Monday, 20 February 2017

2015 Valentines

Given everything that had happened over the past year (mostly Mike getting Lis pregnant and Sue and I firmly cementing our sisterly relationship), we had decided that it would be good to have Valentine’s day with all of us together. This meant I got to have the day with my three favourite girls (Jen, Sue and Lis) and Mike, Jen got me (I hope I’m first), Lucy and Sue, Mike got Sue, Lis and Lucy and Josie got a whole group of people who all loved each other and had more history than she had with Sue. That isn’t to say that nobody loved Josie – she was certainly at the top of Sue’s list (even above Mike, Jen or me) and Mike, Jen and I were all growing increasingly fond of her. Josie still thought it was slightly odd that Mike was fathering a child with Lis, but she accepted it and we took this as a sign that she was becoming increasingly indoctrinated into our little world of polygamy (not that anyone was actually married to more than one person, but we would be if we could).

Everyone arrived on the Friday afternoon as we had arranged a nice romantic group dinner on the Saturday but also had a slightly less romantic (but still fun) thing that we needed to take care of – another sex show, but this time involving Sue and I performing fully as sisters. Sue, Josie and I were shaved (Mike did Sue, Lis did me and Jen and Lucy did Josie). We were all rewarded with the lick test to ensure we were perfectly smooth and had a light dinner together before handing MJ over to our friendly neighbourhood babysitter and heading off to the old building that housed the shows.

Sue had managed to convince Josie to not just join in, but to go without a mask (which only seemed fair as none of Sue, Mike, Jen and I would be wearing one). While we would usually have put on whatever outfits we would wear for the show at home and travel in them, we couldn’t do that this time or Rachel would have been rather surprised so we changed at the place. Sue and I went with very short and fairly transparent nightdresses while Jen and Josie dressed up as schoolgirls. Josie said she felt rather ridiculous going out in front of a group of strangers dressed like that but we distracted her with some fondling while waiting at the side of the room in the shadows as the audience turned up. Even with us taking her mind off what was about to happen, Josie was still nervous about the thought of marching out to the well-lit beds in the middle of the room and performing in front of (or with) a large group of guys (Josie still hadn’t decided if she was going to let them do things with her).

Once Alistair (the owner of our favourite sex shop who also arranges the shows) told us everyone was present, I took Jen’s hand and Sue took Josie’s hand and we led them over to the beds. Jen and I started fondling and kissing while Sue helped Josie get warmed up further until they were making out properly. Alistair announced to everyone that as promised, he had a pair of sisters and told us that everyone wanted to see Sue and I play with each other. I was a little annoyed at this as I fully intended to play with each of Sue, Jen and Josie but I didn’t really mind which order I took them in so gave Jen a little push towards Josie and I embraced Sue who (like me) was naked by this point. Sue and I kissed, fingered, stroked and then ate each other while Josie and Jen put on their own version of this on the other bed. Sue and I made each other cum fairly easily (and sufficiently loudly so everyone was sure we’d cum) and we then moved over to help out with Jen and Josie. We fingered them as they ate each other, rubbed ourselves up against them and stroked their bodies. Jen came first but Josie wasn’t too far behind with Jen licking her, me fingering her and Sue fingering her ass.

Mike joined us next and while eating one of us, another would ride him and a third would lick him and whoever was riding him. The remaining girl would either fondle the one doing the licking or stand beside Mike so he could finger her. During one part of the session like this I called over to Lis and pointed out that Mike had a spare hand. To my surprise, she walked over to the bed, lifted her skirt and let Mike fondle her. This behaviour needed to be rewarded so I moved around to her side of the bed and started pulling her clothes off. Lis resisted briefly but I promised her she could cum and she allowed me to help her get naked. Sue was ushered off of Mike’s cock so Lis could take his place and I asked Josie if I could take over the licking duty – she agreed to this and moved around to be fingered while Mike and I worked on getting Lis to cum. This was significantly easier than I’d expected (not that we usually have any trouble making her cum, I just thought she would be nervous) and Lis came while sitting up over Mike, humping up and down on his cock, with everyone watching her.

Lis did seem to feel a little nervous as she climbed down from the bed and gathered her clothes up. If she hadn’t been pregnant I would have suggested she remain and join us for the main part of the show (audience participation), but the safety of the baby had to come first so this wasn’t an option. I followed Lis back over to Lucy and challenged Lucy to have a turn. She asked if I had already assumed she wouldn’t so I told her that I actually didn’t know as she was far more adventurous than she used to be and had repeatedly surprised me over the past year or so. Lucy asked if she could wear a mask and I told her to go ahead if it meant she would join us but she decided it might be a bit too much (although she was impressed that Lis had performed and cum so readily). I told Lis to keep working on Lucy and went back to join the others, having a turn sitting over Mike’s face. Once each of us (excluding Mike) had cum again, Jen and Mike retired to the side-lines and the audience was offered the chance to fuck us. This was taken up as eagerly as ever and Sue, Josie and I took each of the guys (we made sure that each of them had turns in each of us, both mouth and cunt). For some of the time we’d be fucked individually, some of the time spit roasted other times fucked while doing things with each other (generally two of us 69ing with guys in each of our cunts).

A number of the guys also toyed with our clits and breasts as they fucked us, wanting to see (and make) us cum over and over. Between being fucked by 14 guys and playing with each other, I managed to cum four times, Sue three times and Josie twice (we weren’t given breaks between orgasms to recover, although generally did at least get the guys to ease off on our clits for a little while after each orgasm). I made five guys cum (four in my cunt and one in my mouth), Sue had four (three in her mouth and one in her cunt) and Josie had five (three cunt, two mouth). When the guys had finally finished with us, we thanked them and I told them I wished they could have all cum in (or on) me without having to use condoms (but they know the rules). We still had the final two parts of the show to go and daisy chained once more, kitty kissing each other to prepare for Mike fucking one of us. Sue was the one to get this honour and we arranged ourselves on the bed with me on my back, Sue leaning forwards over my face so I could lick her and Josie lying further up the bed so Sue could eat her. Mike started off fucking me and then crawled up over my body to fuck Sue. He moved between us a few times so he was fucking our juices into each other but finished off in Sue, pumping into her with long hard strokes and telling her she could cum whenever she wanted. He waited until she was moaning into Josie’s cunt before he let go and came in her, pushing in as deep as he could with each stroke and then remaining buried in her briefly before pulling out and stepping back to let the audience come closer and watch as his cum dribbled out.

I made a show of licking the cum from Sue’s pussy, but also let a couple of the guys finger her and then push them cum into my cunt. Sue kept eating Josie until she came and at this point she pushed and soaked my face with pee. I had been expecting this at some point in the proceedings, just not quite then but Jen took this as her cue to re-join us and bounded over onto the bed. Jen knelt over my chest and peed over Sue’s back and ass and my face and one of the guys asked her if he could have the same treatment from her that he’d got before. Jen paused briefly but decided that as she had already peed on him that she may as well let him enjoy himself again so she got the guy to lie on the floor while she stood over him and directed her stream of pee up and down his body. She left the guy lying with his cock in his hand and came back to the bed to lick at Josie, Sue and me as we peed over and licked each other until we were all pretty much soaked.

Jen wanted to show off one more thing and got Mike to bring over the lube. She coated her hand and squirted a good amount into Sue’s pussy, then started fingering Sue – at first with three fingers, then quickly going to four, then adding her thumb and working her whole hand in. I sat over Sue’s face as Jen did this and Josie kissed and fondled Sue’s nipples and toyed with Sue’s clit. Sue moaned loudly enough to be easily audible to everyone (even with my pussy over her mouth) and she was fisted and frigged to another orgasm. As Sue came I pushed as hard as I could and emptied the last bit of pee I had into Sue’s mouth. She kept eating me so I remained over her and humped back and forth theatrically, telling her to keep eating me and referring to her as little sister. I came, climbed down and kissed her before offering us to any of the guys who thought they could go another round. We only have a few takers – one in particular wanted Sue so we let him play with her while Josie and I took two each (allowing them to spit roast us with each guy taking turns at each end of us).

Before the audience left, we got Lis out from the side-lines to say her goodbyes with the rest of us ‘performers’ and thanked them for watching and/or helping us cum. As usual, we got some offers of money but refused them (we know that Alistair gets paid but we don’t take anything for putting on the shows – I do it for the sheer enjoyment of having a captive audience). One of the guys asked if I would be willing to do a private show and I considered it but thought it would be safer to have a go-between so told him to contact Alistair and we could negotiate. He thanked me and said it would be worth my while and after he (and everyone else) had gone I asked Alistair about the guy and if he thought it would be safe. Alistair said he wouldn’t tell me anything about the guy until the guy had actually contacted him and asked Alistair to pass on his details (apparently being known for discretion is a big bonus in the adult entertainment world) and I said I understood and would wait to see if he got in touch.

It didn’t take much to talk Alistair into what had become a semi-traditional ‘thank-you fuck’ (us thanking him for arranging things). He wanted a turn in Sue while I lapped at them both and then wanted Sue, Josie and me kneeling over the bed so he could move between us. We altered this a bit so one of us was on the bed being eaten and fingered by whoever he wasn’t fucking and we moved round every few minutes so each of us got a turn with Alistair’s cock or each other’s fingers and tongues. Unsurprisingly he wanted Sue and I to try and make each other cum, which we worked on, but didn’t ignore Josie. Alistair came while fucking Josie with me eating Sue. She was quite close to cumming when he came so I kept going and let him watch as I made her cum. Josie and I then 69ed to finish each other off while Sue lazily stroked our bodies and gently fondled us to help out. All in all, it had been a good show and I had particularly enjoyed letting people watch Sue and I eat each other, although eating her was no longer a ‘new’ experience. I mentioned this on the way home and wondered if we could somehow work the sex show into the fantasy about Sue’s first time with us – we came up with a few fun ideas but none of them could ever have worked so they didn’t make it in to the soon to be transcribed (promise) fantasy.

When we arrived at home we realised that Sue, Jen, Josie and I couldn’t go in to the house and meet Rachel in our current state. For starters, the four of us only had our coats on (Josie had her long socks on) and secondly, we were all still covered in pee. The four of us went round the side of the house to hide while Mike, Lis and Lucy went indoors. They chatted with Rachel, checked that MJ had been okay and sent her home (making up and excuse that the rest of us had decided to stay out and would be home later). Once Rachel had left, the rest of us headed in and up to the shower to freshen up before joining the others downstairs to discuss the evening. Lucy got teased for backing out and we told her that the guys would have loved to see her naked – this wasn’t really much of an attraction for her as she is gay. Jen is different as she has learned to enjoy the power she has over men even if she doesn’t want to sleep with them and Lis just wanted to join in to have some fun (she isn’t really an exhibitionist but her sex drive had increased somewhat over the previous couple of weeks of her pregnancy). I reminded Lucy that I’d warned her about that (Jen had gone full-nympho for a considerable part of her pregnancy – although had also lost her sex drive for another part). Lis wasn’t quite as bad as Jen had been but we promised them that if Lucy needed any help that she could always send Lis up to be group fucked as many times as she could take.

As Lucy hadn’t cum yet, she was played with throughout our discussion. Jen got to have the first go with her and Mike asked (and was granted) permission to eat Lucy once Jen had finished with her. Lucy played with Josie (with a bit of help from Lis) and both I and Mike had a little time with Lis (not enough to make her cum, but enough to enjoy her). We had way too many people to fit in the two beds so Mike took Lis up to his room (it was only fair that the pregnant woman should get a bed – and Mike wanted to spend some time talking to Mini-Lis), Jen took Lucy up to her room and Sue, Josie and I remained downstairs in front of the fire, using multiple duvets as a bed.

As planned, the Saturday (Valentine’s Day) was a much more romantic day. Lisa arrived in the morning (sadly she hadn’t been able to make it for the Friday as she had work to finish at Uni). Mike and her disappeared for a while to say hello properly and she then joined in with the rest of us – throughout the day we all had sex with each other, but they were mostly one-on-one sessions, with a good number of them being in private so we could deepen our ties with each other. As I’d mentioned before, this was slightly different for Josie as she was the newest one to the group, but I think she appreciated the fact that we all understood how much Sue loved her and that it was our way of welcoming in her to the inner circle. As an additional sign of this, we presented Josie with a canvas print of her pussy that matched the ones we had up on the wall in the bedroom and then moved the prints around to hang it beside Sue’s pussy. On the Saturday afternoon, Mike took Lisa along to the photographer to get her high-definition pussy shots (as well as a few more of her playing with herself, being fucked and of Mike’s cum leaking from her).

Rachel looked after MJ again and we all went out for dinner on the Saturday night. I think that many of the people who saw us were confused as to whether Mike was out with seven women or whether he and Lisa were out with three lesbian couples. After dinner we went home and slept as four separate couples (I prefer having Mike with Jen and me on days like that but didn’t mind letting Lisa have him for the night). As you can tell, I’ve skipped over most of the actual Valentines Day as we want to keep that as something personal (as we occasionally do with anniversaries and birthdays).

The Sunday was back to normal (our normal anyway – or at least our weekend normal). We had one session where all but two of us either knelt on all fours or sat on the bed while the other two went round and licked, fingered or fucked everyone in a row, then took their place at the end of the circle and the next person got up and started playing with everyone in turn. Mike particularly enjoyed having six willing cunts lined up and on his turns he alternated between sliding his cock into each of us and briefly fucking us and eating each of us. I liked the idea of fucking everyone too so for one turn I slid one of our long double ended dildos into my pussy and used the other end to fuck each of the girls with. When it came to Mike, I got him to suck the dildo so he could get all of the other’s juices (it was probably mostly Lis’ juices as she was beside him).

Mike was allowed one last session with Lis before she and Lucy left – both Lisa and I felt a little jealous of this, but we understood that she was carrying his baby (and Lisa knows that I’m next for that honour – fortunately she is young enough that she isn’t desperate to get pregnant yet). I suggested to Lisa that we could distract ourselves and asked if she would join me in fucking Sue. Lisa was more than happy to join in our incestuous session and didn’t mind the fact that the three of us fucked in front of Lis, Lucy, Jen and Josie. Sue and I got a bonus treat when we were told to sit up on the sofa with Sue sitting on my stomach and leaning up so our pussies were close together. Everyone took turns licking up and down the length of our cunts and comparing our tastes, textures, smells and looks. We were teased about which of our cunts they preferred (Jen opted for Sue and accepted the fact I’d spank her later as punishment).

When Mike and Lis finished, I was allowed to lick her clean (Mike had already kitty kissed her, but she still had some of his cum in her). Our kitty kissing session was cut short by us being told that Jen needed us for one last play before Lis and Lucy actually left. As you might guess, this involved use of the bath as Jen wanted to make use of having 6 girls (and Mike) who were willing to pee on her. The session actually started on the bed with Jen being licked, fingered, kissed and slapped and when she got close to cumming we moved into the bathroom. She lay down in the bath, Lucy sat over her face and the rest of us girls stood over her (it was quite a crush). Mike couldn’t fit in the bath so he stood beside it and concentrated on losing his erection (which he found rather difficult while watching us all kiss and fondle each other. Jen used a vibe to masturbate with as she ate Lucy and Mike occasionally reached in to slap her inner thighs or breasts (she loves being stung in both of these locations). She told us when she was getting close (bu talking loudly into Lucy’s cunt) and as Jen came, we rewarded her by all peeing over her – Lucy directly onto Jen’s face and the rest of us just spraying what we could over Jen’s body.

Jen enjoyed her orgasm immensely and peed herself while cumming – Josie and Lisa received the most of this over their legs and we watched as Jen continued to frantically rub the vibe hard against her clit and pussy for much longer than usual. The rest of us went back to kissing and fondling each other until Jen came again, with Lucy cumming just a little before Jen’s second orgasm. It was only after the session that I found out that Lucy had not only been on the receiving end of Jen’s tongue, but that she had also been pulling Sue’s ass cheeks apart and swirling her tongue around between them. We hadn’t quite finished yet as Jen wanted to lick each of us clean before we showered off so Lucy climbed off of Jen’s face and we each took a turn sitting over Lucy until she had lapped at each of our pussies. We then crowded back into  the bath, pulled the shower curtain and hosed ourselves off, helping each other to soap up and rinse off (which isn’t each with seven people in a bath).

As people dried off, Mike my, then Jen’s and finally his toothbrushes to rub along each of our pussies and then pushed then slightly into each of us. He said that this would allow us (meaning mostly him) to enjoy brushing his teeth that night, knowing he’d get to taste all of us. Lis and Lucy were presented with one of the cameras that we and Sue and Josie had and were told they could have access to our cameras if they agreed to leave it on all the time and let us watch each other whenever we wanted. Surprisingly it was Lis who thought this was a little strange (I know it *is* a little strange, I just thought it would be Lucy who would object more) but they said they would give it a try. Lisa was also given a camera and she readily agreed to put it in her bedroom but she wasn’t sure if the people she fucked at Uni would agree to do so on camera (they actually didn’t care and Lisa kept the camera on all the time).

We all headed into town, saw Lis and Lucy off and then waited for Lisa’s train then finally Sue and Josie’s train. Each goodbye had the usual amount of fondling with fingering under skirts as we kissed. Sue and I tried to make each other cum while standing off to the side of the main concourse, but it was too busy to get enough privacy to actually get each other off (although we got fairly close). Jen promised Sue that she could watch her make me cum that night, which she did, but I had to admit that I hadn’t been able to wait until Sue had got home and had demanded that Mike make me cum as soon as we got home. He obliged and ate me but wouldn’t let me go until I’d cum twice for him. Given my arousal was based around my final fingering session with Sue, I had to describe fucking her while he worked on me and I pictured her cunt over my face and recalled the texture of it on my tongue – which certainly helped things along. When it was Jen’s turn to make me cum later that night (with Sue and Josie watching) I had to repeat and embellish on my description until both Sue and I had cum (Josie took care of Sue from behind while Sue sat facing the camera with her legs spread. We then got to watch each on the ‘permanent’ cameras as I repaid Jen and Sue repaid Josie.

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