Monday, 11 December 2017

Valerie’s Visit – Part 2

Jen kitty kissed Rachel and Rachel had a few licks of Jen’s pussy before they showered. In the shower Rachel told Jen that she had been louder because of how much stronger the wand was and the fantasy was nice, but she still preferred the idea of being with Jen as she made her feel so good. Jen promised Rachel that she would carry on pleasuring her, but it might not be possible to keep doing it daily. Rachel looked very disappointed at this but said she understood and that she really needed to spend longer on her schoolwork anyway (although term would be ending soon so she would have more time to play) and Jen said that gave her an idea, but that she would have to check with Mike and me first. Rachel tried to get Jen to tell her what the idea was but Jen wouldn’t say any more and they got out and dried each other off. As Rachel got dressed she said she didn’t want to have to wait until Monday to see Jen again and Jen (who also didn’t want to interrupt Rachel’s exploration) said she would find a way to make some time for them to play. Rachel skipped out the door much happier due to this promise and Jen texted Mike to tell him that he could head home any time he wanted.

Mike had meanwhile collected Valerie at the airport and they had sat and had a coffee and a chat while Jen ‘finished up some work’ at home (we thought it might be best not to tell Valerie that Jen was also educating another girl in lesbianism). Mike says that things were a bit awkward at first due to the nature of her visit (he has known Valerie for years and gets on well with her and she even knows that he has always found her cute and often played up to that as she liked his attention) but the fact he had MJ with him helped to break the ice and by the time they left, Valerie seemed to have relaxed a fair bit. They remained at the airport until Jen’s text arrived and on the way to the car Mike commented on how cute Valerie’s outfit was – she had a simple white blouse on with a mid-thigh length pale yellow flippy (pleated) skirt. Unfortunately for Mike she wasn’t wearing socks and had opted for skin coloured tights, but she has the legs to carry these off. Valerie gave him one of her cute looks (the type that we’ve been told she used to practice in the mirror) and thanked him. Mike felt his cock stir (he had been trying to keep calm as while he desperately wanted Valerie, he still didn’t know if he’d even get to see her naked) and on the drive home tried not to be distracted by thoughts of what she would look like as Jen peeled the outfit from her body, what kind of underwear she would have on and how she would look when she came.

When they got home, Valerie gave Jen a slightly awkward hug (similar to the one Mike had got) and Jen glanced at Mike but he nodded and tried to indicate that Valerie just needed to relax again (which is difficult to do silently while holding a baby and using just head an eye movements). The three of them fed, bathed and put MJ to bed and then settled down for their dinner – with wine to help Valerie relax (not enough to get her drunk though). They mostly avoided sex talk throughout the meal – only making the occasional reference to what I might be doing with Nye – but as they ate desert, Jen started telling Valerie just how cute she had always thought she was and that she was pleasantly surprised Valerie had wanted to do things with me as Valerie had only ever expressed interest in men. Valerie said that it was Nye who wanted all this to happen and Jen asked if that meant Valerie hadn’t enjoyed her time with me (with Jen’s heart sinking as she thought this was the end to her weekend of fun). Valerie blushed and said that it had been fun and when Mike told her he had particularly enjoyed watching her masturbate for us and that it had certainly looked like she was enjoying herself, Valerie blushed much more deeply. Jen moved over beside Valerie and said she wanted to make her feel as much pleasure as possible and that ever since Valerie had first mentioned Nye’s fantasy, Jen had been thinking about getting her hands onto Valerie’s skin and stroking her all over. Jen placed a hand on Valerie’s and gave it a little squeeze, then kissed Valerie on the neck and whispered to her that she was beautiful.

Mike had the sense to keep quiet as Jen nuzzled Valerie’s neck and Jen whispered to Valerie that she was sure she could make Valerie feel as good as I had. Jen placed her hand on Valerie’s thigh and as she moved her lips up to Valerie’s face, she started stroking her inner thigh, just under the hem of her skirt. Valerie let out a little ‘hmmmh’ sound that Mike thought was very cute and when Jen’s lips touched Valerie’s, she kissed Jen back. Jen kept gently kissing Valerie and caressing her leg – although keeping her hand mostly out from under Valerie’s skirt and certainly not sliding too far up just yet. When Jen lifted her hand and slid it up across Valerie’s stomach and over one of her breasts, Valerie sighed into Jen’s mouth and lifted her body slightly. Jen maintained the kiss then fiddled with one of the buttons on Valerie’s blouse and slipped her hand inside to caress Valerie through her bra. When they eventually broke the kiss, Jen recognised the look of desire in Valerie’s eyes (although guessed it was nothing compared to the way she herself felt) and whispered to Valerie ‘Will you come upstairs with me?’. Valerie bit her lower lip and nodded so Jen took her by the hand and led her upstairs, leaving Mike to clear up the dinner things.

Mike and Jen had discussed their plan and the possible scenarios for the weekend. They knew there was the ever-present ‘Valerie not wanting to do anything’ – which by now seemed to be thankfully ruled out. They also thought that Valerie might not want to do things with Jen by herself and would want Mike to be there with them (which Mike had no problem with), that she might even just want to let Mike fuck her to make up for Nye fucking me, or that she might do things with Jen alone. As the visit was (at least nominally) to let Nye watch Jen and Valerie together – and because this was something that Jen desperately wanted (she was jealous that I had taken Valerie’s homo-virginity), she had agreed with Mike that even if Valerie wanted him to join them, that if Jen got the chance to play with Valerie by herself that she would be allowed to do this.

Jen led Valerie into her room and saw Valerie look up at the selection of pictures on the wall (Valerie had seen these before during the Skype sessions so it wasn’t a surprise). They stood and kissed beside the bed and Jen said (while indicating to MJ) that I had told her Valerie didn’t make much noise, so they probably wouldn’t wake the baby. Valerie blushed at this and Jen told her she was really cute and kissed her again, wrapping her arms around her and pulling her tight. Valerie embraced Jen and they stroked each other’s backs until Jen pulled away slightly and asked Valerie to unbutton her dress. Valerie slowly undid the buttons from the top down to the waist and even without the front being opened, could presumably tell that Jen didn’t have a bra on. Jen put her arms by her side and said ‘slide it off’ so Valerie pushed the material over Jen’s shoulders and the dress slid to the floor, revealing a completely naked Jen who pressed up against Valerie and kissed her once more, then moved around behind her and nuzzled her neck while unbuttoning Valerie’s blouse, then moved back around in front of her and pushed the blouse off. Valerie had a white bra on with little pink roses on it and Jen gently cupped Valerie’s breasts and said they were beautiful. Valerie lifted her hands to Jen’s breasts and stroked them and they kissed some more. After a couple of minutes, Jen slid her hands down to Valerie’s dress and undid the catch, slid the zip down and let it slide to the floor. She pushed her hands into Valerie’s tights and ran them over her panties while pushing the tights down, then knelt and pulled then down completely, letting Valerie lean on her while she stepped out of them.

The two girls lay on the bed and Jen half sat up to look at Valerie, tracing her fingers over Valerie’s chest, stomach and thighs while saying she looked beautiful. Valerie said Jen was far prettier (which I would agree with, but I might be biased). Jen thought Valerie’s underwear was very cute so didn’t want to remove it straight away and they kissed with Jen stroking Valerie’s breasts and then pussy through the underwear. Eventually Jen’s desire to get her mouth onto Valerie’s breasts won out though and the bra was removed and Jen kissed, licked and sucked on the freshly exposed breasts and nipples until Valerie was squirming around (although the fact that Jen’s hand was also inside Valerie’s panties might have been another cause of the squirming). Valerie didn’t just lie there and receive, her hands roamed over Jen’s body, stroking her nipples, caressing her pussy and running back and forth up her back and across her ass. Jen whispered to Valerie that she thought it was time to see the pussy she had been lusting after ‘in the flesh’ and moved down the bed to peel Valerie’s panties off. Jen was delighted to see that Valerie looked quite wet (although not as wet as she was) and once the panties were tossed aside, Jen gently parted Valerie’s legs and ran her hands up the insides to spread her lips. Valerie whimpered a little when Jen did this and whimpered a lot more when Jen crouched between Valerie’s legs and started kissing and licking around her pussy. Jen whispered ‘so beautiful’ and licked up the length of Valerie’s pussy, then slid her tongue between her lips and started eating her properly. Valerie gasped and raised her hips, then gripped Jen’s head and only let out quiet sounds of pleasure as Jen steadily ate her until she came.

As she had done with with Rachel, Jen wiped her face clean when she crawled up to kiss Valerie and she told her that she tasted every bit as good as I had described. Valerie asked Jen if she wanted her to do the same to Jen and Jen said she’d love it so they moved around and Jen lay at the edge of the bed, allowing Valerie to kneel on the floor (which is actually more comfortable). Jen lifted her head and looked down at Valerie who was staring at Jen’s pussy. Valerie asked Jen not to look as it was embarrassing so Jen lay back and waited as Valerie’s lips made contact with her pussy and then started licking her. Jen could tell that Valerie was still quite inexperienced, although admitted later to me that I’d done a fairly reasonable job of training her as Valerie lapped around Jen’s pussy, licked between her lips, spent about the right amount of time on Jen’s clit (which increased as Jen got more aroused) and even kitty kissed Jen a little afterwards. Jen mewed her way through her orgasm and when Valerie pulled away, she pulled her back onto the bed and kissed her, juices and all. Valerie quietly asked if it had been all right and Jen told her she was obviously a quick learner – or just naturally gifted and that she should have started eating pussy much sooner. Valerie said she had never thought of doing things with other girls and Jen told her that she would have probably had even more guys chasing her if they knew she was willing to have threesome and let the men watch her play with other girls. Valerie said she didn’t know if that was really true and Jen decided she felt a little guilty about leaving Mike downstairs so she mentioned that Mike was probably downstairs with his cock throbbing just at the thought of what the two of them were doing together. Valerie asked Jen if Mike was going to join them and Jen said it was entirely up to Valerie, who only hesitated for a minute before saying that she didn’t mind if he was with them.

During the previous weeks (as our Skype sex sessions had developed), Valerie had seen Mike eat and fuck both Jen and me so she knew that he loved eating pussy and could last at least as long as Nye. Jen suggested that Valerie put her underwear back on as it looked so cute (and as I’ve said, Valerie likes being cute and knew Mike likes cute) and Valerie did this while Jen went downstairs to fetch Mike. She told him that they had eaten each other and that Valerie was now requesting his presence. Mike was more than ready to go as he had been looking at some of the pictures of Valerie and replaying some of the Skype videos of her masturbating and being fucked so he quickly followed Jen upstairs to find Valerie sitting coyly on the bed in her underwear. Mike asked if he was allowed to play with her as well and she nodded a yes, so he clambered onto the bed beside her and they started kissing. Jen joined them and caressed Valerie and when Mike pulled away to remove his top, Valerie switched to kissing and caressing Jen. Valerie’s bra came off for the second time that evening and Mike and Jen double teamed Valerie’s breasts. Mike removed his trousers and Valerie sat up and caressed the bulge in his shorts, then pulled the front out and down to free his cock. Mike just knelt and watched as Valerie took his cock in her hands and stroked him, then leant forwards and took him in her mouth. Mike said he was glad he was used to holding back as Valerie somehow managed to retain her cute and innocent look while her lips slid down his cock and she licked and sucked on the head.

Mike wanted to see Valerie’s pussy so as soon as she released his cock, he gave her a kiss then moved down the bed, hooked his thumbs in her panties and slid them down her legs. Valerie didn’t hesitate this time and opened her legs. Mike got Jen to pass him a pillow and asked Valerie to lift her ass so he could put it under her, then kissed his way down one of her legs, from her ankle to her inner thigh (where he spent a little while) before moving on to her pussy. Valerie was already breathing heavily by the time he started licking her cunt and was either kissing Jen or sucking on Jen’s nipple when offered to her. A couple of times Jen reached between her own legs and smeared her juices over her nipple before letting Valerie lick it clean. Mike gave Valerie as good a licking as Jen had and midway through, Jen asked Valerie if she wanted to do things properly and straddled Valerie’s face. Jen looked down between her legs as she lowered her pussy to Valerie’s mouth and watched as Valerie pushed her tongue out to lick her. Jen leant forwards for a bit and asked Mike for a go licking Valerie – which he allowed, but only briefly and whispered to Jen that she’d already had a go and it was his turn. Jen remained bent forwards and watched as Mike licked her, even helping out by spreading Valerie’s lips and Mike occasionally raised his head to kiss Jen. Mike kept Valerie close to cumming, but waited until Jen had cum and dismounted before he made Valerie cum (he didn’t want her to be distracted) and he then kitty kissed her for a fair while (Jen was kissing Valerie and they were playing with each other’s breasts during this time).

Mike kissed his way up Valerie’s body and kissed her (not even thinking about her juices being on his face) and Jen then pushed in to make it a three way kiss. Mike’s cock rubbed against Valerie’s pussy as they kissed and he asked her if he was allowed inside. Valerie said she didn’t know if she could cum again but Mike and Jen assured her they would take care of that and Mike kept sliding back and forth, enjoying the warmth of her pussy as he coated his cock with her juices. Mike told Valerie that he had imagined doing things with her ever since he first met her and she asked if I had known (or minded) him thinking about her that way and he told her that I had always been a part of those fantasies and had enthusiastically imagined both him and I (and then Jen when she joined us) all fucking her. Valerie asked if we had really all thought of her like that and Mike told her it was her fault for being irresistibly cute (going for her weak spot). Mike slid in to Valerie and told her she felt very warm and tight and in turn she said he felt nice and big inside her (Mike is a little larger than Nye). They kissed and fucked with Jen joining in the kissing from time to time and Mike then knelt up and lifted Valerie’s legs up so he could get deep inside her – which also exposed Valerie’s breasts for Jen to play with. They fucked in various positions, Valerie rode Mike, he took her doggy style with Jen frigging her clit, spooning and then finishing off with Valerie and Jen 69ing and Mike fucking her. Valerie had her first orgasm while riding him and a second while 69ing and when he pulled out at the end she asked him why he hadn’t cum but he just said he wanted to save that for the end and that he wanted to play with her pussy a little more first.

Jen pointed out that it wasn’t just Mike who wanted her and they asked her if she liked the fact that she had people fighting over her body. The three of them played together – Valerie sucked Mike’s cock and let him 69 with her and he slipped back into her after a while, but only briefly and then moved down to slide into Jen, telling Valerie that Jen had said she wanted Valerie’s juices mixed up inside her. Valerie blushed at this and Jen asked if Valerie would do the same and take her pussy juice into her cunt. Valerie nodded a yes so Mike moved back and pushed as deep into her as he could while Jen kissed Valerie and whispered to her to try and feel their juices mixing inside her, then adding that Mike would add his own contribution soon enough. Mike moved back down and swirled his tongue around Valerie’s pussy until she came again and kept kitty kissing her while Jen asked Valerie how much time she had spent exploring my pussy. At first Valerie said ‘not much’ but when Jen told her how I had described our weekend she admitted she had spent a while looking and touching me so Jen asked if Valerie wanted to do the same to her. Jen crouched over Valerie’s face and leant forwards (away from Mike) and told Valerie to explore to her heart’s content. Valerie actually spent longer examining Jen that they thought she would, but Jen didn’t mind and felt Valerie push her fingers into Jen, spread her lips, stroke her clit and lips (both inner and outer) and feel around her mons and thighs.

As Valerie got closer to cumming, Mike kissed his way up her body and Jen moved to the side. Mike spooned with Valerie and started moving in her, initially with him stroking her clit but Jen then lay beside them, facing Valerie and kissed her while also taking over frigging Valerie. Mike fucked Valerie with long strokes, pushing deep into her as her (still quiet) sounds of pleasure became more insistent. He asked her if he could cum inside her and she said yes and he asked her if she would ask him to cum in her cunt. She told him not to tease her (it being a long standing joke that Valerie is always so polite) but turned her head towards him, gave him one of her very cute looks and while keeping the look said ‘please cum in my cunt’. Mike told her that she was incredible and asked her to say more while remaining in cute mode, she pouted at him and said ‘fuck my cunt with your big cock and cum deep inside me’. Mike just said ‘oh fuck’ and kissed her then told her as soon as she came he intended to fill her. Jen kissed Valerie and frigged her clit a little faster until Valerie said a quiet ‘I’m cumming’. Mike pictured his cock buried in her and all the cute looks she had given him over the years and told her he was cumming as well. He shot multiple jets of cum into her, feeling how much wetter she got and continuing to move in and out the whole way through her orgasm and beyond. Jen eased off on Valerie’s clit but Mike kept moving, trying to pump every drop of cum out of his cock.

Friday, 8 December 2017

Valerie’s Visit – Part 1

Ever since I had visited Valerie and Nye to play with them (and give Nye his fantasy of watching another girl fuck Valerie – letting him join in of course), we had been in touch with them and had Skyped numerous times, sometimes just chatting, but often watching each other fuck. Nye and Valerie had seen Jen and I fuck and after a while had watched us with Mike joining in. Jen and I had seen Valerie and Nye fuck as well as Valerie masturbating and on a few occasions, Valerie had let Mike see her masturbate (although Nye hadn’t wanted to be involved while Mike was watching).

Throughout this time I had been frequently emailing Nye, encouraging him to think of me and tell me what he wanted to do and even sending him a few ‘special’ pictures of me (given he’d taken photos and video of Valerie and me playing, I didn’t see any harm in him having a few more). The plan (or my plan anyway) had always been to go back and visit them again to continue Valerie’s education in fucking girls (and receive more loads of Nye’s cum as he was quite good in bed) but Nye said he really wanted to see Valerie be fucked by Jen as well as me. As you would expect from us, neither Jen nor I had any problem with this and even though it was his suggestion, it was actually Nye who didn’t want to come and visit as he thought it would be odd being there with Mike (who he knew would obviously want to fuck Valerie). Oddly enough, it wasn’t even the fact that Mike wanted Valerie that was Nye’s issue, he just didn’t want to be there to watch it happen (or for Mike to see Nye fucking us). We came up with a compromise – not one I was completely happy with (but I guess that is the nature of compromise) – where I would visit Nye and give myself to him for the weekend, letting him fuck me as much as he wanted, while Valerie would visit Mike and Jen and then let Nye watch as Jen played with her.

It was left to Nye to see if Valerie would be interested in doing this as while she had said she enjoyed my visit, she hadn’t seemed as keen as he was on repeating it – although she had loosened up a bit as the Skype calls had continued and had said she would let Jen play with her. It was actually when I was out on the Monday afternoon with MJ (while Jen was taking Rachel’s virginity) that Nye called me to say that Valerie had agreed and he asked if I was free the next weekend. At that point I knew we didn’t have any firm plans and while there were other people I wanted to see (and fuck), I was also aware that Jen was desperate to get her hands on Valerie and that Mike was hopeful he would be allowed to join in (as Valerie is almost his dream girl in terms of her cuteness and how she plays up to it) so I agreed, although by later in the week we were slightly regretting this as it meant Jen would have to forgo seeing Rachel for a couple of days and as the previous entries will attest, Rachel was eager to learn (and cum).

I left work and went straight to the airport on the Friday. Nye picked me up from the airport and I greeted him with a big kiss and pressed firmly up against him, then whispered in his ear that I had nothing on under my dress. He looked down my top at my breasts and his hands roamed over my ass and back to confirm he couldn’t feel any underwear. I told him I was his to make cum as many times as he wanted and he asked if we could go straight home to play. There was nobody too near to us when we got in his car and I could see Nye eyeing me up so I undid a couple of buttons at the top of my dress and said he could have a feel if he wanted. Nye leaned over and slid a hand into my dress to play with my breasts, pulling the material aside to expose one. I undid another couple of buttons so my dress opened enough for him to see both breasts at once and getting in to the mood, undid a few at the bottom of the dress as well and flipped the skirt out of the way to show him my pussy (freshly shaved that morning by Jen – Mike would have done it but needed to get into work). Nye let out a ‘fuck’ and push a hand between my legs so I spread my legs and let him finger me. I reached over to stroke his crotch and after a bit of fiddling, managed to unbutton and unzip his trousers (which is not easy with just one hand) and reached in to stroke his cock. Nye looked around to check that nobody was watching and I challenged him to make me cum. He asked if I was being serious and I told him he didn’t have to if he didn’t want to but that I’d been serious about letting him do anything he wanted to me.

Nye pushed his fingers into me faster and I undid the last button holding my dress on, letting it fall to the sides. I told him to stroke my clit and he did as I asked so I played along and used my left hand to toy with my breasts while still stroking his cock with my right hand. I slid down a bit further in the seat and spread my legs as far as I could in the confined space. As Nye fingered and frigged me I asked him if he was going to do various things to me, telling him I would suck his cock and drink his cum, let him fuck my cunt and ass, play with myself for him and that we would cum as many times as he wanted. He kept playing with me and I told him I was going to cum for him – then did exactly that, moaning and telling him how good he was making my cunt feel. When Nye pulled his fingers out, I took his hand and sucked my juices from them, then leant over and took his cock in my mouth. He sat back and let me suck him but I wanted more so climbed up moved across to his seat. I could see some people in the distance but needed to at least feel him inside me so pushed down onto his cock and humped up and down a couple of times. The people were getting closer and I told Nye we’d better stop, but that I would make up for it when we got home, did up a couple of buttons on my dress and climbed back over to my seat before leaning over and giving the head of his cock a few little kisses. For the journey home, I kept the lower half of my dress undone and allowed Nye to reach over and stroke me and whenever it was safe, I unbuttoned it completely.

Once at Nye and Valerie’s house, we dropped the bags in the door and I asked him how many times he had fucked Valerie in the hallway. Nye said they had never had sex there so I told him we should rectify that and unzipped his trousers and knelt to suck his cock back to life (which didn’t take long). Between sucks I told him I could still taste my juices from him, then stood and pressed his cock between my legs. Nye helped to get it inside me and we moved against each other a little, but it was an awkward position so I moved over to the stairs and bent forwards, then told him to fuck me. Nye moved up behind me and slid in (the benefit of having being fondled for most of the journey was that I was still nice and wet). Nye pulled my dress off and reached around to play with my breasts so I frigged myself and humped back against his thrusts so our bodies slapped together hard. I asked him how dirty he wanted me to be and he said ‘very’ so I kept telling him to fuck my cunt hard, pump his cock into me and fill me with his cum. It sounded like he was close to cumming for quite a while, but I remembered that he could last a fair time so I didn’t try and hurry my own orgasm. I spent a little time on my knees with him fucking me and turned around to suck him and rub his cock between my breasts. I told him I expected him to make me cum lots more times as well as eating me, and knowing lots of guys don’t like eating their own cum out of someone, I gave him the option of where he wanted to cum. He was quite clear about wanting to cum inside me so we went back to him taking me from behind as I knelt on the stairs. I made sure he told me when he was getting close and I rapidly frigged myself until I came, moaning loudly as I did so and telling him that Jen probably had her tongue buried in Valerie’s cunt by now. That was enough to send Nye over the edge (although I’d like to think my cunt had something to do with it) and he pushed into me harder and came, using small thrusts to move while staying buried in me. He kept making small, jerking motions in me and I turned my head to ask if he had enjoyed himself to receive a panted ‘yes’ in response.

When Nye pulled out, I reached back and held my lips together, then turned and sucked his cock clean. I couldn’t decided whether to let him cum dribble out of me and massage it over my body or get a pair of Valerie’s nice panties and use them to soak up all of our juices for the weekend (in the hope Nye could then get her to wear them). The idea of sweet, innocent Valerie having cum and pussy juices soaked panties on appealed to me so I suggested this to Nye and he loved the idea. I carefully followed him up to the bedroom (keeping my pussy held shut) and let him select his favourite pair (white lacy ones with a little bow). We moved into the bathroom and Nye held the panties under my pussy as I spread my lips and did the best I could do let his cum dribble onto the panties. Most of it did this, with only a few drops landing on the floor and I got Nye to wipe my pussy dry with the panties, then follow me back into the bedroom where I spread my legs and told him to push the panties into me. I held my knees up to my chest as Nye pushed the panties completely into my pussy and then told him to get undressed and join me on the bed. He quickly stripped and climbed over me then started playing with my breasts. I ended up on top of him with my breasts dangling in his face and him sucking and licking my nipples as I humped against his cock until it started coming back to life. I pulled the panties out of my pussy and wrapped them around Nye’s cock to stroke him with, then mounted him again and humped against the panty covered cock, telling him how much I wanted to see Valerie with the panties nestled up against her cute little pussy.

Nye said he wasn’t ready to cum again so I asked if he would use Valerie’s vibe on me. Nye asked if I would do more things with him afterwards and I promised him that he could do things to me as many times as he wanted – or had the energy for – and not to worry about him being left feeling horny. We fetched the bright pink vibe from Valerie’s bedside drawer and I noticed a couple of smaller ones in there to so asked Nye if they were ones Valerie used anally. He said that she never did anything like that (she did let him fuck her ass, but only rarely) and that she used them in her pussy or on her clit). I lay back and let Nye fuck me with the vibe, then let him also use one of the smaller vibe on my clit while I used the other on my nipples. We had a brief go at pushing the panties back into my pussy and then using the vibe in me and I talked Nye into sliding his cock back into me and fucking up against the panties (being careful not to push them in too deep). With the panties removed and draped over my face, Nye used the vibes to finish me off and I came for him, then immediately got him to lie on his back so I could play with his cock. I once again wrapped it in the panties and licked and sucked him through them, then used them to wipe the vibes clean and placed the panties on the nightstand so I could concentrate properly on his cock. I licked and sucked up and down the length, taking as much in my mouth as I could and after a few minutes, straddling him so he could play with me at the same time. I reminded him he was meant to eat me and pushed down against his face, pleased to feel his hands cup my ass cheeks and his tongue start licking me.

We didn’t stay in the 69 for too long as I wanted to ride him so I mounted his cock and leant forwards, allowing him to play with my breasts again as we fucked. He lasted even longer this time and we spent a good ten minutes with my lying against him, my head pressed against his shoulder and his cock sliding in and out with long, firm strokes. It felt wonderful and I could feel my orgasm building, but only gradually and I told him there was a good chance I would end up cumming quite hard after a fuck like that. Nye said Valerie didn’t always like it when he took so long but I told him he could fuck me all night if he wanted and I’d milk as much cum from his cock as possible. As nice as it felt, Nye’s orgasm still built faster than mine so I sat up and rode him while he played with my clit and nipples until I caught up. He got to choose how we finished though and we went back to the steady fucking but it now felt even better and I imagined Valerie planted over Nye’s face, her pussy squirming around as we both licked her and pushed myself over the edge, moaning into Nye’s ear as I came and telling him to keep going and cum in me. It took him another few minutes and he asked if I was okay with him continuing in the middle so I humped back against him a bit harder and told him to fuck me and stop worrying. He came again, pushing deep into me just as before and when he pulled out I used the panties to wipe his cock, then put them a little way into me to catch any cum.

We chatted for a while and I asked if he thought Valerie would be playing with Jen yet. Nye said he really hoped so, but that they had agreed it was entirely up to her whether she did anything – although if she did, she had promised to call and let him watch at least once over the weekend. I asked if he thought she would do anything with Mike and again Nye said it was up to Valerie. We chatted a while longer and I told Nye I had brought one of my school uniforms with me if he wanted me to wear it at some point and he was very keen on this. I found out that Valerie hadn’t taken one of hers and knew that Mike would be disappointed about this, but if things worked out, I assumed he’d get another chance to see her in one which would keep him happy. We debated calling to see if Jen had fucked Valerie yet but decided to let them have their first night together undisturbed so settled down to fall asleep. I was pleased to find Nye was hard enough to slide into me and he even gently moved inside me, but wasn’t ready for another session. I promised to suck him awake and told him if he woke up first he could either go down on me or try to get inside me without waking me up and he said he liked that idea and we humped together a bit harder. He still didn’t want to cum again but did play with my clit and I managed to cum one last time for the day and fell asleep with this cock still slowly moving in my throbbing pussy.

Back at my home, Mike had left work a little early to go home and collect MJ and then meet up with Valerie. Jen would have gone with him, but she had Rachel waiting at home for Mike to arrive and take the baby so that they could play together. Rachel knew that Mike knew (just as I did) what she was about to do – and looked suitably embarrassed when he greeted her, but he didn’t say anything to her about fucking Jen. While they had been waiting, Jen had told Rachel that we had a friend coming to stay and Rachel asked if it was one of the ‘friends’ that Jen had told her about. Jen was worried that Rachel might be jealous or upset, but the younger girl didn’t seem too bothered about it and just wanted to know so Jen told her how I had visited Valerie and Nye for a threesome, how Valerie was now visiting so that Jen could play with her and how I was going to Nye to fuck him in return. Rachel asked if Mike minded that I would be with another guy and Jen told her that Mike wanted me to enjoy myself and he actually liked the idea of other people fucking me (adding that he slightly prefers it when I’m with other women, but that he enjoys seeing me cum with guys as well). Rachel then asked if Mike would be sleeping with Valerie as well as Jen said that he certainly hoped so, but Valerie wasn’t quite as wanton as a certain sixteen year old, so we weren’t quite sure exactly what would happen.

Rachel had been fairly turned on even when she first arrived that afternoon, saying this was at least partially due to the fact that she kept thinking about the fact her pussy was shaved. The one thing Rachel hadn’t considered was P.E. lessons – specifically showering afterwards as it meant that her friends would see that she was now shaved. It wasn’t so much that this was a big thing in itself as Rachel said quite a few girls in her class shaved or trimmed to varying degrees, and she wasn’t the only one who was completely shaved. While Rachel was describing this, Jen slipped Rachels’s panties off toyed with her pussy, teasing her about how she must stand in the showers and ogle her classmates, imagining what it would be like to eat them all. Rachel said she didn’t do that and Jen said it was exactly what she did when back in school (before she came out) and that she would often lie awake and finger herself while thinking of the girls she would really like to have sex with. As they still had MJ with them at this point, Jen couldn’t focus enough attention on Rachel to make her cum, but it meant that by the time Mike arrived, they were more than ready and as soon as Mike left Jen pulled Rachel’s skirt down, pushed her back onto the sofa and started eating her.

Rachel moaned with pleasure but was worried about someone seeing them through the front window. Jen pointed out that someone would have to walk across the garden specifically to look in so it wasn’t likely, and told her that we did things in the front room quite frequently. Rachel squirmed around on the sofa as Jen kept licking her but she allowed Jen to carry on and make her cum. Rachel then wanted to 69 so they went upstairs and Rachel removed the rest of her clothes and lay over Jen, sliding back and forth against Jen as she came (and getting Jen off in the process). They kitty kissed for a while and Jen then asked Rachel if she wanted to try something new. Rachel was up for this so Jen pulled out the body wand and ran it around Rachel’s nipples, causing Rachel to let out a little moan. Jen commented on how sexy Rachel sounded when she did that. Rachel blushed and looked away but thanked Jen than said she liked the sounds that Jen made so Jen suggested that when they had more time, they should try and cum together again and see what it sounded like. Jen then told Rachel to think about her friends in the shower and the ones she would most like to eat and Rachel told Jen that it was only Jen that she wanted to do these things with. Jen didn’t give up and said in that case for Rachel to imagine which one of her friends she would like to have there with them so they could both do things to Rachel at the same time. Jen moved the wand down to Rachel’s pussy and started rubbing it around, asking Rachel how it felt. She said it was much more intense than the vibrator but that she liked it so Jen carried on while whispering to Rachel about how she could move between all the other girls in the showers, fingering, kissing, caressing and licking them. Rachel admitted this sounded good, but that she couldn’t ever ask out a girl at school in case her parents found out so Jen reassured her that she could still fantasise all she wanted and Rachel came with the wand on her clit and made much louder ‘ooohhh’ sounds as Jen described her licking one of the girls while another fingered her from behind.

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Rachel’s First Time – Part 3

As Rachel got dressed, Jen caressed her a little more and when she was fully clothed, Jen asked Rachel if she’d like to take ‘their vibe’ home with her as a present. Rachel thanked Jen for the present (she is a very polite girl) but said she couldn’t risk her parents finding it or she’d be grounded for years. Jen suggested that she keep it, but that it would be available for Rachel to use anytime she wanted – either on herself or ‘others’. Rachel said she only wanted to use it on Jen and Jen slid it under Rachel’s skirt and rubbed it against the crotch of her panties. Rachel told her not to tease so Jen pulled the panties aside and rubbed it against her pussy. This elicited a moan from Rachel and Jen commented that she couldn’t possibly want to cum again. Rachel blushed and didn’t say anything so Jen said that was a pity as she would have loved to slide the vibe into Rachel’s little pussy one more time, then kneel and lick her until she came again. Jen kept using the vibe as she said this, working it deeper into Rachel, then she knelt, buried her head under Rachel’s skirt and pulled her panties down to lap at her clit. Rachel said this wasn’t fair so Jen pulled away and stood up, saying that she would stop if Rachel wanted. Rachel whined that she really wanted Jen to continue, but needed to get home so they kissed. Rachel complained that she’d now be aroused all night and Jen told her to dream about her and she’d make her cum in her dreams – or even better, for Rachel to masturbate while thinking of her. Rachel said she couldn’t do that at home, then asked if she could see Jen again the next day. – Jen eagerly agreed to this and promised Rachel she wouldn’t cum until they were together again, but added that Mike and I would probably cum lots when she told us about their afternoon.

Jen was right – even though Mike was disappointed he couldn’t get to taste Rachel’s juices, he enjoyed the graphic description Jen gave of how Rachel looked naked, how she sounded as she got aroused and came, and how her pussy felt under her tongue (I may have enjoyed hearing this as well). Mike ate me as Jen described this – and she made the description last long enough for him to make me cum three times and then twice more as he fucked me hard from behind (Jen helped out by also licking me for the first of these orgasms). Jen acted out how Rachel said she masturbated, but as promised she didn’t make herself cum – although it was at this point that Mike came in me and left me dripping cum.

I left work early again on the Wednesday to take MJ – this time I had extracted a promise from Jen (one that she would be able to keep) so when Rachel turned up, Jen was alone and waiting. As soon as the door had closed and they had kissed, Rachel told Jen she wanted her to shave her so she could look like her. Rachel said she had loved the feeling of the shorter hair all day and was adamant she wanted to know what it felt like to be bald ‘down there’. Jen told Rachel that if she was old enough to do things like that – let alone the other things they had been doing – that Rachel could use a real word so Rachel gave Jen a shy look and said ‘please shave my pussy’ in a way that made Jen almost melt. Jen agreed to do it, but on the condition that they have a play first to help calm her down and Rachel eagerly accepted this. They headed upstairs and undressed, fell on to the bed and 69ed, then kissed. Jen got Rachel to examine her pussy in the mirror before preparing the things to shave her and as she settled down between Rachel’s legs and laid a hot towel over Rachel’s mons, she told her that Mike would love to be doing this to her as he really enjoyed shaving both Jen and me. Rachel asked if it had been Mike who had shaved her the last time and Jen confirmed it was – both late the previous week and just that morning in the shower. She then followed our usual shaving protocol (hot flannel to soften the hair, warn shave gel, fresh razor blade, rinse and ice cube to tighten the skin). Rachel squealed as Jen traced the ice cube over her now completely bald pussy, but Jen helped to warm the area up with her mouth and tongue, kissing and licking Rachel until she was squirming around on the bed. Rachel was eager to see what her pussy looked like so Jen moved aside and let Rachel use the mirror. Rachel traced her fingers around her pussy, saying how smooth it felt and how she loved the way it looked.

Jen said that she wanted to try something new with Rachel and fetched one of our smaller double ended dildos from the cupboard. Jen promised to be gentle but Rachel said she trusted her and Jen climbed over Rachel and pushed a leg against Rachel’s pussy, then started humping against her. They kissed and ground their cunts together and Jen then moved back so she was scissoring against Rachel, who said it was incredible feeling Jen’s pussy rubbing against hers like that. Jen said that with some practice, they would be able to cum by just doing that, but that she wanted to be joined to Rachel and reached over for the dildo. Jen rubbed one end of the dildo between their pussies, coating it in a mixture of their juices, then did the same with the other end, explaining that it was important make sure things were well lubricated and adding that she really wanted to feel Rachel’s pussy juices inside her own cunt. Jen then moved back and told Rachel to relax as she worked one end of the dildo into Rachel’s pussy while playing with her clit to distract her. Once it was far enough in Rachel, Jen slipped the other end into herself and pushed down on it until their cunts met again. She checked that it wasn’t too big for Rachel and the two girls slowly moved back and forth, pumping the dildo between them. At first Rachel was still tensing up, so it didn’t move much in her and mostly slid in and out of Jen, but as Rachel relaxed, it moved in her a bit more and she said she could feel it. Jen frigged both hers and Rachel’s clits and they alternated between fucking the dildo with their cunts smacking together and pressing harder against each other and grinding. Jen did most of the work and things got quite hot and sweaty but she could see Rachel was enjoying this so kept going. Jen kept herself close to cumming and concentrated on Rachel until the younger girl said she was close (Jen kept asking) and they then ground against each other. Jen felt her orgasm start and pushed a finger between them to stroke Rachel who started to cum almost immediately. They humped their way through their combined orgasms and finally fell back onto the bed to rest.

Jen would have quite liked to remain in that position to recover, but was so pleased she had managed to get them to cum at the same time that she pulled herself off of the dildo (leaving it in Rachel) and lay on top of her, apologising for being sweaty (Rachel didn’t mind). They kissed and Jen said that it was fairly rare for people to be able to cum at the same time like that but that she thought it felt much better when it was with someone you cared about and wanted to feel good. Rachel asked if that meant that Jen cared about her and Jen said that Rachel could be her protégé and if she wanted, Jen would teach her everything she knew about sex. Rachel liked that idea and they kissed and slid against each other with Jen telling her that sweaty sex was one of the advantages of the warmer weather. It wasn’t long before Jen said that she wanted to explore Rachel’s newly shaved pussy properly and the two of them moved back into a 69 – this time with Rachel on top.

As they ate each other, Jen gave Rachel a brief summary of kitty kissing – demonstrating the difference between eating and kitty kissing and Rachel said she would try it out. This gave Jen plenty of time to examine Rachel’s pussy and even though it was Rachel’s first time doing it, she made a fairly good attempt at easing off when Jen came and only gently kissing her pussy for a little while before starting to eat her again properly (she still made a bit too much contact with Jen’s clit, but Jen didn’t care). By the time they had both cum twice, they were sticky and sweaty and Jen led Rachel downstairs to get a drink. Rachel was a bit nervous about walking around naked but Jen assured her that I wouldn’t come back until she called me – then added that I would think Rachel was every bit as beautiful as Jen did.

Jen pressed up against Rachel in the kitchen and pressed a hand between her legs. Rachel let Jen’s fingers slide into her and Jen rubbed Rachel’s juices over her breasts then crouched slightly to lick them clean. Once Rachel’s nipples were hard again, Jen coated her fingers in Rachel’s juices and offered them to Rachel who opened her lips and let Jen slip her fingers in. Jen kissed Rachel and whispered ‘good girl’. Jen rubbed Rachel’s nipples with the palms of her hands and said she wanted one more go at them before Rachel had to leave so they headed back upstairs and lay in an offset 69 (top to tail, but with heads at the level of each other’s breasts) so they could suck and stroke them.  Jen repeatedly reached up to Rachel’s pussy for her juices to smear over Rachel’s breasts and she did the same with Jen’s juices. Time was marching on by this point and they knew they would have to finish up as Rachel would definitely need to shower before going home, but Jen was especially turned on by the extended breast play and wanted to hump against Rachel. Jen lay on top of Rachel and slid up and down her thigh while pressing on of her legs against Rachel’s pussy. They took turns on top and Jen encouraged Rachel to hump, grind and slide against her as energetically and enthusiastically as she wanted, which Rachel happily did. They kissed messily, tongues swirling against each other and licking each other’s faces as they got closer to cumming, Rachel was obviously close and Jen thought about trying to catch up but decided not to interrupt Rachel’s pleasure and let her carry on humping Jen’s leg until she came. Jen pulled her down and kissed her, then flipped them both over and ground herself against Rachel’s thigh until she came herself. They kissed once again and Jen could feel her sweat dripping on to Rachel (who wasn’t in any better a state).

When the kissing eased off, Jen rolled off and lay beside Rachel, holding her hand. Jen told Rachel that she was a little worried about using the toys with Rachel just in case any of Mike’s cum ended up find its way into Rachel’s pussy (we do keep our toys clean, but the last thing Rachel needed would be to get pregnant while exploring her lesbian sexuality). Rachel looked a little scared and Jen assured her she should be fine for now as she knew the toys were clean and Mike hadn’t cum in her for the past couple of days, but that she would like to have him inside her at some point. Rachel said that she could always visit the doctor and get the pill and Jen asked Rachel if she was okay doing that (knowing Rachel’s parents really wouldn’t approve) but Rachel said it was fine and a number of girls at her school took it as they were sleeping with boyfriends. Jen was tempted to let Rachel have some of our pills, but thought it would be much better if she saw a doctor to get them and told Rachel they might just have to be careful until Rachel had been taking them for a little while.

They forced themselves to get up and go into the shower – this time Jen washed Rachel’s hair and dried it for her and then sat and watched as Rachel put her school uniform back on. Rachel asked if she could come back on the Thursday and Jen commented on the fact she had unleashed a monster. Jen pulled out a bit of paper and tallied up the number of times Rachel had cum on each of the three days – getting Rachel to confirm that she had indeed cum five times each day and that this was more than the number of times she had cum in her entire life before this. Jen stuck the paper to the wardrobe and titled it ‘Rachel’s Orgasms’, then added a ‘Previous – 3.5’ before the numbers for the sessions she’d had with Rachel. Rachel was embarrassed by this but said that as both Mike and I knew what they’d done it wasn’t a big deal – then added that they needed to keep track so they would know when Rachel reached the thousand-orgasm mark. Rachel’s eyes widened at this and Jen said she hadn’t been joking when saying she wanted to get Rachel into quadruple figures and after doing a quick calculation Jen added that if they kept going at their current pace, they could manage this before Rachel got to her 17th birthday. Rachel wrapped an arm around Jen and asked if that meant she could keep coming back and Jen said yes, but that she might not always be able to get Mike or me to look after MJ. With a promise to return the next day, Rachel headed home and Jen called me to day I could return.

That night, Jen told Mike and me everything (again) and Mike ate me as Jen described the event of the afternoon. Jen ended up going down on me as well and Mike slid into Jen and fucked her from behind – Jen weakly protested about the issue of his cum getting in to Rachel and he pointed out that they had said they would be careful. Mike fucked and frigged Jen until she was close to cumming, then pushed deep into her and made slow movements, enjoying the pressure of her cunt around the head of his cock. He leant forwards and told Jen he would just cum over her if she wanted but she mewed that she wanted his cum in her – to which he replied that this was what he had hoped she would say – and he stroked her clit until she came, then emptied his cum into the depths of her cunt. I helped out a little bit and got Jen to 69 over me so I could lick her clean and it felt like I ate an awful lot of cum out of her (and told Mike this).

Neither Mike nor I were able to get home early on the Thursday and Rachel was a little disappointed when she turned up and discovered this, but Jen said she could wait and they played with MJ (as Rachel has been in love with MJ since she first met her). When I arrived, Rachel looked quite embarrassed and when Jen went to lead Rachel upstairs Rachel looked confused asked if I was going to be staying in the house. I told her that I knew all about what she and Jen were doing and wanted her to enjoy herself and that I wouldn’t disturb them, but if Rachel really wanted I would go out for a walk with MJ. Rachel said she couldn’t ask me to leave and I told her it was fine and we compromised on me going out for a bit and then remaining downstairs. Once upstairs, Jen warned Rachel that Mike had cum in her the previous night, but added that I had licked most of the cum out of her and that she had also showered herself out thoroughly that morning. Rachel said it would be fine and produced a pack of pills from her bag and told Jen she had got them from her school (we hadn’t realised schools did that). Jen pointed out that they still took time to work so they agreed not to share any toys that day. After their first session, Jen told Rachel about my comment relating to just how much Mike had cum in her and said that it was all due to the thought of what she and Rachel were doing. Rachel (as usual) went very red at hearing this, but smiled when Jen kissed and caressed her and told her it was all because she was so cute and beautiful that Mike (and I) found her so arousing.

As they had less time to play, Rachel only ended up cumming three times and Jen jokingly pointed out they wouldn’t reach the thousand mark by her birthday. Rachel said she really wanted to try to do this and Jen told her that it would be incredibly difficult as not even I came five times a day (okay, admittedly I sometimes cum much more than that at weekends, but generally not on weekdays). They did a bit of mental arithmetic while showering and decided on a more realistic target of Rachel reaching the thousand orgasm mark by her 18th birthday – Jen told her that I would be incredibly jealous of this as I didn’t have my first orgasm until I was 19, although I’d more than made up for it. As they dressed, Rachel pressed Jen on how often we did things and Jen told her the truth, that we would make each other cum once or twice a day during the week, that Jen might cum a few more times at the weekend (indicating the pictures of our friends who also help out, but not giving any real details) and that I can cum dozens of times on a particularly heavy day. Rachel was amazed at the fact I came so much and Jen told her to ask me about it but Rachel wasn’t confident enough to talk to me like that just yet. On the way out, Rachel said goodbye to me, blushing as she did so and out in the hallway she told Jen that she thought it was odd that Jen was walking around naked with me there so Jen told her that if Rachel wasn’t there that I would have probably stripped off the moment I got home.

The Friday was similar – Mike managed to get home ever so slightly earlier than usual as we had someone coming to visit (see the next entry) but he didn’t wait for Rachel to ask if he was staying and took MJ straight out and said he wouldn’t come back until Jen called. Jen ate and fingered Rachel, shared a double ended dildo and humped her and they 69ed to add another three to Rachel’s total. Jen told Rachel that we had a visitor so might not be free much over the weekend and Rachel looked so disappointed that Jen said she would make sure to find a little time for Rachel to visit and they could keep playing.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Rachel’s First Time – Part 2

Jen moved back down between Rachel’s legs and ate her for a third time, fingering her as well and this time spending much longer kitty kissing her afterwards. When Jen kissed her way back up Rachel’s body (stopping at her breasts for a good explore), Rachel asked if Jen wanted her to lick her pussy again. Jen told Rachel it sounded cute when she said this and that if Rachel wanted to, she’d happily let her, but thought they should try something else out. Rachel asked what Jen wanted and Jen whispered into Rachel’s ear if she knew was 69ing was. Rachel did so Jen didn’t have to explain, but told Rachel it was much better than what they had been doing as you got to enjoy yourself while playing with the other person, she then kissed Rachel and turned around, positioned her pussy over Rachel’s face and pushed her mouth back onto Rachel’s cunt. This position worked out much better for Jen as Rachel spent longer licking around Jen’s clit. Jen came and she made Rachel cum again a little while after, then moved back around and curled up against her so they could kiss. Rachel didn’t seem to care that Jen’s face was cover with her juices (or that her face was covered with Jen’s). Jen told Rachel that she had now doubled the number of times she had cum in her life and Rachel giggled. Sadly Rachel needed to get back home so they headed into the bathroom and showered together (Rachel tied her hair up so it wouldn’t get wet). Jen ran her hands repeatedly over Rachel’s body, caressing her breasts, stroking her pussy and gently toying with her pubic hair. Rachel asked if she could visit again the next day and Jen told her of course, then curled a couple of fingers up into Rachel’s pussy and gently fucked her while kissing her neck.

They got out and dried each other off, then wandered into Jen’s room so Rachel could fetch her uniform. It was only at this point that Jen realised this was where Rachel had stripped off and she realised that Rachel would have seen the large prints we have up on the wall of Jen’s, Sue’s, Lis’, Lucy’s and Josie’s cunts, as well as Mike’s cock. The times Rachel had babysat for us, we’ve taken these down so she could look after MJ without being exposed to them, but this time there was no hiding them. Rachel pointed at one of them and asked if it was Jen and Jen nodded. Rachel moved closer and traced her fingers over the picture of Jen’s pussy and said ‘it’s beautiful’, then asked Jen which one was me. Jen pointed out my pussy (which is positioned on the other side of Mike’s cock) and Rachel looked closely at it, then said she assumed the penis was Mike’s. She asked who the other pictures were of and Jen said that would have to wait for another time. Rachel asked for one more look at Jen’s pussy so Jen sat on the bed and let Rachel trace her fingers around the lips. Jen then said she wanted to make sure Rachel’s first time was complete and got her to lie on the bed, kissed down her body and went down on her again. Rachel gasped and wrapped her fingers in Jen’s hair, then made little sounds of pleasure as Jen ate her to her fifth orgasm of the session. Rachel was panting by the end as Jen licked her pussy clean, then wiped her own face before kissing Rachel who then got dressed.

They stood and kissed a bit more and Jen asked Rachel if this is what she had wanted to happen. Rachel said it had been so much better than she had expected and they kissed deeply until Jen told Rachel she should get home before she was late for dinner. Jen remained naked while walking Rachel to the front door and Rachel asked if she was going to tell Mike and me. Jen said that she would as we don’t have any secrets, but not to worry, then reached under Rachel’s skirt to squeeze her ass and said it was only fair seeing as Rachel had seen my pussy and Mike’s cock. After a final kiss, Rachel left and Jen texted me to say we could come home whenever we wanted but she ended up coming out to have dinner with us and discreetly relay what had happened to us. Needless to say, Mike and I had a long fuck when we got home (Jen wanted to save herself for Rachel) as she told us in more explicit detail and Mike made Jen promise to keep some of Rachel’s juices on her body the next time they fucked (it was actually this promise that got Mike to agree to come home early the next day and take MJ).

On the Tuesday afternoon, Rachel turned up about five minutes earlier than she had on the Monday and as soon as the front door was closed, she hugged Jen and said she had missed her. They kissed and Jen asked Rachel if she was sure she wanted to do anything more with her and Rachel looked a little hurt and asked if Jen had changed her mind and didn’t like her. Jen assured her that she hadn’t stopped thinking about Rachel since she had left, but she didn’t want to assume anything. They kissed and Rachel said that she had even touched herself in bed the previous night but when Jen asked she found out that Rachel hadn’t done it for long enough to make herself cum as she was still too afraid of her parents finding out. As they moved into the living room, Jen said that this meant Rachel was still only on eight and a half orgasms and Rachel told Jen not to tease her. Jen worked her hands under Rachel’s skirt and caressed her ass through her panties while saying she wasn’t teasing, she just thought it would be fun to keep track of how many times Rachel came so they’d know when they got to double, triple or quadruple figures. Rachel said she couldn’t imagine having that many orgasms so Jen pressed her fingers against Rachel’s pussy and whispered that it would still be fun to try. Rachel let out one of her little ‘oooohhh’ sounds and slid a hand under Jen’s skirt to find that Jen’s pussy was bare. Her fingers slid between Jen’s lips and they kissed while fondling and fingering each other for a couple of minutes.

They moved up to the bedroom (this time using Jen’s room as Rachel had already seen the pictures) and Jen slowly undressed Rachel, carefully laying her school uniform over a chair to keep it in good condition. As Jen slipped Rachel’s socks off, she thought how much Mike would love to be in her place and remembered her promise to let him taste Rachel’s juices from her body. Jen nuzzled Rachel’s panties and as she went to pull them down Rachel put her hand on them and said to Jen that she really wanted to be shaved and asked if she would help. Jen pulled the panties down to the middle of Rachel’s thighs and said that she’d shave Rachel if she really wanted, but that she quite liked the little mound of hair. Rachel said she really wanted it to be shorted and they compromised on Jen just trimming it for now, but with the promise that she would shave Rachel completely bald if that was what she still wanted. Jen put a towel on the bed and got Rachel to lie back on it and she fetched Mike’s shaver and used it with the guard set to a good length to trim off Rachel’s pubic hair. Jen cut it fairly short, but not so short that it would be itchy when Rachel was wearing panties and once she had finished, she ran her fingers through it, then rubbed her cheek against the area and told Rachel that she thought it looked cute. Naturally, Rachel wanted to see so Jen fetched a hand mirror and then pulled the long mirror over so Rachel could use both to see it from all angles. She was very pleased with the look and told Jen that she still thought she wanted to be shaved properly, but agreed to keep it like that for the time being to see what it felt like.

Jen nuzzled up against Rachel’s pussy and started kissing around the area and Rachel asked if they could 69 again. Jen pretended she wasn’t as eager to do that as Rachel was and asked why Rachel would want to do something like that. Rachel knew she was being teased and after a minute or so ended up saying that she wanted to lick Jen’s cute pussy. Jen relented and joined Rachel on the bed, then asked if she wanted to go on the top or bottom. Rachel said she didn’t know what the difference was (other than the obvious) and Jen told her that on top she could move around more and would be in control of how much contact Jen had with her pussy and she could hump against Jen’s face if she wanted. Rachel blushed and said she couldn’t do that but Jen kissed her and said she would do anything that helped Rachel feel good, or just lick her if that was what she wanted. Jen took her place on the bed and let Rachel climb over her, pulled Rachel’s crotch down to her mouth and the two of them started licking away. Jen slipped a finger into Rachel and Rachel did the same to Jen – there wasn’t much humping, but Jen did notice Rachel sliding back and forth a little against her mouth as she got closer to cumming. Jen wanted to prove a point to Rachel and ate her to orgasm, then kitty kissed her and ate her to a second orgasm before breaking contact with her pussy. Jen came once during this and was on the way to a second orgasm (Rachel had kept licking her but hadn’t eased off as much after Jen’s orgasm) but pulled away anyway and moved around so the two of them could kiss.

Jen asked if Rachel had ever tasted her pussy juices before and Rachel wrinkled her nose up at this but couldn’t justify why she had reacted that way when she had been so eager to go down on Jen and was willing to kiss her juices from Jen’s face. Jen demonstrated and dipped her fingers into her own pussy, coated them in her juices and then sucked them clean. She told Rachel that she thought Rachel tasted wonderful and Rachel said the same thing about Jen so Jen slid a finger into Rachel’s pussy and licked it, then offered it to Rachel who opened her mouth and let Jen slide it in. Jen slowly slid the finger in and out of Rachel’s mouth as she sucked it, then kissed her. Jen stroked the now much shorter fuzz covering Rachel’s pussy and told her that Mike would be honoured to know his shaver was responsible for that. Rachel blushed a deep red and asked Jen what she had told Mike and me about what they had done the previous day and Jen told Rachel ‘everything’ and that both Mike and I had thought it was incredibly arousing and had fucked hard after hearing it. Rachel asked if Jen had done anything with them and Jen told her she hadn’t as she wanted to be ready to play with Rachel again (which pleased Rachel a lot). They chatted, kissed and fondled each other for a while and Jen asked Rachel if she had ever used anything in her pussy. Rachel admitted she had fingered herself, but had never used anything else and Jen told her she could always use a brush handle, but if she wanted, they could try one of the toys that we have.

Rachel was excited about this idea and Jen fetched one of our silicone coated vibes and let Rachel feel it, telling her that in some ways it was quite like a cock – hard, but with a softer coating. Rachel looked up at the picture of Mike’s cock and asked it was like that. Jen said it was similar, but that the vibe had a major advantage – at which point she turned it on and ran it in circles around Rachel’s breasts. This caused Rachel’s nipples to stiffen and she said she loved the feeling so Jen sucked and kissed one nipple while using the vibe on the other one, switching back and forth between them. Jen loved the reaction she was getting as she loves breast play (and unfortunately my nipples are nowhere near as sensitive as Jen’s, Rachel’s or even Sue’s). Jen pressed a leg between Rachel’s as something for her to press against and after about ten minutes of breast play she kissed her way back up to Rachel’s face and asked if she was enjoying herself. Rachel said she never realised her breasts could make her feel like that. Jen asked Rachel to tell her what she did when she masturbated and Rachel got all embarrassed but Jen pointed out that they had made each other cum and if it would help, she’d let Rachel watch her masturbate. Rachel’s eyes widened and she asked if Jen was being serious and Jen swore to cum for Rachel if Rachel told her how she played with herself.

In a quiet voice Rachel told Jen that she would slide a hand into her panties and touch herself, rub up and down and sometimes push a finger a little way into herself. She would rub her clitoris and if she had PJs on, would sometimes slide a hand up inside them and hold one of her breasts, gently squeezing it (but not getting the same response that Jen had). Rachel always kept her nightclothes on while playing with herself and even then she usually only briefly touched herself before stopping and as she had previously said, only making herself cum three and a bit times. Jen pressed up against Rachel as she described this and Jen whispered that it sounded incredibly sexy and she hoped she would get to see Rachel play with herself at some point. Rachel said she’d be too embarrassed and Jen reminded her that she was going to masturbate for her, but that she didn’t have to do if she didn’t feel comfortable. Jen then ran the vibe over Rachel’s nipples again and told her that she had something else to do first though, then trailed the vibe down over Rachel’s stomach and ran it up and down the sides of her pussy. Rachel immediately let out another ‘ooohhh’ and a much louder one when Jen ran the vibe up the length of her pussy and brushed it against her clit. Jen asked if Rachel liked it (which she did) so she carried on rubbing the vibe up and down, only occasionally touching her clit with it. The two girls kissed and Jen asked if she could fuck Rachel with the vibe. Rachel said she was nervous (as she hadn’t put anything inside herself) but when Jen promised to be gentle, Rachel said she trusted her. Jen pushed the tip of the vibe between Rachel’s pussy lips but when she slid in into her actual pussy, Rachel tensed up so Jen backed off a bit and kissed one of Rachel’s breasts. As Rachel relaxed, Jen slid the vibe in a little further, then slowly fucked her with it, only penetrating a little way.

Jen progressed slowly – fucking Rachel with the vibe, withdrawing it and running it over Rachel’s breasts (allowing her to cover them with her juices) and then returning the vibe to Rachel’s pussy to stimulate her clit and then slide it back in. Jen kept this up until the vibe was almost the whole way inside Rachel and she let Rachel look down at the mirror to see it sticking out of her. Jen moved down between Rachel’s legs and lapped at her clit as she slid the vibe in and out and Rachel came, at which point Jen turned the vibe down to low and kitty kissed around Rachel’s pussy. When Jen moved back up to kiss Rachel, she slid the vibe from the younger girl’s pussy and let Rachel watch as she licked it clean. Rachel asked Jen to teach her how to use it so Jen sat back and spread her legs, ran the vibe over her own breasts and then slipped it between her own lips and started masturbating with it. Rachel said she wanted to use it on Jen and Jen said that she could, or she could watch Jen masturbate (as promised) and then use it on her later. Rachel said she wanted to see how Jen played with herself so Jen put on a show, toying with her breasts, using the vibe in her pussy and on her clit, fingering and frigging herself and mewing her way to orgasm.

Jen lay back on the bed and pulled on Rachel’s hand to join her. Rachel lay on top of Jen and said she had loved watching her and Jen told her if that was the case that she would really get on well with me. Rachel asked what Jen meant and Jen tried to brush it off but Rachel really wanted to know so Jen told her about my exhibitionist tendencies and how much I loved having other people watch me cum (as well as make me cum). Rachel asked about the other pictures on the wall and Jen told her how they were our friends and that we frequently played with all of them – even letting Rachel in on the fact that Lis (pointing out which was Lis’ pussy) was currently pregnant with Mike’s baby (although omitting the fact that one of the pussies was my sister’s). Jen’s fingers found their way between Rachel’s ass cheeks and toyed with her pussy. Rachel told Jen to stop teasing her and Jen picked up the vibe and pushed it down against Rachel’s pussy, then turned it on. Jen angled the vibe so the tip was pressing against Rachel’s clit and she said that it was time for Rachel to find out what it was like to cum like this. It took hardly any time until Rachel was moaning into Jen’s mouth as they kissed (which Jen loved) and as Rachel came, she wriggled about on top of Jen. As soon as Rachel’s orgasm ended, Jen moved out from under Rachel, pulled her legs apart and buried her mouth in Rachel’s pussy to kitty kiss her. Jen lost herself in Rachel’s scent and taste – further exploring her pussy and lips until she knew every detail. Midway through, Rachel picked up the vibe and Jen felt Rachel rub it over Jen’s pussy, then push it into her. Rachel seemed to have trouble coordinating licking Jen while using the vibe in her, but Jen was in no hurry to cum and let Rachel experiment while she kitty kissed her. Eventually though, the desire to feel Rachel cum under her won out and Jen ate her properly, pushing her tongue as deep into her pussy as she could and swirling it around her clit. Rachel used the vibe on Jen’s clit and made her cum (a bit too hard, but Jen didn’t say anything) and Jen asked Rachel to just lick her while she finished Rachel off and pushing her to her fifth orgasm of the day.

The two girls kissed and humped against each other, their bodies now slick with sweat and a mixture of their juices. Rachel said she needed to get home so they went into the bathroom but this time Jen didn’t shower with Rachel (although stood and watched as Rachel showered). When Rachel asked why Jen wasn’t cleaning off, Jen told her that Mike wanted to taste her juices and Rachel went beetroot and said he couldn’t. Jen told her that if she really didn’t want him (or me) to taste her, that she would jump in with her and Rachel barely hesitated before saying they couldn’t, so Jen joined her and allowed Rachel to wash her clean.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Rachel’s First Time – Part 1

On the Monday following my epic fuck-fest in London (and our younger neighbour Rachel’s admission that she is gay), I went home from work early as a surprise for Jen. Rachel had arranged to come over after school (once again to clarify, she was at the age of consent) and I appeared a little before Rachel was likely to arrive and told Jen that I was taking MJ for a walk and would have dinner out with Mike that night. Jen told me I didn’t have to do that and it might even be better if I didn’t, but I told Jen I know her well enough and the fact that she had put her hair up in a nice style, was wearing one of her nicer dressed and even had panties on showed that she was making an effort for Rachel’s visit. When I slipped my hand between Jen’s legs she moaned and told me not to touch her as it was difficult enough to stop her panties from being drenched. I paid no attention to this, told her she’d just have to change and knelt and suckled her through her panties until I could taste her. Jen told me I was mean so I pulled the panties off and licked her clean – mostly avoiding her clit, wiped her thoroughly with the panties and then slid them on myself, telling her I’d keep her juices against my pussy.

Jen sat nervously waiting for Rachel to turn up – unsure of what was going to happen. She quickly answered the door when Rachel knocked and ushered her in, asking how her day had been and making small talk. They sat and chatted for a while and Jen calmed down, realising she had been being stupid. Rachel made a comment about one of the girls at school she liked and Jen gently teased her about this, saying she could always ask her out – but Rachel said she couldn’t as her parents might find out. Rachel asked Jen if they could sunbathe again and Jen said they could and asked if Rachel needed to go get a bikini. Jen watched as Rachel chewed on her lip and squirmed on her seat, then said if it was okay that she wouldn’t mind sunbathing naked again. Jen said that was fine with her and Rachel asked if Jen would be naked as well, to which Jen said she would if Rachel didn’t mind. Rachel told Jen she’d have to be careful not to get her school uniform dirty and Jen suggested Rachel lay it out on the table or bed. Rachel headed upstairs and returned down with a towel wrapped around her, by which time Jen had already put a couple of other towels out on the grass, along with the sun lotion.

Rachel sat down and started applying the cream as Jen slipped her dress off, then pulled her panties down and tossed them aside. Jen applied cream to her front and Rachel asked Jen if she wanted her back done. Neither girl said much as Rachel sat over Jen’s ass and applied the cream but when Jen felt the younger girl press harder against her ass, she pushed back against Rachel. Once Jen’s back was done, Rachel asked if she could do Jen’s legs and Jen breathlessly let out a little ‘uh-huh’. Rachel started at Jen’s ankles and worked her way up. Jen spread her legs slightly and imagined Rachel looking at her pussy. Jen didn’t feel as wet as she had the previous day, but could still feel her pussy tingling, especially as Rachel’s hands rubbed her upper legs, just below her ass. Rachel then said ‘my turn’ and lay on her towel, allowing Jen to apply the suncream to her. Jen asked if Rachel wanted her legs done and she said yes so Jen stroked up and down the length of Rachel’s legs, evenly covering them with cream. When Jen slid her hands up Rachel’s inner thighs, Rachel spread her legs and allowed Jen to run the cream in. Jen kept her fingers a couple of inches from Rachel’s pussy, but finished with a playful tickle, causing Rachel to writhe about on the towel.

It was only at this point that Rachel asked where MJ was (up until a few days previously, we had thought it had been entirely due to MJ that Rachel had been visiting). Jen told her that I had her for the afternoon, hesitated and then added that I wouldn’t be back for a while. They lay quietly for a while and Rachel then said that Jen was lucky as she could live the way she wanted. Jen told Rachel how she had been really nervous about coming out, had hidden it from her friends and family and hadn’t told anyone until she was 19 so Rachel shouldn’t feel any pressure to tell people if she wasn’t ready. Rachel went on to complain that she couldn’t even sunbathe with a bikini on at home as her parents were afraid people would see her and then added that it was really frustrating not being able to ever do anything. From the conversation the previous day, Jen assumed Rachel was talking about masturbating and told Rachel that if she ever needed some time ‘alone’, that she could always visit them and use one of the bedrooms. This made Rachel go bright red and she very quietly said thanks. Rachel asked if she could ask more personal questions and Jen told her to go ahead. She asked how girls do things to each other and Jen told her it all depends on the people involved, some like kissing, touching, fondling, licking, using toys… Jen said all of this very slowly, watching Rachel as she said each word.  Rachel asked if she could ask more personal questions and Jen told her to go ahead. She asked how girls do things to each other and Jen told her it all depends on the people involved, some like kissing, touching, fondling, licking, using toys… Jen said all of this very slowly, watching Rachel as she said each word. Rachel asked Jen what she liked and Jen said that would also depend on who she was with so Rachel asked if Jen did different things with Mike and me. Jen said that other than the obvious (that she could have intercourse with Mike), things were otherwise quite similar. Rachel asked for more details and Jen said she didn’t know if it was appropriate to tell her and Rachel said she wasn’t a little girl and knew about sex – to which Jen said she hadn’t meant that.

Jen ended up telling Rachel that she liked oral sex – and that both Mike and I loved doing this to her. Rachel asked Jen to describe what it felt like and Jen did her best while trying not to be too explicit and basically told Rachel it was an incredibly intimate and deep feeling (at least with someone you love). Rachel said she wished she knew what that felt like and Jen told her she’d meet someone and get to find out all in good time. Rachel told Jen she wanted to try it now and feel what it was like and before Jen could answer, asked if Jen liked her. Jen told Rachel she thought she was beautiful and she really liked her – but wanted Rachel to be sure before doing anything more. Rachel said she was sure and asked Jen if she could look at her body properly.  Jen said that was fine and lay on her back, watching as Rachel moved right up beside her and felt her gaze as it roamed over her body. Rachel lifted a hand to Jen’s breast and asked ‘Can I?’. Jen nodded and felt Rachel gently squeeze her breasts, one at a time, then she lifted her second hand and played with them both at once. Rachel stroked around the breasts, only making gentle contact with the nipples (much gentler than Jen likes). She asked if she could look at Jen’s pussy and Jen quickly spread her legs and watched Rachel move down between her legs. Jen spread her lips, allowing Rachel to see her inner lips and she felt some moisture run out and over her ass. Rachel whispered ‘it’s beautiful’ and Jen thanked her. Rachel asked if she could touch and Jen nodded, then felt Rachel’s fingers slide up and down her pussy. Rachel pushed her fingers a little way in and then quickly pulled out apologising. Jen said it was fine and Rachel asked if she could do it again. Jen lay back and concentrated on the feeling of Rachel’s fingers slowly sliding in and out of her wet cunt, with the feeling of Rachel’s breath on her lips.

Jen reached down and pulled on Rachel’s arm, telling her to come here. Rachel moved up over Jen’s body and Jen pulled Rachel against her, pressing their breasts together and feeling Rachel’s public hair against her pussy. Jen asked Rachel if she had kissed anyone and Rachel said she had – Jen was a little disappointed at this (although not too surprised), but lifted her head and gave Rachel a kiss on the lips. Rachel kissed Jen back and Jen stroked up and down Rachel’s back. Jen opener her mouth and licked against Rachel’s lips, who opened her mouth and pushed her tongue out quite forcefully. Jen briefly broke the kiss and told Rachel not to hurry and they went back to kissing. Jen slowly stroked her hands down Rachel’s back, then traced her fingers over Rachel’s ass cheeks. She asked if it was okay and Rachel moaned a yes and pressed against Jen harder. Jen worked one of her legs between Rachel’s and felt the warm slickness of her pussy and Rachel immediately started humping against Jen. They rolled over so Jen was on top and Jen pushed her pussy against Rachel’s thigh and they kissed some more. Jen kissed down to Rachel’s breasts and took one in her mouth, swirled her tongue around it, then released it and kissed around the breast. Rachel moaned and Jen asked if she liked what she was doing (she did).

The two girls humped and ground against each other in the sunlight, the kissing becoming increasingly passionate. Jen finally slid a hand down between them and her fingers slid between Rachel’s lips. Rachel said it felt wonderful and Jen nuzzled Rachel’s breasts as she explored Rachel’s pussy, then kissed back up to her face and asked if they should go indoors. Rachel said yes so they stood and Jen led Rachel by the hand into the house and up the stairs. Jen led Rachel into Mike’s room and lay her down on the bed, joining her and resuming their kissing. Rachel’s hands explored Jen’s body and she asked if she could play with Jen’s breasts, which Jen eagerly allowed and lay enjoying the feeling of Rachel sucking on her nipples. Whether it was through inexperience or enthusiasm, Rachel sucked quite firmly, but Jen likes it that way so didn’t complain – especially as Rachel seemed to be enjoying it. Rachel pushed a hand between Jen’s legs and squelched a couple of fingers into Jen’s pussy, causing her to let out a mew. Rachel asked if Jen was okay and Jen explained that was just one of the sounds she made when she felt good. Rachel said it sounded cute so Jen tickled her, but this time she tickled her much longer until Rachel was breathless. Jen kissed around Rachel’s breasts and sucked on her nipples. Rachel was breathing heavily but otherwise quiet and Jen told her that while she didn’t have to make lots of moaning sounds, if she wanted to make any noise then she could and didn’t have to feel embarrassed. Jen slid a couple of fingers into Rachel’s pussy, eliciting a ‘ooohhh’ from her so Jen kissed her on the lips and said that was more like it. Jen gently fingered Rachel and used her thumb to stroke her clit while moving between kissing her mouth and breasts.

Rachel got visibly more aroused and writhed on the bed under Jen’s touch. Jen whispered to Rachel that she wanted to go down on her and asked if she could. Rachel’s face lit up and she said ‘yes please’ so Jen moved down the bed, pushed Rachel’s legs apart and placed her face just in front of Rachel’s pussy. Rachel covered herself and said again that she wished she was shaved but Jen told her that her pussy looked beautiful and asked her to move her hand. Rachel gingerly did this and Jen spread Rachel’s lips, then stroked a finger up and down the inner lips. Rachel gasped a little as Jen pushed her head forwards and traced her tongue up and down the length of Rachel’s pussy. Jen pushed her tongue between Rachel’s lips, then squirmed it up inside her pussy and licked around in a circle. Rachel was panting already and said it felt amazing but Jen was only just getting started and crawled backwards down the bed, pulling Rachel with her until Jen was kneeling on the floor and Rachel’s ass was at the edge of the bed. Jen pushed Rachel’s legs apart and started licking up and down her pussy properly – occasionally circling her clit or pushing her tongue into her. Rachel let out a few more sounds of obvious pleasure and Jen decided she had teased her enough so carried on but spent a little more time around Rachel’s clit until Rachel panted ‘oh, oh, oh’ and Jen felt Rachel’s body tense. She kept licking as Rachel came and eased off as Rachel relaxed back into the bed.

Jen kept kitty kissing Rachel who told Jen she had just had an orgasm and asked why Jen was still licking her. Jen raised her head and told Rachel not to be silly – she was a girl and not limited in the way men were. Rachel asked what Jen meant and Jen told her to just relax and enjoy things. Jen kitty kissed Rachel, spending more time exploring her pussy, then ate her to another orgasm and kitty kissed her for another few minutes before kissing her way up Rachel’s body. Jen didn’t want to gross Rachel out so she wiped her face clean of Rachel’s juices before kissing her. Rachel had a look of pure bliss on her face and told Jen that it had felt amazing. Between kisses they chatted and Jen asked Rachel if she had cum before and Rachel said she had, but Jen found out that Rachel had only cum three and a half times before (she wasn’t sure about the fourth one – but she was adamant that what Jen had just done felt infinitely better than any of the times she had played with herself. Jen asked if that meant Rachel hadn’t cum since their sunbathing and foreplay the previous day and Rachel blushed and said she had touched herself a bit that night, but had been too scared to masturbate at home. Rachel picked up on what Jen had said and asked if Jen had masturbated and Jen openly admitted that she had been so turned on that she had fingered her pussy in the middle of the kitchen the moment Rachel had left and had done it again later that afternoon and that she had even got Mike and me to make her cum that night as she’d been so turned on. Rachel looked a little panicked and asked if she had told Mike and me about her and Rachel said she had, but not to worry as we wouldn’t tell anyone. She then whispered to Rachel why she thought I had come home and taken MJ out to give them time alone.

Rachel asked if that meant Jen had wanted to get her into bed and Jen said she hadn’t known what was going to happen, but she wanted to have the chance as she had been so turned on by Rachel over the weekend. Rachel seemed surprised by this but Jen blushed and said that she had felt so aroused that she had dripped her juices over Rachel, which Rachel said she had felt, causing Jen to blush more. Rachel then said that she didn’t get that wet and asked if it was a problem but Jen pointed out that not many women ever get to the point of being literally dripping wet, then added that she herself didn’t get that wet that often and it was due to Rachel. They kissed more and Rachel ran her hands down Jen’s back and caressed her ass. Jen kissed her way down to Rachel’s breasts and started moving down her stomach when Rachel asked what she was doing. Jen said she was going to eat Rachel again and Rachel said she wanted to try and do it to Jen. Jen moved back up and told Rachel she didn’t have to – she could just let her make her feel good but Rachel said she wanted to play with Jen’s pussy so they rolled over and as Rachel moved down the bed, Jen told her not to lick her if she didn’t like the taste or sensation and that Rachel could stop anytime.

Jen made sure she was positioned at the edge of the bed and spread her legs wide. Rachel knelt between them and stroked up and down Jen’s pussy, then said Jen was so much wetter and Jen again told Rachel that was her fault. Rachel kissed Jen’s pussy very gently a few times, then gave a few small licks. Jen mewed her approval and was just about to tell Rachel to stop if she didn’t like it when the younger girl pushed her tongue against Jen’s pussy and licked up and down. Jen let out a long sigh and Rachel asked if she was doing it right. Jen told her to just experiment and see what she liked and Rachel went back to licking her. Jen made the occasional mewing sound to encourage Rachel, but didn’t need to give her any guidance as Rachel was eagerly licking Jen and didn’t seem at all bothered by how wet Jen was, even pulling Jen’s lips apart and licking inside her in the way Jen had done. As Jen got closer to cumming, she wanted to tell Rachel to concentrate more on her clit, but Rachel’s tongue was making enough contact with it to slowly push Jen towards cumming and she decided to let Rachel keep exploring and just enjoy the experience. Rachel must have picked up on the fact that Jen’s mewing was becoming more insistent though as she started licking faster and harder and Jen could feel her orgasm building and then exploding from her cunt. She came hard and gripped her breasts, pulling on the nipples. Unfortunately Rachel stopped licking and asked Jen if she was okay – Jen just moaned oh yes, yes and then relaxed onto the bed as her orgasm faded. She knew she had to teach Rachel about kitty kissing (and how to keep going until the person finished cumming), but knew this wasn’t the time to say anything.

Rachel asked if she had done a good job and Jen pulled her up over her and kissed her deeply, tasting her own juices from Rachels face. She told Rachel that it had felt absolutely wonderful and she had cum really hard. Rachel seemed very pleased about this and after kissing her a bit more, Jen told her that she was obviously a natural at eating pussy. Rachel asked if that was always what Jen call ‘it’ and Jen said it as usually that or cunt – then saw the surprise in Rachel’s eyes at the use of cunt. Jen apologised and asked what words Rachel used (she didn’t really as her parents would disapprove of such language) and Jen said she didn’t care and it was up to Rachel what words she wanted to use when she was with her. She could use vulva and vagina, pussy, snatch, twat, cunt – whatever she liked. Rachel said she liked the word pussy as it sounded cute and Jen told Rachel she had an incredibly cute pussy and asked if she could have another play with it. Rachel was confused again and said that Jen had already given her two orgasms and Jen told her that she could have lots more if she had the energy. She asked if Rachel had really only cum three of four times and Rachel confirmed this, saying she was too afraid to play with herself at home in case she got caught so had only done this a few times (being interrupted once, hence the half orgasm).

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

London Visit May 2015 – Part 5

I was eager to tell Jen about all the fun I’d had over the weekend (I didn’t want to make her jealous as she had been meant to be there with us, but it had been such a good weekend I needed to share it). Jen looked in an incredibly good mood when we arrived and greeted her. She told me I reeked of sex and I said it was mostly due to Susan, but that I probably had some Abrahii, Lisa and Amber on me – as well as various bits of boy-cum. I was just about to launch into a summary of my orgasms (we usually give each other an overview and then go into the full details later – the latter part often being when I’d make notes so when I get around to writing up my blog – which is now two years behind – I can remember things) when I finally realised just how much Jen was beaming and asked her what was up. She told me I wouldn’t be able to guess so I asked if Lauran had come round to visit and asked for a private session and Jen said it was much better than this. I was at a bit of a loss as I couldn’t think of anything Jen would enjoy more than helping to turn a straight woman gay (or at least bi) as this is Jen’s stated mission for life. I had a sudden panic and asked Jen if she was pregnant again (both she and I are on the pill, but I know it isn’t 100% effective) as I know Jen would love to have another baby, but she had agreed that the next one would be mine. She told me she wasn’t and then commented on how relieved I looked and I tickled her until she promised to tell me (although not immediately as Jen insisted Mike and I both go and say hello to MJ first as she was convinced we would be enthralled by what she had to tell us). This just made it even more infuriating, but we crept upstairs and kissed MJ hello (she was asleep in her cot), then headed back down and sat facing Jen so she could describe her weekend.

Jen had invited Ineta over on the Friday night and once MJ had settled down, she and Ineta had sat out in the back garden enjoying a glass of wine. They chatted for a while and Jen unbuttoned the front of her dress until it was lying completely open, then dribbled a bit of wine on her breasts and asked Ineta if she would help clean her up. Not being as used to playing outside, Ineta looked around to check they weren’t being watched, but then moved over and knelt between Jen’s legs and licked the wine from Jen’s breasts. Jen added a little more wine and got Ineta to lick this up, then dribbled some on to her stomach and finally onto her pussy. Ineta told Jen she could have just asked to be eaten but Jen said this was more fun and slid forwards to make it easier for Ineta as she moved back down between Jen’s legs. Mike interrupted to say he would have to reward Ineta at work on Monday and Jen said that she had already repaid her, but he could pay her again if he wanted. Ineta had remained between Jen’s legs eating her until she came and Jen had to resist peeing as she came (Ineta knows about Jen’s pee fetish, but doesn’t enjoy being peed on as much as Jen does). As Ineta moved back over to her chair and brushed off her knees, Jen thanked her and said it had felt wonderful. Jen slid her dress off and crawled over to where Ineta was sitting, then started pulling at the buttons on Ineta’s jeans, telling her off for wearing clothes that made it difficult to get to her bits. After a couple of minutes, Jen got Ineta to stand up and she pulled the jeans down, then Ineta sat and Jen pulled them completely off, spread Ineta’s legs and went down on her. Ineta held Jen’s head between her legs and let out little moans until she was close to cumming and then told Jen she couldn’t hold back any more. Jen looked up and told Ineta to pee as she came – Ineta asked Jen if she was sure and was told ‘of course – let go and enjoy it’ before Jen buried her tongue between Ineta’s lips again. Jen kept eating until Ineta started cumming, briefly broke contact to say ‘pee’ and went back to eating Ineta as she peed into Jen’s mouth and over her face. Jen kept going as Ineta let out a number of yelps and gasps, then switched to kitty kissing her when Ineta tried to push Jen away. Ineta looked down and saw a drenched Jen and said she was sorry but Jen briefly broke contact again to say it was fine and she had enjoyed it, then went back to kitty kissing Ineta for another few minutes.

When Jen moved back over to her chair, she shivered a bit and used her dress to wipe herself dry(ish). Ineta asked Jen if she had really enjoyed that and Jen explained (again) that she found it incredibly arousing and had loved the feeling of the warm liquid as it had squirted out of Ineta as she came. Ineta said she still found it embarrassing that she had just done that but Jen assured he again that she had loved it then suggested they go inside as she was now a bit cold. Jen showered before going to bed and she and Ineta had another session, starting off with kissing, then humping, fingering, a little licking and then using vibes on each other to cum. MJ woke up a couple of times in the night and needed settling, but was back in her cot by the morning so Jen could kiss and lick Ineta awake. Ineta commented that she loved staying over with Jen as this was by far the best way to be woken up. Jen lapped at Ineta’s pussy until she came, then kitty kissed her for ages (only stopping when MJ woke up). Ineta said it was a pity Jen hadn’t cum but Jen said this was fine and they could play later on once MJ had been fed (Jen did get to cum when MJ went down for her morning nap and as a bonus she ate Ineta in the shower, getting another golden shower of her own).

Ineta left around lunchtime and unfortunately wasn’t able to return that night as she already had plans (she had invited Jen out with them, but Jen hadn’t wanted to leave MJ). Jen was just getting ready to sunbathe in the back garden when Rachel (the girl from down the street turned up) and asked if she could see MJ (she adores MJ). Jen invited Rachel in and told her to take MJ out to the garden while she popped upstairs. Jen had been planning on slipping out of her dress and sunbathing in just her panties (as she almost never wears a bra), but now Rachel was here, she quickly put a bikini on and slipped her dress back on, then headed out to the garden. Jen asked Rachel if she would mind her sunbathing and when Rachel said no, Jen removed her dress and applied some suncream, then helped Rachel later MJ in cream. They chatted for a while and Rachel then asked Jen if she could sunbathe with her. Jen said she didn’t mind and Rachel said she would go home and get a swimsuit. Jen nearly suggested Rachel just strip down to her underwear, but restrained herself and it only took a couple of minutes for Rachel to pop home and return with a black bikini stuffed into a bag. She asked if she could change in the house and was told to go ahead, then appeared in the kitchen doorway a couple of minutes later.

The girls chatted for a while longer and played with MJ. Jen asked Rachel if she could put some cream on her back and there was the usual difficulty with the bikini strap getting in the way so Jen reached around and undid it, making it much easier for Rachel. Jen didn’t fasten the strap and when she had to get up to retrieve MJ (who had crawled a little way away) she held the front of the bikini over her breasts. Jen made a comment to Rachel about the garden being private and that she would usually sunbathe topless and Rachel told her she could if she wanted. Jen asked Rachel if she was sure and Rachel said it was okay, as long as Jen didn’t tell her parents (Rachel’s parents are quite religious and strict and we are well aware that they don’t approve of Jen being gay and be being bi). Jen let the bikini fall from her body and added a bit of cream to her hands to wipe over her breasts (not massaging them too much – just applying the cream for protection). She lay on her back and they chatted some more and Jen thought she saw Rachel glancing at her breasts a number of times. As Rachel is so much younger than us (legal, but still a lot younger), we don’t think of her in a sexual way, and Jen pretended she hadn’t noticed and just put it down to the fact that Rachel’s parents probably didn’t take her anywhere on holiday where people sunbathed topless. Rachel asked Jen to put some cream on her back and as Jen had done, Rachel undid her bikini, but once Jen had finished, Rachel tied it up again.

Jen moved into the shade for her nap and when she returned to the towels with a fresh jug of iced tea, Rachel asked Jen if she could tell her a secret. Jen asked if there was anything bad happening to Rachel and she said there wasn’t, but she wanted to tell Jen something. Jen pinky promised not to tell to try and lighten the mood as Rachel looked quite serious and then took Rachel’s hands and told her she didn’t have to tell her anything, but that she would listen to whatever she had to say. Rachel looked Jen in the eyes, then looked down and quietly said that she thought she was gay. This was quite a surprise as Rachel had hinted a number of times about various boys she liked at school and Jen realised that to Rachel this was a big admission (especially given what her family was like). Jen just said ‘OK’ and gave her hands a gentle squeeze. Rachel told Jen that she hadn’t told anyone this before and if her parents knew that they would probably disown her. Jen hugged Rachel and told her it was fine, that she wouldn’t tell anyone and that Rachel could always talk to her and to me as well if she wanted. Rachel asked if Jen had to tell me and Mike and Jen said we didn’t have any secrets, that she could trust us not to tell anyone (she is out now – the one advantage of being so far behind on my blogging) but if she really wanted, she wouldn’t tell us until Rachel was ready.

They chatted a bit more and lay holding hands as Jen assured Rachel that she didn’t have to tell anyone else until she was ready and comfortable and Rachel told Jen about a few of the girls at school she had crushes on (but weren’t gay – at least as far as Rachel knew). Rachel asked Jen if she could sunbathe topless too and Jen said it was fine as long as Rachel was comfortable with it. Jen had to restrain her love of breasts as Rachel slowly slipped her bikini top off and caught herself licking her lips and Rachel rubbed suncream over her breasts, then forced herself to look away. Both girls caught each other looking at their breasts a few times and when Rachel asked Jen to put some more cream on her back, Jen had to resist letting her hands run up Rachel’s sides to cop a feel. When Rachel rubbed more cream on Jen’s back, Jen felt a shiver go through her and Rachel certainly spent longer applying the cream than was necessary but Jen didn’t say anything about this as she could feel Rachel’s crotch pressed against her ass.

Rachel stayed for dinner that night (Jen put her dress back on but didn’t put a bra on). Rachel showered before getting dressed again but Jen didn’t see her naked and over dinner Rachel told Jen how relieved she was to have finally told someone. Jen told Rachel about how she came out and how I was the first girl she had been with properly (not in anywhere near as much detail as I’ve described in the blog and Jen concentrated more on the coming out part than our fucking at the party). Rachel asked if that meant Jen had only ever been with one girl and Jen told her that she had been with others, but that I knew about this and ended up telling Rachel we were in an open relationship (which Rachel said her parents would make them approve of us even less than they already did, but promised to keep our secret if Jen kept hers). After putting MJ down to bed, the two of them snuggled up on the sofa and watched a film and Rachel then went home, but they had a much longer goodbye hug than usual and Rachel kissed Jen on the cheek and thanked her.

Jen had a cool shower and then lay awake in bed for a fair while that night, trying to resist for as long as she could before finally giving in and masturbating to the thought of Rachel. Deciding she wasn’t satisfied with cumming just once, she also replayed our first time at the party (having talked about it earlier) and came to a mix of this memory and the thought of doing the same to Rachel. Jen felt a little guilty about this as Rachel is so young (but as I’ve said – legal – just to be clear!) but that didn’t stop her from having dreams of doing much more with Rachel and waking up with her pussy leaking juices. Jen thinks she might have even been playing with herself in her sleep as her fingers felt wet even before she plunged them into her cunt. As she was still coming round, she wasn’t thinking about what she was doing and didn’t even try to think about anything other than the dreams of Rachel. She was well on the way to cumming when MJ woke up (and admits that it might have been her moaning Rachel’s name out loud that woke the baby) and had to stop.

Jen spent the morning doing the household chores and playing with MJ until the doorbell rang and she was greeted with the sight of Rachel who asked if Jen was planning on sunbathing again that day. Jen said she had been thinking of going for a walk and that Rachel could come with them but Rachel pouted and said she’d like to get a little sun first and couldn’t sunbathe in her own back garden as her parents didn’t want her brother’s friends to see her. Jen relented and said they could go for a walk in a little bit and stood aside to let Rachel in. As they lay out the towels and Jen went to fetch a drink for them both, Rachel removed her dress to reveal she already had a bikini on underneath, which Jen immediately noticed was a bit skimpier than the one she’d worn the previous day and Rachel then slipped off the top and rubbed suncream over her breasts. Jen felt her pussy pulse – she still hadn’t cum from her interrupted session that morning and the sight of Rachel’s pale breasts with her small nipples was incredibly arousing. Jen placed MJ in her walker on the patio and Rachel asked if Jen was going to sunbathe as well. Jen nodded yes and slowly unzipped her dress. As she slid it off, she thought about the fact she didn’t have a bra on and dismissed it as Rachel had already seen her breasts and she was sitting topless in front of her anyway. It was only as Jen dropped the dress to the ground and half-stepped out of it that she remembered she didn’t have any panties on (while Jen isn’t always pantyless, she often doesn’t wear them and her pussy had been so wet from the time she woke up that she hadn’t bothered putting them on).

Jen saw Rachel’s eyes widen and she quickly reached down and grabbed for her dress, apologising for flashing Rachel. Jen said that she sometimes sunbathed naked (which she thought was better than ‘my pussy is drenched and I’ve been trying not to masturbate all day as I’ve been thinking of fucking you’) and apologised again, holding the dress around her waist and disappearing into the house to get a set of bikini bottoms. Up in the bedroom, Jen quickly rifled through her drawer – briefly being tempted to wear a very skimpy set, but opting for something with better coverage and sufficiently dark that it wouldn’t show up any patches caused by her juices. When she got back out to the garden, Jen apologised again and said she hadn’t meant to do that but Rachel said it was okay and she didn’t mind. Rachel asked Jen if she would put some cream on her back and Jen straddled her, but then lifted herself up slightly so she wasn’t pressing against Rachel. Jen started at Rachel’s shoulders and rubbed the cream in, then worked her way down Rachel’s back. Jen’s resolve weakened and she slowly lowered herself until her crotch was pressing against Rachel’s ass and she wondered if Rachel had any idea how turned on she was. Jen allowed herself to ever so slightly rub against Rachel before saying she was done and reluctantly pulling herself clear.

Rachel volunteered to do Jen’s back and immediately straddled Jen, pressing her crotch firmly against Jen’s ass. Jen tried to keep her body still as Rachel rubbed the cream in but at one point Rachel tickled her (probably accidentally) and Jen squirmed her ass against Rachel’s pussy). Rachel offered to do the back of Jen’s legs but Jen said she could do them herself as she was afraid if Rachel’s hands went too far up her legs that she’d feel or smell how wet Jen was. Jen distracted herself by covering MJ in suncream and they played with her for a little while. They had lunch outside and Jen put MJ down for a nap then applied more cream to each other’s backs. This time Jen definitely felt Rachel squirm against her ass and when Jen sat over Rachel to do her back, she allowed herself to apply a bit more pressure and slowly ground her crotch against Rachel’s ass. The girls lay quietly beside each other chatting and after a while Rachel asked if she could ask Jen something. Jen assumed this was going to be more coming-out questions and told Rachel she could ask her anything at all. Rachel hesitated and Jen didn’t push her, then Rachel asked if it was difficult to shave between her legs. Jen apologised to Rachel again and said she hadn’t meant to show her that but Rachel quietly said that she didn’t mind and it looked nice. Jen could feel her pussy oozing juices but kept her composure and told Rachel that it isn’t too hard and she sometimes did it herself, but that Mike or I usually did it for her. Rachel asked if Jen shaved me and when Jen nodded, Rachel said that she really wanted to shave so she could look as nice down there as Jen did. Jen pressed her thighs together and told Rachel not to worry about it and that she could always just trim there if she wanted her pubic hair to be shorter and didn’t want to shave herself. Jen wanted to offer to shave Rachel but knew this was probably an unwise thing to say and would probably frighten her off but her thoughts were interrupted when Rachel said that she had never really seen another girl naked – well, in the showers at school, but not anywhere when she could actually look at them – and if Jen wanted to sunbathe naked, then Rachel wouldn’t mind.

Jen could feel her whole body flushing, her nipples stiffening and her pussy throbbing as the desire built up in her dreams and interrupted masturbation session throbbed in her. Jen asked if Rachel was sure and when Rachel just nodded, Jen slid her hand to her waist, lifted her ass slightly off the towel and slid her bottoms down, trying to hide the fact that they were soaked with her juices. Jen rubbed a little suncream over her mons in the hope that the slickness of the cream would hide her own juices, but this backfired a little as she just ended up smearing more of her juices around so she gave up and lay back. Jen could see that Rachel was trying to discreetly look at Jen so she pretended not to notice. Rachel hesitantly asked if she should sunbathe naked as well and Jen told her she could if she wanted, but that she didn’t have to. Jen watched as Rachel slipped her bottoms off and Rachel then covered her pussy with her hand and said she was embarrassed that she had so much hair. Jen told her it was fine and that lots of girls kept the area unshaved but Rachel said she really wished she had less. Jen watched as Rachel rubbed a little cream over her pussy and mons and had to resist from reaching over and stroking the hair (or doing anything more). Rachel gently tugged on the hair, again saying that it was too long and Jen told her in a conspiratorial voice that my pubic hair used to be longer than that so not to worry about it. Rachel’s eyes lit up and she asked Jen if I shaved now and then apologised for asking about private things. Jen didn’t tell Rachel that all she would have to do is ask and I would strip and show her as much as she wanted to see, but she did tell her that I’m now shaved as well, although that we sometimes grow out little patches of hair on our mons.

Jen checked on MJ – using the opportunity to wipe her pussy as she knelt by the playpen, then returned to the towels and lay beside Rachel. Her nipples were so hard it felt as if they were pulsing and she turned over onto her front to press them against the towel. Rachel asked if Jen wanted any more cream on her back and while she knew she didn’t need it, she said OK. Rachel straddled Jen and squirted some cream in the middle of Jen’s back. As Rachel massaged this in, Jen felt Rachel lower herself and the tickle of Rachel’s pubic hair on her ass and finally contact as Rachel sat down properly on Jen. Rachel rubbed cream up and down Jen’s back and her pussy slid back and forth over Jen’s ass. Jen moved a little with this, feeling the material of the towel rubbing against her nipples, driving her half mad. Rachel massaged all the cream in and when she climbed off Jen, her hand brushed over Jen’s ass – it didn’t linger for long, but was almost certainly more than an accidental touch and Jen was torn between wanting Rachel’s fingers to push down between her ass cheeks and fear of Rachel discovering how turned on she was. Rachel asked if Jen would do her back and Jen had to control her breathing to push out a simple ‘sure’ as her answer. Rachel lay on her front and Jen raised herself up, ignoring the fact that Rachel was staring at her hard nipples. Jen quickly moved behind Rachel and straddled her, immediately feeling the cool air on her sopping pussy. As she applied cream to Rachel’s back, she could feel her juices leaking from her pussy and looked down to see a strand halfway down to Rachel’s ass. To prevent this dripping on to her, Jen lowered herself down and made contact, then kept rubbing Rachel’s back. Jen could definitely feel Rachel squirming against her and allowed herself to slide back and forth a number of times as Rachel had done against her. Jen couldn’t remember having been that wet since she had been pregnant and at one point she felt a blob of juices leak out of her which presumably ran down between Rachel’s ass cheeks and over her pussy. When Jen climbed off of Rachel, she could see Rachel’s ass was covered with her juices and wiped her hand down over Rachel’s ass, trying to wipe the mess off (and she wondered if that was why Rachel had stroked her ass in the same way).

Jen lay down on her front again and tried to calm herself. She wanted to pounce on Rachel and devour her – or at the very least to masturbate and relieve the pulsing in her cunt and nipples. She managed to restrain herself until MJ woke up she and told Rachel that she’d have to feed the baby but that Rachel could join them for lunch if she wanted. Rachel said that she had to get home for family lunch and went upstairs to quickly shower off, returning downstairs with her clothes on. Jen felt a little strange standing there naked but Rachel didn’t say anything about this, gave Jen a hug and asked if she could come back later on. Without thinking about it, Jen said ‘anytime you want’, they gave each other a little kiss and Rachel saw herself out. Jen couldn’t wait any longer and plunged her fingers into her pussy to coat them in her juices, smeared them over her breasts and face, then rapidly fingered and frigged herself while kneeling in the kitchen. It took almost no time for Jen to cum and her hand was soaked with pussy juice, which she licked and sucked from her fingers. Jen says she would have kept going and cum at least once more if MJ hadn’t wanted food but her love for MJ is even greater than her love of cumming (quite a bit greater) so she was a dutiful mother and prepared lunch.

Rachel returned mid-afternoon and they talked some more. Rachel had more questions about shaving herself and said she wanted to look like Jen. Jen told her not to hurry anything, but that she could give her instructions if she decided to do it. Rachel told Jen she’d never be able to do it at home and that she couldn’t do anything there. Jen asked what Rachel meant and Rachel quietly told Jen that her parents were really strict and that when they had caught her brother masturbating, he wasn’t allowed out for ages and had his phone taken away. Jen started asking Rachel if that meant she had never masturbated and Rachel stammered out that she had done a little, but was clearly embarrassed so Jen told her they didn’t have to keep talking about it, but that it was completely natural. Rachel quickly asked Jen if she did it and Jen decided to go for an honest answer and said she did (although didn’t mention that the last time had been just a few hours before while thinking of Rachel). Rachel asked why Jen would do that if she had Mike and me to sleep with and Jen told Rachel that sometimes she just wanted to do things by herself and other times it was nice to let other people see you do things. Rachel hesitantly asked if Jen means she played with herself in front of us and Jen said yes and Mike and I did the same – and that we all liked seeing it.

Realising they were rapidly heading back to the ‘wanting to pounce on Rachel’ territory, Jen steered the conversation away and they ended up going for a walk and a coffee (and a mint as Rachel’s parent’s didn’t approve of her having coffee either). Rachel had to be home earlier that evening to prepare for school so they said their goodbyes but not before Rachel asked if she could visit the next day after school. Jen said that would be fine and once she was back indoors, she set MJ down in her playpen with some toys, spread her legs and toyed with herself until she came again, smearing her juices over her thighs, breasts and face while imagining they were Rachel’s fingers in her and Rachel’s juices on her body.

Mike and I had been sitting listening to Jen – occasionally asking questions, but mostly just enjoying her story. Despite my multiple orgasms down in London earlier that day, my hand had been busy between my legs for the latter part of the story and I had been keeping myself on the verge of cumming. Jen had shifted her position so she was kneeling on the sofa with her legs folder under her body. She sat back and spread her legs to reveal her pussy was almost as wet as she had been describing and asked Mike if he would like to clean her up. He didn’t hesitate and took position between her legs, buried his tongue in her pussy and made her cum quickly. He then slowed his pace and lapped up the juices from her thighs and mons before returning to her pussy and eating her to a second orgasm, then keeling up and sliding his cock into her. He pulled Jen off of the sofa so she was riding him (they had to scooch away from the sofa a bit) and she leant forwards to kiss him and taste her own juices. As they fucked he told her he loved it when she was that wet and he pumped into her. I could hear his cock making her cunt squelch and kept playing with myself (I had already cum while Mike had been eating Jen). Mike fucked and frigged Jen until she came and then passed her to me so she and I could 69 and Mike pushed back into Jen and came in her. Jen and I finished our session, making each other cum and messily licking each other so we were covered in each other’s juices (I had considerably more of her juices on me as she was on top and still leaking quite a bit). Only then did we sit down and properly discuss the consequences of what had happened.

It was obvious that Jen hadn’t been forcing Rachel to do anything and that Rachel felt at the very least comfortable enough around Jen to tell her secret as well as be naked. We all agreed that Rachel was expressing a strong interest in Jen and that as long as Jen didn’t try to push things, it wasn’t unreasonable to see how things developed. Mike suggested that Jen tell Rachel she could use our house to masturbate in which might be enough to keep Rachel satisfied. Jen said that was a good idea and I teased her about her not wanting Rachel to be the only one satisfied. Jen tickled me until I could barely breathe, then planted her cunt over my face and told me to make her cum again (so I did). Mike ate both Jen and me that night as Jen thought if she came lots then she’d have more self-control the next day. That didn’t go quite as she planned as on the Monday morning, Mike ate Jen awake, but didn’t finish her off and switched to making me cum, leaving Jen to take care of MJ.

Later on that week, there was a minor upset back down in London where Amber got into an argument with Lisa about the fact she would have been prepared to sleep only with Mike. Despite Lisa telling Amber that she would happily devote herself to her and not sleep with anyone else (including Mike), Amber was convinced this meant that Lisa would have left her for Mike if things had worked out that they (Lisa and Mike) could have stayed together. It was Mike in the end who helped (for the meantime at least) sort things out between them as he told Amber that she had ‘won’ as if Lisa had really wanted to be with him, she could have moved up and lived with us and he would have taken care of her until she found a job. This wasn’t entirely true as while we would have certainly welcomed Lisa in to the house and supported her, Lisa has always wanted to successful so I doubt she would have ever taken this option while there was a chance of her getting a job or furthering her studies. It was enough to convince Amber though and Mike said that he wouldn’t sleep with Lisa any more but a few days later Amber called back and said she had just been stressed about exams and didn’t want to stop Lisa from enjoying herself with other people, or him. As consolation, Mike suggested that the next time he saw them, he wouldn’t do anything with Lisa and both he and Lisa would concentrate on making Amber cum as many times as she could. Amber said she wouldn’t be able to keep up with two of them but eventually agreed to let them fuck her until she was unconscious just so she could see how much Lisa really loved her.