’d let me fuck her properly. I pulled a strap-on from my bag and offered her the opportunity to wear it but she said I could be the guy so I stepped in to the harness (it was one of the ones that left my pussy accessible, not our good one), smeared some tingle gel over the vibe and asked Ineta to kneel up on the bench. She was a bit nervous about this as we were so close to the window but I assured her it would be fine and pointed out that I would be much higher than her as she’d be on all fours. We both climbed up and I positioned the dildo against her pussy, then pushed into her. I reached around to cup one of her breasts to wipe the tingle gel off, then smeared a little over her ass and pushed the tip of my thumb into her ass. Ineta and I rocked back and forth against each other and I reached around to play with her clit. She said the gel felt good and asked me to fuck her a bit harder so I did and loved the sight of her ass slamming against my body. I once again wished I had a real cock so I could cum in her, but kept that to myself as the girls I’d really (or especially) like to cum in are Jen, Sue, Lis, Lisa, Lucy and Sara (in that order of preference). I told Ineta she didn’t have to be silent and could make a little noise if she wanted as I doubted anyone else was in work (and the noise of our bodies slapping together was reasonably loud anyway). Ineta played along and moaned – not too loudly, but she isn’t usually overly loud anyway. She told me she was getting close and I teased her about cumming quickly, but kept going, fucking and frigging her until she came.

I pulled out and Ineta lay down to let me kitty kiss her for a few minutes. She asked if I wanted her to fuck me and I told her she could make me cum whatever way she wanted. She decided to use the strap on but got me to ride her as she knew I liked the idea of being visible out the window. We applied more tingle gel to the dildo and she wiped the gel over both my breasts, my clit and worked some into my ass. Ineta toyed with my clit as I humped up and down on the dildo and ground myself against her and she asked me to tell her my darkest, lewdest fantasy. That was genuinely a difficult thing for me to decide and I told her it could be about Mike and I being the ones to give Sue her ‘first time’ (doing things with her a number of years before we actually did) but in the end went for the locker room fantasy I published a while ago where I was forced to go into the boys’ changing room naked, then stripped and had my virginity taken in a gang rape, with my cunt, mouth and ass being filled with load after load of cum as a while class of guys fucked me. Retelling the fantasy certainly helped speed me towards my orgasm and I had to get Ineta to hold off from stroking my clit so I could wait until I was describing having three guys in me at once (cunt, mouth and ass) before I let myself cum.

When I lifted myself off of the dildo, I turned around and planted my pussy on Ineta’s face, bent forwards and sucked the strap-on clean of my juices and then got her to lift her ass u pso I could lick her pussy. The harness of the strap-on made this quite difficult from that particular angle so I ended up pulling it off her, then burying my tongue in her properly and we had a long, slurpy 69. Ineta told me she didn’t think she could cum again, but I insisted and she knew better than to argue with me. I lapped at her cunt repeatedly and swirled my tongue around her ass (thinking about little Sara as I did this) and Ineta repaid me in full. I was still working my way through my locker room fantasy in my head and I came before Ineta did but she kitty kissed me while I finished her off. I then asked her to remain on the bench while I turned around and we scissored gently – not trying to cum again, just because I liked the idea of doing that in work.

I told Ineta she could come back home with me and have Mike and Jen ‘thank’ her for looking after me and stopping me from getting bored. Unfortunately she had a few things to do at home (as did I) so we walked and chatted for a while before saying our goodbyes and heading our separate ways, with me promising that Mike would bring the things she’d left at our house into work the next day). On the way home I called our neighbour and told her when I’d be back so she could drop MJ off – I ended up chatting to the girl for quite a while and she even helped me do some of the chores around the house. I almost walked into the bedroom with her and only remembered at the last minute about the pictures of our genitalia on the wall and directed her into the bathroom instead. Even there, I had to discreetly slide a vibrator out of the way. When I was by myself later on (and MJ was sleeping), I decided I couldn’t wait for Mike and Jen and attached our stick-on dildo to the washing machine. I hadn’t done this for a while and enjoyed sitting naked, impaled on the dildo with the machine spinning and vibrating beneath me and visible from the kitchen window, the kitchen door and the front window (I knew I wasn’t really visible to anyone unless they came in to the garden and looked right through the window, but I still enjoyed it). Sadly it wasn’t the best orgasm as I had to concentrate on not falling off, but it was better than nothing and saw me through until my husband and wife returned (Mike fingered me at the station, ate me on a wall on the way home and Jen then fingered me while we made dinner).

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