Friday, 3 February 2017

A Day With Sue – Part 3

Both Mike and I remained in Sue and he said he could feel the vibe buzzing against his cock through Sue’s ass. Sue panted that it had been a good orgasm and told me that I should fuck her like that more often. I told her I’d keep it in mind but was cut short by Jen saying we now needed to switch places. I pointed out that Sue might need a little while to recover before getting into the strap-on as the internal vibe might be too intense after she’d just cum. Jen said I was just trying to buy time as I’d only just cum as well and when I pointed out that I could cum again as many times as they wanted, Jen decreed that Sue could have a break and recover on the condition she ate me while doing so. I accepted the challenge and unfastened the harness, revealing a sticky mess around my pussy where I had leaked more juices than normal (I like to think I was actually trying to shoot cum into Sue). Sue climbed off Mike, revealing his very hard cock and before Sue could intervent, I bent down and took a fair length of him in my mouth and sucked him clean. I then lay beside him and spread my legs, telling Sue to do her worst – and corrected this to asking her to do her best. Sue made herself comfortable and started kissing around my pussy but within a few minutes she was licking and eating me properly. I loved the sight of her face between my legs and could have probably cum quite quickly if I hadn’t held back. I ran my fingers through her hair and murmured my approval as she toyed with me, her tongue swirling around my clit, between my lips and taking small excursions down and around my ass. Josie took this opportunity to get some close up footage of Sue eating me and then moved back – presumably to show the two of us together. I told her I couldn’t wait to see the movie and she told me off for breaking the fourth wall.

I don’t know why, but I had always thought that Sue would be relatively inexperienced at eating pussy – even though I knew she had been doing things with Jen for years and had gone down on many other girls in that time. I’d already learned that she was better than I had expected but still marvelled at just how good as she pushed me close to cumming and then kept me there. Now I know I could have held back and taken what she was doing for longer but Jen said it was time for her to fuck me and told me to beg Sue to make me cum. I knew full well what they wanted so played up to it and repeatedly told Sue how good what she was going felt and begged her to eat my cunt and make me cum, all the time referring to her as ‘little sister’. Sue did her part and lapped at me until I came for her, ate me through my orgasm and then kitty kissed me for a little while before climbing up my body and kissing me. I could taste my juices on her face and feel how wet she felt as she ground her pussy against my leg and I reached down to caress her ass, spreading her cheeks and reaching between them to pull on her pussy lips.

Jen said it was time for me to be fucked and as I’d already claimed I could cum as many times as they wanted I didn’t even bother asking for some recovery time. Mike got me to mount him while Sue had the strap-on harness fastened around her waist but before she slid the vibe into my ass I was treated to the feeling of her tongue swirling around my ass. Mike teased me about enjoying having Sue lick me there but I just told him I loved the way it felt and would happily do the same to her. I felt her move away and looked back to watch as she knelt behind me, pressed the vibe against my ass and pushed forwards. I stopped moving on Mike and concentrated on the feeling of Sue entering me. It felt good, but was still too soon after my previous orgasm for it to feel really good so Mike and Sue just fucked me for a while with more verbal teasing from Mike. I helped by imagining Sue cumming in me and as the rhythmic thrusting in my holes continued I felt my arousal building again and told them to carry on and make me cum.

Mike suggested we update our fantasy of Sue’s first time to include her fucking me like this and I pointed out that it would be better the other way around (so I was in her ass for her first orgasm). Sue said that it wouldn’t be that realistic (for her first time) and I countered with the fact that having Mike fuck her while she ate me probably wasn’t that realistic for the first time she did things with us. Between us we described the fantasy as far as we’d developed it (which I will document in a future entry) and that certainly helped push me along. I was soon eagerly pushing back against the cock and vibe that were fucking me and telling them both to fill me with cum. Sue complained that she wasn’t ready to cum yet so Jen helped out by tightening the harness on her which pushed the internal vibe harder against Sue’s clit. Sue said this felt much better but that she still needed some time before she could cum and Mike suggested that he and Sue try to make me cum before Sue and then keep fucking me until she came. I was up for the challenge and managed to hold out for a fair while, even with Mike whispering to me and talking about how much I enjoyed having my little sister buried in my ass. I did lose however, when Sue reached between Mike and me and rubbed my clit. I complained that this wasn’t fair and did my best to hold back, but even when I tried thinking about boring things, the triple sensation of ass, cunt and clit was too much so I let go and enjoyed my orgasm.

As planned, Mike and Sue kept fucking me after I’d cum. Sue said she was getting close and Mike egged us both on, getting me to tell Sue how I wanted her to cum in me. I did this loudly, describing how I wanted to feel her cum filling my ass, my cunt and my mouth and then covering my body. Sue enjoyed the image and came, pressing into me so the internal vibe pushed hard against her clit. She remained in me for a little while and when she pulled out, I lifted myself off of Mike and watched as she bent and sucked his cock clean of my juices, just as I’d done after she had fucked him. In a half-hearted attempt to get revenge I took hold of the vibe and pulled it down, knowing that this would push the internal vibe against Sue’s clit. I briefly considered sitting over her and forcing her to cum again, but decided against this and ended up releasing the vibe and just kissing her.

We had a break and Josie told us she’d got a huge amount of footage and would enjoy stitching it together. I’d actually forgotten she had been filming us (having got caught up in the session with Mike and Sue) and told her that to make it fair that she would have to feature in part of the film as well. Josie said she didn’t mind this, but that we’d have to both fuck her for that to happen and Jen decided that this would be our next session. Before we even started it was decided that Sue and I would focus on Jen after Josie and she didn’t argue with the suggestion so we headed back upstairs and set about making Josie cum. We didn’t do anything particularly unusual – each of Josie, Sue and I were teamed up on by the other two and each of us got to cum. I ate Josie for a while as Sue rimmed her and Sue ate Josie while she ate and fingered me. I spent a little while licking and spearing Sue’s ass (to repay her for earlier) and I ate Sue’s pussy once more while Josie used some toys and her tongue on me. As soon as we had finished with Josie, Jen crawled onto the bed and said it was her turn – we were allowed a minute to get a drink as things had got quite hot and sweaty but were then straight back to work on Jen. The session with her was broadly the same as the one with Josie – we did the same ganging up on each other but with Jen we also spent a fair amount of time with Sue and I either side of her, grinding against her thighs and fingering her while each sucking on one of her nipples. Mike got a long clip of Jen’s orgasm building, our fingers exploring her pussy and her increasingly desperate mewing as she got closer to cumming (and of course, her orgasm).

After dinner, Sue and I had to sit and masturbate, allowing the others to do whatever they wanted to each of us. We were fingered, eaten and fucked (by Mike), had toys used on us and were occasionally asked to kiss, finger or lick each other. For a couple of hours we had to keep playing with ourselves or each other but weren’t allowed to cum. Once again we were driven to the point of being desperate to cum – probably even more so than I had been earlier when I’d been begging Sue to finish me off. We also reeked of sex with our pussies, thighs, fingers and faces covered with our own and each other’s juices. It was at this point that Sue and I were given the challenge of going to one of the nearby pubs and making each other cum – in public.

This certainly sounded appealing and the unfiltered part of me thought how we could walk in, I could sit up on the bar, spread my legs and have Sue eat me as everyone watched.  Sadly I don’t let this part of me run my life too often – even though it would be significantly more fun – otherwise I would have been arrested multiple times over. We settled on the compromise of wearing long coats with long socks (for Sue) and hold-ups (for me) so we could easily get to each other’s pussies. Josie won the draw to come with us and witness our efforts and we headed off – walking part of the way with our coats fully undone and our bodies exposed and only covering up when someone else got too close. Once in the pub, we ordered drinks and found somewhere to stand in the corner. The three of us chatted for a while until Josie told us to get on with it. I whispered to Sue that my pussy already felt wet and that I wanted her fingers back inside me and we moved over to a corner and I pushed Sue up against the wall. She undid the front of my coat and kissed me as she slid her hands around my naked waist and down over my ass. I told her to play with me from the front as otherwise too much movement would show if she tried to reach my pussy from behind and she kept one hand on my ass as she moved the other around and slipped a couple of fingers between my pussy lips.

Sue and I didn’t put on too much of a PDA as Sue fingered me – we kissed occasionally and chatted with Josie (who was standing beside us and helping to shield us from others seeing what we were up to. As I got close to cumming I leant on Sue more and whispered in her ear how good it felt. Her fingers strummed back and forth over my clit, occasionally dipping into my pussy and gathering more juices and when I told her I was just about to cum, she gripped my ass tighter and told me to cum for everyone. I smiled at the thought of how well she knew me and imagined everyone in the pub knew what we were up to and was watching me cum. I kissed Sue once more and moaned into her mouth then rested against her as I caught my breath.

With my orgasm completed, it was now Sue’s turn. I asked Josie if she really wanted her girlfriend to cum while surrounded by so many people and Josie just shrugged and said ‘she’s done much worse’. Sue gave Josie a push and told her she was hardly a good girl but Josie stood her ground and said she wasn’t anywhere near as bad as either Sue or I was (which we didn’t argue with). I fastened a couple of buttons on my coat, had a drink and Sue and I turned around so I was against the wall and she had her back to the room. I unbuttoned her coat and reached up to caress her breasts, coaxing her nipples to life and then rubbing my palms back and forth across them to further tease her. Sue said this felt good so we leant in for a kiss and I slipped a hand down to her crotch and stayed gently frigging her clit. I basically repeated what Sue had done to me – apart from the fact that I stopped to take a drink a few times, sucking my fingers clean of her juices before each drink. When Sue said she was about to cum, I pulled her to me and kissed her, reached an arm around her and slid my fingers between her ass cheeks to press against her ass. I whispered to her that I could make her cum with both her holes filled and she said she didn’t care so I pushed a finger partway into her ass while I had two fingers from my other hand in her cunt and my thumb frigging her clit. Sue pushed against me as she came and once she had finished, we kissed again and I turned to Josie and told her it was her turn next.

We finished our drinks and took a trip to the bathroom. Sue and I pushed Josie into a stall and told her we could either make her cum there or back out in the main part of the pub. Josie said she wasn’t sure about cumming in the pub so we told her it was fine if she was too scared and we’d do her in the bathroom. Josie started to object but Sue already had a hand in her panties and I quickly pulled her top up and bra off so I could fondle her breasts. Sue and I hung our coats on the hook and pressed our naked bodies up against Josie and as we fondled her, she gradually lost more of her clothes (which I piled up neatly on the toilet). We heard someone else come into the bathroom and I felt Josie go stiff, but Sue and I carried on fondling her. We each had a finger in Josie’s pussy, Sue was bent forward sucking on Josie’s nipples and I caressed Josie’s ass and occasionally pressed a finger into her. I whispered that she should cum while the other person was still in the room and Josie shook her head but Sue frigged her clit faster. Josie pressed her lips together hard, trying to muffle any sounds she might make and I felt her shudder as the familiar look of pleasure swept over her face. I pulled Josie’s head round so I could kiss her and wiggled the fingers I had inside her. Sue knelt and buried her face in Josie’s pussy so I moved around to stand in front of Josie with my crotch pressed up against the back of Sue’s head and kissed her again.

Sue remained kneeling, kitty kissing Josie and I whispered to Josie as to how she could get revenge on Sue. Josie was interested in this and in a whispered conversation I told her that we could give Sue a joint shower given the position she was in. Josie said we couldn’t do that as we had to walk home but I told her that it wasn’t far and that Sue had just stripped her naked and made her cum in a bathroom (ignoring my part in the process). Josie asked if I was serious and I told her I was always serious (which is blatantly not true) but that we should do it at the same time for maximum effect. I had already been humping against the back of Sue’s head, smearing my juices over her hair and felt a tingle at the thought of drenching Sue as she crouched between us. Josie asked if I was sure and I nodded yes but said we should just do one long squirt. Josie and I prepared ourselves, kissed one more time then looked each other in the eye as I mouthed the words ‘3-2-1-go’. I pushed as hard as I could and felt the stream of pee quickly soak the back of Sue’s head and run down my legs. Sue yelped and I looked down to see Josie peeing hard onto Sue’s face. With me behind her, Sue couldn’t escape (at least not before Josie and I finished peeing and I stepped back). Sue had the sense to remain quiet as the other person was still in the room but she glared at us and indicated that she was soaked. I stifled a laugh and pulled her to me to share a kiss and she rubbed against me to try and share the moisture covering her front as she whispered to me that she hated me. I told her that I knew full well that wasn’t true and slid a couple of fingers into her pussy then sucked them clean before handing her over to Josie to kiss.

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