Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Yummy Mummy (or Lauren and Richard) – Part 1

From the time MJ was a few months old, Jen took her to a number of baby and toddler classes. This was mostly for Jen’s sake as she needed to get some adult interaction and not just spend her time in the house waiting for Mike or me to come home from work. Ever since Jen came out at Uni, she’s never hidden the fact that she is gay, but she didn’t advertise it to the other Mums (and the occasional Dad) she met at the events or playdates. After a few months of getting to know them and beginning to fit in to the various circles of friends, it did however come up and over the following weeks, our situation was probed via a series of polite questions, asking whether Jen had MJ via sperm donation or if she was adopted. A couple of the Mums thought it was a strange arrangement for Jen to have me as a girlfriend and my husband to have given her a baby, but most of them seemed to be quite understanding (although Jen thinks there was a fair bit of gossip behind her back). Fortunately, this didn’t change how they acted towards her (apart from the couple who couldn’t seem to accept the situation, but they are quite judgemental anyway).

Jen got to know a few of the Mums much better and it was over a lunch date that Lauren made a comment that her husband thought Mike was a lucky guy to have two women. Jen pointed out that this meant Mike got two women moaning at him when he did anything wrong, but added that it had obvious advantages for him as well. As the conversation progressed, Jen mentioned that we were all in an open relationship so it wasn’t just Mike and I that she got to play with, but this was near the end of the meal and she didn’t give too much more information. A couple of days later, Jen got a text from Lauren asking if she wanted to meet for a drink that night and she happily accepted and wandered down to their usual place (leaving MJ with Mike and me). Jen had assumed that it would be a selection from the usual group who was present and was surprised to see just Lauren there, but as she was one of the people she knew (and liked) best from the group, she didn’t mind.

They sat and chatted about their kids over a few drinks and Jen noticed that Lauren seemed to be a bit nervous about something so asked if there was anything wrong. Lauren paused, bit the corner of her lip and then launched a whispered stream of words at Jen – almost as if she had decided to just go for it and was afraid to stop. Jen found out that Lauren had mentioned Jen’s comment about our open relationship to her husband and he had really liked the idea of having another woman join them in bed. Lauren explained to Jen that she had fooled around with a girl at Uni a couple of times (they fingered each other and the girl had gone down on Lauren), but that it had been a long time ago. Her husband knew about this and had made many suggestions over the years about having another threesome – and since finding out about Jen, had been encouraging Lauren to ask Jen if she wanted to join them.

Jen was quite surprised about this as she hadn’t seen any of this side of Lauren before. Lauren was a couple of years older than Jen and a couple of inches taller, with shoulder length brown hair that she almost always kept tied back. As Jen had always been in Mummy mode when meeting the other Mums, she had never really considered any of them sexually (not seriously anyway), but she knew that she liked Lauren and she was certainly attracted to her. Still leaning close to each other so they could whisper, Jen ran her fingers over Lauren’s hand and told her that she would love to play, but that she really was gay and wouldn’t want her husband to do anything with her. Jen went on and said that he could watch if he wanted, then had an idea (which seemed like the obvious one when she was explaining this to us) and suggested that her husband could always play with me. At first, Lauren seemed surprised that Jen would offer me up to her husband, but then said that she thought he might go for that. Jen leant even closer and whispered to Lauren that it also meant she would get two women to play with her and that they could do wonderful things to her. Lauren blushed deeply at this and Jen asked if that was a bit too much. Lauren nodded and laughed, but kept her hand in contact with Jen’s as she asked how Jen wanted to go about doing things. Jen explained our usual rules (not saying they were our ‘usual rules’ though) – we would all have to get tested for diseases to make sure that it was safe and could then just go ahead and play. This was even easier than usual as Lauren was a doctor so even though she had been with her husband for a good few years, she thought this was a sensible idea (and was able to get the tests done for all of us in just a few days). As they left the bar that night, Jen asked Lauren if she was sure as she didn’t want things to be awkward and Lauren answered her with a hug and said she was excited about the idea. Jen joked that her husband might be even more excited and that Lauren would benefit from that when she got home (getting another blush from her), then leant in and gave Lauren a kiss on the lips. At first Lauren just received the kiss, but she then kissed Jen back. Jen asked if Lauren wanted this kept quiet from the other Mums (she did) and they said their goodbyes before Jen made her way home.

It was obvious as soon as she got in the door that something good had happened and Jen delighted in telling us that she had managed to nab a doctor and then gave us the full details. I asked Jen about the husband (I’d met Lauren before, although had to get Jen to describe her so I could remember which one of the mums she was) and said I’d be more than happy to fuck him and let Jen play with Lauren, although added that I’d like to fuck Lauren as well as Richard (the husband). Jen agreed to this and said she was quite sure Lauren would be up for taking both of us and I looked forward to having a new couple to join us in our games (although at this point we weren’t counting on it being anything more than a one-off).

As I’ve already said – Lauren managed to get our test results through faster than usual and the next Tuesday Jen and I got dressed up and headed over to Lauren and Richard’s house, leaving MJ under Mike’s care (he drove us over, but just dropped us at the entrance to the driveway). While we knew that Lauren and Richard lived in the nicer part of town, we hadn’t realised just how well off they were and their house was incredibly posh. We knocked and were invited in, Richard took our coats and Lauren handed us a drink. They both seemed quite nervous and we engaged in small talk for a few minutes while skirting around the reason we were actually there. As it was Jen who had found them (or been asked by them), I waited and let her make the first move. Jen stepped closer to Lauren and slipped an arm around her waist. Lauren still looked nervous, but didn’t pull away as Jen leant in and gave her a kiss on the cheek, then another on Lauren’s lips. They shared a number of small kisses for a couple of minutes, pausing halfway through to let Richard and I take their drinks and then sat on the sofa to continue. The kissing deepened and Jen ran her hands over Lauren’s body – mostly around her back, but occasionally down over her ass and legs. I moved closer to Richard and quietly asked him if he was enjoying the view and he whispered a yes in reply. Jen placed one of Lauren’s hands on her (Jen’s) breasts and we watched as Lauren massaged them through Jen’s top. I cupped one of my breasts and gently kneaded it, resisting the urge to also rub my crotch.

Richard and I sat on another sofa so he could keep watching his wife and Jen but also start to play with me. His hands quickly found my breasts and we kissed a bit but we both wanted to watch what was happening on the other sofa so I refrained from pouncing on his cock (even though I could easily feel the bulge in his trousers). It was Jen who suggested we head up to the bedroom and she let Lauren lead her by the hand. I let Richard take my arm and we followed them, with me teasing him and asking if he was ready to see his wife given an orgasm by another woman. As with the rest of the house, the bedroom was stunning – and more importantly the bed was huge (emperor size), which meant there was plenty of space for Jen and Lauren to lie down and carry on kissing and for Richard and me to sit and watch. Jen soon rolled on top of Lauren and pushed her thigh between Lauren’s legs while humping Lauren’s thigh. Lauren unzipped Jen’s dress (Jen asked her to do this) and then sat up to pull it over her head. Both Jen and I had put on nice underwear for the occasion and I have to say that while I really like ‘naked Jen’, seeing her sitting over Lauren in her light pink bra and panties, she looked incredible.

Lauren fondled Jen’s breasts through her bra but in a matter of minutes, this was also removed and Jen unzipped Lauren’s dress and dismounted so Lauren could remove it. Jen didn’t waste any time and removed Lauren’s bra before she lay down again and then sat over her once more and went back to kissing her – but now moving between Lauren’s mouth and her breasts. They were grinding against each other more forcefully and as soon as I saw Lauren pull Jen up and close her mouth over one of Jen’s nipples, I reached over to Richard’s crotch and started stroking him through his trousers. He slid a hand up under my skirt and rubbed me through my panties so I stood and turned my back to him and asked to be unzipped. He did this and I let my dress fall to the ground, turned to face him and climbed back onto the bed, straddling him. I pressed my crotch against the bulge in his trousers and we kissed properly, with his hands again finding my breasts, but now closer to touching them properly. I whispered to him that it was a shame for me to be the only one wearing a bra and let him fiddle with the catch until he undid it before sliding my bra off and tossing it to join my dress on the floor. Richard seemed to like my breasts and kissed, licked and sucked on them. I was enjoying the attention, but didn’t want him to miss what was happening so quietly told him to turn around and see what Jen was doing.

I remained on his lap, grinding against his crotch as we watched – Jen had slid her hand into Lauren’s black lace panties and they were still kissing as Jen fingered her. Lauren had her hands on Jen’s panties and we watched as they disappeared down the back and the panties were pushed down. I guided one of Richard’s hands to my crotch and he rubbed me as I pulled at his belt and unzipped his trousers. I didn’t want to climb off of him to let him pull his trousers off as Jen had sat up and was starting to kiss her way down Lauren’s stomach so I just pulled his cock free and pressed my crotch against it for the meantime. Lauren had her hands in Jen’s hair and Jen kept slowly kissing her way down across Lauren’s stomach, briefly stopping at her belly button before continuing down to her panties. Jen pushed Lauren’s legs apart and kissed Lauren’s mons through her panties, then moved down to nibble on her thighs and then kissed her square on the crotch. Lauren had her eyes closed and was breathing heavily as Jen kissed and licked her through her panties. I was impressed at how patient Jen was being – I knew if it was me that I’d have had Lauren naked and my tongue buried in her already. I desperately wanted to see Jen eat Lauren properly but also wanted Richard’s cock so got him to lean back and I helped him pull his trousers down, as well as sliding my panties off before straddling him once more and grinding my pussy against his bare cock. I whispered to him that he felt hard and hot and he replied saying I felt wet and hot. I lifted myself up, took his cock in my hand and rubbed the head against my pussy, then slowly lowered myself onto him. He pushed back and we worked together until he was completely inside me and I slowly moved back and forth.

Jen sat up and pulled on Lauren’s panties, sliding them down her legs and then tossing them over towards me (this was intentional, but not planned). Lauren was a bit hesitant at opening her legs again but Jen told her it was okay, pushed Lauren’s legs slowly apart and lowered her mouth to the now exposed pussy. During the time kissing Lauren through her panties, Jen had gathered that the woman was at least trimmed, but was pleased to see that her lips were completely free of hair (we later found out she waxed – or had someone wax her). Jen kissed around Lauren’s pussy a few more times before gently spreading the lips and licking up the length of Lauren’s pussy and swirling her tongue around the clit, eliciting a gasp from Lauren. I whisper to Richard that it looked like his wife enjoyed being eaten by a girl and moved a bit more on his cock as I took hold of Lauren’s panties, inhaled her scent and told him she was incredibly sexy and that he was a lucky man. I asked him if he went down on her and he said he did so I asked if he would do the same to me later on and he said he would. Lauren pushed her hands back into Jen’s hair and Jen steadily worked on Lauren’s pussy. I rode Richard a bit more energetically and he split his attention between fondling my breasts, clit and ass and watching Jen eating Lauren. I told him he could cum in me whenever he wanted – as long as he made me cum as well but he asked to wait until after Jen had finished with Lauren. I told him that was fine and to keep watching, then climbed off of his cock and moved around to slide Jen’s panties off (they were still around the top of her thighs). Jen let me do this without her breaking contact with Lauren’s pussy and I slid a couple of fingers over and then into Jen’s pussy before sucking them clean, then mounting Richard’s cock once more.

Lauren’s breathing was becoming more ragged but Jen just kept up her steady pace, not wanting to hurry things. I flexed my pussy around Richard a few times and ground my clit against his body, imagining I had Jen (or Lauren) licking me as well as his cock inside me. Lauren came without making and sounds other than her breathing and as she relaxed, I saw Jen’s body relax as well, but she kept licking and kissing and I assumed (correctly) she had moved to kitty kissing Lauren. I quietly explained this to Richard, asking if he did anything similar but he said he didn’t so I promised we’d teach him. I asked if he wanted to fuck me yet and he said he did so I pushed him back onto the bed and told him to play with my clit. He frigged me as I rode him but he then wanted to play with my breasts so I leant forwards and took over frigging myself. I quickly got myself close to cumming and whispered this to him. He said he wasn’t far behind so I pushed myself over the edge and came, enjoying the feeling of his cock thrusting into me and his mouth and fingers on my nipples. He really wasn’t that far behind me (and later said it was seeing my expression as I came that helped him cum so quickly) and he let out a few grunts as he pushed into me. I could immediately feel the added moisture of his cum inside me and bent forwards to whisper to him that I could feel it coating the inside of my pussy. He pushed deep into me again when I said this as I moved back and forth on his cock as I felt the cum start to seep out.

I remained on him (but not moving as much) until Jen had finished kitty kissing Lauren and kissed her way back up Lauren’s body (with a layover at her breasts) and had kissed her for a couple of minutes. Lauren still looked flushed and said it had felt incredible, then looked over and commented that it looked like she wasn’t the only one who had been enjoying herself. I knew this was where we’d find out how things would develop as it can be one thing to fool around with someone else and another to see your partner doing the same think. Fortunately Lauren and Richard had decided they wanted to try this and she was fine with the sight of me on her husband’s cock. When I pulled myself free, cum dribbled out of my pussy and I crawled across the bed to where Lauren was and gave her a kiss. I thanked her for letting me borrow her husband and reached a hand down to her breasts to fondle them. I slid a hand down Jen’s back and between her ass cheeks to her pussy, wiped some of Jen’s juices on Lauren’s nipples and then sucked them clean. Jen copied this, using my juices (and Richard’s cum) in place of her own juices and I told Richard he was honoured as Jen doesn’t just eat any guy’s cum (technically she will generally eat any cum out of me that I’ve allowed into my pussy, so it’s not that exclusive a club, although still limited compared to the number of guys I allow to fuck me and not cum in me).

Jen crawled over Lauren again and they kissed some more as Jen humped against her. Lauren caressed Jen’s ass and then moved a hand around between them to stroke Jen. I moved back a little to give them some space and toyed with Richard’s cock, which was now soft, but still covered in cum. I asked if he thought he could fuck me again and he said not yet so I clarified that I hadn’t meant ‘straight away’ and suggested I help speed things along. I lay down so I could kiss and lick his cock and told him to enjoy the view (he was watching Jen and Lauren again). They had rolled over so Lauren was now on top and she was fingering Jen. Lauren said she wanted to try going down on her, but didn’t know what to do and Jen reassured her and said to just do whatever she liked having done to her. Lauren apologised in advance if she wasn’t very good, but Jen said the fact that she wanted to try meant a lot, although if Lauren didn’t enjoy doing it then she didn’t have to. Lauren kept fingering Jen as she sucked on Jen’s nipples, then she moved down between Jen’s legs and spent a minute looking at Jen’s pussy. I had expected her to finger Jen some more – just with a better view of what she was doing, but Lauren pressed her mouth to Jen and started licking her. Jen murmured her appreciation and as Lauren licked her, Jen kept encouraging her and telling her how good it felt.

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