Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Hotel Service – Part 2

I hadn’t tied the gown very tightly and felt it slip open slightly as I walked. I made no effort to rectify this so by the time I arrived at my door, the front was open the whole way down – only slightly, but enough to show I was naked. I had wandered past a few people, some of whom seemed to notice and I decided that I could probably enjoy myself a little more that night so I quickly changed into a very low cut dress with a short skirt, tidied up my hair and headed down to the bar. I didn’t have to sit there for long before a few guys approached me and while I wasn’t being fussy, I blew a couple of them off and let the third one buy me a drink. We sat and chatted for a little while – he was on a business trip and I told him I was travelling for pleasure (although didn’t explain just how much pleasure). I gave him all the signs that I was interested and he asked if I wanted to go upstairs with him so I invited him back to my room and we started to kiss. The guy’s hands slipped under my dress and discovered I didn’t have any panties on and I told him I preferred it that way as it meant I could easily get access to myself whenever I felt horny. He asked if I was horny now and I told him to put a condom on so I could demonstrate just how horny I was. I ended up ‘helping’ him apply the condom and immediately knelt to suck him, then stood and got him to unzip my dress, leaving me standing there naked. We kissed some more and I rubbed his cock against my pussy, then got him to fuck me from behind with my body pressed up against the window. As we were only a few floors up I knew I would probably be visible from the pavement below, but that just added to my excitement and I told the guy to fuck me harder and faster. I imagined being buried between Kimberly and Mark again and then between Anna and Ewan as my orgasm started to build. I told the guy I was going to cum and he said he was close so we moved over to the bed to finish things off.

I told him I wanted to ride him and he said he loved having a woman on top of him so he lay down, I mounted him and we humped against each other. He fondled my breasts as I fucked him and toyed with my clit for a while. I humped up and down on his cock with long strokes, pressing down hard each time and feeling out crotches slap together as his cock pushed deep into me. I told him to imagine his cock squirting cum deep into my cunt and he said that wasn’t fair as he’d cum too quickly – I was close by that point so told him to go ahead and I rapidly frigged my clit, managing to cum just a little before he did. I kept humping against him until he came, then leant forwards to kiss him and thanked him for helping to relieve me. I let him suckle on my breasts a while longer and then stood up, pulling myself off of his cock and admiring the pool of cum in the end of the condom. I fetched a warm flannel and used it to gently clean up the cum after pulling the condom off. He asked if I wanted another drink and said he’d pay for the mini-bar – I accepted his offer and after pouring a couple of drinks (bending over a bit more than needed as I got them out of the fridge), I sat opposite him with one leg up over the arm of the chair so my pussy was spread wide and I toyed with myself as we chatted. As the guy was quite cute (a little older than Mike, greying slightly, but clearly someone who took care of himself) I decided to put on a show for him so I picked up my mini-bottle of gin (the contents of which were already in my glass) and ran it up and down the length of my pussy. With each stroke, I pushed the bottle harder against my pussy until it was nestled well between my lips and I then put my drink down, used my other hand to spread my lips and slid the bottle into my cunt.

I had warmed the bottle up slightly with the playing, but it still felt cold inside me as I masturbated with it. The guy watched closely as my other hand moved between toying with my clit and lifting a breast to my mouth so I could suck and lick my nipples. I asked him if he wanted to see me cum for him and he said he’d rather help me cum so I let him take over using the bottle. He knelt on the floor in front of me, worked the bottle deeper into me so only the neck was visible and moved it back and forth while sucking on my nipples, leaving me to frig my clit. I spread my legs wider and looked him straight in the eye, holding his gaze as I came. This wasn’t the same as when I look at Mike or Jen (or Sue, Lis…) as people I love, while cumming – this was done purely in desire of letting him see my lust as I came. It certainly seemed to have the desired effect as by the time I’d finished cumming his cock was hard again and I asked if he thought he could manage another round. After expressing his surprise that I still wanted to cum again, he allowed me to suck his cock for a while (with a fresh condom on) and I then let him fuck me. He took me from behind at first but we then switched round so he was on top, with my legs pulled up between us and a fair part of his weight resting on them. This isn’t too dissimilar to a position I enjoy Mike using on me and his cock felt nice and deep inside as he pumped in and out. It also allowed me easy access to play with my clit and I used my other hand to reach around and run a finger back and forth across my ass. The guy lasted even longer this time (as I’ve said before – this is one of the advantages of fucking older guys). I could have easily cum before he did and quite possibly could have managed to have two orgasms in the time we fucked, but I just teased myself, taking myself as close to cumming as I could, then backing off and just enjoying his thrusting in me. On one occasion I frigged just too long and actually started to cum, leaving myself hanging without a proper orgasm, just the tantalising first throb but without any proper release. While this felt amazing, I didn’t trust myself to be able to time it that close again so backed off earlier the next couple of times I got close to cumming.

I used a bit more dirty talk this time and told the guy how good his cock felt inside me and how much I had enjoyed cumming for him. I ended up telling him I was bi and describing some of the things Jen and I got up to, then went for it and told him how I fucked my little sister and how we fingered, humped and ate each other repeatedly. He told me over and over that I was a naughty girl and I told him he didn’t know the half of it, but if being ‘naughty’ meant I got to be fucked and cum lots, then I was happy to be as bad as I could be. As he got close to cumming I described to him what Sue would do if she had been there with us – how he would have got to watch us eat each other and how he could fuck us both. I kept myself very close to cumming as I described this (which I find easy to do while talking about fucking Sue) and when he moaned that he was cumming, I easily pushed myslf over the edge and came myself. He thrust into me with a few hard strokes and stopped moving but my orgasm lasted quite a bit longer. It was strong and came in waves – I had to tell the guy to push into me harder and concentrated on the feeling of my pussy pulsing around him. I was well aware that a fair part of the orgasm was due to my thoughts of Sue so concentrated on her and imagined the sight, smell and taste of her little pussy as I’d eaten her in her bed at home. As my orgasm faded and I gave the guy a smile, he said it had looked like I’d enjoyed myself and I told him he’d given me a damn good fuck. As thanks, I contracted myself around him a few times and added that I might have also been thinking of my sister and said if he left his number that I might think about getting in touch and let him have a session with us both.

He did leave his number, but I never called him – I did however call Sue and Josie who were out with friends. With Sue mostly just listening, I have a brief description of what I’d gotten up to with Mark and Kimberly and then told her about the random guy I’d picked up at the bar, with a much more detailed description of what I had imagined doing with her. Sue told me it wasn’t fair to tell her her things like that when she couldn’t do anything about it and I dared her to go to the bathroom and masturbate with me. She asked if I was serious and I asked if I was ever *not* serious when it came to cumming (I quite frequently am, but she understood the point). Sue excused herself and went to the bathroom, telling me she wouldn’t be able to make much noise. I directed her as to what I wanted her to do to herself, getting her to free her breasts, suck on the nipples, finger her pussy, frig her clit, suck her juices from her fingers and imagine we were doing all those things to each other. As I’d cum a good number of times already, it was much easier for Sue to get close to cumming than it was for me, but the call was mostly to repay the pleasure she had (unknowingly) given me just previously so I didn’t mind. I considered getting Sue to make herself cum, but as I’d enjoyed teasing myself earlier, I made sure to tell her to stop when she murmured down the phone that she was very close. Sue let out a little whine but complied with my instructions and as she straightened herself up I texted Josie to tell her I’d just got Sue to masturbate, that she was now horny and asked her to tell Sue to think of me later that night when she came. I nearly called them back later on to see if I could watch in as they fucked but decided against it and settled for gently teasing myself as I drifted off to sleep, content in the knowledge that I had Kimberly and Mark to satisfy me in the morning.

When I woke on the Sunday morning, I ordered breakfast for three, slipped on some long socks and my coat and popped out to the shop across the street. I returned with a couple of items, quickly showered and waited in my towel for breakfast to arrive. I kept my towel on when the food arrived, but I had chosen one that wasn’t really large enough to cover me so I was showing a fair bit of cleavage and my pussy and ass were peeking out from underneath. I didn’t try to do anything with (or to) the guy though as I was looking forward to my threesome and just finished getting myself ready to go along and see them. I put pigtails in my hair (about a year before the current trend for them started) and wore a little pleated skirt and black hold-ups – not quite the schoolgirl look, but still fairly cutesy (Kimberly thought Mark would appreciate this). Once dressed, I walked along to their room, taking the breakfast trolley, my purchases and one of my unused bath robes

I knocked and when Kimberly answered I wheeled the trolley in, replaced the gown I had borrowed and suggested we should have some food first to give us energy to play. Mark was lying naked in bed and Kimberly slipped off her robe as she joined him. I remained dressed, but as we had a coffee, I sat on the bed, letting them see up my skirt to my exposed pussy (after the panties had got in the way the previous night I’d decided to go back to normal and forgo them). I picked up a strawberry from the fruit plate, dipped it in yoghurt and ran it up and down my pussy before taking a bite. Kimberly said that this looked like fun so I repeated my actions, using her pussy to add flavouring before taking a bite, then rubbing it over her pussy again before offering it to Mark. He hesitated at first, but then took the rest and ate it so I smeared some yoghurt over Kimberly’s pussy and licked her clean. I covered her pussy again and got Mark to lick her clean while I got naked, then smeared more over my pussy and let Kimberly lick me. Mark was next – Kimberly wiped yoghurt over his cock and between us, she and I licked and sucked him clean.

I fetched a can of whipped cream from my bag and put small mounds on Kimberly’s nipples and a larger blob on her pussy for Mark and I to eat off of her. I got this treatment next with Mark eating the cream from my pussy and Kimberly sucking on my nipples and Kimberly and I then added the cream to and licked it from Mark’s cock. He was definitely enjoying himself (as were we) and while I didn’t want to cum too quickly, I also wanted Mark to cum so we had sufficient time to try and get him aroused again for a second round (as the night before). I told Mark I wanted him to fuck me, but before that we had to make Kimberly cum. Kimberly certainly didn’t object to this and we used a few positions on her – me eating her while she sucked Mark, Mark fucking her while she ate me, Mark on his back with each of us on his cock and the other over his face… We finished with Mark sitting in a chair, Kimberly on his cock, facing away from him and me kneeling licking them both. Kimberly came and I kitty kissed her (sort of – seeing as Mark’s cock was still inside her I had to mostly just gently kiss her mons and around her clit) until she recovered and it was my turn to fuck Mark.

Kimberly wasn’t going to just let Mark fuck me though and insisted on going down on me first. I thought she might just be ‘preparing’ me but it quickly became clear she intended to claim my first orgasm of the day. She licked and fingered me until I came and then attempted to kitty kiss me (not backing off quite enough, but I didn’t say anything as she was clearly trying and I’ve endured much more intense feelings when being teased/tortured by Jen and Mike). I got Mark to lie down by my head so I could suck him while getting ready and then Kimberly presented me to him and told him to fuck me hard. Mark used the same position we’d used the previous night – pulling my legs up and lying on top of me so they were pushed right up. I got Kimberly to sit over my face so I could lick her but I wasn’t trying to make her cum, just teasing her. Mark’s cock felt nice and deep in me again and I frigged my clit to ensure I came, this time managing to cum before he did. This left my hands free to hold Kimberly in place, spread her ass cheeks and let Mark better see me licking her. I heard him let out a few grunts and felt him thrust into me as he came and flexed myself around his cock to help out. When he pulled out, I kept my pussy raised in order to hold on to his cum and put on a little show of fingering myself and licking the cum from my fingers, then offering some to Kimberly.

It was now time to work on getting Mark ready for round two and I asked Kimberly if she wanted to play some more – as expected, she did (that was the whole point of me licking her while Mark fucked me after all).  I asked if she wanted to be a bit more adventurous and picked up a banana from the fruit plate. Kimberly asked for a demonstration so I rubbed it up and down across my pussy, lubricating it with the cum leaking from me and then slipped it in and slowly fucked myself. I told Kimberly to lie back and spread her legs, withdrew the banana from my pussy and rubbed it against hers. Mark helped to hold her lips apart and we all watched as I slowly worked the banana into Kimberly, pushing a little deeper each time until there was a good length of it inside her. She said it felt quite good so I scurried over to my bag and pulled out a courgette – asking if she was ready for the next level (it wasn’t huge, but a bit wider than the banana and certainly more textured). Kimberly said she was willing to try so I once again lubricated it with the mixture of my juices and Mark’s cum, then pulled the banana from her pussy (and slipped it into mine) and worked the courgette in to Kimberly. Once we had it inside her as far as it would go, Mark and I took turns fucking her with it. Kimberly thought this felt much better than the banana and I told her I wanted a go as well, but before that happened I lay down beside her and let Mark use the courgette in her and the banana in me at the same time.

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