Saturday, 7 January 2017

Hotel Service – Part 1

At the end of January 2015, I headed down to Manchester to meet up with the woman I’d met in the hotel when we’d headed down for the December sex party in York. We had chatted a few time on the phone since then (and even had phone sex once) and had decided to see if her husband (Mark) might be more accommodating to having a threesome with someone they didn’t know. The catch was that she wanted this to be a surprise for him so she had arranged for them to have a mini-city break together in order to set the mood.

I arrived in Manchester mid-afternoon and after dropping my stuff off at the hotel, met up with Anna and her partner (they live not too far from there). We had a nice dinner together and I behaved myself (having told Anna in the past that I would happily fuck her and things being weird between us for a while after that). I still liked the idea of being sandwiched between Anna and Ewan , his cock pumping into me, my tongue in her pussy and finding out if she is just as energetic and excitable in bed as she is the rest of the time – I just didn’t say anything about this.

I couldn’t stay out too late as I needed to be back at the hotel for when Kimberly and her husband were back from their romantic dinner and had to make up an excuse for having a meeting the following day. I arrived in plenty of time, returned to my room, freshened up, had a brief play with myself (but held back from cumming) and then changed into a white blouse, black straight wrap-around skirt, black hold-ups  and black shoes. The idea was to look as if I could work at the hotel and while my outfit didn’t match the uniform the actual staff had, I thought it looked convincing enough as a generic service staff outfit.

I received a text from Kimberly letting me know that she was just getting back to her room and as we had agreed, she would text me at the moment she wanted me to enter. Sadly this meant I had to stand around outside their room for about 10 minutes and I desperately wanted to go in and join the, but Kimberly said she would choose the right time for me to enter unnoticed. When my phone buzzed, I carefully opened the door and immediately heard the sounds of sucking and slurping coming from the room. I quietly closed the door behind me and reached in to the bathroom to grab a few towels (to make it look like I was replacing them) and peeked around the corner to the bed. I saw Mark’s feet pointing towards me with Kimberly lying on top of him in a 69 position, her hand wrapped around the base of his cock with her mouth working on the head. Kimberly glanced up at me and gave me a wink so I moved closer to the bed, undid my blouse down to my stomach, freed my left breast from my bra, pulled the front of my skirt aside and reached into my panties to finger myself (I even put panties on to make the outfit more realistic). I watched as Kimberly sucked on Mark’s cock and pushed my panties down almost to my knees and plunged my fingers back into my cunt, briefly imagining it was Anna and Ewan I was watching.

I moved closer again and gave Kimberly a nod – she remained sitting over Mark’s face and told him that they had someone watching them. Mark pulled away from her pussy slightly and asked what she’d said and Kimberly repeated what she’d said. He tried to move out from under her but she told him she didn’t mind and bent forwards to take his cock in her mouth again. Mark looked around the side of Kimberly’s ass and saw me standing there, fingering myself. Kimberly pulled her mouth off of his cock and asked him if he wanted me to touch him, but without waiting for him to answer, she asked me if I wanted his cock. I said that it looked wonderful and I did and quickly knelt on the bed and took him in my mouth. He tried to wriggle away, but Kimberly was still sitting over him and she told him to let me play with him. I only got to suck him briefly before she asked me if I wanted to play with her as well and I looked up and said I wanted both of them. Kimberly called me up onto the bed so I crawled over Mark and sat straddling his cock, reached forwards to play with Kimberly’s pussy and shared a kiss with her.

Mark asked what was going on and Kimberly shifted to the side slightly so he could watch as she and I kissed. I rubbed back and forth against Mark’s cock and wished he was touching my bare pussy instead of just the panties so I reached down and pulled the crotch aside so I could feel him on me properly. I worked a couple of fingers into Kimberly who knelt up slightly to give me better access and I looked down to see Mark watching what I was doing. I rubbed against his cock and tried to slide him into me, but couldn’t so I leant forwards and whispered into Kimberly’s ear to ask her to help get him inside me. She gave me a big kiss and reached down to my pussy and pressed Mike’s cock against me. I raised my body slightly and felt her press the head of his cock up against my lips and slide it back and forth. Kimberly told Mark she wanted to see him inside me and he asked if she was serious – we answered by her holding his cock in place while I slid down on it and Kimberly started toying with my clit. I savoured the feeling of having a new cock inside me and alternated between riding up and down the length of the shaft (for him) and grinding my clit against his body (for me).

I knew from my conversations with Kimberly that Mark wasn’t likely to cum too quickly so I kept riding him for a good few minutes to ensure he was invested in the session (although to be fair, I figured that Kimberly had already done a good job in this regard from the way his cock felt inside me). I then told Kimberly I wanted her as well and told her to lie on the bed. She moved off of Mike and I leant forwards to kiss him, then told him I wanted him to fuck me while I ate his wife. I quickly dismounted him and crawled between Kimberly’s spread legs, buried my face in her cunt and started to eat her. I heard Kimberly tell Mark to fuck me and felt him move around behind me. I reached back with a hand and half-pulled my panties down until he helped out and I felt him press his cock against my pussy and then slide into me. I eagerly pushed back against him until he was completely inside me and I kept licking Kimberly who was making appreciative sounds. She told Mark to play with my clit but then changed her mind and said she wanted to see what he was doing. She said she wanted to lie underneath me and moved around to crawl under but I couldn’t spread my legs far enough as my panties were halfway down my thighs. I told Mark to let me stand up and slid them down and off, then went to undo my skirt but decided to have a bit more fun. I told Mark I wanted to fuck him and asked him to rip my skirt off – he looked at Kimberly who just nodded so he gave it a tug but not hard enough so I told him to tear it off and to strip me naked. He gave a much harder tug and the clasp broke. I got him to tear my blouse off next, the buttons easily popping and then turned around and told him to break my bra. It was a bit uncomfortable when he did this but only briefly so and I was then standing there naked (apart from my stockings).

I clambered onto the bed, pushed Kimberly down and buried my mouth in her cunt again. Kimberly told Mark to get back inside me and I felt her hold my lips open to help him in. He filled me again and started fucking me while Kimberly toyed with my clit. I only felt her kiss my mons and clit once, the rest of the time she just frigged me, spread my lips and kept telling Mark what she could see and describing what I was doing to her. Mark reached around to caress my breasts a couple of times and it felt like he also stroked Kimberly’s breasts. I told them both how good it felt and how much I wanted to cum and feel Mark cum in me. He asked Kimberly if she wanted him to cum in me and she gave him the go-ahead, telling him to fill me with cum. Kimberly was the first of us to cum and she made sure that we knew, telling us over and over that she was cumming. Soon after, Mark said he was about to cum and I told Kimberly to frig me faster – she told Mark to slow down but I told him to go ahead and he pushed harder into me, then said he was cumming. Kimberly kept frigging me and I pushed back hard against Mark as I felt my orgasm building. I moaned loudly as I gave Kimberly’s pussy long licks and told them as I came. Kimberly kept frigging me until I asked her to ease off a bit and when Mark pulled out I whimpered a bit as I’d wanted him to stay in me for a while longer.

I heard him panting and felt Kimberly spread my lips again as I felt his cum start to leak out of me. I looked under my body to see the cum landing on Kimberly’s face and in her mouth. I knew the idea was to put on as good a show for Mark as we could so I asked her to eat me and then share the cum, so she pulled my pussy to her face and swirled her tongue around and into my pussy. I then turned around and lay over her, pressing by cunt against her thigh and pressing one of my legs against her cunt. We shared a kiss, my tongue entering her mouth and seeking out the cum she had, then feeling her push it into my mouth. We both swallowed the cum and after kissing for a little while longer, I rolled off of Kimberly, looked up at Mark and thanked him for the orgasm. I then introduced myself to him, for some reason choosing to use my full name Andrea (Kimberly knew me as Andi). I kept playing the part of hotel staff and apologised for interrupting them and said I just hadn’t been able to control myself when I’d seen them fucking and needed to cum.

Kimberly asked if I was now satisfied (knowing enough about me to guess I wouldn’t be) and I said that it had been wonderful, but if they were up for it I could always go for a second round. Sadly (being male), Mark wasn’t quite ready yet and started to ask questions about whether I really worked for the hotel. I distracted him by taking his cock in my mouth and giving it a good (but gentle) suck. During our discussions prior to the evening, Kimberly and I had drawn up a rough plan of things to get Mark involved (check), then get him aroused again so we could do more. For that part of the pan, Kimberly and I then paired off and 69ed properly with Kimberly getting Mark to watch as we licked, fingered and humped against each other’s faces. We knew we should give him a decent amount of time to recover so we didn’t hurry and spent our time teasing and playing. As it was the first night I’d got to sample Kimberly properly (without a dental dam), I enjoyed exploring her pussy, feeling the texture of her neatly shaved lips with my tongue and tasting her juices as I lapped at her. She didn’t have a strong taste but her scent was quite arousing and I buried my nose completely in her cunt a few times to fill my nose with her smell. When Kimberly said she was getting close to cumming I told her to eat me and felt her lips fasten around my clit and her tongue flick back and forth across it. I assumed she liked that method, so I did the same to her and as my orgasm hit me I could feel her writhing around under me. I kept licking her throughout my orgasm until she came (and then for a little longer) and then eased off to kitty kiss her.

When I rolled off of Kimberly I saw that Mark was already hard and I asked him if he had enjoyed watching me eat his wife. He said it had been incredible and I told him he could play with me again if he wanted. I took his cock in my hand and stroked him, then took it in my mouth and sucked him. Between sucks I told him his wife had a beautiful pussy and that I hoped he went down on her frequently. I lay back and let him examine my pussy, getting Kimberly to lie beside me so he could compare me to her. I then asked Mark to fuck our juices into each other (and then had to explain that I wanted him to move back and forth between us, taking turns in each of us). He did this and after a few minutes we changed position so Kimberly was lying on top of me and Mark once again slipped into her, then me, then her… Kimberly and I kissed and shared whispered giggles at how well things were going. I could feel her breasts squished against mine and as she rubbed back and forth I could feel her nipples moving on my skin.

I decided I wanted to feel Mark’s tongue in me so we changed position again, allowing Kimberly to ride Mark while I sat over his face to be eaten. He was actually quite good so I complimented him on his technique (credit where credit’s due) but I wanted him inside me when I came again so Kimberly and I switched round and I humped him I watched him eat Kimberly. She leant forwards and played with my clit and we kissed while I fondled her breasts and nipples. When I got close, I asked her to ease off and I concentrated on fucking Mark (but staying close to cumming myself). I told him to tell me before he came and reached down to spread Kimberly’s pussy with my fingers, giving Mark better access to her inner lips and clit. As Kimberly’s orgasm approached I whispered to her that I wanted to visit them at their house and play and Kimberly hugged me and said ‘yes, anytime’. She came and kissed me hard, her tongue pressing into my mouth and swirling around mine. She stayed over Marks’s face for a little while before climbing off of him and sitting behind me to reach around and caress my breasts and clit. This felt wonderful and I warned her that I would cum too quickly so I was told to lean forwards so Mark could play with and suck on my nipples. When he said he was about to cum, I sat up again and let Kimberly fondle me as Mark thrust into me harder and faster. I told him to cum, to empty his cum into my cunt again and as he came I squeezed myself around his cock, trying to pulse my pussy in time with his thrusts. He really seemed to enjoy that and I kept doing it after he’d finished – at least until my own orgasm distracted me. I tried to let my pleasure show on my face (without making porn star expressions) and when my orgasm ended I craned my neck round and kissed Kimberly, then told her to lie down with us so we could all kiss.

We shared a three way kiss with me still on top of Mark and his cock still buried inside me (although already beginning to shrink as it went soft). After a couple of minutes I told them that I should really get back to work as my boss would already wonder what had taken me so long (Mark seemed to have bought in to me working there so I thought I’d keep the pretence up). Kimberly looked a little disappointed (we had debated having me stay over for the whole night) but I assured them that if they wanted, I could pop back in the morning before my shift started and we could have another few rounds. Mark looked pleased with this suggestion so I stood up, gave his cock a few kissed and picked up my torn clothes from the floor. I said that I may not have thought things through – indicating my clothes and Mark said he would buy me new ones. I told him it was fine and grabbed a dressing gown from the bathroom, saying I would bring them a fresh one in the morning and told them I had a change of clothes in my locker. When Kimberly stood up to give me a goodbye hug, I pressed her up against the wall and fondled her, telling Mark I didn’t know how he could keep his hands off of her. After kneeling to give her a few final licks, I gathered up my clothes and left the room to head back to my own room.

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