Monday, 16 January 2017

Hotel Service – Part 3

Kimberly and I craned our necks towards each other and kissed. I told them both that I liked them and that they were fun and then asked for my turn with the courgette. We let Mark swap them over and work them into our pussies – I agreed with Kimberly that the courgette felt much better and promised I wouldn’t hog it for too long. Kimberly and I reached over and played with each other’s clits and I challenged her to cum and then have the energy to cum again when we played with Mark. She accepted my challenge and said she could cum as many times as I could. I kissed her and whispered that I doubted she could, but was willing to challenge her sometime and we frigged each other while Mark kept fucking us with the fruit and veg. Kimberly got close to cumming a few times and I eased off on her clit so we could try and cum together – when I got close I decided to be generous and told Mark to switch back so Kimberly had the courgette. Once the fruit and veg were back inside us, we resumed our mutual frigging and with a bit of self-control, I managed to hold off my orgasm until just before Kimberly started cumming and we lay beside each other, both moaning, frigging each other with Kimberly’s husband fucking us with produce.

Before he pulled the banana and courgette out of us, I told him to take a picture. Kimberly looked a bit nervous at this so I got him to use her phone and we ‘posed’ and kissed each other with hands on each other’s clits. I asked to look at the photo and Kimberly agreed I could text a copy to myself. We then withdrew the makeshift dildos from each other and sucked them clean (each of us having licks of both items). I then immediately moved to sucking Mark’s cock (who was now hard again) and after ensuring he was ready for more action, I suggested to Kimberly that she and I go freshen up.

This involved the two of us showering together, soaping each other up and then rinsing off while Mark sat and watched us (fortunately the hotel had glass showers). He was still hard when we came out of the shower and with him still sitting on the toilet, I straddled him and lowered myself onto his cock. It took a few attempts to get him inside me as the shower had washed away some of my juices, but I got him in and rode him for a couple of minutes. I considered suggesting a messy fuck – using the remainder of the yoghurt, fruit, honey and milk and fucking in the shower, but knew it would be difficult to include all three of us so skipped this and we moved back onto the bed instead. Mark spent time buried in our pussies, our mouths and being stroked and fondled while Kimberly and I played with each other as well as him. I fetched the final item from my shopping trip from my bag and presented a cucumber. It was slightly wider than the courgette and significantly longer. I told them I wanted to share it with Kimberly and we briefly scissored before I worked one end into her and then mounted the other end and worked myself down the length of the cucumber until we had as much shared between us as we could. Unfortunately I’d been a bit greedy and it was too long for our pussies to meet, but this didn’t stop us from moving back and forth, taking turns humping against it. Kimberly was a bit tighter than me so it moved in me more than in her – this was easily solved by me holding it in place when it was Kimberly’s turn to hump against it and we also let Mark have a turn pumping it back and forth between us.

I got a bit carried away and without thinking I reached a hand around under my body and started using a couple of fingers to fuck my ass. Mark asked if I liked having my ass played with and I told him I did so he asked if he could fuck me there. I looked over at Kimberly and asked her if she let him fuck her ass – she blushed a little at this and said that she had done, but not often. I told Mark if Kimberly let me fuck her ass that he could fuck mine and Kimberly looked a bit confused so I told her to trust me and that I wouldn’t hurt her. She agreed to at least try and got into a 69 position with me. I pushed her down a bit more and licked over her ass a few times, then pushed a couple of fingers into her and gently moved them while waiting for her to relax. I sped the ‘relaxing’ along by burying my tongue in her pussy and sucking on her clit and once she realised this might be fun, I for Mark to hand me another banana (the one we’d used before was somewhat mushy by that point), sucked on the end to apply saliva for lubrication and pushed it slowly into Kimberly’s ass.

I worked the banana into Kimberly ass a little at a time while continuing to lick her pussy. I only put a few inches into her before pumping steadily in and out and between licks I asked Mark if he liked seeing his wife being fucked like that. I pretty much knew the answer as I could see he had his cock in his hand and I told him not to get too excited as I wanted him inside me before he came. I then changed my mind and suggested he slide into Kimberly’s pussy and once my view was obscured by his cock and balls, I concentrated on licking her clit and fucking her ass while Mark fucked her cunt. Kimberly swore a number of times – fortunately with pleasure – and I suggested to Mark that he should finish off inside Kimberly and fill her cunt with cum (despite wanting him inside me again). He opted to hold out and fuck my ass, but still did a fairly good job of fucking Kimberly and the triple stimulation (cunt, clit and ass) had the desired effect and she came. I encouraged her to be more vocal and told her to be as explicit as possible – she was certainly literal and told Mark to fuck her pussy and me to pump the banana deeper into her ass and suck her clit. I could feel her breath on my crotch and wanted to tell her to eat or finger me, but as she seemed to be enjoying herself so much I didn’t want to break her flow and let her concentrate on her own pleasure. Only after she’d cum did I feel her mouth on my pussy as she kissed me there. I watched as Mark withdrew and lifted my head to steal a few licks from his cock before I gently removed the banana from Kimberly’s ass and heard her whimper.

Mark was eager to move on to fucking me but I wanted Kimberly to be involved so I distracted him for a little while, sucking, stroking and fucking him and giving Kimberly time to recover. When she said she was ready, I lay over her in a 69 position and asked her to eat me, then got Mark to slide into my pussy and get coated in my juices and finally told him to go ahead and press against my ass. He was sensible enough to take things slowly and I pushed back against him to help ease him in while Kimberly licked at my cunt. He went in quite deep and I got him to pull back a bit before fucking me and as I rocked back and forth against his steady strokes, I ground my pussy against Kimberly’s face, feeling her tongue licking different parts of my pussy or clit as I moved. I didn’t ignore her and kitty kissed her at first, then got Mark to hand me the cucumber and worked this into her pussy (although I had to get Mark to snap it in two so it would fit as her pussy and my head were reasonably close to the headboard. I teased her ass with the other end of the cucumber, but didn’t try to push it in to her as I thought that might be a bit much. I made sure Mark knew not to cum too soon but realised this wouldn’t be an issue Kimberly was eating and fingering me quite enthusiastically and asked for the other end of the cucumber to use in me. I handed this to her and felt my pussy being filled with it (to the extent that Mark commented on being able to feel it as Kimberly moved it inside me).

I started cumming without the usual build up and told Mark to cum whenever he wanted. Kimberly eased off but I told her (quite abruptly) to keep fucking and eating me. My orgasm pulsed through me but even when it ended I told Kimberly to keep going until Mark came. He sped up slightly and a minute or so later he pushed a bit deeper into my ass and told me he was cumming. Even though what Kimberly was doing felt incredibly intense, I told her to lick me just a little longer and then asked her to ease off. Mark pulled out and said he wanted to take another picture so for good measure I got Kimberly to push the banana I’d user on her into my ass and Mark got a short of Kimberly licking my clit while DPing me with the cucumber and banana. Naturally, he wanted the same shot of her so I pushed the banana back into her ass (with a little difficulty as it was getting rather mushed) and gave a smile for the camera while lapping at her clit.

While Mark was in the bathroom I asked Kimberly if we’d gone too far and she said it was certainly more than she had expected, but that she had enjoyed herself. When Mark returned, I told them both that I’d visit them at home if they wanted and Mark was as eager for this to happen as Kimberly had been the previous day when I’d asked her. I told them I’d added my number to Kimberly’s phone when I’d texted the picture to myself (which was a lie as she already had it) and that we would arrange a visit where I’d be their little sex slave and would challenge Kimberly to see who could cum the most times. (We had to explain this to Mark as he hadn’t overheard the comment I’d made to her while we were playing and I told him how in the past I had cum 50 times in a day. Kimberly blanched
slightly at the thought of that and I assured her that it was a fair time ago when I was significantly younger so I doubted I could match quite that number, but I’d be prepared to give it a good try.

Once I was dressed, I gave Kimberly a big hug and thanked her for sharing her husband with me, then gave Mark a big hug and thanked him for sharing his wife and his cum with me. I fingered a final dollop of yoghurt into Kimberly’s pussy and knelt to messily eat her. I told her I’d keep going until she came and she said she wasn’t sure she could so I teased her and pointed out that I’d easily win if she tied so easily. That was enough of a challenge to rile her competitive spirit and she said ‘fine – make me cum’ – so I did. I fingered her pussy and ass (using different fingers) and licked and sucked on her clit until she shuddered, lay back and moaned that she couldn’t believe I’d just got her off again. I told her to stay where she was and climbed up over her to give her a kiss while grinding my pussy against her thigh. I offered myself to Mark and said he could fuck me again if he wanted, but he wasn’t ready to cum again so I excused myself and told them they could just owe me an orgasm and pay me back next time.

I skipped out of the room a happy girl – my crotch felt wet and slightly sticky but still tingling with arousal and I texted Anna to see if she wanted to meet up for lunch before I headed home. She got back straight away and said she could but it would be just her as Ewan was off at football and we met up a little while later in a place she recommended. As soon as she saw me she commented on the fact that I looked really happy and I told her I’d got lucky the previous night and was feeling satisfied. At first Anna looked shocked that I would cheat on Mike and Jen, but she than asked if they were really okay with me doing things like that and I told her (again) that we have an open relationship and that this was why I didn’t mind the fact that Mike had propositioned her and why I’d told her I would happily sleep with her as I thought she was beautiful. I immediately assured her that I wasn’t trying to sleep with her as I remembered how awkward things had been for a while after I first told her I was attracted to her and Anna said it was fine – which of course meant I had to ask if she had changed her mind and if she wanted to head to her place and get naked that we could skip lunch. Fortunately I said this in a joking manner as Anna just sighed and said it was fine for me to be attracted to her, but she didn’t want to sleep with me – or Mike. I told her I was just teasing her (I wasn’t, I would have fucked her in a heartbeat, with or without Ewan present) and we changed the topic of conversation to something more innocuous – although went back to some of the details of the guy I’d picked up at the hotel bar (conveniently omitting the whole Kimberly/Mark scenario).

Anna came back to the hotel with me (after I promised not to try and jump her) and then walked to the train station with me. I even got a long goodbye hug as we talked about it being too long since we’d seen each other and how we should try and get people together. I wondered if she could feel the heat radiating from my pussy and I gently pressed my crotch against her and gave her a kiss on the neck. I knew I was just working myself up into a state and on the train I sat with one leg folded over the other, giving the guy opposite me a view up my skirt to my pussy. I spent a lot of the journey fantasising and feeling my pussy getting wetter and more aroused, to the point it felt like it was pulsing by the time I got home. I hugged both Mike and Jen then led Jen upstairs with just the words – ‘been thinking about Anna – need to cum’. Mike especially appreciated my desire as he had wanted to fuck her for quite a while (Jen had too, Mike more so though). As I undressed, Mike asked how quickly I wanted to cum and I told him to get me off, then take time making me cum again. He did as I asked and glued his mouth to my clit, licking and sucking me in a way not too dissimilar to Lis does and I came for him. After that, Jen had a turn kitty kissing me and Mike fucked me. I then 69ed with Jen while Mike played with MJ and kept her occupied and he ate me one more time.

With my desire properly satisfied for the time being, I gave Mike and Jen a detailed account of the weekend – what I’d got up to with Mark and Kimberly (and told Jen Kimberly had asked after her), what I’d done with my random bar guy and what I’d fantasised about doing with Anna and Ewan. I showed them the pictures and Mike selflessly volunteered to play with Kimberly if they ever wanted to do a wife swap (and Jen interjected that she had first dibs on Kimberly, having played with her previously). I told Mike I’d let her know, but thought if that were ever to happen that it would take a lot longer to convince Mark of the idea and I wasn’t sure there was enough time left before I’d have to start behaving myself if I was going to try for a baby.

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