Saturday, 8 April 2017

Yummy Mummy (or Lauren and Richard) – Part 3

Jen texted Lauren later on to see if they still wanted me to visit and Lauren said she was still a bit nervous about telling Richard what she’d done with Jen so Jen suggested she wait until I arrived and then admit to her crimes so she could offer me to him straight away. Jen arranged to have Lauren text her when the kids were in bed and on my return from work I showered and freshened up, then slipped a light dress on in preparation for my visit. As soon as Jen got the text, Mike drove me over to Lauren’s house and I waved him goodbye then walked down the driveway and knocked on the door.

I had expected Lauren to answer, but it was Richard and he greeted me warmly, although obviously didn’t know why I was there. I told him Lauren had called me and he showed me in to the living room where Lauren joined us. She was visibly nervous and Richard asked her what was wrong and she quietly told him that she had met up with Jen for lunch and then brought her home and played with her. Richard asked what she meant by ‘play’ and Lauren said they’d had sex a couple of times and she hoped he didn’t mind. Richard said it was fine, he just wished he had been there to see it and I told him that the whole reason for me being there was to ensure that he got to enjoy himself as well. He asked if I was being serious and I undid a couple of buttons on the front of my dress and told him I wanted to make sure they both enjoyed themselves and that he could do whatever he wanted to me. I added that I wanted to get to play with Lauren as well, Richard said that he really wanted to see that and she agreed and said that we should go upstairs though just in case her eldest daughter woke up.

We headed up to the bedroom and Lauren locked the door behind us, then walked over and asked how we were meant to get started. I told her the easiest way was to not make a big thing of it and to just get stuck in and gave her a little kiss. I turned to Richard and kissed him more firmly, then ran my hand down to his crotch, causing him to jump, but then press back against my hand. As I rubbed him through his trousers, I asked Lauren if she wanted to make things up to Richard for having played with Jen and she said yes so I unzipped Richard’s trousers, pulled his cock free and asked Lauran if she would help me suck him. I briefly thought I might have gone a bit too far too fast, but Lauran moved over beside me as I got Richard to strip off and I asked her if I could have first suck, then for her to have a turn. She nodded a yes so we pushed Richard back onto the bed and I knelt and took his cock in my mouth. He was already fully hard and I bobbed my head up and down while stroking the lower part of the shaft. I then moved aside and asked Lauren if she wanted a go – she looked at Richard and then took his cock in her mouth and I took the opportunity to move around behind her and started caressing her ass. She looked around at me and I told her to keep going and pretend I wasn’t there – although then realised that wasn’t the best advice as I intended to make it quite difficult for her to ignore what I was doing. I flipped her dress up and caressed her ass through her panties, then slipped them down as far as I could – unfortunately this wasn’t much as she was kneeling on the bed, but it gave me access to her pussy and I slid my fingers between her ass cheeks and far enough between her legs to caress her lips.

I moved back around to the other side of Richard and asked Lauren if she would share with me. She moved back from Richard’s cock and I took him in my mouth, but then asked if she would lick him at the same time. We weren’t in the best position to do this, but managed to both lick him at the same time (which he enjoyed immensely) and I then told Lauren I wanted her to try something else. She seemed nervous so I promised her she would enjoy it and got Richard to move to the edge of the bed, then got Lauren to strip off (which I also did) and got her to sit on his cock, facing away from him. I knelt on the floor and licked them both, pointing out that it was much easier to do in this position than when 69ing – and adding that the fact their bed was higher than most meant it was also quite comfortable for me. Richard helped guide Lauren up and down and I stood in front of them for a while so I could kiss Lauren while fondling her breasts and frigging her clit. I asked Richard if he could hold back while we made Lauren cum and when he said he thought he could, I knelt once more and licked both his cock and Lauran’s clit as he fucked her. Lauren held on to my head, wrapping her hands in my hair the way I’d seen her do with Jen and I concentrated more on her clit until she came (she was still pretty much silent, but it wasn’t too difficult to tell from the way she was breathing that she’d cum). I told Richard to move slowly and kitty kissed Lauran (this is quite difficult to do when someone is riding a cock so I pretty much just avoided her clit and licked around her pussy and along Richard’s cock). Before we finished, I stood and kissed Lauran again, then whispered in her ear and asked if she had enjoyed herself. She gave me a smile and a nod and I whispered that I intended to go down on her properly before leaving, but that I wanted a little fun with Richard first.

Lauran climbed off of Richard’s cock and I immediately took him in my mouth, sucked him clean of Lauren’s juices, then climbed over him and slid him into my pussy. I leant forwards to kiss him and told him I hoped he could hold back long enough to fuck me. Richard’s cock felt wonderful inside me and I told him I wished we had started doing things sooner (making sure it was clear I was including Lauren in the ‘we’). He had a turn on top and I then got Lauren to lie on her back so I could lie on top of her and make out while Richard took me from behind. She reached down and played with my clit as we kissed and I got her to keep doing this as her fingers were stroking me (for most of the time) in just the right way. I kissed Lauran more passionately, pushing my tongue into her mouth and moaning to her that she was a natural at this. I asked Richard to fuck me harder and he sped up a little but kept using long strokes. I moaned and whimpered into Lauren’s ear as I came and asked her to ease off on my clit a bit. She apologised and I told her after helping me cum like that, she didn’t need to say sorry. Richard was still pumping away inside me and I pushed back against him until I felt him thrust into me and stay still. I squeezed my pussy around him and kissed Lauren again, then broke the kiss and told her that her husband might have just cum in me again. I told Richard to stay inside me and I kissed Lauran a little more and when he pulled out I moved up slightly so his cum dribbled out over Lauren’s pussy and then humped against her to smear it over both of us.

The three of us lay in bed and chatted for a bit, Richard fondled my breasts and I did the same to Lauren. I asked Lauren to describe to Richard exactly what she had done with Jen and she gave a brief description so I asked if she minded if I described it in the way Jen had to me. She said I could so I gave a much more graphic and detailed description, causing her to blush a few times. Richard said he really wished he’d seen Lauren playing with Jen and I told him I’d be happy to re-enact some of what they’d done earlier and crawled down the bed to position myself between her legs. Lauren said she didn’t know if she could cum again and I assured her I’d be gentle, but hoped I’d be able to please her. I spent a while kitty kissing and fingering her, occasionally breaking away to kiss, stroke or suck Richard and as Lauren got closer to cumming, I got Richard to move around behind me and slide into me so he could fuck me as I ate her. Richard said he wanted to see Lauren go down on me and I was more than up for that and told her we could either switch places or that I’d 69 with her. She said she still wasn’t sure what to do but I told her that Jen had told me that she was an incredibly quick learner and had been very good at eating her pussy earlier on. Lauren blushed again and I told her I was happy for her to use me to keep learning and she said she would give it a try.

I took one of the pillows and placed it under my ass to make it easier for her, then spread my legs wide and told her to do whatever she wanted to me. I watched as she crawled between my legs and felt her start to stroke and finger me, then felt her tongue slide over my pussy. She licked around my pussy and clit and I’m pretty sure she didn’t break contact with me until I came. She pulled away and I asked if she would practice kitty kissing me – once again she said she wasn’t sure what to do but I told her to just experiment and assured her if she was even half as good at kitty kissing as she had been at eating me, then it would be wonderful. The compliment seemed to please her and I asked her to climb over me so we could 69. As she lowered her pussy to my mouth, I reached around her body and pulled her tighter against me, then pushed my tongue into her and resumed where I’d left off earlier.

Lauren kissed and licked around my pussy as I ate her. I heard her let out a few sounds that I took as her enjoying what I was doing to her and as she got more aroused I told her she could pay a bit more attention to my clit. By the time Lauren came, she was licking me properly and I told Richard I wanted him back inside me. He quickly pushed back inside and I told him to be careful so he didn’t whack Lauren in the head with his balls (the one real disadvantage of this position). I kitty kissed Lauren while she and Richard licked and fucked me and I moaned into her pussy as I came, spreading her lips and licking her more forcefully again. Richard kept pumping into me and he reached around to cup one of my breasts. He said he was going to cum again and I briefly broke contact with Lauran to tell him to fill me again. His movements slowed and I guessed he’d cum so I asked him to stay inside me again and asked Lauren if she’d mind practicing her kitty kissing some more. The two of us carried on gently licking and kissing each other’s pussies for a couple of minutes with Richard remaining buried in me. I remained over Lauren when he pulled out but didn’t feel any cum leak from my pussy – I wasn’t really expecting any as it hadn’t been long since his previous orgasm, although it would have been nice to feel Lauren eating her husband’s cum from my pussy.

I moved round and kissed Lauren, thanking her for the orgasm and she said she was amazed I’d cum again so quickly. I told her that she was clearly naturally gifted at making girls cum and she blushed so I added that having Richard’s cock buried in me might have also helped a bit. It was getting late and I said I should go but asked if we’d be able to come back and see them again – hopefully soon. Lauran and Richard looked at each other and he said he wanted to see us again and Lauran nodded so I said it was settled. As I got dressed (which didn’t take long as it just involved slipping my dress back on) I commented on the fact that Lauran had been given six or seven orgasms from two different girls in the space of just a couple of days and that she really was just as good at giving as receiving. She gave me a push and told me to stop teasing her but I said it was too much fun (and too easy), so she’d just have to get used to it. I also told her that Jen wanted to try some other things with her and described how Jen wanted to scissor, share a double ended dildo and use a strap-on to fuck her. Richard said he wanted to see all those things and I told him I’d let Jen know so she could start planning our next session.

Richard offered to drive me home and I accepted. On the way through the kitchen I asked if I could take a banana as a snack, but had no intention of just eating it. Once we got into the car, I pulled my skirt up and rubbed the end of the banana up and down my pussy as I told Richard that the more I fucked, the hornier I tended to get. At each junction when he stopped, he looked over to me and watched as I slid the banana into my pussy and fucked myself with it. By the time we arrived at my home I had my legs spread wide and was frigging my clit as well as fucking myself. I asked him to undo the top of my dress and got him to lean over and fondle my breasts, then guided his hand down to my crotch and got him to use the banana in me. I reached over to his crotch and rubbed him. He let me unzip his trousers and I bent over to take him in my mouth. It took a minute or so for him to get hard and he said he didn’t think he could cum again but I carried on and asked if he could at least be inside me. He was surprised that I wanted to fuck him in a car on our driveway, but he helped to slide his trousers down a little and I pulled the banana out, straddled him and told him to put the seat back a bit. As I ground my pussy against his cock I unbuttoned my dress to let him play with my breasts and then reached down to guide his cock into me. Richard kissed me and I frigged myself as I humped up and down on his cock. As we fucked I asked him if Lauren let him fuck her ass and he told me that she did, but not very often. I told him I’d let him fuck my ass the next time I visited and then suggested that I could 69 with Lauren at the same time so she could eat my pussy. He really liked that idea and I briefly thought the promise of this might be enough to get him to cum again, but sadly not. He remained hard enough for me to fuck though and I asked him to take over frigging my clit so he could be the one to make me cum. We fucked a little longer, his cock inside me, his mouth on my nipples and his fingers on my clit and I came for him. I opened the door and climbed off of his cock and out of the car while he was still hard, then turned around and bent over so I could take him in my mouth and suck him clean of my juices. I made him promise to give Lauren a good fuck the next night and to eat and kitty kiss her beforehand so she could practice cumming multiple times and he said he would call to arrange our next visit.

Mike told me off for fucking Richard in the car – not for the actual fucking, more for having covered up the traces of Lauren’s juices that I’d had on me. This didn’t stop him from eating and fucking me as I told him what I’d got up to with Richard and her and after he’d finished with me I assured Jen that Richard wouldn’t mind her playing with Lauren as much as she wanted.

Our visits with Lauren and Richard continued – mostly on weeknights as our weekends are often taken up with other people. Mike ran in to Lauren at our local cup-cake shop and while he was sensible enough to stay away from the subject of him sleeping with her, he was quite open about her enjoying time with Jen and me (in a discreet way – asking how our activities were going, whether she had been learning anything…). He got her to blush, but as there was nobody else around, she sat and chatted with him (still discreetly) and he told her that both Jen and I were really enjoying our visits. Lauren asked him if he minded that I was ‘visiting’ Richard and he said he loved knowing that I was enjoying myself. Mike explained that he got to ‘visit’ some of my friends as well, so it was a mutual arrangement and that we all loved knowing each of us was having fun. Lauren seemed a bit more comfortable by the end of the conversation and Mike says he nearly suggested he ‘visit’ her, but he held back. Lauren later told Jen about the conversation and said she was surprised he hadn’t made a pass at her and Jen told her she had passed on Lauren’s reservation about not wanting to sleep with any guys other than her husband – although added the fact that Mike would certainly be interested in making her cum, should she change her mind.

As time went on, our visits became a little less frequent – down to roughly weekly (and not wishing to give too much away – there was an obvious pause during the time I was trying to get pregnant), but Richard and Lauren became part of our regular group of partners (and may have even been introduced to some of our other partners – but I’ll wait until the next chapter of their story to document that!).

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