Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Lis and Lucy – March 2015 Visit – Part 1

In the middle of March, Lis and Lucy made their monthly trek up the country to see us. We had volunteered to go down to them so Lis wouldn’t need to travel while pregnant, but she said she didn’t mind (and if we had visited, only two of us would have been able to go and neither Lis nor Lucy would have been able to see MJ). Lis was into the second trimester by this point and was beginning to show – she had been a bit nervous about what we would think of her new figure (Lis isn’t obsessed with her figure, but she has been used to being very slim throughout her life and being pregnant was the first time she was ‘fat’). We pointed out that her shape wasn’t a surprise to us as we had seen her multiple times on the network camera we had given them and they had in their bedroom. Lucy asked how many times we had spied on them without having told them (we sometimes called each other and said we wanted to watch people fuck) and we told them it wasn’t often, but it was sometimes nice to just see them getting ready in the morning. Lis said that they watched us, as well as Sue and Josie (who we’d given a similar camera to) and I told them that Sue especially loved watching them fuck.

Long-time readers will know that Lucy used to be (or seem) much more ‘proper’ and while we had got used to her being a lot more adventurous, I was still pleased when it was Lucy who suggested that we call Sue and Josie up and see if they wanted to watch us that night. We made a show of stripping off Lis in front of the camera and caressing the slight bulge in her belly while reassuring her that she looked incredibly sexy. This wasn’t even just for show as both Mike and I remembered how sexy Jen looked even when she was very pregnant and how much we had enjoyed eating and fucking her even just before she was full-term. I also recalled just how much Jen’s sex-drive increased during parts of her pregnancy and teased Lis about the fact that Lucy had said that Lis was becoming a bit more demanding in wanting to play during the week. To be fair to her, Lis wasn’t anywhere near as horny as Jen had been, but she did say she had been looking forward to having four people to take turns making her cum and that she intended to make the most of the extra attention.

As Lis had Mike’s baby inside her, he was the first to get to get to go down on her, but I got to sit over Lis’ face as Mike ate her and she certainly did a good job of passing on what he was doing to her. Jen and Lucy played beside us on the bed and when Lis came, Mike moved out of the way to let me kitty kiss her and Mike moved around behind me to slide into me and then moved over to slip into Lucy and semi-fucked both of us. Once I’d prepared Lis for her second round (which happened noticeably quicker than usual), Mike asked her if she’d wear an outfit for him. Lis let him talk her into this and he slid on thigh-high white socks and a simple (but cute) white bra, with the obligatory tiny bow on the front. Mike briefly lapped at her pussy again before pushing into her and she wrapped her legs around him as they fucked. Lis hesitated a bit when he asked her to go on top and she said she felt too big to ride him, but after briefly teasing her that she would be much bigger in a few months’ time, he told her again that she looked incredible and that he was sure he’d think she was just as sexy when she was even further along. Lis rode him and Jen and I knelt either side to suckle on Lis’ nipples and play with her clit. Mike wanted Lucy to sit over his face so he could eat her, but she hadn’t recovered from playing with Jen yet so he had to content himself with Lis. As she got closer to cumming, she leant forwards to kiss Mike and quietly asked him if he really thought she was still sexy. As Mike pumped away inside her, he told her that she was still every bit as sexy as she’d always been, that she would always be ‘his little lesbian’ (of course, he said ‘my’) and that he would love her no matter what. Lis ground her clit against Mike and he held her to him and kissed her as she came, continuing the kiss as he carried on fucking her until he came.

Mike and Lis headed off to sleep in his room, but he got to have a little play with Lucy’s pussy before he went. Surprisingly he didn’t try to make her cum, but he did spend some time thoroughly licking her and telling her he intended to make her cum the next morning. As they left Jen’s room, Mike asked if I was coming with them and I told Jen and Lucy I’d be back in the morning and eagerly jumped off the bed to join them. Mike, Lis and I didn’t do much more that night as Lis felt a little tired, but after sleeping she felt much friskier and let Mike eat her awake (technically she didn’t ‘let’ him as she was asleep when he started, but she certainly didn’t complain and encouraged him to keep going). Lis then wanted to fuck me so I popped into Jen’s room to fetch our good strap-on, managing to get in and out of the room without waking Jen, Lucy or MJ. We helped Lis into the harness and I let her take me with me on my back, on all fours, up against the window and finish off with me riding her. We’d only had the internal vibe set at low power, so Lis didn’t cum while fucking me but that worked out well as it meant Mike could fuck Lis while she kitty kissed me and cleaned up the juices that had been smeared over my pussy by the strap-on. Mike frigged Lis as he fucked her and once she’d cum he leant forwards across her back to hug her as he pushed into her and came inside her pussy.

We lay chatting for a while until we heard MJ wake up and Mike wandered in to see what Lucy and Jen were up to. They had still been sleeping so Mike took MJ and told them they could enjoy some time together while he, Lis and I took MJ downstairs for breakfast. As Lis sat spooning food into MJs mouth (as practice), she mentioned that my behaviour during my visit to Anna had come up in our group of friends. I had told Anna that I’d slept with another couple (and that Mike and Jen knew about this) and coupled with my stripping off and sunbathing naked the previous year, we had been discussed amongst our group of Uni friends a fair bit. Anna had quite enjoyed being the one with the gossip to share and Mike was hopeful that Anna might have changed her mind about our advances and could be planning on calling us to ask for a threesome (with me) and hopefully leading to Jen and Mike joining in as well. None of us thought this was too likely, but Lis said that she would love to bury her tongue in Anna’s pussy as well and we spent a little while imagining what the little bubbly Anna would look like naked and what she’d be like in bed. This kept us amused for a fair while and by the time Jen and Lucy came downstairs to join us, Mike had Lis on the sofa and was eating her with Lis alternating between playing the part of Anna and being herself. As Jen and Lucy ate breakfast (and Mike finished eating Lis), Jen said she’d be more than happy to train Anna as a lesbian but I pointed out that I’d already called dibs on her. Even Lucy joined in and said that once I’d played with Anna for long enough that she’d happily have a turn with her.

When Mike finally finished with Lis, we set about the serious discussion of what we were going to tell everyone about Lis’ baby. Lis and Lucy’s parents already knew that Lis was pregnant and that Mike was the father and Mike had let it slip to Sue, but we still hadn’t told my Mum or Jen, Lisa’s parents or our friends. We had decided that it would be up to Lis and Lucy how they told our friends, but they hadn’t actually decided yet whether to say it was just donor sperm, or to tell the truth and let them know that Mike was the father. After a fair bit of discussion, Lis said that she would rather people knew the truth as it then meant they didn’t have to hide things and we all agreed that we were fine with this – with the one caveat that we wanted to tell our parents (and deal with any repercussions) beforehand. I was particularly nervous about this as things had only just started getting back to normal with Mum after our Christmas revelation that Mike and Jen were both sleeping with my little sister (she still didn’t know I was also sleeping with her), but I’d been preparing for this and after confirming one final time that we all agreed, Jen went off to phone her parents and I texted Sue to tell her and then called Mum.

Both calls actually went better than expected – that’s not to say that there wasn’t a good deal of questioning (both in terms of practicality and morality), but we sold them the idea on the fact that Lis and Lucy wanted a baby and that we had all discussed it before Mike ‘donated sperm’. Nobody asked just ‘how’ he donated it and although we’re sure that Mum and Jen’s parents both assumed that he just fucked her, this was never said and we just kept using the term ‘donated’. Mum asked me if I was fine with Mike having given another woman a child instead of me and I told her that we were planning on creating a sibling for MJ very soon and that I’d be the biological mother this time. This news cheered Mum up as it meant she’d be getting another grandchild (technically MJ isn’t Mum’s grandchild as she is Jen’s baby, but Mum ignores this fact). I fleetingly wondered how she would take the news when we told her that Sue was already talking about having Mike getting her pregnant and she’d end up with yet another grandchild, but decided it wouldn’t be a good idea to push things too far and just give her one revelation at a time.

Jen finished her conversation first and had reported back to Mike, Lis and Lucy and I then told them how my conversation had gone before hearing about Jen’s. We decided to head out for lunch to celebrate nobody being disowned and joked about whether Lis should just post a status update on Facebook about having lunch with the father of her child. She decided she wanted to tell a few people personally (over the phone or via Skype) before making any general announcement so we left this up to her – with the agreement that she would tell us whenever she told anyone.

After lunch, I took Lis to our favourite sex shop and I told Alistair our good news. He did the usual thing of asking if he could touch the bump and Lis told him to go ahead but I said he should be able to touch it properly and pulled on Lis’ dress to raise it. Lis tried to stop me and whispered that there were other customers and I just reminded her that I’d been naked and cum multiple times in the shop (as she knew full well and had even participated in at times). I asked Alistair if he still had our sybian attachments to hand and as he fished them out, I caressed Lis’ belly through her dress and reached up under her skirt to rub it more as Alistair pulled the sybian out to make some space. As soon as it was ready, I unzipped my skirt and let it slide down my legs, straddled the sybian and positioned myself on it, nestling the bump on the pad between my pussy lips and the textures area against my clit, then turned the machine on. I humped against the pad as it pulsed and throbbed beneath me, pretending I didn’t care that the other customers were watching. As I got closer to cumming (which really doesn’t take long with a sybian), I reached for Lis’ hand, then pulled her towards me and slid a hand up the back of her legs and under her dress to her bare ass (she had tried to put panties on before we went out, but we removed them). I pulled Lis tight against me and rested my head on her thigh as my fingers pushed between her legs and I slipped my thumb into her pussy. I pumped and swirled my thumb around inside her and nuzzled her mons through her dress and then lifted the front so I could lap at her pussy as my own orgasm built to the final stages and pulsed through me.

As my hands were full (I still had my right thumb in Lis’ cunt and my left hand was cupping her ass, holding her against my mouth), I couldn’t turn the sybian down so I had to lift myself up slightly in order to stop the intense stimulation. As Lis hadn’t pulled away when I fondled and then started licking her, I assumed she was now all in and I pulled on one of her legs until she spread them a little more, then pushed my head further between her legs to lick her more forcefully. As much as I loved eating Lis in public (what’s the point of having a beautiful girlfriend if you can’t show her off), I wanted Lis to enjoy the sybian so I lifted myself a little higher and inelegantly crawled off of the machine. Keeping my mouth glued to Lis’ pussy, I turned her around and pushed her back towards the sybian. She stood over it and I started to push her down but she just said ‘okay, okay’ and sat down, placing her pussy straight onto the pad. She jumped up and yelped, saying she had forgot just how good it felt and I told her I loved coming in and using it as often as possible, then whispered that I would occasionally use it on the way to or from work – letting Alistair fuck me as payment each time of course.

As Lis turned the power setting on the sybian down a little, I tried to lift Lis’ dress up, but she was still self-conscious about her bump and she stopped me. I told her the dress either had to come up or go down as I wanted her breasts and she said that wasn’t fair as my breasts weren’t out. I was going to point out that I was naked from the waist down, but didn’t want to waste time arguing so I just pulled my top over my head, unsnapped my bra and presented my breasts to Lis. I asked her ‘up or down’ in a firm voice and she sighed and said ‘down’, so I reached around behind her and unzipped her dress, then pulled it down and helped her free her arms. With the dress pooled around her waist, her pussy and stomach were still covered, but I could now toy with her nipples, which had already responded to the stimulation of the sybian and were hard little nubs. I knelt up and offered my breasts to Lis, who sucked on and flicked her tongue back and forth across each of my nipples. I felt Lis’ fingers between my legs and told her she was now getting the idea, then stood up and spread my legs wide. I took hold of Lis’ head and moved forwards to guide my pussy to her mouth. Lis lapped at my pussy in a similar way to how she had done with my breasts and even though I was still too sensitive to want to cum again, I loved this position as I was now facing the other customers in the shop and was pretty much completely naked (discounting socks), while being eaten. I wasn’t too greedy though and ended up moving around behind Lis (with my back to the others) so I could nuzzle her neck and reach around to fondle her breasts and nipples. I nudged the power up on the sybian and told Lis to cum as hard as she could and ignore the fact she had a few strangers watching her. She moaned at me to stop teasing her so I switched to just telling her how hot she was and how I intended to fuck her again when we got home. I repeatedly reached between my legs, smeared my juices over my hand and wiped them over Lis’ breasts, stomach, neck and face. Lis gently moaned as her orgasm neared and I felt her shudder as she came, but she didn’t make any more noise.

When Lis lifted herself up off of the sybian, I pushed her back down, but immediately turned the power down to minimum and told her to enjoy some post-orgasmic stimulation. As Lis’ breathing became more regular I asked if she would lick me just a little more and she hesitated, but realised everyone had already seen her doing this so it wouldn’t make much difference so agreed. I jumped up and resumed my position in front of her, pushed my cunt to her mouth and once again enjoyed her tongue on my clit with everyone watching me. It felt considerably better this time as I’d had a chance to recover from my orgasm and while I hadn’t intended to get her to make me cum, I was enjoying it so much that I just told her to keep going. Lis’ tongue fluttered over my clit and occasionally dipped lower to push between my lips. I looked at my audience as my orgasm built and announced I was going to cum again, this time revelling properly in their scrutiny. I used Lis’ head to help stabilise myself as I came (even with practice, cumming while standing is difficult – at least if you’re properly letting go and enjoying the orgasm) and after letting her kitty kiss me for a moment I knelt down and kissed her, tasting my juices from her face. I whispered if she had enjoyed fucking in front of strangers and she blushed and pulled her dress up. I tried to convince her to keep it off, but Lis asked me to fasten it so I did (although I did slip my hand under the dress and across her pussy, then wiped her juices over my breasts).

I didn’t bother getting dressed and just asked Alistair if we could use the room at the back. He told me to go ahead (he often fucked me in there during my visits on the way to/from work) and I took Lis by the hand and led her past the other customers. I was still naked at this point and announced that if anyone was interested, they could come and watch me eat Lis and if they bought some condoms that they could fuck me at the same time. This was too much for one couple and the woman dragged the guy away (although I was impressed that she had stood and watched Lis and I cum) but one of the other guys asked if I was being serious and I told him I was as we disappeared into the little room. This was Lis’ first time seeing the room set up like this (it used to be a makeshift office) and I sat her down on one of the benches, plopped a cushion on the floor in front of her and pushed her dress up. Lis said she wasn’t sure she could cum again after such a strong orgasm so I assured her I would just kitty kiss her. Lis knew full well that I would be trying to make her cum again but she agreed and let me slide her skirt up to expose her pussy and I started fingering her as we kissed. The guy who wanted to fuck me appeared brandishing a box of condoms and I unzipped Lis’ dress again to expose her breasts and she barely resisted as I pulled the dress over her head, exposing the slight bulge in her stomach. I told the guy he couldn’t touch Lis but could play with and fuck me and was surprised when Lis said she would help him put the condom on. I carried on fingering Lis as the guy fished his cock out and watched as Lis rolled the condom down the length of the guy’s cock and then wrapped her hand around it and stroked up and down. She angled the cock towards me and asked if I wanted it and I bent forwards and took a couple of inches into my mouth and swirled my tongue around the head. After briefly sucking him (for less than a minute), I pulled away, commented on the lime flavouring and kissed Lis so she could taste it. She surprised me further by pulling the guy closer to her and sliding her lips around his cock. I pushed my fingers deeper into Lis and used my other hand to play with her clit as she sucked him and when she released him she announced that he was now ready to fuck me.

Lis slid her ass forwards to the edge of the seat and leant back with her legs spread. I moved back and leant forwards to start eating her, briefly breaking contact to tell the guy to put a cushion down behind me and kneel down to fuck me. He did this quickly and easily slid into me, lubricated with my juices from my previous orgasm and Lis’ saliva. I didn’t quite keep my word to Lis as although I technically started off by just kitty kissing her, I figured if she was horny enough to even partially suck off a guy that she’d cum again so I soon moved to licking her properly. She didn’t complain about this and I reached back to frig myself as the guy pumped away in me. I didn’t try to make Lis cum too quickly and was also drawing out my own orgasm to enjoy myself more so I wasn’t too surprised that the guy came before either Lis or I did (still a little disappointed, but not surprised). I let him push hard into me and flexed myself around his cock but then pulled myself free, told Lis to turn around and lie down and I climbed over her on the bench. Just before I buried my mouth between Lis’ legs, I told the guy to watch us and as Lis and I licked and ate each other I occasionally glanced over to see him with his still hard cock in his hand. Lis came a little before I did, but not by too much and I carried on kitty kissing her until I came.

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