Monday, 2 January 2017

Art Exhibition

The second week in January 2015 Lis and Lucy came up to visit us – this was a pretty standard visit, timed to coincide with Lucy’s safe period so Mike could fuck her (and as Lis was already pregnant with his child he was allowed to fuck her too!). Nothing too different than usual happened that weekend other than us convincing Lis that it would be hot to have a picture diary of the bump developing (she wasn’t really showing at that stage as she was only about 10 weeks in so this was the control shot). I had arranged things with our pet photographer (in exchange for doing some more photo shoots) to get shots of Lis and we all wandered along to the studio on the Saturday afternoon. As you would probably expect from us, these weren’t your usual naked pregnancy shots and we played around for a bit and decided on a range of shots that we would get each time they visited

They started off tamely enough, with Lis sitting facing the camera, then a side shot (so we could see the growth of the bump), then kneeling on all fours (with shots taken from the side and from behind). We moved on to Lis having her legs and then her pussy spread, her fingering herself, Mike, Jen, Lucy and me fingering her and then Mike’s cock inside her. We got a shot of Lis cumming (Mike got to eat her for this) and then another of her cumming with Mike fucking her, finishing off with her posing in a couple of positions as his cum oozed out of her (along with some close-ups).

As we were there, we also got the photographer to use his newest camera to get some very high-res shots of our pussies, with all of us posing for these. Even Lucy didn’t object (but he’s taken photos of her cunt before so it was really nothing new for her to show herself to him). Lis got a high-res shot of Mike’s cum leaking from her and Jen then licked Lis clean and we dried her pussy off to get a ‘normal’ pussy shot. As thanks to the photographer for taking the high-res shots, I allowed him to break one of the rules he gave at his classes of never doing things with the models and I accompanied him to another part of the studio and sucked him, then let him fuck me as he played with my breasts. He took a couple of shots of me on my back with his cock buried in my cunt and once he’d cum he requested another couple of shots that I had to think about. As I didn’t know if he was ‘safe’, we had used a condom while fucking and he wanted to drip the cum over my breasts and photograph that. I decided to let him do this and gave him my best cute smile for the shots, but made sure to thoroughly clean the cum off afterwards.

By the time we returned to the main studio, the others were dressed and we looked through the various shots. Lis blushed a little at the images of her cumming (we all think she has a beautiful orgasm face, but she thought it was just embarrassing). We then looked through the high-res shots and zoomed in on each one to see just how much detail was there – I found this quite educational (and arousing) as I’d never seen my pussy in as much detail before. Even the images of Jen’s, Lis’ and Lucy’s cunts (all of which I thought I knew quite well) uncovered a few surprises in the forms of little folds of skin, or bumps we hadn’t noticed while playing with each other. We didn’t select any of the images to buy, deciding to wait until we had the full selection, although we got Lis and Lucy to indicate their preferences. Lucy did get one of the images of Lis – the one of her facing the camera with her pussy just visible and she told Lis she intended to put it up in the living room so anyone who visited would see it. I told Lis she could have one of the pictures of Lucy we had at home to display alongside it if she wanted and Lucy wasn’t as keen on this (but I didn’t really think she was going to put naked Lis on display anyway).

As I said, the rest of their visit was fairly standard so I’m going to skip over it and try to catch up a little… On the Tuesday following their visit I got to take part in an art exhibition. This came about from the nude modelling I’d done and when I was asked and had the requirements explained to me, I was more than happy to participate.

It was at an evening event – a number of us turned up in the late afternoon to be prepared and after stripping naked, we had various paints and/or powder applied to our bodies. Mostly we were single colours but one guy and one girl had patterns painted onto their bodies. I was a covered in light green coloured powder, with a darker green powder used on my hair and eyebrows. For the participants with pubic hair, this was also coloured in the darker shade of their particular colour, with the exception of the people coloured gold and silver who were all one colour. There were a number of people applying the powder to our bodies and it took about an hour to be completely covered. I had said I didn’t mind who did me (meaning something quite different to the question that was asked!) and had a final year male art student allocated to me. He was quite respectful and asked if I was comfortable a number of times throughout the process and I loved having his attention so raptly fixated on my body as he examined each area in detail, applying the powder and ensuring I was completely covered. The gentle patting of the pad he was using felt quite nice on my nipples – enough so that they stiffened slightly, although they were already slightly pointy from the fact I was standing naked in a room of people and had someone looking at me so closely.

I didn’t hesitate at all when it was time for the guy to powder up my pussy – I sat, spread my legs wide and let him pat away. Mike had given me a thorough shaving that morning (which had led to him eating me and us both being a little late for work). By this point I could feel that I was already quite wet and wondered if the guy would either be able to smell or see my arousal. If he did, he didn’t comment on it but I did contract my pussy a number of times as he worked on me and I played through various fantasies about how the evening could go in my head (sadly none of them happened). Once I was completely covered, I was allowed to wander around, but was asked not to touch anything so as not to rub the powder off. This included not being able to hold a glass to have a drink and we had to use straws and drink from glasses on a table. I quite enjoyed this as it meant I got to bend forwards and expose my ass more – although at this point it was only the artist, students and other models that were present.

For the show itself, we each had a large ornate frame that we had to pose behind – standing, sitting or crouching in various positions. When I was first approached, the artist had asked me how much I would be prepared to show and I had told her I would pose in any position she wanted and show off as much as needed (I had tried to phrase it diplomatically instead of saying what I wanted, which would have been more like ‘I want everyone to see me being made to cum all night’). I was about 2/3 of the way down one side of the exhibit so I got to watch as a number of the other people were posed. One of the guys was asked to try and keep himself hard for as much of the exhibit as he could and once he was in position, a few of the girls (me included) went and had a close look at his cock and teased him (in a good natured way) until we were told off by the artist who didn’t want us to ‘pollute his colour’. I certainly thought about letting him pollute me and wondered if the powder would come off in clouds if we fucked hard (I personally thought that would be a good way of ending the show).

My pose was sitting on a tall box so my breasts were just above eye level. As I’d said I didn’t mind what people saw, I was asked to leave my legs spread – one dangling down and one up on a slightly shorter crate. I was allowed to close them slightly if it felt too uncomfortable but I was told not to move too much and leave powder on the crates. I was also instructed to not make eye contact with the people (some of the models who had their face at eye level were told to specifically make eye contact).

We had to stay in our positions (with just minimal movement) for almost two hours. The students would occasionally come round and touch up the powder on our bodies, as well as cleaning off any that had fallen onto the crates, chairs or ground around us. I tried to keep a neutral face (as instructed) for the duration of the show and mostly looked at the models who were on the other side of the room to me. A good number of people came to the show and as they examined me I played over multiple fantasies in my mind, feeling my pulse quicken and my pussy throb and moisten as I imagined being toyed with, fucked, made to cum, cum over and generally used by everyone who looked at me. I felt my nipples stiffen properly a number of times when I was particularly enjoying what I was imagining. A lot of the people examined us from the usual sort of distance you would stand while looking at a life size painting while others got much closer. For the ones who were close enough I could feel their breath on my skin (or at least on my green powder), I tried to spread my legs a little wider and a few times I felt my pussy lips part and wondered if it was sufficient for the pink to contrast with the light green.

Now my pussy usually doesn’t get ‘dripping wet’ (unlike Jen), but there were a few times that I felt a drop of juice ooze out of my pussy and a couple of times it was enough that it ran down towards my ass. I presume the powder soaked the moisture up as it never got far but must have been noticeable as my pet student came along and patted some more powder over my pussy a little while afterwards. That didn’t help to calm me down as from that point on I was picturing what I’d looked like – if there had been an obvious trail of milky pussy juice leaking from me and if everyone had been able to (or still could) tell how aroused I was. I kept imagining possible scenarios for the rest of the exhibition and when we were finally all allowed to move I felt quite stiff. We had the option of showering there, or being provided with some white gowns that we could wear under our clothes to protect them on the way home. I was hoping to shower with one of the other models (either male or female), but most people seemed to want to get home so I ended up showering by myself (there were a few others who stayed and showered, but everyone showered alone). I rinsed myself off as best I could before plunging two fingers into my pussy and reaching behind me to work two more into my ass. I rapidly fucked myself, enjoying the physical contact after so much purely mental teasing and could have quite easily cum, but decided I shouldn’t waste my orgasm and let Mike and Jen enjoy it with me.

I slipped on my skirt and top while chatting to the remaining people who were waiting to shower (or were getting dressed). I didn’t put any underwear on and didn’t try to hide the fact. I would have asked if anyone wanted to head out for a drink, but even though I’d showered, I still had some of the powder in my hair and needed to shower again with proper shampoo so wanted to get home and clean up (and fuck). The artist thanked me on the way out and I told her I’d be happy to participate in any other shows she wanted. She asked if I’d be prepared to show any more and I said I would, but wasn’t sure quite how much more there was as I’d been naked (other than the paint). She asked if I’d allow people to see inside me and I said yes (providing it wouldn’t hurt) and she said she might be in touch in a little while for her next project. Just before I left I asked why she hadn’t just given some Viagra to the guy she wanted to stay hard for the whole exhibition and she explained that it wouldn’t have been ‘pure’ if she;d done that (by which I guess she meant she wanted him to have a natural erection). Only after I’d left did I wonder if she would have considered it ‘pure’ if I could have made myself cum just from thought. I could feel my pussy tingle at the thought of cumming with a group of people intently watching me and imagined not just having a few drops of juices dribble out of me, but being able to squirt (or at least ooze) as much as Jen did during the first part of her pregnancy.

I wandered back to the car, drove home and dived into the shower (I’d calmed down a bit on the drive so could contain myself ). Once I was properly clean, I then let Mike and Jen enjoy the fruits of my arousal, sucking, eating, fucking and humping them. At first Mike complained that my pussy still tasted a little like paint, but by the time I’d been eaten and fucked to orgasm, the flavour of my own juices took over and he stopped moaning.


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      Once I tasted like myself again Mike was more than happy to eat me another time