Friday, 24 February 2017

Visiting Mel – Part 1

At the end of February I headed down to see Mel and Julia (leaving Mike and Jen at home with MJ). Mel had promised to make up for the ‘punishment’ we had made her suffer in cumming so many times when she had last visited and I had agreed that as long as the revenge punishment didn’t involve actual pain (it’s Jen that likes that, not me), that I would take whatever she gave.

I was instructed to wear just a light dress under my coat for the flight down and as usual I wondered what the people manning the body scanners could actually see as I stood in the machine. Mel and Julia met me at the airport and we headed to their car. Mel put by bag in the boot and asked for my coat, placed this in the boot and asked for my dress. I checked there wasn’t anyone close by and slid it off, standing naked beside the car as Mel threw the dress in the boot and told me to get in the back seat. I did as she asked and she joined me while Julia took the driver’s seat and started the drive back to their place. Mel asked when I’d last cum and I told her it had been that morning with Jen. She told me to play with myself so I did and she then told me to play with her as well so I reached a hand over and fingered her while she toyed with my breasts. Mel’s fingers soon found their way to my pussy and we sat fingering each other. Mel cheated a bit and pulled out a vibe to use on my clit, which sped things up considerably and as we drove down the motorway I ended up with my legs spread wide, feet up on the backs of the front seats and and orgasm pulsing through my pussy.

For the rest of the ride, I had to keep fingering myself and occasionally use the vibe in and on my pussy. I offered to make Mel cum but as usual, she was more interested in doing things to other people than cumming herself. On arriving at their house I had to leave the car, gather my things and make my way into the house naked – not that this was much of an issue as I couldn’t see anyone around, although it was light enough that some of their neighbours would have been able to see me if they had been looking out of their windows. I didn’t mind that though as I’m pretty much of the mind-set of ‘the more the merrier’ when it comes to people seeing me naked (or cumming) and I didn’t object when I felt Julia’s hand slide up my legs and slip between my ass cheeks. I spread my legs slightly to grant her fingers access to my pussy and she took the invitation. Mel didn’t hurry to unlock the door so Jules had time to get her fingers coated in my juices, which she then wiped over my breasts before pulling me into the house and saying that she wanted some attention as well.

I was given a brief tour of the place and on the whole it was much more girly than I had expected from Mel. The bed had fastenings on each of the corners and Mel showed me the various clasps they had to hold Julia in position, but her favourite toy was a ‘chair’ in the living room that Jules could be tied up in with her legs pulled apart for easy access to her pussy. I wasn’t too surprised when Mel told me to give it a try and once I’d stripped, sat down and lifted my legs, Mel and Julia fastened straps around me and pulled them firm (not too tight – they were sticking to the ‘no pain’ rule). I asked what was going to happen next but found out without being told as Julia knelt in front of me and proceeded to eat me. The only sound she made was a brief comment about having been expecting to eat Mike’s cum out of me and I told her that she was welcome to visit and get a fresh batch from him whenever she wanted. I knew that Jules had more than enough men in her life to help pleasure her and that was the one thing I was a little jealous of her over – it’s not that I don’t get to do things with men other than Mike, but with Jen not wanting to play with men and Mike being mostly straight, I just find it’s easier if most of my partners are women. A big part of my visit was to enjoy a number of cocks (which I had been promised), so when there was a knock on the door and Mel returned with a guy who just stood and watched Julia eating me I wasn’t surprised.

Mel told him to enjoy himself and I watched as he pulled his cock out, moved around behind Julia, flipped her skirt up and pushed into her. I saw her look round and smile at him but she quickly returned to eating me and I enjoyed having the guy watch me as Julia re-familiarised herself with my pussy. She clearly remembered enough of what I like as I was soon moaning that I was going to cum and Mel told me to go ahead. I looked the guy straight in the eye, trying to let him see my arousal as my orgasm hit me, Julia’s tongue swirling around my clit, her fingers buried in my cunt and my hands on my own breasts. Julia switched to kitty kissing me, but after a minute or so of this she pulled back and before I could complain she told the guy to use me to finish off. Julia moved out of the way and he moved forward, rubbed his cock along my pussy and pushed straight into me. Given he was coated with Julia’s juices and I was wet from having just cum, he slipped in easily and as he started fucking me with a steady rhythm he reached up to fondle my breasts. As he wasn’t playing with my clit the sensations were quite pleasurable even after having just cum and I pushed back against his thrusts as best I could while bound by the straps. Even though it was a bit late by this point, I asked Mel if the guy was clean and she assured me he was (even Mel and Julia are quite fastidious about safe sex and demand that their regular partners get tested). I relaxed and told the guy that I wanted to feel him cum – he asked if I wanted it in or over me and I said he could choose. Mel suggested he should cum over me but Julia said in me would be better. In the end the guy decided to remain buried in my cunt and after fucking me for a reasonable time he announced he was going to cum, sped up a bit and then pushed into me deeper and harder as he moaned. I loved the feeling of his cum pumping into me when I hadn’t even been introduced to him (okay, I couldn’t actually feel it pumping into me, but I imagined I could) and I contracted myself around his cock as hard as I could, trying to make my pussy pulse around him.

When the guy pulled out I was introduced to him and Mel untied my arms so I could play with myself as his cum leaked out of me. Julia helped out by licking me a little and spitting the cum over my breasts and at Mel’s suggestion I was offered the guy’s cock to suck clean. We chatted for a little while before we left but within a couple of minutes there was another knock on the door and Mel announced that dinner was here. As Mel went to answer the door, Julia stripped off and then put a blindfold over my eyes. I felt her hands on my body and then the familiar feel of a vibe sliding into my pussy and she started fucking me with it. I had heard Mel invite the guy in and as she led him past the open door to the living room he said ‘fucking hell’ and I guessed he had seen Julia playing with me. Mel told him he could have a closer look if he wanted and I heard his voice get closer. A minute or so later Julia asked him for his hand and I felt a very warm hand on my breasts. I assumed this was the guy and felt him gently squeeze and cup my breasts before Julia pushed his hand down my body and onto my pussy. I felt his fingers slide over my pussy and Julia told him to push them into me, which he did. I later found out that she had been caressing his crotch and around this time she unzipped his trousers, pulled his cock out, rolled a condom onto it and knelt to suck him. All I had been able to feel was him fingering me, followed by him being told to move around and have a closer look at my cunt. I felt my pussy lips being spread and contracted my pussy. Julia told him to use me and when he asked if he could Mel told me to explain what a slut I was and how much I wanted to be fucked. I lay it on a bit thick, telling him how much I wanted to cum, how I wanted to feel his hard cock inside me and how I wanted him to fuck me until I came for him. This seemed to be enough to convince him and he pushed into me – I was still wet from the earlier fucking and having played with myself so he went in as easily as the first guy and he started pumping back and forth. Julia told him to enjoy me as much as he wanted and I felt a vibe being used on my body, moving between my clit and breasts. I could feel hands on my legs and breasts and knew that both Julia and the guy were caressing me (or that he had more than 2 hands) and I just lay and enjoyed the feelings. When I felt the guy speed up, I asked him to hold back just a little longer as I was getting close and he slowed down and Julia pushed the vibe harder against my clit. Soon after, when I could feel that my orgasm was in the final stages of building I told him to go ahead and fuck me however he wanted – he sped up again and with a bit more encouragement he pushed into me even harder and faster. I moaned loudly as I came, telling him to fuck my cunt and cum for me and it was fun to not have to worry about the neighbours hearing (I assumed they could hear me, I just didn’t worry about it as they weren’t my neighbours). The guy lasted just a little way beyond my orgasm before he stopped moving and I once again contracted myself around him to try and milk out as much cum as possible (even if I wasn’t getting this load).

My blindfold wasn’t removed until the guy had left and I was finally untied fully so I could join them and eat the pizza that had been delivered. Julia and I had to use each other to eat off and took turns having the slices smeared over our bodies with the other one then helping to lick us clean. By the time we’d finished eating we were both covered in grease and Mel said that we should clean off before having any more fun. That seemed rather boring to me so Julia and I made our own fun in the shower. I took the opportunity to repay her for having made and helped me cum and was in the middle of fingering and eating her when Mel came to see how we were doing. I told Mel that I could make Julia cum as much as I wanted and she said that Jen had told her she had full authority over me. As punishment, Julia was instructed to pee on me as I ate her, but I’m more than used to Jen doing that so this didn’t phase me and I carried on eating and fingering her until she came.

After drying off, Mel said that Julia should be punished for being impatient and cumming before she was told to. Mel dragged us into the bedroom where Julia had her hands fastened to the bed, a large, firm pillow placed under her ass and her legs fastened to the other posts on the bed. I was handed a chin dildo (one that you fasten around your head so the dildo is protruding forwards from your chin – for use when eating someone) and told that if I wanted to eat Julia so much then I had to make her cum again. This didn’t seem too bad a punishment so I climbed onto the bed, pushed the dildo into Julia’s cunt and set about licking and sucking her clit once more. I felt Mel sliding a dildo into my pussy but ignored it, only when I felt her press something against my ass did I try to turn my head to see what she was doing, but with the dildo fastened to my chin I couldn’t look round and I just felt Mel push my head against Julia’s pussy and heard her tell me to keep going and that she just wanted to send some pictures to Mike and Jen. I didn’t care what they saw me doing so I kept going but had to reach back once to push the dildo further into my pussy as I could feel it slowly sliding out as I moved around on the bed. Needless to say, Julia came (we’re both pretty experienced at fucking each other) and Mel then told me to lean over Julia and feed her the dildo so she could suck it clean. I felt rather stupid doing this – and the ridiculousness was confirmed when Mel showed me the photos, but I’d got Julia off so I was happy enough.

Mel then announced that we were going out. With me being used to having a baby in the house I thought it was quite late, but knew better than to argue so put on the dress that Mel handed to me (she had got Jen to pack some of my things so I didn’t know everything I had with me). It was one of my semi-revealing dresses – a deep cut down the front to well below my breasts and long slits up the side to above my waist. I knew this dress made it obvious I wasn’t wearing any panties (which, as usual I wasn’t) or a bra, although on this occasion Jen had provided a peek-a-boo bra that cupped the bottom of my breasts but let my nipples exposed (they were hidden by the dress). Julia was given a short skirt, tight top, no bra or panties and fish-net tights to wear while Mel wore trousers (I knew that it would be Julia and myself who would be on exhibition though so wasn’t surprised about the way Mel was dressed).

We got a taxi to one of the clubs that Mel and Julia knew and got to skip the line as Julia had fucked the doorman a number of times. Mel promised him he could have her again whenever he wanted but he’d just started his shift so said it would have to be another night. Once inside, Mel sent Julia and I off to dance and told us to make out as much as we wanted. We danced a bit, kissed a bit and allowed our hands to wander. I noticed ‘looks’ from a number of other women – especially from those who had guys who were looking at us in a very different way. We made use of the loud music to shout at each other about how much fun it would be to fuck in the middle of the dancefloor and have everyone else join in (we didn’t just mean ‘join in’ in the sense of a large orgy but ‘join in’ in the sense of having everyone fucking and pleasuring us. On a practical sense we acknowledged that we’d never be able to take everyone with just the two of us and even if we had Susan there with us (the younger girl from Jen’s Uni who we corrupted and is now just as much of a sex-addict as Julia and me are) that we’d only make a dent in satiating the crowd’s desires. As we carried on dancing and fondling, we tried to figure out just how large the ‘dent’ could be and we figured if we each let 10 of the guys fuck us and maybe let another 10 use our mouths that we could at least get a decent number and could increase this further by the two us of lying on the floor 69ing while letting another batch of guys jack off and cum over us.

Both Julia and I had got quite worked up with our little fantasy and we went to find Mel only to discover that she was drumming up some interest in us and had been showing off the photos of me eating the tied up Julia just prior to us going out. Now I have no issue with people seeing me naked and quite liked the fact that I was being ‘seen’ by a number of random guys, I just wished that Mel had used some better photos than the ones of me with the chin-dildo. Fortunately the pictures that most of the guys seemed to like most were the ones where my face was buried between Julia’s legs (so the dildo was hidden inside her) with the double ended dildo bent round between my ass and cunt. Mel casually reached into my dress and fondled one of my breasts and got me to reach up under Julia’s skirt to finger her, then suck my fingers clean. She offered us to the group and a number of guys said they would fuck us but Mel specified that she wanted more than one and most of them weren’t willing to fuck with other guys present. In the end, she actually let Julia and me decided who we’d take home and we selected three guys who were willing to have a group session. They each had to prove they were willing to be a bit adventurous by fondling both Julia and me and we each had three sets of fingers in us, I had my breasts fondled directly and Julia had hers fondled through her top.

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