Tuesday, 7 February 2017

A Day With Sue – Part 4

Josie didn’t get away completely and Sue grabbed the pile of clothes on the toilet and told me to put them in my bag. I happily obliged and told Josie there was nothing I could do to help her. Josie moaned and said her coat wasn’t long enough to cover her but Sue and I disagreed. As a compromise, I wore Josie’s coat, which to be fair was a good few inches shorter than mine and while it just about covered my ass, it left a fair bit of skin exposed above my hold-ups and I had to fasten the coat up and walk carefully to stop from flashing the pub as we exited the bathroom and left to go home. When we got outside I didn’t have to be as careful as it was fairly dark so I could let the bottom of the coat ride up and once we reached one of the quieter streets Sue unzipped the front and I walked the rest of the way with it undone (just holding it shut when someone walked past us). About halfway home, Sue pulled me into an alleyway and told Josie that she didn’t think it was fair that she goat soaked and Josie had to walk home naked while I got away without any penalty. Josie agreed (presumably having remembered that I was indeed a part of stripping and fucking her in the pub) so asked Sue what they should do about it. I wasn’t surprised when I was told to take the coat off and kneel in front of Sue. Without being asked to, I buried my face in her pussy and started eating her. Sue pulled Josie up behind me and I carried on eating while waiting for my punishment. As expected, Sue peed into my mouth but unlike her I didn’t pull away and kept eating as I felt the warmth spread through my hair and run down my back. When they stopped peeing and Josie moved back I quickly turned around and buried my tongue between her lips and ate her before standing up and kissing Sue, pushing about hald of the mouthful of pee I had into her mouth, then turning to Josie to kiss her and do the same.

I was quickly beginning to feel the cold so pulled Josie’s coat back on and said we should hurry home. When we arrived Mike and Jen quicly noticed that Sue and I had wet heads and we handed them our coats to wash while Josie, Sue and I went up to the shower to clean off and warm up. When we returned, we reported on our time in the pub – how Sue and I had met our challenge, then fucked Josie and how Sue and I had been peed on. Jen was upset that she had missed this and we promised her we’d let her participate next time. Even though we’d already showered, Jen insisted on licking each of us clean and Mike indicated the dining table where there was a selection of toys spread out for us to play with. Once again it was Sue and I who were meant to perform and we had to share a double ended dildo. This was one of our newer ones that Jen and I had got for the times we really wanted to fuck each other and had a vaginal and anal section at each side in a flattened X. With the dildo buried completely between us, Sue and I could just about mash our cunts together – enough to feel the soft skin and provide a little stimulation to our clits, but not enough to actually cum. That didn’t mean that we weren’t tasked with fucking each other to orgasm though and we thrust and ground away quite energetically. It certainly felt nice and I loved watching Sue push back against me but after about 30 minutes when it was obvious we couldn’t cum I asked for them to allow us to do something else.

Jen said we could now use our hands on each other (she and I have to do this or use vibes when playing with this dildo) and with Sue and I frigging each other we easily came. Sue seemed to cum quite a bit harder than I did and I was a bit annoyed by this. Not that I begrudged Sue a good orgasm, it was just that  the frustrating session I’d wanted a strong cum myself. I told Sue I wanted more and Mike suggested we 69 on the rug by the fire. Sue was happy to spend a while like that so I lay her down on the rug and crawled over her, pressing my cunt to her face. We’d only been dong this for about 5 minutes when Jen walked into the room with a pizza delivery guy. I presumed from the fact that Jen was wearing a fairly skimpy nightdress that this was part of their plan so after looking up and nodding hello, I went back to eating Sue. I heard Jen telling the guy he could join us if he wanted and looked up again to see him standing and watching us. I one again returned to Sue’s pussy and a minute or so later felt him stroke my ass and back. I pushed back against his fingers and then felt a cock press against my pussy. I hadn’t been expecting a pizza fuck but eagerly pushed back and felt him slide into me. Sue was still lapping at my clit and I could feel another orgasm building so I considered trying to hold back and cum with the guy but was fairly confident I could take him fucking me after I’d cum and just let my pleasure build. He pumped away inside me and I moaned louder as I got close to cumming and then thrust back against both his cock and Sue’s face as I came. I briefly stopped eating Sue to tell him to fuck me and that I was cumming around his cock but as my orgasm faded I returned my mouth to her pussy and swirled around her clit. The guy pumped away inside me and came, then pulled out and watched as I finished Sue off and she moaned her way through her orgasm.

I rolled off of Sue and sat up to introduce myself and Sue before fetching some tissues and helping the guy remove the condom and clean off his cock. The guy told us it was his birthday so I asked him if he had enjoyed his present. He said he had and I told him he could have more if he could spare the time. He said he could (which surprised me as from experience they don’t usually have much time between deliveries). It transpired that we actually were a birthday present for him (in a manner of speaking). Some of his colleagues had agreed to cover his deliveries for a while in order to let him deliver the pizza to us as they knew what a Saturday pizza delivery often meant at our place. I was quite amused that our reputation was now semi-openly known as it would make things somewhat easier (although less exciting if we weren’t surprising people). Sue and I sat naked and chatted with the guy, Josie and Sue both had nightdresses on, but these didn’t offer much defence against our fingers and in order to help the guy get ready for round two Sue took Jen and I took Josie. After fingering and licking them for a couple of minutes Jen said we should show the guy what we’d been doing before he arrived and I was confused at first as he had joined in with us. Jen said she was referring to the dildo and I told Sue I was game if she was (which, as ever, she was).

The day of doing things with Sue had excited me and I decided I wanted to share this so after retrieving the dildo and inserting it into Sue’s cunt and ass I looked straight at the guy and asked if he wanted to watch me fuck my little sister with it. He asked if we were all sisters and I kissed Sue and bent down to lap at her clit before saying it was just us two. I then sat and worked the dildo into myself and pressed my cunt’s up against Sue’s. We wrapped or arms around each other and kissed while wiggling our hips around – this didn’t feel as stimulating as the way weld fucked previously but I figured it was a better show. It certainly seemed to have the desired effect as after only a little while when we looked over we saw the guy with his cock in his hand, stroking away. We pulled ourselves apart and Sue ‘won’ as the dildo remained inside her so I told her she could have first suck. Sue quickly rolled a new condom over the guy’s cock and took him in her mouth.

Sue is better at sucking cock than I am and I watched as she took him far deeper than I could. I pumped the dildo in and out of her holes as she sucked him and then joined her so we both licked his cock at the same time and kissed around it. As expected, he seemed to really enjoy this and after a few minutes of being lashed by two tongues I got Sue to stand and pull the dildo from her body, then plant herself on his cock so I could lick them both. I could see the guy fondling Sue’s breasts and knelt up to kiss her (giving him a close up view of us kissing) and stroked her clit and his cock as I did this. I told her not to be greedy and let me have his cock as well so we switched places and Sue lapped at my clit, sucked on my nipples and kissed me.

Jen suggested we let the guy fuck us both at will so Sue and I knelt on the floor with our upper bodies resting on the sofa and allowed him to move back and forth between us as he wanted. Jen encouraged him to switch between us and described how his cock was pushing our juices up into each other’s cunts and how we would eat each other clean. The guy eagerly pushed into us and we told him how good his cock felt and how much we wanted him to cum in us again. Sue complained at this and said he had to cum in her as I’d had his first load. I grudgingly told her that was fine and we told the guy to make sure he was buried in Sue’s cunt when he came. Jen suggested that as it was his birthday he should get to fuck Sue’s ass and I looked over to see what her response was but she just said she was fine with it as long as he was careful. I told him if he was taking her ass that I should get her cunt and as Josie squirted some lube onto the guy’s cock Sue and I returned to our position on the rug in front of the fire and I spread her cheeks. I watched as the guy slowly pushed into Sue’s ass and told him to be gentle, only burying my face in Sue’s pussy once he was inside her and had started pumping in and out.

It was quite easy to make Sue cum like this and as she had kept eating me after I’d cum, I did the same to her. She fought back and ate me in an almost feverish manner and getting me off. I was quite surprised that the guy had lasted as long as he had and decided to make use of it by wordlessly challenging Sue. We both carried on licking, trying to wring a surrender from each other, but no no avail. Sue is just as stubborn as I am and despite the intense waves of sensation we were causing each other to experience, we stuck it out until the guy moaned and came in Sue’s ass. Only then did we start to ease off and move towards kitty kissing each other and I watched as the guy pulled out and he moved back from us.

As he’d got to cum twice, I thought he might be a bit more truthful and asked him if it was really his birthday. He assured us it was and we told him that he’d been sufficiently good that he could come back again – although pointed out that Sue might not be here unless she was visiting again. Before he left, we ensured he got a chance to finger Josie (and if he could have got hard again we would have let him fuck her). He asked to play with Jen as well but accepted the fact he wasn’t allowed to touch her when we explained that she was gay and didn’t do things with guys. As a compromise, we let him watch Sue briefly play with Jen – fingering and licking her and he seemed happy with that. For a parting shot, I took a slice of the now cool pizza and wiped it back and forth over Sue’s, Jen’s, Josie’s and my pussies and then ate the section I’d just covered with our juices. Sue and I (still naked) then showed him to the door and I gave him our number so he could arrange a return visit if he ever needed relief.

We sat and ate the rest of the pizza with Mike coming downstairs to join us. He said he was jealous of the guy for getting Sue’s ass and she told him he could fuck her there anytime he wanted. I half expected him to take her up on this but he said he would save it for her next visit as he wanted to fill her cunt with whatever cum he had left. After dinner Sue and I were told to kitty kiss some more but weren’t allowed to cum – this was just to get us into an appropriate state for bedtime. Halfway through our session, Mike appeared with two schoolgirl outfits and we were helped into these and even had our hair put up in bunches before we were set on each other again in order for some pictures to be taken. Mike and Jen played with Josie as they watched us with Mike spooning with her for a while and Josie spending a fair amount of time kissing Jen and the two of them fondling each other. By the time we headed up to bed we were all definitely ready for some proper action and Sue followed Jen into her room along with Mike while I took Josie into Mike’s room.

As my fingers slipped back and forth between Josie’s pussy lips, she asked what it was like to fuck Sue. I told her that she should know that as well as anyone, although knew full well what she was getting at. I tried to explain that fucking Sue felt so wonderful as it was a combination of the forbidden along with giving pleasure to (and getting it from) someone who I really loved. Josie made a comment about Sue being easy to love and I told her how Sue and I used to really annoy each other when we were younger and how things hadn’t always been so harmonious between us. Josie asked if I’d ever been concerned about letting Sue do things with Mike (even before Jen or I had done anything with her) and I explained that by the point we allowed her to join us, we had grown up enough (and Mike had been conditioning me to enjoy the idea of doing things with women – Sue included). Josie asked if I’d had a brother if I would have let him fuck me and I told her that I wasn’t sure and the closest I could imagine was letting Jen’s brother fuck me. Josie was quite close to cumming by this point so I concentrated on frigging her and described how I had fantasised about having a real cock and pumping my cum into Sue. I went into detail, detailing how my thick cum would seep into every part of Sue’s cunt and leak out of her, all the time swirling my fingers over Josie’s clit and getting her to the brink of orgasm and then pulling my fingers away.

She called me a bitch and said Sue did the same things to her (so I asked who she thought had trained Sue). Josie tried to hump against me but I held my body away from her and just kissed her for a minute. I then scissored with her and let her thrust against me as much as she wanted, enjoying the view of her arousal rapidly building again and her begging to be allowed to cum. I told her to go ahead and felt her mash her pussy against mine harder, She humped up and down, over and over and let out a long moan as her orgasm built and she finally came. Only at this point did I move back against her to help her enjoy her orgasm and once it finished I moved round so I could kitty kiss her and spent a while cleaning her up. When I moved up to kiss her I told her I could just masturbate if she was tired and all I wanted her to do was kiss me. Josie said that this wouldn’t be fair and that she would help me out. I even got the choice of what I wanted her to do and after a little consideration I asked her to use the body wand on me.

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