Saturday, 11 February 2017

A Day With Sue – Part 5

This felt as stimulating as ever – Josie used it on a mid to low setting (the high setting is way too powerful to be pleasant most of the time) and she rubbed it over my nipples, up and down my pussy and over my neck. At first we kissed as she did this but she then moved down between my legs to concentrate the stimulation on my clit, holding my lips apart and buzzing the wand back and forth. Each time it touched my clit I felt a strong surge of pleasure and told her it wouldn’t take long for me to cum with her doing that. Josie drew things out a bit by moving the wand down and rolling it around between my lips, then said she wanted to see if I could take the same things Sue could. I confidently said that I could do anything Sue could (except deep throating) and immediately felt Josie push the head of the wand against my pussy. I knew that this was going to feel intense, but I’ve had it done to me before so I spread my legs wider and relaxed to make the entry easier and asked Josie if she really fucked Sue with their wand. As the head slid into me, stretching my cunt around it, I felt the pulsing throughout my vagina. Josie said that they hadn’t done it often, but they had both been on the receiving end and I told her that she would have to demonstrate for everyone the next day. Josie crouched down and lapped at my clit and I told her I was pretty sure I’d cum even without her doing that – she asked if I wanted her to lick me or not and I told her she could kitty kiss me afterwards, but that I wanted to cum just from the wand inside me. She didn’t have to wait long (probably in part due to the clitoral stimulation I’d got just previously) and I started pumping my hips at the wand. Josie pushed it a little deeper and I lifted my hips up and moaned loudly as I came. As my orgasm faded, Josie turned the wand up to full power, causing me to yelp but she quickly turned it down and apologised for having turned it the wrong way. I felt quite empty as she pulled the large head of the wand out of me and before she put it down I asked her to use it on my neck again on a low setting. This was partially due to how much I enjoy having my neck stimulated and partially as I liked the idea of coating it with my juices from the wand – whatever my motivation, it certainly felt nice and I ‘allowed’ Josie to use it on me for a fair while before saying that we should now kitty kiss.

Josie and I settled down into a gentle 69 – just kitty kissing and occasionally pulling away to say things to each other. We spent about half an hour like this until Josie asked if I could cum again. I told her I could pretty much always cum again and gave her pussy a firmer lick before asking if she wanted to cum again. Unfortunately she said that while it felt really good, she didn’t think she could cum again (and quickly added that this wasn’t meant as a challenge). We kitty kissed for a few more minutes before I pulled away and told her if she didn’t want to cum that we should probably stop or I’d get carried away. Once again Josie said that this was another trait I had in common with Sue so I told her I had an idea for a game but that she’d have to wait to find out what it was. Josie asked if it involved sex and I told her not to be stupid (of course it did). We discussed how Josie saw things developing with Sue and she said that she hoped they would last. I asked Josie if she thought about getting married and she said it was an option, but wouldn’t be drawn on it so I didn’t push the matter, although did nuzzle her neck and say that I approved of Sue’s choice of partner. Josie thanked me and pushed her ass back against my crotch and I added ‘although it would have been nice if she’d had a boyfriend instead so I would have had another cock to fuck’. Josie tried to reach around to slap me, but I was prepared and caught her arm and held it against her body. I apologised for teasing her and Josie said she knew what I meant, but that it was fine as she could always just fuck Mike whenever she wanted a cock inside her. I tickled her and told her to be careful as she was talking about my husband and she replied by pointing out Sue was her girlfriend. I decided that me being allowed to sleep with her because she was my sister probably wasn’t that strong an argument so we called a truce and I told her she could borrow Mike’s cock but that she might have to fight Sue for it sometimes and would also have to put up with Mike eating her (as well as Jen and me).

When Mike, Jen and Sue had got into Jen’s room, they turned on the laptop and directed it at the camera in Mike’s room (where Josie and I were). We had forgotten about this (or we would have put the one in Jen’s room on) but it meant that they got to witness a lot of the things Josie and I did together – not everything as they were distracted with their own session with Mike and Jen both wanting a turn with Sue, fucking, fingering and eating her while teasing her about everything they had witnessed her doing with me throughout the day. Sue apparently stood up to this quite well, allowing them to make her cum three times with Mike cumming in her just after her third orgasm and then letting him remain buried in her as they chatted and fell asleep. Mike asked Sue if she would want to come away on holiday at the summer with us and told her that we had been trying to arrange for another group holiday – mostly with Jen’s Uni friends. I had suggested we get my Uni friends along as well and try to introduce them to the world of group sex (mostly so I could finally get to fuck them all) but we were having a difficult enough time with Jen’s group as many of them had graduated and were now settled in different parts of the country – some of them with people who weren’t entirely aware of just how sexually adventurous they had been in their Uni days. Either with or without everyone else, Sue said she was up for a holiday and said it would be fun to relive the way that she got involved with playing with Mike, Jen and me (while on a family holiday, Sue and I had a conversation about sex and things ‘progressed’ from there).

In the morning, Mike took MJ while Jen played with Sue and they switched so Mike could have a turn with her. Jen shared a vibe with Sue and Mike ate and then fucked her so by the time Sue came downstairs she had already cum three times. I woke Josie by eating her but we finished off by 69ing. Over breakfast I announced to Sue that I was getting to quite enjoy eating Josie and they told us that they could tell from the things they had seen us do the previous night. It was only at this point I remembered about the camera and told them I would have tried to put on a better display if I’d known they were watching but they said Josie and I had shown enough to make it clear how much we had enjoyed our session. It turned out that they had missed the wand being inserted into me and I said that Sue and Josie were going to demonstrate for us – they only briefly resisted this idea before agreeing and Sue convinced Jen to join them as well. I announced my idea for a game, which was basically in response to the others continually saying that Sue and I were similar in our sexual desires and methods. The challenge would be for Mike, Jen and Josie to tell us apart by touch and taste with the winner getting to do whatever they wanted with the pair of us. Sue agreed to the terms of the game (I hadn’t even considered her not doing so) and we fleshed out the rules.

Later in the conversation, I found out that Sue had already cum three times and said this wasn’t fair. Mike thought so too and was going to get me to sit up on the table to be played with but instead sent Sue and I over to the sofa where I sat with my legs spread and she knelt and ate me. Sue still had her long socks on from the previous night (you get one guess who had asked her to keep them on) and apparently looked quite cute while playing with me so Josie got some more pictures and video. Sue played up to this and not only ate and fingered me, but made a show of rimming and spearing my ass as well. She toyed with me for a fair while – not excessively long, but enough to be a good session and for me to be desperate to cum by the time I was allowed to do so. Just before I came, Sue told me to give her a little squirt and when I asked if she was sure she just nodded with a devilish twinkle in her eye. I was too close to cumming to argue – and I had liked the comment she had made about wanting to do everything with each other to make up for lost time (not that this would be the first time we’d peed on/in each other, but I wanted to take it a step further and for us to do as much as possible as often as possible). As my orgasm started, Sue gripped my thighs and glued her mouth to my pussy so I rewarded her with a single squirt of pee. She took this and swallowed it without stopping the thrashing her tongue was giving me and ate me through my orgasm, switching to kitty kissing me and not breaking contact for a good few minutes after I had finished cumming.

I pulled Sue up to kiss her and thanked her. Being the considerate and generous big sister I am, I naturally offered to do the same to her but was told that would have to wait as Rachel was about to come round and collect MJ so we could play the game properly. The others had cleared breakfast away and got partially ready for the day so Sue and I scurried up to the bathroom to shower. I started playing with Sue in the shower and was told to stop (not by Sue). Even when I pointed out that me making her cum wouldn’t stop us doing anything more, we were told to behave and grudgingly just help wash each other (which is still quite sensual even without specific fondling). Mike then gave both of us a shave. I found this slightly odd as we were both still quite smooth (only having shaved a couple of days before) but he said that this was in order to make sure there was minimal difference between us in terms of stubble to make the game more challenging. Mike couldn’t resist giving us the usual tongue test to ensure he hadn’t missed any hairs and I told him this was cheating as it was like extra revision so we only let him have a brief lick of each of us.

With our freshly shaved pussies, we were marched downstairs and had our hair tied back in matching ponytails. Mike requested we put on long socks and nobody objected so we each wore a pair of long white ones (the same type so people couldn’t cheat and use the pattern of the fabric to tell us apart). Mike, Jen and Josie were each given a notepad and pen and we slipped eye masks over their faces so they couldn’t see us. Sue and I took turns standing in front of each of them and allowing them to finger and stroke our pussies. Once they had all finished, they were allowed to remove their blindfolds and write down their guesses as to whether they were touching Sue or me first and we moved on to round two. This one was significantly easier – I used two of the photos taken at a previous photoshoot, one of Sue’s pussy and one of mine and they all had to once again write down which was which. From there, we moved on to round three – another taste round, but also including touching us with their tongues. With the blindfolds back on Mike, Jen and Josie, Sue and I took turns sitting on the sofa and guiding them in to lick at us. They were each given about a minute so they could taste and probe us properly and then had to write their guesses down.

As we hadn’t cum for them yet, it was decided that round four should be ‘sound’ so the three of them sat on the sofa blindfolded while Sue and I took turns eating and fingering each other to orgasm. The rule was that we had to make some noise as we came, but that we were allowed to try and pretend to sound like each other if we wanted. I went first and sat on a chair opposite the sofa to let Sue make me cum. I moaned my way through my orgasm and also panted a little the way Sue sometimes does and we then switched places and I ate Sue until she came. She moaned and panted in a very similar way to I had and I guessed they would have trouble telling us apart (especially as we both vary the noises we make quite a bit when we cum with anything from silence through moaning and panting to dirty talk and swearing).

For round five, it was time for us to do things to them. This was broken down into two parts, firstly they had to figure out which order Sue and I licked (or sucked) them and for the second part of the round they had to tell which order we kissed them in. Round six involved Sue and I lying on our backs with Mike, Jen and Josie taking turns to fondle and suck on our nipples. Round seven was similar to round two, but this time we used dental dams so all they could do was use their tongues to feel the shape of our pussies. This felt quite good and once they had finished comparing us and making their judgements as to who was whom, I challenged Sue to another orgasmic round. For this one, we each had to masturbate ourselves (one after the other) to orgasm and the contestants had to guess the order of our orgasms by sound. Round nine saw Sue and I sitting on the sofa again with our legs spread but all Mike, Jen and Josie were allowed to do was smell our pussies (which we felt would be sufficiently wet after playing with ourselves to give off a decent scent).

What we had intended to be the final round was one Sue and I concocted. Mike had to lie on the rug and keep his hands out of the way while Sue and I took turns riding him and we then knelt on all fours to allow him to take us from behind. It was decided that in order for him to get a point on this round that he would have to get the order right both times he’d been inside us. As Josie and Sue couldn’t fuck us, they were on the receiving end, but this time it was a double dose – either Sue or I would lie on the floor with the other one on top and Jen and Josie took turns kneeling so we could lick their pussies and ass at the same time. Sue and I would then switch round and eat them again and they had to guess the order.

We gathered the three notebooks and announced the scores a round at a time. Unsurprisingly, they all identified us with their fingers and from the pictures. Josie got our tastes confused and Mike for the sound of us cumming (the first time) wrong. Jen couldn’t tell us apart when we licked or kissed her and Josie couldn’t tell our breasts apart just by touch (which I would have thought is easy as Sue’s nipples get much harder than mine do and much faster). Jen got us mixed up when feeling us with her tongue through the dental dam and both Mike and Jen got it wrong when listening to us masturbate. Josie couldn’t tell us apart by smell and Mike only got it right when we were riding him (getting us confused when taking us from behind). This made Mike a technical winner with 7 ½ points to Jen and Josie’s 7 but as I had specified beforehand that he had to get both times right to get the point, it made it a dead heat. Josie pointed out that the interesting thing was that Mike, Jen and she all got different things confused between Sue and me and claimed that this proved her point that we really were alike.

The next issue we had was that as there was no winner, we didn’t know who should claim the prize. The obvious way to resolve this would be for us to be beholden to each of Mike, Jen and Josie and for each of them to have a turn with Sue and I with us doing whatever they wanted. We didn’t object to this, but knew it might be quite tiring and so we were offered a chance to buy our freedom. All we had to do was for both Sue and I to tell our tastes apart. I thought this would be fairly easy so agreed and Sue and I were both blindfolded. Mike fetched a pair of dildos and one was inserted into me and the other into Sue. They were both pumped in and out a good number of times to ensure they had a good coating of juices from our depths and I was then given them to suck one at a time. The dildos were used to fuck us once more before being handed to Sue to taste and we had to write our answers down. Despite my earlier confidence it turned out that neither of us could tell our own juices from each other’s (which Mike thought was ridiculous and demonstrated by turning his back, letting us coat the dildos with our juices again and correctly identifying them).

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