Monday, 3 April 2017

Yummy Mummy (or Lauren and Richard) – Part 2

Richard was beginning to get hard by this point – probably not enough to fuck, but certainly enough to make it easier to suck him. I told him I needed to try something and he asked what, but I said I would just show him. I moved around behind Lauren and caressed her ass, then slid my fingers between the cheeks to her pussy and gently stroked her. She looked round and I asked if it was okay and she nodded so I bent down and pushed my tongue between her lips and lapped at her pussy. Lauren went back to eating Jen and I remained in position for a couple of minutes, but realised I was being selfish and pulled away to let Jen properly enjoy Lauren’s first time eating pussy. I went back to Richard and told him that next time he could fuck Lauren while she ate one of us – or that he could fuck me while I ate her. He really liked both of these ideas and I spent a while longer playing with his cock, using my hands, mouth and breasts to stroke him. I asked if he was still willing to eat me and grabbed my panties to wipe myself clean with. He said he would so I got him to lie on his and I crawled over him in a 69 position. I kept my pussy above his face and let him finger and fondle me at first, only lowering myself to his mouth when he pulled me down, but at the same time I kept sucking and licking his cock. He actually wasn’t at all bad at cunnilingus (although he focused on my clit a bit too much so I ended up cumming a bit faster than needed).

Lauren was still working on Jen – although I could tell that Jen wasn’t far from cumming as she was mewing away and I mounted Richard’s cock and explained that Jen was close. We rolled over and Richard moved in me as we watched Jen – her mewing increased and she came. Lauren moved back up Jen’s body and asked if Jen had enjoyed it and Jen just kissed her and said it had felt wonderful. I told Lauren that I hoped she would practice on me and that I wanted to go down on her properly as well. She blushed at this, but Jen hugged her and said to ignore my teasing. I suggested that both Jen and I could play with Lauren together and this made her blush again but she smiled and I reached over to stroke her face. Richard was still on top of and inside me and I wrapped my legs around him and told him he could finish fucking me now, or wait and watch us for a bit, then fuck me. He said he’d prefer to see what else we were going to do so I let him move in me just a little longer and then told him I wanted to play with his wife.

Richard pulled out and I gave his cock a gentle stroke before moving over to where Jen and Lauren were. I kissed them both and asked Jen if I could borrow her new lover for a minute – then added that I wouldn’t be greedy and would share her. We rolled Lauren onto her back and got her to move towards the middle of the bed. Jen lay on one side of her and I lay on the other and we both kissed, stroked and fondled Lauren. I spent a while between Lauren’s legs, first fingering then licking her before asking if she was willing to try eating a second pussy. She said she was so I turned around and lay over her in a 69 position again as I’d done with her husband just a little while earlier. Again, as I’d done with Richard, I let her play with my pussy and be the one to pull me to her mouth. Her tongue was light at first, but as I moaned my appreciation into her pussy (and ate her), she licked me more forcefully. We licked and fingered each other for quite a while and I used a number of different techniques on her, licking her in ways I know from Mike, Lis, Sue, Julia and others. Lauren especially seemed to like the fluttery licks that is Lis’ hallmark and I told her to feel free to experiment on me, but I knew it was still too new for her to be finding her own technique. I told Lauren to let me know when she was going to cum and told Jen to describe kitty kissing to Richard as I did it to Lauren. Lauren asked if ‘kitty kissing’ is what Jen had done to her after she’d cum and Jen said it was. As much as I would have liked to feel Lauren try it with me, I had already stolen her first lesbian 69 so told her to concentrate on what I did to her and that she could try it on Jen afterwards. Lauren was surprised that we intended to have another round but Jen assured her she would be gentle.

I told Lauren if she licked just a little harder that she’d make me cum and when I felt her increase the pressure, I slipped a finger into her pussy and licked her back (with a bit of fluttering on her clit). I purposely held back a bit from eating her properly so I would cum first as I knew I’d be able to get her off and didn’t want her to be too distracted as she came to finish me. I let her make me cum and as my orgasm started to fade, I fluttered my tongue over her clit faster, doing the best I could to copy Lis’ style and I felt Lauren breathing heavily against my clit and pull me harder against her. I ate her until she finished cumming and then kitty kissed her for a number of minutes. I managed to get a couple of little whimpers out of her that sounded really cute but I’m not sure if they were due to what I was doing to her or the fact that Jen was telling Richard how I was gently kissing and licking around her pussy to stimulate her without it being too intense and she felt embarrassed about what Jen was saying.

When I climbed off of Lauren, I gave Jen a kiss to let her taste Lauren’s juices again, then gave Richard a kiss and reached down to his cock, telling him it was nearly time for him to use it again properly and that I hoped he could shoot another load of cum into me. He said he’d try, and from the hardness and hotness of his cock I had no doubt that he’d be able to cum again. I asked Lauren if she wanted a minute before Jen pounced on her again and she said she needed a drink so Richard and I headed downstairs to fetch (and refill) our glasses. He put on his dressing gown but I remained naked as I followed him and I spent longer admiring the house than I had on the way up to the bedroom. In the kitchen I sat up on the island, spread my legs and told Richard that I thought it would be fun to be fucked there. He moved over to where I was and I pushed his hand to my crotch and asked him to finger me. As he did this, I used my feet to part his gown and gently nudged his cock. I told him I wanted him in my mouth again and climbed down, knelt in front of him and bobbed my head back and forth as I sucked him while fondling his balls. When I stood up, I dipped my fingers in one of the wine glasses and wiped the wine over my nipples, then let him suck them clean before turning around, leaning forwards on the island and sticking my ass out, asking him to fuck me. He pushed into me hard and we thrust against each other rapidly, our bodies slapping together. I told him not to cum yet as I wanted to see him inside Lauren and he called me a tease, but slowed down. I pressed back hard against him and turned my head so we could kiss, then told him if I was just a tease that I wouldn’t have been looking forward to having his cum fill my cunt again and that I desperately hoped he was going to do that.

Richard and I carried the glasses upstairs to find Jen sitting on the bed beside Lauren with the two of them chatting. We spent a few minutes sipping our drinks and I occasionally reached over to stroke or kiss Richard’s cock before saying that there was one more thing I needed to do with Lauren before letting Jen have her way with her (again). I told Lauren I needed her to lie over me in a 69 position and then took a few licks of her pussy before spreading her lips and telling her I wanted to see Richard inside her. He eagerly climbed up on the bed behind me and slipped in to her and I regretted not getting him to fuck me again first so he could push my juices into her. As he steadily pumped in and out of Lauren’s pussy, I lifted my head so I could lick her clit and his cock. She said this felt nice and I felt her rest her head between my legs and her breath on my thighs. I hoped that Richard wasn’t going to get carried away but it was Lauren who really seemed to enjoy the position as I felt her start to kiss my inner thigh and then turn her head so she was kissing and licking my pussy. If I’d thought they could both cum again, I would have happily helped Richard cum in his wife and make her cum while having her eat me, but I doubted she would manage a fourth orgasm for Jen and was pretty sure Richard couldn’t cum three times (and even if he could, he wouldn’t be likely to produce any cum the third time) so I reluctantly lowered my head and asked Lauren if she wanted a similar view of him inside me.

At first Lauren didn’t get what I was asking (or she might have just been distracted from what we’d been doing to her), but I asked again and said we could switch positions if she was okay having as close up a view of Richard inside me. She hesitantly said yes and I said she didn’t have to but she said she wanted to see so we rolled over so I was on top and Richard moved around behind her head. I reached back to spread my lips and felt Richard sink into my pussy. I automatically lowered my head to Lauren’s pussy and pushed my tongue into her, tasting the juices that Richard had stirred up. I briefly broke contact to ask Lauren if she liked the view and she said she did so I gave her another few licks before commenting that I’d get carried away if we want any further and it wouldn’t be fair on Jen. To Jen’s credit, she said we could keep going for a while, but I pulled myself forward off of Richard’s cock and rolled onto my side, then reached over to Jen’s pussy and said that it was only fair for her to be taken care of as well. I briefly fingered her and then reached over to Lauren and wiped some of her juices on my other hand, then wiped both my hands over my pussy before telling Richard it would now be like him fucking three girls at once.

Jen took my place over Lauren and Richard crawled over to me. He lay over me and ground his cock against my pussy as we kissed and then reached down to guide himself into me. I wrapped my legs around him and thrust at him in time with his strokes while Jen and Lauren 69ed beside us. I told Richard how good it felt and how I wanted it to last, suggesting he try to hold out until Lauren and Jen came. I asked if he wanted to hear Jen cum and he said he did so I asked her not to hold back as she came and then told Richard to listen to Jen’s mewing, and concentrate on the fact that it was his wife’s tongue and fingers that were making Jen feel that good. He kept up a good steady pace and we remained in the same position until Jen started mewing a bit more insistently, at which point I suggested we change position so we could both watch Jen and Lauren cum. I put a couple of pillows in the middle of the bed and bent forwards, facing them. Richard got the idea and pushed into me from behind and resumed fucking me, but now easily able to see what his wife was doing (and having done to her).

I reached back to frig myself as Richard reached around to fondle my breasts. Jen was mewing more and I could feel Richard pressing harder into me so I frigged myself harder and faster until I started cumming and I panted to Richard to cum in me. He fucked me even harder, pushing me forwards a little with each thrust and I buried my face in the bedcover and concentrated on the cock pumping into me. He moaned as he came and pressed hard into me so I flexed my pussy around him and pushed back against his body. Jen had finished mewing, but both she and Lauren were still locked in a 69 and I assumed they were kitty kissing each other. I felt Richard start to pull out but I quickly pushed back and asked him to stay inside me. We rolled onto our sides and managed this without him falling out and I turned my head to kiss him and whispered that I wanted to feel his cock inside me for as long as possible. We whispered back and forth about what Lauren and Jen were doing and I slowly humped back and forth on Richard’s cock, commenting to him on how he still felt nice and hard and if he wanted to how he could fuck me again. Sadly he was too sensitive to do this, but he did stay inside me until Jen and Lauren finally broke contact.

Jen moved round and stopped Lauren from wiping her face before kissing her. I got Richard to edge over with me (so I could keep him in me) and I kissed both Lauren and Jen, saying it looked like Lauren had got the hang of kitty kissing. She blushed a little at this but I just kissed her again and said I hoped I would get to experience it next time and that the more practice she got, the better she would be. Jen was on one side of Lauren, with me (and Richard) on the other and we caressed her body, running our hands over her breasts, up and down her legs (and especially her thighs as she seemed to like having these stroked) and gently across her pussy. I wiped some of her juices over her nipples so I could taste her again and shared a couple of long kisses with her. We eventually pulled ourselves apart when Richard noticed the time and said he’d need to call to get the kids dropped back at home. I gave his cock a final suck before letting him put his robe on again and in order to pretend to be slightly better behaved than we are, Jen and I both put our underwear back on before putting our clothes on.

Richard insisted on calling us a taxi to get us home despite our protests (and as we were still pretending to be relatively good girls, I could tell him I wanted to take the opportunity to strip off and walk semi naked with just my coat on). When the taxi arrived, we had goodbye hugs and kisses and Lauren promised to call Jen to arrange another lunch date on her next day off. Once home, we filled Mike in on the details, allowed him to try and taste Lauren’s juices from Jen’s face and breasts and then he lapped at Jen’s pussy while fucking me. Having heard that Richard had lasted for quite a while, Mike insisted on fucking me for a long time – getting me close to cumming three times before actually allowing me to cum (and cumming in me). I told him he didn’t have anything to worry about as while Richard wasn’t bad, he couldn’t eat me anywhere near as well as Mike could.
Lauren and Jen met up on the Thursday at their usual spot. Jen had MJ with her but Lauren’s youngest was at nursery. Jen says Lauren was a little shy at first, but once they sat down and got chatting, she warmed up and was a friendly as always. Jen gently stroked Lauren’s hand a few times and they entwined their fingers, but Jen could see that Lauren was keeping an eye out in case there was anyone else they knew watching them. Lauren said that Richard had really enjoyed the evening and added (while blushing) that she had as well. Jen told her that she and I would be more than happy to repeat it and Lauren said that Richard had already asked her if they were going to do it again or not. Jen asked Lauren what she had said to Richard and Lauren told her that she had told him they could – providing of course that Jen and I were willing. After lunch, Jen walked with Lauren back to her car and after checking that nobody was around, leant in and gave Lauren a kiss. When Lauren kissed Jen back, Jen slid her hand down Lauren’s back and over her ass, pressing her fingers between the cheeks and rubbing her pussy. Jen whispered that she wished they could do more and Lauren said that Richard might get jealous if he found out she was playing with Jen without him watching. Jen told her she was convinced that if they did anything and she told Richard about it that night that he would find it hot and give her a good fuck. Lauren agreed that this was probably the case so after looking around once more, Jen started trying to unzip Lauren’s jeans, pushed her hand down the front and cupper Lauren’s pussy through her panties. Jen kissed Lauren again and said if they were somewhere suitable that she would eat her and Lauren moaned and asked if Jen wanted to come home with her. Jen jumped at the chance, carefully put MJ into the baby seat and folded the buggy into the boot.

On the way home, Lauren said a number of times that she couldn’t believe they were doing this. Once at Lauren’s house, Jen gently lifted the baby seat out of the car and carried it into the house and placed it down before turning to Lauren and kissing her. Lauren kissed her back and as Jen’s hands worked their way into the back of Lauren’s jeans, Lauren’s hands slid up under Jen’s skirt and she discovered that Jen didn’t have any panties on. Lauren commented on this and Jen said that neither she or I usually wore them and then whispered to Lauren that she didn’t have a bra on either. Jen lifted her arms and allowed Lauren to slide the dress up over Jen’s head, revealing that Jen was indeed naked underneath. Jen quickly unbuttoned Lauren’s top and pulled her jeans down enough to reveal her panties but then had to get Lauren to sit down to finish removing them. Jen pushed Lauren’s legs apart and buried her face between them, eliciting a gasp from Lauren who just held Jen’s head in place and let out little moans. Jen licked and lapped at Lauren’s pussy and pushed her back so she was half-lying on the sofa. Lauren twisted her fingers through Jen’s hair and her breathing became heavier – Jen kept licking until she felt Lauren shudder and then switched to kitty kissing her as she listened to her breathing slowly calming down.

Lauren stammered out that it had felt great and then apologised to Jen for not having done anything in return. Jen said it was fine and that she enjoyed making Lauren cum, at which point Lauren told her to get up on the sofa with her and after a couple of minutes of kissing and Lauren fingering Jen, she asked Jen if she could ‘do that kitty kissing thing to me again’. Jen said she would do it to Lauren for as long as she wanted and Lauren got Jen to lie over her in a 69 position. While Jen kitty kissed Lauren, Lauren licked away at Jen and even tried out the fluttery method of licking, but for most of the time she used long, firm licks, going the length of Jen’s pussy and then returning to her clit. Jen mewed her appreciation in her usual manner and as she felt her orgasm starting to build, she went back to eating Lauren properly. Lauren said once that Jen didn’t have to do that again, but didn’t protest any more after that and when Jen came, she kept lapping away at Lauren’s pussy, swirling her tongue between her lips and around her clit until Lauren had her second orgasm. This time, she came with a ‘nngggg’ and Jen felt her stiffen under her so she eased off and kitty kissed her some more as Lauren recovered. They carried on kitty kissing until MJ woke up and Jen turned and gave Lauren a deep kiss and said she could have spent another few hours licking her if they hadn’t been interrupted.

Jen remained naked as she fed MJ (a not uncommon sight in our house) but Lauren got dressed. Jen did ask if Lauren wanted her to put clothes on and Lauren said it was a bit strange, but she didn’t mind Jen being naked if Jen didn’t mind. They chatted some more and Jen asked if Lauren was going to tell Richard about what they’d done – Lauren said she was as she didn’t want any secrets and when Jen had fed and burped MJ, she suggested a little gift for Richard. Jen sat with her legs spread wide and offered to take a photo of Lauren eating her (to show Richard). Lauren wasn’t sure about this so Jen suggested another present and said Richard could another session with me – either with or without Lauren present (providing she was okay with that). Lauren said she didn’t like the idea of him fucking me without her there so Jen asked what time the kids would be asleep and said she would send me over. Jen thinks that Lauren thought she was joking at first, but she realised Jen was completely serious and asked if I’d really want to join them again. To prove a point, Jen called me and without even saying ‘hello’ asked ‘Want to have a threesome with Lauren and Richard tonight?’. I answered that I did and was then told I was on speakerphone and Lauren was listening so I asked if she wanted me to join her. Lauren said I could come round and we set a time before Jen hung up.

Jen was given a proper tour of the house (she got dressed for this just in case any of the neigbours saw her) and at the end told Lauren that she hoped they could keep meeting and over time get to play in every room of the house. They agreed to have someone look after the kids again so they could all play and Jen brought up the fact that Mike thought Lauren was very attractive and that he knew what we had all been up to. Now Lauren obviously knew that Mike knew, but said she hadn’t thought that he might want to be a part of things and added that she wasn’t sure about doing things with any man other than her husband. Jen told Lauren that she thought Mike would understand – although would probably be a bit disappointed – and if she changed her mind that she could always tell us. Lauren offered to drive Jen home but Jen said she’d enjoy the walk. They had a goodbye kiss inside the house and Lauren then waved Jen off.

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