Saturday, 18 March 2017

Visiting Mel – Part 4

When Steve finished with me I was told to squat over the bottle on the bar, just so they could watch as it slid in and out of my pussy. Julia got me to press down hard on the bottle so it stretched my lips, but I wasn’t made (or asked) to cum again – which I was thankful for as even I needed a little break by this point. Julia did kitty kiss me for a couple of minutes and offered me to anyone who wanted a second round, but they all had to get back to work to prepare the place for opening so we got dressed, said our goodbyes and set off back to Julia’s house. On the way she told me that our visit would ensure that she and Mel would be able to skip the queue at that club for a good while to come and described how she had similar ‘arrangements’ with a number of the bouncers and managers of clubs in the town.

Back at Julia’s place, we sat and had dinner and Julia and I were told to freshen up and have a little rest to prepare for the evening’s games. They wouldn’t tell me what the plan was, but Julia assured me it would meet my requirements for the visit and I know them well enough that I knew it would be wise to have a rest while I could and Julia and I ended up dozing together in the bed for a couple of hours. I was actually quite surprised when I woke up and found it was after 9 but didn’t have much time to think as we were warned we had only 5 minutes to prepare. Not knowing what I was preparing for didn’t make things any easier, but I slipped on the nightdress I was handed and followed Julia and Mel downstairs where we sat and had a drink. Within a couple of minutes, there was a knock at the door and we were sent to answer it – unsurprisingly it was a guy and I assumed that we were meant to play with him so we invited him in. I had assumed we would take him to the living room, but Julia led him (and me) straight up to the bedroom, on the way telling him that he could fuck both of us, but that he had to make sure that I came and spend longer buried in my cunt. It was clear that the guy wasn’t used to women talking so openly with him (which is a big mistake – if you don’t tell someone what you want, they can’t be expected to guess), but he seemed to adapt to it and the bulge in his trousers was evident by the time we got to the bedroom.

We started off with some kissing – Julia and I kissing each other, then him, then all three of us. We pushed his hands down under our nightdresses and let him finger us, then slid the nightdresses off and let him play with our breasts and then played with each other (with him helping out a bit). By the time we pulled his cock out, he was desperate to get at us and we each had a turn sucking him before letting him slide into us (me first, then Jules for a while). Whoever was being fucked would lick and finger the other one and a few times the person being fucked would sit over the other one so they could also be licked at the same time. Needless to say, we managed to cum and the guy had no problem cumming as well and we slipped our nightdresses on to walk the guy out of the house.

We’d spent about 50 minutes with him and when Mel said we had 10 minutes to get ready for the next one I realised what the plan was. I asked how many she had lined up and was told I’d have to wait and see, but that we might not get much sleep. She did let me have a look at some of the messages and pictures she had sent on the various hook-up apps and while the profile pictures had been relatively tasteful ones of Julia and me together (obviously naked, but without much showing), a number of the ‘follow up’ images were much more explicit. I didn’t have time to read all of the messages as our next match turned up and once Julia let him in, we retired to the bedroom once more and offered our services to him. This guy came a bit faster but Julia ensured we filled his allocated hour by letting him watch me masturbate myself and describe how much I loved having him look at me. He ended up joining in again, using a vibe on and in me and Julia allowed him to take some pictures of me as I came. By the time he left, I barely had a chance to get a drink of water before the next guy arrived so Julia started things off and I joined in, at which point the guy pulled out of Julia and pushed in to me as I buried my face in her cunt. He wanted to just fuck me hard and cum quickly but we managed to slow things down a bit and give him another turn in Julia and have a play with our breasts before he finished off in me – even so he only lasted about a half hour so we had a little time to rest before the next person showed up.

The ‘next person’ actually turned out to be a couple – the girl was a bit drunk as she had gone out to loosen up before joining us and had done a pretty good job as she happily accepted the attention as Julia and I stripped, fondled, kissed, fingered and licked her (unfortunately with the use of more dental dams). It wasn’t all one way and she played with both of us as well – she especially seemed to enjoy playing with our breasts but her fingers found their way to our pussies and she also licked both of us quiet energetically (although it was obvious she wasn’t that experienced in eating pussy). Her boyfriend sat and watched us for about half an hour – occasionally reaching over to caress one of us, but mostly just sitting with his cock in his hand and enjoying the sight of his girlfriend being pleasured by two other girls. Looking back on it, I wish we’d been a bit more forceful with her and tried to make her cum more times, but it was also quite nice to have a longer single session and let her explore playing with girls (we weren’t the first girls she’d done things with, but from her texts with Mel we later found out that it wasn’t something she had done often). By the time her boyfriend was ready to join in it looked like he wouldn’t last too long so I took over playing with the girl while Julia gave him a slow blow-job. I gave the girl tips on how to finger and frig me – using her pussy and clit to demonstrate and we got each other a fair way towards cumming before Julia said it was time to switch back and let the guy fuck me. Despite my weekend being centred around cocks, I would have happily finished things off with the girl, but did as I was instructed and knelt on all fours as Julia moved round to 69 with the girl. The guy pushed into me and I had a close-up view of Julia licking the girl. I scooched over so I could easily kiss and caress the girls lower back and ass and after running a couple of fingers back and forth across her asshole, I applied a bit of pressure and slid one a little way in. After pumping in and out, I added a second finger and worked them in up to the second knuckle – as Julia ate her, the girl pushed back against my fingers with a steady rhythm. I told the guy to play with my clit and got him to rub it in circles and realised I felt much wetter than I had expected (only later finding out this was because Julia had applied a liberal coating of lube to the condom before handing the guy over to me). The girl began to push back against us faster and I kissed her ass cheeks while continuing to finger her. Julia told the girl to concentrate on her clit and eased off licking her a bit – doing just enough to keep the girl very aroused. Julia looked me straight in the eye and I could see she was getting close so asked what it felt like being made to cum by a newbie. Julia announced that she would happily train the girl as many times as she wanted and when she was on the verge of cumming herself, Julia pushed her mouth against the girls pussy once more and rapidly lapped at her clit.

Julia ate the girl as she came and kept going until the girl also came. For a beginner, I was impressed that she’d managed to get Julia to cum – especially as it was almost at the same time (although to be fair that was mostly due to Julia’s experience). The boyfriend pushed into me faster and faster and while I was close to cumming, I realised he was going to get there first and told him to just go ahead and cum. He didn’t need to be told twice and in a matter of seconds he moaned that he was cumming. I squeezed myself around his cock and pictured jets of cum being pumped into my pussy and filling me. When he pulled out I looked round to see what looked like a large volume of cum in the condom and wished I could have had it pumped into me properly. I still wanted to cum and could have asked him to finger and frig me, but liked the idea of our trainee bi-girl being the one to finish me off so asked her (in what sounded like a pathetic pleasing voice) to lick my clit in the way she had just done with Julia. Her boyfriend told her to do me as well and she looked a little embarrassed, but crawled away from Julia and reached over to spread my pussy. Her mouth almost made contact before I remembered to get the dental dam from Julia’s pussy and placed it over mine, instantly feeling the slickness of Julia’s juices against my lips. The girl started to lick me and I told her to concentrate on my clit as I was already close. As she worked on me, I noticed Julia fondling the girl and later found out that she got the guy to remove the condom and she pushed it into the girl before turning it inside out. As the cum started to leak from the girl’s cunt, she got the guy to rub his cock against her and with a little effort even managed to get him inside her (he had gone a bit soft, but was just hard enough). He moved in her as she ate me and I made appreciative noises as my orgasm built. I told her I was about to cum for her and held her head in place – she repeatedly licked my clit and I felt a mini orgasm and then a slightly larger one. They felt good, but weren’t that satisfying and I’m sure if it had been Julia (or Jen, Sue, Lis…) who had been eating me that I could have had a third (and maybe a fourth) orgasm and then felt like I didn’t still needed to cum.

I was gracious about this though and didn’t let on that my pussy was still tingling with desire – telling her honestly that she had just given me a multiple orgasm (two counts as multiple) and that her boyfriend was a lucky guy for having someone like her who was willing to experiment. Julia got the guy to pull out and we watched as the girl sucked his cock clean of her own juices and his cum. Julia whispered to me and asked if I wanted my juices inside her and I told her ‘of course’. I watched as Julia slid a couple of fingers into her own pussy, then pushed them into the girl’s pussy and finally got her to suck them clean. I copied this (not using the same fingers I’d had in her ass) and loved the sensation of her tongue swirling around my fingers, knowing that I’d not only worked my juices into her pussy, but that she was now swallowing some of them too.

Things continued for three more rounds but with us back to having just a guy to fuck. Surprisingly, Mel joined us fir the session at around 3.30 and as well as us having to fuck the guy, she got Julia and me to demonstrate using strap-ons, but in a way I’d never done before… Mel produced two strap-ons – each of the kind that left our pussies exposed and once Julia and I had them on, we had to lay on the bed on our sides, with our pussies together and facing away from each other. Mel and the guy then bend the strap-ons down so we could push together fuck each other at the same time. Now it wasn’t the most comfortable or practical position, but it worked in as much as we could push against each other and both be fucked simultaneously. Mel was adamant that we had to cum like this and she ended up helping out by rubbing our clits, then getting the guy to join in so they could each frig one of us and finger our asses (both made rather difficult by the presence of the strap-ons, but she continued to insist we had to cum and they persevered until we did). As a reward, the guy was allowed to fuck us once more, even though the next guy was waiting downstairs (Mel had at least let him in and was keeping him occupied, but once the 3.30 guy had finished his second fuck, the 4.30 guy was given to us and Mel left us alone with him.

Not being as young as I once was, I was rather tired by this point, but Mel had a final surprise for us at our 5.30 slot was filled by four guys who’d been out clubbing all night and not having got lucky, had trawled Tinder to see if anyone was up for some action. Mel had already matched us with them in her earlier swipe-session (where she just matched us with everyone) so when they messaged her, she told them we would happily take all four of them. They didn’t believe her at first, but she sent them a number of the more explicit photos and they turned up on the off chance of getting laid. I pretty much just lay there and let them use me – at one point I had one in my cunt and one in my mouth, but he kept pushing too far in so I had to tell him to either behave or wait until his friend had cum and that he could then fuck me. Fortunately, his friend didn’t last too long and I let the second one roll me over and take me from behind. He had a bit more stamina and pumped away in me for a good while. Julia had finished with both of her guys by the time my guy came and Mel told them that they all deserved to watch Julia and me play together so we crawled into yet another 69 and worked on each other – letting the guys watch as we spread, fingered, licked and ate each other to our final orgasms of the night. Both Julia and I came before the taxi arrived to take the guys home and Mel made sure that we carried on playing with each other as well as encouraging the guys to stroke and finger us. When the taxi did finally arrive, we had to walk the four of them out (with us still being naked of course) and give them goodbye hugs to thank them for fucking us. It was pretty cold, so as soon as the taxi pulled away we dashed back indoors and I asked Mel if that was it or if she had anything else planned. She told us we could go to bed and rest and I did just that, with Julia on one side of me, reeking of sex every bit as much as I did, and Mel on the other side.

I didn’t wake up until after 11 and when I looked over I saw that Julia was still asleep beside me. I may well have slept a bit longer, but was woken by Mel who was kneeling between my spread legs and was fingering me. After the previous day (and night), this was one of the rare occasions where I could have forgone my morning orgasm, but I clearly wasn’t going to be given a choice in the matter and I just spread my legs further apart to give her better access.                Mel looked up at me and just said ‘good girl’ in a patronising way, but kept playing with me. When I told her it felt good, she said that I should make her feel good as well and asked if I wanted to fuck her or 69 with her. As I still hadn’t entirely woken up, I opted to 69 and shifted sideways so Mel could climb over me without disturbing Julia. To start with, she remained kneeling over me with her pussy raised away from my face and she handed me a vibe to use on her (which I did). I rubbed the vibe up and down her lips, pushed it partially into her and toyed with her clit as she carried on fingering and licking me. I moaned my appreciation and told her I wanted to do the same to her. Mel goes through periods of not shaving her pussy – which I had always assumed was due to her not caring about what it felt like for Julia having to go down on her, but at this point she was mostly shaved with just a patch of hair on her mons. As Mel’s tongue swirled over my clit again and again I instinctively pulled her crotch towards my face until she relented and lowered her cunt to my eager mouth. I immediately licked and sucked it and kept pulling her tight against my face until she got the idea and slid back and forth against me, smearing her juices over my whole face and filling my nose with her scent.

We remained mushed together, licking and eating each other, not breaking contact. I noticed that Julia had woken up, but he just lay there watching us (I later found out she was gently stroking herself but I couldn’t see that at the time). I could feel an orgasm building and wanted to repay Mel, not just for what I was feeling at that point, but for helping arrange my weekend of cocks, and pushed my tongue as far into her as I could between sessions of working it on and around her clit. I felt her fingers press against my ass but I got there first by plunging the vibe into her cunt and then pressing it against her ass until it slid in (just an inch or so). Mel responded by pushing a finger into my ass and we remained locked together, cunt to mouth, until I and then Mel had both finished cumming. As soon as Mel climbed off of me, she turned round and kissed me deeply and told me it was now time for me to fuck Julia.

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