Friday, 29 December 2017

Valerie’s Visit – Part 8

Once we were alone I led Valerie back up to the bedroom and asked if she was willing to show me just how much she had learned from playing with Jen and watching Lis and Lucy. Valerie blushed and gave me a cute look, then allowed me to remove her robe and she lay on top of me. I opened my legs to let her press her thigh against my pussy and I guided her to my thigh to hump against me as we kissed. I explored her back with my hands and told her she was a really good kisser, then asked her to kiss and lick my neck. Valerie did this and it felt amazing, but it would have taken too long for that alone to make me cum so we went back to kissing properly and then had a little breast play (and discussed how Jen liked it much rougher) while fingering each other. I told Valerie that I thought eating someone was the most intimate thing you could do with them and said I’d like to have a chance to eat her for as long as Mike did. Valerie said she didn’t know if she could cope with that again and that she wanted to be able to do things to me as well so I started teasing her about how she was now begging to eat my pussy but she asked me to stop and said she genuinely wanted to give me pleasure. I’ve known Valerie long enough that I realised she was being serious and apologised for teasing her and explained I had just been trying to keep things light but that I hoped she knew I really did care about her and always had. I decided to take a chance and told her even if she wasn’t really my sister than I honestly did love her and that if us doing things together was more than just ‘experimenting’ to her then I’d be really happy. Valerie quietly said ‘I love you too’ and I asked if she really meant it and how surprised (in a good way) I was. Valerie asked if Jen or Mike would mind I told her that we were polyamorous (which she obviously knew) and that Lis was technically my girlfriend as well. I quickly added that this didn’t mean I loved any of them – or her – any less, it was just that we allowed ourselves to care about people fully and express those feelings however we wanted. I told Valerie I’d understand if she didn’t understand or want to do anything more but Valerie just said that Mike had already tricked her into agreeing to visit again and that she had really meant it when she said she loved me.

I told her that Jen might be a bit jealous (not of me liking Valerie, but of Valerie liking me) and Valerie said she was quite fond of Jen as well. I asked if Mike could be included and she said she doubted Nye would approve of her saying she loved another man (and might not even approve of her actually feeling anything for Jen or me). I kissed her again and said we could just keep things on a purely physical level and I’d make her cum as often as she wanted, but that I’d happily call her my girlfriend if she allowed me to. Valerie looked a little panicked and said she wasn’t ready for anyone else to know, and suggested we even keep it a secret from Nye for the time being so I promised it would remain between us (and Mike and Jen), kissed her again and asked if she wanted to fuck, or spend a morning making love to her girlfriend. Valerie looked up at me with a genuinely cute look (again, I’ve known her long enough to know when she is faking them) and asked if I meant it. We had a long, gentle kiss, said we loved each other and she said ‘make love to me’. I literally felt my pussy shudder and we kissed for a while until I whispered to her that I wanted to slide my tongue into her beautiful pussy and make her cum.

We spent the best part of an hour locked in a 69 (which turns out to definitely be Valerie’s favourite position) and ate each other to three orgasms, with extended kitty kissing sessions between orgasms. When we finally separated and kissed, Valerie said it was one of the most intimate times she’d ever had and I asked her (in a nice way) if she thought she might have been gay or bi all this time. Valerie said it was probably more to do with the fact we’d been such close friends for so long and endured the rigours of our PhDs together so I teased her about how much nicer the time could have been if we could have help give each other ‘relief’ while we were writing up. We joked a bit and I got Valerie to imagine various friends from York who could have helped ‘relieve’ us and Valerie asked if I wanted to do the same things with all of them. I generally work of the principal that honesty is the best course of action and told her that there were many of our friends that I would love to have a chance to sleep with, but that I thought there was a difference between wanting to just fuck someone and wanting to give them pleasure. I told her that it was possible if I ever got to sleep with little Anna, Jo or Rachel that I might well end up feeling more towards them than just lust, but that at the moment, I didn’t love any of them as anything more than close friends – nothing like the way I felt about Mike, Jen, Lis or her (even while being honest, I omitted Sue – honesty sometimes needs limits). I went on to say that I realised this was very different from the way she dated (a serial monogamist) and that I understood if she couldn’t get her head around it but she gave me a hug and said she’d like to try. I told her that I’d probably have to share her with Mike and Jen but added that there were some benefits to this as she’d find out what it was like to have three people playing with her breasts, pussy and ‘other places’ (I was going to say ass, but still thought of Valerie as relatively sweet and innocent).

Valerie blushed and whispered that Mike had already played with her there so I asked what she did and she told me how he and then Jen had licked her there while Mike had eaten her. I told Valerie I was impressed, but that I was jealous and she asked why as it was dirty and I said I wished I’d been able to give her pleasure like that before they had. Valerie admitted (as she had to Mike and Jen) that other people had licked her there before, but not as intensively) and I told her that I couldn’t leave without getting to give my girlfriend the same pleasure. Valerie asked if I was sure and I told her if I was going to date her, then I wanted to be able to give her pleasure in as many ways as was possible. I got Valerie to kneel on all fours on the bed, then to angle her ass up more I got her to put her head and shoulders down on the bed. I started off by stroking up and down her pussy with my fingers, then using my tongue and then moving up to focus more on her ass. Valerie whimpered a little and I asked her if it felt nice – she gave me a quiet yes so I asked if I could carry on and she said I could if I wanted. I occasionally dropped my mouth back to her pussy, but mostly rimmed and speared her ass while stroking her clit until I could hear her breathing deeply and I asked if she wanted me to make her cum. She replied with a ‘yes please’ and I considered asking her to tell me exactly what she wanted, but didn’t want to make her feel embarrassed so just carried on, lapping at her ass and steadily frigging her clit until she came, gripping the covers hard and moaning quietly.

I lapped at her pussy for a few minutes, then helped her roll onto her back and lay over her so we could kiss. Valerie said she couldn’t believe I’d wanted to do that to her and I told her the whole point of caring about someone was wanting them to be able to feel good and that I would do almost anything to give her pleasure. In almost a whisper, Valerie asked if I wanted her to do it to me and I looked at her and said she didn’t need to, I just wanted to do it to her. She said that Jen had said something similar. She caressed my ass as we kissed more and I ground against her thigh, saying we could always fuck once more before going to the airport to see what flight I could get. Valerie pulled me closer to her and whispered ‘Can I at least try?’, I asked what she meant and felt her fingers brush over my ass. I told her again she didn’t have to and she said she wanted to so I said if she was sure then I’d let her do anything to me. I lay on my back and pulled my legs up so my knees were at my shoulders and while spreading my lips, I suggested she start on my pussy. Valerie crouched down and licked me and I told her it felt amazing and she didn’t have to do anything other than that. Valerie licked my pussy a bit more firmly, then I felt her tongue slide down between my ass cheeks and brush back and forth over my ass a few times before returning to my pussy. I let out a little ‘ah’ as she did this and she glanced up at me, then returned her focus to my crotch and licked up and down and around my ass a few more times. I enjoyed what she was doing for a few minutes longer then told her it wasn’t fair as I wanted her as well so let my legs down and pulled her up to kiss me. Valerie giggled and told me it was the first time she’d ever done that to someone so I told her I was honoured to have been the first girl she’d gone down on or had her ass licked by. I asked if she had time for one more orgasm before I left and she giggled, nodded and kissed me.

We 69ed again, with Valerie on top at first, on our sides and me on top at times. This time when I pulled Valerie’s ass down to lap at it, she didn’t flinch at all and even made her way to my ass a couple of times, licking me there much more confidently and even spearing me slightly. Much to my surprise, Valerie didn’t pull away after our first or even second set of orgasms and it was only after we’d cum another three times each (and a little more kitty kissing) that she rolled away and said her pussy couldn’t take any more. Even then, she just moved round and kissed me while we fondled each other’s breasts and I had visions of Nye returning home from work to find us still in bed together and me ‘having’ to stay for another night. Hunger got the better of us though so we went downstairs for food (once again I remained naked and Valerie wore just a robe) but this time there was much more kissing and fondling in the kitchen. We had a quick lunch and Valerie suggested we shower but I told her I wanted to keep her juices on me. She wrinkled her nose up at this but allowed me to lie her on the bed and finger her while rubbing my face, neck, breasts, thighs, arms and ass against her pussy until I was thoroughly coated. Her scent pervaded my nostrils and I asked if I could make her cum one final time and she said she didn’t think she could, but allowed me to talk her into trying so I climbed over her and humped her pussy with my face, licked over her pussy and ass, sucked on her clit and tried to draw as much of her juice out down my throat as I could. It turned out that Valerie could cum again – and I was feeling so horny that I had no trouble cumming. I then went into the bathroom and sat chatting to Valerie while she showered herself off, then threatened to fuck her again when she finished drying off, but realised that she might have actually reached her limit, even for ‘new relationship’ sex.

Valerie insisted on driving me to the airport, saying she’d just take the day off from work, and I was quite surprised that she not only stayed with me until I got a standby flight (I was lucky and it only took 2 hours), but she held my hands across the table and would even give me little kisses. I told her I’d obviously call her and we said we wanted to see each other again soon. I knew Mike and Jen would want her as well but that would mean I’d have to go to Nye so I considered suggesting sending a substitute to Nye (I was fairly sure I could convince Susan, Julia or maybe even Simone to fuck Nye for a weekend) but wasn’t sure how Valerie would take that idea. I assured Valerie I was incredibly glad that she felt the way she did, but that I thought she should take a little time and think about if it was what she wanted and wasn’t just some strange response to the threesomes and that is she wanted to go back to ‘just being friends’ then I would still love her as much as always – although obviously wouldn’t be able to show it in the same way (this got another giggle from her). Valerie said that it felt right and I managed to slide a hand up her thigh and told her we had so much more to learn about each other (I had a few things in particular I was thinking of) and while a long distance relationship was hard, we could Skype lots. Valerie asked me again not to say anything to anyone (including Nye) just yet and I told her that keeping secrets was dangerous but she said she just wasn’t ready yet so I promised (with the caveat of Mike and Jen). I asked if I could tell Lis and Valerie said I could in a little while so I teased Valerie that Lis might well want a piece of her and Valerie asked if I’d mind. I told her that I loved Lis as well so knowing the two of them could ‘get on well’ together would be wonderful and teased Valerie a bit more about how things could have been so different if we’d all been like this in our undergrad days.

Despite her apparently lax attitude to kissing me in public at the airport, we used one of the bathrooms for our proper goodbye where we kissed much more passionately and hands roamed around under skirts. Valerie had panties on so I stroked her through these while her fingers could easily slip into my pussy. I told her she could come and visit anytime she wanted and she said the same. She offered no resistance when my hands slid into her panties and if I’d had time I would have knelt and eaten her, but had to make do with sliding her panties off, rubbing them over her pussy and convincing her to let me keep them so I had her scent. Valerie said this wasn’t fair as it meant she didn’t have anything to wear on the way home and as she wouldn’t have anything with my scent on it. I told her about the panties Nye and I had used that were soaked in both my juices and his cum and how the plan was to get her to wear them, but that wasn’t what Valerie wanted and we ended up looking out my emergency panties (I may never wear them, I but always have a pair ‘just in case’) and wiping them over my pussy. I pushed them up inside me, then did the same to Valerie with her own panties and we took them out of each other to use during our Skype calls. I then had to run to my gate to catch my flight so had calmed down significantly by the time I got onto the plane, but sat with my legs partially spread, feeling the cool air on my still wet pussy and dreamt of Valerie.

Mike came to get me from the airport, bringing MJ with him to allow Jen more alone time with Rachel. He instantly commented on my scent (of which he approved) and I wondered what the people I’d been next to on the plane had thought and whether the pheromones coating me had aroused them at all. At the car, I allowed him to lick my thighs and he said he could faintly taste Valerie and asked how things had gone. He could tell that I was very happy and kept digging for information but I had decided to wait until we were home before the big reveal and it was only when MJ was asleep and Mike, Jen and I were in bed that I gave them all the details, including how Valerie was now my girlfriend and confirming that she would be visiting again. A Jen was (as predicted) a little jealous about this, but more than that she couldn’t believe Valerie would have had such a change of character. I told Jen it must have been her wonderful teachings that made Valerie realise she was bi (or maybe even gay) and Jen took the compliment but was still confused (which, to be honest was no different from how I felt about the situation). When we called Valerie later on that night, I got one final surprise as she was crouching on the bed with Nye, naked – apart from what used to be a cute pair of panties but was visibly stained with my pussy juices and Nye’s cum. Jen and I sat and masturbated for Nye and Valerie as Nye rubbed Valerie through the panties and she stroked his cock. As Valerie got closer to cumming, the panties were pulled down enough to let us watch Nye finger her and when he came, he squirted his cum over her pussy and rubbed it in to her. I then got Valerie to spread her legs and told them how I wished I was there to lick all of Nye’s cum from her pussy and when Nye went to the bathroom to clean off, I told Valerie I’d keep licking until she came another six times for me. Before Nye came back I gave Jen a little kiss, blew a kiss to Valerie and told her I loved her. She same the same in return and Jen said she was very happy for us (which Valerie said she found odd, but we couldn’t continue that conversation as Nye came back and we had to pretend the ‘odd’ comment was about Jen enjoying Nye watching her cum).

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Valerie’s Visit – Part 7

I was prepared to fuck him again right there, but both Nye and I were covered in grass stains (me more than him) and the liquid on our skins made the cool air feel even colder so we decided to go in and shower to clean off and warm up. We had quite a long shower and cleaned each other thoroughly, using the shower spray directly on Nye’s cock and my pussy for stimulation. We had a light breakfast to get some energy back and I kept teasing Nye throughout, stroking, sucking, rubbing against and riding his cock, telling him I wanted to ensure he was completely ready for round two so he’d give me a decent load of cum. This was the point that I called Valerie and we saw her eating breakfast in just the long socks, then fucking Jen up in the bedroom where Nye fucked me and got to release the cum I’d helped him build up.

It was only a little later that we got the pictures of Valerie in the Japanese school uniform and Nye obviously loved these (as did I – and I made sure that Nye knew just how much I wanted to get my hands on his little Valerie and fuck her senseless). I couldn’t match the Japanese look, but asked Nye if he wanted me to dress up and proceeded to give him the full show with some of Valerie’s white panties (we had forgot about the cum-soaked panties for the time being), knee-high white socks and one of her uniforms he particularly liked (a green/blue tartan), and I even put bunches in my hair. I played the sweet, innocent girl who was just finding out how touching myself felt, culminating with me asking Nye to help me cum (he was enjoying the show but didn’t think he was up for fucking me again just yet). I got him to eat me again, this time with him on the floor and me at the edge of the bed so it was more comfortable and just to make sure he had the hang of it, I made him eat me to orgasm, kitty kiss me, then eat me again. I enjoyed the double eating a lot – especially as I kept looking at the pictures of Valerie as a Japanese schoolgirl and imagined it was her doing it to me. I didn’t hide this from Nye and when I’d cum for the second time, we looked at the pictures together again and I told him if he could eat Valerie every day for a month (making her cum each time of course) that I would get him a nice present of a Japanese outfit of his own (it would obviously be a schoolgirl outfit for Valerie to wear, but the present would be for Nye as he would be the one who would get to ‘appreciate’ it). Nye took me up on this deal and I told him I would check in with Valerie frequently and get her to rate how well he was eating her (I had no idea if she would actually tell me at that point, but wanted to make sure he would put the effort in).

Nye took me out to lunch and we went to a little café by a river. The two of us sat at the farthest table which meant I could sit with my legs up and let my skirt ride right up to my waist to my pussy was completely exposed to Nye’s view (as well as anyone on the other bank of the river). I let Nye finger me a number of times – not to orgasm, but enough that it felt good – and after a trip to the bathroom I returned with my bra in my bag and undid a number of buttons at the top of my dress so my breasts were also exposed. When the people at the table nearest us left, I challenged Nye to undo the rest of the buttons and me moved over to sit beside me and while looking around to check nobody could see us (which I pointed out only made us look more suspicious), he slowly undid the remaining buttons until the whole front of my dress was open and I was completely exposed to him. He fingered me properly as we sat like this – two fingers in my pussy and his thumb on my clit so it only seemed fair for me to stroke him. He was very nervous about me pulling his cock out and insisted on keeping his jacked beside him so he could throw it over his lap (ignoring the fact that I couldn’t cover up quickly). I was able to give his cock a decent stroke but couldn’t bend over to suck him or do what I really wanted to do which was lie up on the table and have Nye fuck me in front of everyone (there were children present so I wouldn’t have actually done that even if I could have cum in front of everyone without being arrested). When other people arrived at the table behind us, Nye quickly stuffed his cock away but I remained sitting with my dress open (I was facing away from them) and gently stroked my nipples and reached down to fondle my pussy as I chatted to Nye.

We then went for a walk along the river and I once again unbuttoned my dress, this time leaving just the top button done so it wouldn’t slip off. This meant Nye could slide his arm around my body inside the dress and stroke my ass as we walked. Whenever we saw people coming I would do up a few more buttons but generally leave the bottom half unbuttoned so the material could flap in the breeze and occasionally give a brief glimpse of my pussy, or a more explicit one if I crouched down to pet a dog. I tried to get Nye to fuck me in a field (which I thought was less risky that what we’d done at the café) but had to settle for him fingering me as I sat up on a style. I was somewhat surprised when a horse appeared beside me and I considered trying to ride it bareback to see what it felt like against my pussy (just to clarify, I do mean me sitting on top of the horse – not the no-condom-bareback meaning) but it’s been a while since I’ve ridden so didn’t want to risk falling off. Nye fingered me and played with my breasts until I came and I gave him a brief suck (I offered more…) and we then walked a little more with me trying to explain to him just how much I enjoyed being even semi-naked outdoors (I had my dress mostly unbuttoned again) and we then lay in a field where I stripped completely and lay with my legs spread, letting Nye suck on my breasts and gently play with my pussy (I told him I wasn’t trying to cum, just enjoying the outdoors – although if he had ‘insisted’ I cum again I would have obviously ‘let’ him make me cum).

We got back to Nye’s house and before we had our final fuck, I started packing my things up then asked him if he wanted to see me fuck Valerie in person (he did). I told him I was happy to go home the next day if he would help pay the charge for the ticket change – and if he could convince Valerie to fuck me again. When Nye called her, Valerie was already in the car with Mike and MJ and almost at the airport. Nye told her he really wanted to watch me play with her in person and Valerie told him she didn’t mind and I could stay if he wanted me to. This wasn’t quite the level of enthusiasm I’d hoped for, but it meant I’d get to taste Valerie again so went with it. I spent the next couple of hours continuing to tease Nye, sucking, stroking and riding him to keep him nicely aroused in the hope he would give me a final load of cum – while also having a slightly more nefarious agenda.

Both Nye and I went to the airport to meet Valerie and I gave her a big hug and ran my hand over her skirt to see if I could feel the panty line. I was disappointed (although not too surprised) to find out that Mike hadn’t convinced her to travel without panties on so made up for this by giving Valerie a big kiss while holding her body against mine. On the way home, I told her I was really glad that she had let me stay and commented on the pictures that Mike had send through, as well as the video sessions with Jen. Valerie blushed and only told me a little information about what she had done with Mike and Jen but I assured her they would tell me everything (little did she know it had to be documented so I could write it up here). I hadn’t played with Nye at all since we reached the airport so he had calmed down somewhat, but I had teased him sufficiently before that so it was very easy to get him hard again and he was very eager to get up to the bedroom and see Valerie and me play together.

At first Valerie seemed a little stiff, but she allowed Nye and me to strip her down to her underwear, play with her breasts and then caress her ass and pussy. I told Valerie I wanted to taste her and she lay back and spread her legs, allowing me access to her cunt, which I made good use of. Nye pulled the back of my skirt up and pushed into me – I let him fuck me for a little while and we than changed position so I was in a 69 over Valerie and I asked her to play with my clit while Nye fucked me. She actually did more than this and I felt her raise her head to my pussy and lick at it, so I licked her harder to show I liked what she was doing. As I’d started on Valerie first, she came first and the sounds of her cumming seemed to spur Nye on who pushed harder into me and announced he was cumming just a little while later. While I liked the fact that Nye had cum in me a third time that day (although not enough for me to feel it), my real plan for continually teasing him had been to get him to cum as quickly as possible so I could enjoy some proper time with Valerie. I don’t think either of them realised this, but Valerie kept kissing and licking my pussy while I kitty kissed her and I loved the way her tongue lashed over my clit as I came. I copied what she was doing and concentrated a bit more on her clit, but still occasionally pushed my tongue as deep between her lips as I could, trying to lick out all of Mike’s cum so I could taste just her juices. Valerie made me cum and did a reasonably good job of kitty kissing me while I made her cum again. I went back to kitty kissing her and she said she needed a break so I moved around and kissed her on the lips. She didn’t shy away from my mouth even though it was covered in her juices and I told her she’d gotten better and received a cute smile in return.

Nye had sat and watched us 69 and I told him it was time for some girl talk and shooed him from the room. We didn’t actually talk much at first but kissed a lot and let our hands roam over each other’s bodies. When we came up for air I told Valerie she seemed a lot less inhibited than during my first visit. Valerie said it had seemed a bit awkward at first as we’d been close friends for so long and she thought of me like a sister. I kissed her on the neck, then ran my mouth down to her breasts and sucked on her nipples while sliding a finger up and down the length of her pussy, then moved back up to her face and told her I loved her like a sister as well – meaning something very different. We had another long kiss and I pictured Sue in Valerie’s place. After the kissing, I sat astride Valerie so I could gently caress her nipples (at that point I didn’t know she liked them being pinched) and said ‘so tell me sister, what have you been getting up to with my husband and wife?’. Valerie blushed and told me in a little more depth what she had done (although she left out quite a lot) and I told her how I’d dressed up in some of her outfits for Nye, let him fuck my ass, cum outside, drank his cum and masturbated for him (I left out the details about being fingered in the pub and peeing over him – he could tell her if he wanted, just as I didn’t really mind if she knew about me being group fucked).

Nye was finally allowed back in to the bedroom and Valerie unpacked and we all got ready for bed. While Valerie was in the bathroom I told Nye how Valerie and I had declared our sisterly love for each other and asked him if he liked the idea of a threesome with non-identical twins (we’re the same age at least). When Valerie returned, I draped myself over her and asked her if she still thought of me like a sister and she said we’d moved quite a bit past that stage. I knelt in front of her and lifted the front of her nightdress to reveal her pussy (she at least was planning on sleeping without panties on), gave her pussy a kiss and said that Nye liked the idea of us being sisters and I couldn’t think of any way to show how much I loved my twin sister than to try and make her happy. Valerie spread her legs as I pushed my face against her pussy and I lapped at her clit for a moment before standing and asking Nye how we should dress. Nye said that the usual kind of outfit would do and I asked Valerie if she was willing to dress up and she nodded a yes so we picked two of her uniforms that relatively similar (if we were twins, we’d be at the same school) and I once again put the bunches in my hair (Nye had said he liked them earlier).

I led Valerie over to the bed and we sat down – I suggested that we do it properly and Nye agreed so I told Valerie I had an admission to make and then launched in to a speech about how even though she was my sister, I had been thinking about her while masturbating, thought she was beautiful and really wanted to kiss her. Valerie thought this was suitably silly, but Nye obviously liked it so she played along and said she didn’t mind and wanted to kiss me as well. We kissed as passionately as we had after our previous session, breasts ended up being revealed so we could compare what they looked like and we experimented to find out who had the most sensitive nipples (Valerie). I told Valerie how I would lie in bed and masturbate while thinking of my sister (completely true, whether we are talking about Valerie playing the part or it being about Sue) and Valerie said she liked the idea of me thinking that way about her. I told her I wanted to make her feel good and slid my hand into her panties, finding a very wet pussy (and being pleased at this), then proceeded to finger her as we kissed. I told her a few times ‘I love you sister’ and she said similar things back and when I told her I wanted to taste her little pussy and find out if it was anything like mine, she told me she wanted to taste me too. We ended up 69ing, showing much more experience than would ever be the case for twins who were exploring for the first time, but I certainly didn’t care and from the way Valerie responded to my tongue and fingers and played with my pussy, it was obvious she was enjoying herself as well. I tried to pace things but Valerie still came a little before I did. I loved the fact that she didn’t stop immediately after I came and kitty kissed me for a couple of minutes before saying she didn’t think she could do any more. I turned around and we kissed and played out a little more of the fantasy, telling each other how much we loved each other.

We had removed blouses, bras and panties during the session but both still had our skirts and socks on so removed these before going to bed. Nye had really appreciated the display (and had the erection to prove it). Valerie couldn’t believe he was hard after cumming three times already but allowed me to spoon with him and said if he could cum again then he should. Nye hadn’t intended to actually fuck me, but after moving in me (with me pushing back against him) he said he thought he might be able to cum. I was spooned up against Valerie’s back and caressing her breasts and told her about the promise Nye had made to eat her every day – along with the reward of her own Japanese school uniform if he achieved this. Valerie said that is sounded nice and she’d hold him to it and I tried to stroke her pussy as Nye fucked me but Valerie said she really couldn’t cum any more. She did let me kiss around her neck and shoulders and carry on caressing her breasts (I could feel that her nipples were still semi-hard). Nye didn’t last anywhere near as long as usual and let out a little moan so I pushed back hard against him and felt his body spasm a couple of times. He pulled out of me and within minutes he was asleep behind me so I curled up against Valerie, pressing my crotch against her ass and whispered ‘I love you sister’.

I woke in the middle of the night with my pussy tingling. I doubted Nye would be of much use and didn’t want to annoy Valerie by waking her so quietly climbed out of bed and made my way to the bathroom. I selected one of Valerie’s brushes with a nicely ridged handle and slightly rubbery texture, then lay on the mat on the floor and fucked myself with it. I don’t know what I’d been dreaming of – or whether it was a hangover from Nye having fucked me without me cumming, but I came quite easily and couldn’t resist sliding the head of Valerie’s toothbrush into me and giving the inside of my cunt a gentle clean with it (she’d eaten me so many times by this point that I didn’t see an issue with doing this). Valerie stirred a little as I got back into bed so I gently kissed around her neck and shoulders until she fell asleep, then curled up against her again and joined her.

On the Monday morning I work up first (we are used to waking early so we have time for a play before work) and I had no trouble choosing who I intended to focus my attention on. I slid under the covers and kissed around Valerie’s pussy, worked her legs apart and had a good number of licks before she woke up. She looked under the covers and I pulled her legs apart more, then pushed my mouth against her pussy. Valerie lay back and let me eat her, reaching down to pull my head against her harder. Nye woke up while I was playing with Valerie and asked if he could join in. I told him to go ahead and he fucked me from behind (and thankfully this time also frigged my clit so I got to cum too). I was surprised when he pulled out and came over my ass, but cum is cum and he did at least rub his cock back and forth between my ass cheeks and push back into me so I got at least a little inside me. I had purposely been keeping Valerie close to cumming while Nye had been fucking me as I knew he liked the view of her being eaten but once he (and I) came, I pushed Valerie over the edge, using long licks from the bottom of her pussy, inside her and ending with swirling my tongue around her clit. She made more noise than I remembered (but was still fairly quiet) and I crawled up to kiss her while Nye went off to shower so he could get ready for work. Valerie asked if I needed a lift to the airport and I told her I could get a taxi, but then ran my fingers around her breasts and said if she fancied having a little time off work I would really enjoy spending time with just her. I went back to our fantasy of the previous night and told her that as I didn’t get to see my little sister (she is a few months younger than me so I was breaking the ‘twin’ fantasy but didn’t really care) that it would be a pity to just declare my love for her and then leave. Valerie said she could go in late and we were still kissing when Nye returned but we got up to have breakfast with him (I remained naked, Valerie wore a robe). We waved Nye off to work together – I thanked him for all the orgasms and let him have a final fondle with his hands caressing my breasts and ass and sliding into my pussy.

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Valerie’s Visit – Part 6

Jen rolled over onto Valerie and pressed her leg between Valerie’s – not able to make contact with her pussy as Valerie’s panties were still in the way, but in this position, Lis and Lucy could see the panties were pulled down a little. Jen forcefully kissed Valerie and Valerie kissed her back timidly so Jen told Lis and Lucy that they had better say goodbye as she wanted to fuck Valerie who was clearly too shy and reserved to do anything with an audience. Lis again said this was a pity but told Valerie she would be thinking of her the next time she came, and they signed off. Between kisses, Valerie asked Jen why she slept with Mike (and clearly enjoyed doing so) if she claimed to be gay and not bi. Jen explained (again) how she didn’t consider Mike to be a man and he was just someone she loved, how at first this was because she thought it would be the only way that she and I could stay together, but then when she got to know him (and he had made her cum multiple times), she realised that he wasn’t all bad (for a man) and if she ignored that one fact, she could love him just for being a person. Valerie said she didn’t entirely get what Jen meant so Jen kissed her and asked if it bothered Valerie that she (Jen) was a girl. Valerie said it obviously didn’t as she was there with her so Jen asked if Valerie now thought of herself as gay or bi. Valerie said she didn’t know so Jen proceeded and asked Valerie if she was there just because Nye wanted her to be there or if she actually liked Jen and was enjoying doing things with her. Valerie said that she only came as Nye had said he wanted her to, but that she was enjoying being with Jen. Between more kissed Jen asked Valerie just how much she was enjoying it and Valerie giggled ‘a lot’. After spending a while sucking on Valerie’s nipples, Jen moved back up and carried on explaining that it seemed that even though Valerie didn’t consider herself gay, it was similar to the way Jen felt about Mike as she could sleep with me and Jen as she liked and trusted us. Valerie agreed with this so Jen told her to trust her to make her feel good, pulled Valerie’s panties off and buried her face in her pussy. They moved around to 69 and made each other cum – Valerie came first and Jen kitty kissed her while her own orgasm built. She then pulled herself off of Valerie, gave her another few kisses and said they should probably get some food to keep their energy up.

After a light lunch, Mike produced some strawberries and cream and ran one up and down Jen’s pussy before eating it. Jen then asked Valerie to lie back and ran one between Valerie’s lips before eating it herself, then pushed one a little deeper into her own pussy before offering it to Valerie who only hesitated a little before meeting the challenge and leaning forwards to take a bite. Mike considered telling Valerie that she had already (unknowingly) tasted Jen’s and my juices years ago, as well as his own cum as we had played with various bits of salad, sliding them in to our pussies and fucking them before using them to prepare a salad which Mike had topped with some ‘special salad dressing’ that she (and other of our friends) had eaten. We had already admitted this to Lis and Lucy who had been somewhat shocked, but given the things we’d done with them (and the fact that are a fair bit more adventurous than Valerie), they said they didn’t mind. Mike decided to keep quiet but carried on eating strawberries from Valerie’s pussy as well as helping to feed her ones coated with both her own and Jen’s juices. They used some chocolate along with the cream and made a sufficient mess that they needed to shower again when they were finished, but had achieved the aim of making Valerie cum another couple of times (as well as Jen once more) so thought it was worth it. Mike got to shower with Valerie this time and used his cock to help clean her out (with the help of lube as water really doesn’t work well in this respect) and he ended up giving her a good hard semi-fuck under the warm water.

MJ was asleep when Mike and Valerie left the bathroom and he took her into his room while Jen showered. As he hadn’t cum, his cock was still hard and he kissed Valerie and asked her if he could have her ass. She told him he could, but asked him to be gentle, then climbed up on the bed on all fours and presented herself to him. Mike knelt behind Valerie and ran his tongue up and down her pussy a few times, then kept going and swirled it around her ass. Valerie whimpered and told him it was dirty but he ignored her, spread her cheeks, told her that she was immaculately clean and asked her to just give him a couple of minutes. Valerie asked what he was going to do and he told her that he just wanted to make her feel good, then returned his tongue to her ass and swirled it around. Valerie kept letting out little whimpers as he rimmed her and initially pulled away when he speared her but Mike held on firmly and kept licking. He would occasionally drop his tongue back to her pussy and was pleased that she seemed reasonably wet (which he took as a sign she was enjoying what he was doing – along with the fact that she wasn’t telling him to stop).

They were interrupted by Jen looking in and commenting on what Mike was doing, at which point Valerie pulled away and covered herself up, blushing and saying they weren’t doing anything. Jen said that she had been watching for long enough to know exactly what they were doing and that Valerie shouldn’t be embarrassed as Jen was now quite jealous of Mike. Valerie asked if Jen liked doing that too and Jen said she thought Valerie’s ass was incredibly cute and she’d love a turn. Mike asked Jen if they should double team Valerie and Jen eagerly agreed. Valerie looked rather nervous but followed instructions when Mike lay on the bed and told her to sit over his face, facing away from his body. He got her to lean forwards and felt Jen straddle him, push his cock into her pussy and then lean forwards. Mike started lapping at Valerie’s pussy and Jen spread Valerie’s ass and swirled her tongue around Valerie’s asshole. Jen lapped, rimmed, speared and probed Valerie’s ass with her tongue (which is a reasonable length and she is very good at pushing deep into people). It wasn’t difficult to get Valerie close to orgasm and Mike eased off of her pussy to allow Jen to do more of the work of stimulating her. Jen was meanwhile grinding against Mike – not moving up and down on his cock too much, but definitely humping against him and mewing away into Valerie’s ass. Valerie started cumming with no warning (or at least nothing that Mike or Jen picked up on). Mike pushed his tongue into her pussy and then licked around her pussy and clit and Jen rapidly rimmed and speared Valerie as she moaned and whimpered her way through her orgasm. When Valerie finished cumming, Jen pulled away first and sat up to frig herself and ride Mike and Mike carried on kitty kissing Valerie until Jen came, rode him a few minutes longer and then dismounted.

Mike pulled Valerie’s body so she moved down and he wiggled up until they were face to face. He asked if she had enjoyed having her cunt and ass eaten and she didn’t look in the eye as she stammered out ‘I’ve never… had that.. before’. Mike was amazed and asked fi she’d really never had anyone lick her ass and while glowing beetroot with embarrassment Valerie said that a couple of guys had briefly licked her there, but not that long or intensely. Jen (who was lying beside Valerie and Mike) said that she hoped Valerie had enjoyed her first double licking and got Valerie to nod a little yes when asked if it had felt good. Jen assured Valerie that she wouldn’t have to do it back to her in return and Valerie said that wasn’t fair on Jen, who in return said it didn’t have to be ‘fair’ and she had just wanted to do something that it looked like Valerie would enjoy. Valerie asked them not to tell anyone about what they had just done and they said that other than telling me, it would be their secret.

The three of them lay on the bed and Mike asked if Valerie would dare to get a close-up photo of her pussy taken, like those of Jen’s, Lis’, Lucy’s… Valerie pointed out she had already allowed him to take a number of photos and he explained that the pictures up on the wall were professionally taken and that we had all posed for them. Valerie couldn’t believe that everyone had individually agreed to go along and pose in front of a stranger, exposing themselves completely. Mike explained how the photos we had up were the ‘arty’ ones and that we had much better ones, then proceeded to show Valerie the shots with his cock buried in each cunt and the ones with his cum leaking from Jen’s, my, Lis’, Lisa’s and Sue’s pussies (he didn’t tell her it was Sue). Valerie said she could never let another person see her doing things like that but then admitted that not long ago she would never have thought she’d be having a threesome with me and Nye or Mike and Jen, let alone watching Lis (one of her other close friends) be made to cum.

It was getting close to the time Valerie had to go to the airport but she consented to one final session with Mike (probably to be ‘fair’ and allow him to finally cum). Mike asked her to put some long blue socks on and he briefly played with her legs and thighs before going down on her (giving her ass a little more attention as well) and then moving up to slide into her pussy. They fucked with Mike on top, then spooned so he could frig her clit and caress her breasts then moved around so Valerie was on top (he also tried to get her to lean out of the window again but she wasn’t brave enough to do this in the daytime). Valerie rode up and down on his cock as Mike thrust into her and kneaded her ass. She offered him her breasts to suck on a few times and he gently nibbled them the way she said she liked and also gave her ass a few light slaps. Mike told Valerie that next time she would have to spank Jen properly and explained how Jen doesn’t just like having her nips pinched, but often enjoys a proper spanking on her pussy, ass and cunt. Valerie said she didn’t understand how Jen could enjoy that and Mike agreed, but said it would be obvious that she actually *did* enjoy it when Valerie helped make her cum by spanking her. Mike told Valerie that Jen would probably reward her with another ass eating and Valerie blushed and buried her head in Mike shoulder, asking him to stop teasing her. Mike lifted her face to his and kissed her, told her it was just too easy and with her being so cute it was irresectable, then whispered in her ear that he liked the fact she had enjoyed having their tongues lash her cute little ass, as he gave it another squeeze. Mike told Valerie he wanted to see her cum for him one last time and she ground against him as they fucked. It took a little while as he didn’t do anything else to directly stimulate her clit, but he did gently run his fingers over her ass a number of times and Valerie agreed that he could fuck it on her next visit. They kept going, humping, grinding and kissing until Valerie was on the verge of cumming and Mike pushed into her with long, hard and rapid strokes. She was murmuring ‘fuck me’ as she came, then let out quiet panting moans as Mike pumped into her and asked if he could cum deep in her cute cunt. Valerie panted ‘yes’. Mike started cumming in her as her orgasm was winding down (at least she was still panting) and pumped away for much longer than he can usually manage, telling her how wonderfully soft and warm she felt. Mike felt Valerie squeeze around him and asked her to do it again, which she did and they rolled over so Mike was on top and kissed.

There now wasn’t much time before they needed to leave but Valerie insisted on having a quick shower before getting dressed (whereas I much prefer travelling while still covered in juices and leaking cum). Jen helped Valerie pack and Mike told Jen how Valerie had agreed to come back and give her a thorough spanking, have Jen eat her ass again and for Mike to then fuck it. Valerie blushed less this time and it was Jen who said she was glad that Valerie had agreed to come back for more (technically she hadn’t – Mike had just been using suggestions that Valerie hadn’t refuted). Jen got the last lick of Valerie’s pussy while Mike put her bag in the car and when Mike came back in the front door, Jen was sitting on the stairs with her skirt around her waist, legs spread and Valerie returning the favour and giving Jen a final lick. Mike moved up behind Valerie and caressed her add and crotch through her panties, saying he wished he could give her a quick fuck, but that they really had to go so Jen got a final kiss on the lips and Mike took Valerie to the airport along with MJ (so Jen could get a bit more ‘work’ done).

As you probably expect, Jen called Rachel who dashed round about 10 minutes later (she had been out with friends). Rachel told Jen she had loved having free reign of our toys and Jen told her she could go up and use them again if she wanted but Rachel said she still preferred doing things with Jen. Not being one to refuse a cute girl, Jen eagerly took Rachel up to the bedroom and gave Rachel her wish – they pretty much repeated the session from Saturday, just spread things out of a longer period, with Jen surprising herself at how much energy she still had to fuck Rachel (although Rachel was someone quite special to Jen as she had been allowed to take her virginity).
On the Sunday morning, I had woken Nye by sucking on his cock (he had morning wood so I didn’t have to get him started, but did get a good portion of him into my mouth before be actually woke up). At that point I lay back down and told him I wasn’t going to do anything more until he ate me and continued his training in this area as I directed him on where to lick, how hard, when to finger me, when to concentrate on my clit and how to ease off as I came then kitty kiss me. As a reward for his efforts I let him choose what we did. I offered him my breasts to fuck, told him I could suck him off and he could squirt his cum down my throat or over my face again, rolled over and spread my ass cheeks, telling him his cock was always welcome in either hole, then sat up and told him I could just dress up and masturbate for him to watch or we could go outside and enjoy his back garden properly. I hadn’t been expecting him to go for the last option but was more than happy to oblige when he said he wanted to fuck me outdoors.

When we actually got to the back door, Nye seemed a little less sure of what he had asked for and I noticed that while the garden wasn’t really overlooked, it wasn’t quite as private as ours so I figured he was just nervous of someone seeing us. Of course, the idea of being seen by others only spurred me on more so I pointed out it was still early, took his hand and pulled him outside, feeling the cool morning air on my skin and we walked to an area on the lawn where I knelt and took his cock in my mouth. He had lost his erection during the time we’d taken to get out to the garden, but a good suck and a fondle of his balls rectified that and he was soon pumping back and forth in my mouth. I reached down to play with myself, wondering if I’d get to cum multiple times before we went back in or if he’d bottle it, give me a quick fuck and then run indoors. I was fortunate though as it turned out that just as is the case with Mike, while Nye liked me being all sweet and cute, he also enjoyed it when I was dirty and we pretty much went through the things I’d offered him up in the bedroom (with the limitation of him only being able to cum once). I gave his cock a good suck, got him to rub it against my face and between my breasts. He gave me a decent fuck with him on top and me frigging myself, I rode him and let him play with my breasts as I humped up and down, he took me from behind (in my pussy) while lying on top of me, pressing me against the grass and I got him to fuck me hard so I was pushed back and forth – with me masturbating both pussy and ass for him, then kneeling on all fours and letting him finish off in my ass while I fingered and frigged myself. I didn’t go over the top with fake moaning, but repeatedly told him to fuck me, described what I could feel and moaned whenever I felt good (or came – which happened three times).

We lay on the grass beside each other and I told Nye that I would have squirted for him if he’d wanted (by which I meant pee as I can’t squirt on demand). He said that would have been hot and wished I’d suggested it and I told him that given the position we were in, his legs would have been soaked. I was actually relatively satisfied for the time being – and a little cold as the grass was still damp, but I always try to make the most of situations so told him I could always put on a proper show for him if he wanted. He asked what I meant so I started stroking my pussy and lifted a nipple towards my mouth to lick and said I could fuck myself in front of him, make myself cum and squirt as hard as I could. Despite him having just cum, I literally saw his cock twitch so slid three fingers into my pussy and moved around so I was facing him. I dropped my other hand to my ass and pushed two fingers in, feeling the slickness of his cum in my ass and started fingering both holes at once. I asked Nye if he liked me being naughty and if he wanted to see me cum and squirt just for him (he did). I played with my pussy and ass, smeared my juices over my nipples and face and sucked them from my fingers, frigged my clit and told Nye how much I loved having him watch me (and secretly hoped that there were others who had overheard us and were watching through the fence). I made Nye promise that he would fuck me again. I got Nye to have a few more licks at my pussy but mostly just played with myself as he watched. I was pleased to see that he had his cock in his hand and was stroking himself and as I got closer to cumming I told him I was going to squirt as hard as I could and if he stayed where he was I’d end up soaking him (I didn’t know if I expected him to move or not but thought it was only good manners to warn him). Nye told me to go ahead and my training from Jen kicked in so I said I could sit over him if he wanted but he said he was fine just watching from where he was. I had four fingers working in my cunt by this point (along with two in my ass) and alternated between fingering my cunt and frigging myself. I started to cum with my fingers inside me and peed as hard as I could with it splashing against my hand and soaking my thighs. I quickly pulled my fingers out and switched to frigging my clit (but carried on fingering my ass) and watched as the jet arced out towards Nye. I lifted my lower half and purposefully splashed it over his cock and stomach, watching as he carried on stroking himself. The combination of being watched outdoors and peeing (yes, I admit that Jen is on to something) gave me a really good orgasm – nothing too strong, but very pleasurable and I carried on gently stroking my pussy, occasionally sucking my fingers clean for a while after I’d cum. I indicated to Nye’s cock and said it looked like he enjoyed the show and he said he hadn’t expected anything like that. I sat up and reminded him I’d promised to do anything he wanted, then crawled forwards and lowered myself onto his cock.

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Closing blog

After 9 years of posting I think it's time to end this blog - having 2 kids (mini-Jen and mini-Andi) means I don't have time to write and post regularly and sadly things have calmed down a bit so I don't have as many new things to write about.

I still get to play with far more people than is reasonable - it's not like I've gone off sex (I really can't imagine that ever happening) but all that's really left to document would be Mike getting Sue pregnant (we told Mum it was his) and then Lucy (our friends weren't too surprised at that). Most of Jen's friends have dispersed from London so while we meet up with a few from time to time, it is harder to have the group fun we used to. Of course Lis and Lucy are still a big part of our lives, along with Valerie and Rachel (when she isn't at Uni) and a number of others from the York parties (we don't go to them anymore but hear they are still happening).

Thank you for all the people who have read and emailed me over the years - I have a few more posts scheduled that I might put out so you can see how much Valerie means to me (and still does) but then I think it will be time to pack up and remove my exploits from the web. If anyone wants to keep in touch, my email is

Valerie’s Visit – Part 5

Valerie, Jen and Mike had a nice pleasant dinner – both Mike and Jen flirted quite a bit with Valerie and during a bathroom break, Jen and Valerie made out for a few minutes in one of the stalls (nothing too extreme – kissing and a little fingering). After dinner Jen said she wanted to take Valerie somewhere and led them to one of the lesbian bars we frequent. Mike has been there enough times he didn’t feel out of place and even recognised a couple of people to chat with. This bar isn’t one where people openly play with each other (much), but it’s not uncommon to see girls kissing and Jen spent quite a lot of the time there kissing Valerie (as well as sliding her hand up under Valerie’s skirt). Valerie seemed a little nervous at first with people seeing her kissing another girl but Jen pointed out Valerie didn’t know anyone else there, and then added that if Valerie was going to become a fully-fledged bisexual then she’d have to get used to people seeing her flirting with girls. Valerie started off saying she wasn’t bi so Jen teased her about how good she now was at eating pussy and how much she seemed to enjoy Jen making her cum. Valerie admitted that she enjoyed what Jen did to her – and then also that she enjoyed playing with Jen and me. They kissed some more and Jen pressed against her, continuing to tease Valerie and telling her how she was going to lick and finger every part of her pussy when they got home until Valerie came more times than she could count.

They didn’t stay too long in the bar as Mike got a text from Lis saying Lucy was willing to let their guest watch, providing it wasn’t Vicky. On the way out, Jen was stopped by someone we’d played with before and she asked where I was. Jen introduced Valerie and told the girl that Valerie was her new lesbian in training, then went on to say how she had made Valerie cum so many times that day and how good Valerie was getting at eating pussy. Valerie went bright red as Jen said all this but when the girl made a comment about how cute Valerie looked she thanked her and Jen gave Valerie a squeeze to show she was just teasing. The girl told Valerie if she ever wanted any additional training to just let her know and on the way home Mike told Valerie that she would have probably been able to get any girl in the bar if she had wanted them.

Back at home, Mike led Valerie upstairs while Jen said goodbye to Rachel (getting a brief summary of what Rachel had done with herself and having a quick goodbye fondle). Jen didn’t get a detailed enough description from Rachel for me to write about here, but we do know Rachel tried out quite a range of toys and says she came another three times while they were out at dinner. She ended up using Mike’s room so as not to wake MJ and had made use of the fact we had moved the pictures in there, examining them up close as she played with the toys and came.

When Jen got upstairs, Mike already had Valerie on her back and was nuzzling her pussy through her tights. Jen apologised to Valerie for Mike’s behaviour and explained that he simply couldn’t resist ‘cute’. Valerie said that she had expected to be asked to put the white socks back on and Mike assured her that would happen, he just wanted to enjoy her in the tights first. Jen stood watching and slowly stripped, then clambered onto the bed and straddled Valerie’s face. She asked ‘May I’ and when Valerie nodded, Jen lowered her pussy to Valerie’s mouth and felt the tongue slide into her immediately. Jen gently humped back and forth as Valerie ate her until Mike got another text from Lis asking when they would be ready. Jen reluctantly pulled herself off of Valerie and kissed her while Mike pulled back from Valerie’s crotch and helped her slide her now somewhat damp tights off (but left her panties on). They assured Valerie that Lis and Lucy wouldn’t know who it was with them and got Valerie to stand off to the side as they started the call, said their hellos and explained the situation. Jen was once more very complimentary of Valerie’s cunnilingus skills, telling Lis and Lucy that our ‘guest’ had learned a lot in just a few days but they thought it would be ‘instructional’ if she was allowed to watch some other people. Valerie had once again gone bright red when Jen was saying how good she was at eating pussy but once we had covered the camera and muted the microphone on our end, she came round and joined Mike and Jen on the bed and let out a gasp at the sight of a naked Luck and Lis (with Lis having a noticeable baby bump).

Both Mike and Jen think that Lis was probably keener on putting on a show than Lucy, but neither of them seemed to hold back once things got started. Lis and Lucy kissed, stroked each other, had a little breast play, fingered and ate each other, used some toys and Lis made Lucy cum lying beside her, kissing her (on the lips) and fingering her and Lucy then made Lis cum with Lis sitting over Lucy’s face, pointing away from the camera so Mike, Jen and Valerie had a good view of Lucy lapping at Lis’ pussy (and an even better view of Lucy’s pussy which was even closer to the camera). While all this had been happening, Mike and Jen had been fondling Valerie, slowly undressing her until she was just in her new bra and panties (although they weren’t covering much as Valerie had fingers in her pussy and mouths on her breasts and nipples). When Lis and Lucy sat up and asked if they had enjoyed the show, Valerie was told to be quiet once more and they unmuted the microphone so Mike and Jen could say it had been wonderful and that their guest had really enjoyed it. Unsurprisingly, Lis asked if they were going to tell them who the guest was and Valerie shook her head at first but Lis continued to plead and both she and Lucy swore that they wouldn’t tell anyone. Jen was still stroking Valerie’s pussy and whispered to her that she shouldn’t feel ashamed and that Lis had just allowed her to see something so intimate. Valerie whispered back that she was almost naked and Jen told Lis and Lucy that the guest was quite shy and didn’t want people seeing her semi-clothed. Jen didn’t push Valerie too hard and whispered to her that she shouldn’t reveal her identity if she didn’t feel comfortable, but that she really could trust Lis and Lucy to keep the secret. Lis pleaded a little more and Mike told Valerie it was up to her and she could remove the cover from the camera if she wanted.

Valerie slowly reached out her hand and Jen told Lis to just wait a moment – after a pause, Valerie slid the camera cover up and then pulled her hand back to cover her breasts. From what Mike and Jen said, Lis was absolutely shocked to see Valerie sitting between Mike and Jen, only partially wearing underwear and obviously aroused. Valerie was deep crimson for the whole conversation (probably not helped by the fact that both Mike and Jen were still gently caressing her back and legs and kissing her neck and shoulders. Valerie talked with Lis about the growing bump and how the pregnancy was going but Lis kept turning the conversation back to what Valerie had been doing with Jen and Mike. Jen further espoused Valerie’s skills at eating pussy (not helping with the blushing) and Lis asked if she could see. Jen was more than willing to demonstrate – either by eating Valerie or having Valerie eat her but Valerie was nowhere near letting Lis and Lucy witness that. To her credit, by the end of the conversation she had relaxed enough to admit that once the call had ended, she would be eating Jen’s cunt while Mike fucked her and Lis found hearing our sweet, innocent little Valerie talk this, just as arousing as I had during my previous visit.

When they hung up, Valerie nervously asked if they were sure Lis and Lucy would keep her presence a secret and Mike pointed out that Lis was having his baby and we trust them completely. Valerie was teased about her promise to eat Jen’s cunt and Jen said she wanted one more turn between Valerie’s legs before Mike came in her again and Mike said that was fine, but it was also time for Valerie to put her new socks on, which she did (mid-thigh height) – as well as changing into the set of underwear that Mike had really liked (which wasn’t actually much different to the set Valerie had chosen – she had gone for white with light blue trim, flowers and bows while Mike had gone for light pink adornments. Mike removed his clothes while Jen kissed and caressed Valerie and they then both stood caressing her and telling her how cute she looked. Jen said she wouldn’t ruin the panties for Mike so slid them down Valerie’s legs then gently caressed Valerie’s pussy before guiding her towards the bed. Mike moved the camera to the side but offered Valerie the option of calling Lis and Lucy back to let them watch (Valerie declined this opportunity) and as Jen lapped at Valerie’s pussy, Mike kissed Valerie, played with her breasts and let her suck on his cock (she asked to do this). As Valerie got closer to cumming, she asked if she could see Mike inside Jen (and was made to ask to see Mike fucking Jen) so Jen moved around to lie over Valerie in a 69 and Mike slid into Jen and steadily fucked her the way that he had been doing to Valerie just before the text from Lis. Valerie held Jen’s lips open to get a better view (Mike loved the way this felt) and toyed with Jen’s clit a little, but Valerie was much further on that Jen, so she came first and was then treated to an extended kitty kissing from Jen. Mike kept fucking Jen the whole way through this and between her fingers and licking at Jen’s clit, Valerie helped push Jen to have another orgasm. When Mike pulled out, Valerie gave Jen a few licks then asked to suck Mike’s cock again (which he naturally allowed).

Valerie was impressed that Mike had lasted so long inside Jen without cumming and Mike assured her he could keep going for a while, but added that he wanted her panties back on first so he could worship her legs and pussy properly for a while. Jen said she couldn’t cum any more and Valerie said she was a little tired but when Mike asked if he could have one more session with her, laying it on a bit thick by saying he couldn’t resist wanting to play with someone as cute as her, she agreed. They moved into Mike’s bedroom so Jen could sleep (but he had to promise Jen he would return with Valerie once he had finished and he wasn’t allowed to keep her to himself all night). Valerie didn’t notice that the pictures were now laid out along the wall but she was astute enough to ask if there were pictures of Lis and Lucy there. Mike pulled the two pictures up and put them on the bed against the headboard, then asked Valerie to say which pussy belonged to Lis. Valerie selected correctly so Mike told her she must have been paying really good attention and Valerie blushed. He pointed out the little folds and crinkles on each of Lis and Lucy’s pussies and tried to describe what they felt and tasted like in comparison to Jen and me, telling her that Lucy actually tasted fairly similar to Valerie.

Mike then spent ages play with Valerie – for the first ten minutes or so, her panties remained on with him kissing and stroking up to them, but not applying any stimulation to her pussy. She 69ed with him for a while and then rode him with Mike encouraging her to grind her clit against him until she came. Mike then kitty kissed her, which progressed to him eating her properly and as she became increasingly aroused he allowed his tongue to flick over her ass. Valerie barely flinched when he did this but did whimper and after he’d made her cum he kissed his way up her body and slid into her pussy. Valerie bit her lip and asked him if he wanted to do anal with her and Mike said that he wouldn’t object to it if she wanted, but that he hadn’t been intending to ask for it. Valerie looked confused and asked why he’d been licking her there. Mike said he just wanted to make her feel good and she said it was dirty but Mike told her not to worry and that he would do anything he could that felt nice for her.

Mike kitty kissed Valerie for a while then fucked her standing up against the wall, then pressed against the window and then with the window open and her leaning a little way out with her breasts swinging in the cool night air (they turned the bedroom light off for this bit). Valerie came with Mike thrusting into her and frigging her clit, moaning gently into the night and saying she couldn’t believe she was cumming again. Back on the bed, she told him she didn’t know she could cum so many times in a day and he warned her not to tell me that as I’d get jealous if I knew that he and Jen had made me cum more times than I’d managed. Valerie asked if he was serious and he told her that I was incredibly attracted to her and had been honoured that she had trusted me to be her first proper female partner. Mike slid back into Valerie and she said she didn’t know if she could cum again so Mike asked if he could just have a final lap at her cute pussy and she nodded. I know Valerie is bright so I don’t imagine she was surprised when the ‘final lap’ turned in to kitty kissing and then into him eating her again. Mike didn’t tease her but didn’t push things too quickly either and after about 10 minutes Valerie was gently moaning and gripping the covers. He moved back up and easily slipped his cock back into her then asked if she thought she could cum now. Valerie got a little revenge by telling him she was way too tired to do anything more but when Mike stopped moving she told him she was just kidding and after what he’d done for her, he deserved to enjoy himself as well. He asked her to wrap her legs around him and he fucked her with long strokes while occasionally caressing her legs and the socks. As Valerie got close to cumming Mike kissed her and alternated between kissing and whispering to her how sexy and cute she was and how he wanted to feel her cum for him. Valerie told him to just keep going, which he did, and she came, moaning into his mouth and telling him to cum. Mike was fairly close by this point and panted to her that he was going to fill her sweet little pussy with his cum. She told him to go ahead and pulled him harder against her as he came and they eagerly kissed each other.

They were both out of breath and Mike remained buried in Valerie as they kissed, she released her legs and their bodies relaxed but he still remained inside her and told her that she really should have joined us sooner as she was clearly a natural at cumming lots. Mike was tempted to risk Jen’s wrath and stay in his room with Valerie – hoping he could pull out, move around behind her and slide back in to spoon her to sleep before his cock was too soft, but decided that this wouldn’t be fair so they went back to Jen’s room and Valerie curled up behind Jen and Mike behind Valerie. Mike and Valerie had a whispered conversation as they dozed off and Valerie murmured something about it having been an incredible day. Mike gently stroked her back and side, down to her legs (he had convinced her to leave the socks on) and told her she could repeat it as often as she wanted.

On the Sunday, Mike beat Jen to it again and ate Valerie awake. He could still taste his cum in her from the previous night so let Jen take over for a little while (Jen quite likes the taste of Mike’s cum) but she allowed Mike to be the one to give Valerie her first orgasm of the day and Jen then 69ed with Valerie while Mike fed MJ breakfast. I called in the middle of their breakfast and Jen told me that Valerie was sitting in our dining room naked (with just the long white socks still on). Nye wanted to see this so we switched to a Skype call and Valerie gave us a wave while sitting there naked. Nye asked if Jen would play with Valerie so Jen sat up on the table in front of Valerie, spread her lips and got Valerie to finger and lick her. They switched places and Jen did the same to Valerie, then Jen took Valerie upstairs to play properly (meaning I could call back and use the good camera in the bedroom to watch them with – although without Mike to hold it we didn’t get the closeups). Jen humped against Valerie’s face and they scissored and I got Nye to request they move closer to the camera while Jen lay over Valerie in a 69, with Jen’s ass pointing to the camera so we could watch as Valerie licked her. Nye found this just as arousing as I did and he enthusiastically pumped away inside me and fondled my breasts while I used Valerie’s vibe on my clit. I felt somewhat jealous of Jen but I got to cum (and I got a little more of Nye’s cum) so I wasn’t too put out and once they had finished their display, I told Valerie to enjoy the rest of her visit and signed off.

Jen showered with Valerie and then took MJ while Mike freshened up. He asked Jen to prevent Valerie from getting dressed so she was still sitting wrapped in her towel when he returned from the shower and she asked what they wanted her to do next. Mike asked if Valerie would wear something else for him, then presented her with one of Jen’s Japanese schoolgirl uniforms. Valerie asked how many things like that I had and Jen showed her my whole collection (saying they were mostly for Mike, but admitting that she herself wasn’t adverse to fucking me when I was wearing them, or indeed dressing up in a similar outfit herself). Mike whispered to Jen that she also wasn’t adverse to fucking a real schoolgirl and Jen elbowed him. Valerie agreed to wear the uniform and even allowed Mike to be the one to put it on her (with him thoroughly smoothing the panties, bra and socks on before putting on the actual uniform). Valerie’s hair is quite curly so he couldn’t complete the look in the usual way with either bunches or a ponytail, but her predisposition to do cute poses more than made up for this shortfall and she allowed him to take some pictures of her (of which he sent a few through to me to show Nye). Mike and Jen took turns playing with Valerie, kissing, fondling, humping, fucking and eating her – not pushing her too close to cumming but keeping her reasonably aroused. Mike sat on the edge of the bed with Valerie riding him and facing away from him so she could see herself in the mirror. Mike held her skirt up so they could watch his cock sliding in and out of her cunt as she moved up and down and he suggested that Lis and Lucy would love to witness what they were doing. Valerie blushed and said she couldn’t do anything like that with someone watching and she defended her position as to why it would be any different than Jen seeing them by saying that she Jen was involved. Being awkward, Mike took this as Valerie saying that it would be fine for Lis and Lucy to see them fucking if they were there with them helping out and Valerie denied this but when Mike got Jen in to kneel in front of them and lap at Valerie’s clit, he did get her to finally agree that it would probably also feel nice if it was Lis in Jen’s place.

While Valerie wasn’t willing to let Lis and Lucy see her naked, she did let Jen talk her in to watching another display of lesbian passion and after stripping Valerie down to her underwear, Jen (who was still naked) pulled Valerie onto the bed and the two of them had another video session to watch Lis and Lucy fuck. Jen caressed Valerie throughout the call and worked her hand into Valerie’s panties to finger her. Valerie semi-relented and kissed Jen on camera as well as caressing Jen’s breasts and stroking Jen’s pussy (although Jen had to push Valerie’s hand down to her pussy to get her to do this). By the time Lis and Lucy finished, Valerie’s panties were at the top of her thighs and her bra was half off, but she was lying behind Jen on the bed pressed up against her back so she was semi-hidden. Jen told Lis about Valerie saying it would feel nice if Lis were to lick at her clit and Valerie blushed deep red and told Jen to shut up. Lis likes teasing Valerie as much as the rest of us do so told Valerie she could visit anytime she wanted and that she would lick Valerie for as long as she wanted. This didn’t help with the amount Valerie was blushing and when Jen told them that Valerie had easily been able to identify Lis’ pussy from amongst the large pictures Valerie slapped her once more. Lis teased Valerie further and said it wasn’t fair that Valerie had watched her cum twice and got to see her pussy in such detail on the photo yet she hadn’t even seen Valerie naked properly. The most Valerie would do was allow Jen to remove her bra so Lis and Lucy could see her breasts and Jen told them that she would continue to work on turning Valerie and hopefully one day they could all have a happy lesbo five-way fuck (thankfully she included me).

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Valerie’s Visit – Part 4

him. Valerie acted coy as he told her this but said they could go look at some. Mike asked her what kinds of things she liked to wear as well as what previous boyfriends had wanted her to wear and she indicated to some sexy items that boyfriends had wanted and much simpler items for her own taste. Mike told her he preferred her taste and they selected a few sets for Valerie to try on. Mike wasn’t allowed in to the actual changing room with her, but was allowed to stand just outside with the pram and peek in from time to time to see what each outfit looked like. Mike whispered encouraging sounds to Valerie as she posed for him in various bra and panty sets – often putting on cute, shy and innocent looks. Mike let Valerie select the pair that she liked the most and he said we would get this for her, along with the set he liked the most. Valerie said that was too much so Mike made a deal with her that if she would also let him buy her some fresh, long white socks that she would wear for him, then she could have both sets of underwear and didn’t have to feel bad about it. Valerie realised she wasn’t going to win so gave in and Mike bought them, along with multiple white socks ranging from ankle to mid-thigh length.

Mike flirted more with Valerie over coffee, telling her how much he wished we had been able to do things with her back in Uni, how we had fantasised about her and imagined having her with us in bed (and admitting that she wasn’t the only one of my friends I’d wanted to fuck). They talked about Lis and Mike having got her pregnant with Valerie asking what it was like for him to sleep with her. Mike asked Valerie if she would like to see Lis and Lucy together and Valerie didn’t get what he meant at first so he told her that they could watch Lis and Lucy fuck if Valerie wanted. Valerie didn’t say yes straight away but didn’t refuse the offer either so when they were on their way back home, Mike indicated to Valerie to be quiet and called Lis. Mike explained to Lis that he had a mutual friend staying with us who had asked to watch Lis and Lucy fuck. Valerie was frantically waving her hands at Mike for him not to say who she was but he indicated it was okay and when Lis asked if she could guess who it was Mike said she probably couldn’t. Lis asked if it was someone that Lucy would have a problem with (referring to her previous girlfriend Vicky who is also one of my friends) and Mike assured her it wasn’t. Lis said she would ask Lucy and let him know, but said she quite liked the idea and Mike told her off for being a naughty little girl and not acting at all like he would want the mother of his child to be. Lis said if he felt like that then she wouldn’t visit again so Mike apologised and said she was exactly as naughty as he liked her.

When Mike and Valerie got home, Valerie modelled her new underwear for both Mike and Jen and Mike demonstrated why he had purchased various lengths of socks, getting Valerie to try them on and then kissing and caressing her legs. Jen said she was jealous of this so the three of them headed upstairs while MJ was having a nap and lay on the bed with Jen between Mike and Valerie so they could both play with her nipples. It took very little to get Jen’s nips erect and with Mike and Valerie working on one each, Jen was soon squirming around on the bed making appreciative mewing sounds. Mike demonstrated to Valerie how Jen liked having her nipples pinched and bitten and Valerie was surprised at just how much force Jen liked being applied, saying that she only liked having hers gently pinched. Naturally Jen wanted to experiment with this and spent a little while playing with Valerie’s breasts, squeezing and biting on the nipples with Valerie telling her what she enjoyed and when it was too forceful. They went back to focussing on Jen with the aim of making her cum from just nipple play – just like with me having my neck stroked, it’s possible to cum without any other stimulation, but takes Jen even longer than me with my neck so they didn’t manage an orgasm but did drive Jen to the point of begging to cum and mewing loudly with arousal. It was left to Valerie to finish things off and as she lay eating Jen, Mike slid into Valerie’s wet pussy and moved back and forth with long steady strokes. When Jen’s orgasm finished, he encouraged Valerie to practice kitty kissing Jen as he kept pumping away inside Valerie and would have probably continued until she came if they hadn’t been interrupted by me calling to see if they were ready to Skype.

Jen selected one of my school uniforms for Valerie to wear and they put on the show for Nye and me, with Mike moving the camera so we got good views of what they were doing. Valerie said she was spent by the time they finished but Jen announced that they were all going out for dinner so went and ran Valerie a bath to let her relax. While Valerie was in the bath, she told Mike what she had done with Rachel and Mike pointed out that they had better hide the pictures on the wall so Valerie wouldn’t know that Rachel was fucking Jen. Mike took them down and stashed them in his room and when Valerie finished her bath he explained that we didn’t think it would be suitable to leave them up with a babysitter looking after MJ (ignoring the fact that the babysitter would probably be fucking herself into oblivion with every toy we owned). Valerie put on the new underwear she had chosen but white socks didn’t go with the skirt she had so she promised to wear them when we got back and wore tights instead. What Valerie hadn’t realised is that Mike’s real fetish (other than eating pussy) isn’t the socks themselves, but legs, so when she pulled on a pair of opaque tights, he asked to be allowed to play with her legs again and was treated to about 10 minutes of him stroking and kissing her legs and inner thighs.

When Rachel turned up, Valerie was introduced as one of Jen’s Uni friends (Rachel knew she was my friend, but Valerie might have thought Rachel would have thought it odd with her being my friend and me not being there). Jen says she thinks that Rachel was eyeing Valerie up but Mike didn’t agree (and Valerie didn’t say anything) – on the way out Jen gave Rachel a hug and quietly told her to enjoy herself but put things away.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Valerie’s Visit – Part 3

Valerie was impressed at how long he had kept going after cumming and he admitted that he couldn’t do that often. Jen reached down and covered her fingers in the mix of Mike’s cum and Valerie’s juices, then offered them to Valerie, who took them and sucked them clean. When Mike pulled out he asked Valerie to stay where she was and when his cum started leaking from her he asked if he could take a picture. She automatically said no but when Mike pointed out we already had lots of pictures of her she relented, but only on the condition she could decide whether he kept it or not. In the end, Mike got to take a fair few pictures, including ones of Valerie being licked by and licking Jen and her sucking his cock clean of their juices and after having him promise that nobody would ever see them she said we (as she knew I would also see them) could keep them all.

Mike then went down on Jen while Valerie kissed Jen and played with her breasts – with the instruction of doing to Jen what Valerie liked having done to her breasts (so Jen could learn). Valerie seemed to enjoy watching Jen cum and even allowed Mike to slide back into her to spoon. They chatted as they fell asleep and Mike asked how much Valerie thought Nye would enjoy watching her fuck Jen (a lot). Mike asked if Nye would want to watch him fuck her and she wasn’t as sure about that so Mike asked if seeing Nye fuck me would bother her but she said she knew that was the reason I was visiting (which he pointed out technically wasn’t answering the question) so she said that given she had both Jen and Mike playing with her, she didn’t mind Nye being with me.

On the Saturday morning I kept my promise to Nye and sucked him awake, getting him close to cumming but then stopping as he wanted to cum in me. I got him to go down on me and then let him fuck me from behind (most guys seem to love this position) and he came in me. I let a little of his cum dribble out – intending to just let it run down my legs – when I remembered the panties and slipped them on. Throughout breakfast, I let Nye stroke me through the panties and play with my breasts. He fucked me with a banana and ate various things from my breasts and I repeatedly smeared yoghurt on his cock and sucked him clean. We removed the panties and I got Nye to eat various bits of fruit and yoghurt from my pussy and as a reward for him making me cum I bent forwards across the table and offered him my ass. He pushed in to me (we used more yoghurt as lube – not the best solution, but it worked well enough) and I pushed a hand under my body to play with my clit. I asked Nye to use something in my cunt at the same time but he couldn’t get this to work well so I ended up pumping another banana into my cunt (having eaten the first one) and frigging my clit. Nye still came before I did, which was a little disappointing as I had already got used to the fact he lasted a long time, but it meant that he could help out and I rolled onto my back and kept going while he rubbed more food over my breasts, face, pussy and ass. As I got closer to cumming I told him to finger my ass and he pushed two fingers into me and pumped them in and out. I told him it felt wonderful and he carried on until I came.

I lay on the table, banana sticking out of my cunt and covered in the sticky remains of the food but feeling very happy. In many ways I would have much preferred for Valerie to be there as well as I fancied her far more than I fancied Nye, but he seemed to be more adventurous than she was (or at least more willing to go with what I said) and I intended to make the most of the weekend and let him use me however he wanted. I wiped my hands over my pussy and ass and licked them clean, then stood and lifted my nipples to my mouth to lick them clean. I told Nye that now he’s had my cunt and ass I needed him to cum in my mouth next for the triple play. I wanted him to see how dirty I could be so knelt and took his cock (relatively fresh from my ass) in my mouth, but he wasn’t ready to do any more so I licked some of the mess from the table and then helped him clean it up before we headed up to shower. With a vigorous cleaning, I managed to get him hard again and got him to frig me while he sucked on my nipples (I wanted the first bit, he wanted the second). I told him if he kept going that I might squirt all over his hand and he told me to go ahead so as I came, I peed as hard as I could and watched as the liquid splashed over both our lower halves, then took his fingers and sucked them clean. Nye said I really was a dirty little girl and I told him he had no idea, but if he wanted me to be a good little girl, I’d put my school uniform on for him later. Nye liked this idea and asked if I’d also wear any of Valerie’s school uniforms and I told him I’d wear as much or as little as he wanted, then added if he wanted to take me out wearing a school uniform he could do that as well.

In the end, I just wore my usual clothes (and as usual, without panties under my skirt) and we went into town. I called Mike and found out how things were going with Valerie and we arranged a time to Skype so Nye could watch her be eaten by Jen. Nye managed to fondle and frig me a few times throughout the time we were out and I sat showing my pussy to him over lunch as well as doing my usual ‘bend over to pick something up while revealing my ass and pussy to others’ routine, which Nye liked seeing. We popped into a shop and I picked out a dark blue nightdress that was very sheer in patches and asked Nye if he’d prefer to take me out in a schoolgirl outfit or in the nightdress. Nye said he didn’t think I’d go out dressed just in the nightdress so I popped into the changing room and reappeared a minute later with just the nightdress on to show Nye. There were a number of other guys waiting (presumably for their wives) who also got to see me in the bright lights of the store and I was well aware that my nipples were easily visible through the material, as was the fact that I didn’t have any panties on and I could feel my pussy tingling as I pretended to ignore them all looking at me. Nye definitely approved of the look and I sauntered back into the changing room to put my clothes on – only briefly fingering myself in front of the mirror. On the way out of the shop I told Nye I had expected to be made to cum more and he took the hint and he helped find a suitable alleyway where he fingered me. He even let me pull his cock free and briefly suck him, but he wasn’t brave enough to let me make him cum – even when I offered to let him cum over my breasts and then walk round for the rest of the time with his cum on my body. We ended up heading home soon after this as he wanted to fuck me properly and as it was obvious I’d get to cum more if we went back, I agreed.

I wore one of Valerie’s school uniforms and did my best to match her cute and innocent acting as Nye stroked and fondled me. I let him watch as I played with myself, stroking my pussy through the white panties, then pulling the material aside and fingering myself and finally cumming for him as I asked him to fuck me. As part of my service to Valerie, I got Nye to eat me (telling him it would get me ready to cum again quicker) and then fucking him, at first up against the wall and then against the window with my blouse opened and breasts pressed against the glass. We finished off with me riding him on the bed and I held the front of my skirt up so he could watch as his cock slid in and out of me. Nye asked where I wanted him to cum and I said I didn’t mind and he could cum in my cunt if he wanted, but that I still wanted him to cum in my mouth so he could complete the triple. He asked if I’d let him cum over my face and I said I thought that would count as long as some of the cum landed in my mouth so I kept riding and humping him until I came, then let him fuck me until he was close, quickly dismounted and knelt in front of him and watched as he wanked him cock while telling him how much I wanted to feel his cum cover my face and slide down my throat. As it was his third cum of the day, Nye didn’t produce much, but he still seemed to like watching it squirt onto my face and I lifted my mouth to take a few drops directly from his cock. Once he had finished, I took his cock and used it to wipe the cum over my face and neck, gave him a gentle suck and knelt up to rub the head with my nipples.

While Nye was obviously finished for the time being, I wanted a bit more fun so asked him if he wanted to see some more pictures of me fucking and cumming. We lay on the bed as I showed Nye hundreds of pictures of me and Jen, displaying ourselves, fingering, fucking and cumming with various other people. I had decided to take a chance and showed Nye a number of pictures with Sue and me doing things together, banking on the fact that he probably wouldn’t recognise her (he hasn’t met her as many times as Valerie has as he only started dating Valerie after she left York). The first pictures involving Sue didn’t show any clear shots of her face, but as we went further through the images, there were some that were obviously her fingering and eating me and I dropped my hand to my pussy and stroked myself as we looked at them. Nye asked if I wanted to cum again and I told him I always wanted to cum but that he could choose whether he ate me or used some of Valerie’s toys on me. He opted for the toys and the pink vibrator was produced from her bedside cabinet, rubbed over my nipples and pussy and then used to fuck and frig me. I talked him into eating me to another orgasm with the promise of letting him watch me masturbate over dinner and with a bit of direction, I got him to tease me for about 30 minutes before finally making me cum (it is very difficult to instruct someone to hold back and tease you when you desperately want to cum, but once again I considered this training as payment to Valerie for letting me borrow Nye).

By this point, it was almost time for our video session with Jen so we called but were told they weren’t quite ready yet so we had to wait. To pass the time, I got Nye to lie on his back and I humped back and forth against his cock. This had the desired effect and I felt him stiffening underneath me to the point where I could properly slide against him and feel the shaft pressing between my lips. When Jen called back, Nye was sufficiently hard that he could spoon with me and I told him I’d move against him while we watched his cute little Valerie being fucked by Jen.

There was only a brief introduction before Jen moved around behind Valerie and reached around to fondle her breasts. Valerie was kneeling on the bed in one of my school uniforms and Jen fondled her through the outfit, then exposed Valerie’s breasts, reached down into her panties and stroked her and finally peeled Valerie’s panties off and asked Nye if he wanted to watch Valerie be eaten (he did). Jen also had a school uniform on (playing to Nye’s love of cute – although also to Mike’s who was holding the camera but staying out of shot). We were treated to a close up of Jen fingering and eating Valerie’s pussy as well as the expressions on Valerie’s face and then to Valerie 69ing with Jen with close-ups of Valerie as she spread and licked Jen. We could easily hear Jen mewing with pleasure but it became even more obvious just how much she was enjoying Valerie’s attention as we watched Jen’s pussy leaking juices directly into Valerie’s mouth – who either didn’t notice or didn’t care as she just kept licking Jen until she came. I noticed that Valerie kept going, lapping at Jen’s pussy right through as Jen made Valerie cum and then switched to kitty kissing Valerie. They kept going for another few minutes until Jen climbed off and turned around to kiss Valerie, then asked Nye if he had enjoyed the show. He was moving inside me by this point, pushing back against my thrusts and I angled the laptop to let Jen see his cock moving in me as a confirmation to her question. Sadly Nye wasn’t up for cumming again, but was willing to keep moving inside me while I held Valerie’s vibe against my clit until I came. I told Valerie that I wished she was there with me as I wanted to bury my tongue in her pussy and eat her the way Jen had just done. Valerie blushed a little and I asked her to give us a cute look – which she did – and I promised to make her cum twice for each time Nye had made me cum. We said we’d call again later on that night and signed off, at which point I pulled myself free of Nye’s cock and gave him a good suck as thanks for helping me cum. Naturally Nye had recorded the session and we looked back at Valerie eating Jen so I could tell Nye how much she was progressing (he especially liked seeing and hearing Jen as Valerie made her cum).

As promised, I wore my new nightdress out for dinner. We went to a nice little Italian place where the lighting was fairly dim but apparently still sufficient for it to be relatively obvious that most of my body was on display. I kept my other promise and let Nye watch me partially masturbate a number of times throughout dinner. What he didn’t know is that there was a guy a few tables down who also had a clear view of what I was doing (the other guy was with a woman, but she had her back to me) and a couple of times I spread my legs wide and worked a couple of fingers into my cunt, pumped them in and out and then sucked them clean, with both Nye and the other guy fixated on what I was doing). I didn’t just use my fingers and at one point also broke  a breadstick in half and used both halves to fuck myself before eating them. It was harder to show my breasts without other people seeing, but I managed to pull the nightdress down enough to reveal my nipples a couple of times, but not enough to be able to lift my breasts to my mouth and lick my nipple (I tried, but failed). I know it was wrong, but when I saw the guy go to the bathroom, I couldn’t resist excusing myself and following him (he was considerably more handsome than Nye). I took a chance and followed him into the gents and without saying anything, took his hand and pulled him into a cubicle. We closed the door before he asked what I was doing and I just said he looked hot and pushed his hand down between my legs. His fingers curled up into my pussy and I slid the top of my nightdress down then quickly fumbled with his zipper. I asked if he had a condom on him and he said he didn’t so I said it was a shame and just stroked him. Someone else came in and he stopped moving but I kept stroking his cock and whispered to him to keep fingering me. He moved his fingers a little so I reached down and pulled his hand them moved it back and forth. I was tempted to keep stroking him and seeing if I could get him to cum over my breasts, but that would then require me to clean up (or having to explain to Nye why he couldn’t lick them) so when the other person left I whispered to the guy that he should always carry a condom, pulled my nightdress up and left him in the bathroom. He returned to his table a couple of minutes after me and I gave him another flash of my pussy and gently stroked myself (Nye thought this was for his benefit).

After dinner, we went out to a pub and I let Nye run his hands over my body as much as he wanted. He seemed much happier about doing this than he had earlier on and I sat up on a stool at the end of the bar and let him slide his hand up between my legs and stroke up and down my lips. I spread my legs to make it easier and he worked his fingers into my cunt. I could see some guys sitting at a nearby booth watching us so turned slightly towards them to give them a better view and asked Nye if he wanted to make me cum with other people watching. He pulled his hand back and I pouted and said he knew I was an exhibitionist and that I’d love to have him finger me with an audience watching. I decided to sweeten the deal and told Nye I had a video he’d like to watch and if he could make me cum then I’d show it to him when we got home and fuck him in whatever way he wanted. He asked what the video was about but I said I wouldn’t tell him anything unless I came so he placed his hand back on my thigh and I lifted one leg to rest it on the crossbar of the stool and spread my legs again. As Nye’s hand slid up under the hem of my nightdress, I told him to just concentrate on my pussy and ignore the guys watching (they were behind him and I assumed he couldn’t see them, but he later told me he watched them in the mirror behind the bar). His fingers made contact with my pussy again and he slid a couple into me then started steadily fingering me. He worked them deeper into me until he could frig me with his thumb as well and I pulled on the hem of my nightdress to slide it up and expose myself more. As Nye worked on me I told him how much I had loved eating Valerie and the way her cunt had felt in my mouth. I kept describing and picturing my weekend with her as I felt my orgasm build, occasionally looking over at the table of guys and smiling at them. A couple had their phones out and were obviously taking pictures or video of me so I spread my legs further and gave them what must have been a completely clear view. I told Nye I was getting close and imagined the other guys joining in, putting me up on the bar and all fucking, fingering and stroking me to multiple orgasms as the rest of the pub looked on (yes, I know that I was already acting out my exhibition fetish but that doesn’t mean I can’t fantasise at the same time). I came with the thought of multiple people cumming in and over me at the same time and when Nye pulled his hand from my pussy I kept my legs spread and pulled his hand to my mouth so I could suck it clean of my juices. I gently stroked myself for a minute or so, then mostly closed my legs, but didn’t pull my nightdress down so my pussy was still partially on display. I could see the bulge in Nye’s trousers and asked if he would be up for another fuck when we got home. He said he was and asked about the video so I told him it was one of me and some friends being fucked by multiple guys in a sex show I took part in. Nye didn’t believe me at first and said I hadn’t mentioned anything about this before so I told him we didn’t want to scare Valerie away so it might be a good idea to keep it a secret from her, but that he could watch it if he wanted (he wanted). I really wanted to join the table of guys and see if any of them would play with me, but didn’t think Nye would be that keen on sharing me – I really regret not having at least broached the subject with him though as I had all kinds of fantasies about moving round the table and letting each pair of guys fondle me, then maybe taking them one at a time into the bathroom and fucking or sucking them (I now had my purse with me so had my own supply of condoms to hand).

We got a taxi home and I sat with one leg draped over Nye’s legs so he could finger me again as we kissed. He tried to slide his hand up under my nightdress to my breasts but stopped so I helped out by pulling the nightdress up over my breasts and then lay back slightly as he sucked and licked my nipples. I told Nye to keep fingering me and he pushed a hand back between my legs which were now spread wide with one foot on the floor. Nye kept fingering me and sucking firmly on my nipples and I reached down to toy with my clit to help things along while also thinking back to my fantasy in the bar, imagining they were all with us in the cab and I had multiple sets of hands on me. I told Nye I was going to cum and felt him slide a third finger into my cunt as I frigged myself to orgasm. He kept playing with my breasts and I told him I was going to fuck him senseless when we got in. Nye didn’t stop until we pulled up at his house and I made no effort to cover myself up as he paid the driver or as I got out and we walked up to the house (I did briefly wonder what his neighbours might think or say to Valerie if they saw him with me, but that wasn’t my problem).