Sunday, 29 January 2017

A Day With Sue – Part 2

Jen kitty kissed Josie for a while and lapped up Mike’s cum as it leaked from her pussy and Mike put the end of the video Josie had edited on the computer (the part with Josie being fucked). They watched this and Mike teased her about being so willing to show herself cumming but Josie said that Sue had said it was only fair seeing as she had got to see so much of Sue and me fucking while editing the video. Jen finished cleaning up Josie and Mike slipped back into Josie’s pussy from behind, curling up against her while Josie snuggled up to Jen’s back and reached around to caress her breasts. They slowly moved against each other while chatting but gradually dozed off without anyone cumming again. In the morning, Mike woke before anyone else (including Sue and me, which he could see from the laptop) and he went down on Josie to wake her up. She complained that she needed to pee but Mike told her she couldn’t go until she had cum. Now a nice person would have at least hurried things along and given Josie her orgasm so she could dash to the bathroom, but Mike isn’t nice and teased her. Jen woke up and had a turn lapping away at Josie’s clit while fingering her and Mike told Josie if she thought she could use controlled bursts, she could always pee into Jen’s mouth and Jen would take care of the mess. Josie thought that once she started peeing she wouldn’t be able to stop and they didn’t want to soak the bed so she had to hold on while Mike and Jen licked and fucked her (Josie found it especially difficult to hold back while Mike pumped into her hard).

Josie just about made it though and after cumming she pleaded to be allowed to go to the bathroom. Her wish was granted, but only with Jen leading her by the hand and they went straight to the shower so Jen could kitty kiss Josie while she emptied her bladder. Josie needed to pee so badly by this point that she didn’t object at all and allowed Jen to indulge her fetish (and it wasn’t the first time). When Josie finished peeing, Jen stood up, pushed her pussy against Josie’s thigh and went to kiss Josie. At first Josie turned her head away but she then kissed Jen and asked her if she wanted to cum. Jen eagerly said yes and told Josie she would warn her before she peed and Josie could either use her fingers or move away. They switched places and Josie knelt in front of Jen to eat her. It only took a couple of minutes to get Jen to the point of mewing and only a little while longer before she told Josie she would cum anytime now. Josie kept licking and Jen thought she was going to eat her right through her orgasm, but as soon as Jen started peeing, Josie knelt up further and rubbed her neck against Jen’s pussy, letting Jen’s pee cascade down Josie’s body. Now I do this with Jen quite often (I’m not in to watersports the way Jen is, but love having my neck stroked so this is a good compromise for us) so Jen is used to it and wasn’t really disappointed. To Jen’s surprise, and before she had finished peeing, Josie quickly slid down and buried her face in Jen’s pussy once more. Jen loved the feeling of Josie’s tongue pushing between her lips and her nose rubbing against her clit and pushed extra hard to empty herself fully. Josie kept licking even after Jen had finished cumming and peeing and Jen ended up pulling Josie up to give her a big kiss and thank her. It was only at this point that Jen told Josie she didn’t have to do that but Josie said it was fine and that Sue had been training her.

When Jen and Josie returned to Jen’s bedroom (after showering with actual water), they found Mike watching Sue and me on the laptop. They already knew we were awake as they had heard us on the way past Mike’s room but hadn’t looked in to disturb us – although that didn’t stop them from joining in the watching. Sue and I were well aware we had an audience and were happily playing with each other while at least occasionally trying to angle ourselves to show off what we were doing to the camera. It was a fairly relaxed session – we ate and fingered each other – mostly in a 69 position, although we occasionally moved round so we could kiss properly. During our final pre-orgasm kissing session, I told Sue I wanted her to cum in my mouth and she said that sounded good so we went back to 69ing and I glued my mouth to her cunt while holding her lips apart. I licked and sucked her while rubbing my nose up against her ass and kept going until I could hear her moaning her way through her orgasm. She then redoubled her efforts on me and I considered moving round to let them watch her eat me, but it felt too good so I concentrated on what her tongue was doing to me and imagined my juices squirting into her mouth as I came. Sadly I can’t squirt on demand but I could feel that she was licking out whatever juices were in me and that felt good enough.

Sue and I were summoned into Jen’s room where Mike was spooning with Josie. Jen took MJ downstairs and Sue followed while I remained and chatted with Mike and Josie. As you wold expect, I didn’t just chat and also helped out by frigging and licking Josie’s clit until she was close to cumming again – at which point I moved back and Mike pulled out of her. Josie whined that it wasn’t fair to tease her like that and was told we just wanted her horny for the photo session. She said she would play along and participate and we told her if we got a good shot of her pussy that she could join us up on the bedroom wall which currently had pussy shots of Jen, Sue, Lis, Lucy, Lisa and me (and Mike’s cock). Josie asked if that meant we now accepted her and I pointed out that if she was going to continue fucking my little sister (and the rest of us) that she should be considered as one of the inner circle.

We continued to tease Josie over breakfast – Mike slid into her, Jen ate her, Sue slid a banana into her and I fingered her. It wasn’t just Josie who was toyed with but we probably concentrated on her a little more than on each other (if you ignore the fact that Sue and I had to eat yoghurt off and out of each other). Both Sue and I got to cum but we kept Josie in a state of arousal, continuing this through the shower where Mike took care of cleaning her and then kitty kissing her while Jen dried and styled Josie’s hair. There was a fair bit more playing as we got ready and despite the fact we were going specifically to have pussy pictures taken, we packed up a few toys to take along and make things a bit more interesting. As soon as we were all ready, we drove into town (with Sue and Jen in the back keeping Josie aroused with the use of a vibrator). We had hoped to get either Ineta or Rachel (the neighbour’s daughter) to take MJ for a little while so we could all participate in the session but had left it too late and neither of them were available. As the others specifically wanted some pictures of Sue and me licking each other, we had to be involved. Mike was needed for his cock and Josie was needed to get her wall-shot so unfortunately this left Jen to look after the baby again. I promised her she could have a turn and she agreed to stay close by so we could switch places and after saying our goodbyes the rest of us headed into the studio to be photographed.

Things started off fairly tamely – Sue posed for her ultra-high definition shots, primarily of her pussy but she also got some fully body shots with her spreading and fingering herself. I stripped off and joined in at this point, allowing the guy to take some close-ups of Sue and I eating each other (and he got some good angles where you could quite clearly see our faces in profile and our tongues snaking between pussy lips). Mike made sure he got a few full-body shots of us too so we could be seen eating each other with pictures being taken from different angles to make it obvious it was Sue and me. While watching us, Mike had slipped a hand under Josie’s skirt and fondled her – she had told him off and said she wasn’t intending on backing out but he told her he just wanted to feel her pussy and she let him continue. As she got more aroused, Josie removed her clothes in preparation for her session and I ended up switching places with her so she could play with Sue. They had a couple of shots taken together before it was time for Josie to have her solo shots – she was a bit shyer at this point but with a little encouragement she sat with her legs spread and fingered her pussy, then allowed the high-def shots of her cunt to be taken.

We had taken a bit longer than intended and some other people turned up for one of the photography classes. I knew full well that this would be happening and dared Josie to join us as models. She hesitated briefly but with Sue and I either side of her, fingering, frigging and kissing her she didn’t stand much of a chance and relented. We arranged with the photographer to continue the private shoot after the lesson and Mike headed out to switch places with Jen. By the time she made her way into the studio, Josie, Sue and I were daisy chaining on the floor (on soft rugs) with multiple people standing around us taking photos. Jen quickly stripped and we made space for her to join the chain between Sue and Josie. Over the course of an hour we kissed, played with each other’s breasts, fingered, scissored and ate each other – sometimes in pairs and sometimes ganging up on one person. Each of us got to cum and all warned the students beforehand so they could get orgasm shots. I especially love cumming this way and the cameras definitely added to the pleasure of Sue’s fingers in my pussy, her tongue on my clit, Jen’s and Josie’s tongues on my nipples and Jen’s fingers on my neck.

I’m sure we could have all fairly easily cum a second time (I know I could and Jen was making a second series of mewing sounds indicating she was close) but we posed more artistically for the latter part of the session (still playing, just not as much). Once the students left, Sue and I had a few more shots taken together – one sitting behind the other and reaching round to fondle breasts or spread the other’s pussy and some really nice shots with one of us sitting in a chair and the other kneeling and licking up and down the length of the other’s pussy. Mike was summoned back for the final part of the session (Josie took care of MJ) where he had to fuck Sue and cum in her so she could get some shots taken with his cum leaking out of her. Naturally, there were some more taken with me licking the cum from her pussy, some with her sitting (as before) and some with me kneeling and her standing over me.

We looked through the large selection of pictures and selected the ones we wanted to keep. As we had already broken the photographer-model rule I reached down to caress his crotch and ended up freeing his cock. Josie helped out and rolled a condom on to it, gave him a quick suck and I then let him slide into me and pump back and forth as we carried on viewing the pictures. Sue had a turn with him inside her (he had either forgot Mike had cum in her or didn’t care) and I let him back inside me to finish up while Sue sat in a chair in front of me and I ate her. It only seemed fair that she should cum as well so I made sure to get her off while frigging myself and when the guy pulled out I thanked him for his services (stressing the word) and we got dressed while Mike paid for the pictures. I really wanted to order the huge prints but we had to wait for Lisa to get her photos taken so she could be included.

We were going to go for lunch and head back home but Jen reminded us that Sue and I were meant to be spending the day fucking and shouldn’t skive off anymore. We didn’t argue and got started on the drive home with Sue and I making out in the back seat. Lunch involved us using each other to eat from – but was a bit messier than breakfast as we had a variety of foods. We needed to clean up afterwards and this was an opportunity for us to have a watersports session in the shower (as you can probably guess, Jen was the one who pushed this idea). Sue and I had agreed to go along with anything suggested (but only because we trust them not to make us do anything we really wouldn’t want to do) and after soaping up and rinsing each other, we took turns kneeling and eating each other and receiving a stream of pee over our faces and into our mouths as the other person came. We each swallowed some and then stood to kiss and share the rest between us.

Jen was quite worked up after watching us (I’d actually expected her to climb into the shower and join in) and told us she wanted us to spank her. This was straightforward enough – she lay on the bed with a couple of pillows under her waist to raise her ass and Sue and I spanked her ass. Between spanks, our fingers probed between her cheeks to her pussy and after a little while she turned over and spread her legs, telling us to slap her cunt. As odd as I find this, I know Jen enjoys it so we did as she asked and as a bonus for her I reached up and tweaked her nipples. Both Jen’s breasts and pussy were a bright pink colour by the time she came and her pussy felt warm to the tongue as I kitty kissed her. Jen thanked us and told me it was time for my spanking, but not to worry as Sue would be next (sidestepping the fact that ‘going first’ wasn’t what I was worried about!). Sue sat up on the bed and I had to lie over her knees. Jen didn’t join in and just directed Sue to spank me, spreading the slaps across both cheeks and hitting me hard enough to hurt. Jen the squirted some lube onto my ass and Sue was told to finger me there. Fortunately I wasn’t subjected to pussy spanking and I just had to repeat what Sue had done back to her. I wasn’t entirely sure what the aim of the session was as neither of us were told to make the other cum, but found out soon enough.

Once Sue climbed off of my knee, Jen said it was time for us to fuck each other. We weren’t given the choice of position and were told we were each going to be DPed – one of us taking the other’s ass and Mike in our cunts. As Sue had fucked my ass at home over Christmas, it was decided that she should be the first one on the receiving end and Jen pulled out the ‘good’ strap-on for me to wear. Sue told me to be gentle and I promised not to hurt her but told her I’d been looking forward to fucking her ass since she’d taken mine. Mike removed his clothes and lay on the bed, pulling Sue over him and sliding into her cunt as Jen helped lube up the vibe on the strap-on. I could feel the internal vibe pulsing against my clit and told Sue I was going to imagine pumping cum into her ass as I came. She was too caught up in riding Mike to pay attention to what I said, but I certainly got her attention when I crawled up on the bed behind her and pressed the head of the vibe against her ass. She looked back at me and I told her to relax as I pressed forward. She let out a little whimper as the head popped into her ass and I moved back and forth gently, sinking the vibe deeper into her ass with each stroke. Mike said that this would have made a good picture and Josie volunteered to take some so Jen fetched our good camera and handed it to her. Josie also set up our phones at different locations around the room as well as our good video camera and said she could make another video with the things we did over the weekend. I had a slight reservation about giving her so much evidence of me fucking my sister, but she already had the other video and I wasn’t concerned for too long as the vibe sunk into Sue and the sight of this, combined with the feeling of the internal vibe on my clit distracted me somewhat.

As I repeatedly plunged the vibe into Sue’s ass, I looked down and watched her and Mike kissing and felt a little jealous – not of Sue (who I am more than used to seeing fuck Mike and Jen), but of Mike. I knew this was ridiculous as we’d all done things with each other so many times, but I guessed I was still enjoying the relative newness of Sue and I fully surrendering to each other. I pushed as deep into her ass as I could, wanting to make sure that she could feel me and as promised, I imagined the strap-on was a real cock and that I was about to fill my sister’s ass with cum. This had quite an effect on me and I could feel my orgasm building – from the look of Sue’s back (which was getting quite flushed), I guessed that she wasn’t too far from cumming herself, but I wanted to hold back and cum around the same time as her so I concentrated on less arousing things until I got myself back under control. Sue humped against Mike’s cock faster and told us she was getting close – I went back to picturing Mike filling her cunt and me filling her ass with cum and pushed into her in time with her thrusts. Sue moaned as she came and told us both to keep fucking her – I was more than happy to do this as each time I pushed into her, the internal vibe was pressed harder against my clit and I was close to cumming myself. We kept going until Sue was whimpering and I finally came, picturing jet after jet of my cum squirting into her and then imagining I was in her cunt and filling that with my cum as well.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

A Day With Sue – Part 1

From the feedback I get about entries involving Sue, I’m guessing people will enjoy hearing about Sue’s first visit of the year…

Due to some other plans falling through, Sue and Josie were able to visit us a week earlier than previously planned. Lis and Lucy were initially a bit disappointed by this as they had hoped to witness Sue and me playing with each other but they were placated when we told them that this was just a bonus visit and Sue and Josie had agreed to come the following week as well when Lis and Lucy would be present.

Sue and Josie didn’t arrive until later in the evening and Mike waited at home with MJ while Jen and I met them at the station. We stopped off at a gay bar for a couple of drinks and were fairly touch-feely with each other. Not to the extent of actually showing anything, but Jen and I kissed a number of times (as did Sue and Josie) and we swapped partners so I was with Sue and Jen with Josie. Even without the people around us knowing that we were sisters, it was still exhilarating making out with her in public and we openly discussed the things we intended to do with each other when we got home. The discussion was almost as much fun as the kissing and Sue and I checked we had both been shaved that day (Mike did me just before I went out in the evening and Josie had done Sue that morning) and I told Sue how I intended to eat her and make her cum, not caring one bit if anyone overheard our conversation.

We got a taxi home and as is tradition, made out during the journey. I asked the driver if he minded – partially to be sure he wouldn’t get annoyed with us and kick us out and partially to alert him to the fact of what we’d be doing. I told him we’d remove Sue’s shoes before she put her feet up on the seats and once she was sitting with her feet up either side of her, I knelt on the floor (on my jacket) and spent most of the journey kitty kissing her. Jen also played with Josie, getting her to free her breasts and sucking on the nipples, but they had their back to the driver so he probably couldn’t see too much of this. When we arrived at home, Sue stayed sitting with her feet up and pussy exposed while we paid the driver and he got a good look at her. I didn’t offer to let him fuck her as I wanted her first orgasm of the night so after letting him see her a bit more, we headed in to the house.

MJ was sound asleep and Mike greeted Sue and Josie, reaching up under their skirts to fondle them. Sue moaned as his fingers slipped between her lips and he commented on how wet she felt so I admitted to having started on her already. Mike told Josie that he guessed he would be spending most of his time pleasuring her (along with Jen) to let Sue and I play together but Sue said she wanted time with Mike and Jen as well. I didn’t mind as I fully intended to play with Josie as well as Sue – although at that point I didn’t know the full extent of the plans for Sue and me. After the teasing in the taxi, Sue wanted to get down to things but we weren’t allowed to get started until both Mike and Jen had also toyed with Sue’s pussy. Josie and I played with each other while this was going on and after a few minutes, when Mike, Sue and Jen had all licked or sucked each other, Sue and I were granted permission to play properly.

While it would have been nice to go up to bed and play, we knew that the others wanted to watch what we did so we accepted the assigned location of the rug in front of the fire (there were also some pillows conveniently ready for us). Sue and I removed our remaining clothes and lay down together, started off kissing and took things slowly, working ourselves up gradually until we were humping and grinding against each other. Sue spent a while sucking on my nipples and fingering me so I reciprocated and by that point we’d both had more than enough teasing. While we could have just as easily cum by grinding and fingering, we both knew that at least for the first time we *had* to 69 (not just for Mike, Jen and Josie) so after kissing Sue one last time, I turned around and lowered my pussy to her mouth while burying my face between her legs which she eagerly spread for me. I immersed myself in Sue’s scent, taste and texture and practically forgot we had an audience (which for an exhibitionist is saying something!). We worked on each other while saying very little – just occasionally telling each other how close we were getting so the other person could ease off and things didn’t progress *too* quickly. I felt incredibly wet and was quite sure it was mostly my juices and not Sue’s saliva. In turn, I could feel that my face had a good covering of Sue’s juices. When Sue asked me to make her cum, I didn’t even consider holding back and trying to just tease her and just murmured into her pussy and kept eating. She did the same to me and while it would have been nice to time our orgasms, I was quite confident she’d make me cum if she came first so didn’t worry about it. I know I could have held back, but didn’t want to and it was actually me who came first. I moaned and panted into Sue’s pussy as I kept eating her – she had a firm hold on me, keeping me in place against her mouth (not that I was trying to go anywhere else) and she licked me again and again. I swirled my tongue around her clit and spread her lips wide to lick inside her, then used long licks with the flat of my tongue, dragging it over her clit and pushing between her lips with each stroke. I kept doing this until I felt her spasm under me – then did it a number more times. Sue had already moved on to kitty kissing me so I did the same for her and we spent what felt like ages gently kissing each other’s pussies (although Jen says it was only about 5 minutes).

Josie told us to break it up and I rolled off of Sue then crawled up over her so we could kiss. Our faces were a mess – covered with each other’s juices, but we didn’t try to clean them off other than a bit of licking as we kissed. I whispered to Sue that I loved her and then added that I loved the way she tasted and she giggled. We finally broke apart properly and I asked if they had enjoyed the show – although the question was somewhat redundant as the three of them were also naked and had clearly been playing with each other (and as we found out, themselves). Sue crawled over to Jen and I followed her but headed straight for Josie. We knelt between their legs and asked again if they had enjoyed watching us. I told them that I had thoroughly enjoyed the session and wanted to share the love – sliding a couple of fingers into Josie’s pussy as I said this. Mike leant over and kissed Josie while caressing her breasts and she lay back on the sofa, offering herself to me. I made good use of the access and teased her. Josie reached over and stroked Mike’s cock and he asked her if she was going to let him fuck her later on. She breathlessly answered yes and I pointed out that I might end up satisfying her but Mike said he was confident that he and Jen could get Josie aroused again if they worked together.

Sue was already eating Jen by this point – Jen had a hand on Sue’s head, gently stroking her hair and repeatedly saying ‘good girl’, with a look of bliss on her face. I nearly challenged Sue to see if she could make Jen cum before I got Josie off, but decided it probably wasn’t fair as Sue has been doing things with Jen for much longer than I have with Josie so she knows what she likes better. I noticed that Josie took Jen’s hand and squeezed it as she got closer to cumming . I heard Jen mewing away as Sue made her cum but didn’t let this distract me and concentrated on eating Josie – ending up with the desired result of her cumming for me. I then let Mike take over and kitty kiss her while I went to get a drink.

After a couple of minutes, Sue said that Josie had something to show us – I said that as she was naked there wasn’t much left for us to see so Sue clarified things and said that Josie had finished editing ‘our film’. This was made with the videos Sue had taken of her and me fucking at Christmas and Mike and Jen were just as eager to see it as I was so we snuggled up on the sofa while Mike copied the video to our media PC and set it going on the TV. Given she was working with just a two camera shot (with both cameras being phone cameras), Josie had done a pretty good job. Josie had taken the best view for each position we were in and stitched them together quite well. It was blatantly obvious just how into the session both Sue and I had been and when either of us came, Josie showed our orgasms from both viewpoints. Sue was acting all girly and pretending she was embarrassed about having Mike and Jen see her eating me (as if we hadn’t just put on a live show for them). There was an added bonus at the end of the video with a POV section of Josie being fucked (by Sue). We watched as Sue plunged a strap-on repeatedly into Josie’s pussy with the shot moving between Josie’s face and her cunt. Josie said she wanted to get a shot of Sue and I doing this and we agreed to let her film us over the weekend for her next masterpiece – providing we both got copies of it of course.

The film was long enough (and arousing enough) that we were ready for more by the time it ended. Sue planted herself on Mike’s cock and rode him while Jen knelt and licked at them both. Mike told Sue he wasn’t going to cum in her until he’d eaten her and I reminded him he wasn’t meant to cum in her at all that night as I wanted her pussy to be unpolluted so I could enjoy it more. Sue pouted and said it wasn’t fair and she wanted her onee-chan’s cum in her. She satisfied herself with just riding him though and with Jen’s linguistic help, Sue came again quite easily. She remained on Mike’s cock for a few minutes while Jen kitty kissed her but Mike then got Sue to dismount so he could take over. I was still working on Josie and warned Mike not to tire Sue out as she still had to spend the night with me and that I wanted to make the most of it. Mike promised he’d be gentle and to his credit he only kitty kissed her – getting her quite aroused, but not letting her cum again. I finished off Josie and gave her a big messy kiss, letting her taste her own juices from my mouth before saying it was really time to go to bed (not at all hiding the fact that I wanted my second round with Sue to start).

The others agreed and we headed upstairs, leaving our clothes strewn across the living room. While we got ready for bed, Mike set up a couple of wireless cameras in the bedrooms – one pointing at his bed (which Sue and I would be in) and the other pointing at Jen’s (which would house Josie, Jen and Mike). He then installed the software on Josie’s laptop and we said that this way we could watch each other all night. Josie said she thought it was a bit odd that Sue and I would be able to watch in without her knowing and I told her that the idea was we wanted them to take the camera home with them and set it up in their bedroom there. Naturally, they would be given the password to the camera in our bedroom and this would mean that at any point we could dial in and see what each other was doing. We could tell that Josie wasn’t quite convinced about this but Sue really liked the idea and Josie was willing enough to try it out for the night as we obviously knew each of us were heading to bed to fuck anyway.

In the bathroom I had made a show of sliding Sue’s toothbrush into my pussy before she used it (she did the same in return). As a treat for him, we took Mike’s toothbrush and pushed it up into each of our cunts. We didn’t tell him we’d done this (he was off doing the webcams at the time) but he noticed the stickiness and recognised his favourite scent. Slightly unfairly, we gave him the challenge of identifying who’s pussy juice it was and he went for Josie, even though she’d been the second last to have it inside her (Sue was last). Mike used this defeat as an excuse to spend a couple of minutes tasting Sue again (I’m sure if he’d won the outcome would have been the same) before handing her back to me. We said or goodnights and I led Sue by the hand into Mike’s room, hugged her and told her I intended to fuck her to sleep. Sue’s hands slid between my ass cheeks and her fingers rubbed back and forth across my pussy and ass as she whispered that I was the one going to be fucked.

Sue and I didn’t argue anymore and just lay down on the bed. I gave a little wave to the camera before devoting my attention to Sue. We kissed for quite a while, humping against each other’s thighs but not trying to actually cum. We once again lamented the fact that it had taken us so long to discover how much fun it was playing with each other and throughout the session we suggested times earlier in our lives when we could have fucked, going back way before any time it would have been at all acceptable for me to do things with Sue (although to be fair, she was the one who suggested most of these). We had a fairly long session – just under two hours’ worth of kissing, fucking, grinding, fingering and licking but we each only came twice as we knew we were going to be expected to perform for everyone the following day. When it was time to go to sleep, we lay facing each other and chatted some more. Our faces and thighs were covered in each other’s juices but we made no effort to wipe ourselves clean, instead basking in the scent and goo. We had pretty much ignored the view in the laptop up until this point and when we looked we saw that the others had already finished and Mike was spooning Josie who was in turn curled up against Jen.

In Jen’s room, Mike had gone down on Josie while she ate Jen. Mike had then fucked Josie, at first from behind, then him on top, then Josie on top and he asked her if she had enjoyed watching Sue and me fuck. Josie said she thought it was incredibly hot and joined in with making plans for things they intended to get Sue and me to do on the Saturday. They fucked until Josie got close to cumming again (helped out by Jen occasionally stroking Josie’s ass and playing with her clit), at which point Mike theatrically asked her if she would allow him to empty his cum into her pussy. Josie asked why he was being so strange and that as they had fucked multiple times with him cumming in her, she wasn’t likely to say no at this point. Mike said he just wanted to make sure Josie didn’t mind having cum in her when she was having her pussy photographed the next day. Josie was now very close to cumming and said she thought it was just Sue getting photographed but both Mike and Jen told her that she should join in as well and that they would love to see a huge image of her pussy. Mike kept pumping into Josie as Jen toyed with her clit and Josie came for them – Mike came shortly after and whispered into her ear how hot her pussy felt around his cock. She told him his cock felt wonderful and asked him to push deeper – which he did, and then remained buried in her for a couple of minutes until he started to go soft.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Hotel Service – Part 3

Kimberly and I craned our necks towards each other and kissed. I told them both that I liked them and that they were fun and then asked for my turn with the courgette. We let Mark swap them over and work them into our pussies – I agreed with Kimberly that the courgette felt much better and promised I wouldn’t hog it for too long. Kimberly and I reached over and played with each other’s clits and I challenged her to cum and then have the energy to cum again when we played with Mark. She accepted my challenge and said she could cum as many times as I could. I kissed her and whispered that I doubted she could, but was willing to challenge her sometime and we frigged each other while Mark kept fucking us with the fruit and veg. Kimberly got close to cumming a few times and I eased off on her clit so we could try and cum together – when I got close I decided to be generous and told Mark to switch back so Kimberly had the courgette. Once the fruit and veg were back inside us, we resumed our mutual frigging and with a bit of self-control, I managed to hold off my orgasm until just before Kimberly started cumming and we lay beside each other, both moaning, frigging each other with Kimberly’s husband fucking us with produce.

Before he pulled the banana and courgette out of us, I told him to take a picture. Kimberly looked a bit nervous at this so I got him to use her phone and we ‘posed’ and kissed each other with hands on each other’s clits. I asked to look at the photo and Kimberly agreed I could text a copy to myself. We then withdrew the makeshift dildos from each other and sucked them clean (each of us having licks of both items). I then immediately moved to sucking Mark’s cock (who was now hard again) and after ensuring he was ready for more action, I suggested to Kimberly that she and I go freshen up.

This involved the two of us showering together, soaping each other up and then rinsing off while Mark sat and watched us (fortunately the hotel had glass showers). He was still hard when we came out of the shower and with him still sitting on the toilet, I straddled him and lowered myself onto his cock. It took a few attempts to get him inside me as the shower had washed away some of my juices, but I got him in and rode him for a couple of minutes. I considered suggesting a messy fuck – using the remainder of the yoghurt, fruit, honey and milk and fucking in the shower, but knew it would be difficult to include all three of us so skipped this and we moved back onto the bed instead. Mark spent time buried in our pussies, our mouths and being stroked and fondled while Kimberly and I played with each other as well as him. I fetched the final item from my shopping trip from my bag and presented a cucumber. It was slightly wider than the courgette and significantly longer. I told them I wanted to share it with Kimberly and we briefly scissored before I worked one end into her and then mounted the other end and worked myself down the length of the cucumber until we had as much shared between us as we could. Unfortunately I’d been a bit greedy and it was too long for our pussies to meet, but this didn’t stop us from moving back and forth, taking turns humping against it. Kimberly was a bit tighter than me so it moved in me more than in her – this was easily solved by me holding it in place when it was Kimberly’s turn to hump against it and we also let Mark have a turn pumping it back and forth between us.

I got a bit carried away and without thinking I reached a hand around under my body and started using a couple of fingers to fuck my ass. Mark asked if I liked having my ass played with and I told him I did so he asked if he could fuck me there. I looked over at Kimberly and asked her if she let him fuck her ass – she blushed a little at this and said that she had done, but not often. I told Mark if Kimberly let me fuck her ass that he could fuck mine and Kimberly looked a bit confused so I told her to trust me and that I wouldn’t hurt her. She agreed to at least try and got into a 69 position with me. I pushed her down a bit more and licked over her ass a few times, then pushed a couple of fingers into her and gently moved them while waiting for her to relax. I sped the ‘relaxing’ along by burying my tongue in her pussy and sucking on her clit and once she realised this might be fun, I for Mark to hand me another banana (the one we’d used before was somewhat mushy by that point), sucked on the end to apply saliva for lubrication and pushed it slowly into Kimberly’s ass.

I worked the banana into Kimberly ass a little at a time while continuing to lick her pussy. I only put a few inches into her before pumping steadily in and out and between licks I asked Mark if he liked seeing his wife being fucked like that. I pretty much knew the answer as I could see he had his cock in his hand and I told him not to get too excited as I wanted him inside me before he came. I then changed my mind and suggested he slide into Kimberly’s pussy and once my view was obscured by his cock and balls, I concentrated on licking her clit and fucking her ass while Mark fucked her cunt. Kimberly swore a number of times – fortunately with pleasure – and I suggested to Mark that he should finish off inside Kimberly and fill her cunt with cum (despite wanting him inside me again). He opted to hold out and fuck my ass, but still did a fairly good job of fucking Kimberly and the triple stimulation (cunt, clit and ass) had the desired effect and she came. I encouraged her to be more vocal and told her to be as explicit as possible – she was certainly literal and told Mark to fuck her pussy and me to pump the banana deeper into her ass and suck her clit. I could feel her breath on my crotch and wanted to tell her to eat or finger me, but as she seemed to be enjoying herself so much I didn’t want to break her flow and let her concentrate on her own pleasure. Only after she’d cum did I feel her mouth on my pussy as she kissed me there. I watched as Mark withdrew and lifted my head to steal a few licks from his cock before I gently removed the banana from Kimberly’s ass and heard her whimper.

Mark was eager to move on to fucking me but I wanted Kimberly to be involved so I distracted him for a little while, sucking, stroking and fucking him and giving Kimberly time to recover. When she said she was ready, I lay over her in a 69 position and asked her to eat me, then got Mark to slide into my pussy and get coated in my juices and finally told him to go ahead and press against my ass. He was sensible enough to take things slowly and I pushed back against him to help ease him in while Kimberly licked at my cunt. He went in quite deep and I got him to pull back a bit before fucking me and as I rocked back and forth against his steady strokes, I ground my pussy against Kimberly’s face, feeling her tongue licking different parts of my pussy or clit as I moved. I didn’t ignore her and kitty kissed her at first, then got Mark to hand me the cucumber and worked this into her pussy (although I had to get Mark to snap it in two so it would fit as her pussy and my head were reasonably close to the headboard. I teased her ass with the other end of the cucumber, but didn’t try to push it in to her as I thought that might be a bit much. I made sure Mark knew not to cum too soon but realised this wouldn’t be an issue Kimberly was eating and fingering me quite enthusiastically and asked for the other end of the cucumber to use in me. I handed this to her and felt my pussy being filled with it (to the extent that Mark commented on being able to feel it as Kimberly moved it inside me).

I started cumming without the usual build up and told Mark to cum whenever he wanted. Kimberly eased off but I told her (quite abruptly) to keep fucking and eating me. My orgasm pulsed through me but even when it ended I told Kimberly to keep going until Mark came. He sped up slightly and a minute or so later he pushed a bit deeper into my ass and told me he was cumming. Even though what Kimberly was doing felt incredibly intense, I told her to lick me just a little longer and then asked her to ease off. Mark pulled out and said he wanted to take another picture so for good measure I got Kimberly to push the banana I’d user on her into my ass and Mark got a short of Kimberly licking my clit while DPing me with the cucumber and banana. Naturally, he wanted the same shot of her so I pushed the banana back into her ass (with a little difficulty as it was getting rather mushed) and gave a smile for the camera while lapping at her clit.

While Mark was in the bathroom I asked Kimberly if we’d gone too far and she said it was certainly more than she had expected, but that she had enjoyed herself. When Mark returned, I told them both that I’d visit them at home if they wanted and Mark was as eager for this to happen as Kimberly had been the previous day when I’d asked her. I told them I’d added my number to Kimberly’s phone when I’d texted the picture to myself (which was a lie as she already had it) and that we would arrange a visit where I’d be their little sex slave and would challenge Kimberly to see who could cum the most times. (We had to explain this to Mark as he hadn’t overheard the comment I’d made to her while we were playing and I told him how in the past I had cum 50 times in a day. Kimberly blanched
slightly at the thought of that and I assured her that it was a fair time ago when I was significantly younger so I doubted I could match quite that number, but I’d be prepared to give it a good try.

Once I was dressed, I gave Kimberly a big hug and thanked her for sharing her husband with me, then gave Mark a big hug and thanked him for sharing his wife and his cum with me. I fingered a final dollop of yoghurt into Kimberly’s pussy and knelt to messily eat her. I told her I’d keep going until she came and she said she wasn’t sure she could so I teased her and pointed out that I’d easily win if she tied so easily. That was enough of a challenge to rile her competitive spirit and she said ‘fine – make me cum’ – so I did. I fingered her pussy and ass (using different fingers) and licked and sucked on her clit until she shuddered, lay back and moaned that she couldn’t believe I’d just got her off again. I told her to stay where she was and climbed up over her to give her a kiss while grinding my pussy against her thigh. I offered myself to Mark and said he could fuck me again if he wanted, but he wasn’t ready to cum again so I excused myself and told them they could just owe me an orgasm and pay me back next time.

I skipped out of the room a happy girl – my crotch felt wet and slightly sticky but still tingling with arousal and I texted Anna to see if she wanted to meet up for lunch before I headed home. She got back straight away and said she could but it would be just her as Ewan was off at football and we met up a little while later in a place she recommended. As soon as she saw me she commented on the fact that I looked really happy and I told her I’d got lucky the previous night and was feeling satisfied. At first Anna looked shocked that I would cheat on Mike and Jen, but she than asked if they were really okay with me doing things like that and I told her (again) that we have an open relationship and that this was why I didn’t mind the fact that Mike had propositioned her and why I’d told her I would happily sleep with her as I thought she was beautiful. I immediately assured her that I wasn’t trying to sleep with her as I remembered how awkward things had been for a while after I first told her I was attracted to her and Anna said it was fine – which of course meant I had to ask if she had changed her mind and if she wanted to head to her place and get naked that we could skip lunch. Fortunately I said this in a joking manner as Anna just sighed and said it was fine for me to be attracted to her, but she didn’t want to sleep with me – or Mike. I told her I was just teasing her (I wasn’t, I would have fucked her in a heartbeat, with or without Ewan present) and we changed the topic of conversation to something more innocuous – although went back to some of the details of the guy I’d picked up at the hotel bar (conveniently omitting the whole Kimberly/Mark scenario).

Anna came back to the hotel with me (after I promised not to try and jump her) and then walked to the train station with me. I even got a long goodbye hug as we talked about it being too long since we’d seen each other and how we should try and get people together. I wondered if she could feel the heat radiating from my pussy and I gently pressed my crotch against her and gave her a kiss on the neck. I knew I was just working myself up into a state and on the train I sat with one leg folded over the other, giving the guy opposite me a view up my skirt to my pussy. I spent a lot of the journey fantasising and feeling my pussy getting wetter and more aroused, to the point it felt like it was pulsing by the time I got home. I hugged both Mike and Jen then led Jen upstairs with just the words – ‘been thinking about Anna – need to cum’. Mike especially appreciated my desire as he had wanted to fuck her for quite a while (Jen had too, Mike more so though). As I undressed, Mike asked how quickly I wanted to cum and I told him to get me off, then take time making me cum again. He did as I asked and glued his mouth to my clit, licking and sucking me in a way not too dissimilar to Lis does and I came for him. After that, Jen had a turn kitty kissing me and Mike fucked me. I then 69ed with Jen while Mike played with MJ and kept her occupied and he ate me one more time.

With my desire properly satisfied for the time being, I gave Mike and Jen a detailed account of the weekend – what I’d got up to with Mark and Kimberly (and told Jen Kimberly had asked after her), what I’d done with my random bar guy and what I’d fantasised about doing with Anna and Ewan. I showed them the pictures and Mike selflessly volunteered to play with Kimberly if they ever wanted to do a wife swap (and Jen interjected that she had first dibs on Kimberly, having played with her previously). I told Mike I’d let her know, but thought if that were ever to happen that it would take a lot longer to convince Mark of the idea and I wasn’t sure there was enough time left before I’d have to start behaving myself if I was going to try for a baby.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Hotel Service – Part 2

I hadn’t tied the gown very tightly and felt it slip open slightly as I walked. I made no effort to rectify this so by the time I arrived at my door, the front was open the whole way down – only slightly, but enough to show I was naked. I had wandered past a few people, some of whom seemed to notice and I decided that I could probably enjoy myself a little more that night so I quickly changed into a very low cut dress with a short skirt, tidied up my hair and headed down to the bar. I didn’t have to sit there for long before a few guys approached me and while I wasn’t being fussy, I blew a couple of them off and let the third one buy me a drink. We sat and chatted for a little while – he was on a business trip and I told him I was travelling for pleasure (although didn’t explain just how much pleasure). I gave him all the signs that I was interested and he asked if I wanted to go upstairs with him so I invited him back to my room and we started to kiss. The guy’s hands slipped under my dress and discovered I didn’t have any panties on and I told him I preferred it that way as it meant I could easily get access to myself whenever I felt horny. He asked if I was horny now and I told him to put a condom on so I could demonstrate just how horny I was. I ended up ‘helping’ him apply the condom and immediately knelt to suck him, then stood and got him to unzip my dress, leaving me standing there naked. We kissed some more and I rubbed his cock against my pussy, then got him to fuck me from behind with my body pressed up against the window. As we were only a few floors up I knew I would probably be visible from the pavement below, but that just added to my excitement and I told the guy to fuck me harder and faster. I imagined being buried between Kimberly and Mark again and then between Anna and Ewan as my orgasm started to build. I told the guy I was going to cum and he said he was close so we moved over to the bed to finish things off.

I told him I wanted to ride him and he said he loved having a woman on top of him so he lay down, I mounted him and we humped against each other. He fondled my breasts as I fucked him and toyed with my clit for a while. I humped up and down on his cock with long strokes, pressing down hard each time and feeling out crotches slap together as his cock pushed deep into me. I told him to imagine his cock squirting cum deep into my cunt and he said that wasn’t fair as he’d cum too quickly – I was close by that point so told him to go ahead and I rapidly frigged my clit, managing to cum just a little before he did. I kept humping against him until he came, then leant forwards to kiss him and thanked him for helping to relieve me. I let him suckle on my breasts a while longer and then stood up, pulling myself off of his cock and admiring the pool of cum in the end of the condom. I fetched a warm flannel and used it to gently clean up the cum after pulling the condom off. He asked if I wanted another drink and said he’d pay for the mini-bar – I accepted his offer and after pouring a couple of drinks (bending over a bit more than needed as I got them out of the fridge), I sat opposite him with one leg up over the arm of the chair so my pussy was spread wide and I toyed with myself as we chatted. As the guy was quite cute (a little older than Mike, greying slightly, but clearly someone who took care of himself) I decided to put on a show for him so I picked up my mini-bottle of gin (the contents of which were already in my glass) and ran it up and down the length of my pussy. With each stroke, I pushed the bottle harder against my pussy until it was nestled well between my lips and I then put my drink down, used my other hand to spread my lips and slid the bottle into my cunt.

I had warmed the bottle up slightly with the playing, but it still felt cold inside me as I masturbated with it. The guy watched closely as my other hand moved between toying with my clit and lifting a breast to my mouth so I could suck and lick my nipples. I asked him if he wanted to see me cum for him and he said he’d rather help me cum so I let him take over using the bottle. He knelt on the floor in front of me, worked the bottle deeper into me so only the neck was visible and moved it back and forth while sucking on my nipples, leaving me to frig my clit. I spread my legs wider and looked him straight in the eye, holding his gaze as I came. This wasn’t the same as when I look at Mike or Jen (or Sue, Lis…) as people I love, while cumming – this was done purely in desire of letting him see my lust as I came. It certainly seemed to have the desired effect as by the time I’d finished cumming his cock was hard again and I asked if he thought he could manage another round. After expressing his surprise that I still wanted to cum again, he allowed me to suck his cock for a while (with a fresh condom on) and I then let him fuck me. He took me from behind at first but we then switched round so he was on top, with my legs pulled up between us and a fair part of his weight resting on them. This isn’t too dissimilar to a position I enjoy Mike using on me and his cock felt nice and deep inside as he pumped in and out. It also allowed me easy access to play with my clit and I used my other hand to reach around and run a finger back and forth across my ass. The guy lasted even longer this time (as I’ve said before – this is one of the advantages of fucking older guys). I could have easily cum before he did and quite possibly could have managed to have two orgasms in the time we fucked, but I just teased myself, taking myself as close to cumming as I could, then backing off and just enjoying his thrusting in me. On one occasion I frigged just too long and actually started to cum, leaving myself hanging without a proper orgasm, just the tantalising first throb but without any proper release. While this felt amazing, I didn’t trust myself to be able to time it that close again so backed off earlier the next couple of times I got close to cumming.

I used a bit more dirty talk this time and told the guy how good his cock felt inside me and how much I had enjoyed cumming for him. I ended up telling him I was bi and describing some of the things Jen and I got up to, then went for it and told him how I fucked my little sister and how we fingered, humped and ate each other repeatedly. He told me over and over that I was a naughty girl and I told him he didn’t know the half of it, but if being ‘naughty’ meant I got to be fucked and cum lots, then I was happy to be as bad as I could be. As he got close to cumming I described to him what Sue would do if she had been there with us – how he would have got to watch us eat each other and how he could fuck us both. I kept myself very close to cumming as I described this (which I find easy to do while talking about fucking Sue) and when he moaned that he was cumming, I easily pushed myslf over the edge and came myself. He thrust into me with a few hard strokes and stopped moving but my orgasm lasted quite a bit longer. It was strong and came in waves – I had to tell the guy to push into me harder and concentrated on the feeling of my pussy pulsing around him. I was well aware that a fair part of the orgasm was due to my thoughts of Sue so concentrated on her and imagined the sight, smell and taste of her little pussy as I’d eaten her in her bed at home. As my orgasm faded and I gave the guy a smile, he said it had looked like I’d enjoyed myself and I told him he’d given me a damn good fuck. As thanks, I contracted myself around him a few times and added that I might have also been thinking of my sister and said if he left his number that I might think about getting in touch and let him have a session with us both.

He did leave his number, but I never called him – I did however call Sue and Josie who were out with friends. With Sue mostly just listening, I have a brief description of what I’d gotten up to with Mark and Kimberly and then told her about the random guy I’d picked up at the bar, with a much more detailed description of what I had imagined doing with her. Sue told me it wasn’t fair to tell her her things like that when she couldn’t do anything about it and I dared her to go to the bathroom and masturbate with me. She asked if I was serious and I asked if I was ever *not* serious when it came to cumming (I quite frequently am, but she understood the point). Sue excused herself and went to the bathroom, telling me she wouldn’t be able to make much noise. I directed her as to what I wanted her to do to herself, getting her to free her breasts, suck on the nipples, finger her pussy, frig her clit, suck her juices from her fingers and imagine we were doing all those things to each other. As I’d cum a good number of times already, it was much easier for Sue to get close to cumming than it was for me, but the call was mostly to repay the pleasure she had (unknowingly) given me just previously so I didn’t mind. I considered getting Sue to make herself cum, but as I’d enjoyed teasing myself earlier, I made sure to tell her to stop when she murmured down the phone that she was very close. Sue let out a little whine but complied with my instructions and as she straightened herself up I texted Josie to tell her I’d just got Sue to masturbate, that she was now horny and asked her to tell Sue to think of me later that night when she came. I nearly called them back later on to see if I could watch in as they fucked but decided against it and settled for gently teasing myself as I drifted off to sleep, content in the knowledge that I had Kimberly and Mark to satisfy me in the morning.

When I woke on the Sunday morning, I ordered breakfast for three, slipped on some long socks and my coat and popped out to the shop across the street. I returned with a couple of items, quickly showered and waited in my towel for breakfast to arrive. I kept my towel on when the food arrived, but I had chosen one that wasn’t really large enough to cover me so I was showing a fair bit of cleavage and my pussy and ass were peeking out from underneath. I didn’t try to do anything with (or to) the guy though as I was looking forward to my threesome and just finished getting myself ready to go along and see them. I put pigtails in my hair (about a year before the current trend for them started) and wore a little pleated skirt and black hold-ups – not quite the schoolgirl look, but still fairly cutesy (Kimberly thought Mark would appreciate this). Once dressed, I walked along to their room, taking the breakfast trolley, my purchases and one of my unused bath robes

I knocked and when Kimberly answered I wheeled the trolley in, replaced the gown I had borrowed and suggested we should have some food first to give us energy to play. Mark was lying naked in bed and Kimberly slipped off her robe as she joined him. I remained dressed, but as we had a coffee, I sat on the bed, letting them see up my skirt to my exposed pussy (after the panties had got in the way the previous night I’d decided to go back to normal and forgo them). I picked up a strawberry from the fruit plate, dipped it in yoghurt and ran it up and down my pussy before taking a bite. Kimberly said that this looked like fun so I repeated my actions, using her pussy to add flavouring before taking a bite, then rubbing it over her pussy again before offering it to Mark. He hesitated at first, but then took the rest and ate it so I smeared some yoghurt over Kimberly’s pussy and licked her clean. I covered her pussy again and got Mark to lick her clean while I got naked, then smeared more over my pussy and let Kimberly lick me. Mark was next – Kimberly wiped yoghurt over his cock and between us, she and I licked and sucked him clean.

I fetched a can of whipped cream from my bag and put small mounds on Kimberly’s nipples and a larger blob on her pussy for Mark and I to eat off of her. I got this treatment next with Mark eating the cream from my pussy and Kimberly sucking on my nipples and Kimberly and I then added the cream to and licked it from Mark’s cock. He was definitely enjoying himself (as were we) and while I didn’t want to cum too quickly, I also wanted Mark to cum so we had sufficient time to try and get him aroused again for a second round (as the night before). I told Mark I wanted him to fuck me, but before that we had to make Kimberly cum. Kimberly certainly didn’t object to this and we used a few positions on her – me eating her while she sucked Mark, Mark fucking her while she ate me, Mark on his back with each of us on his cock and the other over his face… We finished with Mark sitting in a chair, Kimberly on his cock, facing away from him and me kneeling licking them both. Kimberly came and I kitty kissed her (sort of – seeing as Mark’s cock was still inside her I had to mostly just gently kiss her mons and around her clit) until she recovered and it was my turn to fuck Mark.

Kimberly wasn’t going to just let Mark fuck me though and insisted on going down on me first. I thought she might just be ‘preparing’ me but it quickly became clear she intended to claim my first orgasm of the day. She licked and fingered me until I came and then attempted to kitty kiss me (not backing off quite enough, but I didn’t say anything as she was clearly trying and I’ve endured much more intense feelings when being teased/tortured by Jen and Mike). I got Mark to lie down by my head so I could suck him while getting ready and then Kimberly presented me to him and told him to fuck me hard. Mark used the same position we’d used the previous night – pulling my legs up and lying on top of me so they were pushed right up. I got Kimberly to sit over my face so I could lick her but I wasn’t trying to make her cum, just teasing her. Mark’s cock felt nice and deep in me again and I frigged my clit to ensure I came, this time managing to cum before he did. This left my hands free to hold Kimberly in place, spread her ass cheeks and let Mark better see me licking her. I heard him let out a few grunts and felt him thrust into me as he came and flexed myself around his cock to help out. When he pulled out, I kept my pussy raised in order to hold on to his cum and put on a little show of fingering myself and licking the cum from my fingers, then offering some to Kimberly.

It was now time to work on getting Mark ready for round two and I asked Kimberly if she wanted to play some more – as expected, she did (that was the whole point of me licking her while Mark fucked me after all).  I asked if she wanted to be a bit more adventurous and picked up a banana from the fruit plate. Kimberly asked for a demonstration so I rubbed it up and down across my pussy, lubricating it with the cum leaking from me and then slipped it in and slowly fucked myself. I told Kimberly to lie back and spread her legs, withdrew the banana from my pussy and rubbed it against hers. Mark helped to hold her lips apart and we all watched as I slowly worked the banana into Kimberly, pushing a little deeper each time until there was a good length of it inside her. She said it felt quite good so I scurried over to my bag and pulled out a courgette – asking if she was ready for the next level (it wasn’t huge, but a bit wider than the banana and certainly more textured). Kimberly said she was willing to try so I once again lubricated it with the mixture of my juices and Mark’s cum, then pulled the banana from her pussy (and slipped it into mine) and worked the courgette in to Kimberly. Once we had it inside her as far as it would go, Mark and I took turns fucking her with it. Kimberly thought this felt much better than the banana and I told her I wanted a go as well, but before that happened I lay down beside her and let Mark use the courgette in her and the banana in me at the same time.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Hotel Service – Part 1

At the end of January 2015, I headed down to Manchester to meet up with the woman I’d met in the hotel when we’d headed down for the December sex party in York. We had chatted a few time on the phone since then (and even had phone sex once) and had decided to see if her husband (Mark) might be more accommodating to having a threesome with someone they didn’t know. The catch was that she wanted this to be a surprise for him so she had arranged for them to have a mini-city break together in order to set the mood.

I arrived in Manchester mid-afternoon and after dropping my stuff off at the hotel, met up with Anna and her partner (they live not too far from there). We had a nice dinner together and I behaved myself (having told Anna in the past that I would happily fuck her and things being weird between us for a while after that). I still liked the idea of being sandwiched between Anna and Ewan , his cock pumping into me, my tongue in her pussy and finding out if she is just as energetic and excitable in bed as she is the rest of the time – I just didn’t say anything about this.

I couldn’t stay out too late as I needed to be back at the hotel for when Kimberly and her husband were back from their romantic dinner and had to make up an excuse for having a meeting the following day. I arrived in plenty of time, returned to my room, freshened up, had a brief play with myself (but held back from cumming) and then changed into a white blouse, black straight wrap-around skirt, black hold-ups  and black shoes. The idea was to look as if I could work at the hotel and while my outfit didn’t match the uniform the actual staff had, I thought it looked convincing enough as a generic service staff outfit.

I received a text from Kimberly letting me know that she was just getting back to her room and as we had agreed, she would text me at the moment she wanted me to enter. Sadly this meant I had to stand around outside their room for about 10 minutes and I desperately wanted to go in and join the, but Kimberly said she would choose the right time for me to enter unnoticed. When my phone buzzed, I carefully opened the door and immediately heard the sounds of sucking and slurping coming from the room. I quietly closed the door behind me and reached in to the bathroom to grab a few towels (to make it look like I was replacing them) and peeked around the corner to the bed. I saw Mark’s feet pointing towards me with Kimberly lying on top of him in a 69 position, her hand wrapped around the base of his cock with her mouth working on the head. Kimberly glanced up at me and gave me a wink so I moved closer to the bed, undid my blouse down to my stomach, freed my left breast from my bra, pulled the front of my skirt aside and reached into my panties to finger myself (I even put panties on to make the outfit more realistic). I watched as Kimberly sucked on Mark’s cock and pushed my panties down almost to my knees and plunged my fingers back into my cunt, briefly imagining it was Anna and Ewan I was watching.

I moved closer again and gave Kimberly a nod – she remained sitting over Mark’s face and told him that they had someone watching them. Mark pulled away from her pussy slightly and asked what she’d said and Kimberly repeated what she’d said. He tried to move out from under her but she told him she didn’t mind and bent forwards to take his cock in her mouth again. Mark looked around the side of Kimberly’s ass and saw me standing there, fingering myself. Kimberly pulled her mouth off of his cock and asked him if he wanted me to touch him, but without waiting for him to answer, she asked me if I wanted his cock. I said that it looked wonderful and I did and quickly knelt on the bed and took him in my mouth. He tried to wriggle away, but Kimberly was still sitting over him and she told him to let me play with him. I only got to suck him briefly before she asked me if I wanted to play with her as well and I looked up and said I wanted both of them. Kimberly called me up onto the bed so I crawled over Mark and sat straddling his cock, reached forwards to play with Kimberly’s pussy and shared a kiss with her.

Mark asked what was going on and Kimberly shifted to the side slightly so he could watch as she and I kissed. I rubbed back and forth against Mark’s cock and wished he was touching my bare pussy instead of just the panties so I reached down and pulled the crotch aside so I could feel him on me properly. I worked a couple of fingers into Kimberly who knelt up slightly to give me better access and I looked down to see Mark watching what I was doing. I rubbed against his cock and tried to slide him into me, but couldn’t so I leant forwards and whispered into Kimberly’s ear to ask her to help get him inside me. She gave me a big kiss and reached down to my pussy and pressed Mike’s cock against me. I raised my body slightly and felt her press the head of his cock up against my lips and slide it back and forth. Kimberly told Mark she wanted to see him inside me and he asked if she was serious – we answered by her holding his cock in place while I slid down on it and Kimberly started toying with my clit. I savoured the feeling of having a new cock inside me and alternated between riding up and down the length of the shaft (for him) and grinding my clit against his body (for me).

I knew from my conversations with Kimberly that Mark wasn’t likely to cum too quickly so I kept riding him for a good few minutes to ensure he was invested in the session (although to be fair, I figured that Kimberly had already done a good job in this regard from the way his cock felt inside me). I then told Kimberly I wanted her as well and told her to lie on the bed. She moved off of Mike and I leant forwards to kiss him, then told him I wanted him to fuck me while I ate his wife. I quickly dismounted him and crawled between Kimberly’s spread legs, buried my face in her cunt and started to eat her. I heard Kimberly tell Mark to fuck me and felt him move around behind me. I reached back with a hand and half-pulled my panties down until he helped out and I felt him press his cock against my pussy and then slide into me. I eagerly pushed back against him until he was completely inside me and I kept licking Kimberly who was making appreciative sounds. She told Mark to play with my clit but then changed her mind and said she wanted to see what he was doing. She said she wanted to lie underneath me and moved around to crawl under but I couldn’t spread my legs far enough as my panties were halfway down my thighs. I told Mark to let me stand up and slid them down and off, then went to undo my skirt but decided to have a bit more fun. I told Mark I wanted to fuck him and asked him to rip my skirt off – he looked at Kimberly who just nodded so he gave it a tug but not hard enough so I told him to tear it off and to strip me naked. He gave a much harder tug and the clasp broke. I got him to tear my blouse off next, the buttons easily popping and then turned around and told him to break my bra. It was a bit uncomfortable when he did this but only briefly so and I was then standing there naked (apart from my stockings).

I clambered onto the bed, pushed Kimberly down and buried my mouth in her cunt again. Kimberly told Mark to get back inside me and I felt her hold my lips open to help him in. He filled me again and started fucking me while Kimberly toyed with my clit. I only felt her kiss my mons and clit once, the rest of the time she just frigged me, spread my lips and kept telling Mark what she could see and describing what I was doing to her. Mark reached around to caress my breasts a couple of times and it felt like he also stroked Kimberly’s breasts. I told them both how good it felt and how much I wanted to cum and feel Mark cum in me. He asked Kimberly if she wanted him to cum in me and she gave him the go-ahead, telling him to fill me with cum. Kimberly was the first of us to cum and she made sure that we knew, telling us over and over that she was cumming. Soon after, Mark said he was about to cum and I told Kimberly to frig me faster – she told Mark to slow down but I told him to go ahead and he pushed harder into me, then said he was cumming. Kimberly kept frigging me and I pushed back hard against Mark as I felt my orgasm building. I moaned loudly as I gave Kimberly’s pussy long licks and told them as I came. Kimberly kept frigging me until I asked her to ease off a bit and when Mark pulled out I whimpered a bit as I’d wanted him to stay in me for a while longer.

I heard him panting and felt Kimberly spread my lips again as I felt his cum start to leak out of me. I looked under my body to see the cum landing on Kimberly’s face and in her mouth. I knew the idea was to put on as good a show for Mark as we could so I asked her to eat me and then share the cum, so she pulled my pussy to her face and swirled her tongue around and into my pussy. I then turned around and lay over her, pressing by cunt against her thigh and pressing one of my legs against her cunt. We shared a kiss, my tongue entering her mouth and seeking out the cum she had, then feeling her push it into my mouth. We both swallowed the cum and after kissing for a little while longer, I rolled off of Kimberly, looked up at Mark and thanked him for the orgasm. I then introduced myself to him, for some reason choosing to use my full name Andrea (Kimberly knew me as Andi). I kept playing the part of hotel staff and apologised for interrupting them and said I just hadn’t been able to control myself when I’d seen them fucking and needed to cum.

Kimberly asked if I was now satisfied (knowing enough about me to guess I wouldn’t be) and I said that it had been wonderful, but if they were up for it I could always go for a second round. Sadly (being male), Mark wasn’t quite ready yet and started to ask questions about whether I really worked for the hotel. I distracted him by taking his cock in my mouth and giving it a good (but gentle) suck. During our discussions prior to the evening, Kimberly and I had drawn up a rough plan of things to get Mark involved (check), then get him aroused again so we could do more. For that part of the pan, Kimberly and I then paired off and 69ed properly with Kimberly getting Mark to watch as we licked, fingered and humped against each other’s faces. We knew we should give him a decent amount of time to recover so we didn’t hurry and spent our time teasing and playing. As it was the first night I’d got to sample Kimberly properly (without a dental dam), I enjoyed exploring her pussy, feeling the texture of her neatly shaved lips with my tongue and tasting her juices as I lapped at her. She didn’t have a strong taste but her scent was quite arousing and I buried my nose completely in her cunt a few times to fill my nose with her smell. When Kimberly said she was getting close to cumming I told her to eat me and felt her lips fasten around my clit and her tongue flick back and forth across it. I assumed she liked that method, so I did the same to her and as my orgasm hit me I could feel her writhing around under me. I kept licking her throughout my orgasm until she came (and then for a little longer) and then eased off to kitty kiss her.

When I rolled off of Kimberly I saw that Mark was already hard and I asked him if he had enjoyed watching me eat his wife. He said it had been incredible and I told him he could play with me again if he wanted. I took his cock in my hand and stroked him, then took it in my mouth and sucked him. Between sucks I told him his wife had a beautiful pussy and that I hoped he went down on her frequently. I lay back and let him examine my pussy, getting Kimberly to lie beside me so he could compare me to her. I then asked Mark to fuck our juices into each other (and then had to explain that I wanted him to move back and forth between us, taking turns in each of us). He did this and after a few minutes we changed position so Kimberly was lying on top of me and Mark once again slipped into her, then me, then her… Kimberly and I kissed and shared whispered giggles at how well things were going. I could feel her breasts squished against mine and as she rubbed back and forth I could feel her nipples moving on my skin.

I decided I wanted to feel Mark’s tongue in me so we changed position again, allowing Kimberly to ride Mark while I sat over his face to be eaten. He was actually quite good so I complimented him on his technique (credit where credit’s due) but I wanted him inside me when I came again so Kimberly and I switched round and I humped him I watched him eat Kimberly. She leant forwards and played with my clit and we kissed while I fondled her breasts and nipples. When I got close, I asked her to ease off and I concentrated on fucking Mark (but staying close to cumming myself). I told him to tell me before he came and reached down to spread Kimberly’s pussy with my fingers, giving Mark better access to her inner lips and clit. As Kimberly’s orgasm approached I whispered to her that I wanted to visit them at their house and play and Kimberly hugged me and said ‘yes, anytime’. She came and kissed me hard, her tongue pressing into my mouth and swirling around mine. She stayed over Marks’s face for a little while before climbing off of him and sitting behind me to reach around and caress my breasts and clit. This felt wonderful and I warned her that I would cum too quickly so I was told to lean forwards so Mark could play with and suck on my nipples. When he said he was about to cum, I sat up again and let Kimberly fondle me as Mark thrust into me harder and faster. I told him to cum, to empty his cum into my cunt again and as he came I squeezed myself around his cock, trying to pulse my pussy in time with his thrusts. He really seemed to enjoy that and I kept doing it after he’d finished – at least until my own orgasm distracted me. I tried to let my pleasure show on my face (without making porn star expressions) and when my orgasm ended I craned my neck round and kissed Kimberly, then told her to lie down with us so we could all kiss.

We shared a three way kiss with me still on top of Mark and his cock still buried inside me (although already beginning to shrink as it went soft). After a couple of minutes I told them that I should really get back to work as my boss would already wonder what had taken me so long (Mark seemed to have bought in to me working there so I thought I’d keep the pretence up). Kimberly looked a little disappointed (we had debated having me stay over for the whole night) but I assured them that if they wanted, I could pop back in the morning before my shift started and we could have another few rounds. Mark looked pleased with this suggestion so I stood up, gave his cock a few kissed and picked up my torn clothes from the floor. I said that I may not have thought things through – indicating my clothes and Mark said he would buy me new ones. I told him it was fine and grabbed a dressing gown from the bathroom, saying I would bring them a fresh one in the morning and told them I had a change of clothes in my locker. When Kimberly stood up to give me a goodbye hug, I pressed her up against the wall and fondled her, telling Mark I didn’t know how he could keep his hands off of her. After kneeling to give her a few final licks, I gathered up my clothes and left the room to head back to my own room.

Monday, 2 January 2017

Art Exhibition

The second week in January 2015 Lis and Lucy came up to visit us – this was a pretty standard visit, timed to coincide with Lucy’s safe period so Mike could fuck her (and as Lis was already pregnant with his child he was allowed to fuck her too!). Nothing too different than usual happened that weekend other than us convincing Lis that it would be hot to have a picture diary of the bump developing (she wasn’t really showing at that stage as she was only about 10 weeks in so this was the control shot). I had arranged things with our pet photographer (in exchange for doing some more photo shoots) to get shots of Lis and we all wandered along to the studio on the Saturday afternoon. As you would probably expect from us, these weren’t your usual naked pregnancy shots and we played around for a bit and decided on a range of shots that we would get each time they visited

They started off tamely enough, with Lis sitting facing the camera, then a side shot (so we could see the growth of the bump), then kneeling on all fours (with shots taken from the side and from behind). We moved on to Lis having her legs and then her pussy spread, her fingering herself, Mike, Jen, Lucy and me fingering her and then Mike’s cock inside her. We got a shot of Lis cumming (Mike got to eat her for this) and then another of her cumming with Mike fucking her, finishing off with her posing in a couple of positions as his cum oozed out of her (along with some close-ups).

As we were there, we also got the photographer to use his newest camera to get some very high-res shots of our pussies, with all of us posing for these. Even Lucy didn’t object (but he’s taken photos of her cunt before so it was really nothing new for her to show herself to him). Lis got a high-res shot of Mike’s cum leaking from her and Jen then licked Lis clean and we dried her pussy off to get a ‘normal’ pussy shot. As thanks to the photographer for taking the high-res shots, I allowed him to break one of the rules he gave at his classes of never doing things with the models and I accompanied him to another part of the studio and sucked him, then let him fuck me as he played with my breasts. He took a couple of shots of me on my back with his cock buried in my cunt and once he’d cum he requested another couple of shots that I had to think about. As I didn’t know if he was ‘safe’, we had used a condom while fucking and he wanted to drip the cum over my breasts and photograph that. I decided to let him do this and gave him my best cute smile for the shots, but made sure to thoroughly clean the cum off afterwards.

By the time we returned to the main studio, the others were dressed and we looked through the various shots. Lis blushed a little at the images of her cumming (we all think she has a beautiful orgasm face, but she thought it was just embarrassing). We then looked through the high-res shots and zoomed in on each one to see just how much detail was there – I found this quite educational (and arousing) as I’d never seen my pussy in as much detail before. Even the images of Jen’s, Lis’ and Lucy’s cunts (all of which I thought I knew quite well) uncovered a few surprises in the forms of little folds of skin, or bumps we hadn’t noticed while playing with each other. We didn’t select any of the images to buy, deciding to wait until we had the full selection, although we got Lis and Lucy to indicate their preferences. Lucy did get one of the images of Lis – the one of her facing the camera with her pussy just visible and she told Lis she intended to put it up in the living room so anyone who visited would see it. I told Lis she could have one of the pictures of Lucy we had at home to display alongside it if she wanted and Lucy wasn’t as keen on this (but I didn’t really think she was going to put naked Lis on display anyway).

As I said, the rest of their visit was fairly standard so I’m going to skip over it and try to catch up a little… On the Tuesday following their visit I got to take part in an art exhibition. This came about from the nude modelling I’d done and when I was asked and had the requirements explained to me, I was more than happy to participate.

It was at an evening event – a number of us turned up in the late afternoon to be prepared and after stripping naked, we had various paints and/or powder applied to our bodies. Mostly we were single colours but one guy and one girl had patterns painted onto their bodies. I was a covered in light green coloured powder, with a darker green powder used on my hair and eyebrows. For the participants with pubic hair, this was also coloured in the darker shade of their particular colour, with the exception of the people coloured gold and silver who were all one colour. There were a number of people applying the powder to our bodies and it took about an hour to be completely covered. I had said I didn’t mind who did me (meaning something quite different to the question that was asked!) and had a final year male art student allocated to me. He was quite respectful and asked if I was comfortable a number of times throughout the process and I loved having his attention so raptly fixated on my body as he examined each area in detail, applying the powder and ensuring I was completely covered. The gentle patting of the pad he was using felt quite nice on my nipples – enough so that they stiffened slightly, although they were already slightly pointy from the fact I was standing naked in a room of people and had someone looking at me so closely.

I didn’t hesitate at all when it was time for the guy to powder up my pussy – I sat, spread my legs wide and let him pat away. Mike had given me a thorough shaving that morning (which had led to him eating me and us both being a little late for work). By this point I could feel that I was already quite wet and wondered if the guy would either be able to smell or see my arousal. If he did, he didn’t comment on it but I did contract my pussy a number of times as he worked on me and I played through various fantasies about how the evening could go in my head (sadly none of them happened). Once I was completely covered, I was allowed to wander around, but was asked not to touch anything so as not to rub the powder off. This included not being able to hold a glass to have a drink and we had to use straws and drink from glasses on a table. I quite enjoyed this as it meant I got to bend forwards and expose my ass more – although at this point it was only the artist, students and other models that were present.

For the show itself, we each had a large ornate frame that we had to pose behind – standing, sitting or crouching in various positions. When I was first approached, the artist had asked me how much I would be prepared to show and I had told her I would pose in any position she wanted and show off as much as needed (I had tried to phrase it diplomatically instead of saying what I wanted, which would have been more like ‘I want everyone to see me being made to cum all night’). I was about 2/3 of the way down one side of the exhibit so I got to watch as a number of the other people were posed. One of the guys was asked to try and keep himself hard for as much of the exhibit as he could and once he was in position, a few of the girls (me included) went and had a close look at his cock and teased him (in a good natured way) until we were told off by the artist who didn’t want us to ‘pollute his colour’. I certainly thought about letting him pollute me and wondered if the powder would come off in clouds if we fucked hard (I personally thought that would be a good way of ending the show).

My pose was sitting on a tall box so my breasts were just above eye level. As I’d said I didn’t mind what people saw, I was asked to leave my legs spread – one dangling down and one up on a slightly shorter crate. I was allowed to close them slightly if it felt too uncomfortable but I was told not to move too much and leave powder on the crates. I was also instructed to not make eye contact with the people (some of the models who had their face at eye level were told to specifically make eye contact).

We had to stay in our positions (with just minimal movement) for almost two hours. The students would occasionally come round and touch up the powder on our bodies, as well as cleaning off any that had fallen onto the crates, chairs or ground around us. I tried to keep a neutral face (as instructed) for the duration of the show and mostly looked at the models who were on the other side of the room to me. A good number of people came to the show and as they examined me I played over multiple fantasies in my mind, feeling my pulse quicken and my pussy throb and moisten as I imagined being toyed with, fucked, made to cum, cum over and generally used by everyone who looked at me. I felt my nipples stiffen properly a number of times when I was particularly enjoying what I was imagining. A lot of the people examined us from the usual sort of distance you would stand while looking at a life size painting while others got much closer. For the ones who were close enough I could feel their breath on my skin (or at least on my green powder), I tried to spread my legs a little wider and a few times I felt my pussy lips part and wondered if it was sufficient for the pink to contrast with the light green.

Now my pussy usually doesn’t get ‘dripping wet’ (unlike Jen), but there were a few times that I felt a drop of juice ooze out of my pussy and a couple of times it was enough that it ran down towards my ass. I presume the powder soaked the moisture up as it never got far but must have been noticeable as my pet student came along and patted some more powder over my pussy a little while afterwards. That didn’t help to calm me down as from that point on I was picturing what I’d looked like – if there had been an obvious trail of milky pussy juice leaking from me and if everyone had been able to (or still could) tell how aroused I was. I kept imagining possible scenarios for the rest of the exhibition and when we were finally all allowed to move I felt quite stiff. We had the option of showering there, or being provided with some white gowns that we could wear under our clothes to protect them on the way home. I was hoping to shower with one of the other models (either male or female), but most people seemed to want to get home so I ended up showering by myself (there were a few others who stayed and showered, but everyone showered alone). I rinsed myself off as best I could before plunging two fingers into my pussy and reaching behind me to work two more into my ass. I rapidly fucked myself, enjoying the physical contact after so much purely mental teasing and could have quite easily cum, but decided I shouldn’t waste my orgasm and let Mike and Jen enjoy it with me.

I slipped on my skirt and top while chatting to the remaining people who were waiting to shower (or were getting dressed). I didn’t put any underwear on and didn’t try to hide the fact. I would have asked if anyone wanted to head out for a drink, but even though I’d showered, I still had some of the powder in my hair and needed to shower again with proper shampoo so wanted to get home and clean up (and fuck). The artist thanked me on the way out and I told her I’d be happy to participate in any other shows she wanted. She asked if I’d be prepared to show any more and I said I would, but wasn’t sure quite how much more there was as I’d been naked (other than the paint). She asked if I’d allow people to see inside me and I said yes (providing it wouldn’t hurt) and she said she might be in touch in a little while for her next project. Just before I left I asked why she hadn’t just given some Viagra to the guy she wanted to stay hard for the whole exhibition and she explained that it wouldn’t have been ‘pure’ if she;d done that (by which I guess she meant she wanted him to have a natural erection). Only after I’d left did I wonder if she would have considered it ‘pure’ if I could have made myself cum just from thought. I could feel my pussy tingle at the thought of cumming with a group of people intently watching me and imagined not just having a few drops of juices dribble out of me, but being able to squirt (or at least ooze) as much as Jen did during the first part of her pregnancy.

I wandered back to the car, drove home and dived into the shower (I’d calmed down a bit on the drive so could contain myself ). Once I was properly clean, I then let Mike and Jen enjoy the fruits of my arousal, sucking, eating, fucking and humping them. At first Mike complained that my pussy still tasted a little like paint, but by the time I’d been eaten and fucked to orgasm, the flavour of my own juices took over and he stopped moaning.