Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Lis and Lucy – March 2015 Visit – Part 2

I thanked the guy for the fuck and he stuffed his still hard cock into his trousers and made his way from the room. I asked Lis about her sucking him and she said it just seemed like the thing to do and I told her he would have probably fucked her if she had asked but Lis said she didn’t think Lucy would have approved of that – and added that it wouldn’t have been sensible to take the risk while she was pregnant (which I agreed with). Lis pulled on her dress while I went out to the main part of the shop and retrieved my clothes which Alistair had gathered up for me. Another couple had appeared in the shop and they seemed quite surprised at me walking naked through the place and then getting dressed while chatting to Alistair. He had been pestering me to perform at another sex show and when Lis appeared he asked if she would participate as well – Lis said no but I told him I’d get back with some dates and see if I could convince someone to join me. Alistair wanted Sue back as apparently the whole ‘getting to fuck real sisters fucking each other’ make it very easy to sell the tickets and I told him I’d do what I could (knowing full well that Sue would probably agree).

Lis and I met up with Mike, Jen, Lucy and MJ and went for coffee. The others were as surprised as I’d been about Lis sucking the guy off and Mike feigned being hurt and asked how she could cheat on him. Lis pointed out that he hadn’t been the only guy to fuck her, to which Mike responded with his fingers in his ears saying ‘laa laa laa..’ as he likes to pretend that as ‘his little lesbian’, he is the only man that Lis ever has or ever will do anything with. Lis gave in to this and assured him that she had no intention of ever letting another guy fuck her in future (she can’t do much about the past). I actually think it would be hot to watch Lis be fucked by a stream of guys, taking cock after cock in her mouth, cunt and ass, having them cum in and over her and watching her cum repeatedly – Lucy doesn’t agree with this in anything beyond theory though (as in she will play along with the fantasy, but doesn’t want Lis to actually do it).

After returning home, we didn’t do much for the rest of the day. I did spent a while playing with (as I’d promised) and Mike spent around an hour going down on Lucy (starting off through her tights, but by the end he was eating her properly). That night Mike and I slept with Lucy while Jen got Lis, who wanted Jen to describe in detail what it was like to give birth. Jen didn’t hold back and told Lis just how much it had hurt, how tired she had felt afterwards and how she would do it again (although she acknowledged that this wasn’t her attitude immediately afterwards!). Lis asked Jen if she could examine Jen’s pussy to see what having MJ had done to her and Jen agreed, slipping a pillow under her ass and spreading her legs to give Lis complete access. Lis spent a while probing around and asking Jen if bits hurt or were any more sensitive than they had been before but discovered that Jen had pretty much recovered (she was lucky and nothing had torn or needed to be cut). Lis wanted to know if Jen was any looser so Jen told Lis to try and stretch her and they would see how far Lis could get. Lis easily got three fingers into Jen and the fourth one without any real difficulty. Jen told Lis to go ahead and try for her whole hand and after a bit of encouragement (and some lube), Lis went ahead with this and got her right hand inside Jen’s pussy. Technically this didn’t prove anything as Jen had been fisted before (as well as having self-fisted), but it didn’t matter as Jen was enjoying the feeling of being so full and the pain mixed with the pleasure just encouraged her to pinch and pull her own nipples as well as asking Lis to play with her clit. Jen came loudly enough that Mike, Lucy and I heard her (even though we were busy ourselves) and by the time Lis pulled her hand out, Jen also had several bite marks on her thighs. Lis felt quite bad about this, but as Jen had asked Lis to do it, and had enjoyed it, she didn’t dwell on it.

In Jen’s room, Mike got to fuck Lucy, pumping his cum into her. As you’d expect, he did eat her beforehand and I had a brief turn on his cock and was then eaten and fingered by Mike and Lucy while they fucked so I wasn’t left out. In the morning, Mike ate Lucy awake, but at the same time used a vibe on my pussy (he mostly just held it in place, but it still did the job). He fucked her hard from behind and at one point when he slid out of her he pressed up against her ass by accident and Lucy jumped but told him if he wanted her ass he just had to be more gentle. Mike told her that as much as he loved her ass, he loved cumming in her cunt even more – although if she wanted him to take her ass then he’d oblige her. This seemed like the obvious cue for me and I told Lucy we’d fuck both her holes and without even waiting for a response I’d dived up and started fastening the strap-on around my crotch. Lucy looked over nervously at me but I told her I’d be gentle and I squirted a good dollop of lube onto the vibe and smeared it around. Mike lay on his back and got Lucy to mount him, then pulled her forwards so they could kiss while I took up position behind Lucy, rubbed the tip of the vibe back and forth across her ass and then pushed in. I worked the vibe in a little way with each stroke and Mike soon told me how he could feel the vibe buzzing through from Lucy’s ass. I told Lucy how much the audience would love to see her doing this at one of the sex shows but she wasn’t really paying attention so I stopped teasing her and we concentrated on making her cum. MJ woke up in the middle of our session but I called for Jen and she fetched her – then got Lis to come in and watch as we DP’d Lucy to orgasm and continued fucking her until Mike came in her and the internal vibe in the strap on had got me off again. My orgasm took the longest as I didn’t have the vibe turned up too high, but by pulling my body up, it pressed the vibe against my clit harder and eventually managed to do its job. Lis insisted on taking a few photos of the father of their child (and me) fucking mummy.

After a naked breakfast and use of both Lis and Lucy’s crotch to eat bacon and maple syrup, Jen asked Lis if she would do her a favour. It wasn’t difficult to figure out that this was likely to be sexual, and Lis agreed without asking what it was. Jen went up and fetched a pleated skirt, white panties and opaque tights and asked Lis to stand in the garden and pee herself. Lis said she would feel silly doing this, but she was already pulling the panties on as she said this so clearly intended to play along. Once Lis was dressed (or half dressed as she was still topless), Jen (who was completely naked) led her out to the garden and knelt down on the grass with her legs folded under her. She pulled Lis towards her and pushed her head under Lis’ skirt to bury her face in Lis’ crotch, then asked Lis to pee. Lis emptied her bladder and felt the pee quickly soak her panties, then run down her thighs. Jen kept licking Lis through the tights, occasionally switching to rubbing her face on Lis’ thighs to soak herself with the pee. Mike, Lucy and I watched from the side-lines and could see Jen moving one of her hands between her own legs, fingering herself and I realised that I had started playing with myself without thinking about it. I had expected Jen to pull the tights and panties off of Lis and eat her properly, but Jen had other plans and looked over at Lucy and asked if she would participate as well. Lucy asked what Jen wanted her to do and Jen said Lucy had to put on the clothes that Lis was currently wearing, then just repeat what Lis had done. Lucy commented on the fact that the clothes were soaked with Lis’ pee, but Jen just responded with an ‘I know, that’s the point’ and waited. Lucy sighed and capitulated, telling Lis to strip off and taking the items one at a time and fighting her way into them (wet panties are difficult enough to put on, but wet tights are incredibly difficult to get into – fortunately Mike was willing to help Lucy out with this).

As it took a couple of minutes for Lucy to get ready, I felt I should help out and occupy Jen so I took Lis’ place over Jen’s face and got her to lick and finger me. I did offer to wait and use the outfit after Lucy, but Jen told me to go ahead and pee on her in my naked state, so I did. I let out a long, steady stream, sometimes humping up over Jen’s face so I soaked her and other times letting her lap at my pussy so I was peeing into her mouth and onto her tongue. I couldn’t see what Jen was doing, but assumed she was still masturbating and later found out that she was also rubbing my pee over her chest and legs as it ran down her body. By the time I finished peeing, Lucy was ready and she took my place over Jen. Seeing as Jen hadn’t made Lis cum, I wasn’t too surprised that she hadn’t tried to get me off either (although was still a bit disappointed). It was really a bit too cold to be outside with wet skin, but I grabbled Lis and pulled her over to the lawn, pulled her down on top of me and told her to fuck me for warmth. We briefly kissed and humped against each other before Lis turned around and we 69ed. Lucy was in the midst of peeing over Jen by this point and I glanced over a couple of times to see Jen rapidly frigging herself.

When Lucy finished peeing, Jen quickly pulled the tights and panties off of her and slid them up her own legs. She asked Lucy if she would play along and when Lucy agreed, Jen got her to lie on her back on the grass and sat over Lucy’s face. Jen pushed her crotch, covered by the soaked panties and tights against Lucy’s mouth and humped back and forth as Lucy licked her. Mike knelt and lapped at Lucy’s pussy (he didn’t think it was fair that she shouldn’t get to cum) and was just about to push into Lucy and fuck her when Jen said she wanted him as well. Mike pointed out that it was a little late as his cock was rather hard, but Jen gave him her best puppy dog eyes and he concentrated on losing his erection enough to pee. Fortunately for Jen, thoughts of our Prime Minister (who he hates) did the job in time and as Jen’s orgasm built, Mike stood over Lucy, aimed at Jen and peed onto her face, breasts and when Jen lifted her skirt, directly onto her crotch. Jen mewed her way through her orgasm, unleashing her own pee to mix with Lis’, mine and Mike’s but Lucy diligently kept licking her and Mike knelt between Lucy’s legs once more and this time got to enter her (it took him much less time to get hard than it had for him to get soft enough to pee on Jen). Mike held Lucy’s legs up and apart so he could fuck and frig her, but Jen took over the frigging and Mike kept pumping into Lucy a she carried on lapping at Jen’s sodden panties. When Lucy came, Mike pulled out and said he would finish off in Lis, but warned Lucy he would eat her later to make up for not cumming in her. Lucy didn’t mind this as she was getting a bit cold and after Jen helped her up, we all went in to shower off and warm up.

Jen showered with Lucy first and scrubbed her back (which was covered with grass stains and mud). Jen and Lucy spent a while kissing in the shower until we told them to hurry up so the rest of us could clean off and when they left, Mike, Lis and I crowded in and washed each other down. When we emerged from the shower, Jen handed MJ to us and said she needed to thank Lucy properly for having licked her so well and they immediately fell into a 69 on the bed. Mike reminded Jen to leave some of Lucy’s juices for him and was told if he couldn’t get her wet enough to taste her that he wouldn’t deserve to eat her. Mike ‘settled’ (for the time being) with fucking Lis so I took MJ off to play with her downstairs and left both my partners fucking other people. Jen was indeed appreciative of Lucy having indulged Jen’s pee fetish and she lapped and fingered Lucy to two more orgasms (and may have possibly cum herself in the process). Mike was equally willing to pleasure Lis and he ate her and then fucked her, ensuring she came each time and then emptied whatever cum he had left into her. They actually finished up this part before Jen and Lucy had and Mike teased Lis about how much of a dirty girl Lucy had turned into and wondered whether she was really a suitable mother for his child. Lis pointed out that Mike was hardly a wholesome and innocent guy and he threatened to eat her again, expecting her to say not, but Lis just spread her legs and told him to go ahead if he wanted. Not one to turn down a shaved pussy, Mike slid back down between Lis’ legs and went to work on her again. Lis moaned her approval and Mike reminded her that she just had to ask and one or more of us would visit and ensure she remained fully satisfied throughout her pregnancy. Lis told him that this was tempting as her sex drive was now certainly higher than Lucy’s, but added that Lucy was doing a sterling job of helping Lis cum, even when Lucy herself didn’t want to cum.

Jen and Lucy had joined me downstairs by the time Mike finished Lis’ bonus session and her pussy was noticeably pink and wet when she entered the living room. Mike reminded Lucy that she still owed him a turn at her cunt and she agreed, but said she needed time to recover from Jen’s licking. I pointed out that as the resident nympho, I was rather lacking in orgasms for the day and this complaint was enough to receive the attention I desired – and then some. To start with, I was told to go fuck our stick-on dildo out in the garden. This isn’t the most comfortable of positions, but when I know I have an audience I love doing it as I stick the dildo to the patio doors and people in the house get a very explicit view of my pussy sliding in and out of me as I hump back and forth. Lis came out and knelt in front of me so she could hold a vibe against my clit (which helped out a lot) and I used her to steady myself as I came, then pulled myself off of the dildo and turned around to kneel and suck it clean.

The mistake I made was saying that ‘this was a good start’ when I came back in, as Mike and Jen said that if I wanted to cum again, they could easily make that happen. I didn’t mind the second orgasm (Lis fucking me with the strap on and Mike stroking my neck and breasts), and the third was still nice (Jen and Lucy sucking on my nipples, fingering my pussy and clit and then using vibes in my pussy and ass while frigging me). I was getting rather breathless by the time they finished, and this was when Mike appeared with our body wand. I said I wasn’t sure I could take that, but I *had* complained about not cumming enough so didn’t even try to struggle when I was told to lie back. Jen decided to make use of some of her bondage toys (fortunately not to inflict pain on me) and tied my wrists to my ankles on each side, then tied both of these together with a rope around the back of my neck so my legs were pulled up and my pussy was completely exposed. I’d only had a brief period to recover (while being tied up) so was still quite sensitive when the body wand was pressed against my pussy. When the tingle gel appeared and was smeared over my nipples, neck, ass and pussy (with a good dollop fingered into me as well), it felt even more intense and to add to this, Lucy was helped into the strap-on and with a bit more tingle gel, she pushed the vibe into my ass and fucked me (all the while with the body wand on my pussy). While this isn’t as intense as the sybian, it was still a fair bit more than I could take at that point and I moaned loudly and squirmed around a lot under the assault. I wasn’t shown any mercy though and even sweet little Lucy seemed to enjoy watching me cum for a fourth time in quick succession with an orgasm that was way too powerful and sharp. To top this all off, Jen thought she might be able to push me to a fifth orgasm (or extend my fourth one) and she pushed the head of the wand into my pussy. I’m not exaggerating when I say I couldn’t speak to tell her I couldn’t take this and I just felt my lips stretch around the head and then felt it plunge into me. The vibration of the wand inside my pussy obviously felt less intense than when it had been pressing on my clit, but was still hard to take and I could feel the tingle gel working on and in me, making everything even more sensitive. Jen pulsed the wand inside me (putting the power up high, then back to a reasonable setting) and I cried out repeatedly, swearing and panting. Jen asked if I could cum again and I just shook my head until she pulled back on the wand and I felt my lips stretch around the head once more. She kept it in this position and I could feel the vibrations on my clit again. I begged her to remove it and felt her slide it out, then felt Lucy pull back and all the direct stimulation stopped, leaving me just with the tingling of the gel.

Jen unfastened my restraints and I let me arms and legs flop to the ground. I realised I had been drooling quite a bit as the side of my face was soaked, but really didn’t care. I told them they were all bastards but was reminded I had wanted to cum and didn’t have the energy to argue. Mike and Lis took turns kitty kissing me (which actually felt quite nice – although I didn’t tell them that at the time) and while Lis was working on me, Jen fetched some yoghurt and I felt the refreshing cold of this being smeared over and spooned into my pussy. Mike ate some of this out of me and I was then told to push some out. I did the best I could to contract my pussy but couldn’t manage much so more yoghurt was spooned into me and then as it dribbled out Lis gathered it up with the spoon and it was fed to me. Now I have no trouble eating my own pussy juice (or anyone else’s) but it was only a little later when I’d recovered that I found out why they were doing this. All through my session, Mike and Jen had been taking pictures of me and had compiled the best ones to send to Sue. They had captured my first three orgasms and had many shots of my fourth, extended orgasm with me looking almost delirious. In response to the photos, Sue said she would do the same to me at her next visit and I warned her if she tried that she would suffer as well.

Mike took Lucy upstairs to give her his promised cunnilingus session and she even agreed to wear Jen’s Japanese schoolgirl outfit. He played with her legs, stroked and nuzzled her through her panties, fucked her with them pulled to the side, ate her properly (making her cum), kitty kissed her until she was ready and then fucked her with the panties off. He hadn’t been expecting to be able to cum in her as he’d cum twice already, but after helping to satisfy (or torture) me, he decided he could probably push himself to a third orgasm and Lucy didn’t object to him cumming in her so they humped and ground against each other until Lucy came and Mike whispered to her that he couldn’t wait until it was her turn to get pregnant. Lucy had indeed started to get a little broody, but was well aware that I had dibs on the next baby and that bad things would happen if anyone got in the way of that. She did tell him that she liked the idea though and that he would have to hurry up and get me pregnant as she didn’t want too large a gap between Lis’ baby and her baby.

We had a late lunch and headed in to town to see Lis and Lucy off. When getting out of the car, Lucy had been ambushed by Mike and Jen and they had forcefully removed her panties. Just to make sure she couldn’t put another pair on, we also fished all of her and Lis’ panties out of their bag and told her she had to manage to send us a pussy shot every hour of the journey. Lucy didn’t quite manage this, but we did get Lis to eat her on camera as soon as they got home and I showed off my rather swollen pussy (the results of the earlier punishment). Even when we went to bed that night my lips were still quite swollen so Jen just kitty kissed me and Mike ‘helped out’ by sliding into my ass. He didn’t cum in me, but steadily fucked me for quite a while as Jen lapped at me and between them they managed to give me a final orgasm. I told them I still hated them, but it’s quite hard to hold a grudge when someone has just made you cum so caved and told Mike he could eat me awake in the morning if he wanted (which he did).

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