Friday, 20 October 2017

Sue’s Visit – May 2015 – Part 4

We considered going out for a drink before going home, but we really were too much of a mess to get away with it, even if we’d gone to a dark pub/club. On arriving at home, Sue, Josie, Jen and I snuck into the back garden, leaving Mike to go in and tell Rachel she could go home. She asked him where the rest of us were and he told her that as Sue and I don’t see each other as often as we’d like, that we had wanted to stay outside and enjoy our time with each other a bit longer. This was actually much more accurate than Mike knew at the time as I had already removed Sue’s outfit and had her up against the wall, me kneeling with one of her legs over my shoulder and my tongue working on her pussy. Sue looked down at me and said ‘You know, dear sister, you really are a target down there’ and started peeing over me. I wasn’t really expecting this, but didn’t let it put me off and in response, I slid a hand up her legs and pushed a thumb into her ass while continuing to eat her. I hadn’t quite made Sue cum by the time Rachel left and Mike came to tell us the coast was clear, but she was a good way towards another orgasm and she made me promise to finish what I’d started.

As I would be spending the night with Sue, I showered with Josie and we cleaned each other off (and out) thoroughly. Mike let Jen shower with Josie while he took care of MJ and he then cleaned himself off. We sat and chatted in more detail about the evening and this was the point where we totalled up the number of times each of us had cum or made the guys cum. Sue was a little disappointed about the totals (specifically the fact that I made more guys cum than she did – although she liked the fact that she had managed to suck more guys off as she takes pride in her oral skills). We teased Josie about the fact she had managed to take every guy in her cunt and mouth, effectively keeping up with Sue and me (Sue only beat her by one guy). Josie said she would never have believed that getting into a lesbian relationship would lead to having 20 guys (including Mike) fuck her in a single night and Sue told her she was just full of hidden benefits.

Josie slept in Jen’s room with her and Mike and they convinced her to have a final play before going to sleep. As we were all fairly tired it wasn’t anything too strenuous and they daisy chained with Jen eating Josie, her sucking Mike and Mike eating Jen. After Jen and Josie came, Mike had a brief turn kitty kissing Josie, then spooned in her. She was surprised that he could still perform until he pointed out that he’d only cum once. She told him he could cum in her but she didn’t need to cum again and it was Jen who said this wasn’t fair as Mike doesn’t like cumming in a girl unless she’s just cum. Josie said she really didn’t think she could cum again so Mike said he’d just move gently in her and they did this for a while as they all chatted. Jen joined in and played with Josie’s breasts and kissed her, then moved down to kiss and stroke Josie’s pussy. Mike whispered to Josie that she’d have to get used to this as she’d soon be a proper part of the family and that he was glad they already had the large picture of her shaved pussy up on the wall. Josie asked what they would have done with the picture if she and Sue had broken up and Mike said he guessed it would have been removed, but that he’d always had a feeling that Josie might be ‘the one’ for his little sister. Jen and Mike’s gentle, but persistent stimulation were beginning to have an effect on Josie and she gasped at Mike that if he really saw Sue as his imotou, surely he shouldn’t be fucking her. Mike pointed out that if Sue could fuck me, he had no problem burying his cock in her or eating her to as many orgasms as she could take. A little bit later, Josie came and Mike came in her, remaining inside her as they fell asleep.

In Mike’s room, Sue and I had chatted for a bit, then cuddled and started gently humping against each other. Between kisses and gentle touches and strokes, we discussed what would have happened if we had started playing with each other at the beginning of our sexual awakenings but as there is a four year gap between us, realised it would have been even more ‘inappropriate’ (Sue was well below the age of consent when she started masturbating and even if we’d started when I first fucked Mike, she would only have been 15). We imagined what it would have been like if we had been closer in age and had discovered sex together – how we could have helped each other and learned about how to give each other pleasure. Of course, it’s highly unlikely any of that would have happened as it was Mike who got me to fantasise about fucking other girls and let people see me cum, but given Sue and I clearly have a genetic predisposition to enjoying sex, who knows… We frigged, fingered and ate each other to orgasm, then 69ed and kitty kissed, chatting to each other between licks. I swirled my tongue around the inside of Sue’s pussy and told her I wished I could have tasted her before anyone else had done anything with her and she told me off for being a bad big sister, then proceeded to eat me much more forcefully. I didn’t just let her do things to me and got stuck in to her once more and we ate each other to a second orgasm before finally pulling apart, kissing and licking our juices off each other’s faces, professing our love for each other and snuggling up to go to sleep. As we dozed off I congratulated Sue on her engagement again and she told me I’d better get pregnant soon as she intended to have Mike cum in her properly (meaning while not on the pill). I told her I’d consider letting her have that as a wedding present and she nibbled my ear and said that she could just elope with Josie and be married the next day.

On the Sunday morning, I ate Sue awake but stopped halfway through and kissed up her body to spend some time playing with her breasts before kissing her, then returning to her pussy to finish what I’d started. Sue then gave me a real treat and humped against my neck for a couple of minutes before lying beside me and kissing and stroking my neck. She knows how much I love having this done and the longer she did it, the more aroused I got until I was panting and begging her to make me cum. Sue whispered to me that she could finger me, hump against me, fuck me, eat me or carry on with neck play and it was my choice. I told her she was evil as she knows how much I love cumming just from having my neck stroked, but she also knows just how painfully slow the process is and the delicious torture that this puts me through. I told her to keep working on my neck and if she made me cum I’d do anything she wanted. Sue said that was a dangerous thing to promise but I cheated and told her I loved her and trusted her. She kept gently stroking my neck and grinding against my thigh, occasionally kissing me on the lips or nipples, but avoiding all contact with my pussy. I told her I felt as if I was soaking wet and Sue got me to spread my legs to have a look and reported back that my pussy looked delicious, but that she would resist it. She carried on stroking my neck and I moaned quietly to her as the pressure slowly built until my pussy was throbbing and I had to use all my self-control to resist touching myself. Sue teased me just a little longer, getting me to tell her I was a horny slut and wanted to cum, that I loved her, that I’d eat her whenever she wanted and that I’d let Mike fill her with cum and get her pregnant. I could feel my orgasm just beginning to break and pleaded with her to keep going. Sue’s tongue swirled around my nipples and she kissed me, said she’d make me cum as many times as I wanted and I felt the pleasure pulse through my body. I let out long aaahhhhhh’s in time with the waves of my orgasm and I pushed my hand between Sue’s legs and felt my fingers slide between her lips.

The wonderful think about this kind of orgasm is that it almost always feel incredibly deep, pulsing through my whole body and lasts for much longer, yet often leaves me ready for more fun. This time was no exception and it felt like I kept cumming for ages with wave after wave throbbing out from my pussy and clit, reaching right up to my neck where Sue was stroking me. Sue kissed me deeply and as my orgasm faded I suggested we should do this the next time we put a show on. Sue said she thought it took too long and the audience would get bored – and added that she liked it being something intimate (not many people have done this to me). I agreed and asked what she wanted me to do to her and she told me to make breakfast – and that she’d think of something else later on.

Sue and I joined the others downstairs and as requested I made her breakfast and presented it to her – Sue explained to them that this was in return for having given me a neck orgasm and Mike suggested that he and Jen should take turns doing that to me every night. I liked this idea (although wondered where the time would come from) but we didn’t discuss it in detail as the conversation moved on to our plans for the rest of that day. I wandered out to the back garden and returned to say that it was easily warm enough for some outdoors fun. Sue was eager to meet my new farmer friend and Josie said she’d play along as well. Jen was coming with us – not to let the farmer do anything to her, but to let us play with her in a location she could pee to her heart’s content (or at least to her bladder’s capacity!). I called the farmer and he sounded surprised to hear from me but was eager to let me play in his field again and was even more eager when I told him I had some friends who wanted to come along. We agreed that we’d drive out to the location as we didn’t have enough bikes (and we wanted to save our energy for having fun). Mike would take care of MJ while we played with the farmer and as a reward he’d get to play afterwards. Our discussions were interrupted by Rachel (our teenage neighbour) knocking on the door and we had to scamper upstairs while Jen threw a towel around herself and answered the door.  Rachel wasn’t there for anything in particular, she just stopped by to say hi and see MJ. Jen invited Rachel in and let her play with MJ while she came upstairs to get dressed, only to discover that Mike was eating Josie and I was eating Sue on the upstairs landing – only just out of sight of the front door. She told us off, but let Sue have a few licks of her pussy, then threw a robe on and went back down to see Rachel while Mike and Josie showered.

Mike quickly dressed and headed downstairs, telling Sue she could shower and he chatted with Rachel. Sue had thought that Jen might want some watersports play in the shower but Jen decided to wait until they were outside (although did shower with Sue), leaving me to shower alone (and without enough hot water to enjoy the pulse spray to its fullest). I had half expected Mike to arrange for Rachel to babysit MJ so he could join us in the fields but he said he thought it would be better if it was just girls present when the farmer turned up. I didn’t disagree with this – although would have liked him to be there to see if we could get the farmer to join in and spit-roast us, moving from cunt to mouth to cunt for Sue, Josie and me. Rachel was happy to hear Sue’s and Josie’s news and congratulated them – which I was pleasantly surprised about as I knew Rachel came from a strict Christian family (who don’t approve of our living ‘situation’ (all they know is that Mike lives with Jen and me and that I’m bi – I often wonder what they’d think if they knew the full story). We packed up the car with some things for lunch and I felt a bit guilty for not inviting Rachel as she was always so friendly, but our trip wasn’t exactly going to be suitable for children so we said our goodbyes and set off.

Mike dropped us about a five minute walk from the field and we made our way to the same location I’d played at before and set our blanket, food and toys out. I pulled a ridiculously short pleated skirt out for Sue to wear and she slipped it out without hesitation. As it left her crotch showing, I also provided her with panties (a pair of Jen’s white high cut ones that I’d carefully selected – although I didn’t expect them to stay on for too long so it wasn’t worth the effort I’d gone to). Jen decided to make use of the weather to sunbathe and stripped off, but put a pair of bikini bottoms on. My skirt was just long enough that I kept my panties off but I removed my top and then looked at Josie and asked ‘I wonder what we should do with her’. Josie quickly had her panties removed, legs spread and various toys rubbed around and in her pussy while Jen pulled Josie’s top off and played with her breasts. As the only other person with an exposed pussy, I volunteered to sit over Josie’s face and had her eat me, then 69ed with her. In the middle of this, Sue tapped me on the shoulder and indicated that the farmer had arrived so I looked up and said hi, gave Josie a few more licks and then climbed off her, telling Jen to keep playing with her so Josie wasn’t given a chance to cover up or even close her legs. I took Sue’s hand and led her over to the farmer to introduce her and she made the mistake of asking his name (I enjoy the thrill of anonymous fucking, but to be fair I hadn’t told her not to ask). I introduced her as my little sister, then gave her a kiss (with obvious tongue) as I slide a hand up under her top and lifted it to expose her breasts. I dropped my mouth to one of her breasts as I pulled her bra aside and sucked on her nipple as I slid my hand down her body and cupped her pussy, rubbing her through her panties. Sue slid a hand between my legs and started fingering me and I asked the farmer if he wanted to see us play with each other. He said that we couldn’t really be sisters but we assured him we were and asked if he had a problem with that. He reached out and fondled Sue’s exposed breast and said he didn’t care if he got to play with us both and I reached down to fondle his crotch while he pulled Sue’s bra up to expose both her breasts.

As I freed his cock and rolled a condom on, I introduced him to Jen and Josie, telling him that Sue was engaged to Josie and that Jen was my wife, adding that Sue, Josie and I were bi and he could pay with us, while Jen was gay and he wasn’t allowed to touch her, but could watch us play with her. I encouraged him to fondle Sue and her panties were soon in the dirt with his fingers working in and out of her pussy. I knelt and sucked him, then turned to lick at Sue and told him that Sue was really the one who should be sucking him as she was better at it than I was. I let Sue have a turn with him before telling him to watch as Sue and I lay in a 69 and ate each other. Josie was getting quite close to cumming by this point as Jen had been working on her the whole time and I suggested we give him a line-up to fuck. Josie, Sue and I knelt on all fours and we let the farmer take turns fucking each of us. He caressed our asses, fondled our breasts and frigged our clits at various points, but whoever was beside the person being fucked would also help out (meaning that Sue got a double dose of help as she was between Josie and me). We didn’t leave Jen out and took turns eating and fingering her, with her toying with her own nipples, pinching and rolling them firmly. Josie was the first to cum (but she had a good head start) and we could see that Sue’s upper body was getting flushed so I told the farmer to keep fucking her while Josie lay with her head under Sue and lapped at her nipples and I frigged Sue’s clit and stroked her ass. He pumped into her hard and came a little before she did so once he pulled out, I pulled Sue over me and we resumed our 69.

Josie took over frigging Jen and I heard Jen mew her way to her own orgasm, knowing that Sue was also close by the way she was humping back against my mouth (and how forcefully she was eating me). I felt a spray of warm liquid come from behind me as Jen came and squirted a few jets of pee out and then felt a much more concentrated jet as Sue came and did the same over my face and into my mouth. I didn’t let this distract me and kept lapping at her while she ate me. I didn’t switch to kitty kissing (although spent a little less time on her clit) and she took this well, holding out for long enough to eat me until I came. I gave her a little squirt of pee in return for what she’d done to me and loved the fact that she didn’t break contact with my pussy. We kitty kissed for a little while before I rolled her off of me and lay with my legs still spread, pointing directly towards the farmer and asking if he was enjoying the show.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Sue’s Visit – May 2015 – Part 3

As usual, Jen had moved back to let the guys fuck us and it was at this point that the woman moved over to her and asked if she would be allowed to play with her. Jen led the woman over to the other bed and Mike went with them to ensure that none of the guys came over and tried to play with Jen. The woman caressed Jen’s body, paying especial attention to Jen’s breasts and at Jen’s behest, she pinched and squeezed Jen’s nipples as Jen fingered herself. The woman quickly took over toying with Jen’s pussy and Jen reached over and ran her hand up the woman’s leg and asked if she wanted to play properly. Jen was told she could do as much as she wanted so she pushed her hand up to the woman’s crotch and rubbed her panties, then slid her fingers past the thin strip of material on the woman’s crotch and started fingering her. Mike was instructed to fetch a couple of dental dams and Jen spread her legs to let the woman go down on her. As she ate Jen, she looked back and told Mike he could help out if he wanted, pulling on one of her ass cheeks to better expose her pussy as she said this. Mike slipped in to her and held her hips to guide her back and forth as he fucked her. The woman kept eating and frigging Jen until Jen came, then looked up at her and asked if she’d do the same in return.

Jen let the woman climb up onto the bed and took up position between her legs. Jen had the first turn at eating her and Mike then had a brief go, but the woman said she had a better use for him and asked him to join her on the bed so she could suck on his cock as Jen ate her. Mike suggested a better arrangement to the woman and asked if she wanted to be double teamed the way he’d done with Sue and me. The woman jumped at this chance so Jen crawled back up onto the bed and let the woman lie over her in a 69, then lapped at the woman’s clit while Mike fucked her. It’s fair to say that this was the oldest person any of us have fucked (she was probably in her 50’s/60’s, but she was certainly enthusiastic enough and fingered and frigged Jen as Jen and Mike fucked and licked her to her own orgasm. She then allowed Jen to kitty kiss her and asked Mike if he’d mind moving round and fucking Jen so she could watch. As Mike still hadn’t cum (he was saving this for an on-screen cumshot) he obliged and felt the woman stroking his cock as he slid in and out of Jen. Mike heard Jen mewing and told the woman that Jen would cum again if they kept going. The woman wanted to make Jen cum, but wanted to see it so she climbed down from the bed and stood on the other side, playing with Jen’s breasts and clit. Mike continued with long, steady strokes, although pushed in to Jen a bit harder and deeper as Jen’s mews became more insistent. Mike encouraged the woman to stroke Jen’s ass and they ended up turning Jen over so the woman could spank Jen. By the time Jen mewed her way through her second orgasm, her ass was bright pink from the slaps and the woman had two fingers pumping in to Jen’s ass and her other hand underneath Jen frigging her. Jen humped back against them both and as she came she let out a long squirt of pee that sprayed over Mike and soaked her own thighs. The woman didn’t seem to mind this and kept stimulating Jen, telling her she was a dirty little girl who should be punished. After finishing with Jen, the woman joined the men over with Josie, Sue and me and fingered and fondled each of us – fortunately Mike told her we didn’t like pain the way Jen did so we didn’t get as much punishment (just a couple of slaps).

While the audience had been playing with us, Alistair had set out a couple of Sybians and Sue and I were challenged to see who could last the longest on them. Fortunately we were given a couple of minutes to rest and recover while the audience straightened themselves out and took their seats, but we were both still fairly sensitive from the group fucking we’d just received so warned them it might not take too long before we came. This didn’t matter and we were told to get on with it and Sue told me she’d show me how much she could take – knowing full well that this would just make me want to beat her even more. We sat on the dildos and one of the audience members was allowed to check that we were both nestled up against the pads and the devices were then turned on. I reached out and took Sue’s hand and we both sat with the devices throbbing against our cunts. We were much closer to the audience than we’d been when on the beds (the ones who had been seated on the other side of the beds were standing at the sides watching us) and having everyone’s eyes on me was pushing me towards an orgasm much faster than I wanted – at least if I was going to last for longer than Sue. I cleared my mind and thought of tedious things, still feeling the pulsing and vibrating in and on my pussy but trying to keep myself from enjoying it too much. I knew it was a losing battle, but I managed to hold back for much longer than I had expected and I felt Sue squeeze my hand a few times and heard her moaning. I played up to the occasion for the audience and asked her if she thought she was going to cum soon, how wet her pussy felt and if she’d want me to lick her clean afterwards. Sue replied in an equivalent way and I squeezed her hand back to let her know I was getting close as well.

Sue and I remained on the Sybians for a few minutes more, both managing to resist them until Alistair started pulsing the power settings higher, then back to reasonable levels. We both moaned more and our grip on each other’s hand tightened. Our breathing became more ragged and our moans were punctuated with swearing as our orgasms built. I tried to clear my mind again but was interrupted by two members of the audience taking up positions behind us and pressing down on our shoulders so we maintained contact with the vibrating dildos and pads beneath us. Sue let out a series of increasingly high pitched ‘aahhh, aaahhh, aahhhh’ sounds and I looked over to see her upper body completely flushed (the usual sign she is cumming). At the sight of this, I lost my concentration and gave her hand another squeeze as I started to cum. I moaned as my pussy throbbed and waves of pleasure pulsed through my crotch. Sue squeezed my hand harder and I told her she couldn’t beat me – to her credit, she lasted another 30 seconds or so (at the time it felt much longer to me) before she pushed herself up and said she couldn’t take any more. I was actually doing much better than I’d expected and while my orgasm was strong, it didn’t feel overly intense so I humped back and forth against the Sybian and allowed myself to enjoy it properly. I managed to go a step further and had a second orgasm, moaning louder as this one hit me but again it wasn’t too intense to bear so I managed to ride it out and relish in being the centre of attention. I could feel the guy behind me pressing his crotch against the back of my head and wished he had his cock out so I could rub my face against it, but the Sybian was doing more than enough to keep me occupied.

I didn’t pull myself off of it until my second orgasm had finished and I think I might have even been able to cope with a little more (probably not another orgasm though). For effect, I knelt down and sucked and licked the juices from Sue’s Sybian, then turned and did the same to my one. My legs felt quite weak when I stood up so I moved straight over to the bed and asked Jen and Josie if they were ready for any more. This gave Sue and me a change to rest while we played with them and we used a bit more food, making a mess of ourselves once more. We knew that Jen intended to pee and Sue whispered to Josie, asking if she was going to play along properly or not – Josie nodded and said there wasn’t much point in hiding anything and when she came, she let loose and sprayed Sue as she fingered and ate Josie. Jen did the same to me as she came and Sue and I then stood and kissed each other as we rubbed our bodies together.

Mike wanted his turn next so the four of us girls all lay across the bed, giving him the chance to move between us, having a go at eating us first, then fucking us while fingering the people either side of the one he was fucking. The audience was given the choice of whether he should cum over us or in one of us and the majority opted for a cumshot. Mike was a little disappointed at this as he had planned on cumming in either Sue or me, having the other one eat his cum out of whoever’s pussy he came in, pass it to that person’s mouth and have them lick it in to their cunt. He honoured the audience’s wishes though and after making Jen, Josie and me cum (Sue admitted defeat and panted that she couldn’t cum again after the Sybian), the four of us climbed down from the bed and knelt in front of him with our faces pressed together. Mike offered us his cock and we took turns licking it and he then stood back and stroked himself until he came. His cum splashed over our faces with Sue and I (who were in the middle) getting the majority, although Josie got a good blob of it down the far side of her face. Sue leant forwards and sucked the head of Mike’s cock, then moved back and turned to Jen and licked some of the cum from Jen’s face. Sue and Jen kissed so I turned to Josie and kissed her. I used a hand to rub the cum over our bodies and into Josie’s pussy and she copied this, wiping some of the cum between my legs and working it into me. Jen and Sue went a bit further and pretty much did what Mike had wanted, licking the cum off each other, then letting it dribble out over their bodies and smearing it in to each other the same way Josie and I were doing.

It was Josie who whispered to me that Sue shouldn’t have been allowed to skip her orgasm in the group fuck so I whispered to her and asked if she would mind terribly if I suggested we gang up on her future wife and force another orgasm out of her. Josie said she would be disappointed if we didn’t and moved around behind Sue as I turned to her. I announced that Sue would cum one last time for everyone and we pushed her up on to the bed. She struggled a bit, but not to any real extent, and we pulled her legs apart and took turns licking and fingering her before pushing a vibe into her ass and smearing her crotch with now well melted ice cream and chocolate sauce. We used a second vibe in Sue’s pussy, then switched to fingering both her holes while licking and frigging her and Jen crouched over Sue’s face, humped against it, then sat up slightly and peed over Sue’s face and into her mouth, directing the final squirt down over Sue’s breasts and stomach. As expected, we determined that Sue could cum again and when Sue’s orgasm had finished I offered Jen and Josie the chance of joining Sue in a final cum but they turned it down. Jen asked if I wanted to cum again so I gave her ‘the look’ and took my place on the bed beside Sue. At first it was just Jen that played with me, but Sue turned her head and kissed me, then pressed up against me and played with my breasts while Jen and Josie took care of my lower half. I had the dregs of the ice cream poured over me and Jen invited anyone wanted a second (or third in some cases) fuck to come up. I was treated to three guys using me, all having turns in my cunt with two of them also wanting me to suck them and one wanting Sue to suck him (but they all finished off inside me). Sue and Josie frigged and kissed me as the guys fucked me and I got one more orgasm out of the session (near the start of the third guy’s turn, but I let him keep fuck me until he came).

That still wasn’t the end though as Mike said that as the ‘main attraction’, Sue and I should finish things off properly. We were sticky, wet and tired by this point, but Sue said she was game if I was and climbed over me so we could 69. What I didn’t know at the time was Alistair was displaying some pictures of Sue and I growing up together to prove that we were sisters (or were good at Photoshop). Naturally Mike had thrown in some of our own collection of Sue and I doing very unsisterly things to each other and the audience seemed to enjoy seeing our younger selves (especially the ones of us playing together). Despite my tiredness, I managed to give Sue a thorough licking, at first cleaning her pussy of the mess we’d made, then eating her properly, mostly concentrating on her pussy and clit but occasionally licking up to her ass. I concentrated on the knowledge that we had everyone watching us again and the forbidden nature of what we were doing (although I don’t see the issue with siblings of the same sex playing together as pregnancy is out of the question). I felt Sue push something into my pussy and after a few strokes recognised it as a peeled banana. She didn’t just fuck me with it, but pounded it into my cunt until the end she was holding disintegrated. She ate the end out of me as I was handed some corn to use on her so I fucked her with this as enthusiastically as she had done with me (but the corn survived better). We spent a few minutes licking as deep inside each other as we could (Sue was doing this to me to get the last bits of banana out so I did the same to her), then moved on to more clit work. I could have easily cum at any point but held back and waited until Sue was humping against my face before I started doing the same to her to try to indicate we should both cum. It certainly wasn’t a Hollywood simultaneous orgasm, but we weren’t far off with Sue cumming first and me starting as her orgasm was ending. I kitty kissed Sue through my orgasm, burying me face in her pussy and smothering myself with her juices as she licked and fingered me. When I’d finished cumming, I gave Sue’s inside right thigh a little nip and pushed her off me, telling her loudly (obviously for the audience) that she was as good a little sister as ever.

Sue, Jen, Josie and I lined up at the door to say goodbye to the audience as they left and thank them for helping us cum (I know that they paid to be there, but from my point of view, it is them doing me a favour by watching and making me cum). We were still quite messy and sticky from the evening’s games so just slid our clothes on without bothering with underwear and said our goodbyes. Alistair promised to provide me with a copy of the video and that Josie could look at it as promised and ask for sections to be removed before he gave it to the people who had attended. Sue teased Josie about this and called her a prude and Josie ended up just telling him to let them have it. As we were on the way out, Alistair said that he didn’t think ‘my’ Sybian could take much more before he wouldn’t be able to sell it as new and if we were to do another show he might have to sell it off cheaply. I told him that I’d want first choice of buying it (which was the idea) and that I’d see if I could find someone to put on another show with at some point. Sue immediately volunteered and I told Alistair we’d arrange a time.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Sue’s Visit – May 2015 – Part 2

Jen moved in behind the pizza girl and indicated to Josie sitting on the sofa and said that she could always help us out if she wanted. The girl seemed a bit flustered and said no, so Jen just said ‘fair enough’ and went to fetch the money to pay for the pizza. The girl was still watching Sue and me 69 when Jen returned and paid her. Jen says the girl looked slightly flushed and Jen considered propositioning her again but decided against it and just saw her to the front door. Just before she left, the girl asked what Jen would have done if it had been a guy that had delivered the pizza and Jen said that she personally wouldn’t have done anything as she was gay, but that Sue and I would have happily let him fuck us if he’d wanted. The girl said goodbye and walked off and Jen wished she had tried to get her to stay and participate. Josie said that she didn’t think a random girl would want to join in with us as girls weren’t as horny as guys – we pointed out the obvious fallacy in her argument, based on the fact that Sue and I had been avidly eating each other, but as we’re related I guess you can’t count us as two random data points.

Sue and I made each other cum and once we’d had dinner, Jen had a turn with Sue and Mike and I played with Josie (he fucked her, I ate her). Mike and Jen took Sue to bed that night and he finally got to eat her properly and then fucked her – this time with him cumming in her. Sue pushed back hard against him and told him she couldn’t wait until he could cum in her properly, then elaborated on this and said she meant when she wasn’t on the pill. Mike nibbled on her shoulder and told her he couldn’t wait either, but said that would be another difficult conversation with Mum. Sue wriggled back against him as Jen nuzzled Sue’s nipples and she said she thought ‘a baby would be a wonderful wedd..’ and stopped. Jen asked Sue what she was about to say and Sue would have got away with it if she hadn’t paused or just told them to keep doing what they were doing so she could cum again, but Sue said ‘I’m not meant to say yet’. Given that response, Jen didn’t stop asking and kissed, licked and fondled Sue incessantly, wanting to know more. Sue caved and said that she had an announcement to make to us, but that they had planned on doing it at dinner before the party. It wasn’t difficult to guess what the surprise was but she wouldn’t confirm anything else other than telling Mike that he’d have to hurry up and get me pregnant so she could be next.

Jen feigned indignance and told Sue she couldn’t just expect the father of her daughter to give Sue a baby as well but Sue knew her place and pushed back on Mike (who was still buried in her) and said if she wanted her onee-chan to impregnate her, that’s what he would do. Mike apologised to Jen and said that Sue was right, if him imotou wanted him to fuck her, cum in her and give her a baby, then he’d do it as many times as she wanted. Mike and Sue decided to gang up on Jen, both fingering her and each of then sucking and nibbling on one of Jen’s nipples. Jen said they couldn’t buy her off just by making her cum, but it turned out they could, with the addition of a few bites, a couple of slaps and some rough fingering, Jen came and told them as long as Sue didn’t stop fucking her that she might allow Mike to get her pregnant.

In the other bedroom, Josie managed to keep the secret from me. We shared a dildo, humped against each other and finished off by fingering (although I did then also kitty kiss her for a little while). On the Saturday morning, Mike ate Sue awake and then semi-fucked her as she ate Jen and Josie ate me awake (which was a nice change) and I made sure to pay her back in kind. Once we were all downstairs, Sue admitted to Josie over breakfast that she hadn’t been able to keep quiet and Josie said she wasn’t too surprised. I still didn’t know what was going on until Sue moved over to stand beside Josie, wrapped her arm around her and said that Josie had proposed just 2 days beforehand. There was much shrieking (mostly from the girls – not so much from Mike) and we congratulated them and spent ages discussing their plans, although it was mostly us just asking what they thought they would do as nothing had really been planned out yet. I found out that Sue had already called Mum to tell her the news but had sworn her to secrecy so I gave Mum a call to tell her off for not having told me. As we were meant to have a quiet day in preparation for the party, we got ready and headed out into town to look round and go for a celebratory lunch. We stopped by the sex shop and checked with Alistair that everything was still on for that night and he said he had 16 people lined up. Sue thought that seemed like a lot but I assured her with Josie’s help that we’d easily be able to take them. In a café over afternoon coffee, Josie said she still hadn’t decided on whether she would participate, but we easily managed to ‘convince’ her to join in properly and enjoy herself (basically saying that as Sue’s fiancé, she’d have to get used to being made to cum lots).

We headed home and rested, then had a light dinner and started to prepare for the party. Sue had decided we should do the schoolgirl look again and I told her I hadn’t been planning on this (I now feel a little foolish dressing like that at my age). She argued that the guys loved it and that we had a duty to give them what they wanted. I pointed out that we didn’t receive any remuneration for putting on these shows and Sue retorted by pointing out that I get to play, display myself, be fucked by multiple people and cum repeatedly in front of a live audience (which I have to admit is probably the best kind of payment I could ever receive). In the end I relented and Jen and I fished out suitable outfits. We all showered again to freshen up and had a gentle play with each other to get us properly ready – nothing too much, just gentle kissing, stroking, fingering and licking, with Mike getting his cock into each of our cunts and being sucked clean each time by another person. We couldn’t get into our outfits at home as Rachel was coming round to babysit MJ and it would have been difficult to explain why we were dressed as schoolgirls (or obvious to her that something dubious was going on).

Rachel arrived on time and we told her we wouldn’t be back too late but she said it was fine and that she’d told her parents she would just watch a few films and then doze until we got back (we know they are quite strict so I was a little surprised they hadn’t wanted her back by a set time, but it gave us more leeway). We drove to town and parked outside the warehouse. As we got out of the car, I pulled at Sue’s skirt and dared her to leave it in the car. Sue said she didn’t care and removed it, so I did the same with mine. Josie wasn’t as willing to strip while outside but when Jen slid hers off, Josie followed suit and the four of us made our way up the metal staircase with our asses and pussies bared to the world. I loved standing on the landing by the door, able to look out over a few streets and see lots of people as I ran my fingers over my pussy. There was very little illumination where we were so I guessed we were practically invisible and asked Sue if she would give me a few licks. Sue agreed and knelt in front of me, pushed her mouth into my cunt and lapped at me. I felt a rush go through my body and could have easily remained there until I came, but knew that would just diminish the first orgasm of the night in the show so reluctantly pushed Sue away and thanked her. As I turned to go in, she pouted and said ‘what about me’ so I apologised and asked what she wanted. Sue didn’t reply verbally, just turned around to face the world and leant forwards, sticking her ass out. I knelt behind her and not having any guidance as to what she wanted me to do, ran my tongue up and down her pussy, then swirled it around her ass as I frigged her clit. I was almost as happy eating her like this as I’d been when she’d been eating me so had to control myself and gave her a slap on the ass, saying we’d better get in and get ready before our audience arrived.

Alistair was already inside and as before, there were two beds set up near each other which were well lit and chairs arranged around the beds. We said our hello’s and Alistair surmised from the fact that Josie was semi-naked as well, that she would be participating. The first people arrived while we were getting dressed, but as we were over at the far side of the room in an unlit area, they couldn’t really see us (not that it would have mattered if they did seeing as they’d be about to see a whole lot more of us). Once everyone had arrived Mike pointed out that there were 20 people and when he asked Alistair about this he was told that a few ‘regulars’ had asked to attend after he’d spoken to us and he had assumed we wouldn’t mind. I didn’t mind in the least and Sue looked as excited as I was but we had to assure Josie that Sue and I would take a larger share of the guys. The surprise that Alistair had alluded to earlier in the week was that he had installed a few large screens above the beds and indicated that there were a few cameras set up at different points in the room that would be used to project different angles of our games up so the audience could see more. I loved this idea (and would love to be brave enough to project the show to everyone on the planet) but Josie was a little nervous about being recorded and had to have Alistair reassure her that he wouldn’t be recording anything. I managed to reach a compromise and got Josie to agree that Alistair could record it, but wouldn’t distribute any shots that had Josie in them (Sue didn’t mind and Jen didn’t care) and that we would be the only ones that got the full copy.

We started off with just the girls on the beds – Sue and I making out on one with Jen and Josie on the other. When advertising the event, Alistair had told people that Sue and I were sisters (for those who hadn’t seen us play together before) and as Jen and Josie kissed and fondled each other through their clothes, Jen discussed with Josie how they would be related when she married Sue and whether they would be sisters-in-law or if there was a ‘once removed’ in there. When Josie slid her hand into Jen’s panties she found out that Jen was sopping wet and asked her if she liked the idea of being able to fuck her own sister. As Jen only had a brother, that isn’t an option for her, but she certainly enjoys fucking my sister and seeing Sue and I do things together so I can easily imagine Jen would eat her sister out if she had one. Josie isn’t as keen on the idea (but as her sister is straight it’s not an option anyway, although Sue has indicated that she’d happily fuck Josie’s sister if she got a chance). As the ‘actual’ sisters, it’s fair to say that Sue and I were getting a bit more attention at this point and we played up to it, kissing and licking each other’s faces, nuzzling breasts, at first through our blouses but then only through bras and finally sucking and stroking each other’s nipples directly. Fingers found their way into each other’s panties and I looked up to see that the shot of Jen and Josie had a close up of Josie’s fingers in Jen so I pulled the crotch of Sue’s panties aside to give a better view of what I was doing to her. Fingering moved to eating, panties were lost, we humped against each other’s thighs, pussies and faces and all had our first orgasms of the evening (Jen and Josie came first and kitty kissed each other while Sue and I drew things out a bit longer.

Mike joined us next and there were some close up shots of us sucking on his cock, mostly individually and in pairs, with three of us at once a few times (getting four round a single cock is difficult). He fucked each of us in turn, helping us to cum again (with those he wasn’t fucking helping out with breast play, frigging or being eaten). We then broke out the toys and I fucked Josie while Sue fucked Jen. To make up for them having cum, Sue and I then lay beside each other, facing opposite ways on the bed and masturbated ourselves, starting off with vibes but then moving on to using food with courgettes, bananas and corn on the cob featuring (corn being one of my favourites as the texture feels incredible). While masturbating, we had kept the bananas in their skins, but once we’d both cum I suggested to Sue that we make things a bit messier and pulled a pot of cream from the box by the bed, peeled the banana she had fucked herself with, dipped it in the cream and rubbed it over her pussy before sliding it into her. With it buried halfway inside her, I broke off the half that was sticking out, dipped it in the cream and worked it into my own pussy, then crawled over Sue in a 69 and we proceeded to eat the banana out of each other, then lick our pussies clean of the cream.

The audience loved this so Josie and Jen joined us again and we played with some strawberries and cream, rubbing them over breasts and pussies and sliding them into each other before eating them out. Sue had a fair bit more cream poured over her and was licked clean by the three of us and Josie was given a similar treatment but with chocolate sauce. Mike brought over some ice cream for use on (and in) Jen and me and Mike told me Alistair intended to have close-ups of it being smeared over and licked off my pussy. Knowing that everyone would be seeing exactly what was going on, I couldn’t resist and begged for some more intense treatment, so Sue held my lips open and Jen spooned large globs of the ice cream into my pussy, then the three of them took turns kneeling in front of me and drinking the ice cream as it melted out of me and finishing off with me squatting over Sue’s face and letting the last of it run out straight into her mouth.

Needless to say, my pussy felt rather cold by the time this had finished, but we had teased the audience enough that they felt it was time to join in and as soon as Josie, Sue and I climbed up onto the bed, the men made their way towards us and hands started exploring our bodies. I felt fingers probe my pussy and looked over to watch as Sue took the first cock in her mouth – not wanting to be outdone I got the guy standing closest to my head to quickly put a condom on and I enveloped his cock with my mouth. He fucked my face as other guys pawed at my breasts and more sets of fingers entered my cunt and hands squeezed my ass. The wild part of me wanted them all to start trying to fuck me at once so I’d have multiple cocks trying to squeeze into my cunt, ass and mouth with the others cumming over me (in the fantasy we don’t worry about protection – and sadly getting more than one cock at a time into any hole generally requires co-operation and careful planning so it isn’t something that can easily happen during wild sex). I wanted to be the first to get a cock inside my cunt so briefly pulled away from the one I was sucking and looked down at the throng to tell them to start fucking me. I didn’t watch to see which one would be the first inside me, but it didn’t take long until the hands withdrew, I felt my legs pulled apart and my ass pulled to the edge of the bed and a cock rub against my cunt. The guy thrust into me and started pumping away rapidly so I reached down to play with my clit. I felt what I thought was his fingers on mine and thought he got the message so pulled my hand away but then realised that he was still holding both my legs so it was someone else frigging me. My first fuck didn’t last too long and the guy pushed hard into me, moaned ‘oh fuck’ and then pulled out. Given the hammering he’d been giving me, I had expected him to cum fairly quickly, but was a little disappointed in just how brief the fuck had been (it’s usually slightly older guys at these events and they tend to last longer) – fortunately with the number of people we had present, another guy soon took his place and this one lasted long enough for me to cum again (with the guy I’d been sucking cumming in my mouth in the interim period).

Sue, Josie and I took each of the guys in us, with some of them cumming more than once. Each guy had a turn in each of our cunts and mouths with us licking each other’s juices from the cocks we sucked. I’m pleased to say that I won and had seven guys cum in my cunt and three in my mouth while Sue had four in her cunt and four in her mouth and Josie had five in her cunt and two in her mouth. This wasn’t the only stimulation we got though as for a change, there was a woman in the audience.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Sue’s Visit – May 2015 – Part 1

Following our conversation earlier that week, my younger sister Sue had desperately wanted to come up and visit to play out in the fields with me (that could sound so innocent if you didn’t know what kind of blog this was). It had been a few months since we had last seen each other in person so we were all equally keen to get our hands on each other and Sue arrived at the train station, along with her girlfriend Josie, on the Friday afternoon and I skipped out of work a little early to meet up with them. The disadvantage of the weather getting a little warmer was that none of us had long coats or jackets on so couldn’t reach under skirt to fondle pussies or asses (not in public anyway).

We took a bus home and I managed to slide my hand up Sue’s leg and gently stroke her outer lips, then leant in and whispered to her that Mike would enjoy shaving her. As part of the reason for her visit was to put on a show for a group of strangers, we hadn’t shaved for a couple of days so that we could be given a really good shave that night and be perfectly smooth for the show. Sue leant in towards me and whispered in my ear that she wanted me to be the one to shave her and that she hoped she’d be able to do the same to me. I was a little surprised at this as Sue has been in love with Mike ever since I first started dating him (or at least from the time she met him). I wasn’t going to argue with her though as I find shaving someone’s pussy (or being shaved) is an incredibly intimate thing to do and it was still relatively recently that Sue and I had abandoned what we considered the final barrier and ate each other. I whispered to Sue that she was such a naughty little sister and she just told me that she’d learned everything she knew from me (which isn’t true, as she is a far better cocksucker than I am and she knows it).

We got home before Mike did, but Jen was waiting for us (with MJ) and Josie and Sue had the obligatory cuddles and said how much she had grown. We didn’t say anything, but it was obvious that Sue and I both wanted to get stuck in to each other, but we thought it would be rude to start before Mike got there (knowing he’d be sufficiently disappointed at not getting to shave us). When he turned up, he greeted Sue properly, including sliding his hands under her skirt, fondling her ass and then stroking her pussy. I realised that despite having the opportunity, I hadn’t done this as we had got distracted my MJ (babies can do that) so once Mike released Sue, Jen and I had a quick fondle and kiss helloe. Josie got the same greeting from Mike (and afterwards, from Jen and me) but also got a talking to for the fact that she was wearing panties. She defended herself by saying she wasn’t as big a slut as Sue and I were (then when Jen lifted her skirt to show her bare pussy, had to add Jen in to the list), but did nothing to stop Mike from kneeling in front of her and sliding her panties down her legs. Mike gave her pussy a few kisses and commented on the fact that it too was slightly prickly, asking if this meant that Josie was intending to participate in the show (after being shaved). She said she wasn’t sure, but that Sue had been encouraging her to do so and she was still thinking about it.

I broke the news to Mike that Sue and I wanted to shave each other and he took it well, saving he didn’t mind as he liked the idea of us doing each other and he always had Josie to shave. She asked if she had any choice in this and he told her she didn’t, but that he’d make sure she enjoyed it. It was decided that Sue and I shaving each other would be more of an ‘event’ so Mike said he would escort Josie upstairs and take care of her pussy first. Sue objected to this and said if they were all going to watch her and me shave, then we should get to watch Josie so Mike ran upstairs to fetch the equipment while I boiled up some water in preparation and Jen started stripping Josie off. Josie looked a little uncomfortable being the only person who was naked so we poked fun at her, saying we’d all seen (and helped) each other cum so many times that we didn’t see what the problem was. In the end Sue and I helped out in a more practical way by removing each other’s clothes, with Mike reappearing halfway through this display and complaining that we had started without him. We arranged some pillows on the sheepskin rug and put a towel down for Josie to sit on and Mike started work on her. I’ve been asked a few times what the best way to shave a pussy is, and while I know I’ve written about it before, people seem to like the description so I thought it was time to go over it again.

Josie lay back on the pillows with her feet on the rug and legs bent at the knees. Mike pulled her legs apart so her pussy was fully exposed and he gave it a little kiss before soaking a muslin cloth in the hot water and gently wiping it over her mons and pussy to acclimate her to the heat. After doing this a few times, he soaked the cloth again, wrung it out, folded it in four and draped it over her pussy, gently pressing it against her mons and lips so it was moulded to the shape of her body. Josie said it felt hot, but wasn’t burning her so Mike soaked another cloth and after 30 seconds or so swapped it with the first one, repeating this so the area was soaked it hot water for a few minutes. While he had been doing this, the gel had been soaking in the hot water and after removing the muslin cloths, Mike squeezed some onto Josie’s mons and thoroughly worked it in across her mons and around her lips (maybe with just a little more teasing of her lips, clit and ass than was required). He soaked the razor (with a fresh blade) in the hot water and then started work on her mons, making smooth strokes and rinsing/reheating the blade in the water frequently. When doing her lips, he got her to spread her legs even wider and used his fingers to stretch small sections of the skin, then shave that area before moving on to the next. He mostly shaved in the direction of the hair, but for a few places had to shave in multiple directions to get everything. Once the first pass was complete, he rinsed Josie off with the water and I provided a fresh bowl of hot water which he used to soak her with the muslin squares again – just as he’d done previously.

Jen moved over to the rug and sat beside Josie so she could gently caress Josie’s breasts as they chatted. Jen easily teased Josie’s nips to attention and then bent to suck on them, eliciting a complaint from Sue as Jen hadn’t done anything to her breasts yet (there had been a brief fondle during the hellos, but nothing significant). I told Sue not to worry and that I’d take care of her, lowering my head to her left breasts and swirling my tongue around her nipple. Sue moaned that I was just teasing her so I pushed her back on the sofa and reached over to play with her other breast as I felt the nipple in my mouth harden more (we were both already horny from the expectation of what was to come later, as well as watching Josie being shaved). I dropped my hand to Sue’s leg and was in the process of sliding it up towards her pussy when Jen told us to not get too carried away. I pulled away at the last minute, barely brushing across Sue’s lips and went back to just playing with her breasts, causing Sue to complain again but making me feel a twinge of pleasure in my own pussy knowing what I was doing to her.

Mike removed the cloth and added another layer of gel to Josie’s pussy, then went over the whole area again to pick up and small hairs he might have missed the first time. Jen carried on caressing and sucking on Josie’s nipples, as well as kissing Josie properly and occasionally moving up so she could bend over and offer Josie one of her breasts to play with. Sue and I ended up lying on the sofa, Sue on her back and me on top, each with a leg pressed against the other’s pussy. I was trying not to hump against her too much but Sue was grinding against my thigh and it was becoming increasingly difficult not to reciprocate. I did move up a few times and dangle my breasts in Sue’s face so she could play with them, but her nipples are significantly more sensitive than mine (and she enjoys having them play with to a correspondingly greater extent) so I spent more time sucking hers.

Mike rinsed Josie’s pussy clean and then gave her a warning that the next bit might be cold and picked up and ice cube. He ran this over Josie’s pussy, making her squeal, but held her legs open (getting Jen to help with this) as he ran the ice back and forth over the whole area he had shaved. He finished by patting her pussy dry and then saying that it was now time for his favourite bit he lay down and started kissing and gently licking all around her pussy. Josie let out a little moan and said his tongue felt warm (which compared to the ice, it was). Once he had satisfied himself that he hadn’t missed any hairs, Mike slid his tongue between Josie’s lips and swirled it around her inner lips and the entrance to her vagina. Jen wanted a turn and Mike became defensive of his territory, saying that he had just shaved Josie so should get to eat her. He relented a little and said Jen could have a brief go so Jen straddled Josie and lowered her own pussy to Josie’s mouth and they 69ed. Unsurprisingly, Jen remained sitting over Josie’s face when Mike took over again and she looked back and forth between Mike eating Josie and Sue and I kissing and humping on the sofa. She told us once more to calm down and I told Sue we’d better do what we were told or we might be punished (knowing that this was actually a realistic option – although as we were going to be subjected to being fucked by a group of guys the next day, I’m not sure what Jen could have really done).

Mike spread Josie’s pussy wider and mushed his face harder against it, trying to lick deeper inside her and sucking on her lips and clit as he licked them. Josie was making noises into Jen’s pussy and Jen leant forwards to make it easier for Josie to lick her clit. I looked over at them a few times but was mostly concentrating on Sue and I quietly told her that once she was shaved, I intended to eat her until she came multiple times. Sue grabbed my ass and tried to pull me against her while trying to hump against my leg, but I held back and told her she’d get to cum soon enough. Sue said I was mean and I kissed her, pressing my tongue into her mouth and swirling it around hers, them told her I loved her and was just as desperate to fuck as she was but we had to wait just a little longer. Sue decided to tempt me and whispered into my ear, asking if I wanted her to eat me so I told her I did. She asked if I wanted to eat her and I told her I couldn’t wait to get my mouth on her little cunt and she told me she felt so wet and wanted us to taste each other. I was well aware what she was doing and told her to behave or we wouldn’t do anything. She knew this was a bluff but backed off and said I was no fun anymore so I promised to show her just how much fun I could be if she would just wait.

Jen had missed our whole conversation – partly as we had been fairly quiet, but mainly as Josie’s tongue had been working on Jen’s pussy and clit this whole time and Jen’s mewing had steadily increased as her orgasm built. Mike had also been eating and fingering Josie so she wasn’t too far from cumming, but he had held back a bit more so Jen came first and she announced her orgasm with a series of mew’s that Mike noticed were louder than usual so Mike thought she was playing up to the situation. Jen crawled off Josie’s face a couple of minutes later and bent down to kiss Josie. Mike concentrated more on Josie’s clit, sucking it into his mouth and swirling his tongue around it until she came, arching her back as she did so. He eased off a bit but kept licking it until she had let out a few more moans, then eased off more and kitty kissed her. Josie panted and swore a couple of times, saying it had been a strong orgasm and Jen said she had cum quite hard as well. Josie said that Jen had felt very wet when she came and Jen said it had felt like she had squirted. This got my attention as Jen has only squirted a handful of times before and despite the fact Mike had been eating Josie at the time, he said he was jealous as he loved the idea of Jen squirting a large volume of pussy juice directly into his mouth.

Mike, Sue and I all moved over and kissed and licked Josie’s face to sample the liquid Jen had squirted over Josie and Mike kissed Josie, letting her taste her own juices from his face. He slid into her without really trying and told her she felt hot, wet and tight. Josie wasn’t ready for any more action just yet but Mike wasn’t planning on fucking her anyway and just enjoyed having his cock enveloped in her cunt. Jen ran her fingers along both Sue’s and my pussies to see how wet we had got each other, then tasted us both from her fingers. Mike said he wanted to taste Sue so Jen wiped us both again and told him to close his eyes, letting him sample my juices first, then Sue’s and asking what the order was. He got it right and we repeated this with Josie who also got it right. Mike moved off of Josie and challenged Jen so she closed her eyes and he fed her Sue’s juices twice but Jen said that she knew neither tasted like me so we decided she had won the competition.

Shaving Josie had taken a while and we were getting hungry so we ordered some food, unfortunately we had left this a little late and they said it would be a while before they could deliver so we pressed on with the shaving and Sue settled down to let me shave her. I did this basically the same way that Mike had done Josie. I spent a little while eating her once I’d finished, but didn’t have a full session and make her cum as we wanted to be able to eat each other at the same time. Sue then shaved me with the same soak, gel, shave, soak, gel shave and ice method and was in the process of licking the ice cube between my lips and into my pussy so she could drink the meltwater when the food finally arrived. Mike ducked out of the way and let Jen answer the door. As she was naked, she grabbed the towel from under Sue and wrapped it around her, wrapping the top part around so it was only just high enough to cover her pussy and ass. The idea was to let the delivery guy ‘catch’ Sue eating me and maybe have some fun with him (although at that point I was desperate to finally eat Sue). Jen answered the door and was greeted by a delivery girl who looked Jen up and down and said ‘pizza dare?’. Jen nodded at first, then said ‘well, not quite – more like a shaving party’.

Jen invited the girl in and as they walked down the hallway to the kitchen, Jen told the girl that there was a few of us and that we were shaving each other. The girl didn’t seem to believe Jen so was told she could have a look in if she wanted, but that there might be naked people. Pizza girl either really didn’t believe Jen or was sufficiently curious and she stuck her head around the door and just said ‘oh wow, fuck’. By this point, Sue had finished drinking the ice cube out of me and was now licking me properly. She had explained she thought it was fair to have a couple of minutes doing this before we 69ed as I’d got to do it to her and I wasn’t complaining. I looked over at the girl standing in the doorway, then back at Sue and told her I wanted to eat her. Sue briefly looked up and then turned around to straddle me in a 69, at which point I pulled her cunt to my face and buried my tongue in her (aware that Pizza Girl couldn’t see this, but guessed that it was fairly obvious what I was doing). I figured that she could however, see Sue eating my pussy and spread my legs wider to give her a better view.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

A Farmer’s Best Friend – Part 2

I wondered what people thought of my appearance as I cycled through the streets. My legs were covered in dirt and my top and skirt were sticking to my skin where it had been wet. As I’d gone without my bra, I could feel my breasts swinging back and forth as I pedalled and the more I thought about how much I wanted to cum again, the stiffer my nipples got and then brushed against my t-shirt as they moved. When I got home, I quickly put the bike out back, went in and stripped off. Jen asked what I’d been up to and I told her I’d explain in just a moment, but that I needed to clean some cum off my body first. If it hadn’t been for this, I would have gladly taken her out back and fucked in the garden, smearing the dirt over both our bodies, but instead I jumped in the shower and thoroughly hosed off my breasts, then cleaned the rest of me (I got Jen to reach in and do my back). As I towelled off I told her what had happened and she said that she knew I wouldn’t manage a ride without cumming. She was pleased that I’d peed myself though and said she wished she had been with me so the farmer could have watched us both do it. I had calmed down a bit by this point, but thought that Jen should get to enjoy herself so dropped my towel and pulled her out of the bathroom and downstairs.

Mike was in the kitchen making dinner with MJ (she wasn’t helping much) as I dragged Jen out the back door. He didn’t bother asking what we were up to as the fact I was naked (and obviously on a mission) made it fairly easy to guess. Jen tried to remove her clothes but I pulled her down and told her I wanted her now and that she wouldn’t need to worry about them as she wouldn’t be wearing anything for the rest of the day anyway. I pulled her over in in a 69, pushed her skirt up and buried my face in her cunt. She asked what we would do if someone came round to visit and between licks I told her that we’d just fuck them to buy their silence and to get to work on eating me. Realising that my lull in desire had been only temporary, Jen got to work and thrust her tongue between my lips. I replayed the moment the farmer had first discovered me and imagined it had been a whole group of workers. As Jen and I ate and fingered each other I pictured multiple cocks plunging into me, filling and covering me with cum with the occasional female joining in and making me eat her. Even though I’d already cum a couple of times, my fantasy helped me cum before Jen did so she kitty kissed me while I finished her off. We didn’t need to mention the reason I’d pulled Jen out into the garden and as she mewed her way through her orgasm I felt her pussy tighten as she pushed a stream of pee out, covering my face and filling my mouth. I briefly lapped at her pussy after her orgasm ended, then rolled her over, climbed on top of her and pressed my mouth to hers. She eagerly opened it and received the liquid I’d saved for her. Jen moaned that I hadn’t peed as I came and I told her I didn’t think I had much left, but she wanted me to at least try so I sat over her face and pushed out enough to please her.

Jen had to peel off her skirt before we went in as it was soaked and on the way through the kitchen I saw that Mike had enjoyed watching us out the window. I had originally intended to shower with Jen but told her to go ahead and I knelt in front of Mike, freed his cock and gave him a good suck. I really wanted to be able to make him cum with his cock buried in my mouth and feel the silky liquid slide down my throat – unfortunately I also wanted to have him cum over my face and body so I could eat dinner while covered in cum and I equally wanted him to fuck me and fill me with cum so it leaked from my pussy (guys are so limited in their capacity for cumming). I decided I wanted him to fuck me later on and pump his cum in me so I moved back and released his cock from my mouth. Mike told me off for being a tease and I just said ‘pot, kettle’. I looked over to the door and told Mike I wanted him to mark me as his (given Jen had done it just a few minutes ago). He pointed out that this would be somewhat difficult in hid current state so I started talking to him about his day at work and as soon as I saw his cock starting to soften I walked outside, knelt down and spread my arms. Mike dutifully walked out to join me, took his cock in his hand and started peeing over me, directing the stream over my face and body. I don’t know why I wanted him to do this so much – I don’t think it was the same as the way Jen enjoys being peed on, but I just felt like I wanted them both to have marked me as theirs once more. As Mike finished, I quickly moved forwards and took his cock back in my mouth, capturing the last of the stream and swallowing it, then sucking him hard again.

Mike handed me a tea-towel to pat myself dry so I wouldn’t drip on the carpet and he finished off dinner while I headed up and showered myself down. Jen and I remained naked over dinner and I told them about my ride in detail. Mike hadn’t seen the state I’d been in on my return but Jen vouched for the fact that I’d been covered in dirt and my clothes had been stained with pee. He said that I seemed to be in a strange mood and I think it was due to actually being able to do things outside properly, not hiding and having someone discover, watch and then help me – coupled with the additional stimulation I’d got on the ride home. Mike threatened to eat dessert off of me but as I’d already showered twice I hesitated and said if he wanted to see me cum again that I could find a suitable method and went into the kitchen. I quickly washed off a cucumber and a couple of carrots then sat back in my chair, spread my legs and fucked them in turn, sucking the one I’d just used while fucking myself with the next. Now while I cum pretty much every day (unless I’m ill), I was aware that this kind of behaviour was more like our ‘weekend sex’ behaviour (we have more time and energy to devote to pleasure at the weekends), but fortunately Mike and Jen were generous enough to indulge me and after I had finished fucking two of my 5 a day (and ate the carrots), they set about ensuring I was completely satisfied before retiring for the night.

They actually went a bit further than I had intended – although I was in a sufficiently playful mood that I didn’t care and gratefully accepted all the attention. Jen gave me a hard fuck with our strap-on while Mike bathed MJ and Jen then put MJ to bed while Mike then took me for a walk to the shops with a butterfly vibe strapped to my clit. It was only on a low setting, not enough to make me cum, but enough to keep me nicely stimulated and therefore very suggestable to any games. Twice I stopped to pet some dogs and talk to the owners, letting my skirt slid up my legs as I crouched down and giving one of the owners a good view up to the vibe on my pussy. Mike fingered me in the shop, ate me in an alleyway and made me sit on a bench with my legs spread and finger myself on the way home. We then moved back out to the garden as despite my previous statement about not wanting to shower again, I was given two chocolate eclairs to play with and rubbed them over my body, but Mike and Jen then took one each and rubbed them over my body, covering me with the chocolate, cream and bits of pastry as the cakes disintegrated. They both fingered and frigged me, Mike had a turn eating me and Jen finished me off in a 69, encouraging me to pee once more as I came. I paid Jen back and kept lapping at her cunt as she kitty kissed me. Mike spent a little while fucking her as I licked her, but he allowed me to finish her off by myself. I wasn’t too surprised when Jen peed over my face as she came and it became clear why Mike had pulled out of Jen – to give himself time to calm down – as I was showered with a second stream of pee from Mike who was aiming at Jen’s back, ass and my face.

As a final shaming for the day, Mike took a few pictures of me lying in the garden, naked, covered in éclair and playing with myself. These were sent to Sue, Lis, Valerie, Giles, Lauren, Sara, Bennett, Richard, Andy and Corey. As all these people (and mostly also their partners) have fucked me multiple times I didn’t care – and when Mike threatened to send the pics to Mum I knew he was bluffing so wasn’t worried. We got a number of replies with Sue and Josie asking if we wanted a cam-session later on, Valerie saying Nye was desperate for me to visit again, Sara saying she’d come and lick me clean, Andy saying we’d need to ‘work on our paper’ the next day (meaning fuck in the old lab upstairs) and Richard telling us to visit so they could have fun with me. Each time we got another reply I felt a thrill in knowing they had just seen the picture of me masturbating and Mike told them to pass it on to whoever they wanted. He teased me about the picture going viral and having hundreds, thousands or even millions of people seeing it and cumming to it and that just helped make me want to cum again even more.

Once I was showered clean (including removing the chocolate and cream that had been pushed into my pussy), Mike speared a generous amount of tingle gel into my cunt, working it deep into me and covering everything he could reach with his fingers. We shared a Skype call with Sue and Josie as we did this so also got to watch them play with each other, but I ended up quite distracted as Mike went down on me and then gave me the proper fucking I’d been looking forward to from him, culminating with him emptying his cum into my cunt and me sitting facing the camera so Sue and Josie could watch as it leaked out of me while we chatted. I told Sue about the field and the farmer and she said she’d be up for visiting and having a play there. Josie wasn’t quite as keen on the idea of having someone else watch us, but was willing to go along with it for Sue’s sake. As we owed Alistair another sex show anyway we decided on doing the show then going out to the field to ‘relax’ the next day.

While the idea of Sue visiting again appealed to us all, it was Sue herself who said she wanted to do it that weekend and I told her I doubted Alistair would be able to gather an audience in time, but that I would raise the matter with him. I texted him while still chatting to Sue and he jumped at the chance to get us both in a show again. At his request, I stopped off at the sex shop on the way to work the next day to discuss the details and made use of the fact that I could strip off and get up on the counter to masturbate while we chatted. This had the desired effect on Alistair and I ‘allowed’ him to fuck me as we discussed the party and how many people he thought he could get to attend. I assured him that Sue and I could take as many people as he could get, which Alistair took to a stupid level and suggested we hire the local stadium, have the two of us perform in the middle of the pitch and projected up onto the big screens and then have a pitch invasion with thousands of people fucking us. Alistair knew just how much this would appeal to me I allowed him to take a couple of photos to send out as an advertisement for the show (with a tag line that my little sister would also be there). He said he had an idea as an added extra for the show but wouldn’t tell me what it was until he knew if he could get it done in time and even when I pressed him he remained tight-lipped. He did tell me that he had already got three replies (from people who had been before) and as I was leaving he got a fourth so I texted Sue telling her that the show was on and to make sure she was nice and horny for the weekend.

I thought about Sue (and Josie, but mostly Sue) for the rest of the ride to work and despite having just fucked Alistair, I walked in to the lab, dumped my bag and told Andy I’d had a really good idea and that we should go discuss it. He was a little surprised that I wanted him first thing, but after the éclair pictures, he was expecting some action that day so followed me up and pressed against me as soon as we were in the room. I didn’t want to mess about and told him to unzip my dress, let it slide from my body and then got him to remove my bra. I climbed up on a table, spread my legs and told him to eat me and I’d make it worth his while. I’d like to think that he owes a part of his skill at cunnilingus to my training (by which I mean willingness to tell him exactly what I want him to do) and Andy lapped away at my cunt and fingered me to my third orgasm of the day (I’d had a morning fuck with Jen). I gave myself a couple of minutes to recover by sucking, licking and stroking his cock and then gave him a boob-job, wrapping my breasts around his cock and stroking up and down, using my saliva as lubrication (in my haste I hadn’t brought my bag with me so didn’t have my usual supplies). I fingered my pussy as I did this until I was ready, then for Andy to lie up on the table (fortunately lab benches are quite large and sturdy) and I rode him. I alternated riding his cock (which he loved) and grinding my clit against his body (which I loved) and leant forwards so he could play with my breasts. Andy toyed with my clit for a while to help me get close and I then humped against his cock and he pushed into me, frigging my clit until I came and telling him I wanted him to fill me with his cum so I could feel it leaking from my cunt all day long. This was enough to help push him over the edge and he gave me what I wanted. I pressed down against him to get him as deep inside me as I could and when I lifted myself off of him I held my pussy closed to try and keep the cum in.

I did at least help clean him up before we went back to our lab, letting him wipe his cock over my breasts and then sucking the remainder of our juices from it. On the way back to our lab I could feel his cum trickling out of my pussy some ran down my thighs but some was dripping onto the floor so we stopped for a while on the stairs and talked (actually about work) so I could stand with my thighs pressed together and have the cum leak onto my legs. I was relatively well behaved for the rest of the day (if you ignore the fact I was going commando and reached under my skirt for to give my pussy the occasional stroke) but before we went home I ambushed Andy and took him to the stationary cupboard. We didn’t fuck properly, but I gave his cock a quick suck to get him hard, then turned around and lifted my skirt so he could slide into me. I had been sitting thinking about doing this for the previous half hour or so (and probably not being too productive work-wise) so was nice and wet and I briefly frigged my clit as he fucked me with me encouraging him to get as deep inside as he could. I then pulled myself off his cock and sent him home with the instructions to eat and fuck his girlfriend so he could mix my juices up into her cunt. (And yes, I know I should feel guilty about this as she doesn’t know Andy and I fuck, but I was with him before she was and he likes to fuck more frequently than she does, so I see it as providing a service to her).

This section isn’t a chronological entry, but doesn’t deserve a full entry so I’ll just add a note saying that a few weeks later, Mike came home from work with a present for me – a pearl g-string (not real pearls obviously). At first I was slightly dubious, but humoured him and wore it and was pleasantly surprised at how nice it felt. I’ve found that the key is to wear it pulled up tight so the bead string is pulled between my lips and rubs against them and my clit as I walk. We’re not talking orgasmically nice, but it’s a good way to give a little stimulation in situations where I’d have no opportunity to do anything ‘interesting’. Even better (and the reason he purchased it) is wearing it while cycling. The repeated leg movements, coupled with the pressure of the saddle, means that it feels an order of magnitude more pleasurable. While still not enough to make me cum, I arrived at work quite a few days with a pussy literally dipping wet (and a soaked saddle to prove it) and had to either make use of Andy or take care of myself before I could get any work done.

Friday, 29 September 2017

A Farmer’s Best Friend – Part 1

While Mike and Jen enjoyed running to keep fit, I still preferred cycling and as the weather got warmer around the start of May, I started to cycle to and from work. In the middle of the month we were having some work done in our lab so I had decided to work from home but hadn’t been too productive and I decided to go out for a ride and then work when I got back.

I considered having some fun and strapping one of our double ended dildos to my leg so it would move in me as I cycled (I have other entries about this), but actually wanted to go for a ride and get some fresh air so I threw a few toys in my bag (along with some lunch) and pulled my bike out of the shed. Now just because I wasn’t using a dildo, it didn’t mean I was being well behaved and seeing as I didn’t have any panties on (as usual), my pussy rubbed against the seat as I cycled. I had been enjoying this on my rides to and from work, but as my route was along busy roads, there was only so much I could enjoy myself (although after particularly enjoyable journeys I had taken Andy upstairs to one of the disused labs to help relieve me a few times over the preceding couple of weeks). This time, I rode out of town and along much quieter roads so could hump back and forth against the saddle much more and this was having a sufficient effect on me that I could feel it getting slicker with my juices (which just made it even easier to slide against it). A few times I leant forwards over the handlebars and pressed back so the front of the seat pushed between my lips and slid into my pussy – unfortunately this wasn’t that practical a position to cycle in so I couldn’t remain like this for long, but it felt nice when I could and at one point on a downhill slope, I kept the saddle a little way in me and was enjoying it enough that I didn’t notice a car cope up behind me. As the road was narrow, he didn’t overtake straight away and when I realised he was there I wondered just how much he could see (my skirt was reasonably short and I was leaning forwards quite a bit).

A little while later I stopped for a drink and looked around for somewhere that I could work off the horniness I’d built up while humping my saddle. I made my way into a field and walked along beside the hedgerow until I found a spot sufficiently far from the gate that nobody on the road would be able to see me. The field was planted up but whatever the crop was, it hadn’t grown high enough to provide any cover – there was nobody in sight though and the field just rolled into another field so I felt quite secluded even though the road was just on the other side of the hedge. Without wishing to sound all hippy & ‘getting back to nature’ – it did feel like I was getting back to my roots as I still vividly remember one of the first times Mike and I were ‘caught’ outdoors, we were out for a ride and had stopped to fuck just off the cycle path. A couple of minutes in, someone zoomed past us at speed as I was riding Mike (we were both dressed, but I’m sure it was obvious we were fucking).

While thinking about this, I flipped the back of my skirt up and sat down on a relatively level bit of earth, not caring if I got my ass dirty. I reached down to my pussy and started stroking myself, revelling in how wet I felt and lifting my fingers to my mouth to taste myself. My fingers returned to my pussy and easily slid in. I lay back and rested my head on my backpack as I toyed with my cunt, then pulled my top and bra up to expose my nipples and smeared some of my juices over them. I reached up and fished around in my bag for something to help me, deciding to go for the lucky dip option and just use the first thing my hand found. I had hoped it would be one of our vibrating eggs, but my hand wrapped around the double ended dildo that I had packed ‘just in case’ I’d decided to use it while cycling. I almost left it in the back and kept looking for a vibe, but I’d decided to use whatever came first so pulled it out, gave one end a suck and rubbed it up and down my slit before sliding it between my lips and starting to fuck myself with it. Now a long double ended dildo isn’t the most practical thing to masturbate with as the other end wiggles around quite a bit. It’s actually quite amusing to watch and I enjoyed the sight of it thrashing back and forth in the air like some alien tentacle as I pumped it in and out of my cunt. I briefly stopped to pull my top and bra off but quickly resumed fucking myself and relished in the cool air and sun on my skin.

After a couple of minutes stroking my clit, teasing my nipples and using the dildo, I looked over at my bike and decided that as it had contributed so much to getting me in the mood to cum, that it deserved some love in return. I stood and lifted my bike away from the hedge, lying it on its side and lay the handlebars parallel to the ground. I remember years ago Mike showing me a porn film where two girls went for a ride and ended up using the bike tyres to rub against their pussies – it looked like they were enjoying themselves and I really wanted to try this, but wasn’t going to do it with tyres covered in dirt but fortunately I already knew what I wanted from the bike. I crouched on all fours and pressed back against the front of the saddle. The juices that had been covering it had dried, but I was now wet enough that after rubbing against it a couple of times I could get the top of the saddle into my pussy and then humped back and forth against it, getting it a little deeper each time. Due to the way the saddle flared out, I didn’t have to get it very deep inside be before I felt quite stretched and I reached a hand under me to play with my clit. I hadn’t decided if I was going to cum like this or go back to lying on my back and relishing being outdoors (to be honest, I was considering doing both) but was interrupted by a gruff voice behind me asking what I was doing.

I’d obviously been caught and was sufficiently far along that I really wanted to keep going. Given whoever was behind me had already seen pretty much everything, I didn’t see any point in covering up so just reluctantly pulled myself forwards off the saddle and stood up to face him. He looked like a stereotypical farmer – flat cap, tweed jacket and wellies. Now I’m not that good at guessing ages, but I pegged him at being in his 50s (certainly a reasonable amount older than me) and I saw his eyes working their way up and down my body, looking at my legs that had a light covering of dirt from there I’d been kneeling on all fours and my breasts in particular. I immediately knew that I didn’t want to stop what I was doing so didn’t try to cover myself up and when he said that this was private property I apologised and told him I hadn’t gone near any of the crops or damaged anything and that I had just really needed to cum and wanted a place to masturbate outside. I slid a hand across the front of my skirt and rubbed my pussy through it, then slid my hand under it and stroked myself directly. I tried for a coy look as I used my other hand to lift the front of my skirt and let him see what I was doing and I told him if he let me finish, that I wouldn’t mind if he stayed and watched me.

I let my skirt fall back down and lifted one of my nipples to my mouth to suck on it, tasting the mixture of the juices I’d smeared over it previously, and the sweat I’d worked up on the ride. I realised the farmer wouldn’t know about the juices so withdrew my fingers and wiped them over my other nipple before lifting it to my mouth and running my tongue over the areole. I took a step closer and asked the farmer if he wanted to watch, then took another few steps and said he didn’t only have to watch… trailing off my sentence hopefully. He was intently staring at me (mostly still my breasts so I reached out and took one of his hands and lifted it to my chest. He squeezed one of my breasts and I let out a little ‘mmm’ sound as I rubbed my pussy. The farmer lifted his other hand and as he massaged both my breasts I could feel how rough the skin on his hands was. I took hold of one of his hands and pushed it down and whispered, ‘finger me’. He pushed two fingers straight into my pussy and moved them in and out as well as swirling them in a circle inside me. I wanted to be completely naked so unzipped my skirt and kicked off my shoes, then told him to wait a moment while I pulled the skirt down and flicked it away with a foot. I moved back towards the farmer and as soon as his hands were back on me I told him it wasn’t fair for him to have to do all the work and if he wanted I could reciprocate. I reached for his crotch and stroked it and he told me to touch him properly so I unzipped his trousers and freed his cock (which took a little effort as it was half-trapped at a strange angle).

Once released, his cock sprung to attention, already fully erect, but still quite small. I rubbed him for a little while then asked if he wanted me to suck him. He said yes so I grabbed a condom from my bag, rolled in on and knelt in the dirt in front of him and took him in my mouth. Unlike my little sister, I can’t do deep throat, but he was short enough that I could just about get his whole cock in my mouth without gagging and I bobbed back and forth, swirling my tongue around the head and shaft as I sucked him. He made a comment about the dog liking me and I looked over to see the dog licking the saddle of my bike where I’d been fucking it. When the dog moved over and started licking the dildo I chased him off and shoved the dildo back into my bag, then knelt on all fours in the dirt and looked over my shoulder at the farmer. He asked if I wanted him to fuck me and I told him I still needed to cum and it was only fair he should cum as well. He knelt behind me and easily went in (although not very deep) and as he moved I reached under and played with my clit, feeling my nipples press against the first and move back and forth as we fucked. I wondered how dirty I would be by the time we finished, but this was only a passing thought and I didn’t care enough for it to matter (very little is important enough to stop me cumming at this point – especially when I’m outside) and I circled my fingers around my clit as my orgasm built. Having already been discovered, I threw caution to the wind and moaned loudly as I came, telling the guy to fuck me harder and faster. I thrust back hard against him, dragging by breasts purposefully back and forth across the dirt, wanting to mark myself. The farmer said he was going to cum and I encouraged him, telling him to finish off, fuck my cunt and cum in me.

He came and pressed into me but pulled out just a matter of seconds later. I turned around to look and saw a pleasing amount of cum in the condom. I don’t usually play with cum from people I don’t know, but as my first proper outdoor fuck of the year I wanted to make the most of it so I crawled around and sucked on the end of the condom, then slid it off, lay back, and emptied the contents over my breasts. I smeared the warm liquid over my skin, covering my whole breasts and then rubbing it into my neck. I partially regretted doing this as I wanted to play with my pussy so rolled over and pressed against the ground, using the moisture to encourage more dirt to stick to my breasts and then crawled over to my bag and pulled out a pack of wipes (we almost always have toys, condoms and wipes for cleaning up any messes). I rinsed my hands off with some water and then wiped them thoroughly and was about to pull another toy from my bag but realised I’d been careless when pushing the dildo in so didn’t know what (if anything) was coated in dog drool. I didn’t intend on letting that stop me though and rolled over onto my back then asked the farmer if he’d mind if I came again. He said he thought I’d cum and I told him I had, but I was just enjoying myself and wanted it to last a bit longer. I said he could carry on watching or if he wanted he could join in again, but didn’t wait for an answer and started frigging and fingering myself. He made some comment about me being a little whore and I told him I didn’t care as long as I could cum and he told me to carry on.

The farmer watched me closely as I played with myself – he still had his cock in his hand and although it was now limp he was still squeezing it. I used two and then three fingers in my pussy and frigged myself with my other hand, then decided that I may as well make the most of having an attentive audience and moved the hand away from my clit and pushed a couple of fingers into my ass. I lifted my ass of the ground and humped the air as I DPed myself, using the palm of the hand I was using to finger my cunt to bump against my clit. I told him a few times to look at me and watch me cum – although his eyes were glued to my display, so this was a little redundant. As I was outside and already covered in dirt I thought I may as well enjoy myself fully (and make Jen proud) and peed as I came. Given the position of my hands, the liquid didn’t make it far, splashed over my hands, pussy and thighs and ran down my ass and back. I moaned loudly as I came, telling him how good it felt and how much better it was as I was outside with him watching me. I’m fairly sure I could have gone for a third orgasm but the dog kept sniffing around me which was rather distracting so I lay down, feeling the now rather wet earth against my ass and legs and pressed against the mud just for good measures.

When I stood up, I realised just how wet and dirty my legs were and the farmer said my back and ass were the same. I stuffed my bra back into my bag, slid my top and skirt on and sat to put my shoes on. The farmer asked if I was going to cycle home like that and I told him I’d ridden here without any panties on so I’d go back the same way. I asked if he’d mind me coming back to play again and he asked if he’d get to play as well. I said I was more than happy with this arrangement and anytime I was there, he could fuck or finger me or I’d just blow him if he wanted that. As an added treat I offered him a chance to watch me and my girlfriend (Jen) fuck each other – but did warn him in advance that he wouldn’t be allowed to do anything with her as she was gay. I sweetened it a bit more by saying he could fuck me while I ate her (I know from experience that most guys like this) and was going to tell him that my peeing while cumming was something I had inherited from Jen, but decided to hold back on that so we could surprise him at a later date.

I had a big drink of water (cumming can be thirsty work) and as we walked to the gate together, he told me that he generally caught one or two couples each year fucking in his fields (and occasionally a single person masturbating – usually a guy, but sometimes a woman). Generally they would instantly cover up, get dressed and run off when they were caught but there had been a few he’d had to actually tell to stop and then chase off. I told him I was glad he hadn’t chased me off and that I felt much relaxed after cumming (this wasn’t technically true as the dampness meant I could feel the air on my thighs and pussy and I was already regretting the dog interrupting my playing). I took his phone number and promised to call at least an hour before turning up. He asked if I’d be bring my girlfriend next time and I told him we’d have to see, but at the very least he’d get to cum again. We said our goodbyes and I was in the middle of straddling my bike when I remembered about the dog having licked my juices from the saddle so I had to stop and wipe it down. I knew I wanted to at least try and cum again on the way home so I retrieved a remote controlled egg from my bag, coated it in tingle gel, slipped it into me and wiped the gel over my pussy and clit. As a bonus, I smeared a good dollop of the gel over the bike seat – especially the front, which I was intending to try and fuck again.

The ride home felt nice in some ways, but was rather frustrating. I could feel the egg buzzing away inside me and the gel worked its magic on my lips and clit, but wasn’t enough to make me cum. The hill I’d enjoyed freewheeling down with the saddle pressed into me, was now (obviously) uphill so I had to pedal the whole way up. I did manage to get into something of a rhythm and thrust myself back against the tip of the saddle with each turn of the pedals and a few times it slid into me as far as I’d managed while fucking it in the field – unfortunately I couldn’t do this in a repeatable fashion so it felt good but still wasn’t enough. The only time I came close to cumming was when cycling over a rough path and I leant forwards to put my clit in contact with the saddle and pressed down hard against it. I wasn’t pushed quite to the edge of cumming, but knew if I doubled back and gave it a few more minutes on that terrain that I’d easily cum. I very nearly did turn around and then considered stopping to find another suitable field to use, but was nearly back in town by this point so thought I may as well keep going and get Mike or Jen to help me when I got home.