Friday, 3 March 2017

Visiting Mel – Part 2

The guys were eager to get stuck into us (a phrase one of them used) so we left the club and got a taxi back to Mel and Julia’s place. There was some heavy petting on the way, Julia and I were fingered some more and I ended up with one side of my dress pulled down to reveal one of my breasts with one guy fingering me and another kissing my exposed nipple. As soon as we were indoors I was told to give a live demonstration of eating Julia and she was ordered to pull her skirt up and bent forwards on the stairs. I buried my face between her ass cheeks and lapped at her pussy. I felt my dress being pulled up and a set of hands playing with my ass, but I kept going until Mel said we needed to start servicing the guys. For this, we moved to the living room and with two guys standing by the sofa and one in front of a chair, Julia, Mel and I each took one of them, pulled their trousers down, rolled condoms on and started to suck them.

I was a little surprised that Mel was joining in as I’d expected her to just be the puppet master (or mistress) and it was certainly the case that Julia and I ended up being ordered to strip off while Mel remained clothed. Once we’d done a round and sucked each of the guys (and Julia and I had also rubbed their cocks between our breasts), it was time to let them inside us. To start with, we had to sit on their laps and let them fuck and frig us, turning to face away from them so they could fondle our breasts or towards them so they could suck on them as they desired. As we did this, Mel occasionally knelt and lapped at their cocks and our clits as well as using her mouth and hands to ensure whichever guy wasn’t being fucked remained ‘interested’. Julia and I then briefly 69ed on the sofa before letting the guys fuck us from behind, with the third guy being licked by one or other of us. Julia came first so Mel ensured that I was frigged more until I came (she promised the guys that we’d keep going) and we had another turn of sucking them before moving upstairs ‘to get serious’.

Mel surprised me once again as she told Julia and me to get her naked (which we happily did). Julia immediately knelt and ate Mel while I played with her breasts. The guys joined in and Mel let one of them play with her while the other two started fucking Julia and me. We let them switch between us and rode them, had them on top, let them take us from behind and 69ed while they fucked us. Meanwhile, Mel was mostly being fingered while sucking her guy, but after a little while she joined in properly, knelt on the bed and let the guy slide into her from behind. At this point, the guys were encouraged to move between us, getting a chance to sample each of us in turn – with the one caveat being that if any of them were going to cum that they had to be using Julia or me at the time (I didn’t see the point of this rule as they had condoms on anyway so it didn’t make any difference). Julia was told to lie on her back and reach over to frig Mel but as she got close to cumming, Mel instructed the guy fucking her to do this and Julia was tasked with frigging both herself and me. I thought this felt quite nice and leant over to kiss Julia. We both got to cum one more time before the guys had finished – two came ‘in’ Jules and one in me and we had to help clean the guys up afterwards.

Mel told the guys that they hadn’t finished yet and that it was now time for Julia and I to get them ready for a second round. We were given free reign as to how we entertained them so just gave a ‘standard’ lesbian session with us kissing each other, some breast play, fingering, eating, using toys, sharing a dildo, scissoring and 69ing. The guys were all allowed to take pictures of the two of us fucking, which I briefly thought might be a bad idea but then got distracted by Julia’s tongue and ended up just enjoying being watched. We were quite vocal and moaned more than was really necessary (although not so much that it was *too* fake – and we weren’t just pretending to enjoy ourselves as we managed to make each other cum again). Mel then set the guys on us and told them to finger us and use the toys on us as much as they wanted. I enjoyed having them examine me, but they were more interested in having fingers inside us than frigging us so it could have felt better. One of the guys was quite good with a vibe but I was still glad when we went back to fucking. At one point I was on my back with a guy inside me, with Julia sitting over my face leaning forwards and a guy crouched over my chest fucking her, we moved from this to having both of us on our backs and Mel moving back and forth so we could each take turns licking her while we were being fucked. To finish with, Mel told the guys one of them would get a bonus and asked if they were up for DP. Two of the guys said they were so Mel tossed a coin to see who would get my ass and as Julia rode the third guy to orgasm (first hers and then his), I had to mount one guy, have lube squirted over and into my ass and let the other slide into my ass. As I’d already cum a number of times that night, I felt quite sensitive, but I’d been played with enough since the previous orgasm that it still felt good and I was very pleased to find that neither of the guys seemed at all bothered by the other guy’s cock also being in me (from experience, not many men are like this unless they are actually bi or gay). Mel made sure I would cum again by reaching between me and guy under me to hold a vibe on my clit and I enjoyed the feeling of two cocks eagerly fucking me. I told the guys they couldn’t pull out until they had both cum and I’d cum, but that wasn’t an issue as I quickly felt my orgasm build and kept telling them to fuck my cunt and ass. I came first, then the guy in my ass came soon after and it wasn’t too long before the guy I was riding finished up. I pulled myself free of their cocks and rolled onto my back, thanking them for the fuck and asking if they had enjoyed themselves (they had).

As is usually the case in situations like this (for us anyway – I get that this isn’t that ‘usual’), Julia and I had to remain naked while we waited for taxis to take the guys away. Mel slipped on a dressing gown, but did get Julia to kneel and lick her as we all sat in the living room. Mel commented on the fact I was watching what Julia was doing (as were the guys) and told me to masturbate so I sat on the floor near the middle of the room, lay back on some pillows and played with myself while chatting to the guys. Mel told them they could fuck me again if they wanted, but apparently cumming twice was as much as they could manage. Julia was sent to fetch a banana for me to use and I started off with it still in its skin but then peeled it, worked it back into my pussy and fucked myself with it for a minute or so before pulling it out and eating a section. Julia played along and had the next bite (a bit that had still been inside me and then slipped the other end into her pussy before getting me to eat it. I’m quite sure we would have progressed to 69ing or at least mutual masturbation (possibly with more fruit) if the first taxi hadn’t arrived. Julia and I were sent out to say our goodbyes at the taxi itself – naturally not being allowed to put any clothes on. It was a bit too cold for this, but that just helped firm up our nipples and we stood and kissed the guy goodbye in full view of the driver (and any neighbours who were looking out the window – although we didn’t see any movement). This was repeated for the second and third guys when their taxis arrived with us returning to the house after being fondled one more time and then waving him off.

Mel asked if I’d enjoyed my first evening and I told her it was more than I'd been expecting and that I’d visit her more often if she could promise a ready supply of cocks. Mel told me she’d make me cum as many times as I wanted (and she knows what that means) and Julia warned me that Mel really meant that. We headed up to bed to warm up and Mel took a few more photos of Julia and me playing (with a couple of quite good close-up ones of my face with my tongue stuck between Julia’s pussy lips). I was then given the task of eating Mel to her final orgasm of the night while Julia teased me. Annoyingly, she wasn’t allowed to actually make me cum and once Mel had cum, Julia got me close to cumming and was then told to leave me alone so we could get some sleep. I knew better than to try and masturbate as I was sure Mel would have a way of punishing me already lined up so I just curled up between her and Jules, told Mel she was a mean, cruel, heartless bitch (she takes this as a compliment) and fell asleep with Mel occasionally fingering me.

I woke up on the Saturday morning feeling quite satisfied (it had been a much more active Friday night than I was used to – at least with more cocks) and I decided to reward Mel by eating her awake. I wasn’t sure if Mel would let me finish or tell me to just play with Julia but as she slowly stirred, Mel spread her legs and pushed back against my tongue. Taking this as the universal sign of ‘keep eating me, it feels good and I want to cum’, I kept going and saw Julia sidle up to Mel and lean over to kiss her and play with her breasts. I much preferred this side of Mel to the mean person she usually was and rewarded her by spending much longer between her legs than I usually would (long-time readers will know that I’m not particularly fond of the way Mel tastes). I wasn’t exactly teasing her, but I took my time in getting her to her orgasm and was rewarded with lots of appreciative sounds, heavy breathing and her hand gently stroking my head. I half expected her to push my face against her pussy and be told to make her cum, but she seemed to be happy to just take what we were giving her. When she finally came, I licked her through her orgasm and when she had finished cumming and pulled back I told her to let me continue and I switched to gently kitty kissing her for another five minutes or so.

Mel thanked us for waking her up so nicely (as if Julia wouldn’t do that whenever Mel wanted) and said we could stay in bed and play while she prepared breakfast. Julia and I made good use of this time and as someone who is addicted to cumming as I am, she makes an excellent partner for an energetic session. We made good use of a selection of their toys (which is almost on par with the set that Mike, Jen and I have). We spent a good hour in bed and both got to cum twice (once fairly early in the session and then the second time nearer the end before finishing with some kitty kissing). When we finally went downstairs, Mel finished getting breakfast for us and we sat chatting about some of the other things Julia had got up to (just as Mike and Jen make me do things, Mel makes Julia play with other people – just much more frequently). Mel inspected us both to ensure we didn’t need shaving and then got us to lie beside each other on the sofa so she could stretch a double dildo between our pussies and send a picture to Mike and Jen so they would know I was having a good time. Mel then let us take her up to the shower and we all showered together. Julia knelt behind Mel and lapped at her ass so I took the front and licked Mel’s pussy. She told us that we didn’t need to make her cum again, but just as before, she allowed us to keep going and we easily made her cum.

I was given one of Julia’s short, tight skirts to wear (without panties underneath of course) – I don’t really like skirts like that as I don’t find them comfortable and it’s much more difficult to steal a fondle of my pussy (with either me or someone else doing the fondling) or to give someone an ‘innocent’ view up my skirt. Even though Mel was being very nice, I knew better than to argue though so went with what I was told to wear and was also given a long pair of black socks that left just a couple of inches of skin exposed between them and the skirt. Mel told us she needed to get some work done and instructed Julia to take me to a couple of specific places. At first Julia wouldn’t tell me where these were, but once we’d left the house and were on our way into town she said we would first be heading to one of the sex shops (where they had their own version of Alistair – our friendly sex shop manager). I asked for more details as to just how much fun we could have there but Julia told me to wait and see.

The shop looked a bit run down from the outside, but inside it was in good repair, was a bit bigger than Alistair’s shop and had a good selection of toys, books, outfits and videos. Julia introduced me to the person behind the counter and it transpired that he had been told I would be visiting and would perform for him. There were three other people in the shop that we could see, two near the front and one at the back. Julia slid a hand up my top and told me I should let them see my breasts so I looked over at the manager and when he nodded I shrugged and pulled my top off. Julia got me to sit up on the counter and she fondled my breasts through my bra, then pulled one side down so she could suck on the nipple. I felt her push a hand between my legs and I tried to spread them but the skirt got in the way so I tried to hike it up. This was quite difficult while balancing on the counter so I ended up lifting myself up slightly while the manager reached around me and pulled up my skirt until Julia could easily get her fingers onto and into my pussy. He asked if we wanted somewhere more comfortable and I said I was happy to let her finger me in full view of everyone, but Julia said she wanted to use the room.

I was pulled down from the counter – one breast still exposed and the skirt high enough that my pussy and ass were fairly visible – and led to a room near the back of the shop. There was a ‘bed’ (not a real bed, but good enough) and three viewing windows. Julia whispered to me that we could fuck like bunnies and let them watch us. She then pulled back and pouted a little before adding ‘if you want to be watched that is’. I pulled Julia’s top off as I told her how much I *hated* having people watch me and we quickly stripped each other and started playing. I noticed someone at one of the viewing windows at ignored him at first but then told Julia I wanted to let him see everything so we moved over to the window and took turns pressing up against it (the windows were almost the size of doors, stopping around knee level). We stood back from the window a little and fingered each other and I bent forwards and reached between my legs to masturbate, then noticed we had another customer so moved and let him get a good look at us before returning to the bed to fuck properly. This consisted of a fairly simple fingering, licking and kissing session and I asked Julia how often she got to use the room and how if I lived here, I’d probably never leave. Julia isn’t as much of an exhibitionist as I am (she’s quite happy to fuck in front of people, it’s just that that of itself doesn’t do as much for her as it does for me). She explained that Mel usually got someone in (usually a guy) to play with her and she would have to suck and fuck him. Sometimes she would get to cum, other times things would be over as soon as the guy came. I promised Julia that she would get to cum while I was with her and we moved around to finish things off in a 69 with the same slightly excessive level of moaning as the previous night.

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