Sunday, 29 January 2017

A Day With Sue – Part 2

Jen kitty kissed Josie for a while and lapped up Mike’s cum as it leaked from her pussy and Mike put the end of the video Josie had edited on the computer (the part with Josie being fucked). They watched this and Mike teased her about being so willing to show herself cumming but Josie said that Sue had said it was only fair seeing as she had got to see so much of Sue and me fucking while editing the video. Jen finished cleaning up Josie and Mike slipped back into Josie’s pussy from behind, curling up against her while Josie snuggled up to Jen’s back and reached around to caress her breasts. They slowly moved against each other while chatting but gradually dozed off without anyone cumming again. In the morning, Mike woke before anyone else (including Sue and me, which he could see from the laptop) and he went down on Josie to wake her up. She complained that she needed to pee but Mike told her she couldn’t go until she had cum. Now a nice person would have at least hurried things along and given Josie her orgasm so she could dash to the bathroom, but Mike isn’t nice and teased her. Jen woke up and had a turn lapping away at Josie’s clit while fingering her and Mike told Josie if she thought she could use controlled bursts, she could always pee into Jen’s mouth and Jen would take care of the mess. Josie thought that once she started peeing she wouldn’t be able to stop and they didn’t want to soak the bed so she had to hold on while Mike and Jen licked and fucked her (Josie found it especially difficult to hold back while Mike pumped into her hard).

Josie just about made it though and after cumming she pleaded to be allowed to go to the bathroom. Her wish was granted, but only with Jen leading her by the hand and they went straight to the shower so Jen could kitty kiss Josie while she emptied her bladder. Josie needed to pee so badly by this point that she didn’t object at all and allowed Jen to indulge her fetish (and it wasn’t the first time). When Josie finished peeing, Jen stood up, pushed her pussy against Josie’s thigh and went to kiss Josie. At first Josie turned her head away but she then kissed Jen and asked her if she wanted to cum. Jen eagerly said yes and told Josie she would warn her before she peed and Josie could either use her fingers or move away. They switched places and Josie knelt in front of Jen to eat her. It only took a couple of minutes to get Jen to the point of mewing and only a little while longer before she told Josie she would cum anytime now. Josie kept licking and Jen thought she was going to eat her right through her orgasm, but as soon as Jen started peeing, Josie knelt up further and rubbed her neck against Jen’s pussy, letting Jen’s pee cascade down Josie’s body. Now I do this with Jen quite often (I’m not in to watersports the way Jen is, but love having my neck stroked so this is a good compromise for us) so Jen is used to it and wasn’t really disappointed. To Jen’s surprise, and before she had finished peeing, Josie quickly slid down and buried her face in Jen’s pussy once more. Jen loved the feeling of Josie’s tongue pushing between her lips and her nose rubbing against her clit and pushed extra hard to empty herself fully. Josie kept licking even after Jen had finished cumming and peeing and Jen ended up pulling Josie up to give her a big kiss and thank her. It was only at this point that Jen told Josie she didn’t have to do that but Josie said it was fine and that Sue had been training her.

When Jen and Josie returned to Jen’s bedroom (after showering with actual water), they found Mike watching Sue and me on the laptop. They already knew we were awake as they had heard us on the way past Mike’s room but hadn’t looked in to disturb us – although that didn’t stop them from joining in the watching. Sue and I were well aware we had an audience and were happily playing with each other while at least occasionally trying to angle ourselves to show off what we were doing to the camera. It was a fairly relaxed session – we ate and fingered each other – mostly in a 69 position, although we occasionally moved round so we could kiss properly. During our final pre-orgasm kissing session, I told Sue I wanted her to cum in my mouth and she said that sounded good so we went back to 69ing and I glued my mouth to her cunt while holding her lips apart. I licked and sucked her while rubbing my nose up against her ass and kept going until I could hear her moaning her way through her orgasm. She then redoubled her efforts on me and I considered moving round to let them watch her eat me, but it felt too good so I concentrated on what her tongue was doing to me and imagined my juices squirting into her mouth as I came. Sadly I can’t squirt on demand but I could feel that she was licking out whatever juices were in me and that felt good enough.

Sue and I were summoned into Jen’s room where Mike was spooning with Josie. Jen took MJ downstairs and Sue followed while I remained and chatted with Mike and Josie. As you wold expect, I didn’t just chat and also helped out by frigging and licking Josie’s clit until she was close to cumming again – at which point I moved back and Mike pulled out of her. Josie whined that it wasn’t fair to tease her like that and was told we just wanted her horny for the photo session. She said she would play along and participate and we told her if we got a good shot of her pussy that she could join us up on the bedroom wall which currently had pussy shots of Jen, Sue, Lis, Lucy, Lisa and me (and Mike’s cock). Josie asked if that meant we now accepted her and I pointed out that if she was going to continue fucking my little sister (and the rest of us) that she should be considered as one of the inner circle.

We continued to tease Josie over breakfast – Mike slid into her, Jen ate her, Sue slid a banana into her and I fingered her. It wasn’t just Josie who was toyed with but we probably concentrated on her a little more than on each other (if you ignore the fact that Sue and I had to eat yoghurt off and out of each other). Both Sue and I got to cum but we kept Josie in a state of arousal, continuing this through the shower where Mike took care of cleaning her and then kitty kissing her while Jen dried and styled Josie’s hair. There was a fair bit more playing as we got ready and despite the fact we were going specifically to have pussy pictures taken, we packed up a few toys to take along and make things a bit more interesting. As soon as we were all ready, we drove into town (with Sue and Jen in the back keeping Josie aroused with the use of a vibrator). We had hoped to get either Ineta or Rachel (the neighbour’s daughter) to take MJ for a little while so we could all participate in the session but had left it too late and neither of them were available. As the others specifically wanted some pictures of Sue and me licking each other, we had to be involved. Mike was needed for his cock and Josie was needed to get her wall-shot so unfortunately this left Jen to look after the baby again. I promised her she could have a turn and she agreed to stay close by so we could switch places and after saying our goodbyes the rest of us headed into the studio to be photographed.

Things started off fairly tamely – Sue posed for her ultra-high definition shots, primarily of her pussy but she also got some fully body shots with her spreading and fingering herself. I stripped off and joined in at this point, allowing the guy to take some close-ups of Sue and I eating each other (and he got some good angles where you could quite clearly see our faces in profile and our tongues snaking between pussy lips). Mike made sure he got a few full-body shots of us too so we could be seen eating each other with pictures being taken from different angles to make it obvious it was Sue and me. While watching us, Mike had slipped a hand under Josie’s skirt and fondled her – she had told him off and said she wasn’t intending on backing out but he told her he just wanted to feel her pussy and she let him continue. As she got more aroused, Josie removed her clothes in preparation for her session and I ended up switching places with her so she could play with Sue. They had a couple of shots taken together before it was time for Josie to have her solo shots – she was a bit shyer at this point but with a little encouragement she sat with her legs spread and fingered her pussy, then allowed the high-def shots of her cunt to be taken.

We had taken a bit longer than intended and some other people turned up for one of the photography classes. I knew full well that this would be happening and dared Josie to join us as models. She hesitated briefly but with Sue and I either side of her, fingering, frigging and kissing her she didn’t stand much of a chance and relented. We arranged with the photographer to continue the private shoot after the lesson and Mike headed out to switch places with Jen. By the time she made her way into the studio, Josie, Sue and I were daisy chaining on the floor (on soft rugs) with multiple people standing around us taking photos. Jen quickly stripped and we made space for her to join the chain between Sue and Josie. Over the course of an hour we kissed, played with each other’s breasts, fingered, scissored and ate each other – sometimes in pairs and sometimes ganging up on one person. Each of us got to cum and all warned the students beforehand so they could get orgasm shots. I especially love cumming this way and the cameras definitely added to the pleasure of Sue’s fingers in my pussy, her tongue on my clit, Jen’s and Josie’s tongues on my nipples and Jen’s fingers on my neck.

I’m sure we could have all fairly easily cum a second time (I know I could and Jen was making a second series of mewing sounds indicating she was close) but we posed more artistically for the latter part of the session (still playing, just not as much). Once the students left, Sue and I had a few more shots taken together – one sitting behind the other and reaching round to fondle breasts or spread the other’s pussy and some really nice shots with one of us sitting in a chair and the other kneeling and licking up and down the length of the other’s pussy. Mike was summoned back for the final part of the session (Josie took care of MJ) where he had to fuck Sue and cum in her so she could get some shots taken with his cum leaking out of her. Naturally, there were some more taken with me licking the cum from her pussy, some with her sitting (as before) and some with me kneeling and her standing over me.

We looked through the large selection of pictures and selected the ones we wanted to keep. As we had already broken the photographer-model rule I reached down to caress his crotch and ended up freeing his cock. Josie helped out and rolled a condom on to it, gave him a quick suck and I then let him slide into me and pump back and forth as we carried on viewing the pictures. Sue had a turn with him inside her (he had either forgot Mike had cum in her or didn’t care) and I let him back inside me to finish up while Sue sat in a chair in front of me and I ate her. It only seemed fair that she should cum as well so I made sure to get her off while frigging myself and when the guy pulled out I thanked him for his services (stressing the word) and we got dressed while Mike paid for the pictures. I really wanted to order the huge prints but we had to wait for Lisa to get her photos taken so she could be included.

We were going to go for lunch and head back home but Jen reminded us that Sue and I were meant to be spending the day fucking and shouldn’t skive off anymore. We didn’t argue and got started on the drive home with Sue and I making out in the back seat. Lunch involved us using each other to eat from – but was a bit messier than breakfast as we had a variety of foods. We needed to clean up afterwards and this was an opportunity for us to have a watersports session in the shower (as you can probably guess, Jen was the one who pushed this idea). Sue and I had agreed to go along with anything suggested (but only because we trust them not to make us do anything we really wouldn’t want to do) and after soaping up and rinsing each other, we took turns kneeling and eating each other and receiving a stream of pee over our faces and into our mouths as the other person came. We each swallowed some and then stood to kiss and share the rest between us.

Jen was quite worked up after watching us (I’d actually expected her to climb into the shower and join in) and told us she wanted us to spank her. This was straightforward enough – she lay on the bed with a couple of pillows under her waist to raise her ass and Sue and I spanked her ass. Between spanks, our fingers probed between her cheeks to her pussy and after a little while she turned over and spread her legs, telling us to slap her cunt. As odd as I find this, I know Jen enjoys it so we did as she asked and as a bonus for her I reached up and tweaked her nipples. Both Jen’s breasts and pussy were a bright pink colour by the time she came and her pussy felt warm to the tongue as I kitty kissed her. Jen thanked us and told me it was time for my spanking, but not to worry as Sue would be next (sidestepping the fact that ‘going first’ wasn’t what I was worried about!). Sue sat up on the bed and I had to lie over her knees. Jen didn’t join in and just directed Sue to spank me, spreading the slaps across both cheeks and hitting me hard enough to hurt. Jen the squirted some lube onto my ass and Sue was told to finger me there. Fortunately I wasn’t subjected to pussy spanking and I just had to repeat what Sue had done back to her. I wasn’t entirely sure what the aim of the session was as neither of us were told to make the other cum, but found out soon enough.

Once Sue climbed off of my knee, Jen said it was time for us to fuck each other. We weren’t given the choice of position and were told we were each going to be DPed – one of us taking the other’s ass and Mike in our cunts. As Sue had fucked my ass at home over Christmas, it was decided that she should be the first one on the receiving end and Jen pulled out the ‘good’ strap-on for me to wear. Sue told me to be gentle and I promised not to hurt her but told her I’d been looking forward to fucking her ass since she’d taken mine. Mike removed his clothes and lay on the bed, pulling Sue over him and sliding into her cunt as Jen helped lube up the vibe on the strap-on. I could feel the internal vibe pulsing against my clit and told Sue I was going to imagine pumping cum into her ass as I came. She was too caught up in riding Mike to pay attention to what I said, but I certainly got her attention when I crawled up on the bed behind her and pressed the head of the vibe against her ass. She looked back at me and I told her to relax as I pressed forward. She let out a little whimper as the head popped into her ass and I moved back and forth gently, sinking the vibe deeper into her ass with each stroke. Mike said that this would have made a good picture and Josie volunteered to take some so Jen fetched our good camera and handed it to her. Josie also set up our phones at different locations around the room as well as our good video camera and said she could make another video with the things we did over the weekend. I had a slight reservation about giving her so much evidence of me fucking my sister, but she already had the other video and I wasn’t concerned for too long as the vibe sunk into Sue and the sight of this, combined with the feeling of the internal vibe on my clit distracted me somewhat.

As I repeatedly plunged the vibe into Sue’s ass, I looked down and watched her and Mike kissing and felt a little jealous – not of Sue (who I am more than used to seeing fuck Mike and Jen), but of Mike. I knew this was ridiculous as we’d all done things with each other so many times, but I guessed I was still enjoying the relative newness of Sue and I fully surrendering to each other. I pushed as deep into her ass as I could, wanting to make sure that she could feel me and as promised, I imagined the strap-on was a real cock and that I was about to fill my sister’s ass with cum. This had quite an effect on me and I could feel my orgasm building – from the look of Sue’s back (which was getting quite flushed), I guessed that she wasn’t too far from cumming herself, but I wanted to hold back and cum around the same time as her so I concentrated on less arousing things until I got myself back under control. Sue humped against Mike’s cock faster and told us she was getting close – I went back to picturing Mike filling her cunt and me filling her ass with cum and pushed into her in time with her thrusts. Sue moaned as she came and told us both to keep fucking her – I was more than happy to do this as each time I pushed into her, the internal vibe was pressed harder against my clit and I was close to cumming myself. We kept going until Sue was whimpering and I finally came, picturing jet after jet of my cum squirting into her and then imagining I was in her cunt and filling that with my cum as well.

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