Sunday, 22 January 2017

A Day With Sue – Part 1

From the feedback I get about entries involving Sue, I’m guessing people will enjoy hearing about Sue’s first visit of the year…

Due to some other plans falling through, Sue and Josie were able to visit us a week earlier than previously planned. Lis and Lucy were initially a bit disappointed by this as they had hoped to witness Sue and me playing with each other but they were placated when we told them that this was just a bonus visit and Sue and Josie had agreed to come the following week as well when Lis and Lucy would be present.

Sue and Josie didn’t arrive until later in the evening and Mike waited at home with MJ while Jen and I met them at the station. We stopped off at a gay bar for a couple of drinks and were fairly touch-feely with each other. Not to the extent of actually showing anything, but Jen and I kissed a number of times (as did Sue and Josie) and we swapped partners so I was with Sue and Jen with Josie. Even without the people around us knowing that we were sisters, it was still exhilarating making out with her in public and we openly discussed the things we intended to do with each other when we got home. The discussion was almost as much fun as the kissing and Sue and I checked we had both been shaved that day (Mike did me just before I went out in the evening and Josie had done Sue that morning) and I told Sue how I intended to eat her and make her cum, not caring one bit if anyone overheard our conversation.

We got a taxi home and as is tradition, made out during the journey. I asked the driver if he minded – partially to be sure he wouldn’t get annoyed with us and kick us out and partially to alert him to the fact of what we’d be doing. I told him we’d remove Sue’s shoes before she put her feet up on the seats and once she was sitting with her feet up either side of her, I knelt on the floor (on my jacket) and spent most of the journey kitty kissing her. Jen also played with Josie, getting her to free her breasts and sucking on the nipples, but they had their back to the driver so he probably couldn’t see too much of this. When we arrived at home, Sue stayed sitting with her feet up and pussy exposed while we paid the driver and he got a good look at her. I didn’t offer to let him fuck her as I wanted her first orgasm of the night so after letting him see her a bit more, we headed in to the house.

MJ was sound asleep and Mike greeted Sue and Josie, reaching up under their skirts to fondle them. Sue moaned as his fingers slipped between her lips and he commented on how wet she felt so I admitted to having started on her already. Mike told Josie that he guessed he would be spending most of his time pleasuring her (along with Jen) to let Sue and I play together but Sue said she wanted time with Mike and Jen as well. I didn’t mind as I fully intended to play with Josie as well as Sue – although at that point I didn’t know the full extent of the plans for Sue and me. After the teasing in the taxi, Sue wanted to get down to things but we weren’t allowed to get started until both Mike and Jen had also toyed with Sue’s pussy. Josie and I played with each other while this was going on and after a few minutes, when Mike, Sue and Jen had all licked or sucked each other, Sue and I were granted permission to play properly.

While it would have been nice to go up to bed and play, we knew that the others wanted to watch what we did so we accepted the assigned location of the rug in front of the fire (there were also some pillows conveniently ready for us). Sue and I removed our remaining clothes and lay down together, started off kissing and took things slowly, working ourselves up gradually until we were humping and grinding against each other. Sue spent a while sucking on my nipples and fingering me so I reciprocated and by that point we’d both had more than enough teasing. While we could have just as easily cum by grinding and fingering, we both knew that at least for the first time we *had* to 69 (not just for Mike, Jen and Josie) so after kissing Sue one last time, I turned around and lowered my pussy to her mouth while burying my face between her legs which she eagerly spread for me. I immersed myself in Sue’s scent, taste and texture and practically forgot we had an audience (which for an exhibitionist is saying something!). We worked on each other while saying very little – just occasionally telling each other how close we were getting so the other person could ease off and things didn’t progress *too* quickly. I felt incredibly wet and was quite sure it was mostly my juices and not Sue’s saliva. In turn, I could feel that my face had a good covering of Sue’s juices. When Sue asked me to make her cum, I didn’t even consider holding back and trying to just tease her and just murmured into her pussy and kept eating. She did the same to me and while it would have been nice to time our orgasms, I was quite confident she’d make me cum if she came first so didn’t worry about it. I know I could have held back, but didn’t want to and it was actually me who came first. I moaned and panted into Sue’s pussy as I kept eating her – she had a firm hold on me, keeping me in place against her mouth (not that I was trying to go anywhere else) and she licked me again and again. I swirled my tongue around her clit and spread her lips wide to lick inside her, then used long licks with the flat of my tongue, dragging it over her clit and pushing between her lips with each stroke. I kept doing this until I felt her spasm under me – then did it a number more times. Sue had already moved on to kitty kissing me so I did the same for her and we spent what felt like ages gently kissing each other’s pussies (although Jen says it was only about 5 minutes).

Josie told us to break it up and I rolled off of Sue then crawled up over her so we could kiss. Our faces were a mess – covered with each other’s juices, but we didn’t try to clean them off other than a bit of licking as we kissed. I whispered to Sue that I loved her and then added that I loved the way she tasted and she giggled. We finally broke apart properly and I asked if they had enjoyed the show – although the question was somewhat redundant as the three of them were also naked and had clearly been playing with each other (and as we found out, themselves). Sue crawled over to Jen and I followed her but headed straight for Josie. We knelt between their legs and asked again if they had enjoyed watching us. I told them that I had thoroughly enjoyed the session and wanted to share the love – sliding a couple of fingers into Josie’s pussy as I said this. Mike leant over and kissed Josie while caressing her breasts and she lay back on the sofa, offering herself to me. I made good use of the access and teased her. Josie reached over and stroked Mike’s cock and he asked her if she was going to let him fuck her later on. She breathlessly answered yes and I pointed out that I might end up satisfying her but Mike said he was confident that he and Jen could get Josie aroused again if they worked together.

Sue was already eating Jen by this point – Jen had a hand on Sue’s head, gently stroking her hair and repeatedly saying ‘good girl’, with a look of bliss on her face. I nearly challenged Sue to see if she could make Jen cum before I got Josie off, but decided it probably wasn’t fair as Sue has been doing things with Jen for much longer than I have with Josie so she knows what she likes better. I noticed that Josie took Jen’s hand and squeezed it as she got closer to cumming . I heard Jen mewing away as Sue made her cum but didn’t let this distract me and concentrated on eating Josie – ending up with the desired result of her cumming for me. I then let Mike take over and kitty kiss her while I went to get a drink.

After a couple of minutes, Sue said that Josie had something to show us – I said that as she was naked there wasn’t much left for us to see so Sue clarified things and said that Josie had finished editing ‘our film’. This was made with the videos Sue had taken of her and me fucking at Christmas and Mike and Jen were just as eager to see it as I was so we snuggled up on the sofa while Mike copied the video to our media PC and set it going on the TV. Given she was working with just a two camera shot (with both cameras being phone cameras), Josie had done a pretty good job. Josie had taken the best view for each position we were in and stitched them together quite well. It was blatantly obvious just how into the session both Sue and I had been and when either of us came, Josie showed our orgasms from both viewpoints. Sue was acting all girly and pretending she was embarrassed about having Mike and Jen see her eating me (as if we hadn’t just put on a live show for them). There was an added bonus at the end of the video with a POV section of Josie being fucked (by Sue). We watched as Sue plunged a strap-on repeatedly into Josie’s pussy with the shot moving between Josie’s face and her cunt. Josie said she wanted to get a shot of Sue and I doing this and we agreed to let her film us over the weekend for her next masterpiece – providing we both got copies of it of course.

The film was long enough (and arousing enough) that we were ready for more by the time it ended. Sue planted herself on Mike’s cock and rode him while Jen knelt and licked at them both. Mike told Sue he wasn’t going to cum in her until he’d eaten her and I reminded him he wasn’t meant to cum in her at all that night as I wanted her pussy to be unpolluted so I could enjoy it more. Sue pouted and said it wasn’t fair and she wanted her onee-chan’s cum in her. She satisfied herself with just riding him though and with Jen’s linguistic help, Sue came again quite easily. She remained on Mike’s cock for a few minutes while Jen kitty kissed her but Mike then got Sue to dismount so he could take over. I was still working on Josie and warned Mike not to tire Sue out as she still had to spend the night with me and that I wanted to make the most of it. Mike promised he’d be gentle and to his credit he only kitty kissed her – getting her quite aroused, but not letting her cum again. I finished off Josie and gave her a big messy kiss, letting her taste her own juices from my mouth before saying it was really time to go to bed (not at all hiding the fact that I wanted my second round with Sue to start).

The others agreed and we headed upstairs, leaving our clothes strewn across the living room. While we got ready for bed, Mike set up a couple of wireless cameras in the bedrooms – one pointing at his bed (which Sue and I would be in) and the other pointing at Jen’s (which would house Josie, Jen and Mike). He then installed the software on Josie’s laptop and we said that this way we could watch each other all night. Josie said she thought it was a bit odd that Sue and I would be able to watch in without her knowing and I told her that the idea was we wanted them to take the camera home with them and set it up in their bedroom there. Naturally, they would be given the password to the camera in our bedroom and this would mean that at any point we could dial in and see what each other was doing. We could tell that Josie wasn’t quite convinced about this but Sue really liked the idea and Josie was willing enough to try it out for the night as we obviously knew each of us were heading to bed to fuck anyway.

In the bathroom I had made a show of sliding Sue’s toothbrush into my pussy before she used it (she did the same in return). As a treat for him, we took Mike’s toothbrush and pushed it up into each of our cunts. We didn’t tell him we’d done this (he was off doing the webcams at the time) but he noticed the stickiness and recognised his favourite scent. Slightly unfairly, we gave him the challenge of identifying who’s pussy juice it was and he went for Josie, even though she’d been the second last to have it inside her (Sue was last). Mike used this defeat as an excuse to spend a couple of minutes tasting Sue again (I’m sure if he’d won the outcome would have been the same) before handing her back to me. We said or goodnights and I led Sue by the hand into Mike’s room, hugged her and told her I intended to fuck her to sleep. Sue’s hands slid between my ass cheeks and her fingers rubbed back and forth across my pussy and ass as she whispered that I was the one going to be fucked.

Sue and I didn’t argue anymore and just lay down on the bed. I gave a little wave to the camera before devoting my attention to Sue. We kissed for quite a while, humping against each other’s thighs but not trying to actually cum. We once again lamented the fact that it had taken us so long to discover how much fun it was playing with each other and throughout the session we suggested times earlier in our lives when we could have fucked, going back way before any time it would have been at all acceptable for me to do things with Sue (although to be fair, she was the one who suggested most of these). We had a fairly long session – just under two hours’ worth of kissing, fucking, grinding, fingering and licking but we each only came twice as we knew we were going to be expected to perform for everyone the following day. When it was time to go to sleep, we lay facing each other and chatted some more. Our faces and thighs were covered in each other’s juices but we made no effort to wipe ourselves clean, instead basking in the scent and goo. We had pretty much ignored the view in the laptop up until this point and when we looked we saw that the others had already finished and Mike was spooning Josie who was in turn curled up against Jen.

In Jen’s room, Mike had gone down on Josie while she ate Jen. Mike had then fucked Josie, at first from behind, then him on top, then Josie on top and he asked her if she had enjoyed watching Sue and me fuck. Josie said she thought it was incredibly hot and joined in with making plans for things they intended to get Sue and me to do on the Saturday. They fucked until Josie got close to cumming again (helped out by Jen occasionally stroking Josie’s ass and playing with her clit), at which point Mike theatrically asked her if she would allow him to empty his cum into her pussy. Josie asked why he was being so strange and that as they had fucked multiple times with him cumming in her, she wasn’t likely to say no at this point. Mike said he just wanted to make sure Josie didn’t mind having cum in her when she was having her pussy photographed the next day. Josie was now very close to cumming and said she thought it was just Sue getting photographed but both Mike and Jen told her that she should join in as well and that they would love to see a huge image of her pussy. Mike kept pumping into Josie as Jen toyed with her clit and Josie came for them – Mike came shortly after and whispered into her ear how hot her pussy felt around his cock. She told him his cock felt wonderful and asked him to push deeper – which he did, and then remained buried in her for a couple of minutes until he started to go soft.

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